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									                        OASIS KNIGHTLINE                                                                                              Charity
                                      Knights of Columbus
                                   Council 4828 - Fallon, Nevada
Spring 2010                                                                                                        Volume 11, Issue 3

 2009/2010 Officers                         Saint Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Dinner
 Roland Encarnacion
    Grand Knight        Council 4828 held our annual St. Patrick’s Day               for sending out all of the letters requesting the raffle
     (775) 423-7133     Corned Beef Dinner on Saturday, 13 March, at                 prizes, last fall.
  Richard Cordova       Moiola Hall. This year’s dinner was well attended,
                                                                                     Proceeds from the dinner ticket and beverage sales
 Deputy Grand Knight    with approximately 150 people in attendance. As
                                                                                     came to approximately $1770, which was just
     (775) 867-2928     usual, everyone in attendance enjoyed a delicious
                                                                                     slightly less than last year. After expenses, our
    Brad Jackson        meal and had a good time visiting with one another
                                                                                     overall profit was about $1040. The Council will
      Chancellor        and reminiscing about old times.
     (775) 423-8714
                                                                                     put these proceeds to good use in support of our
                        As in other recent years, door prize raffle tickets          various charitable works.
    Jim Shurtliff       were also sold and drawings were held throughout
  Financial Secretary                                                                Thanks to Br. Pat Laca and to Br. Marty Maffi, who
     (775) 423-6911     the night for various prizes, including dinners for
                                                                                     were this year’s event chairmen. Thanks also to all
                        two, hotel rooms, etc., which had been donated by
    Doug Lynch                                                                       of the Br. Knights and everyone else who served as
                        various restaurants, hotels, and casinos throughout
     Treasurer                                                                       cooks, waiters, and bartenders and who helped with
     (775) 423-4203     northwestern Nevada. The raffle proceeds totaled
                                                                                     set-up/tear-down, ticket sales, etc. This event could
                        $529, which will go toward our annual scholarship
     Matt Louie                                                                      not be possible without all of your help. Special
                        fund and to support our Council’s seminarian, Teo
      Recorder                                                                       thanks also to the youth members of this year’s
     (775) 217-2665
                        Rojas, through the RSVP program. Special thanks,
                                                                                     Confirmation Class, who came to help out in the
                        once again, to Br. Tom Lukas and his wife, Carolyn,
     Rob Davis                                                                       kitchen and serve the guests.
     (775) 867-3482
       Pat Laca
                                               Knights of Columbus wins Pledge of
     (775) 423-2436
                                             Allegiance case in Federal Appeals Court
                                 Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds constitutionality of "under God" in Pledge
    Phil Sabatino                ________________________________________________________________________________________
     (775) 867-4223     (SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 11, 2010) -- The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the words
                        "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance "do not violate the Establishment Clause" of the First
    James Barry         Amendment to the Constitution.
    Inside Guard
     (775) 217-0348     The Knights of Columbus led the campaign to add the words "under God" to the Pledge in the early 1950s, and the
