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                                                  From the Desk of Paul S Rogers

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Issue 140- 47/50, 2009
SSABE CONNECTS YOU with Sub Sahara Africa at no cost, - it is a free service for all built environment suppliers and contractors. No
registration, just a get-down-to-basics Internationally Acclaimed service. Just send your eddress and request to
SSABE PRODUCES - A weekly international tender and news collation of matters relating to the built environment. An easy scrolling
‘WORD FORMAT NEWSLETTER’ in country alphabetical order divided into the key trade blocs.
The articles covered in these weekly updates will provide you with the leads you need to follow up on early warning prospects. Most have
names and companies for you to record.
Should you target an individual country before a trade visit, scanning the relevant collations will give you a myriad of prospective
appointments in business development.

IMPLEMENTATION UNIT           Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Dec 11, 2009 Deadline: Dec 29, 2009
Original Language: English
90710000 - Environmental management
90700000 - Environmental services

AFRICA: Tender - Managing Contractor for the Australia-Africa Partnerships Facility in Africa
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Proposal Due Date: Feb 02, 2010
Project Summary - Australian Government’s official overseas aid program. AusAID assists developing countries to
reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia’s national interest.

BENIN: Tender - Air Transport Security and Safety Regional Program in West and Central Africa
(PRSSTAAOC): Supply and Installation of Equipment for Security Control in Benin
Opportunity Type: Goods
Proposal Due Date: Jan 19, 2010
Project Summary
Lot N° 1 : Appareil à Rayons X
Deux (2) Machines à Rx pour inspection du Fret aérien
Deux (2) Machines à Rx pour inspection des bagages de cabine
Un (1) Machine à Rx pour inspection des bagages de soute
Lot N° 2 : Portiques, Magnétomètres, Miroirs Télescopiques
Six (6) Portiques de détection d'objets métallique
Trente (30) Détecteurs portatifs de métaux (magnétomètres)
Vingt (20) Miroirs pour inspection sous véhicule
Lot N°3 : détecteurs d'explosifs
Quatre (4) Détecteurs des traces d'explosifs et de stupéfiants

BENIN: Tender - Air Transport Security and Safety Regional Program in Central and West Africa
(PRSSTAAOC): Supply and Installation of Radiocommunication Equipment in Benin
Opportunity Type: Goods

Proposal Due Date: Jan 19, 2010

BENIN: Tender - Air Transport Security and Safety Regional Program in West and Central Africa
(PRSSTAAOC): Supply of Equipment for Transportation in Benin
Opportunity Type: Goods
Proposal Due Date: Jan 19, 2010
Project Summary
Lot 1: Fourniture de deux (2) véhicules 4x4 et un véhicule léger
Lot 2 : Fourniture de deux (2) véhicules 4x4 pick up double cabine
Lot 3 : Fourniture de quatre (4) motocyclettes

BENIN: Tender - Advance Notice of Publication of Tender for the Construction of the Court of Appeal of
Abomey and Courts of First Instance of Abomey-Calavu, Allada, Come, Malanville, Nikki, Pobe, and Savalou
Status: Forecast
Opportunity Type: Works
Project Summary - Avis préalable de parution d'Appel d'offres pour la construction de la Cour d'Appel d'Abomey et des
Tribunaux de première instance d'Abomey-Calavi, d'Adjohoun, d'Allada, de Comè, de Malanville, de Nikki, de Pobè et
de Savalou.

BOTSWANA: Capacity building for regional integration              Request For Proposals
City/Locality: GABORONE
Publication Date: Dec 3, 2009 Deadline: Jan 8, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
71356200 - Technical assistance services

BURKINA FASO: Invitation to tender for works to construct a second office building for the Delegation of the
European Commission in Burkina Faso       Request For Proposals
City/Locality: OUAGADOUGOU
Publication Date: Dec 5, 2009 Deadline: Jan 29, 2010
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
45000000 - Construction work
45213150 - Office block construction work

BURUNDI: Tender - Support Program to Vulnerable Populations in Ruyigi Province, Burundi: Rehabilitation and
Expansion of Health Centers and Their Drinking Water Supply in the Municipalities of Kinyinya, Gisuru and
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 15, 2010

BURUNDI: Tender - Agricultural Development Support Project in Kirundo Province, Burundi: Rehabilitation of
Seven Veterinary Centers
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 08, 2010
Project Summary - pour les travaux de réhabilitation de 7 centres vétérinaires de la DPAE Kirundo situés à Murama
(commune Kirundo), à Nyarunazi (commune Busoni), à Runyonza (commune Kirundo), à Mukenke (commune
Bwambarangwe), à Sasa (commune Ntega), à Gitobe (commune Gitobe) et à Nyarurambi (commune Vumbi), en
province de Kirundo, République du BURUNDI.

BURUNDI: Tender - Public Works and Urban Management Project in Burundi: General Procurement Notice
Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting
Deadline: not specified
Le Projet comprend les 3 principales composantes suivantes à savoir : (a) Infrastructures ; (b) Appui à la gestion
municipale et (c) Renforcement institutionnel, Suivi-Evaluation.

BURUNDI: Study on the development of marshes and catchment areas              Request For Proposals
City/Locality: BUJUMBURA
Publication Date: Dec 12, 2009 Deadline: Jan 15, 2010
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
71335000 - Engineering studies

CAMEROON: Tender - Works to Improve the RN1 Garoua Boulaï–Nandeké Road (86,133 km) in Cameroon
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Feb 23, 2010
Project Summary - works to improve the RN1 Garoua Boulaï-Nandeké road (86,133 km)

C.A.R.: Tender - CEMAC Transport Transit Facilitation Project in the Central African Republic: Development
and Tarring Works on the Bouar-Garoua Boulai to Fambele Roads
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 28, 2010
Project Summary - Marché des Travaux d'Aménagement et de Bitumage de la Route Bouar - Garoua Boulaï (PK 0)
vers Fambélé (PK 33 + 771).

