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           FOR THE YEAR 2005-06
Report Submitted by:
        Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
        Shivaji Arts & Commerce College,
        Baad, Karwar (U.K.) – 581 304.

       The Annual Quality Assurance Report of IQAC

1. Name of the Institution    :Shivaji Arts & Commerce College, Baad, Karwar.

2. Year of Report             : 2005-06

                                    PART –A

             Composition of Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)

We have constituted IQAC in our college on 27-06-2005. The details of composition
of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is as follows-
1. CHAIRPERSON:                     Prin. Vijaylaxmi M. Naik

                                    1. Prof. A. Shiral Shetty, Dept. of Commerce
                                    2. Dr. Rathod J.L. Dept. of Marine Biology,
                                       K.U.D Post Graduate Centre,Karwar.
                          1. Dr. Geeta D.Pujari
                          2. Prof. Sainath R.Sail
                          3. Dr. Prakash P.Anvekar
                          4. Prof.Arunchandra G. Kerlekar
                          5. Shri Krishnaray V. Naik
                          6. Prof. Alka M. Rane
                          7. Prof Prabhakar N. Savant
                          8. Dr. Ashokrao S. Rane
                          9. Prof. Jeevana K.Nayak
                          10. Prof. Jawahar M. Rane
                          11. Prof. B.C.Dharma
                          12. Prof. Anuradha M.Naik
                          13. Prof. Varsha Phayde

                           Shri. Shripad D. Gaonkar
                           President,Shivaji Education Society, Baad,

                           1. Smt. Shaila Borkar, Head Mistress.
                           2. Shri. Vilas P. Sarang, Ex-Serviceman.

6. CO-ORDINATOR:                      Prof. Prabhakar N. Savant.

Plan of Action Chalked Out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards
quality enhancement.

 1. Computer Education for Teaching and Non-teaching Staff by the end of
    academic year 2005-2006.

 2. Minor research project under Faculty Development Program.

 3. Seminars, Workshops & Conferences under faculty Development program.

 4. Seminars & Workshops for students.
 5. Extensive use of O.H.P & other novel teaching techniques.
 6. To prepare college Website.
 7. Display of education CDs in the library for the students.
 8. Alumni Directory.
 9. Best practices.

Title of Practice.

      1. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

      2. Visit of students to Banks &Industries.

      3. Spoken English course.

      4. Mock parliament.

      5. Arrangement of Functions & Lectures by eminent personalities.

                                       PART – B


1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution.

                              CALENDER OF EVENTS

MONTH          DATE                  ACTIVITIES

JUNE        15-06-2005           Admission to B.A.II, B.A.III, B.Com. II &
             21-06-2005               General Assembly
             Last week                Monthly Test

JULY         03-07-2005                 Function
             11-07-2005                 World Population Day
             15-07-2005                 Admission to B.A. I & B.Com. I
             24-07-2005                 Function (Debate or Lecture related to Health
             Last week                  Monthly Test

AUGUST       07-08-2005                 Class wise singing competitions
             14-08-2005                 General Assembly (For B.A. I & B.Com. I)
             15-08-2005                 Celebration of Independence day
             21-08-2005                 Function ( Career Guidance)
             Last week                  Monthly Test & Medical Check-up

SEPTEMBERFirst week                     Inaugural Function
             16-09-2005                 Class wise Elocution Competition
             27-09-2005                 Function ( World Tourism Day)
             Last week                  Mid term exam

OCTOBER      02-10-2005                 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
             10-10-2005                 Function ( Self employment Training etc)
             14-10-2005                 Annual Sports
             15-10-2005                 Art Circle Programme
                                        Annual Training camp NCC/NSS Camp
NOVEMBER 01-11-2005 to
             16-11-2005                 Mid Term vacation
           21-11-2005               Selection for Inter Collegiate Youth Festival
           26-11-2005               Function (Debate or Lecture)
                                    Anti Dowry Day
           Last week                Monthly Test

DECEMBER 01-12-2005                 Function(World Aids Day)
            10-12-2005              Annual Essay Competition
            17-12-2005              General Knowledge Competition
                                    Late Prof. L.N. Naik Memorial Elocution
            24-12-2005              Competition for PU students
            Last Week               Monthly Test