   Richard Gerten       trial court agreed to allow the Knights of Columbus to join the present case as defendants when it was originally
    Outside Guard       filed in 2005.
     (775) 428-2899
                        "This decision is a victory for common sense," Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said. "It is also a welcome
   Cliff Cramer         reversal of the Ninth Circuit's 2002 decision in a similar case that was ultimately thrown out by the Supreme Court
  Trustee for 1-Years   on technical grounds. Today, the Court got it absolutely right: recitation of the Pledge is a patriotic exercise, not a
     (775) 423-5376     religious prayer. Best of all, the Court said that the words 'under God' add a 'note of importance which a Pledge to
  Dennis Kathrein       our Nation ought to have and which in our culture ceremonial references to God arouse.' Every reasonable person
  Trustee for 2-Years   knows that, and today's decision is a breath of fresh air from a court system that has too often seemed to be almost
     (775) 867-3476     allergic to public references to God. This is a very good day for America," Anderson concluded.
    Marty Maffi         In today's ruling, the Court noted that, "Among the 'self-evident truths' the Framers believed was the concept that all
   Trustee for 3-Year   people are entitled to certain inalienable rights given to them by the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God' and that the
     (775) 423-6820
                        purpose of government should be to "secure those rights.'" Such beliefs provide the context in which the words of
     Bob Greer          the Pledge must be understood, the Court said.
    District Deputy
     (775) 423-6782     The Knights of Columbus and several individual Knights and their families were defendant-intervenors in the case,
                        and the court's 2-1 decision incorporates many of the arguments presented to the Court by The Becket Fund for
   Joe Melancon         Religious Liberty, a public interest law firm that represented the Knights in the case. Oral arguments before the
   Insurance Agent      Ninth Circuit panel had been heard in December 2007. Other defendants in the case included the United States
    (775) 427-5281 or
      (775) 423-9281    government and a Sacramento-area school district.
                                              Council Birthdays and Anniversaries
Knights Celebrating Birthdays:                                             June
                                                                           Norine Arciniega, Elizabeth Cardone, Donna Dericco, Mary Erquiaga,
April                                                                      Carolyn Lukas, Bernadette Nelson, and Jeanette Paras
Marlon Clark, Rob Davis, Heriberto “Eddie” Delgado, John Gallagher,
Todd Goss, Steve Maffi, Eugene Paras, Joe Serna, Gordon Southfield         Couples Celebrating Anniversaries:
May                                                                        April
Scott Aulner, Rev. James MT Connolly, Gary Enos, Victor Manuel Festin,     Wayne and Ellen Crooks, Carl and Terri Defilippi, Frank and Phyllis Fuller,
and Henry Trujillo                                                         John and Starlene Hanifan, Alan and Kieran Kalt, Edward and Elizabeth
June                                                                       Louie, and Frank and Shirley Noski
Keith Boone, Gary Butori, Virgil Getto, Tony Guillen, Trinidad Guillen,    May
William Hillery, Gary Laca, Matt Louie, Patrick Robbins, Rev. David O      Leo and Edna Beyer, Lowell and Sherry Black, Ron and Morita Cherry,
Travers, and Henry Wnuk                                                    Bernard and Lillian Condon, Castor and Angelita Delosreyes, Rick and
                                                                           Sharon Oswald, Jim and Monica Shurtliff, Vern and Laura Ulrich, and
Spouse's Celebrating Birthdays:                                            Apollo and Prima Vaz
April                                                                      June
Rosalie Goss, Ann Heying, Laura MacDowell, Kelley Melancon, and Judy       Robert and Paula Achurra, Clifford and Candy Cramer, Ronald and
Scherr                                                                     Mickey Flores, Gary and Susan Imelli, and Joseph and Kelley Melancon
Brenda Boone, Margaret Davis, Nancy Gerten, Maria Keener, Mary Lou         Special congratulations go to Br. Frank and Phyllis Fuller who celebrated
Maffi, Karen Riordan, Colleen Sabatino, Helen Simms, and Josephine         their 60th wedding anniversary on April 9th. Thanks for being such a great
Wiersma                                                                    example to the Sacrament of Matrimony. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

