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					                       Go Dogs! Board meeting
                           July 15th, 2003

The meeting began at 7:25pm in the home of Pat Scott. Board members in
attendance were: Annie Rewolinski, Christy Rosenthal, Dea Jaffey, Pat
Scott, Kim Weyhrich, Susan Scanlan and Tiffany Byrkit . Others in
attendance were Kris Woodke.

Kris Woodke was introduced. She will be compiling the Policy and
Procedure manual.

Old Business:

Kim Weyhrich talked about the Rally-O seminar held this past Sunday, July
13th with Bud Kramer. It was a joint effort between GoDogs!, Companion
Dog Club, Bellevue Dog Obedience Club, the Nebraska Humane Society
and the Nebraska Kennel club. The seminar was free but required
registration. The first 50 who registered were promised the opportunity to
run their dog through the courses set up at the seminar. 103 people
registered. Kim purchased the Rally-O book written by Charles “Bud”
Kramer, signs and numbers for the club use. Stands for the signs have to be
purchased/made. There will be a demo done at our 3rd or 4th quarter

Treasurer Report: Susan Scanlan We are right on target for our income at
this time of year.
The monies made from the AKC agility trial raffle and lunch were in the
amount of, and given to:
*$295 was given to the American Red Cross Heartland Chapter to purchase
       a CPR Dog Manikin for use in their Pet First Aid and Safety Class.
*$348 to the second chance program
*$50 to Crazy Canine Critters

New membership application: A new family membership was approved for
Rosemary Strasser & Miguel Odorica, 13520 V Circle, Omaha, NE
Building Scheduler: Christy Rosenthal Please be sure to contact Chrysty
R. before scheduling events in order to avoid over booking the

Agility: Susan Scanlan: Agility is going to order a couple more tunnels.
Classes are full and going well.

Flyball: Discussion of multiple teams originating out of GoDogs! classes,
practicing at GoDogs!.

Obedience: Kim Weyhrich Very full to overflowing right now. Discussion
of Rally-O fun matches and obedience fun matches.

Building: Annie Rewolinski Dehumidifier is in place outside of the ladies
bathroom. Crates were moved and it was decided that each venue director
should e-mail Tiffany Byrkit when they have a new set of instructors
starting. Tiffany will then make sure the crates that are being kept there are
current. Water bowls are not to be left in the bathrooms, and not to ever be
put on the mats. All water bowls need to be picked up immediately after use
emptied and put up.

The paper towels for the restrooms are being bought at Sams. The blue
paper towels are shop towels that are to be used only for cleaning up dog
messes in the club. They are too expensive to use for hand towels.

New Business:

If a student misses consistent classes in a session, and then misses classes
again in another session, should the person be allowed back into another
session? Yes, if they have paid for the classes, they may attend or not attend
every class; it is up to the student.

At our 4th quarter meeting we are hoping to arrange a CPR demo using the
new dog manikin that Go Dogs! donated to the American Red Cross.

Refunds: Refunds are to be given only due to handler or dog illnesses.
Member discounts will be 20% of two classes in the same venue at the same
time being added together and 20% taken off the total. It does not apply to
those students using CEU’s. Immediate family members living in the same
household may use another family members CEU.

Voting members rights:
  a) Set the date for the annual meeting and elect directors and officers at
      the annual members’ meeting.
  b) Approve the annual budget of the corporation a first general meeting
      of the members following the annual meeting. Any deviation from
      the annual budget so approved by the members in excess of the
      greater of 10% of such annual budget or $2,500 in the total shall
      require approval of the voting members.
  c) Recall any or all directors at a general or special meeting of members
      upon the affirmative vote of 60% of the voting members attending
      such meeting.
  d) Overrule the Board of directors’ decision to remove a member
      pursuant to Article 111, Section 1”
  In addition, voting members have the right to amend the Bylaws and
  Articles of Incorporation of the corporation and to vote on the dissolution
  of the corporation. Otherwise, the operation of the organization is to be
  performed by the Board of Directors.

Donations: Although the purposes of the organization are broad enough to
allow donations to other tax exempt organizations aiding animals, the
primary purpose is to “assist and promote the care, training, and humane
treatment of dogs and the education of the public in such care, training and
treatment of the dogs.” Accordingly, the organization should be extremely
careful in making donations to other organizations. Often organizations that
may be doing charitable work in this area do not have the appropriate
exemption letter to allow you to make donations to them. Therefore, as a
practical matter, it would appear that donations to outside organizations
should be very limited as your purpose is to operate the club, not raise
money for other organizations.

The above legal information in regards to member voting rights and
donations were from a letter sent by our attorney, Mike Sullivan.
A trial committee for an event, in their venue, may offer a reward to their
committee members, derived from the events profits of such event, as

Cause for Paws is being held August 16th. Christy Rosenthal and Dea Jaffey
will set at the table with club information. It is being held at Bone Jour’
Doggy Daycare next to the Nebraska Humane Society.

Walk for The Animals is September 28th at Elmwood Park. Table workers
should be there and set up by 9:00am. They are Dawn Thrapp, Kim
Weyhrich and Steven Rewolinski.

The next board meeting will be held Sunday, September 14th at 6:30pm. It
will be at the home of Kim Weyhrich.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Weyhrich
GoDogs! Secretary

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