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                                  Hill ‘N Hollow Quilters Guild

February                     From the                   month’s newsletter for
                                                        details on this issue.
Program                      President!                 VOLUNTEERS - -             February 2010
                                                        VOLUNTEERS                 Volume 26, Issue 2
HOW TO MAKE A NEW            I believe the phrase
REPRODUCTION                                            Volunteers are still
                             starts “In like a
QUILT                        lion……”. That’s a
                                                        needed for several         Inside this issue:
                                                        positions within the       Community Quilts; Feb. Fat
 Are you sure you don't      good description for
                                                        guild: Growth &            Quarter; Refreshments; &
like reproduction quilts?    the beginning of our
                                                        Development –              Guild Schedules Class 2
Well, Judy Jensen will       new year. Hopefully,
                                                        Facilities: This is a
attempt to change your       we won’t have any                                     ASU Donation (again)      3
                                                        sub-committee of
mind with a program          more of the snow and
                                                        Growth & Dev.,             2010 Workshops &
aimed at reproduction        ice. It looks like there                              Beginners Class Slots Still
                                                        consisting of 3
quilts from 1890-1910.       are a lot of fun and                                  Available                 4
                                                        members. They will
All 19th century quilts      interesting programs
                                                        research the facility      For Sale; Quilt Poem &
will be discussed and        and workshops lined
                                                        needs of the Guild,        Paducah Trip Plans, Day
shown, but emphasis will     up for the year.                                      Meeting Minutes         5
                                                        evaluate available
be on the turn of the        Margie Dotson has a        facilities and make        Night Meeting Notes       6
20th century quilts that     full year planned          recommendations to
use indigoes, claret, and    already for the night      the Growth & Dev.          Sunshine & Shadow-Back Pg.
shirtings. There will be     meeting. There should      Committee.                 Treasurer’s Report is posted
handouts to tell you what    be something this year                                on the website for your review
                                                        Nonprofit Tax Exempt:
to look for in identifying   for everyone to enjoy.
                                                        - This volunteer will
these quilts as well as      Go to the HnH website
                                                        ensure that the Guild is
tips for copying a quilt     and check it out.
                                                        maintaining our tax-
from this era and others.    Remember, sign up          exempt status.             What to know:
Please bring any             early to get into those
                                                        Opportunity Quilt –        Day Meeting: Feb. 12, Judy
examples you have of         classes/workshops                                     Jensen, “How to Make a
                                                        Production of the 2011
19th century quilts, or      that you just can’t pass                              Reproduction Quilt”
                                                        quilt. This position
what you believe to be       up. They fill up
                                                        needs to be filled         Night Meeting: Feb. 9, Quilt-
that era. If you have        quickly!
                                                        ASAP. The                  As-You-Go, Sashing and
questions, please ask        Just a reminder that at                               Binding
                                                        opportunity quilt for
them. There will be a        the February day           2011 must be totally       Refreshments: Mary Ann
special door prize           meeting we will be         completed during           Giesy, Sharon Ludwig, Trish
compliments of Margo         voting on whether or                                  Prust, Barbara Patrick, Jinny
                                                        2010, to be unveiled to
Krager, from                 not a $1,000 donation                                 Truzinski and Barb Tennison
                                                        our membership in
Reproduction Fabrics in      should be made to          January 2011. The
Montana.                    ASU Vada Sheid
                                                                                   Fat Quarter: Hearts, pink, red
                                                        guild needs your           luuuuuuuuvv.
Judy Jensen                  Community                  support for this fund-
                             Development Center.                                   Don’t Forget: No Pins,
                                                        raiser. So, if you’re      Needles or Gum are allowed
                             Please review the          looking for an             in the Family Life Center.
                             article that was in last   opportunity to be          Be courteous-turn off your
                                                                                   cell phones during the
2   involved, use your quilting
    talents, bond with your “quilt
                                          Serenity could also use some
                                          twin size quilts. If you make a       Guild
    sisters”, let this year be your
                                          twin size or larger quilt you earn
                                          2 points.                             Schedules
    Hope everyone is having a
    great month and I look forward
                                          I delivered 10 quilts to the Health
                                          Dept. in Dec. They were very          More Classes
    to seeing you at the February         appreciative and thanked us for
                                                                                Registration will begin at the
    meeting.                             making such beautiful quilts. 
