Unit 3 When lightning struck by maclaren1


									       Unit 3
When lightning struck
    Pre-reading quesions
• Suppose you were on a plane, which, suddenly
  got hit by a lightning and needed emergency
  landing. The attendant now ask the passengers
  to write down their “last words”, what will you
  say? And list three things that you want most.
• Misfortune is a good teacher. 不幸是
  Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.
  Misfortunes test the sincerity of
  friends. 患难见友情。
• Value, cherish, treat others and do
  everything with heart and soul, filial
  children, sincere friend, responsible
  parents, sweet beloved, moral citizen
         We should…
• We should live each day with a
  gentleness, a vigor, and a keenness of
  appreciation which are often lost
  when time stretches before us.
         Some words:
• “Sometimes I have thought it would
  be an excellent rule to live each day
  as if we should die tomorrow. Such an
  attitude would emphasize sharply the
  values of life.”
                         ---Hellen Keller
         Text analysis
• 1. Retell the story:
• 2. Main idea of the story:
• 3.What is the writer’s purpose of
  presenting her extradinary and
  unforgettable travel experience on
  an airplane?
         Retell the story
• The author / bathroom / slamming jolt/
  swerve/ plane/ hit/ landing/ vivid accounts /
  rough journey/ the plane rocked and
  screeched downward/ passengers were
  scared/ comfort/ behaving well/ I / received
  and witnessed many acts of kindness / girl/
  young wowan/ pround/
• After the safe landing/ going through the
  danger/ felt colser/ more attached to
  beloved ones / looking back / count / pass
  it on
           Main idea:
• Narration of extraordinary,
  unforgettale travle experience
• Praise good people and fine deeds
• Describe the touching human
  relations witnessed at the critical
 Purpose of the writer?

• Highly praise her fellow passengers
• Praise their fine deeds and their
• Pass on their kindness and help more
      After- class task:

• Read the text fluently ( stress &
  sense group)
• Recite para1-5
• Make 4 sentences for each following
  words on your notebook:
• Scramble / suppose/ put away/
  vaguely/ procedure/ figure v. /
  equivalent/ confide / panic
Text explanation ( para1-4)
• Introductory part
• Setting
• Unexpected happening
• Main characters
• Q: what do you know about the girl who
  was seating beside the author?
• Q: Why did the young businessman look
Scramble: 1.To move or climb hurriedly,
especially on the hands and knees. 2.To
struggle or contend frantically in order
to get something:

• 35 teams from all over Australia and New
  Zealand will again scramble for the Holden
• 大雨瓢泼而下,许多人争先恐后地奔向
• It was raining cats and dogs, and many people
  were scrambling madly for shelter.
Strap:1.To fasten or secure with a
strap. Vt. 2. to beat with a strap
• 他用带子把包捆在自行车上。
• He strapped the bag onto his bicycle.
• Make sure that you are firmly strapped in
  before the plane takes off.
• 现在有很多年轻人被助学贷款,昂贵的房和各
• Many youngsters are now strapped by
  schooling loans, expensive rent and all
  kinds of credic cards.
             Strap in:
• Experienced travleers strap in
  without waiting to be asked.
• 你给孩子系好安全带了吗?
• Have you strapped your child in?
v.tr. 1.To assume to be true or real for
the sake of argument or explanation:
2. To believe, especially on uncertain or
tentative grounds:3. should, to be
• Suppose we win the lottery.
• Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in
• We are not supposed to play football on
            Put away
• 你应该为老年而储蓄一些钱。
• You should put some money away for your
  old age.
• 把书收起来整齐地放在橱里Put the books
  away neatly in the cupboard.
• 我存了一大笔钱;
• I have a nice sum of money put away
• 她摒弃一切成见.
• She put away all prejudices.
• 在第一次会议上大部分时间都花在程序德建立
• So much time was spent establishing the
  precedre at our first meeting that we did
  not start any actual business until our
• What is the correct precedure for
  renewing your car tax?
• The new work procedure is a great
  improvement on / over the old one.
Figure : vt: consider, believe

• 我觉得我赢的机会几乎是零。
• I figured that my chances of getting
  win was roughly zero.
• Can you figure out the puzzle?
• I never figured that this would
                  Para. 5-9
 • This part narrate and picture the feelings, thought, and
   actions of the writer, the kindness of the glamorous
   young woman and the behaviour of other fellow
   passengers when confronted with danger.

Q: How did the writer reassure the high school
Q: How did the glamorous young woman comfort
the writer?
Q: Why did the writer feel pround of her fellow
    Pull oneself together
• He's finding it hard to pull himself together after the
• 他能够面对危险和困难的时候保持镇定。
• 过了一段时间他才从震惊中恢复过来,重新镇
• It took some time for him to recover from the shock and
  pull himself together .
• 他经历世事沉浮,但总能设法使自己重新振作
• He had his ups and downs, but he had always
  managed to pull herself together.
          Reassure: vt.
• Residents have been reassured their water
  supply is not in danger of running out.
• What did the government do to reassure
  and restore public confidence in national
  banks during the great depression?“
• 政府废除农业税的决心使农民们感到欣慰。
• The government’s decision to abolish
  agricultural tax really reassured farmers.
• Reassuring ----adj. Reassuring voice
        Equivalent: .adj. / n.
•   他的回答等於是拒绝。
•   His reply is equivalent to a refusal.
•   A meter is equivalent to 39.37 inches.
•   有些英文字在中文里沒有对应的詞。
•   Some English words have no Chinese
•   相当于命令的请求
•   a wish that was equivalent to a command.
•   缄默有时等于允许
•   An egg is said to be the equivalent of a
    pound of meat.
•        be equivalent to
Confide: v. 1.To tell (something) in
2.To put into another's keeping.
• Why didn’t you confide the secret to me?
• She confided her personal documents to her lawyer.
• 有一天晚上他到我家来向我吐露他曾坐过五年
• One evening he came and confided to me that he
  had spent five years in prison.
• Confide in : 信任…而吐露
• 琼觉得她只能向她妈妈倾吐心中的秘密。
• Jone felt she could only confide in her mother.
1.adj.Not making or based on careful
distinctions; unselective 2. without
careful thought or planning
• We do not like her indiscriminat
  application of cosmetics.
• Though she is not rich, she is fond of
  indiscriminate spending.
• an indiscriminate shopper; indiscriminate
  taste in music.
• 她过度的挥霍和她丈夫的节俭用钱形成鲜明的
• Her indiscriminate use of money is in sharp
  contrast to her husband’s economical use
  of his income.
Squeeze: n.压榨, 挤
v.压榨, 挤, 挤榨