NOTE: If we have missed any birthdays or anniversaries, please accept our apologies. Corrections should be provided to our Financial Secretary so he
can update the council's records

                                                            Upcoming Events
          Date                   Event                                                       Where / When
     24 April                    Steak Social (Rescheduled for 22 May)                       n/a
  30 April-2 May                 State Council Annual Convention (100th Anniversary)         Reno, NV / All Day
       1 May                     Living Rosary Prayer Service                                St. Patrick’s Church / 9:00 AM
       5 May                     Meeting / Nomination of Officers                            Moiola Hall / 7:30 PM
       9 May                     Mother’s Day Tribute                                        St. Patrick’s Church/ Sunday Masses
      16 May                     Graduating Senior’s Mass and Breakfast                      St. Patrick’s and Elks / 8:00 AM and following
      19 May                     Meeting                                                     Moiola Hall / 7:30 PM
      22 May                     Steak Social (Knights and Ladies only)                      Moiola Hall / 6:00 PM
    28-30 May                    Memorial Day Weekend / K of C Flags at Cemetery             Fallon Cemetery on 28 May / 6:30 PM
      30 May                     Corporate Communion                                         St. Patrick’s Church / 8:00 AM Mass
       2 June                    Meeting / Election of Officers                              Moiola Hall / 7:30 PM
       5 June                    Living Rosary Prayer Service                                St. Patrick’s Church / 9:00 AM
      16 June                    Meeting                                                     Moiola Hall / 7:30 PM
      19 June                    Parish Blood Drive                                          Moiola Hall / All Day
       3 July                    Living Rosary Prayer Service                                St. Patrick’s Church / 9:00 AM
       4 July                    Independence Day                                            Enjoy our Nation’s Birthday
       7 July                    Meeting                                                     Moiola Hall / 7:30 PM

                                                   New Third Degree and First Degree Members
Three members of Council 4828 attended their                                         Council 4828 hosted a Regional 1st Degree
2nd and 3rd Degree Exemplification Ceremonies in                                     Exemplification Ceremony on 21 April. We had
Reno on 17 April. Congratulations to Brothers                                        hoped to initiate members from several
Gary Butori, Gordon Southfield, and Matt Maffi                                       councils, but it turned out that we only had
on achieving full knighthood in the Order.                                           one candidate from our own Council who was
Brothers Dennis Kathrein and Marty Maffi                                             able to attend. Congratulations to Br. Ted
accompanied them to the ceremonies.                                                  Balash on becoming a knight and welcome to
                                                                                     the Order.
                                                Making a Difference for Life – Insurance News
                                                        Knights of Columbus - Protecting Families for Generations
                                                        KC Fraternal Benefits....."Where you have Ownership"!!!
                                                                          Br. Joe Melancon, FIC
                                                              License: NV - #680570 CA - #OG87473
     Address: PO Box 5160, Fallon, NV 89407                  Phone: (775) 427-5281, Fax: (775) 423-9281                      EMAIL: joseph.melancon@kofc.org
              "It is a strange anomaly that men should be careful to insure their houses, their ships, and their merchandise, and yet neglect
                   to insure their lives; surely the most important of all to their families and more subject to loss." - Benjamin Franklin
Knights of Columbus insurance has been “Making a Difference for Life” for more            I am happy to meet with you – at your convenience and in your home – to
than 120 years. Since our founding in 1882, our primary mission has been to               explain in detail the benefits of opening a Knights of Columbus IRA, ROTH-
protect families against the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner.       IRA of tax differed annuity, along with the benefits of our top-rated Life
Today we do this, and help families secure their financial futures, through our top-      Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance plans.
rated portfolio of life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products.
Let us begin "Making a Difference for Life" in yours. Contact your Field Agent            As you ponder all the things that may not work out as you proceed toward
today.                                                                                    retirement, think about one thing you can do to help yourself – opening a
                                                                                          Knights of Columbus annuity. It‟s reasonably priced ($300 to start), guaranteed,
                                                                                          and controlled by someone you trust – you!
                      New Field Agent – Joe Melancon                                      To contact me with regards to any of your insurance needs, please call me at
Council 4828 and several other councils in northern Nevada have a new field               775-427-5281 or e-mail me at joseph.melanconl@kofc.org.
agent. Br. Joe Melancon, from our own council, has taken on a new career path as          Fraternally, Your Brother and Field Agent,
a Knights of Columbus Insurance Field Agent.                                              Joe Melancon
If you are not currently an insurance member, or if you are an insurance member           NEW MEMBERS, ASK ABOUT OUR NEW MEMBER ANNUITY PLAN!!!
and would simply like to review your current policies for possible changes or
adjustments, please get in touch with Br. Joe. Also, don‟t forget about the annuity
and long-term care plans that are now offered by the Knights of Columbus.                                                   April Article
Br. Joe would be more than happy to talk to you about6 all of the products that the                        FRATERNAL YEAR – STAR COUNCIL
Knights have to offer. He can be reached by calling him at the numbers or
EMAIL address listed above.                                                               Now is the time to be looking ahead and taking stock of attaining your council‟s
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Coveted Star Council Award Goals. The June 30, 2010 deadline will come
                                                                                          quickly enough. I will help you in any way I can to meet those goals for the
                                  March Article                                           2009-2010 Fraternal year. I‟m certainly committed to helping on the insurance
                                                                                          side, but I‟ll be glad to help on the membership side as well.
                                                                                          If you know an eligible Catholic man who might be interested in joining the
April 15 - tax day - is right around the corner. It‟s become popular this time of         Order (and who among us doesn‟t), he‟s probably just waiting to be asked. I can
year to encourage the opening of an IRA, ROTH-IRA or similar retirement                   help you, either by approaching him myself, or by “coaching” you – transferring
annuity, or the depositing of additional funds into an existing account, as a tax         sales skills that you can use to recruit him and other prospects. As always, I‟m
savings vehicle. A secondary approach is to tout the rate of interest that money in       at your service.
one of these accounts can earn. Let me join the chorus of folks encouraging you
to open or add funds to an annuity, but for a different reason.                           Let‟s continue our momentum for attaining those goals and objectives that are so
                                                                                          critical to the growth of your council: Recruitment, Insurance members and
Certainly, contributing money to Knights of Columbus IRA annuity will allow               council activities.
you to save some money on your income tax return. And our annuities do pay a
very competitive interest rate, consistent with our primary goal of absolute safety       With all of us working together, our fraternal leaders and our professional field
of principal. Opening or adding to an annuity for these reasons, however, strikes         force, we can help the Order to continue to grow and obtain the Coveted Start
me as taking a short-term view of a product that is designed to provide long-term         Council Award.
security. How much security? How does a guaranteed retirement income that you
cannot outlive – sound to you?                                                            I‟m at (775) 427-5281 or joseph.melanconl@kofc.org. Call me – let‟s talk.