                                                                                February guild meetings for the
    Joyce Linhoff                         Keep on Quilting,                     guild’s Binding Class and Hand
                                          Barb Magnuson, Community              Appliqué Class. The fee for
                                                                                each class is $15. To register,
     Community                            Quilts Chairman
                                                                                see Maureen Forster at the
                                                                                meetings. Remember, you
     Quilts                               barbmagn@centurytel.net               must pay for the class to
                                                                                reserve your place.
    It's a new year. Did you make
                                                                                Binding Class
    any New Years Resolutions? I
    did. Mine is to finish three quilts
    that I started last year and to
                                          Feb. Fat Qtr.                         Jan Hickman will teach you the
                                                                                fine points of creating binding
    make at least 5 quilts for            February will be hearts, pink, red    that is balanced between the
    Community quilts. My last             – Luuuuuuuuuuuuvv.                    fronts and back of your quilt
    resolution is to lose 20 lbs. I       Don't forget your ugly fat            and how to make mitered
    have a good chance at keeping         quarters for a chance to get          corners. The class will be from
    the second resolution the others      more ugly fabric.                    1 to 4 p.m. Friday, March 12, at
    are iffy. Remember if you make                                              St. Andrew Episcopal Church.
    5 baby quilts you will earn a         Mary Spilman
                                                                                The judge at the guild’s 2007
    beautiful pin and help wrap a
    newborn in a cozy warm quilt.         Refreshments                          quilt show looked at Jan’s quilts
                                                                                and suggested we ask her to
    At our Feb. meeting we will be                                              teach a class on bindings. The
                                          Happy New Year Hill N Hollow.
    asking if you would like to                                                 judge for our 2009 quilt show
                                          January is nearly over and I'm
    participate in The Quilts of Valor                                          wasn’t quite so impressed! But
                                          sure some of us have already
    project. It is an organization that                                         Jan’s students from last year
                                          forgotten our diets. But hey, you
    distributes quilts to our soldiers                                          will tell you her methods are
                                          gave it a shot. Right, now feel
    here in Arkansas. They are the                                              easy and effective.
                                          better. So here I am reminding the
    soldiers that served in Operation     members about Feb.                    Hand Appliqué Class
    Enduring Freedom (OEF) and            refreshments. They are members
    Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).                                              Ruth Morris will cover nine
                                          Mary Ann Giesy, Sharon Ludwig,        different techniques in this
    For this Military Quilt Tops are      Trish Prust, Barbara Patrick, and
    all we would make. The batting,                                             class, including needle-turn,
                                          Jinny Truzinski and Barb              freezer paper and reverse
    backing and quilting would be         Tennison.
    done by other volunteers. The                                               appliqué methods and using
    postage would be a lot less           Members we still need                 templates to create crisp edges.
    since the quilt is not complete.      refreshment sign- ups for several     She recommends the book
    You can find out more                 months. Please see me at the          Appliqué Made Easy, published
    information at Quilts of Valor        next meeting. Also I need two         by Rodale Press and edited by
    web site.                             helpers to assist me during the       Karen Costello Soltys, as a
                                          year. This is to fill in when I'm     good reference work.
    If you would like to make a twin      unable to make the meeting or
    size quilt for Hospice house we                                             Ruth will present the class from
                                          other unforeseen happening.           1 to 4 p.m. Thursdays, April 8
    have money in our budget from         Please see me at the next
    the Barker Family to have it                                                and 15, at Redeemer Lutheran
                                          meeting if you would like to help.    Church. And if you’ve seen her
    professionally quilted. Please        Thank you all very much. 
    contact me if you are interested                                            work, you know you’ll learn a
    in making a quilt for Hospice         Connie Randall your refreshment       lot! The location will be
    House.                                chairman.                             announced later in the year. 

