100 Rhyming Books by maclaren1


									E YOLEN
                         The Scarecrow's Dance
                         Come To The Fairies' Ball
                                                                       100 Rhyming Books
E YOLEN                  How Do Dinosaurs Say I
                         Love You?                                     E ADLER        All Of Baby, Nose To Toes
E ZENZ                   The Hiccupotamus                              E APPELT       Brand-New Baby Blues
                                                                       E ARNOLD       Green Wilma, Frog In Space
                                                                       E ARNOLD       Roar Of A Snore

          Find some great rhymes                                       E ARNOSKY
                                                                       E ASIM
                                                                                      I'm A Turkey!
                                                                                      Daddy Goes To Work

         in our Poetry section, too!                                   E BAKER
                                                                       E BAUER
                                                                                      Just How Long Can A Long String Be?!
                                                                                      One Brown Bunny
J811 FLORI               Comets, Stars, The Moon And Mars              E BEAUMONT     Who Ate All The Cookie Dough?
J811 KATZ                A Rumpus Of Rhymes: A Book Of Noisy Poems     E BLACK        Chicken Cheeks : (The Beginning Of The Ends)
J811 PRELU               Good Sports: Rhymes About Running, Jumping,   E BLUEMLE      How Do You Wokka-Wokka?
                         Throwing And More                             E BUTLER       Bedtime In The Jungle
J811 REX                 Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich                 E CALMENSON    Jazzmatazz!
J811 SCHER               Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes                   E CARLSTROM    It's Your First Day Of School, Annie Claire
J811 YOLEN               Shape Me A Rhyme: Nature’s Forms In Poetry    E CORDSEN      Market Day
                                                                       E CRONIN       Stretch
                                                                       E CROWLEY      Nanook & Pryce : Gone Fishing

             And, don’t forget the                                     E CUSIMANO
                                                                       E CUYLER
                                                                                      Sleep, Baby, Sleep
                                                                                      Princess Bess Gets Dressed

               Nursery Rhymes!                                         E CUYLER
                                                                       E DEWDNEY
                                                                                      The Little Dump Truck
                                                                                      Llama Llama Misses Mama
J398.8 LONG              Sylvia Long’s Mother Goose                    E DODD         I Don't Want A Posh Dog
J398.8 MOTHE             Mother Goose Remembers                        E DONALDSON    Stick Man
J398.8 MOTHE             Tomie DePaola’s Mother Goose                  E DONALDSON    Tyrannosaurus Drip
J398.8 OPIE              Here Comes Mother Goose                       E DOYEN        Once Upon A Twice
                                                                       E DUBOSARSKY   The Terrible Plop
                                                                       E EHLERT       Feathers For Lunch
                                                                       E ELYA         Adios, Tricycle
                                                                       E FELDMAN      Billy And Milly, Short And Silly!
                                                                       E FISHER       My Half Day
                                                                       E FOX          Hello Baby!
             Created by K. Henderson @ CAM, January 2010               E FREEDMAN     Dinosaurs Love Underpants
E GAIMAN       Blueberry Girl                                 E PLOURDE       Grandpappy Snippy Snappies
E GAIMAN       Crazy Hair                                     E PRINCE        I Saw An Ant On A Railroad Track
E GLIORI       Stormy Weather                                 E PYM           Have You Ever Seen A Sneep?
E HAMILTON     Police Officers On Patrol                      E RILEY         Mouse Mess
E HAMILTON     Red Truck                                      E RYDER         Won't You Be My Hugaroo?
E HARLEY       Dirty Joe, The Pirate: A True Story            E RYLANT        All In A Day
E HEILIGMAN    Cool Dog, School Dog                           E SCHERTLE      Little Blue Truck Leads The Way
E HICKS        Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli                    E SCHOENHERR    Read It, Don't Eat It!
E HOBERMAN     And To Think That We Thought That We'd Never   E SHAW          Sheep Blast Off!
               Be Friends                                     E SHIELDS       Wombat Walkabout
E HOLUB        Apple Countdown                                E SHIELDS       When The World Is Ready For Bed
E HUBBELL      Boats : Speeding! Sailing! Cruising!           E SIERRA        Sleepy Little Alphabet : A Bedtime Story From
E HUGHES       My Brother Bert                                                Alphabet Town
E JARRETT      Arabella Miller's Tiny Caterpillar             E SIERRA        Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie
E JAVERNICK    The Birthday Pet                               E SINGER        I'm Your Bus
E KROLL        Everybody Has A Teddy!                         E SLOAT         This Is The House That Was Tidy And Neat
E LEGUIN       Cat Dreams                                     E SPINELLI      When Papa Comes Home Tonight
E LEUCK        I Love My Pirate Papa                          E STIEGEMEYER   Gobble-Gobble Crash! A Barnyard Counting Bash
E LOBEL        The Frogs And Toads All Sang                   E TILLMAN       On The Night You Were Born
E LOBEL        Odd Owls & Stout Pigs: A Book Of Nonsense      E TOBIN         Sue McDonald Had A Book
E LUCADO       The Tallest Of Smalls                          E VANDUSEN      The Circus Ship
E LUND         All Aboard The Dinotrain                       E WARD          The Busy Tree
E MAHY         Bubble Trouble                                 E WARGIN        Moose On The Loose
E MARTIN       Chicka Chicka Boom Boom                        E WARNES        Daddy Hug
E MARTIN       Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?       E WEEKS         Woof : A Love Story
E MCGHEE       Only A Witch Can Fly                           E WHEELER       Dino-Soccer
E MCNAUGHTON   Not Last Night But The Night Before            E WHEELER       Boogie Knights
E MCPHAIL      Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!                     E WILLIAMS      I Went Walking
E MITTON       Farmer Joe And The Music                       E WILSON        Bear Snores On
Show                                                          E WOLF          Truck Stuck
E MITTON       Super Safari                                   E WOLFF         When Lucy Goes Out Walking : A Puppy's First
E MORRISON     Peeny Butter Fudge                                             Year
E O'KEEFE      Hungry Monster ABC                             E WOOD          Silly Sally
E PARENTEAU    Bears On Chairs                                E WRIGHT        Sleep, Big Bear, sleep!

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