CHAD: Technical assistance for the programme to support local development and management of natural
resources       Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: N'DJAMENA
Publication Date: Dec 9, 2009
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
71356200 - Technical assistance services

CONGO R.O.C.: Tender - Work Rehabilitation and Extension of the Electricity Network in the Congo
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Feb 02, 2010

CONGO R.O.C.: Tender - Work Rehabilitation and Extension of the Water Distribution System in the Congo
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Feb 02, 2010

EAST AFRICA: Tender - Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project II in East Africa
Status: Forecast
Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting
Project Summary - This Project will be jointly financed by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) in the
amount of SEK80 million equivalent. This is a general procurement notice and specific contracts shall be announced as
soon as they become available.

EGYPT: Tender - Second Airport Development Project (SADP) in Egypt: Renovation and Development of
Terminal Building No. 2 (TB2) Cairo International Airport
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Feb 07, 2010
Project Summary - The total built-up area of the project is 123000 m2 approximately that comprises the renovation of
the existing building and landside area, as well as the construction of new buildings that include a new departure hall
and airside pier which shall duplicate the existing total built-up area. Additionally, the project shall include the
construction of all ancillary buildings, services, electromechanical works/ equipment, Baggage Handling System (tilt tray
sorter system), IT, etc. The renovation program includes enhancing and extending the airside by twenty times the
existing airside area to be more than 300,000 m2. The renovated TB2 is expected to accommodate 7.5 million
passenger per year, which is almost double the current capacity.

EGYPT: Project - Urban Transport Infrastructure Development Project in Egypt
Status: In Planning
Opportunity Type: Goods, Consulting
Expected Date of Approval: Jun 15, 2011
Project Summary
Component 1: Provision of New Fuel Efficient Buses
Component 2: Construction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridors
Component 3: Traffic Management System Improvement
Component 4: Institutional Support
The total cost of the project is estimated at US$ 250 million.

ERITREA: Road maintenance and safety programme — phase II — works                 Request For Proposals
City/Locality: ASMARA
Publication Date: Dec 10, 2009 Deadline: Dec 25, 2009
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45233141 - Road-maintenance works

ETHIOPIA: Tender - Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Ethiopia: Consulting Services for Gondar
Water Supply and Sanitation System Improvement
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Dec 16, 2009

GHANA: Tender - Urban Water Project in Ghana: Civil and Electro Mechanical Works for Rehabilitation and
Expansion of Water Supply Systems in Ashanti Region
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 19, 2010
Project Summary
• Mechanization of Boreholes,
• Treatment of raw water to render it potable, either through partial or full treatment process,
• Construction of pumping stations including supply and installation of new plant equipment and replacement, including
supply and installation, of plant equipment in existing pumping stations,
• Supply and laying of pipes and accessories in transfer and transfer/distribution mains in diameters ranging from 75mm
to 250mm,
• Construction and rehabilitation of stand pipes and provision of consumer house connections

GHANA: Tender - Transport Sector Project in Ghana: Reconstruction of Giffard Roads and Construction of
Burma Camp Roads, Phases I and II
Opportunity Type: Works
Pre-Qualification Date: Jan 29, 2010
Project Summary
Reconstruction of Giffard Roads - ICB No. DUR/TSP/ICB/PQ/09/01/LOT1
Construction of Burma Camp Ph. I - ICB No. DUR/TSP/ICB/PQ/09/01/LOT2
Construction of Burma Camp Ph. II - ICB No. DUR/TSP/ICB/PQ/09/01/LOT3

GHANA: SUPPLY OF AGRICULTURAL INPUTS                     Request For Proposals
City/Locality: Accra
Publication Date: Dec 3, 2009 Deadline: Jan 11, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
03111000 - Seeds
03100000 - Agricultural and horticultural products
77110000 - Services incidental to agricultural production
18930000 - Sacks and bags
18830000 - Protective footwear

GHANA: Supply of biomethanation plant for electricity generation using palm oil mill effluent (pilot and main
phase)              Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: ACCRA
Publication Date: Dec 5, 2009
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
42000000 - Industrial machinery

GHANA: SUBSEQUENT YEAR INVESTMENT PROGRAMME (SYIP)                        Request For Proposals
City/Locality: Accra
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Feb 18, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45240000 - Construction work for water projects

GHANA: Reconstruction of Dodo Pepesu–Nkwanta Road            Request For Proposals
City/Locality: ACCRA
Publication Date: Dec 10, 2009 Deadline: Mar 9, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45233000 - Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads

IRAN: Tender - Rasht Wastewater Collection System
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 12, 2010
Project Summary - construction of Rasht Wastewater Collection System Western Main transmission Line.

JORDAN: Support to the Water Sector in Jordan
Status: Forecast
Researcher Action Date: Jun 15, 2010

KENYA             Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2009 Deadline: Dec 14, 2009
Original Language: English
73210000 - Research consultancy services
71410000 - Urban planning services

Publication Date: Nov 30, 2009 Deadline: Jan 15, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45231110 - Pipelaying construction work

KENYA: The Kenya Power & Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) invites tenders from interested Local Bidders
for the supply of the following Item    Request For Proposals
Publication Date: Dec 6, 2009 Deadline: Dec 22, 2009
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
39130000 - Office furniture

DISTRIBUTION MAINS EXTENSIONS              Request For Proposals
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Feb 4, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45252120 - Water-treatment plant construction work
45252100 - Sewage-treatment plant construction work
44161200 - Water mains
45232151 - Water-main refurbishment construction work
45232150 - Works related to water-distribution pipelines

AIRPORT (JKIA), NAIROBI            Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Jan 15, 2010
Eligibility of Bidders: Shall have successfully completed the design and works supervision for at least two International
Airports as follows:
• Rehabilitation of aircraft pavements.
• New Construction of taxiways.
• Design and installation of Cat 2 Instrument Landing System (ILS) including the associated Airfield Ground Lighting
• The projects undertaken shall be of similar or above magnitude and complexity carried out in particularly with works
undertaken in an operational airport
Shall provide relevant letters of reference from the said Airports
Original Language: English
71311300 - Infrastructure works consultancy services