ASU Donation                           Council. Their attempt to
                                       acquire sufficient funds did not
                                                                             use of the facilities would be
                                                                             more or less than the week’s

for $1,000                             materialize and in late August or
                                       early September, 2009 their
                                                                             rent we paid in 2009 for the
                                                                             use of the Education building
                                       funds were donated to ASU for         of $1,490, or if it will be
Don’t forget we will be voting on      the Vada Sheid Community              commensurate with the
this issue at the February meeting.    Development Center. For this          education building rent in
Here’s the article again in case       donation they were offered the        2011.
you lost your Dec. or Jan.             naming opportunity for a
newsletter.                                                                  The Guild treasury started
                                       conference room and the use of        2009 with $19,661.21 and it is
Requests have been received from       the McClure Convention Center         estimated the year will end
a couple of Guild members for the      for one major event a year, the       somewhere around $19,000,
Guild to donate $1,000 to the Vada     Dale Bumpers Exhibit Hall for art     so there would be funds
Sheid Community Development            exhibits and display of art work      available for such a
Center in response to the topic of     throughout the year, along with       contribution.
Dr. Ed Coulter’s recent                other walls in the hallway outside
presentation to the Guild.             the conference room to display        The membership might prefer
                                       art as well. For past donations       to spend $1,000 for other
These requests were made known                                               items, some of which are
to the Board at their November 11      made to the Friends of the
                                       Cultural Arts Center/ Ozark           listed here:
meeting, along with the following
information concerning the 2009        Regional Arts Council, donors’         New bases for the quilt show
budget and By Law provision:           names are to be displayed on a        racks---the present cement
                                       tree of life sculpture or another     bases are very heavy,
The 2009 budget approved by the        form to recognize these               awkward to store, and they
membership did not provide for         contributions.                        are beginning to disintegrate.
such an expenditure, and the Guild
by laws state as follows: “After the   ASU met its drive to acquire          Black backdrops for the quilt
yearly budget has been approved        $325,000 during the month of          racks: presently we have
by the membership, any                 September, which the                  mostly white and few black
expenditure during the year that       presentation was given by Dr.         ones
                                       Coulter at our September
will exceed any individual                                                   A projector – we are presently
budgeted item (line item) by more      meeting. Therefore, the money
                                                                             renting one from the Church
than $300 must have the prior          for the chairs is accounted for.
                                                                             for $10 per month
approval of the Board of Directors     Funds are still needed for other
                                       amenities. Any donations made         Please review the above
and the Guild Membership.
                                       now would go into the fund for        information, save this copy so
Since it is necessary to have          the other amenities, although         you can review it again before
membership approval for the            chairs are still available for        the January Guild meeting
donation of $1,000, the Board          naming with a $1,000 donation         when it will be discussed and
decided the membership should          because large contributors did        brought to a vote by the
make the decision on such a            not use them. Example: A              members. 
donation. The garage sale was          $50,000 donor many have only
scheduled for the November             wanted his name on one chair,
meeting and we need to be out of       not 50.
the Family Life Center by 12:30 at
the December meeting, the Board        A donation for $1,000 will
decided to have the membership         probably not make us a priority
discuss this donation at the           contender for use of the
January, 2010 meeting.                 facilities. It is too early to
                                       determine if space would be
Background information was given       made available for our quilt show
to the Board as follows:               use in excess of the space we
In 2002, the Guild donated $1,000      are presently using in the
to the Building Fund of the Friends    Education building at the
of the Cultural Arts Center, now       fairgrounds. It is also still early
known as the Ozark Regional Arts       to know whether the cost for the
    2010 Workshops                       edge fused beautiful flowers on
                                         gradations background bring          Beginners Class
    An exciting Workshop schedule
                                         Spring right into your quilt.
                                         Pattern and kit available,           Slots Still
                                         containing Frieda’s hand dyed
    has been planned for 2010. Plan
    to take some classes this year.      fabrics $30. Book “Fun, Fast,        Available
    Mark your calendars now and          Fusies” text for class. Class fee:
    invite your friends to join you.     $35.                                 It’s not too late to sign up for the
                                                                              guild’s beginning quilter class.
    JO ANN BELLING is coming             CAROL DOAK, August 12-13.
                                                                              The class begins at 1 p.m.
