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					                                          “Photo Pillow”

Make a photo transfer pillow out of your own favorite photo. It makes a personal
gift for any occasion.

Skill Level: Beginner

Simplicity Sewing Machine
Simplicity Press
June Tailor Print’ n Press Iron-on photo transfer paper
Personal Computer with a photo program
Personal photo in a digital format
10" x 10" White or cream cotton fabric
14" x 14" Warm and natural batting
Two pieces of Border fabric cut 3-1/2" x 12"
Two pieces of Border fabric cut 3-1/2" x 16"
Backing fabric
Cording for around the pillow

Embroidery Flower Option:
Simplicity Embroidery Machine (optional)
Amazing Designs BMC-SF1 Silk Flowers Collection 1 (optional)
Cut-away stabilizer
Machine embroidery basting spray
Assorted Embroidery thread colors

Sewing Flower Option:
Embroidery thread or decorative topstitch thread for flower centers
Small silk flowers

Simplicity Sewing Project: Photo Pillow                                  Page 1 of 2
   1. Bring your favorite photo up in a photo program.
   2. Mirror image it. Transfers will be backwards if you don't reverse them
      before you print.
   3. Change the size to 8" x 9".
   4. Print your design out onto transfer paper.
          Note: Check your printer settings. You may need to make some changes before you print
          on transfer paper.
     5. Using the Simplicity Quick Press on a medium to high setting to transfer
        the photo onto the 10" x 10" fabric.
     6. Following the manufacturers directions remove the transfer paper.
     7. Set up the sewing machine with all-purpose thread.
     8. Using a ¼” seam stitch the border fabric on the sides using the 3-1/2" x
        12", then the top and bottom of the photo transfer using the 3-1/2" x 16"
     9. Place the top onto the warm and natural batting. Quilt or stipple the

Embroidery Option:
  1. Hoop the cut-away stabilizer.
  2. Lightly spray with machine embroidery basting spray.
  3. Position the area to be embroidered of the pillow front on the hoop.
  4. Bring the desired design into the embroidery machine.
  5. Place the design exactly where you want it to sew out. Touch the trial.
     Stitch design, positioning the silk flower pieces as indicated by the
     Amazing Design memory card instructions.

Sewing Option:
  1. Thread the machine with decorative thread.
  2. Pull apart the stem and remove the silk flower petals.
  3. Position the flower petals on the pillow front in the desired grouping.
  4. Secure the flowers to the pillow front by stitching small X’s in the centers.
  5. Make two pieces the same width of the front. Hem one side edge on each
     back piece. Overlap the hemmed edges and baste the pieces together.
  6. Sew the piped cording onto the edge of the front of the pillow with a zipper
  7. Using the zipper foot and matching right sides sew the pillow together.
  8. Turn right side out and put a pillow inside.

What a great personal gift!

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