Why Use Twitter for Marketing? by warner444


									Why Use Twitter For Marketing?

The buzz about social media and networking has had marketers excited for the last few years. With
the large selection of social media sites, and all the different ways to use them to communicate with
prospects and customers, why should you choose to use Twitter for marketing?

What makes Twitter different from other sites is the way users interact. By electing to follow
someone on Twitter, a user is electing to read that other user's tweets – hear what they have to say.
As a marketer, this is an ideal situation for you, if you treat the relationship well.

First of all, to get people opting to follow you on Twitter, you must be offering them something –
there has to be some benefit to having your tweets show up in their Twitter stream. If you are just on
Twitter for fun, and all your followers are friends and family, any random tweeting is fine. But, if
you want to make money with Twitter, you'll need to put more thought into your use of those 140

As a business, you want targeted prospects following you, and they are going to be interested in
following you if they see you are supplying good information related to their interests. Twitter users
are not going to follow you just to be bombarded by your marketing messages, but Twitter and
marketing can work well together if you provide your followers with a good balance of information
and marketing messages.

Since Twitter restricts messages to short, 140-character tweets, even people with no time to read
your blog posts and e-mails tend to read your Twitter messages. Keep you followers informed with
good niche-related information and news, and they will keep reading your tweets. And, they'll be
much more open to your occasional marketing messages. The fact that many users follow someone
on Twitter and actively read what they tweet, is why you need to seriously consider this very
interactive social network – and use Twitter for marketing.

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