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					                                                          Security Services
     Global Intelligence
                                                          Reduce risk and protect your resources on the ground.
     Save time gathering and analyzing
     security intelligence when you                       Make smart security decisions based on global intelligence and your specific trip risk factors.
     plan your next trip. Universal®
     automatically notifies you when
     any destination country on your
     itinerary has a Security Rating
     over level 3* (based on data
     collected from iJET).

     * Security Rating scale ranges from 1 to 5,
       with 5 as the highest perceived threat.

                                                          With solid global intelligence from iJET and the assistance of Universal ® Trip Support Services
                                                          experts to discuss trip risk factors, you can be confident that you’ve chosen the right security
                                                          to make your trip a success.

                                                          Global intelligence (from iJET)

                                                           •   Country briefs – security ratings for each country with specific sub-ratings for crime,
                                                               security, civil unrest, terrorism, kidnapping, and geopolitical stability
                                                          Additional intelligence (from FAM)
                                                           •   Airport / hotel / city assessments – detailed location-specific considerations, including
     To learn more about our
                                                               facility vulnerabilities; entrance and exit route analysis; and emergency contact information
     security services, contact:
                                                          Security services (from FAM)
     (713) 947-5741                                        •   Aircraft / cargo protection – physical security to deter tampering and sabotage,
                                                               as well as to record and report activity and incidents around your aircraft
     N. America Toll-Free:                                 •   Executive / crew protection – professional, discreet specialists to safeguard executives
     (800) 231-5600 ext. 8081                                  and crew on the ground
     E-mail:                                               •   Secure ground transportation – low-profile vehicles with expert drivers trained in                                     security measures and knowledgeable about local traffic patterns
                                                           •   Crisis management – assistance with crisis situations, facilitated by Universal and
     Web Site:                                                 provided by our third-party vendors
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