LIBERIA: SPN-Specialised Equipment for Ministry of Mines            Request For Proposals
City/Locality: Monrovia, Liberia
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Dec 28, 2009
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
14500000 - Related mining and quarrying products

MADAGASCAR: Tender - Integrated Growth Poles Project in Madagascar: Development of Regional
Development Instruments and Technical Studies on Water Infrastructure
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 18, 2010
MALI: Tender - Restricted Call for Competition for the Inspection and Overseeing of Works on the Goma Coura-
Tombouctou and Diré-Goundam Road in Mali
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 11, 2010
Project Summary
lot 1 Goma Coura (KP 81)-Léré (KP 246): 165 km,
lot 2 Léré (KP 246)-Niafunké (KP 366): 120 km,
lot 3 Niafunké (KP 366)-Tonka (KP 409); Tonka-Goundam (37 km); Goundam-Tombouctou (84 km) and Diré-Goundam
(34 km): 198 km.

MALI: Tender - Danish-Swedish Program Water and Sanitation Sector (PROSEA) in Mali, 2010 – 2014: Technical
Assistance for Rural Water Program Support
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 04, 2010

MALI: GPN#5: General Procurement Notice               Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: BAMAKO
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2009 Deadline: Apr 30, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
71200000 - Architectural and related services
71600000 - Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
71500000 - Construction-related services
73300000 - Design and execution of research and development
45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
45400000 - Building completion work
48800000 - Information systems and servers
48700000 - Software package utilities
48200000 - Networking, Internet and intranet software package
48600000 - Database and operating software package
65100000 - Water distribution and related services
65300000 - Electricity distribution and related services
65400000 - Other sources of energy supplies and distribution
65130000 - Operation of water supplies
03140000 - Animal products and related products
77100000 - Agricultural services
79212000 - Auditing services
79100000 - Legal services
24430000 - Animal or vegetal fertilisers
24450000 - Agro-chemical products
24457000 - Fungicides
03211300 - Rice
03211000 - Cereals
03211900 - Grain products

MAURITANIA: Tender - Guelbs II Project in Mauritania: Construction of an Iron Enrichment Plant
Opportunity Type: Works
Project Summary - Under its modernization and development program, the Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière
(SNIM) is planning to build a new iron ore enrichment plant with a capacity of four million tons/year of concentrate.
In carrying out this project, SNIM will be assisted by SNC LAVALIN INTERNATIONAL SAS.
The project covers:
- The construction of a new magnetic ore enrichment plant, including:
–An ore crushing plant
–A crushed ore storage and reclaiming system
–A dry concentration plant
–A wet concentration plant
–A concentrate storage and reclaiming system
–A train loading station
–A tailings stacking system
- The purchase of mining production equipment and railway stock
- The expansion and upgrade of existing utilities, namely the power plant and maintenance shops
- The construction of a water supply system originating from the Teguelelaten aquifer (50 km away)
 NOTE: The pre-qualification dates for each Lot is specified in the List of Lots

SCHEME            Request For Expressions of Interest
City/Locality: Port-Louis
Publication Date: Dec 7, 2009 Deadline: Dec 30, 2010
Original Language: English
79400000 - Business and management consultancy and related services
79410000 - Business and management consultancy services
79411000 - General management consultancy services
79412000 - Financial management consultancy services
79413000 - Marketing management consultancy services
79414000 - Human resources management consultancy services
79416100 - Public relations management services
79420000 - Management-related services
79421000 - Project-management services other than for construction work

MOROCCO: Tender - Project Development of Network Transport and Distribution of Electricity in Morocco:
General Procurement Notice
Status: Forecast
Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting
Project Summary
Evacuation d'énergie
Renforcement et extension du réseau HT et THT
Gestion du proje
This is a General Procurement Notice and specific contracts shall be announced as soon as they become available.

Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Dec 11, 2009 Deadline: Jan 18, 2010
Original Language: English
90711400 - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services other than for construction
85300000 - Social work and related services

FOR QUELIMANE SYSTEM                   Request For Proposals
Publication Date: Dec 4, 2009 Deadline: Feb 17, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
71310000 - Consultative engineering and construction services
71320000 - Engineering design services

MOZAMBIQUE: Tender - Mozambique Water Sector PPP Consulting Services
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Dec 20, 2009

MOZAMBIQUE: Tender - Proirri Sustainable Irrigation Development Project in Mozambique
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 18, 2010
Project Summary - assess the induced and potential adverse cumulative and/or regional environmental and social
impacts of existing and planned irrigation programs and projects with a focus in Manica and Sofala provinces, Pungué,
Buzi and Zambeze river basins.

MOZAMBIQUE: Tender - Regional Transmission Development Project in Mozambique: Consulting Services for
the EDM Project Implementation Unit
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Dec 29, 2009
Project Summary - (i) Technical and Economic Feasibility Study; (ii) Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
(ESIA) and Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) Studies; (iii) Strategic Regional ESIA studies; (iv) Cost-Benefit
Analysis studies; (v) Panels of International experts related to above CESUL transmission Project, Legal and Financial
advisors. EDM will select and supervise consultants to undertake the above activities.

NAMIBIA: Project - Ohorongo Cement Project in Namibia
Opportunity Type: Consulting

Project Summary - The Ohorongo Cement Project in Namibia seeks to address the gap in domestic cement demand by
constructing a greenfield cement plant in the northern part of the country. The total cost of the project is estimated at
EUR 210 million (US$ 271 million).
29 November 2009 - The EIB signed on 16 November 2009 an agreement providing EUR 82 million for the construction
and operation of the Ohorongo cement factory. This will be Namibia’s only operating cement production plant and it will
help supply both the domestic market as well as demand in Botswana, Zambia and post civil-war Angola.

