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Bernina Classes


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									                                                      It’s class time for you and your Bernina!
                                      If you bought your Bernina at Stitches-n-Stuffing, your instructional classes are included with your
                              machine purchase. However, we know many people move into the area from out of town or have gotten a
Bernina handed down to them and could really use some lessons too. If your machine was not purchased at Stitches-N-Stuffing, you
may take any of our instructional classes for $25. per hour. Once you have taken the complete series of classes for your model of ma-
chine, then you may attend our Bernina Clubs.
        Below we have listed a few of our Bernina Basics classes for sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers. You must
sign up to attend. Software Basics classes are scheduled on a one-on-one basis, please call. After completing your first session, you
can sign up for the rest of your classes, depending on the machine model. Call the store for a schedule. Sign up soon.

 Bernina Sewing Machine Basics Guide Class                                        820 & 830 Basics Guide Classes
       All models from Bernettes thru artistas                          Please bring your sewing machine and all of it’s accessories. If
Please bring your sewing machine and all of its accessories. If         you have the embroidery module, you will leave it at home for the
you have an embroidery machine, please leave the module at              first class. Please call the store to schedule the class, it is held
home for this class. Signups are required for this class. Sign-         privately.
ups for the second class will be done at the conclusion of this
class.                                                                                    Embroidery Machine
Mon. Feb. 1                                           6-8pm
Fri. Feb. 5                                     10am-12noon                                Basics Guide Class
Wed. Mar. 3                                           6-8pm                            All models including Decos
                                                                        Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes. You do NOT
                                                                        need your machine for this class. You will be using your machine
                                                                        at your second embroidery class. Signups for the second class
                    Bernina Basics #2                                   will be done at the conclusion of this class. You MUST register
Learn buttonholes, quilting and memory in your second guide             for this class—no drop-ins allowed.
lesson. You must have taken Bernina Sewing Machine Basics               Thurs. Feb. 11                                           6-8pm
Guide Class. Signups are required for this class.                       Fri. Feb. 12                                      10am-12noon
Weds. Feb. 17                                     12noon-2pm            Thurs. Mar. 11                                           6-8pm
Weds. Feb. 17                                          6-9pm            Fri. Mar. 12                                       10am-12noon
Mon. Mar. 15                                           9-11am
Mon. Mar. 15                                           6-8pm                             Embroidery Basics #2
                                                                        During this class you will learn hands-on how to mirror image,
      Bernina Stitch Regulator Guide Class                              rotate, duplicate, use lettering, combine designs, and stitch the
Learn to use the BSR on your Bernina 200, 430, 440, 450, 630,           design out. Fabrics and stabilizers provided, you bring the
640 or 730. Learn the difference between the two modes, and             thread. You must register for this class ahead of time.
learn how to use them for quilting as well as free motion embroi-       Weds. Feb. 17                                      9am-12noon
dery. This is not a quilting class, but how to use your machine’s       Mon. Feb. 22                                            6-9pm
great new attachment—the BSR. Registration is required for              Mon. Mar. 22                                       9am-12noon
this class.                                                             Wed. Mar. 24                                            6-9pm
Weds. Feb. 17                                            3-5pm
Mon. Mar. 22                                             6-8pm           Bernina Cross-Stitch Software Guide Class
                                                                        Learn how fast cross stitch can be with your embroidery soft-
                     Bernina Serger                                     ware. Save tons of time and get that hand look stitch. Learn all
                    Basics Guide Class                                  the tools of your cross stitch embroidery portion of your BERN-
           All models excluding the 009DCC                              INA Embroidery Software in this lecture/demo class. Registra-
Please bring your serger machine and all of its accessories.            tion is necessary for this class.
Registration is necessary for this class.                               Wed. Feb. 10                                              6-9pm
Tues. Feb. 16                                      9-11am
Wed. Mar. 17                                       6-8pm                                       Store Hours
                                                                        Mon, Tues, Weds. Fri, Sat.                          10am-5pm
           Coverstitch Serger Guide Class                               Thursdays                                           10am-8pm
Please bring your coverstitch serger machine and all of its acces-
                                                                        Sunday                                                 Closed
sories. Registration is necessary for this class.
                                                                       Don’t forget that cabinets are always 20% off for our Bernina
If none of our group lessons are compatible with your calendar,        owners! Remind us when you order your cabinet that you pur-
we are always glad to schedule private lessons. They are               chased your machine here and you’ll automatically save 20% on
$25.00 an hour with a minimum of two hours. Please call the            your purchase. Just another reason to buy your sewing ma-
store to check for teacher availability.                               chine here at Stitches-N-Stuffing!

                            Shop for embroidery designs through Stitches-N-Stuffing any time of day!
                            The designs are available in ALL the home embroidery formats and you will not find a better assortment
                            of designs anywhere. All you need is the Stitches-N-Stuffing Preferred Customer Number and you are
                            ready to go! This is a “secure site” so you can safely do your shopping online. Happy shopping and we
                            will see you online! Preferred Customer Number: 101-98-1155

   Stitches-N-Stuffing 790 Royal St. George Dr. #118 Naperville, IL 60563                                630-420-7050, ext. #2

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