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									                                         THE DUNTON BASSETT NEWS

                                                     MAY 2007

                                                       Issue 18

Women’s Institute
The WI enjoyed learning about Monet and his garden as part of their meeting in April. Wendy Hall showed slides of
some of the painter’s works during her talk. The group’s next meeting is on May 8th and will discuss a resolution to
be voted on at the National AGM in London. At the June meeting Mrs. Anne Holden will talk on ‘Meals for One or
Two.’. The meetings are held in Dunton village hall on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.30 pm.

                             LEIRE & DUNTON SCOUT GROUP

 Leire & Dunton Scout Group celebrates 2007 – The Centenary of Scouting

 In 2007, Scouting celebrates its World Centenary with a year of special events and activities. Across the UK, Scouts
 will be taking part in Centenary projects in their communities to celebrate adventure, international friendship and
 helping change the world for good.

 Scouting began in 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941) a decorated soldier held an experimental camp on
 Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset. He brought together 20 boys from both public schools and working class homes and
 put them into camp under his leadership. Following the publication of Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell’s
 worldwide bestseller, the whole world now knows the result of that camp.

 Locally Leire & Dunton Scout Group is thriving with nearly 60 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from local villages and
 being very active with South Leicestershire scouting activities. We hope soon to have 7 leaders, which will allow us
 to offer places to even more boys and girls who want to enjoy being Scouts. We are making every effort to allow
 our Scouts to enjoy the Centenary activities. Leire & Dunton Beavers, Cubs & Scouts;
     Are earning Join In Centenary badges for celebrating 100 years.
     Enjoyed their first ever Beaver Sleepover in April.
     Will make the Scout Promise at eight o’clock in the morning on our own Scout sleepovers and camps to take
         part in Scouting Sunrise.
     Have been tree planting a Centenary Wood in the National Forest.
     Are going to Gilwell Park, Scout headquarters in London to join 8,000 other under-10’s to enjoy Centenary
         Fun Days.
     Joining nearly 400 other South Leicestershire Scouts in June for a mass Centenary Camp.
     Four of our Beavers and Cubs were presented with Chief Scouts Awards at St Georges Day celebrations.
 Leire & Dunton have a waiting list for younger boys and girls to join at 6, so get on the list to avoid disappointment.
 Leire & Dunton Beavers contact is Alan Hill on 209868. Cub Scout contact is Eric Pridding 01455 209208. All at
 Leire & Dunton Scout Group send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Joe Warwick, our Scout Leader, who has
 been unwell for some time. During Joe’s absence, Ceri Sinfield has kindly volunteered to run the Scouts, as well as
 his continued help with Beavers and Cubs.

 The Scout Association provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for 400,000 young
 people aged 6-25in the UK. Worldwide, there are over 28 million young people enjoying the benefits of Scouting
 across 216 countries and territories. This year all 28 million Scouts will join together to celebrate the dawn of a new
 century of Scouting around the world. If you are interested in joining Beavers, Cubs or Scouts or helping with
 Scouts call 0845 300 1818.

All Saint’s Church
All Saints was open over the Easter weekend for viewing of the beautiful Easter Flowers. A steady stream of visitors
on both Sunday and Monday admired the flowers, many staying for refreshments and around £400 was raised for
church funds.
John & Claire Hurford’s Plant Sale held last Saturday, has raised £650 so far, with still some unsold plants which are
still available and will be at the Church Summer Event on 23 rd June. They would like to thank every one who has been
so supportive over the lead stolen off the church roof during the first week of May. Many people who bought plants
gave extra money to go towards the insurance excess which is around £1,000! If anyone saw anything suspicious
please contact John on 202184.

The arrangements are in full swing for the Summer Event on 23rd June to be held in the gardens of The Elwells,
opposite the village Hall. If anyone can help in any way, help man a stall, donate a cake, or tombola prize etc, then
again contact John on 202184.

History Group.
Dunton Bassett history Group heard about the discovery of the hoard of coins in Leicestershire from Peter Liddle as
part of their meeting in April. Peter also spoke of other Iron age sites in the area. This was the group’s last meeting in
the village hall until their AGM on September 18th. Visitors are always welcome to the meetings which start at 8pm.