PARTNERSHIP (PPP) - TRANSACTION ADVISER              Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Dec 7, 2009 Deadline: Jan 15, 2010
Original Language: English
60100000 - Road transport services

NIGERIA: Framework for Performance Contracts for Power Utilities in Nigeria Request For Expressions of Interest
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Dec 17, 2009
Original Language: English
79313000 - Performance review services
73210000 - Research consultancy services

RWANDA: Request for proposals for a detailed architectural and technical study for Kigali wholesale market
for fresh produce         Request For Proposals
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2009 Deadline: Jan 12, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
71220000 - Architectural design services

RWANDA: Tender - Rwanda Horticulture Export Support Initiative: Recruitment of an International IPPC/Legal
Expert Specialist to Develop a Secondary Legislation to the Law on Plant Health and Agrochemical
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Proposal Due Date: Jan 15, 2010

RWANDA: Tender - Control and Supervision of the Construction Works and Installation of Hydro-electro
Mechanical Equipments for RUKARARA II Micro-hydro Power Plant in Nyamagabe District - Southern Province
in Rwanda
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Proposal Due Date: Jan 08, 2010

SENEGAL: Waterways Development in Senegal
Status: In Planning
Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works
Project Summary - The Senegal River Basin Multimodal Transport Project has been scheduled for FY12, after July

SENEGAL: Tender - Technical Performance Studies and Drawing Up the Invitation to Tender Dossier for Works
to Rehabilitate or Reconstruct the Bridges of Katakalousse, Diakène, Niambalang and Tobor in Senegal
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 07, 2010
Project Summary - conducting technical studies to fully define works to rehabilitate or reconstruct the bridges of
Katakalousse (218 m), Diakène (76 m), Niambalang (370 m) on the Ziguinchor-Cap Skirring road, and Tobor (180 m)
on trunk road No 4 between Ziguinchor and Bignona, - drawing up the invitation to tender dossiers for carrying out the

SENEGAL: Tender - Independent Engineering Services, Senegal Irrigation and Water Resources Management
Project and Roads Rehabilitation Projects
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Proposal Due Date: Jan 13, 2010
Project Summary - This contract is being procured in accordance with the Brooks A-E Act as implemented in FAR
Subpart 36.6. Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualification for the
required work.

SENEGAL: IEC (information, education, communication) campaign for the wastewater sanitation project in
secondary towns             Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: DAKAR
Publication Date: Dec 4, 2009
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
90492000 - Sewage treatment consultancy services

SENEGAL: Development of an urban map database                       Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: DAKAR
Publication Date: Dec 4, 2009
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
71222100 - Urban areas mapping services

SIERRA LEONE: Tender - Infrastructure Development Project in Sierra Leone: Procurement of Ancillary Land
Works at the Port of Freetown
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 21, 2010

Request For Proposals
Publication Date: Dec 11, 2009 Deadline: Feb 5, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45000000 - Construction work
45213342 - Ro-ro terminal construction work

SOUTH AFRICA: Tender - USAID Title II Food Aid Pre-position Warehouse in Durban, South Africa
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Proposal Due Date: Dec 18, 2009
Project Summary - The government anticipates an initial requirement for the temporary storage of approximately 25,000
metric tons of food commodities with an ability to substantially increase the required capacity by additional tonnage as
required. However, this storage estimate offers no minimum guarantee.

SOUTH AFRICA: Works for water supply network and wastewater infrastructure (ZA-Sandton)
Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: SANDTON
Publication Date: Dec 3, 2009 Deadline: Nov 26, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45232150 - Works related to water-distribution pipelines
45252127 - Wastewater treatment plant construction work

SOUTH AFRICA: High voltage substation equipment (ZA-Sandton) - Prequalification Notice
City/Locality: SANDTON
Publication Date: Dec 12, 2009 Deadline: Jan 13, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
31682540 - Substation equipment

SWAZILAND: DCI — land preparation, supply and installation of irrigation equipment for smallholder sugar
cane growers in the north-east and south-east Lowveld — Kingdom of Swaziland   Prior Information Notice
City/Locality: MBABANE
Publication Date: Dec 9, 2009
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
43323000 - Irrigation equipment
45112700 - Landscaping work

TANZANIA: Tender - Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project in Tanzania: Preparation of a
Monitoring and Evaluation System
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Dec 31, 2009

TANZANIA: Tender - Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project in Tanzania: Investment Benefit
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Dec 28, 2009

TOGO: Supplies contract for a monitoring and viewing centre under the institutional support programme for
Togo            Request For Proposals
City/Locality: LOME
Publication Date: Dec 4, 2009 Deadline: Feb 9, 2010
Original Language: French
Goods, Works and Services
32000000 - Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
32321200 - Audio-visual equipment

TOGO: Water Supply Initiative in Togo
Status: Forecast
Opportunity Type: Consulting, Goods, Works
Project Summary - Project implementation has been pushed towards the end of 2010.

TOGO: Tender - Dapaong-Ponio-Fre Burkina - 38 km Road Asphalting and Works in Togo
Opportunity Type: Works
Proposal Due Date: Jan 20, 2010

TUNISIA: Project - Réseau Ferroviaire Rapide Project in Tunisia
Status: In Planning
Project Summary - The objective of the Réseau Ferroviaire Rapide Project in Tunisia is to provide long-term financing
to facilitate public transportation sector development in Tunisia through the construction of two urban railway lines in the
metropolitan area, including the acquisition of rolling stock. The total cost of the project is estimated to reach EUR 550
million(US$ 777.78 million).

