Every human being has a claim upon your kind by pluggtwo


									                “Every human being has a claim upon your kind offices.”

                                   From the East
                              December 2006 Trestleboard

       At the December 12 Stated Communication the Brethren of Henry Lodge will
recognize and participate in their own free will and accord by nominating and electing
their leaders for the next year. What an invention! And after the peaceful revolution we
will rejoice in brotherly love and affection. What an invention!

      At the Stated Communication on Nov. 14, Right Worshipful Edmund Cohen,
Deputy Grand Master of Masons in Virginia was received in the East and saluted
according to his high office. Also received in the East was Right Worshipful David
Carroll Morris, District Deputy Grand Master for the Fourth Masonic District, Past
Master of Acacia Lodge No. 16 and saluted according to his high office. We in
November, went to the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Virginia, Grand Annual
Communication; presented an Entered Apprentice Degree; made a Fraternal visit to
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 during Most Worshipful Glover Hunter Jones, III, last
Official Visit; delivered the traveling gavel to Acacia Lodge No. 16; received a visit by
Job Daughters, Bethel No. 22 giving thanks for their Oct. 28 party at Henry Lodge and
attended the Hope Chapter No. 73, Fall Fest. The WM visited King of Tyre Lodge 292,
Prince Hall on Nov. 20 and invited them to visit Henry Lodge at our December Stated
      There is a Called Communication for work in the Entered Apprentice Degree on
December 5.
      Toys for Tots, bring the toys to lodge, we will be collecting until December 18.
      At our Stated Communication a basket is passed around the Lodge for the Grand
Masters Relief Fund. The Brethren have contributed a total of $295.31. Thank you
      Observe Masonic Recognition Day on the first day of each month. Wear Masonic
apparel, and study the Methodical Digest, Presentation Volume and a Volume of Sacred
      This being my last Trestleboard, I want to thank all the Brethren and Friends of
Henry Lodge No. 57 for their support this year. Even if it was just to read the
Trestleboard. Thank you. I especially want to thank all those who were and are named
on the front of the Trestleboard for their hard work for Masonry this year as recognized
by the Grand Master with the presentation of the Hillman Award for 2006 to be presented
to the Lodge by the District Deputy Grand Master at his official visit in 2007. Remember
to come out and ballot on December 12 and attend the open Installation of Officers
on Saturday, December 16, at 2:00 pm.

January 6   2:00 PM    Hay Market Lodge No. 313, Open Installation of Officers.
January 6   2:00 PM    Fairfax Assembly No. 3, International Order of Rainbow Girls,
                       Open Installation of Officers at Henry Lodge No. 57.
                                                         December 2006

     Monday               Tuesday          Wednesday              Thursday           Friday         Saturday          Sunday

                                                                               1               2                      3
                                                                               7:30 PM
                                                                               Manasseh #182
                                                                               8:00 PM
                                                                               Hope Chapter
                                                                               No. 73 OES
4                    5                   6                   7                 8               9                      10
7:30 PM              7:30 PM             7:30 PM             6:45 PM           7:30 PM         8:30 AM
Herndon #264         HL Called           Fauquier Chapter,   Fairfax           Scottish Rite   HL Planning
                     Communication for   RAM (HL)            Assembly No. 3,   (Alexandria)    10:30 AM
                     EA Degree                               IORG (HL)                         HL Cleanup
                                                             7:30 PM                           2:00 PM
                                                             Acacia #16                        Manasseh #182
                                                                                               Open Installation of
                                                                                               7:00 PM
                                                                                               Herndon #264
                                                                                               Open Installation of

11                   12                  13                  14                15              16                     17
7:30 PM              6:30 PM                                 6:30 PM                           12:00 PM
Hay Market #313      HL Supper                               Supper, Cochran                   HL Installation
7:30 PM              7:30 PM                                 Lodge # 271                       Practice
Fairfax Assembly     HL Stated                               7:30 PM                           2:00 PM
No. 3, IORG, Board   7:30 PM                                 Stated, Cochran                   HL #57 Open
Meeting              Mt. Carmel #133                         Lodge #271                        Installation of

18                   19                  20                  21                22              23                     24
7:30 PM                                                      6:45 PM
Herndon #264                                                 Fairfax
                                                             Assembly No. 3,
                                                             IORG (HL)

25                   26                  27                  28                29              30                     31
                     7:30 PM                                                                   9:00 AM                Have a
                     Mt. Carmel #133                                                           Breakfast              Happy
                                                                                               Mt. Carmel #133        New Year!

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