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NJC Pay Award 2009/2010

The NJC joint trade unions, UNISON, GMB and Unite, have now submitted the NJC pay
claim for 2009/10 for a substantial increase, at least at the level of retail price
inflation, with additional increases for the lower paid. A copy of the pay claim has
been sent to the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council. Our members have
suffered particular economic hardships throughout 2008 which have not been
accommodated by a 2.45% pay increase. As you are aware, all sides are now
engaged in arbitration to resolve the 2008/9 dispute.

We are asking you to give attention and allocate resources to your most valuable
resource, your workforce, and ensure that your council is able to meet the claim. Our
members increasingly do not feel valued for the work that they do, the vital public
services they deliver and the improvement they have contributed to.

We have based our claim on a detailed assessment of what our members need and
councils’ capacity to meet the costs. Our members are already the worst paid group
within the public sector, with pay on the lowest pay point falling well behind that in
the NHS, further education, higher education and support staff in police and
probation. Recent inflationary pressures have hit some of our low paid members
particularly hard in increased food, fuel and utility costs – large elements of a low
paid family’s weekly budget. In contrast, the Audit Commission in its ‘Crunch Time’
report 2008 has recently noted that, ‘the expenditure that has seen the highest levels of
inflation – gas, electricity fuel and food – make up less than 2 per cent of total local authority

Councils have been able to make double the efficiency savings required by
Government, double reserves since 2002 and spend large amounts of money on
consultants and agency workers, while our members have not felt any benefit in their
pay, conditions or access to training.

We would like to discuss the NJC pay claim and the broader issues within it with you
and gain a clear understanding of the council’s position in relation to pay and what
budgetary provision has been made by the council for a pay increase for your
workforce in 2009/10. I look forward to meeting you as soon as possible.

With best wishes,

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Branch Secretary


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