The Best Older Sister by maclaren1


									                      THE BEST OLDER SISTER
                                by Sook Nyul Choi
                 Reader’s Theater Script by: Jacklyn Moore

            Narrator 1 Narrator 2         Mrs. Lee    Mrs. Stone
            Sunhi      Halmoni            Mother

Narrator 1: Sunhi dragged her feet        Narrator 2: said Mrs. Lee, looking
as she walked home from school. Her       up finally.
grandmother, Halmoni, had always
waited for Sunhi outside the              Mrs. Lee: “We just stopped by to
schoolyard with a delicious snack.        see Kiju. How adorable your little
                                          brother is! I can hardly believe he
Narrator 2: Together they would           will be a year old next week.”
walk home. Sunhi would tell Halmoni
all about her day at school. But          Mrs. Stone: “Halmoni told us that it
everything changed for Sunhi when         is a Korean custom to have a big
her little brother, Kiju, was born.       party on a baby’s first birthday,”

Narrator 1: Halmoni no longer had         Narrator 1: said Mrs. Stone.
time to play with Sunhi. Now
Halmoni was busy taking care of Kiju      Mrs. Stone: “You must be so
all day while Sunhi’s mother and          excited.”
father were at work.
                                          Narrator 2: Sunhi managed a polite
Narrator 2: Halmoni fed him, bathed
him, and changed his diapers. That
little baby made such a mess and
                                          Mrs. Lee: “It is so wonderful to have
needed so much attention.
                                          a boy in the family,”
Narrator 2: When Sunhi came home,
she saw Halmoni sitting on the sofa,      Narrator 1: said Mrs. Lee.
bouncing Kiju on her knee. Halmoni
was waving Sunhi’s little brown teddy     Narrator 2: Sunhi was tired of all the
bear in front of Kiju. He smiled and      fuss everyone made over this baby.
drooled with delight.                     She did not think he was so
                                          interesting. She wished one of these
Narrator 1: Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Stone,      visitors would adopt him and take him
their neighbors, were visiting. They      away.
were making silly noises as they
admired the baby. They hardly             Sunhi: “Can I have my bear back?
noticed Sunhi.                            That is still mine, isn’t it?”
Mrs. Lee: “Oh, hello, Sunhi,”
Narrator 1: Sunhi snatched it and          Narrator 1: There was a gentle
ran to her room. Everything was            knock on the door. Halmoni entered.
different with Kiju around. Even her       She quietly sat beside Sunhi.
room was not her own anymore. It           Halmoni wiped Sunhi’s tears and
was full of baby diapers and baby          stroked her hair. Halmoni said,
toys. It smelled like baby powder.
                                           Narrator 2: “I have a surprise for
Narrator 2: “How happy you must be         you. I was going to save it until next
to have a little brother?” everyone        week. But I think I will give it to you
said to Sunhi. “Isn’t it wonderful to      now.”
be a big sister now?” they asked.
                                           Sunhi: “What is it, Halmoni?”
Narrator 1: But it did not seem so
wonderful to Sunhi. Now her parents        Narrator 1: Sunhi said. She
had even less time to talk to her and      swallowed her tears and brushed
play with her in the evenings.             away Halmoni’s hand.

Narrator 2: Most of all, Sunhi             Halmoni: “It is in your parents’
missed spending time with Halmoni.         room. Three big presents,”
When Halmoni wasn’t with Kiju, she
was busy doing things for him.             Narrator 2: said Halmoni.

Narrator 1: Just yesterday Sunhi had       Sunhi: “What? Those are all Kiju’s!”
caught Halmoni sewing secretly in her
room. Sunhi saw the beautiful blue         Narrator 1: said Sunhi.
                                           Narrator 2: Halmoni carried the
Narrator 2: She knew that Halmoni          three big boxes into Sunhi’s room.
must be making something for Kiju to
wear on his birthday.                      Halmoni: “Come on, Sunhi. Sit up.
                                           Open this one first,”
Sunhi: “What is so special about this
little baby, anyway?”                      Narrator 1: she said. In the box was
                                           a royal blue silk Korean dress. It had
Narrator 1: Sunhi wondered.                rainbow-colored sleeves and
                                           butterflies embroidered on the front.
Sunhi: “Why is it so important to          Sunhi loved it.
have a boy? Wasn’t I good enough?”
                                           Halmoni: “This is for you to wear on
Narrator 2: Sunhi sobbed.                  Kiju’s birthday,”

                                           Narrator 2: said Halmoni.