JANUARY     01-01-2006              New year day Celebrations.
                                    Art Circle Programmes etc.
                                    K.S.Powar Memorial Elocution Competition for
           07-01-2006               High School Students.
           14-01-2006               National Youth day Celebration
           21-01-2006               Annual Elocution Competition.
           26-01-2006               Republic Day Celebration.
           28-01-2006               Annual Drawing Competition.
           Last Week                Monthly Tests

FEBRURY     04-02-2006              Annual Singing Competition
            11-02-2006              Visit to Industrial Estates ( B.A.III &
                                    B.Com.III students)
            18-02-2006              Study Tour, Picnics & Gathering
            25-02-2006              Function Save Energy Programme
            Last week               Monthly Tests

MARCH       10-03-2006              Preliminary exams ( For all classes )
            15-03-2006              Farewell to B.A.III & B.Com.III Students.

APRIL       Second week             Annual Examination starts.

2. New academic programme initiated ( UG and PG).
Introduction of Semester system for First Year Degree ( Arts & Commerce).

3. Innovations in Curricular Design and Transaction.

  New Syllabus has been introduced by the Karnataka University Dharwad(K.U.D.)
  for Semester course. New Subjects as Compulsory papers have been introduced by
  the K.U.D.

  Such as Indian Constitution, Environmental studies & Human Rights for Arts

  Semester (I & II) Indian Constitution, EDP & Business Communication for
  Commerce faculty(Sem I & Sem II).

4. Inter- Disciplinary Programmes started:.
Introduction of Indian Constitution for B.A. & B.Com courses.

5. Examination Reforms Implemented:.

Semester examination system Introduced including Internal Assessment Tests.

6. Candidates Qualified: NET/SLET/GATE:                              NIL

7. Initiative towards the faculty development programme:

  a) The teachers are encouraged to participate in Orientation/ Refreshers courses,
     Seminar/ Workshops and Conferences.
Name              Department Orientation Refresher           Seminar/Workshops

Prin.V.M.Niak.       Pol. Science -             -               01
Dr.G.D.Pujari        Hindi         -            -               01
Prof.S.R.Sail        Economics     -            -               01
Dr.P.P.Anvekar       Commerce      -            -               05
Prof.A.G.Kerlekar Economics        -            -               03

Prof.A.M.Rane        Hindi         -            -               04
Prof.P.N.Savant      Commerce      -            -               04
Dr.A.S.Rane          Commerce      -            -               04

Prof.J.K.Nayak       English      -             01           02
Prof.A.M.Naik        Pol.         -             -            01
Prof.J.M.Rane        History      -             -            01

Prof.B.C.Dharma      Kannada      -             -            -

    b) Computer Education for Teaching & Non-Teaching staff.
           50% of the Teaching staff & 66% of Non-Teaching staff have gained
           knowledge about Computer during academic year 2005-06.
    c) Minor research projects under the faculty development program.
           Two of the faculty members are actively engaged in minor research
             i. Dr.A.S.Rane, Department of Commerce has been sanctioned Rs
                 35000/- for his minor research project by U.G.C. during the year
                 2005-06 on the subject “ DEVELOPMENT OF PORTS IN
                 UTTAR KANNADA DISTRICT”.
            ii. Prof.A.G.Kerlekar, Department of Economics is engaged with on
                 going research project sanctioned by U.G.C. during the year 2004-
                 05 on the subject “ROLE OF TOURISM IN THE
                 Problem,Prospects). The amount sanctioned is Rs.35000=00.

8. Total number of seminars /workshops conducted:

     1. Workshops on Semester system conducted by the Staff Council for First year
        Degree students.
     2. Workshop on Personality Development.
     3. Certificate course in Stitching & Embroidery for ladies students.
     4. Vocal music program.
     5. Carrier guidance workshop by Frankfinn Institute, Goa.
     6. One day workshop on “Effective Communication Skill” by
        K.S.Hegde,Institute of Management, NITTE, Mangalore.
     7. Workshop on “Consumer awareness & Protection”.
9. Research projects (During the Year) ( a) Newly implemented: 01
                                          ( b) Completed:              02
                                          ( c ) Under Progress:        01

10. Patents generated if any :                                      NIL.

11. New collaborative research programme :                          NIL.

12. Research grants received from various agencies: Rs.35,000/- from U.G.C.

13. Details of research scholars:

   i) Dr. P.P. Anvekar, Dept. of Commerce: Award of Doctorate Degree in
       Commerce on 13/05/2004 by Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Topic “ Study of
       Women Co-operative Societies in Karnatak State”
   ii) Dr. A.S. Rane, Dept. of Commerce : Awarded of Doctorate Degree in
       Commerce on 06/03/2006 by Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Topic “ Industrial
       Development of Uttar Kannada District, Problems and Prospects”

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:

    Name                     Department                    Award
    Dr. Geeta Pujari         Hindi                         National open Hindi Essay
                                                           Competition -Consolation
    Dr. .P.P. Anvekar        Commerce                      Ph.D.

