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									Hey AMSA,

Thank you for making it out to our first meeting of the year ! We had
a successful turn out and hopefully you all learned a little bit more
of what AMSA is all about ! Attached as a Microsoft Word Document are
tonight's minutes and will serve as a great utility in finding out
about current events, any new announcements, etc.

Below are the Executive Board's office hours which start TOMORROW,
September 11th. The office is in the lower level of CFSU, and the room
number is 42-P. You can utilize office hours to pay your dues and
collect your shirt, ask us any questions you may have, and just to
share some ideas.

 Mondays 10:30AM-12PM: Cassandra List, Vice President
 Mondays 1PM-2PM: Gene Katsevman, Public Relations
 Tuesdays 12PM-1PM: Emil Fernando, Historian
 Wednesdays 10AM-11AM: Emily Sweet, Community Outreach
 Wednesdays 1:30PM-2:30PM: Mike Swiatkowski, Treasurer
 Wednesdays 3:45PM-4:45PM: Russ Avellana, President
 Thursdays 1PM-3:30PM: Russ Avellana, President
 Thursdays 3:30PM-4:30PM: Mike Ross, CAN Representative
 Fridays 11AM-12PM: Scott Johnson, Sergeant at Arms
 Fridays 1:30PM-2:30PM: Angie San Juan, Secretary

Remember, to become part of Loyola's AMSA chapter, you must pay $20
for your dues which covers both Fall and Spring Semesters and also
your super cool AMSA t-shirt. Dues cover t-shirt, food at meetings,
events, convention/conference costs, food at events, etc. Dues can be
paid in cash or with check. Checks can be made payable to AMSA.

As a local member, you must complete two AMSA sponsored events per
semester. Also, keep in mind that there are benefits and priority for
those who do more than 2 events per semester (such as being able to go
on trips where there are a limited amount of spots).

You are encouraged to become a National AMSA member, although it is
not required. There is a separate membership fee online. You can
register for national membership at

To become a member, you must pay:
$35 for 1 year membership
$55 for 2 year membership
$65 for 3 year membership
$75 for 4 year membership
Additionally, if you need any information such as minutes, updated
events, contact info, etc, feel free to visit our website at the
following link:

FINALLY, our next meeting will be next Wednesday at 5:45pm in the
CROWN CENTER AUDTIORIUM (We know LSB was our turf.. but you know,
things happen- what can you do?)

During this meeting we will be breaking up into committees. So, try
and have an idea as to which committee you may be interested in.
Remember, you can be in more than one committee throughout the
academic year. Further, we are holding CO-CHAIR ELECTIONS next week.
So, if you are interested in undertaking a leadership position and
working side-by-side an executive board member, be prepared to give a
one minute speech as to why you think you would be a good candidate as
a co-chair.

Again, thank you for attending the meeting tonight! We hope to have a
wonderful, successful, and of course a FUN year with all of you!

AMSA eboard

                          AMSA MEETING MINUTES

                      WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2008

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 17th at Crown Center


      Russ thanked everyone for attending the meeting and gave a brief
       introduction as to what AMSA is all about.
      The executive board for the 2008-2009 academic year was introduced. The
       positions are as follows:

                     President: Russ Avellana
                     Vice President: Cassandra List
                     Secretary: Angie San Juan
                     Sergeant at Arms: Scott Johnson
                     Treasurer: Mike Swiatkowski
                   Public Relations: Gene Katsevman
                   Community Outreach: Emily Sweet
                   Campus Activities Network: Michael Ross
                   Historian: Emil Fernando

     He ran through some notable past events that occurred last year to
      demonstrate the variety of events that AMSA has participated in and has
      sponsored as well.


     As a member of AMSA, each individual has a chance to be part of a
      committee that focuses on different issues and events throughout the school
     Russ overlooks all the committees while the other eboard members are in
      charge of a particular committee.
     Members can join more than one committee throughout the school year.
     Each of the executive board members explained what committee they were
      part of and what activities they foresee for the upcoming year, as well as
      events they have done in the past.
     The following committees are:

                   Advocacy: Cassandra
                   Culture in Medicine: Angie
                   Health Policy: Scott
                   Fundraising: Mike S.
                   Neurology, Psychology, and Mental Health: Gene
                   Community Outreach: Emily
                   Geriatric Medical Ethics: Mike R.
                   Beginning of Life Healthcare Ethics: Emil

     Next week, each we will break down into our committees so try and have an
      idea of what committee you are interested in for the next meeting.
     Also, co-chair elections take place next week. If you are interested in running
      for a position, prepare a one minute speech as to why you think you would be
      the best candidate for a committee co-chair.
     By being a co-chair, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an
      executive board member and help plan and organize events throughout the
      school year.


     Mike Ross introduced our Kaplan representative, Shannon Swansboro.
     Shannon explained that AMSA and KAPLAN have a strong partnership and
      plan many events together such as course auctions, bringing in of admissions
      consultants, opportunities for practice MCAT exams, and much more.
     She also expressed that this year, national AMSA members are eligible for
      $200 off an MCAT prep course and local members are eligible for $100 off.
     She was also kind enough to auction an medical school admission tips book to
      one of our AMSA members.