• 实践就像海绵里的水,只要愿挤,总还
• Time is like the water in the sponge,
  if you like, it can still be squeezed
• A close/ narrow/ tight /squeeze
• 九死一生,千钧一发
Panic; A sudden, overpowering
terror, often affecting many
people at once
• 股市恐慌 a stock-market panic.
• He panicked and ran as fast as he could
  to safety.
• 枪炮声使群众惊慌失措。
• The crowd panicked at the sound of the
• 银行惊恐地抛售美元。
• The banks were panicked into selling
    Jolt: shake forcefully
• The fall jolted every bone in his body.
• 父亲的话摇醒了他的白日梦。
• His father’s words jolted him out of
  his daydream.

• Soothe: To ease or relieve (pain, for
  • She soothed the child who was afraid.
He had died peacefully, as if not to
alarm any of them about an experience
they would all have to go through
•   As if: + 虚拟/+ 不定式/分词短语
•   他装做若无其事的样子。
•   她仿佛不知道身在何处,犹犹豫豫向四处打量。
•   He behaved as if nothing had happened.
•   As if unsure wherer she was, she
    hesitated and looked around.
Alarm; v.tr.1.(及物动词)To fill with
alarm; frighten.
2.To give warning to.
• My mother was alarmed when I fell over.
• Several parents were alarmed to hear
  that a gun was found in a local school.
           Para. 10-12
• Tell us what the passengers saw and did
  after they landed safely.
• Q: How did the passengers react to their
  safe landing?
• Q:What acts of kindness were done after
  the safe landing?
• Q: What had the writer’s husband been
  complaining about?
Transfer:v. To move oneself from
one location or job to another.

• 我先由汽车转乘地铁,再由地铁转另一辆汽车,
• I transferred from the train to a bus,from
  which I fransferred to anthor bus, before
  I reached my destination.
• 公司总部已由北京转到大连。
• The head office has been transferred
  form Beijing to Dalian.
• 老板把他调到了另一个部门。
• His employer transferred him to another
• 这条路被挡住了,因此我们走了另一条路。
• The way was blocked, so we went by an
  alternative road.
• 可替代能源是一种从对环境无害的资源中提取
• Alternative energy is energy derived from
  sources that do not harm the environment.
Cling to :粘紧, 附着, 紧贴, 坚持(意
见), 墨守(习惯) PP. clung, clung
• 墨守陈规/坚持己见/紧紧抱在一起/抱最后的
• 小猴子紧紧偎着它妈妈。
• 衣服上的烟味长时间洗不掉。
• 树叶上挂满露珠,树看上去清新葱绿。

 • Dew drops clinging on their
   leaves, the trees looked green
   and fresh.
 blessed[blesid]: crooked, learned,
 naked, wicked, wreched, rugged
 • Bitter pills may have blessed effects.

• an‘ticipate: vt. 预期, 期望, 过早使用,
  先人一着, 占先
   • 对于交通管理新计划,我们预料会遇到
     不少反对意见(opposition to)。

        • Anticipate+ + n/ gerund
in'tense; adj: Extreme in degree,
strength, or size
__intensity n. infensify. V.
• 我怀着浓厚的兴趣倾听。
• 紧张的评估工作过后,我们现在放松了。
• After intense work for the evaluation was
  done, we are now relaxed.
• The heat in summer is no less __ here in
  this mountain.
• A. concentrated B.expand. C. intense
• D. intensive
          Para 13-14
• Q:Why does the writer sometimes
  look up at an airplane?
• Q:For what is the writer indebted to
  her fellow passengers?
• Q:What is the most important thing
  that writer thinks she ought to do ?
 Indebted:负债的, 感恩的
• 我十分感激一直如此努力学习和工作的全班同
• I'm indebted to the whole class who have
  been studying and working so hard.
• In- +p.p.
• Inbred ---breed
• Inbuilt ---- build
• indebted-----debt
• Inlaid -----lay
• Be indebted fo sb. For sth.
Get in: 1.arrive at its destination
2.be elected to a political position
3. collect or gather
• 我们都认为他这一次当选的机会很大。
• 在秋天,农民忙着秋收。
• Exercises on text book
• Retell the story
• Acquire fluency in reading text1
• discussion:
• 1. describe one thing( moment) that
  touches you most.
• 2. role play: suppose your were the
  narrator. Tell your husband what you have
  experienced on the plane after you get
 Translate the following sentences

• Our suggestion will be brought up at the next
• She was brought up by her grandmother and
  educated at the local school.
• How does she keep smiling after all she’s gone
• She went through the company’s accounts,
  looking for evidence of fraud.
• I am indebted to my advisor, Dr. Rau, a lot for
  helping me go through this paper.
• How can he pay people back for all
  their kindness ?
• Have you got an alternative
• The judge offered him the
  alternative of a fine or six months in
• Indiscriminate use of medicine may
  cause extremely harmful reactions.

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