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Gates May 28


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									       The Gates Newsletter
          Volume XIII, Issue 15           Charting the course for excellence                May 28, 2010
              Scituate Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
                                   sex, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

From the Literacy Corner

                                       Scituate Public Schools
                                    Summer Reading Requirements
                                             Grades 7+8

Students make great strides in reading and writing during the school year, and we encourage all
students to read over the summer to keep their academic skills sharp. Summer also is a time for
students to explore individual interests and pursue reading for its own enjoyment.
The schools have partnered with the Scituate Town Library to offer a rich variety of summer reading
books. The library has a special selection for Scituate Public Schools’ Summer Reading. Sharon
Colvin, the teen librarian, and Joey von Iderstein, are great resources to help students find engaging

Students are asked to actively read two books of their own choice. The books may be either fiction
or nonfiction. While students are reading their books, they are asked to create an active reading
bookmark. Active reading allows the reader to interact with the text, asking questions, making
predictions and connections, and actively thinking about what is happening in the book. One
completed active reading bookmark is required for each book read. These bookmarks will then be
used as part of an in-class writing assessment the first week of school.
An active reading bookmark should contain:
    1. Your name and grade
    2. Title and author of book
    3. Predictions (at least 3)
    4. Connections (at least 3)
    5. Favorite Quotes (at least 3)
    6. Vocabulary words that are difficult or unusual (at least 10)
    7. Questions that you have as you read (at least 5)

The active reading bookmark can be an index card, a bookmark designed by the student (free hand
or on the computer), or simply a piece of white lined paper folded in half in the book. Sample active
reading bookmarks are available on Mrs. Sullivan’s website, the Gates Intermediate School website,
and the Scituate Town Library website.
New Members Inducted into the Gates National Junior Honor Society:

On May 28th, Gates School inducted new 8th grade members to the Satuit Chapter of the National Junior
Honor Society. The main purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is to recognize students who
demonstrate very high standards in academic and other areas. To qualify academically, a student must
have a cumulative 3.60 or better average for grade seven and the first two terms of grade eight. As stated
in the Gates Intermediate School Student Handbook, potential members also are evaluated based on the
other tenets of the society including character, leadership, service, and citizenship. The new members
were inducted in a ceremony which recognized their hard work and academic achievement at Gates
School. Our congratulations to the following new National Junior Honor Society members: Rachel Antos,
Jenna Baker, Gina Brazao, Charlotte Carr, Daisy Culkins, Gibby Davis, Ryan Donovan, Mary Donovan,
John Duff, Hannah Ellis, Chloe Ewanouski, Maxwell Fenton, Haley Gaudreau, Katie Golden, Gabriel
Goodman, Mary Goulding, Sylvie Grenier, Rachel Guard, Emma Hargrove, Meghan James, Jamie
Kelleher, Jo Kelly, Tori Litchfield, Ronald Lovell, Isabel Martin, Katherine McCarthy, Molly McConaughey,
Kate McCormack, Morgan Moore, Kaitlin Morel, Julie O’Keefe, Nick Paganetti, Alyssa Pasini, Molly
Rafferty, Kyle Rodrigues, Hannah Roy, Meredith Sullivan, Jessilyn Tassini, Rachel Tripp, and Kimberly

Team C News:

Annual Inequality Movement Contest:

Block B and C math students competed in pairs or groups against each other to display their method of
teaching" The Inequality Rule" in math.
There was so much talent displayed, such as raps, cheerleading, dances, gymnastics, stunts, musical
duets and parodies to teach the rule in a moving manner.
Students voted for the best in 2 classes and then competed for the top spot.
There was a tie for first place.
Max DiRado and Owen Saba won and Jack Taylor, Ryan Finneran, Matt Logue, and Robert McDonald
were also the winners.
Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and creative displays. It was an enjoyable and fun way to
learn math.