     Each member must participate in 2 AMSA sponsored events each semester.
      Events can range from a guest speaker to a service event.
     Members must pay a $20 due (includes an AMSA t-shirt)
     Dues cover t-shirt, food at meetings, events, convention/conference costs,
      food at events, etc.
     Benefits and priority for those who do more than 2 events per semester


     Be a local member
     Pay a membership fee online at

      -Bank of America AMSA Credit Card
      -$200 Discount to Kaplan courses
      -Student and Accidental Health Insurance
      -Geico Auto Insurance
      -Discount Dental and Vision Plans (includes discounts on contacts)
      -Discounts to online Barnes and Nobles
      -Subscription to the monthly The New Physician Magazine
      -15% discount at participating hotels such as Comfort In, Clarion, etc.
      -Car rental discounts
      -Being able to attend National and Regional Conventions

      To become a member, please pay online at
      $35 for 1 year membership
      $55 for 2 year membership
      $65 for 3 year membership
      $75 for 4 year membership


     Russ briefly described all the events we have for the following semester.
     An entire list of AMSA events can be found on our website at
     To get credit for attending a particular event, you must sign the events sheet.
      An executive board member will be present at each event to hand out the
      sheet and initial it confirming that you indeed have attended and completed
      the event.
   An entire list of completed AMSA events for each member can be found on
    our website as well.
   Here is a current list of events for the months of September and October:


   Saturday, September 20th @9:55AM: AIDS Run/Walk! Meet with Russ in
    CFSU at 8AM (will leave at 8:15AM) to travel as a group.
   Wednesday, September 24th (during AMSA meeting): Tom Taylor. Medical
    School Admission Director to tell you about the road to medical school (i.e.,
    the application process, what they look for in a candidate, etc.)
   [Tentative] Tuesday, September 30th: CAC presents “Protect Your Balls”
    Dodgeball Tournament to benefit people with prostate cancer. Sign up as an
    AMSA team! 6 members per team. $10 registration fee per AMSA team ($12
    for other teams)


   Wednesday, October 1st (during AMSA meeting): GMB Information
   Sunday, October 5th @9:30AM at Lawrence/Lake Front: JDRF Diabetes
    Walk. If interested, please sign up online at the following link:

    Plan to meet with Mike in CFSU at 8AM. For more info, contact Mike at

   Monday, October 6th: 29th Annual Minisymposium on Reproductive Biology
    at Hilton Garden Inn in Evanston. Contact Russ at for more
   Saturday, October 11th @9AM-12PM and 12PM-3PM: Health Fair with
    Stritch Medical Students at Pilsen. In need of 7 volunteers. Spanish speakers
    are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Will act as interpreters for the patients. Sign up
    on the AMSA sheet. For more info, contact Cassandra at
   Sunday, October 12th: The Annual Margaret Chlopek Bone Marrow Drive
   Saturday, October 18th: AMSA Regional Conference at the University of
    Cincinnati Medical School. Registration information will be given at a later
    date. Any questions, please contact Rob at
   Sunday, October 19th @9AM: The Making Strides Breast Cancer. Teaming
    up with CAC. If interested, sign up at the following link. If you are interested
    in getting a t-shirt for the event or volunteering at the event, please contact
    Angie by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 19th.
        Plan to meet with Angie and Russ in CFSU at 7:45AM. Donuts will be served!
        For more info, please contact Angie at


       Friday, November 7th @8PM at Northwestern Law School: Universal Human
        Rights Speaker. Registration for lecture begins on September 15th online.
        Once signed up, e-mail Cassandra at for confirmation. Dinner is
        on AMSA!
       Saturday, November 8th @noon at Northwestern Medical School: Dr. Carla
        Pugh presents- “Educating Doctors of the Future”. Registration for lecture
        begins on September 15th online. Once signed up, e-mail Emil at for confirmation. Lunch is on AMSA!
       Wednesday, November 12th (during AMSA meeting): The American
        Osteopathic Association
       Thursday, November 13th: 3rd Annual Pie a Pre-Med Professor Fundraiser!
        For more info, contact Mike at
       Saturday, November 15th at UIC: Special Olympics Floor Hockey


       Wednesday, December 3rd (during AMSA meeting): Holiday Party…AMSA


       Friday, January 2nd-Friday, January 9th: Global Medical Brigade Trip to


       Friday, March 13th-Sunday, March 15th: AMSA National Convention in
        Washington, D.C.
       Friday, March 20th: Relay For Life


.....MORE EVENTS TBA throughout the year...

Misercordia Volunteer Days will be EVERY Saturday from 10AM-Noon and
1:30PM-3:30PM. 10 volunteers per shift. Start date will be at the end of Sept. or
early October.

Events in the making:

       National AMSA Speakers
       Health Care Ethics Speaker

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