    Dr. A.S.Rane             Commerce                      Ph.D.

15. Honors Awards to the faculty:                   03 ( As mentioned in item No.14)

16. Internal Resources generated

   Fees collected to finance the self financing courses -B.C.A.

17. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST ( ASSIST) /
    DST,FIST, etc. assistance/ reorganization                              NIL.

18. Community services.
    Extensive community service at Wajantriwada & surrounding areas of the
    College through NSS, NCC, & Student Welfare Cell.
19. Teachers Newly Recruited during 2005-06.
   7 part time teachers are appointed by the Management in the Departments of
   Computer Science, Kannada and Sociology.
20. Teaching, Non-teaching Staff ratio

      Permanent 13: 8
      Total     20:12
21. Improvement in the Library services.
     No. of Books Added        -730
     Amount spent             -Rs. 81,528.00
     Internet Access to Students & Staff.

22. New books/ Journals subscribed and their values.
      New Books added         730
      Value                   Rs. 81,528.00
      Journals                01
23. Courses in which student assessment of Teachers is introduced and
    the action taken on Students Feedback.
    Effective measures have been taken on students feedback to enhance
    quality education.
24. Unit cost of Education
     (a) With Salary Grant    ----          Rs.13385.00
     (b) Without Salary Grant ----          Rs. 360.00
25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions
    and examination results issue of certificates :
    Office administration & process of admissions, examinations, etc partly
26. Increase in the infrastructure facilities:
     a. Installation of internet facility in the library for the use of the
        students and staff.
     b. Number of Computers added during the year 2005-06 : 12 (Donated
        by DeLink, Goa).
     c. Materials & Equipments purchased during the year.
        Furniture , Cupboards, Laser printer, scanner, Fax machine and
        Digital Trainer.

27. Net work Technology Up gradation;
    Network connectivity in the library & office.

28. Computer and Internet Access and training to teachers & students;

    Computer Lab exists in the College enabling accessibility to more &
more number of students and staff. Moreover Computer Application subject
is added in the curriculum.

29. Financial Aid to the students;
  a. Aid by the Management: Cash Prize of Rs.9950.00 given by the
     Governing Council to the outstanding students who have won Gold
     and Silver Medals & created new records in events like Hammer
     throw & Triple jump.
  b. Aid by the Government to the Economically backward students.

    Our students receive scholarships like GOI scholarship, Ex-service men,
    Post Metric, Book grant, Hindi, EBL,etc.

SL.      Name of the               No. of the Students No. of       Total
No.      Scholarship(2004-05)      Applied             Students     Amount
                                                       Sanctioned   Sanctioned
1        Government of India       19                  16           Rs 47450/-
2        Sanchi Honnamma           08                 01            Rs 1000/-

3        Post Matric Scholarship   53                 51            Rs 12300/-

4        EBL                       02                 02
                                                                    Rs 1550/-
5        Defense Scholarship       04                 04            Rs 2495/-

6        Scholarship to            01                 01            Rs 2000/-
         Handicapped Students

    c. Staff Council-Assistance & encouragement to the meritorious
       students in the form of Cash prizes, Books and Sports materials.

30. Activities and support from Alumni Association
      The Alumni are the real assets of our College. They have constant
rapport with the College. This year they have voluntarily donated 47
plastic chairs and supported the out standing sportsmen.

     Our Alumni Association from time to time conducts meetings of past
students for their suggestions and guidance. Eventually, we invite our past
students as Judges for the Inter Collegiate Elocution, Singing & Essay

31. Activities and support from Parent Teacher Associations;
      At the time of admission, we ask the students to bring their Parents
and insists upon visiting the college occasionally to discuss academic
progress of their wards.
This year they have donated 24 volumes of Encyclopedia and world class
Dictionary. 43 Hindi books have been donated by central Hindi Directorate,
HRD, New Delhi.