    April 7 – 9. See                     See Caroldoak.com
                                                                              Tuesday, Feb. 23, and runs for
    Joannbelling.com.                    “Batik Beauty Easy Reversible        six weeks. It will be held at
    “Waltzing 9-Patch” April 7, 9 –      Vest” August 12 9-4 pm               Redeemer Lutheran Church. You
    4 pm. This class will help you       Featuring paper-pieced batiks        can register for the class
    overcome your fear of free-hand      you will love making and wearing     beginning at the February guild
    rotary cutting. Great class for      this vest. You will work on one      meetings.
    beginners. Weaving, fusing,          vest side during class and finish
                                                                              Class topics include tools of the
    raw-edge blocks, color, design,      the vest at home. These quick
                                                                              trade; fabrics; color; that very
    piping around new technique          and easy vests are addictive.
                                                                              important quarter inch seam;
    border. Class fee: $30.              Class fee:$40.
                                                                              accurate cutting with a rotary
    “Carousel of Flowers” April 8,       “Introduction to Miniature           cutter; piecing blocks with strip
    9- 4 pm. Inspired by a Judy          Paper Piecing” August 13, 1 –        sets, half-square triangles, and
    Martin quilt, this table runner or   4pm. You will be amazed how          quarter-square triangles; hand
    wall hanging of bright fabrics       easy it is to produce paper          and machine appliqué; and
    enriched by wonderful flower         pieced miniature quilts. A fun       broderie perse. Before the class
    appliqué especially appeals to       class for everyone. $30 fee.         ends, you’ll sew your completed
    intermediate and advanced                                                 blocks into a table runner or wall
    quilters. Class fee: $30                                                  hanging and machine quilt and
                                         JAYNETTE HUFF, Sept. 9 – 10          bind your project. Samples of
    “Roses Around My Log Cabin”          See Jaynette Huff at Martingale-     both settings for the class project
    April 9, 1 – 4 pm. Log cabin         pub.com.                             will be available at the February
    blocks surrounded by fused
                                         “Serenity Bay” Sept 8 - Paper        guild meetings. Vicki Kauth and
    flowers. A wonderful small
                                         pieced landscape including           Maureen Forster will be the
    piece, 23” x 23”, for all quilting
                                         demonstration of 1/8th inch          instructors.
    expertise. Class fee: $20
                                         border technique. Finishes to        The textbook for the class is the
                                         approximately 14” x 18”. Class       Quilter’s Complete Guide by
    GRACE GRAME, May 13, 9 – 4           fee: $30.                            Marianne Fonz and Liz Porter. It
    pm. Check Grace Grame Quilts         A full-day workshop scheduled        is available new or used through
    for various guilds featuring         for Sept. 9 Title to be              amazon.com or through half.com.
    Grace’s work.                        announced... Jaynette offers         This 1993 book was revised in
    “Junque Art – Blue Jean              several full-day classes and we      2000, but either edition will work
    Throw with added chenille” A         will choose one by popular           for the class. And it will serve as
    fun class for all quilters. Start    demand. Class fee: $30.             a great reference for you when
    saving and acquiring blue jeans                                           the class is complete (it’s also the
    to cut and use in this addicting                                          text for the intermediate class).
    technique. Fee: $20.                                                      The complete supply list for the
                                                                              class will be distributed at the first
                                                                              session so you’ll have the benefit
                                                                              of the tools discussion before you
    9 – 4 pm See Friestyle.com.
                                                                              purchase your gear. The only
    “Trumpeting Spring” No                                                    things you will need to bring to the
    sewing machine required. Raw                                              first class are:
                                                                                 Your sewing machine in good
Beginners con’t
                                        This is the poem that Margie
                                        Dotson read at the night             Paducah Trip Plans
      working order                                                           If you are interested in going to
                                        This Quilt is Made…
     The owner’s manual for your                                             Paducah this year we would go
      sewing machine                    This quilt is made of cloth and       the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April.
                                        thread                                We would stay at the Drury Inn
     A package of size 75/11
                                        To place upon your little bed.        in Marion, Ill. for two nights and
      quilting needles
                                                                              be at the show 3 days; covering
     A spool of cotton thread in       It’s not an heirloom – just to        the show, the fair grounds and
      medium tan, grey or blue          keep,                                 the fabric store (Hancocks) and
     Scissors or thread snips          But to lie upon as you count          come home on the 24th. The
                                        sheep.                                cost would be $269.00 per
     Paper and a writing utensil for                                         person, double occupancy. This
      note-taking                       Or perhaps the floor’s the perfect
                                        place                                 covers the cost of the bus and
If you have already purchased                                                 the hotel. The hotel serves
some quilting tools, feel free to       For a doll and teddy picnic           breakfast every morning and has
bring them to the first class as        space.                                happy hour with snacks and
well.                                   This quilt can be anything you        drinks every evening.
