Use Twitter for Marketing by warner444


									Why We Use Twitter For Marketing

I've been using Twitter since 2007 and many of my successful business friends also use Twitter for
marketing. There are a number of reasons we use this handy social network to get our marketing
message out to our target markets.

Twitter's short, 140-character tweets make it easy for followers to glance at their Twitter stream
numerous times every day, and pay attention to your short messages. This allows you to easily keep
your followers updated and aware of new products, services, and special sales.

Unlike e-mail, you don't have the problem of low open rates. As your prospects and customers find
their inboxes filled with more and more floods of e-mail, they find less and less time to open them.
Many e-mails are deleted unopened. With your tweets on Twitter, your followers see your message
without opening any e-mail – it's there in their Twitter stream, right in front of their face.

Using various recruiting tactics and providing useful niche-related information, you can build a
following of the targeted prospects you want to reach with your marketing message. This makes
Twitter a much more effective marketing tool than the other social networks, and gives you the
opportunity to make each message count – and put sales into your business.

That is why we use Twitter for marketing. Isn't it about time you discovered your own reasons for
using Twitter as a marketing tool.

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