The Village Hall
Redecoration: Following the structural repairs to the roof last year, the Hall will be repainted at the beginning of
August. Before Liz Waring and her husband Ken move to Norway, she has agreed to make new curtains for the
windows and the Management committee is very grateful to her. We wish them both ’Bon Voyage’ and very good
luck in their new life.
This seems a very good time to remind everyone that the Hall can be booked on a Saturday evening for a village
function, if at least six weeks notice is given to the bookings secretary, Barbara Taylor on 209621. While the Hall is
used fairly extensively during the week, the management committee welcomes bookings for children’s parties and
other events on the Saturday and Sunday. Please contact Barbara on 209621 who will be happy to help you.

Paddling along the Footpath
Many walkers who are in the habit of walking down Well Lane and across the ‘fishpond’ field (once known as Dairy
Close) will have been greatly inconvenienced by the deep mud on either side of the gate. It was particularly bad this
winter when the weather was wet. It is known that one unfortunate person lost a wellington when negotiating the
There has always been a long standing problem in this area where water emerges from three springs in Well Lane. At
one time the villagers relied on the well that was once there, in particularly dry weather, as the water never dried up!
Adequate drainage has proved difficult, according to the footpath warden but plans are in place for extensive
improvements which are due to start in June. It is timely to recall it was the presence of water here that first attracted
early settlers in prehistoric times.

A new author in our midst.
A new author has emerged within our village community. Dr John Cooper, now retired from his previous work in the
bio analytical field of the pharmaceutical industry, has written an epic fantasy novel entitled ‘Paths of retribution’. To
quote part of John’s précis of the novel:’Following a cataclysmic event the planet struggles to recover. With mankind
annihilated, other intelligent species evolve and prosper’.
John describes the novel as a moral tale; a confrontation between good and evil. It should appeal to all readers who
enjoy science fiction, or is it? It can be obtained from or contact John on 202140.

Parish Council.
Did you know that the strength of the Parish Council supporting, or not a planning application, is the equivalent to one
person writing a letter of support of objection? So if you feel strongly about any planning issue you must write to
Harborough Council. It takes five letters for any planning to go before the committee for further consideration and not

just be rubber stamped though. The question of the new development at the old Crown and Thistle site was raised at
the Parish Council meeting on the 14th May and should anyone have concerns about the development they should
contact Dean Biddle at Harborough planning department on 01858 821138.
If any street lights are not working, it is best to ring the county council direct as they are now their responsibility.
There will be issued with this Newsletter the Annual Report from the Parish Council.

There is a new number to call now to report anti-social behavior-101. This covers vandalism, graffiti, noisy
neighbours, threatening and abusive behavior, abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, drunk and rowdy groups, drug related
anti social behavior and broken street lighting. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Callers speak
to an adviser who provide advice and arrange the appropriate action. Calls cost 10p per call.

Our local police officer is PC4086 Julie Hubbard who can be contacted on 0116 222 2222 (voicemail) and entering the
officer’s collar number when prompted. Or you can contact your local Neighbourhood Team via the Leicestershire
Constabulary website at We are Neighbourhood S14.
Our Enforcement Officer is Melanie Wilkinson , you can contact her on 07920 594822. E Mail on

Peter Fuchs has been returned unopposed for the second time as District Councillor for the Dunton Ward. As a result
there was no election process on 3rd May for the District Council Elections.
He will continue to represent the views of all residents, and would anyone who wishes to raise a problem about
District Council matters contact him. It is better to raise a issue immediately it comes to ones notice, especially on
planning applications. This gives time to take considered action rather than it becoming an urgent and less managed
Contact Peter at The Elwells, Bennetts Hill, Dunton Bassett, Leics LE17 5JJ
Tel: 01455-202370 0r 202207
Email: "

At the Parish Council meeting on the 14th May Alan Hill was elected chairman for the forthcoming year with Eric
Pridding remaining as Vice Chairman. Cllr Hill welcomed Alex Mofford as the new councillor for Dunton Bassett
following his appointment due to there being no additional parishioners who put themselves forward to serve on the
Parish Council and therefore there was no necessity for an election as was the case with Peter Fuchs for the District

District Council Report

I can quite understand if many people feel disenfranchised by not having a District Council Election in Dunton Ward
(Dunton Bassett, Ashby Magna, Ashby Parva, Leire and Frolesworth). I cannot help that, as nobody stood in
opposition to myself, and so I was returned unopposed.