TUNISIA: Tender - Tunis West Sewerage in Tunisia: Performance Study of Sludge Discharge from the
Treatment Station of Tunis Ouest (El Attar)
Opportunity Type: Works, Goods, Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 19, 2010

PAVED (BITUMINOUS) STANDARD               Prequalification Notice
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Jan 12, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45233100 - Construction work for highways, roads
45233220 - Surface work for roads
45233120 - Road construction works

GRAVEL TO PAVED (BITUMINOUS) STANDARD              Prequalification Notice
Publication Date: Dec 8, 2009 Deadline: Jan 12, 2010
Original Language: English
Goods, Works and Services
45233120 - Road construction works
45233100 - Construction work for highways, roads
45233220 - Surface work for roads

YEMEN: Tender - Second Rural Access Project (Additional Financing) in Yemen: Consulting Services on
Design Review and Construction Supervision
Opportunity Type: Consulting
Express Interest By: Jan 06, 2010
Project Summary
Contact No.1: Design Review and Construction Supervision for a package of rural road sub-projects consisting of five
sub-projects located in Al Baydha, Dhamar & Mareb governorates with a total length of 95km.
Contact No.2: Design Review and Construction Supervision for another package of rural road sub-projects consisting of
four sub-projects located in Taiz, Ibb & Lahj governorates with a total length of 80km.

Botswana: Hana Discovers More Copper in Ghanzi Hana Mining has announced completion of 14 new RC drill
holes at its Ghanzi copper-silver project in Botswana which extends total mineralisation in the Company's current focus
area, Banana zone.
MOZAMBIQUE: Anadarko to Launch Drilling at Windjammer in Next Few Days Monday, December 07, 2009 -
Cove Energy has been informed by Anadarko that the Belford Dolphin drillship has left port in Mozambique and is
preparing to commence the drilling of the fully funded offshore four well program in the next few days.
Mozambique: Minister Calls for Heavy Fines for Road Damage Mozambican Public Works Minister Felicio Zacarias
on Monday called for heavy fines to be levied on people who damage the country's roads, as an alternative source of
funds for the sector.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sasol to spend R8,4bn to double wax production By: Creamer Media Reporter ENG NEWS 1st
December 2009 Petrochemicals group Sasol would invest R8,4-billion to double its hard wax production in South Africa
by 2014. Sasol Wax would increase its wax production capacity at its Sasolburg site by about 40% by 2012, before
further increasing capacity in a second phase, which was currently expected to come into production by 2014. Sasol
has already completed the basic engineering for the project and has ordered some of the long-lead items for the
project’s first phase, which would also include preinvestment activities for the second phase of the project.
Tanzania: Pemba to Have Reliable Power The Citizen (Dar es Salaam) 5 December 2009 - President Amani Abeid
Karume has urged residents of Pemba island to prepare themselves to fully exploit economic opportunities that will
result from the archipelago's connection to reliable power.
President Karume made the remarks when briefing reporters at the Tanga State Lodge after returning from a special
ship with staff and equipment for undertaking the responsibility, NEXANS SKAGERRAK, from Norway. He said coupled
with the recent political reconciliation, the project would go a long way towards boosting Zanzibar's economic
development endeavours. He congratulated Norway for its cooperation which has made the project possible. He said
Norway's participation has clearly shown that the country has Zanzibaris' interests at heart. Norway has provided $71
million (about Sh94.4 billion) for implementation of the project. The Zanzibar government has contributed $10 million
(about Sh13.3 billion) and the Union government $5 million. The work to lay the cable weighing 4,500 tonnes has been
scheduled to start on December 9. A Norwegian firm, NEXANS, has been contracted to undertake the work.
Tanzania: What Norway Wants From Zanzibar PAMBAZUKA NEWS Chambi Chachage 4 December 2009
Zanzibar is back on the national and international agenda. Of course it has always been on the agenda. But it's a long
time since it was such a mysterious agenda. For a whole week we have been treated with puzzling news. 'What are
Karume and Seif up to in Zanzibar?' queried The Citizen. 'Z'bar's strange bedfellows', quipped the Sunday Citizen.
What I found particularly surprising is not 'the recent rare talks between Zanzibar's erstwhile political foes, President
Amani Abedi Karume and the opposition Civic United Front leader, Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad' (Sunday Citizen 15
November 2009). Why should I be shocked while I know if nothing, or anything, is not done now Zanzibar will explode?
When? 2010!
Then what did I find surprising? Is it the claim that not even the ruling party let alone the presidency knew about the
secrecy behind the meeting? Or is it the assertion that our friends in 'war on terror' and piracy are behind the new-found
unity in Zanzibar? Could it be the oil factor?
Well, what I found intriguing is the energy that our partners in development, Norway, are putting into this agenda. I am
particularly startled by the fact that the Ambassador himself has taken a lead on this. He has 'been the busiest and most
visible over Zanzibar', affirming that 'Norway strongly encourages' Karume and Seif's 'efforts to bring lasting peace to
Zanzibar' (Ibid).
Surely we know why Tanzanians or Zanzibaris need lasting peace in Zanzibar. But what about Norwegians? Why
should they be interested in such peace? For the sake of humanity? Maybe. The clue to why our friends in development
are so interested in our peace is found in what they have been up to in the past week. Tellingly, their minister for
environment and international development was 'the first international personality to send a congratulatory message, a
few hours after news of the meeting emerged' (Ibid). The ambassador even crossed the ocean to meet the president of
Zanzibar. He also met the minister responsible for Union matters.
More tellingly the Norwegian Embassy 'conducted two separate workshops for members of the National Assembly, and
the Zanzibar House of Representatives to sensitise them on oil exploration and drilling for an impending Bill on the
matter' (Ibid). The possibility of oil discovery in Zanzibar has caused a lot of animosity between those who want its
revenues to be shared as a Union matter and those who don't. Why, then, is Norway so interested in this issue?
The official website of the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) lists the 17 licensed oil and gas
exploration companies that operate in Tanzania. Out of these only one is from Norway. Its name is Statoil Asa.
Ironically, it is not operating in Zanzibar. Rather, it is operating on what is referred to as Deep Sea Block Number 2.
On the map this block is close to Mtwara and Lindi. According to this company's official website, its total area is '11,099
square kilometres, and it lies in water depths of between 400 and 3000 metres' off 'the coast of Tanzania in the Indian
Ocean.' If a Norwegian company is thus far removed from Zanzibar, who then is really involved in Zanzibar?
Apparently the company that is operating in Zanzibar/Pemba is a Canadian one. It is known as Antrim Resources
among other names. Shell International from Holland is also operating, albeit in the Deep Sea Blocks Number 9, 10, 11
and 12 which, in a way, surround Zanzibar. As a matter of fact the whole on and off shore of the Indian Ocean in