Here at the Knights of Columbus, you can open a retirement annuity for as little as       Fraternally,
$300. Consistent and disciplined savings placed into that annuity over time can           Joe Melancon, FIC
guarantee you an income at retirement that you cannot outlive. That guarantee –           My Mission: Provide every Catholic man the opportunity to create a Legacy and
along with the fact that no one has ever lost money left in a Knights of Columbus         a Financial Lifeboat for his family and his passion.
annuity (remember – absolute safety of principal), really will provide you with
peace of mind.

                                                 Annual Membership Dues in Arrears
At this time, we still have 18 members who still have not submitted their 2010 membership dues, which were due at the beginning of
January. “Second Notice” letters were forwarded several weeks ago and the “Knight Alert” notices will be prepared and forwarded within
the next couple of weeks. For reference, regular membership dues are $30.00 and Honorary member dues are $10.00. In addition,
there was also a $2.00 assessment for the Supreme Council’s “Culture of Life” fund and a $5.00 optional fee to support the Nevada State
Council’s 365-Club fund. Remember that your membership is important to the Council and to the Order, but we cannot afford to
“carry” members because we incur annual charges from both the State and Supreme Councils on a per-capita basis. Paying these fees
out of other member’s dues or from other Council funds reduces the amount of charitable functions we can support. Therefore, If you
are one of the members who have not yet paid your dues, please submit them to the Financial Secretary, immediately. If you are having
financial difficulty, please let us know so that other arrangements can be made.

Also, if you haven’t forwarded your annual membership questionnaire with any applicable updates to your address, phone numbers,
EMAIL address, etc. to the Financial Secretary, please do so right away. It is very important that we maintain accurate data in our local
membership records and also through the State and Supreme Councils.

