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					June, 2007

              MSI Introduces Next Year’s Technology
                          on Computex
MSI, Micro-Star International, showed visitors of Computex this year’s
technology on mainboards, graphic cards, notebooks and barebones. MSI
invited visitors to the MSI booth to see all about the latest technologies on
Intel 3-series chipset, AMD platform mainboards, GeForce 8-series graphic
cards, ATI Radeon HD-series graphic cards, the latest MSI notebooks and
industrial solutions. MSI’s theme for this year’s Computex is “Ready for

Extreme MSI mainboards
At this year’s Computex MSI unveils the complete mainboard series based on Intel
P35/G33 Express chipset. The most anticipated product display at the MSI booth are
live demo’s of the upcoming X38/G35/Q35/Q33
mainboards. The Intel 3-series chipset support the latest
multi-core processors (Core2Quad/Duo/Extreme) up to
FSB 1333MHz, including the upcoming 45nm Intel
(Penryn) CPU and DDR3. The MSI mainboards are
equipped with the exclusive advanced cooling design
Circu-Pipe and 100% all Made-in-Japan solid capacitors.
The rich features of the MSI mainboards and its full
support of future specs make users “Ready for PC2008”.

The MSI X38 Diamond is the first to provide 4 PCI-Express x16 slots, two DDR2 and
three DDR3 memory slots. This mainboard, based on the X38 chipset, is unique because
it is a combo mainboard and provides DDR2 and DDR3 support. Users have the choice of
switching from DDR2 to DDR3 in the future and still have the fastest platform available.

Based on the AMD platform, MSI will introduce more K9AG series (AMD 690G) and
K9NG series (nVidia GeForce 70xx+nForce 630a) mainboards. These mainboard series
are the ideal solution for entertainment solutions. With the integrated HDMI connector,
                              the MSI K9AG/K9NG Digital mainboards can easily be
                              connected to HD monitors or LCD TV displays for the best
                              full HD contents.

                             MSI‘s next generation DirectX10 graphic cards
                             The successful market launch of the NX8800 series a few
                             months ago has been continuing until now. MSI proudly
                             promotes its ultimate next-generation graphic card coming

spring 2007    – the MSI NX8800Ultra-T2D768E-HD. Similar to its predecessor, the
graphic card   supports the DirectX10 meeting Microsoft’s requirement for Windows Vista.
According to, this graphic card is “the fastest
card that we   are aware”.

Designed for the mid-range segment, the MSI NX8600
and MSI NX8500 series graphic cards are the most
complete solutions for 3D and video applications. The MSI
GeForce 8-series Support PureVideo hardware, VP2,
making it capable of offloading the entire decode process
for HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies.

After launching the MSI RX2900XT series based on the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT chipset,
MSI introduces the MSI RX2600 Geminium. This graphic card is based on two ATI
Radeon HD 2600XT chipsets. This zero noise graphic card is passive cooled. The GPU’s
support 800MHz and the memory clock is 700MHz. Although this graphic card already
works on two GPU’s in one, MSI provides Crossfire-connectors to make Quad-Crossfire

Besides the dual GPU Geminium graphic card MSI will also introduce the MSI
RX2600PRO-T2D256EZ (PCIe) and the MSI RX2600PRO-T2D256Z (AGP). Both
graphic cards deliver groundbreaking DirectX10 performance based on the upcoming ATI
RV630 GPU. The graphic cards are passive cooled for a zero noise solution.

MSI notebooks designed with style
The 15.4” special designed gaming notebook, the MSI GX600, is world’s first
overclocked notebook. With many years of experience building highly overclockable
                       mainboards and graphic cards, MSI is the first one to use this
                       technology on notebooks. MSI managed to overcome the
                       thermal and power consumption issues when overclocking
                       notebooks. MSI’s exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology
                       (TDE) enables increasing the CPU speed up to 20% just by
                       pressing the silver turbo button. TDE also results in a 35%
                       faster boot time. The MSI GX600 is equipped with the latest
                       Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology and is designed with eye-
                       catching flame-like graphic design. This notebook has the
                       newest features such as racer class 3D speaker, colourful
                       W/A/S/D buttons idgamers, digital/analogue 5.1 Channel
Headphone Output, MSI VIVID technology, HDMI connector, numeric keypad, built-in
1.3 Mega Pixel webcam and the latest wireless Pre-N standard.