32. Health Services;
      Yearly Medical Check up for students is conducted. There is a First
Aid Cell in the college working for the service of students. In case of minor
injuries and problems, we make use of this cell. In case of major problems
we approach the Gurukrupa Nursing Home which is very closer to the
College & belongs to the Secretary of our Management.

33. Performance in sports activities
      Our college has excelled in sports. This year our college bagged the second
place in the Karnataka University Athletic sports meet held at Jamakhandi
wherein nearly 800 athletes from 170 colleges had participated.

      We feel proud to mention here that consequently 10th year(1996-2006), Our
college has retained one of the first six places in the K.U.D. Inter Collegiate
Athletic Meet. This year we feel proud to mention that following students have
brought laurels to the college.

  a) Kumari Vaishali Warkar: Has broken her own University record in the
     hammer throw & won 10 gram gold and won the women’s individual

        a. She has secured gold medal in shot-put, Gold medal in discuss throw and
           silver medal 4X400 meter.
        b. She attended inter university athletic meet at Kanyakumari.
        c. She has also secured first place in hammer throw in Karnataka State
           athletic association meet held at Bangalore. Third place in hammer throw

            in National level competition held at Tiruvananthpuram and forth place in
            Disc throw in state level competition held at Mysore.

b) Miss Hemavati Naik : Has broken her own University record in Triple Jump
and own the 10 gm gold, she has secured.
                  i. Gold medal in High jump.
                 ii. Silver medal in 400 Long jump.
                iii. Silver medal in 4X400 meters.
                iv. Bronze medal in 4 x 100 meters.
      She attended Inter university athletic meet at Kanyakumari and secured 6 th place
      in Triple jump. In state level Dasara sport meet conducted in Mysore she has
      secured III place in Triple jump.
      In state level junior athletic meet Bangalore she has secured
                    II place in Triple jump.
                    III place in High jump and Long jump.

c) Miss. Pooja Revankar-B.A II
               Silver medal in 800 metres run
               Bronze medal in 1500 metres run.
               Silver medal in 4X100 metres relay.
               Bronze medal in 4X400 metres relay
At state level Dasara sports meet at Mysore she secured II place in 4X400 meter Relay
& V in KU Dharwad inter-collegiate cross country competition.

d) Miss. Sujatha Chopdekar- B.Com III secured
             Bronze medal in javelin throw
             Silver medal in 4x100 meters relay.
             Bronze medal in 4X400 meters relay.

e) Miss Chandrika Naik - B.Com II Secured
      Bronze medal in 4X400 meters relay.

f) Nagraj Lamani – B.A. III secured
            IV place in 1500 meters run
            I place in Beach running and slow cycling race in Karavali utsav.

g) Harshavardhan Naik-B.A I
            Bronze medal in hammer throw.

h) Rahul Borkar of B.Com II has represented for Ranaji Trophy Cricket team
(Goa State) & he is the skipper of Goa state under 22 – Cricket team.

34. Team Events.
   1. Our college participated in Karnataka University, Dharwad, III Zone Volly ball
      Inter-Collegiate men’s “ Tournament held at B.G.V.S. Sadashivgad, Karwar.
   2. Our college participated in Karnataka University, Dharwad and Single Zone Foot
      Ball Inter-Collegiate men’s tournament held at Govt.Arts Science College,
   3. Kumari Vanishree Bandari of B.A.III attended Karnataka University Kabaddi
      selection Trials held at Divekar College of Commerce, Karwar.
This year our college has conducted Karnataka University weight lifting and best
physique competition and University team selection trials for men and women. 21
colleges with 60 participants took part in the competition.

   a) Shri Harshvardhan Naik of B.A.I secured Ist place in weight lifting in 94 kg
   b) Vanishree Bandari of B.A.III secured Ist place in 58 kg.
   c) Vaishali Warkar of B.A.II secured Ist place in 53 kg.
   d) Pooja Revankar of B.A.II secured Ist place in 42 kg.

35. Activities of the guidance & council ling unit.

                              Student Welfare Activities

The student welfare activities play a vital role to guide and motivate the
students in curricular & extra-curricular activities. The activities start as
soon as the commencement of the 1st term of the College.
     1. Information given to the students regarding fee concession
         facilities & scholarship at the time of admission.
     2. Admission as per the Roaster system properly mentioned.
     3. Issue of Hostel from SC/ST students, Category I and other category
         students as per their requirements.
     4. Conducted work shop on semester system for B.A. part-I &
         B.Com. part-I students.
     5. The management of our college & staff, financial and Diet
         assistance are provided to the outstanding sportsmen.
     6. Energy club programme conducted with the help of our NSS units.
     7. Rotary club, Karwar arranged career guidance information
         programme our students were participated.