Tanzania is licensed for oil/gas exploration and companies from as far afield as Australia, Brazil and the United
Kingdom are involved.
It is thus quite clear that there is an international scramble for oil and gas in this Eastern board of Tanzania/Africa. This,
I contend, is the one of the main reasons why Norway is so interested in what is going on in Zanzibar. As history has
taught us Zanzibar has always been a strategic area.
Commenting on this historical legacy, Abdulrahman Mohammed Babu said: 'A country like Zanzibar was quite strategic
in superpower manoeuvres because of its historic role in influencing events in the region.' This is the Zanzibar that
attracted a whole Empire to move its capital from Muscat into it. It's the Zanzibar that is facing the shaky Middle East. It
is a Zanzibar that is a corridor to Somalia, the new zone of piracy. Who wouldn't want to control such a Zanzibar?
Surely Norway, as a country that has used oil among other resources to develop, wouldn't want to be a loser in a battle
for the soul of Zanzibar. Neither would America. Nor would Tanzania.
Chambi Chachage is an independent researcher, newspaper columnist and policy analyst based in Dar es Salaam,
TANZANIA: Country Gets U.S.$40 Million for Road Improvement The Government of Japan has given Tanzania a
grant aid project worth $40million for the improvement of the Masasi-Mangaka Road phase III.
Tanzania: Government Stops Babati Mining Operations ARUSHA TIMES 5 December 2009 — The Emerald and
Alexandrite mines found at Mayoka village in Babati District will soon be closed to pave way for the expansion of Lake
Manyara National Park. The Park Warden Ms Betrita Loibooke said an official directive from the State House has
ordered the mining operations to be halted and miners vacate the precinct because conservation and mining can never
go in sync. The proposed expansion would see Lake Manyara National Park size doubled from the current 330 square
kilometers to around 650 square kilometers annexing the emerald and alexendrite mines, the Marang' forest and farms
number 1, 2 and 3 in Maji-Moto location and giving the park authority total control of the Lake Manyara. Previously, only
half of the lake basin was under conservation.
Lake Manyara is the only place in the world where tree climbing lions can be sited. It handles an average of 160,000
tourists every year. The park lying within the Rift Valley in the endless Maasai Steppes is home to large buffalo,
wildebeest and Zebra herds as well as giraffes. It is also an eco-system of banded mongoose, diminutive Kirk's dik-dik
forages. Manyara provides the perfect introduction to Tanzania's birdlife. More than 400 species have been recorded,
and even a first-time visitor to Africa might reasonably expect to observe 100 of these in one day. Highlights include
thousands of pink-hued flamingos on their perpetual migration, as well as other large water birds such as pelicans,
cormorants and storks.
Tanzania: Investments Lift Construction Sector Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam) Finnigan Wa Simbeye
HEAVY investments in the construction industry has boosted the performance of the sector, which is growing faster
than mining and tourism, officials said earlier this week. The Contractors Registration Board (CRB) Registrar, Mr
Boniface Muhegi, said the sector was now growing at between 12 and 15 per cent, up from 9.0 per cent recorded last
Tanzania: Steel Firm Steps Up Plans to Establish Sh400 Billion EPZ Kamal Steels Limited of Dar es Salaam plans
to invest Sh400 billion in its Export Processing Zone (EPZ).
Zambia: Ndola, Kitwe in U.S. $23 Million Road Facelift THE Zambian Government has signed a US$23 million
contract with a Japanese company aimed at improving and maintaining roads in Ndola and Kitwe.
Zambia: Chinese to Pump U.S. $150 Million Into LCM Rehab THE China Non-Ferrous Metal Company/Luanshya
Copper Mine (CLM) is set to inject an additional fresh investment of more than US$150 million in the rehabilitation of
Luanshya Mine, which commences production on December 14.
Zimbabwe: Speculative Miners Start Releasing Undeveloped Claims MINING houses and individuals holding
mineral claims for speculative purposes have started releasing the undeveloped claims in the wake of punitive
measures adopted by the Government.
Zimbabwe: Govt Seeks Fibre Optic Infrastructure Linking GOVERNMENT is looking at the establishment of fibre
optic infrastructure linking the Harare -Mutare and Harare-Beitbridge routes in efforts to improve local communication
links in a world where Information and Communication Technology determines economic growth.
Zimbabwe: Chinese Firms Pour Millions Into Country THE HERALD 9 December 2009
ZIMBABWE and two Chinese investors on Monday signed four multi-million dollar deals that will see the Asian
companies investing in the mining and transport sectors. The memoranda of understanding signed between the
Government and China International Fund and Sino-Zimbabwe Development Company will see investment in the
construction of the Harare-Chitungwiza and Harare-Gweru railway lines, the extension of the Harare International
Airport runway and a new taxi way in addition to aviation consultancy.
The Chinese will also pump in US$90 million for the resuscitation of Connemara Gold Mine near Gweru. US$10 million
will, within the next three days, be invested in diamond mining at Chiadzwa.
The construction of the Harare-Chitungwiza railway line has been on the drawing board for a number of years and its
completion will ease transport woes and costs for commuters who ply the route daily.
The extension of the airport runway and the taxi way has been noted as one way of luring back major airlines as
Zimbabwe will be able to handle larger traffic volumes, especially with the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa only
seven months away.
Only two weeks ago, Zimbabwe and another Chinese joint venture investment company, Sonangol, signed five
investment deals worth over US$8 billion covering oil and gas exploration, gold and platinum refining, fuel procurement
and distribution, and housing development.