                                                                       Council Tidbits
Adult Steak Social - Council 4828’s annual Adult Steak Social that was                  Fraternal Survey Results - The Council’s annual Report of Fraternal
scheduled for 24 April has been rescheduled for 22 May. It will be                      Service was submitted to the Supreme Office on 31 January. Our totals
held at Moiola Hall, beginning at 6:00 pm. The event is for Knights                     were as follows:
and their Ladies only, so please mark your calendars and plan to
                                                                                             23  Regular Meetings
attend.                                                                                       6  Socials
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------          29  Special Meetings/Gatherings (includes our Living Rosaries)
Living Rosary Prayer Services - Br. Knights are reminded that                           $16,340  Fraternal Activity Expenses
Council 4828 is still sponsoring monthly Living Rosary prayer services                   $1,490  Charitable Church Activities
at St. Patrick’s in Fallon. These services are peaceful, prayerful                       $3,891  Charitable Community Activities
recitations of the Rosary, to pray for an end to abortion and for the                    $1,066  Charitable Youth Activities
support of life in all stages. Services are typically held at 9:00 a.m. on                  737  Visits to the Sick (623) and Bereaved (143)
the First Saturdays of each month. There is also a similar prayer                            19  Blood Donations
service in Reno, across from the abortion clinic, at the same time,                       8,882  Hours of Community Service (Church - 3602, Community -
each month.          All Brother Knights and parish members are                                  1982, Youth - 2229, Habitat for Humanity – 51, and Misc. -
encouraged to bring their families and support these important prayer                            1018)
services. If you have any questions, or want more information,                              1717 Hours of Fraternal Service (Sick and disabled members
                                                                                                 and their families)
contact Br. Jeff Scholz at 423-4771 or Br. Jim Shurtliff at 423-6911.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The overall results for the Fraternal Service hours (the last four categories)
Nevada State Convention – The Nevada State Council is celebrating                      are based on reports from only 49 of our 120 members who responded to
its 100th Anniversary this year. As part of the celebration, they are                  this year’s survey, which equates to only about 40% of our membership.
hosting this year’s annual State Convention and Year-End Meeting. It                   Although this was an increase from last year’s response, we can still do
will be held in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort, on 30 April 30                        better. Remember that this is the one, single survey that represents what
through 2 May. Having the Convention this close to Fallon is certainly                 the Knights of Columbus are all about. Just think what kind of totals the
an opportunity that all local Br. Knights should take advantage of, so                 Supreme Council could report each year if 100% of all Br. Knights, from
make your plans to attend at least some portion of it. Council 4828                    every single Council were to respond to the survey!!! Everyone, no matter
will be hosting a hospitality room on Friday evening at the hotel. You                 who you are, does at least some small amount of charitable work each year,
can contact Tom Lukas or Bob Greer for further information.                            so if you did not respond this year, please start tracking your charitable
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   activities for the current year so you will be ready to fill out next year’s
Rummage Sale – Council 4828 will be hosting a rummage sale at                          survey when it arrives. We need a response from 100% of our
Moiola Hall on June 12-13. Please start gathering up any items that                    membership. Even if your totals are minimal, we still need your response,
you would like to donate and also talk to your friends, neighbors, co-                 because even small amounts of charitable work add up.
workers, and fellow parishioners about donating items, as well (no                     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
clothing items). For more information contact Brothers Tom Lukas or                    New Members Needed - There are always many new faces in our parish
Bob Greer.                                                                             and many of these men have probably never been asked to join our Order.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Both our Council and the Order depend on recruiting new members, so
Filipino Night – On January 23rd, Council 4828 held a special                          all Brother Knights are encouraged to take the initiative to ask another
Filipino Night and potluck dinner for our Br. Knights and their                        Catholic gentleman to join the Knights of Columbus.
families. The event was well attended and was a great success. Special                 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
thanks go to Br. Ben Leynes and all of the other Br. Knights and their                 On-line Data Access - If you have access to the internet and/or EMAIL
spouses who helped prepare the various Filipino dishes and made this                   and haven’t yet provided the Council with your EMAIL address, please
event such a great success.                                                            forward it to the Financial Secretary as soon as possible. He has been
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   sending out routine EMAILs with prayer requests and tidbits of other
Blood Drive – Council 4828 sponsored a parish Blood Drive at                           information for the past few years, and you are missing out. In addition,
Moiola Hall on 17 April and collected 28 useable units of blood. The                   use of EMAIL notification for certain announcements and reminders
Council would like to thank Br. Pat Laca for chairing this event, once                 helps the council save money in copying and mailing fees. Your
again. We will be hosting another follow-on blood drive on 19 June.                    cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Submit your address to FS
                                                                                       Shurtliff at shurtfam@cccomm.net. Addresses will only be used for
                                                                                       official Knights of Columbus business.

