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                             Hey Residents! We hope you all have                    office hours
                             been enjoying your Summer so far!
                             Make sure you follow us on Twitter      Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm
                             @uvtally and become a fan of us on      Friday             9am - 5pm
    community staff                                                  Saturday          10am - 5pm
                             Facebook! This way, if you’re bored,    Sunday              CLOSED
General Manager              we would have you covered!
Bianca Cooper

Assistant General Manager    Also, we STILL have a few Summer Survival Kits at the leasing
Ashley Rose                  office so feel free to stop by and pick one up! Lots of FREE goodies
                             and a calendar of events located on the inside!
Leasing Manager
Lauren Schaffer
                             Junes Dates
Community Assistants         •   June 1: Donut Day
Sharmili Choudhury           •   June 1: Stand For Children Day
    MARCH 2010
Ashley D’Amboise             •   June 3: Egg Day
Tia Miller                   •   June 4: Cheese Day
Jeff Pierre
                             •   June 5: National Gingerbread Day
                             •   June 5: World Environment Day
                             •   June 6: National Applesauce Cake Day
                             •   June 8: Race Unity Day (Second Sunday in June)
                             •   June 10: National Yo-Yo Day
 maintenance staff           •   June 12: Magic Day
Supervisor                   •   June 14: Flag Day
Jack Braden                  •   June 14: “Pop Goes The Weasel” Day
                             •   June 14: World Juggling Day
Technicians                  •   June 15: Father’s Day
Paul Henson
                             •   June 15: Fly A Kite Day
Eli Morrison
Tammy Childree               •   June 15: Power of a Smile Day
                             •   June 16: National Fudge Day
                             •   June 17: Eat Your Vegetables Day
                             •   June 18: International Picnic Day
                             •   June 19: Juneteenth
                  contact    •   June 20: Bald Eagle Day
                             •   June 20: Ice Cream Soda Day
1825 W. Call Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304        •   June 21: First Day of Summer!
850-425-3100 (office)        •   June 24: UFO Day
850-425-3103 (fax)           •   June 25: LEON Day (NOEL backwards=six
walktoclass.com                  months until Christmas)
uvtally.com                  •   June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day
                             •   June 28: Paul Bunyan Day
                             •   June 29: Camera Day
                             •   June 30: Meteor Day

                                 From the Desk of the
It is a violation of the lease contract to not have utilities in the name of the resident during the
entirety of the lease term. All residents must continue to pay utilities during any point in time in
which the unit is vacant, including summer break. Utilities must never be in the name of the
apartment complex. Any point in time in which utilities are in the name of the apartment com-
plex is characterized as a violation of the lease contract and residents are subject to fines.
                     Welcome to National Safety Month!!
    Each June, the National Safety Council encourages businesses to get involved and
    participate in National Safety Month! Each week carries a theme that brings atten-
                               tion to critical safety issues!
•    Week 1 (June 1-6): Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention
•    Week 2 (June 7-13): Teen Driving Safety
•    Week 3 (June 14-20): Preventing Overexertion at Work & at Home
•    Week 4 (June 21-27): Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving
•    Week 5 (June 28-30): Summer Safety

Please visit: www.nsc.org/nsc_events/Nat_Safe_Month/Pages/home.aspx for more

            Summer Playlist

       Not music savvy? Well
        don’t worry! Here’s a                 Riddle me this, riddle me that! How
          list of 25
                                             WELL do you know U.V.? Well, we shall
popular songs to help get you
through the Summer courtesy                find out! Below we have a list of 10 questions
              of                          that if answered correctly can make you
         Jazzy Jeff!                    eligible to WIN a $25 GIFT CARD! Now isn’t
                                       THAT easy? Wait, there’s a catch! In order to
1. Usher—OMG                           be considered for the raffle, you would have to
2. B.O.B.—Nothing On You              be fan of us on FACEBOOK or follow us
3. Taio Cruz—Break Your Heart
                                      @uvtally on TWITTER!
4. Ke$ha—Your Love Is My
   Drug                               1. How many buildings does UV consist of?
5. Rihanna—Rude Boy                  2. Who is the General Manager of the property?
6. Train—Hey, Soul Sister
7. Jay-Z—Forever Young
                                     3. What is the LAST DAY you can pay rent before
8. Jason Derulo—In My Head          getting a late fee?
9. Ludacris—My Chick Bad           4. What is our main office address?
10.Drake—Over                      5. What are the hours for our business AND fitness
11.Lady Gaga—Telephone            center?
12.Drake—Find Your Love           6. Who is the Assistant General Manager?
13.Black Eyed Peas—Rock           7. How many of our locations
   That Body
14.Ke$ha—Tik Tok
                                  have a pool?
15.Black Eyed Peas—Imma Be        8. What are the 3 ways you
16.Trey Songz—Say Aah            make payments to UV?
17.Timbaland—Carry Out           9. How many months are our
18.Kevin Rudolf—I Made It        leases?
19.Lady Gaga—Bad Romance         10. Who is the Leasing
20.Alicia Keys—Unthinkable       Manager?
21.One Republic—All The Right
   Moves                         The questions will also be
22.Justin Bieber—Baby            located in the office for pick
23.DJ Khaled—All I Do Is Win
24.Selena Gomez—Naturally
                                 up! All answer sheets must
25.Young Jeezy—Lose My            be TURNED IN by June
   Mind                           30th! Let the games begin!
                                                                                  Sun Safety Tips
                               To Mili:                                      The best way to avoid any
                                                                             types of skin cancer or nega-
             “How do I say goodbye to what we had?                           tive effects from the sun on
              The good times that made us laugh...                           your skin is prevention.
                        Outweighed the bad...
                I thought we’d get to see forever,                           Follow these rules to help pro-
                    But forever’s gone away…                                 tect your skin:
                   It’s so hard to say goodbye to
                            yesterday….                                      •   Stay out of direct sunlight at
                                                                                 peak hours between 11am
                                                                                 and 3pm

                                                                             •   Always wear sunscreen and/
                                                                                 or sun block if you plan on
                                                                                 being in the sun for exten-
                                                                                 sive time.

                                                                             •   Wear a hat to prevent the
                                                                                 sun from affecting your eyes
                                                                                 and face.

Sharmili, we will truly miss you! You have given everyone in this office a
 sense of happiness and joy that cannot be replaced. We wish the best of
  luck in your future endeavors! Remember, we will ALWAYS be here
                        WHENEVER you need it!

                            Your U.V. Staff

            Tips for Student Job Seekers this Summer!
♦   Tell people you know you are looking for a job so they can keep you in mind if
    an opportunity becomes available.
♦   Be professional. Make sure that when you fill out applications your spelling and
    grammar is correct and you write neatly. In addition to the basic information on
    your application, add any other special talents you may possess such as com-
    puter skills, people skills, or any other skills the business may specialize in.
♦   Make sure your resume is up to date and the grammar and spelling are correct.
♦   Be polite in interviews and ALWAYS show up at least 10 minutes early.

                              Where you should start looking?

•   Career centers at school
•   Local Newspapers
•   Job fairs
•   Stores at the local mall
•   Golf/Country Clubs
•   Local Tourist Attractions
•   Store Windows
•   Babysitting & Lawn Mowing

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