East Africa: Rwandan Exporters Decry Regional Infrastructure THE NEW TIMES Gashegu Muramira 11 Dec 2009
Exporters of locally made products to the United States of America (USA) have cited East Africa's poor infrastructure as
a major challenge to doing business in the region. The business community, which met in a workshop organized by the
United States Agency for International Development (USAID), yesterday at Kigali Serena hotel, said that transport hikes
prices of their products when they reach US markets. "Transporting our finished products to Mombasa is too expensive.
By the time they reach the shelves of US markets, their prices are very high," said Christine Murebwayire, the Managing
Director of COPROVIBA, a banana wine distillery. "We also need loans to make our business much easier. It's still a
huge problem accessing them," added Daphrose Nyirandikubwimana of COVAFGA, a fruit processing company.
But Finn Holm-Olsem, the director of USAID's Competitiveness and Trade Expansion Program (COMPETE), assured
the exporters that the agency had instituted a transportation team to work on how East Africa's transport routes can be
improved. He cited the region's northern corridor which starts from the port of Mombasa through Rwanda and Burundi
and the Democratic Republic of Congo as one route that is up for improvement. "It is no secret that East Africa has the
most expensive and inefficient systems in the world. We are working hard to help improve it," Holm-Olsem said.
Tony Nsanganira, the Director of Export Promotion at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), said that the country is in
the process of developing a national branding strategy that will improve its image abroad as well as quality branding for
Rwandan products. He encouraged exporters to form associations and cooperatives, saying that this would make it
easy for RDB to quickly identify and solve their problems. The meeting also aimed at identifying other challenges like
product development and problems of companies that still don't meet international standards. The COMPETE program
is the one-stop shop in East Africa for business and governments seeking to take advantage of US' Africa Growth
Opportunity Act (AGOA).
East Africa: Zero Tariffs Undermine U.S.$200 Million Cement Plant EAST AFRICAN Mike Mande 7 December 2009
Nairobi — The Tanga Cement Company has put its planned multi-million expansion on hold, depriving the regional
economy of the multiplier effects of an injection of $200 million. This follows an influx of subsidised, imported cement,
owing to the removal of 35 per cent import duties under the East African Community's Customs Union
Juerg Fluehmann, managing director of Tanga Cement, said they decided to put off the $200 million investment in the
second phase of expansion of its clinker production capacity. This was due to the change in policy on import duties and
the oversupply of cement on the global market, combined with a collapse of freight rates. He said Tanga Cement was
working with the government to bring back the suspended duties and to have a specific tariff installed as an anti-
dumping measure. This will help protect the cement industry in East Africa.
The reduction of suspended duties on cement has led to an influx of cheap imports from low-cost producers such as
Pakistan, India and China. The price of cement from these nations is 50 to 60 per cent below the domestic market rate
since producers enjoy lower costs of production. David Njoroge, managing director of Hima Cement in Uganda, said the
region has enough capacity to meet the demand but cannot fully utilise the installed capacity due to unfair competition
from cheap imports. He said that, in the past two years, cement companies in East Africa have invested $600 million in
expansion of capacity. Today, the region's total capacity stands at 9.5 million tonnes a year, compared with a demand
of six million tonnes.
Apart from Tanga Cement, a Kenyan company, Athi River Mining, which was to invest $120 million in a cement plant in
Tanga, has stopped the construction for the past one year. Another proposed investment by West Africa's Dangote in
Mtwara, Tanzania, has also been put on hold. Pradeep Paunrana, managing director of Athi River Mining, said in
Nairobi last week that the governments of East African countries should impose a surcharge of $50 per tonne for
imports into the region, instead of zero tariffs. Mr Paunrana said cement imported mainly from Pakistani was being
dumped in East Africa, threatening local investments. According to Mr Paunrana, despite the imposition of zero tariffs
on imported cement, their Tanzanian investments -- two cement plants in Maweni in Tanga and Mkuranga in Coast
Region, near Dar es Salaam, -- would go ahead. "Athi River is putting $25 million into the Dar es Salaam project and
another $120 million in the Tanga plant -- with a production capacity of 2000 tons a day -- starting January 2010," he
said. The Athi River company was to produce 1.5 million tonnes a year by October 2010 after completion of the project,
making it the largest cement producer in East Africa. CRYING FOR PROTECTIVE TARRIFFS RATHER THAN
Eritrea: Various Development Programs Implemented in Nacfa Sub-Zone (Asmara) 12 Dec 2009
Various development programs were implemented in Nacfa sub-zone this year, and that others are in the process of
implementation, according to Mr. Idris Ali Sheker, Administrator of the sub-zone. The programs focused on construction
of schools, implementation of potable water supply project, digging of wells, soil and water conservation, renovation of
roads and the planting of tree seedlings, among others. There are also plans to implement potable water supply project
in Abelo administrative area, while elementary, junior and secondary schools would be constructed in the administrative
areas of Mariet, Beyan, Nacfa, Endilal, Baqlan and Laban. The project is under implementation in the first three
Meanwhile, a 70 Km.-long road running from Nacfa to Rora which was damaged by heavy rains is being renovated
through Roddab Construction Company.
Also in line with efforts to boost agricultural production, about 650 quintals of select seeds of wheat and barley have
been distributed to the farming community in the sub-zone, besides the planting of 21,000 tree seedlings, Mr. Idris
stated. He further indicated that about 4,500 cubic meters of embankments and 7,000 meter-long terraces have been
put in place in the administrative areas of Mariet, Baqla, Endilai and Laban. Ploughing, weeding and harvesting
activities were also undertaken in support of families of fallen heroes.