                                             Recent Passing of Brother Knights
                                 It is with deep sorrow that Council 4828       Brother Gregorio "Greg" Rabina passed away on Sunday, April 11th. Br. Rabina was
                                 must report that two of our Brother            77 years old. He was initiated into the Knights of Columbus, through Fallon Council
                                 Knights have recently passed away:             4828, in March of 1989 and went through his 2nd and 3rd Degrees a month later, in
                                                                                April. He joined the 4th Degree in March of 1997 and was an active member of Father
                                 Brother Walter P. "Scotty" Scott, Jr. passed   Sauveur “Sam” Dominique Tambourin Assembly
                                 away on Sunday, February 21st. Br. Scott       2739 in Fallon. Br. Greg served in various Council
                                 was 69 years old. He joined the Knights of     positions and offices, including Chancellor and
                                 Columbus in March of 1966 and went             Deputy Grand Knight. He was also a member of the
                                 through his 2nd and 3rd Degrees the            4th Degree Color Corps and served in various
                                 following June. Although he dropped out        Assembly positions, as well. Please pray for the
of the Order for a period of time, he was Readmitted in July of 1985 and        repose of Br. Greg's soul and also for his family.
joined the 4th Degree in March of 1986. Br. Walter was a member of Fallon
Council 4828 and of Father Sauveur “Sam” Dominique Tambourin                    Both of these members will be greatly missed by our
Assembly 2739. Please pray for the repose of Br. Scott's soul and also for      Council, by our Parish, and by their families and
his wife, Ruth and their family.                                                friends.

                                          In Memoriam - a Short Year Later
                                             It has been a year since Br. Guy Regan was killed in an automobile
                                             accident when a drunk driver swerved into his lane on US-50 near
                                             Sand Mountain. The accident happened on March 9, 2009 and
                                             shortly thereafter, Br. Guy‟s co-workers from Northrop-Grumman
                                             and Chugach erected a memorial marker on the hillside above the
                                             location of the accident. It reads “A Great Guy . . . Guy Regan.”
                                             This year, Br. Guy‟s sister contacted Br. Pat Laca and asked if he
                                             could arrange to have some flowers placed at the memorial. Br. Pat
                                             agreed, so Br. Guy‟s sister forwarded some funds for the flowers.
                                             Please pray for the repose of Br. Guy‟s soul and for his family.
                      Also pray for the repose of Br. Al Facha‟s soul. Br. Al also passed away just over a year ago, on March 11th.

                                                        Tidbits From Br. Tom Lukas
YARD SALE - YARD SALE - YARD SALE: Brothers, Council 4828 will once again be having a spring yard sale on June 12th and
13th at Moiola Hall. There will be a notice in the church bulletin, starting in April, to get the word out to our parishioners. Bring this
subject up with your friends and co-workers as an opportunity for them to do some easy spring cleaning. Volunteer to come and get the
items they wish to get rid of as soon as possible. My garage will be available starting in April for storage but use what space you have,
also. This is a great fundraiser for our council, with good, clean, Knight labor as our only investment. Please remember these rules: No
spouses, no pets, no clothes, and all items must be in usable condition, as is. We do not want to sell anything that is broken or can
injure anyone. Any questions, or if you need help, please call me at 427-1751. Thanks, Tom Lukas.
Knights of Columbus Sign: Brothers, how is your attention to detail skills? Have you noticed the NEW Knights of Columbus sign that
is displayed with the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church sign on the Chamber of Commerce display boards as you come into town? Check it
Lenten Fish Fry: Brother Knights, if you attended the first Friday of Lent’s Stations of the Cross and then the dinner, afterward, you
know how great this event went over with the parish. If you didn’t, guys, we scored “big time” with fish sticks, French fries and coleslaw
for “free” to all who attended. I have received many compliments on the quality of the food and, even more, on how great the change
was from soup. Now the other parish groups are jumping on our idea to change their menu and all have been a big hit. Best of all, the
attendance at the Stations of the Cross has really gone up. Feed them and they will come. Next year the menu will be????

