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WWW.CRN.COM.AU The magazine for channel business lead ers                                                                                       222 11 June 2007

                                          Relationships for                                                                                     InsIdE

Building A                                                                                                                                      NEWS

new niCHe                                 Comlinx and Avaya
                                          By Lilia Guan

                                                  ECENT AVAYA RESELLER                                                                          Computex set to
                                                  sign-up, Comlinx has been                                                                     generate US$14.5B 5
                                                  chosen       by     ACT-based                                                                 Gains from Web 2.0
                                          counselling service, Relationships                                                                    predicted          6
                                          Australia to install an Avaya solution
                                          in its Queensland branches.                                                                           Ingram is Juniper’s
                                            Relationships Australia has around                                                                  Disti of the Year 6
                                          100 sites, which the non-profit
                                          organisation hopes to continually
                                          grow as it receives more funding.
                                            The counselling service was started
                                          in 1948 and provides family support
                                          services to nearly 90,000 Australians
                                          per year. Just over half of its funding
                                          comes from the Federal Government                           duplicating the call centre set-up made   Q & A with Avnet CEO
                                          and the rest is from the Family                             better sense than focusing all their      and chairman       8
                                          Relationships Services Program.
                                            According to Will Alvarez, director
                                                                                    “We went          people and money into centralised
                                                                                                      call centre.                              Juniper Networks
                                          of ITC at Relationships Australia said    from one            “We went from one location to 23        partners gather 14
                                          about two-and-a-half years ago the        location to       sites very quickly and now we have
                                                                                                                                                Tivo to hit Australian
                                          organisation decided it needed to find                      more than doubled the number to 53
                                          a better way to improve its business      23 sites very     sites across the state,” said Alvarez.
                                                                                                                                                shores               16
A comprehensive look                      through duplication of its call centres   quickly.”         Scott Smith, director at Comlinx
at the components                         in Queensland.                                              said the Avaya solution suits an          FEATURES
                                            He said the services only has around                      organisation such as Relationships        Components          30
sector ... p30                            10 to 15 people within each site and                                           continued on page 5

SmartyHost touts Vigabyte service STATiSTiCS
By Trevor Treharne                                          customer IT network to a virtual
                                                            machine environment, giving IT            Inside this issue:                        CRN Profile:
S    MARTYHOST HAS appointed
     Doug Elliot to spearhead the
recruitment of corporate resellers for
                                                            managers more control over their
                                                            technology systems.
                                                              Elliot told CRN: “I’ve had lots
                                                                                                      • Wireless boom in Australia              Callum Eade         40
                                                                                                      • Piracy rate drops
the firm’s new Vigabyte service.
                                         “It offers         of experience working with the            • Server growth                           REGULARS
  Elliot has been appointed to the                          channel. This is a new role and I
                                                                                                      • Top PDA vendors
newly-created role of national           high rewards       will look after and get onboard the                                                 Opinion             18
business development manager to                             corporate channel guys.”
introduce Vigabyte to the market, a
                                         for resellers        Vigabyte is a virtual data centre                                                 On The Web          24
virtual hosting service.                 at a low           all based around vendor VMware’s                                                    Statistics          42
  Vigabyte is a suite of virtual         risk.”             technology, and resellers can also
                                                                                                                                                ShadowRAM           51
infrastructure      solutions    that                       white label it, according to Elliot.
provide enterprises access to secure,                         “It offers high rewards for
                                                                                                                                                Last Word           52
flexible and responsive IT resources.                       resellers at a low risk. It also offers
The technology includes open                                good profit margin for resellers,
source software that connects the                           plus an ongoing revenue stream.”
                                                                                                         11 June 2007         crn                    

Computex = US$14.5B
Trade show to generate US$14.58B in five days
                                                                                                                        INterop 2007
                                                                                                                        laS vegaS
                                                                                                                         By Helen Frost

By Jeff O’Heir and Joseph F. Kovar                             good inventors, but we are good

                                                               innovators.” As proof, Yeh noted                   ot on the lips of IT journalists this past week