8. Books are provided by the Staff members to the students those who are
    financially week.
9. Consulting the Book-sellers to provide books, note books and other
    necessary stationary at concessional rates.
10. Certificate course for ladies students Tailoring & Embroding was
    conducted during the year.
11. Students visited Industrial Estate, Shirwad & one day workshop was
    held, Lecture was arranged to inform the students regarding the
    importance of Small Scale industries & the facilities provided by the
    Govt. for the upliftment of weaker section of the societies & the
    District Industrial Officer informed about the various loan and
    subsidiary facilities to the graduate & under graduate students.
12. Personality Development Work shop was conducted by Shri
    B.N.Krishnmurthy D.D.P.I Chikmanglore
13. Women Empowerment Programme was conducted at P.G. Centre
    Karwar. Our students were participated.
14. One day workshop conducted on Communication skill for B.A. &
    B.Com final year students.
15. After admission, meeting was held with the students to reveal their
    problems and suggestions.
16. Health education programme were conducted with the help of Dr.
    Shasikala Acharya & Dr. G.G.Acharya.
17. Suggestion boxes are placed in the various corners of the College.
    Every week these are opened in front of the committee and student
    representatives. Remedial measures are taken with help of Principal
    and Committee members.
18. In order to provide convenient Bus facility to the students. A meeting
    was held with K.S.R.T.C. Depot Manager, Karwar, As a result, two
    new buses schedule started within a week.
19. World Consumer day programme was held with the help of consumer.
20. In the month of February, B.A. Final and B.Com final students
    meeting was held and they were informed about Higher education
    financial assistance from Nationalized Banks & other Financial
21. Social welfare officer visited our college and addressed SC/ST
    students. On this occasion he analyzed the programme of the Govt.
    specially for SC/ST students.

22. Our students were participated World Science Day arranged at Govt.
    specially for SC/ST students.
23. Our students receive the various scholarships like GOI scholarship, Ex-
    servicemen Defense scholarship, Post-Metric, Book Grant, Hindi, EBL,
    Prizes for SC students.
24. To develop entrepreneur skill, arrange Training Programme with
    successful entrepreneurs.
25. To upgrade the knowledge of Self Employment, prepare
    questionnaires, to collect information from industrialists.
26. Activities being conducted to create the spirit of competition outside
    world with the help of different departments of our college, activities
    like Essay competition, Elocution competition, General Knowledge
    competition, Mock parliament, Rangoli competition, Seminars &
    Group discussion.
27. Co-operated to conduct Blood donation programme in our College with
    the help of Dist. Civil Hospital, Karwar.
28. To upgrade the Knowledge of the students in different fields, we utilize
    the services of the various departments such as Kannada and culture,
    Health department, Backward &Minority department, Jana Shikshana
    Sansthana, N.C.C., Bankers, and Police Department. Our college co-
    operates with them to conduct such activities.
29. Picnics were conducted to nearby beaches, hilly areas & islands. Study
    Tours were conducted to different places.

36. Placement Service Provided to the students.

      The college is intensely interested as regarding the career prospects of its
students. Hence from time to time, career guidance lecture series are conducted.
Eminent persons from different walks of life such as Doctors, Lawyers, Civil servants,
Journalists, Literatures, Politicians, and Bankers are invited, who speak to the students
& keep the different avenues open before them.
      Apart from this, much efforts are made by the staff and library authorities
towards bringing students in the mainstream by providing them Employment News,
informing them about career opportunities, issuing books helping CET examinations,
helping the sports men & NCC cadets in getting jobs in Railway, Police, Banks &

elsewhere from the Sports & NCC quota. Even the college provides jobs for the
capable students in teaching as well as administrative facilities.