Foreign Language Department:


There will be a mandatory pre-departure meeting for all Quebec students next Tuesday, June 1st at 7PM
in the Gates Library. Students and one parent need to attend. We will go over the packing list, safety
reminders, itinerary, phone chain and travel documents. Students: please bring your passport or an
official birth certificate with raised seal. Students without passports should also bring their Gates ID if they
have them. Please bring $10 for tip money which we will safeguard along with the travel documents. The
meeting should last about an hour.
Gates Dates:
                                                         June 10            Bands tour the elementary
May 28             Team D field trip IMAX                schools
May 31             Memorial Day, no school               June 11           8th Grade Breakfast & Boat Trip
June 2             Grade 8 Field Trip                    June 11           Grade 6 Step up Day 9:00/11:45
June 2             PTO Meeting                           June 18           Grade 8 Cook-out
June 4             Great East Festival, Canobie          June 21           Team D field day 8:00
Lake                                                     June 21           Grade 7 Awards, 12:45
June 7              Faculty Meeting                      June 21           Grade 8 Awards/Promotion
June 9              Spring Concert, SHS                  Ceremony

Friendly Reminders:

The Gates Spring Concert date and location has changed. The concert will now be held on June 9th
at 7pm at the Scituate High School Auditorium.

Note to parents: Please be advised that we are no longer able to page students in between class times
for items left in the office. We will now be calling students out of their classrooms to retrieve forgotten
lunches & homework. Please remind your student to bring all necessary items to school. Thank You!


Students' appearance should be neat and suited for the learning environment. There is a distinct
difference between self-expression and deliberate offensiveness. Any apparel that makes reference to
drugs, alcohol, sex or profanity is considered inappropriate. The following items are not appropriate for

         Hats & headgear inside the school building, unless for religious reasons
         Outerwear jackets inside the school building
         Tank tops with “spaghetti straps” or with thin straps that expose bra straps
         T-shirts or blouses that expose the midriff
         Low cut tops that expose cleavage
         Pants that expose underwear
         Shorts & skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh in length
         Pajama bottoms and/or slippers
         Pants with a logo on the buttocks
         Clothing referencing drugs, tobacco, alcohol or sex
         Blouses that are sheer (“see-through”) which exposes undergarments

The courts have ruled that the schools have authority to regulate students' dress and, in some cases, hair
styling. Students who are dressed inappropriately for school will be requested to change their clothing.
Parents may be called and requested to bring in appropriate attire for their children. Health regulations
require that shoes must be worn at all times in a public building. Students who violate the dress code for
the first time will be asked to call their parents to bring in appropriate clothing. Students who repeatedly
violate the dress code will face a progression of disciplinary consequences. The final decision regarding
a particular student’s dress lies with the administration.

From the Gates Physical Education Staff: We will provide the monthly be active activities outlined in
the Teen Food and Fitness brochure provided by Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen

Be Active!
Keep moving year-round! Teenagers are more likely to stay active when they see their parents getting fit,
too. So gather everyone together for activities that will build muscles, get hearts pumping, and increase
flexibility-month by month.

Daylight saving
Take advantage of the longest days of the year by getting outside as much as possible. Here are several
ideas to get your family moving:
        Enjoy a bike ride or a hike along a scenic trail. Wear backpacks, and take along a healthy picnic.
        Fly kites. Have one for each person so everyone keeps moving.
        Do outdoor chores. Mow the lawn, wash the car, or weed the garden.

Water Play
On a hot day, there’s no place better than a pool! Encourage your teen to join the local swim team-
practices and meets will provide plenty of exercise. Also, check your local parks and recreation
department for classes in water aerobics or synchronized swimming.

Your child might also consider working toward a life guard certification. See if you r community pool offers
a course, or visit the American Red Cross Web site ( to find nearby lifeguard classes.
Once your teen is certified, he could be hired as a lifeguard, help coach the younger kids’ swim team, or
even give swimming lessons.

Pickup games
Organize your own neighborhood kickball or flag football league. Try to find two or three other families
who are interested in a weekly game at the school field. You can break into teams of eight or more
players (have about the same number of adults, teens, and younger children on each side).

Other ideas: Suggest that your child get a group to play street hockey on the school blacktop. Shoot
hoops with your kids at the school or community center basketball court. Or hit tennis balls at a public
                                      8TH GRADE BARBEQUE
                                      FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010

The 8th Grade Class will be having a barbeque lunch on Friday, June 18. The PTO will supply burgers
and hot dogs. We need help from the parents in providing salads, drinks and desserts. Please let us
know if you are able to provide any of the following:

               Fruit Salad
               Pasta Salad
               Green Salad
               Finger Desserts
               Soda (cans)

We will also be looking for volunteers to assist on the day of the barbeque. We know this is a busy time of
the year and appreciate all you can do to help make this a memorable time for the 8th Graders!

Many thanks,

Liz Chipman ( or 781-545-6805
Jen Lambert ( or 781-545-7648

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