The class fee is $25 per person,        dream –                               Anyone attending would have to
and the class limited to 10             From superman’s cape to the           pre-register for the show on line
students. The fee must be paid to       robe of a queen.                      for themselves at
guarantee your reservation, and                                               events.americanquilter.com/getd
                                        Pretend it’s a raft adrift at sea,
you must be a guild member to                                                 emo.ei?id=54&s=0yo0KRJQR or
take the class. To register, see        Or just cuddle up when you            just go to the American Quilter
Maureen at the February guild           watch TV.                             website and the link should be
meetings. You can call Vicki at         So use it up and wear it out –        there.
870-421-5369 with questions.                                                 I need to know if anyone wants
                                        I promise I won’t yell or pout.
                                                                              to go by the February meeting.
    FOR SALE:         Baby Lock         Just tell me when its days are        No backing out once you commit
    Ellegante sewing/embroidery         through,                              as I must have at least 20 people
    machine. Approx. 5 years old.       And I’ll make another, just for       to go on this trip. 
    Includes: manual, workbook,         you.
                                                                              Bonita Ratzel
    palette version 6 digitizing        - Author Unknown
    program with manual &
    workbook. 122 spools of
                                                                              Minutes of the
    embroidery thread, external
    floppy drive, 3 1/2 inch floppies                                         General Meeting
    ( many blank, others with
    designs from Embroidery                                                   Dec. 11, 2009
    Library .com), stablizers,
    Embroider's Friend, Embroider's                                           No meeting was held in Jan. The
    Buddy. Used very little for                                               following is the December
    embroidery. $3000.                                                        minutes for your review.
    Pat Seuling, 425-4145                                                     President Carol Lewis called the
                                                                              meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.,
                                                                              with 82 members present. There
                                                                              was one guest and no new
                                                                              The minutes of the November
                                                                              13th meeting will be corrected to
                                                                              show that because the motion
                                                                              was withdrawn in the matter of
                                                                              the Guild purchasing a chair for
6   the ASUMH community center, a          Magnuson), Pam Hobart (guest of        the kitty. In December, the
    straw vote was not taken. The          Alexis Wolosz), Dorothy Lackland       names of the people who have
    minutes were approved as               (guest of Sharon Couch), Jackie        finished objects are put in the
    corrected.                             Mazurek (guest of Lois Gerk), and      “hat” (once for each completed
    The Treasurers report will be filed    Audrey O’Rourke (guest of              item) and one name is drawn to
    for audit.                             Maryann Coonley). Happy to             receive the unclaimed goodies.
                                           say… Carol, Pam and Dorothy            Our program was “A 9-Patch
    Carol Lewis read Thank You             joined the guild. Hopefully, others
    notes from Doris Goins (our Quilt                                             Night” presented by Breanne
                                           will soon.                             Stilz. It was a very interesting and
    Show judge), Peter and Jan Pietz
    (for the Whimsical Foundations         Everyone was reminded that 2010        informative program. Breanne
    auction), Connie Lutes (for the        dues are due! Barb Magnuson            may have been a “little” nervous,
    presentation and history DVD for       talked a bit about Community           but she did a wonderful job!
    20-25 year members), Katherine         Quilts and Vicki Kauth talked          Connie Randall, Marge Schill,
    Doyle (winner of the 2009              about classes for 2010.                Sharon Couch, Sharon Crozier,
    Opportunity Quilt), and a note         Thirty-one January Lotto Blocks        and Annie Wagar had some neat
    from a military quilt recipient.       were won by Pat Barry. Barb            Show and Tell.