Halmoni: “I was afraid you saw it        Halmoni: “What a fuss we all made!
last night when you came to say good     Don’t you remember the pictures of
night. These other two are for your      your first birthday? I was in Korea,
best friends, Jenny and Robin. Open      but your parents sent me a big batch
them and see if you think they will      of pictures of you every week. For
like them.”                              you birthday, I made you an outfit
                                         and mailed it to your mother.”
Narrator 1: Jenny’s was peach-
colored with white rosebuds              Sunhi: “I remember those pictures,”
embroidered on the front. Robin’s
was yellow with tiny blue birds          Narrator 2: said Sunhi.
embroidered on the sleeves. Sunhi
knew that her friends would love         Halmoni: “Now that you are a big
these.                                   sister,”

Sunhi: Halmoni, these are so pretty.     Narrator 1: said Halmoni,
It must have taken you a very long
time to make them!”                      Halmoni: “I thought you could host
                                         Kiju’s birthday party. You, Jenny, and
Narrator 2: said Sunhi.                  Robin can decorate the birthday table
                                         and host together. Why don’t you
Halmoni: “Well, luckily Kiju is a good   invite them over? We can give them
baby. He sleeps a lot. I am sorry I      their presents,”
haven’t taken you to school and
picked you up. I have missed that.       Narrator 2: said Halmoni. Sunhi
You are special to me. It is just that   nodded.
babies are so helpless and need a lot
of care. Just like when you were a       Sunhi: “Okay, I’ll ask them to come
baby,”                                   home with me tomorrow. Where is
Narrator 1: said Halmoni.
                                         Narrator 1: Halmoni smiled.
Sunhi: “Did people come and visit
and make such a fuss over me?”           Halmoni: “I think he is sleeping.
                                         Let’s go see.”
Narrator 2: asked Sunhi.
                                         Narrator 2: Halmoni and Sunhi
Halmoni: “Oh, even more!”                walked to Sunhi’s parents’ room.
                                         They peered into Kiju’s crib.
Narrator 1: said Halmoni.
                                         Narrator 1: Kiju was wide awake and
                                         playing happily with his feet. He was
                                         a peaceful, handsome baby.

Halmoni: “Kiju is lucky to have a big        Narrator 2: said Sunhi’s mother,
sister like you,”                            walking into the room.

Narrator 2: said Halmoni.                    Sunhi: “He is not wearing an extra-
                                             special outfit? He isn’t more special
Halmoni: “Soon he will be walking            and important because he is a boy?”
and talking. He will follow you all
around. You will have to teach him to        Narrator 1: asked Sunhi.
be smart and kind just like you.”
                                             Mother: “Of course not! You are
Narrator 1: Sunhi’s face turned red.         both equally special,”

Sunhi: “Halmoni, I was stupid and            Narrator 2: said Sunhi’s mother.
mean. Sometimes I wanted to be an            She hugged Sunhi. Halmoni took
only child again. I have been a bad          Sunhi’s hand in her own. She said,
older sister,”
                                             Halmoni: “Is your right eye more
Narrator 2: said Sunhi.                      special and important than your left
Halmoni: “Sunhi, that is all right,”
                                             Narrator 1: Halmoni had lots of
Narrator 1: said Halmoni.                    funny sayings like this, but Sunhi
Halmoni: “It is hard to get used to
having a baby in the house.                         SEEING A NEW SISTER
Sometimes we wish things had not                        By E. Alma Flagg
changed. But that doesn’t mean we              (Divide the class into two groups.)
are bad. I know that you love Kiju
very much. I know you are going to           Chorus 1: Baby sister doesn’t know
be the best older sister.”                   Chorus 2: What’s going on at all;
                                             Chorus 1: How will I ever play with
Narrator 2: Sunhi watched Kiju. She                   her?
promised her self that she would give        Chorus 2: She is so soft and small.
him the best first birthday party ever.
                                             Chorus 1: How can I even talk to
Sunhi: “What is Kiju’s birthday outfit                her?
like?”                                       Chorus 2: She only sleeps and
Narrator 1: asked Sunhi.                     Chorus 1: But I suppose we’ll get
Mother: “It is just a silk outfit much       Chorus 2: They say she’s here for
like the one you wore,”                               keeps.


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