                                                                     Pro-Life News
                                                    (Extracted from the Supreme Council Web-Site)
                             Majority of Americans, and Nearly 6 in 10 Young Adults, View Abortion as Morally Wrong
                                  56% of all Americans and 58% of those 18-29 years old say abortion „morally wrong
(1/21/10) - On the eve of the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court‟s decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion throughout the United States, a new survey
shows a strong majority of Americans believe abortion to be “morally wrong." “Millennials” (those 18-29) consider abortion to be “morally wrong” even more (58%)
than Baby Boomers (those 45-64) (51%). Generation X (those 30-44) are similar to Millennials (60% see abortion as “morally wrong”). More than 6 in 10 of the
Greatest Generation (those 65+) feel the same.
The most recent Knights of Columbus – Marist survey – conducted in late December and early January – is the latest in a series of such surveys commissioned by the
Knights of Columbus and conducted by Marist Institute for Public Opinion. In October of 2008 and July of 2009, the survey has been tracking an increasing trend
toward the pro-life position – a trend confirmed by Gallup and Pew surveys in mid-2009.
“Americans of all ages – and younger people in even greater numbers than their parents – see abortion as something morally wrong,” said Supreme Knight Carl
Anderson. “America has turned a corner and is embracing life – and in doing so is embracing a future they – and all of us – can be proud of.” He added: “Advances in
technology, show clearly – and ever more clearly – that an unborn child is completely a human being. That, coupled with the large number of Americans who know one
of the many people who has been negatively affected by abortion are certainly two of the reasons that Americans are increasingly uncomfortable with Roe v. Wade‟s
legacy of abortion, and with abortion generally. The majority of Americans now understand that abortion has consequences, and that those consequences are not good.”
The question on abortion was part of a larger survey, which will be released in the next several days.

                                                 Knights a Big Part of Annual March for Life in Washington
(1/22/10) - Heavy overnight rain finally tapered off just as Washington‟s annual March for Life began on January 22, 2010. Thousands of members of the Knights of
Columbus, young and old alike, were among those who listened to speakers at a rally preceding the march on the Mall. Supreme Secretary Donald Kehoe led everyone
in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and provided exciting news about a new Knights of Columbus/Marist College Opinion Poll.
Although many of the marchers came from states along the Atlantic coast, Knights from throughout the Midwest were also well represented. The Indiana state council
organized a group of more than 200 Knights and family members for this year‟s march, and Ohio, Michigan and other Midwestern states were represented as well.
According to the Washington Examiner newspaper, unofficial estimates of the size of the crowd at the March ranged from 250,000 to 400,000 and perhaps the largest
crowd ever. The West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco drew an estimated 40,000 participants, who braved a hard, steady rain to publicly witness to their
opposition to abortion.