37. Development program for non-teaching staff:
They have attended TQM program conducted by the U.K. Dist. Task Force.

38. Healthy practices of the institutiom::
        a. Various committees are formed to conduct academic & non academic
           activities under college union & gymkhana.
        b. Committees are formed under the staff council for internal quality checks.
        c. Implementation of best practices formed at the beginning of the academic
        d. Self financing BCA courses.
        e. Lectures on Career guidance, Personality development & Communication
        f. Celebration of Independence day, Gandhi jayanti, New year day, Anti
           dowry day, World women’s day, National youth day celebration,
           Teachers day, World population day etc.
        g. Elocution competition for the students of District PU College & Local
           high schools.
        h. Visit of students to banks & industrial estates.
        i. Medical checkups & health programs.
        j. Class wise singing, elocution & essay competitions.
        k. Encouraging the students to participate in socially relevant programs like
           AIDS Awareness, Anti-Dowry movement, Blood donation, Sea beach
           cleaning, Save energy program, Road safety week, etc.
        l. Lectures by eminent personalities of the society such as Judges, Doctors,
           Industrialists, Sportsmen, Officers are arranged.
        m. Students are encouraged to participate in NCC, NSS programs.
        n. Group discussions, Seminars, Tutorials, Class tests are conducted
        o. Effective class room teaching.

  II. NCC:

       Our sub-unit consists of 140 cadets (84 SD Boys+ 56 SW Girls). NCC training
activities for the year commenced with combined Annual Training camp for Girls held
at Lamington school campus, Hubli. Our 25 cadets attended the camp. In Inter
Collegiate line competition our college won the champion trophy.

       Pre-RD selection camp for Rd probabales held at Belgaum our 8 cadets attended
the camp.
       On August 15, being the Independence Day our boy cadets extended national
salute to tri-color and participated in ceremonial march past.
       Our cadets celebrated the NCC day on the last Sunday of November and Major
S.R.Sail. delivered the N.C.C message followed by a gala of cultural programme by
       On the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi.On 2nd Oct 2005. 21 cadets donated blood at
Civil Hospital Karwar.
       Group commander col.K.S.Gurang visited Karwar for annual Inspection. Senior
under officer Vinod Kumar and 8 cadets presented Guard of honor.
       On social service front too, our cadets did not fall behind. Tree plantation,
Blood donation, Pulse polio, Green Karwar Clean Karwar like wise in various
programmes cadets took active participation so as to discharge the social
responsibilities to the possible extent.
       On the performance of the cadets in the examination too, our cadets fared very
well and achieved 100% result in both “B” and “c” certificate examination in higher
and distinctive grades conducted by NCC Directorate Bangalore, Karnataka.
       Thus I am proud to say that our coy is working to meet contemporary needs of
the society along with the leering process under the able command, control guidance,
motivation and help of our coy commander Major S.R.Sail.

39. Linkages developed with National/International, academic /Research bodies.

40. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:
   I. Self financing BCA course.
  II. We have introduced computer application as one of the optional subject in arts
 III. Parental care & healthy atmosphere on the campus attracts more girls. Hence,
      majority of our students are girls (More than 70%).Our students are well
      disciplined & well mannered & appreciated by eminent personalities like Vice-
      chancellors, academicians, bureaucrats, etc who have visited the college.
 IV. We have progressive results in various classes.
      Percentage varies from 70% to 100%.
  V. Sports achievement
         a. Our college has excelled in Sports, till today 20 students have become
             University blues in various events & represented Karnataka University &
             State level competitions.
         b. This year (2005-06) our college bagged second place in the Karnataka
             University Athletics Sports Meet where in nearly 800 athletes from 170
             colleges had participated.

         c. Kumari Vaishali Warkar has broken her own university record in hammer
            throw and won 10 gm gold and Women’s individual championship in
            K.U.D. athletic meet.
         d. Rahul Borkar of B.Com II has represented for Ranaji Trophy cricket team
            (Goa State) & he is the skipper of Goa state under 22-cricket team.
         e. Nagraj Lamani B.A.III has attended state level camp at K.U. Dharwad
            and declared as Best NSS Volunteer of Karnataka University for the Year

                                          Part C

Plan of action for the next year (2006-07)
   1. To achieve 100 percent Computer Literacy for both teaching & Non-teaching
      staff during next academic year.
   2. Minor research projects to be undertaken by the staff members under faculty
      development program.
   3. State level/National seminars to be conducted during the year.
   4. Completion of work connected with college website.
   5. Seminars/ workshops on office administration & accounting to be conducted for
      the non-teaching staff.
   6. Extensive use of educational CDs & internet facilities to students.
   7. Future updating Alumni Directory.
   8. Best Practices
          a. Welcome function for first year degree students along with parents &
          b. Workshop on Public speaking & Communication skill.
          c. Prohibition of use of mobiles.
          d. Program on Research Methodology.
          e. Continuation of Previous years Healthy Practices.