A research of the Knowledge Management and ICT Digital Knowledge

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					A research of the Knowledge Management
   and ICT Digital Knowledge Exchange
    Environment applies to Knowledge
            Economy Society

     Wen-Jiuh Chiang ; Chih-chia, Eric, Chen
             Chia-chien, Jennifer, Teng
    Department of Industrial Technology Education
    National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
       Briefing Content

 Introduction
 Research Purpose and Method
 Document Reviewed
 Discover
 Conclusion and Suggestion

 Over  these 15 years, the global economic
  development fast that dependent on
  computer technology development and
  digital knowledge exchange environment
  had been constructing, especially in the
  communication and network.
 It made the global economy and trade
  developing, activating more and more.
 According   to the global investigate report
  into IDC’s ‘information society index’ and
  IMD’s ‘The World Competitiveness
  Scoreboard’ that found the information of
  ICT with the better construction, the higher
  its national competitiveness was.
 This showed the important to digital
  knowledge exchange environment (ICT

 In  the knowledge-base economy
  society, individual or the organization
  must grown up constantly, enhanced
  the competitiveness, otherwise only
  faced elimination.
 It is the Global times.

 'Innovation ' was a popular word that the
  society was often mentioning.
 It meant the process of using knowledge,
  changing resources, and then creating the
  unique course of having the new value.
 So it was important to use knowledge and
  change the existing resources.

 This shows that knowledge was the
  important key to innovation.
 Through the Model of Knowledge
  Management (KM), constant study growing
  up, preserved the personal competitiveness.
 This was the circle process. So the ability of
  KM, it was an important ability.
Research Purpose and Method1

Research Purpose
1. Probed into ICT Digital knowledge
   exchange environment
    (ICT DKECE).
2. Probed into Knowledge Management
3. Probed into the relation between the
    Research Purpose and Method2
 This research method had adopted document
  reviewed and half-structured interview. And
  analysis the data with the Grounded theory by
  software ‘Atlas.ti 5.0’.
 Through the document reviewed to research ICT
  KECE, KM, the relation between ICT KECE to KM.
 Developed the half-structure interview
  questionnaire by the result of the document
  reviewed, and visited with four company
   Research Purpose and Method3
 Afterinterview, according to the content of
 the recording, transcribe it for word by word,
 to explore the open coding, Axial coding,
 Selective coding by the quality research
 software Atlas.ti.

 1. Digital knowledge exchange the
 2. Knowledge Management(KM)
 3. The relation between ICT DKECE
     to KM
    1. Digital knowledge exchange the
 Through the technology development, computer
  was the popular to people. Most of the information
  were be made with computer by digital type and
  could be made by individual or organization.
 In the recently years, communication product had
  develop fast, especially the world wild webs
  develop rising and flourishing. All information and
  knowledge were produced fast and could be
  constructed on the network.
ISI Top Ten
ISI in Asia Pacific Region
            2.Knowledge Management
   KM means the process that individual or organization pick
    the knowledge, classify the knowledge, save the
    knowledge, spread knowledge, innovated knowledge, and
    update knowledge.
   Rely upon KM to accumulate innovation power for create
    new value. In the economic society, knowledge was the
    key point to make a profit. So enterprise’s human resource
    had KM ability, they can managed more knowledge,
    combine with the people’s knowledge to innovate.
   Knowledge had many kind of the type, just like Know-how,
    Know-where, Know-who, know-what, know-why
3.The relation between ICT DKECE to KM

   KM need tool to appear his benefit.
   Especially knowledge digitize, paper,
   sound, picture, video will be saved in
   digital type.
  Through ICT DKECE, user can short
   the time to manage knowledge.
KM system framework
Search Engine
            Research Discover

 This research used the document review
  method and developed the questionnaire to
  interview manager of enterprise.
 Through the interview to find their cognition
  that KM and ICT DKECE, these data were
  used grounded theory to coding and
  analysis by Atlas.ti 5.0
         Research Discover