                                             Some Words from Our District Deputy
                                                                          18 March, 2010
Hello to all my Brother Knights. It’s been a busy month, or so, for District #3, but the true highlight was this year’s Basketball shoot.
Both Fallon and Winnemucca held shootouts and both councils had four shooters qualify to the regional shoot held at Bishop Manogue
High School on February 27th. Out of the eight kids from District #3, three actually made it to qualify for the State competition; all three
are from Winnemucca Council. I would like to congratulate all of the kids who participated throughout our district and say how gratifying
it was to be involved in this event this year. I would just like to encourage each council and each Knight to get involved next year.
As our Columbian year winds down this year, the recruitment numbers throughout the State are down, so I would like to encourage
each Knight throughout District #3 to pay attention in Mass and ask a member of our Parishes to join the Knights of Columbus. The
Worthy State Deputy is requesting each council to hold a First Degree each month for the rest of this Columbian year. This cannot be
accomplished without candidates, so please approach potential Knights and ask them to join our Order. Then be prepared to answer
any questions they might have . . . and don’t forget to give them a Form 100.
As the District Deputy, I take a lot of pleasure in “plugging” our field agents. I would encourage each Knight to set up a meeting with
their field agent to discuss your family’s insurance requirements. All of our field agents are true professionals, who are also Knights,
and their sole purpose is to ensure that each Knight’s family is taken care of, on that day that we all will meet. Remember from your
First Degree, we know not when, how, or where, but we will each have that day. How will you leave your loved ones? Please schedule
a meeting with your field agent.
The State Convention will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno this year, during the 1st weekend of May. It will be an excellent
opportunity to renew friendships from throughout the State and to make new friends, so I encourage everyone who can to attend. The
annual banquet on Saturday is a true social event which the ladies really enjoy, plus it gives them the opportunity to dress up and be
shown off. This year’s convention will be a very busy one with a new State Deputy being voted in and all of the State Offices up for
Please contact me at bcchesty@charter.net or call me at 427-3570 with any questions you may have.                                        Vivat Jesus
                                                                                                                                         District Deputy #3
                                                                                                                                         Bob Greer

                             The Last Word - Grand Knight’s Corner
Brother Knights,                                                                       Year. We had plenty of good candidates to choose from
                                                                                       but, unfortunately, we can only send one candidate’s
Time sure goes fast here. It is already spring and, of
                                                                                       name for each award.
course, Easter is now behind us. Our Friday evening
Stations of the Cross sure helped to remind us about Lent
                                                                                       We also have an election of Council Officers coming up.
and to prepare us for Easter.
                                                                                       We need some not only good, but outstanding, members
Anyway, we are well into the second half of our                                        to become officers.      Someone who will work hard,
Columbian Year now, too. So far we have been very                                      someone who has dedication, and someone who can lead
busy. We started off with our Parish Christmas Party in                                us to a better year. I ask the Council, that whoever we
December and special thanks go to Gary Laca and Gary                                   elect to be an officer of our council, let’s give them our
Imelli. Then, in January, we had the Filipino Dinner and                               best effort in supporting them, because, without your
thanks go to Ben Leynes, Greg Rabina (who has since                                    support our council is not going anywhere. We must all
passed away), and Gene Paras. In March, we had our                                     work together to make our Council better than any other
annual Corned Beef Dinner and thanks go to Pat Laca and                                Council.
Martin Maffi. Of course all these three events were very
successful because of everyone who helped to make them                                 My last call to you is to let us bring in more new
possible and I thank each one of you for donating your                                 members. We have to try harder, we need to look to our
time and effort to make these such memorable events.                                   good Catholic friends, neighbors, and co workers and ask
                                                                                       them to join us, the Knights of Columbus, in our effort to
We still have a few more events coming up before this                                  help the community, to help those unwed mothers to
Columbian Year ends. The State convention is coming up                           have their babies instead of having an abortion, to help
on April 30th through May 2nd. It will be held in Reno at                        our handicapped, to help our priests in their vocations,
the Grand Sierra Resort. Our Council will be hosting a                           and, of course, through of our insurance program, to help
hospitality room on Friday evening at the Grand Sierra                           our own members to secure their financial security.
Resort. Contact Tom Lukas for further information. I do
encourage you all to come and have some fun. Also for                                                         Vivat Jesus,
the State Convention, I am proud to announce to you
                                                                                                              Ron Encarnacion
that our Council nominated Pat Laca for our Knight of the
                                                                                                              Grand Knight
Year and Jim Shurtliff and his family for our Family of the

The next edition of the Oasis Knightline will be published in late June or early July. If you have an idea for an article, please submit it to FS Jim Shurtliff
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Submittals should be received by June 15th for inclusion in the newsletter. Photos (regular or digital) are welcome, too. Articles, photos, and/or
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