       OMPUTEX TAIPEI, THE                                     that Taiwan is still the number one                has been the meeting of two industry giants,
       world’s second-largest IT                               or number two source for the world’s               Steve Jobs from Apple and Bill Gates of
       trade show, opened late                                 supplies of LCD panels, monitors,         Microsoft. I found that particularly interesting, but
Monday Taipei time with the                                    notebook       PCs,     semiconductor     unfortunately quite scripted (see story page 16).
expectation that the IT industry will                          packaging and other products.               I’m more interested in the speech made by
do about US$14.5 billion in business                             He estimated that the expected          the inspiring and incredibly switched-on John
as a result of the event, which runs                           30,000 overseas and 103,000               Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco at Interop
through to Saturday.                                           Taiwan-based       IT    professionals    recently (see full news report page 6).
  Walter Yeh, executive vice president                         attending the show will sign contracts      I was lucky to be one of the fortunate few who
of the Taiwan External Trade                                   leading to about US$14.5 billion in       had the experience of witnessing his powerful
Development Council (TAITRA),                                  IT business, up from the US$12.5          keynote address firsthand. Some of the comments
the government-backed sponsor                                  billion generated last year.              he made seemed slightly out of left field but if we
of Computex, said that despite             “Decisions            A total of 1333 exhibitors,             take him at his word, the industry will experience
competition from other countries, IT       will be made        including Taiwan and non-Taiwan           productivity gains increasing by three per cent or
sourcing is still an important business                        companies, are taking nearly 3000         more over the next few years.
in Taiwan.
                                           here in             booths at Computex, according to            This comes from a man who has a reputation of
  Walter Yeh, executive vice               Taiwan.”            Yeh. However, Computex will open
president of the Taiwan External                               a new exhibition center in another         “The consumers will drive the next wave
Trade Development Council will open                            part of Taipei, giving the show a total
Computex Taipei 2007.                                          potential of 5000 booths, he added.        of productivity.”
  “Decisions will be made here in                              The full story can be read at             predicting trends before other major vendors and
Taiwan,” Yeh said. “We are not just                                        analysts catch on, as Chambers humbly pointed out
                                                                                                         himself on more than one occasion.
                                                                                                           There were a few gems of insight to take away and

relationships for SmartyHoSt toUtS                                                                       the main theme running through the speech was
                                                                                                         that we have to communicate more effectively with
                                                                                                         the people we work with and pay more attention
Comlinx and avaya vIgaByte ServICe                                                                       to our customers as well. As Chambers said “the
                                                                                                         consumers will drive the next wave of productivity.
  Continued from cover                       Continued from cover                                        It will be called collaboration … the next era of the
  because it provides services               Elliot said SmartyHost has around                           Internet is here”.
to Aboriginals and Torres Strait           500 resellers and the majority will
Islanders who live in remote regions       come onboard for Vigabyte.                                      If you have any feedback, please send me an email.
of Queensland.                               “We are looking at bringing on
  Smith said he and co-director            corporate resellers and I haven’t                               Helen
Wayne Shaw started Comlinx in              put limits on who to recruit. We                      
November 2006 because they saw a           offer training support, which is not
need for proper Avaya installations        hard, but it is talking about what is
in the region.                             the virtual server. Virtualisation has
  “The remote aspect of the region         taken a while for people to get to
                                                                                                           WIn a case of WIne
means organisations such as                grips with.”                              “We are
Relationships need to be able to utilise     Elliot added the Vigabyte offering                                                For a chance to win a case
technology such as Avaya to provide        is not a one-off hit for resellers as     looking at                                of wine go to
virtual support,” he said.                 the interface is designed so that         bringing on                               au/blogs and give your
  Comlinx signed up as an official         resellers can manage a service for                                                  opinion on a blog online.
Avaya partner in January. Smith said       the customer.
the integrator now has 10 customers          Anoosh Manzoori, founder and            resellers.”
on board.                                  managing director for Vigabyte,                                 This prize is brought to you by Network
  “Comlinx is also able to provide         said: “Vigabyte is a virtual data                               Appliance (NetApp) a world leader in unified
security with Avaya products               provider that challenges existing IT                            storage and data management solutions for
through its reseller partnership           infrastructure models by offering                               today’s data intensive enterprise, reducing
with networking vendor Juniper,”           enterprises on demand IT services on                            organisation’s total cost of ownership.
said Shaw. q                               the fly, at a reasonable price. q                               Phone (02) 9277 1150.

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