I shall be delivering my leaflets to remind everyone what, as a Councillor, I stand for, as well as introducing myself to
the new residents who have arrived in the Ward in the past four years.

The result of the District Council Elections for the Conservatives was an outstanding success; Conservatives 26 seats,
Lib-Dems 11 (2003: Cons 16, L-D 18, Lab 1, Indep 2).
With such an overriding majority there comes responsibility, and we will rise to that challenge.
I will try to ensure that the Conservatives run an inclusive and effective Council.

To contact me, write to The Elwells, Bennetts Hill, Dunton Bassett, Leics, LE17 5JJ.
Tel: 01455-202207

Parish Plan
The community of Dunton Bassett needs to make up it’s mind if it is going to accept ‘back garden’ development, loss
of its Post office, and other facilities – all of which are at risk NOW.
In order to reflect what the residents want for Dunton Bassett we need to produce a Parish Plan this year.
Please contact Ann Fuchs at 01455 202370 if you want to contribute to the Parish Plan.

Under 12s’ Playground
Over the last six months the Playground Group have been working hard to finalise the equipment to be installed, and I
am delighted to report that by the end of May, Dunton Bassett should have a 2 tower climbing frame incorporating a
swing bridge, play tables, a slide, a small 'rockwall' and firemans pole, as well as a set of swings, 2 'springies' for
toddlers, stepping stones and a balance beam. This will be followed by an additional set of swings and some benches
when we have claimed back VAT later in the year.
Harborough District Council has upgraded the existing path, and the access path up to the site will also be tarmac
before the playground opens.
We have also managed to secure around 200 shrubs and trees through local schemes to plant on the site in autumn,
and would welcome any more if you are thinking of doing some drastic gardening! We also need to have a safety and
sponsors sign in the playground - so if anyone out there can help us please get in touch - Catherine 209868.
It is a very exciting time for the Playground Group and the under 12's in the village, but I would like to take this
opportunity to remind everyone that the playground will not be open for use until it has received it's final
checks from the District Council, and is therefore out of bounds until the official opening.

 Harborough Council News
Around £35 million worth of improvements are on their way for council homes across the Harborough district after
tenants voted in favour of transfer to new, local registered social landlord Seven Locks Housing.

A total of 76.4 per cent of tenants who took part voted in favour of Seven Locks Housing taking control of their
homes. The turnout was 78.8 per cent (1,800 tenants) of those eligible to vote.

August Bank Holiday Weekend
Response to this has been disappointing! If anyone wants a stall for the Art and Crafts afternoon on Saturday, 25 th
August, in the Village Hall, then please contact me by return! I need to make a decision as to whether it is worth
carrying the event on!! Judi Pridding 209208

Dunton Bassett County Primary School
This week is SATs week, so good luck to all pupils involved.
On Friday 8th June there will a French themed day, hopefully starting with a French styled breakfast! Oh.La.La!!
Towards the end of the summer term the Year 6 pupils will be preparing to move onto Lutterworth High School
having a taster day at LHS. We wish them all the best!
On Saturday 30th June the annual school fete will be held in the school grounds from 3.00pm till 7.00pm. Watch out
for posters with full details of what is happening.

Diary Dates

8th June French Themed Day at Dunton School.
12th June W.I. Meeting Village Hall 7.30pm
23rd June Church Summer Event 2pm -4pm. At The Ewells.
30th June School Summer Fete. 3pm to 7pm.
9th July. Parish Council Meeting. Village Hall. 7.15pm.

In the next edition of the Newsletter, I would like to list the main contacts for all our village groups, so if the secretary,
or similar, could let me have the details I would be grateful. All news to the editor by 29th June, please.

Editor: Judi Pridding. Tel: 209208 or E Mail


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