Like the MSI GX600, the MSI GX700 is a special with eye-
catching flame-like graphic design. This 17” notebook has
special gaming features such as an HDMI output and W/A/S/D
buttons on the keyboard, so the player can find the direction
controls in record time. The MSI GX700 is equipped with the
latest Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology and nVidia GeForce
8600 GT 3D graphic card. Other special features are WiFi, NAND
Flash hard drive cache, Graphics Media Accelerator X3000, 3G
WAN, MSI VIVID technology and a 4-in-1 card reader.

Designed for professional and entertainment uses, the MSI
PR200 is based on the latest Intel Centrino Duo Mobile
Technology, which uses Intel Core™2 Duo processor. This 12”
notebook has Solid Data Security Protection (embedded
fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module), wireless functionality, HDMI connector,
AI Array Microphone and a built-in 1.3 mega pixel webcam.

                                Upgrade to a gaming notebook
                                MSI Luxium offers notebook owners the possibility to
                                upgrade their slow integrated graphics to a higher
                                level. The MSI Luxium can house a modern (DirectX10)
                                PCI-Express graphic card and offer the speed to your
                                notebook via ExpressCard. Other features of the MSI
                                Luxium are sound, LAN and USB connectors.

Uncompromising Digital Multimedia Entertainment with MSI barebones
The MSI Hetis 965 series is based on either Intel G965/ICH chipset or Intel
Q965/ICH8DO chipset with Intel vPro technology. The performance and remote repair
features will make users spend less time dealing with technical issues. The stylish-
designed exterior makes the Hetis 965 a complete home entertainment system.
MSI Media Live is powered by the AMD64 Dual-Core processor and is designed to
deliver maximum functionality for a living room PC. AMD
LIVE! has been created to consolidate all digital media in
one place and access it all through the digital devices
users already have.

ITX Complete Industrial solutions
Built on the Santa Rosa platform, MSI Fuzzy GM965 mainboard incorporates Intel
Mobile GM965 chipset and Core 2 Duo Mobile (Merom) processor. The Mobile Intel
GM965 Express chipset features the Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 to
deliver low-power, high-performance 2D/3D graphics. The Fuzzy GM965 offers a PCI-

Express slot for future graphics expansion and supports HDMI for extending digital
video, multi-channel audio, and control signals from HDMI-equipped devices.

Based on AMD’s RS690T Northbridge and SB700 Southbridge chipsets, MSI Fuzzy 690T
supports AMD socket AM2 Single-Core Athlon 64/ Sempron and Dual-Core Athlon 64 X2
processors. The mainboards delivers great 3D and multimedia performances through its
ATI Radeon Xpress 1270 chipset. The mainboards is equipped with DirectX9 support,
ATI's Avivo™ technology for smooth video playback and an integrated HDMI Connector.

For more information about price and availability, please contact a local official MSI
distributor via

About MSI
MSI is proud of its 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance IT products. The
product lines of MSI are mainboards, graphic cards, notebooks, consumer electronics, barebones, networking
and server products, and fully integrated add-on peripherals. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified
facilities, MSI products provide the ultimate performance, reliability and value-increasing productivity. MSI
distributes products through offices located in Taiwan, United States, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Japan,
France, China, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Poland, Russia and The Netherlands.

MSI markets its products to distributors, computer system manufacturers, and system integrators. For more
information visit the company on the World Wide Web at

Mystar Computer BV in the Netherlands, the European head office of MSI, was established in 1998.
Having its own facility in Son near Eindhoven, it handles all marketing, sales, logistics and after-
sales-service for its customers throughout Europe.


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