    Door Prizes were won by:               Koenig’s name was drawn first,         Our program for February will be
    Maureen Forster, Sandra Bowker         but she said she really wanted         “Quilt-As-You-Go, Sashing and
    and Carmen Tesch.                      someone else to have them.             Binding.” Programs for the rest of
                                           Breanne showed a sample of a           the year are still “in the works” so
    Sharon Crozier gave a short            neat heart 9-patch that is the Lotto
    presentation on the Heartland                                                 watch the web site for future
                                           Block for February. Directions will    information. I’m still waiting for
    Quilt Network, which our Guild         be on the web site soon.
    belongs to. She explained what                                                the phone to ring or the e-mail in
    the group does and how it              Judy Faust won the Name Tag            my Inbox from many of you who
    benefits our Guild, and explained      drawing. Door Prizes were won          want to do a program! Come
    the group’s website and                by Sharon Crozier and Karen            “step up to the plate” and give a
    newsletter. Information on             Rutledge. Adele Bettenhausen           program. Anyone can do it.
    accessing the “members only”           and Lois Gerk each won 19 of the       We’re all friends and no one is
    section of their website will be put   "Icy Blue - Think Cold Brrr!" Fat      going to grade you. 
    in the “member’s only” section of      Quarters. Jackie Mazurek won 17        Margie
    our website. Sharon showed a           Ugly Fat Quarters. Fat Quarter
    poster of the Heartland Quilt          for February -- Red (hearts and/or
    Network’s beautiful opportunity        reds). You may enter more than
    quilt and has tickets available.      one fat quarter to make your
                                           chances of winning even greater.
    Respectfully submitted,                Don’t forget… this year we’re
    Celine Kingsland, Guild                doing an "ugly fat quarter" (quilt
    Secretary                              store quality) each month, too.

    Night Notes –                          Connie Martin, Nancy
                                           Kremsreiter, Debbie Ellis and
                                           Annie Wagar brought in UFO’s
    Jan. 12, 2010                          (Unfinished Fabric Objects) and
                                           put some really neat goodies in
    Forty-five members signed in.
                                           the kitty. For those who are
    We wished Happy Birthday to
                                           new… from January through June
    Judy Faust (1/2) and Margie
                                           you can bring as many unfinished
    Dotson (1/17). Happy
                                           items as you wish and show them.
    anniversaries to Barb and Ferris
                                           You will sign them in on a UFO
    Magnuson for 45 years on 1/30
                                           log and put an item (worth at least
    and to Annie and Dale Wagar on
                                           $5.00) in the “kitty.” Then from
                                           July through December when you
    We welcomed Carol Beasly               bring a finished item in and show
    (guest of Joyce Linhoff), Carol        it you get to pick one item from
    Duvall (guest of Barb
Hill N’ Hollow Quilters Guild
PO Box 1005
Mountain Home, AR 72654

Articles are due on the 19 of the month.
Send articles to the newsletter editor, Sharon
Crozier at scrozier@centurytel.net

    Sunshine &                             illnesses especially her             went well. This was for that

                                           pulmonary bronchitis. She            pain she had been
                                           states this is not the best          experiencing in her stomach -
                                           vacation she has been on and         but we don't have any further
   Guild member Maryann                    she will be there until the end of   information.
   Coonley's husband George                Feb.                                  4. Susan Berres was taken
   passed away December 14th.              1. Roxine Burch has not had          suddenly ill and spent some
   Guild member Inge Fenrich’s             the surgery yet that she had         time in the hospital. The
   husband, Karl, passed away on           anticipated. But she does have       doctors are not sure what has
   Dec. 5th.                               an appointment with the              taken place, but tests are
                                           surgeon in about ten days to         underway. She’s at home
   We send our heartfelt sympathy          determine the next step, as          and feels well, but needs to
   and prayers in their direction.         they gave her some medication        remain home until Feb. 8th,
   May God's peace, that passes            to get her voice back first.         while on medication to
   all understanding surround them                                              stabilize blood pressure and
   and comfort them at this time.           2. Laura Norman's husband is
                                           recuperating nicely from Colon       heart rate issues.
   Betty Midkiff is in Texas and has       Surgery. (Note: it was not           Please send Midge Salley
   become very ill, she has                malignant)                           (mrsalley@yahoo.com) any
   bronchitis and possibly                                                      news that you have about our
   pneumonia and is being treated           3. Sonya Smith went in for
                                           surgery. She's home and all          members. She says, “We like
   aggressively due to all the other                                            good news as well!” 

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