 1.   Benefit of KM
 2. Benefit of Digital knowledge
     exchange environment
 3. The strategy of knowledge-base
     economic society within 'KM'
     and 'ICT DKECE'
           1. Benefit of KM 1
 In the process of Axial coding, researcher
  explored the categories of relation between
  ‘standardization’, ‘research and design’,
  ‘integrated analysis’, ‘secrecy’, ‘E-learning’,
  and ‘merit’.
 This research was extracted the Axial
  coding of benefit of KM.
          1. Benefit of KM 2
 From   the open coding, this research found
  that ‘standardization’ was very important
 Through the process of the standardization,
  transmit the knowledge to procedural
  standardization knowledge.
 Besides, KM focused the common problem
  that could save its special problem- solving
  method into the knowledge manage center.
          1. Benefit of KM 3
 In the ‘research and design’ respect, this
  research found that KM was useful for
  innovation. Especially, KM could manage
  the knowledge and experience in the
  process of the research and design.
 Through the search engine to search
  knowledge, it could found and classified the
  material for innovation.
          1. Benefit of KM 4
 Inthe ‘integrated analysis’ respect, this
  research found that KM integrated
  knowledge with inside and outside.
 Through the classified knowledge, it could
  support the decision to problem, make
  policy, and determine.
            1. Benefit of KM 5
 In the ‘secrecy’ respect, this research found that it
  was the most risk to KM.
 Technology tools provided convenient which in the
  knowledge transmit.
 But it was possible to divulge the know-how to
  threaten the company.
 Especially KM had been connecting with the
  Internet network.
 How to use the fire wall and limits of authority to
  protect against the divulgence was the important
          1. Benefit of KM 6
 Inthe ' E-learning ' respect, this research
 found that it was the way to keep learning to
 hold the competitiveness.
 Through the KM and E-learning system
 inside and outside, employee could reach
 promoted oneself effectively.
          1. Benefit of KM 7
 In the ‘merit’ respect, this research found
  that KM could support merit to innovation,
  just like the method of the problem solving,
  training material, resource sharing, catch
  information fast, no limit to space and time,
  and creative knowledge database efficiently.
 2. Benefit of Digital knowledge exchange
                environment 1
 Inthe process of Axial coding, researcher
 explored the categories of relation between
 ‘e-learning’, ‘information exchange tool’, ‘the
 discuss room of virtual ’, ‘immediately’, ‘no
 space limit’.
 This research was extracted the Axial
 coding of Benefit of Digital knowledge
 exchange environment.
    2. Benefit of Digital knowledge exchange
                   environment 2
   In the ‘E-learning’ respect, this research found Digital
    knowledge exchange environment was the good space
    that transmitted the knowledge and shared the message.
   The web or database which been designed well down
    could the nice way to support learning. And it was no limits
    to space and time.
   Now, we could found the suppliers to supply the
    professionally knowledge that need to pay money. It would
    reduce the cost to construct the knowledge.
   Beside, the search engine of portal site that has searching
    capability powerful was more and more. These merits
    would enhance the E-learning effectively by ICT DKECE.
 2. Benefit of Digital knowledge exchange
                environment 3
 In the ' information exchange tool ' respect,
  this research found the benefit that was
  depend on the ability to use information
  exchange tools correctly, just like searched
  by portal site, used kinds of database well,
  used e-mail to exchange message, used ftp
  to manage data, used telephone and video
  conference to communicate.
  3. The strategy of knowledge-base economic
     society within 'KM' and 'ICT DKECE'   1

 Thisresearch was adopted the Likert scale
 to survey the viewpoint in ‘Do you identify
 with ‘KM’ and ‘ICT DKECE’ that were the
 important competitive strategies to
 knowledge-based economy society in the
 individual and organization?
    3. The strategy of knowledge-base economic
       society within 'KM' and 'ICT DKECE'     2

 At the result, one person chosen the 4th point
  ‘identify’, and three persons chosen 5th point ‘very
 It showed the important in ‘KM’ and ‘ICT DKECE’.
 Furthermore, the enterprise want to sustainable
  manage, it must keep promotion and innovation,
  and KM and ICT DKECE were good tools to
  enhance the power to promotion and innovation.
          Conclusion and Suggestion1
   knowledge was useful to individual and organization in
    knowledge-based economy society.
   Through the digital knowledge exchange, knowledge and
    message would flow fast and globally.
    All databases would integrate into global database.
   How to use this database to construct the competitiveness
    would be a serious problem.
   Furthermore, through KM to explore, search, classified,
    storage, transmit, spread, and innovate the knowledge.
    Integrating with organizational employees, it accumulated
    the energy for innovation.
       Conclusion and Suggestion 2
 Through this research, we should notice that
  national ICT DKECE and national human resource
  development would influence the national
 So the straggly Country would be hard to catch up
  with other Country. In the future, these Countries
  will have a huge divergent competitiveness
  between the countries.
 So Country have to construct the ICT DKECE
  positively, and training up the capability of KM in
  the national human resource development.
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