Ethiopia: Midroc Signs Up for Second Gold Mine MIDROC Gold has signed a 10-year agreement with the Ministry
of Mines and Energy (MoME) on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, for the extraction of 20,483kg of gold from the Sakaro
area, three kilometres from the existing Lega Dembi gold belt in the Guji Zone of the Oromia Regional State, about
500km southwest of Addis Abeba, where the company has been mining since 1998.
Ethiopia: Bio-Diesel Supply Giants Come to an Understanding PRAJ Industries Limited, an Indian company that
supplies bio-diesel and bio-ethanol technologies, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ardent Energy
Group (AEG) Ethiopia and Eco-Energy S.C. Ethiopia on December 4 and 5, 2009, one after the other.
Ethiopia: Nation, Norway Sign Agreement On Hydropower Development, Academic Cooperation Ethiopia and
Norway signed agreements on hydropower development and capacity building academic cooperation worth around 400
million ETB on Monday, a press release from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Addis said.
Ethiopia: Roads Authority Asks for Directions From Districts The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) is preparing for
the next Road Sector Development Programme (RSDP), which could cost 40 billion Br.
Kenya: House Approves Proposal to Lease Out Highway DAILY NATION 10 December 2009
After two days of controversy-ridden debate, Parliament has finally given the green light to a project aimed at leasing
the Mombasa-Malaba highway for 30 years to a private investor. This came after the passage of an amendment to have
the concession agreement returned to the House for approval. The amendment was moved by Ikolomani MP Boni
Khalwale (New Ford Kenya).
On Thursday, there was a temporary scare when nominated MP Millie Odhiambo attempted to defer debate on the Bill,
saying MPs had not read the voluminous concession agreement, two days after it was tabled. "This project has the
potential of becoming another Anglo Leasing," she said, adding that the MPs had to be extra vigilant to ensure it is was
not used to fleece the public. Industrialisation assistant minister Ndiritu Muriithi and Nominated MP George Nyamweya
supported Ms Odhiambo, saying that approving the contract without scrutinising the details was putting the Kenyan
infrastructure at risk. "We need to subject this concession to a cost-benefit analysis, look at the money being made and
what the country will save before approving it," Mr Nyamweya said.
However, their plan was scuttled after Joint Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo rallied backbenchers to have the project
approved by the House. The first phase of concession will see four toll stations erected at Athi River Junction, the
Enterprise Junction, and the James Gichuru Road Junction plus another one at Rironi. Toll charges will be paid by all
vehicles passing through the stations.
Kenya: Sign Board Rules On Construction Sites to Be Enforced All construction sites will now have a signboard
showing the architecture, quantity surveyor, contractor and the engineer's names and full address details, to tackle the
problem of sub-standard buildings being put up, a Cabinet minister has said.
Kenya: Link to Addis a Boon DAILY NATION 9 December 2009 — In recent years, regional economies have come to
the belated realisation that their destinies are tied together. Unlike in the past when developing countries were more
inclined to look up to their former colonial masters for economic salvation, today, countries like Kenya recognise
neighbours like Uganda and Ethiopia to be of great strategic importance. Nevertheless, these economies remain poorly
interlinked in terms of infrastructure. As a matter of fact, the most important links to the outside world remain sea and air
On Tuesday, Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta signed a Sh12.5 billion funding agreement with the African
Development Bank for the 123-kilometre road to Ethiopia. Despite Ethiopia being demographically double the size
of Kenya, little business has been going on between the two Comesa partner states. We applaud the government and
its development partners for this noble effort to reverse a sorry state of affairs. The road link will be of great import for
the two economies.
Although Ethiopia's economy is even more agrarian than Kenya's, its recent double-digit growth, and a population
estimated by the World Bank at 80 million, makes for mouth-watering prospects, particularly for our industrial exporters.
Trade with the country is bound to give our economy a huge boost.
Rwanda: WB, AFDB to Finance Inter-State Rail Network THE NEW TIMES James Karuhanga 10 December 2009
The World Bank and the African Development Bank have agreed to finance the rail link between Tanzania, Rwanda
and Burundi to enhance trade among East African nations. This was confirmed during the on-going inter ministerial
meeting of Ministers of Infrastructure from the three countries.
Speaking to the media yesterday, Burundi's Minister for Public Works and Equipment, Eng. Anatole Kanyenkiko,
revealed that several parts of this study were presented in Tunis during a roundtable meeting with development
partners and the private sector, in March and approved. "The roundtable observed that the project is bankable,
economically and financially feasible. This project is very important for our countries and our region." Eng. Kanyenkiko
said. Experts say that construction works of this crucial railway line is likely be completed by 2014.
Currently, Rwanda is in charge of coordinating the multi-country project and the current plan for the railroad is to
construct a modern high-speed train that travels with a minimum speed of 120 kilometres per hour. Upon completion,
most importers and exporters will shift from Mombasa port to Dar es Salaam as it will become possible to travel to Kigali
within a single day, as opposed to the six days it currently takes. If the project is successful, the high-speed train will be
the fastest in the East African region with the capacity to carry several tonnes of cargo in each of the 2,000 wagons.
Speaking after yesterday's meeting, Tanzania's Minister of Infrastructure, Dr. Shukuru Kawambwa, said the project was
very encouraging. The study is currently being conducted by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (BNSF).
"The rail we are building in the three countries will be on a standard gauge - it will be stable enough to carry more loads,
and faster," Dr. Kawambwa told reporters.
Rwanda: Kigali Five-Star Hotel to Create 400 Jobs East African Business Week (Kampala) Bosco Hitimana
5 December 2009 — Construction of a five star hotel in Kigali city that is expected to create 400 jobs has started.
Rwanda Minister of Finance and Economic Planning James Musoni and the New Century Development (NCD) Limited,
a Chinese firm that is promoting the hotel attended the groundbreaking ceremony held last week in Kigali. Located in
the heart of the city, New Century Hotel will have 242 rooms ranging from deluxe to Presidential suites and is expected
to create 400 job opportunities.
The $60 million first five star hotel in Rwanda is owned 75% and 25% by the Chinese and Rwandese respectively. "We
are very grateful for having taken this remarkable step of construction that will provide standards for a five star hotel on
the Rwandan market," NCD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Billy Cheung said. He told East African Business Week in an
interview that China Construction Company (CCC) will construct the hotel within three years. The Rwandese investor in
the project Hatari Sekoko said that Marriot Hotels International, a U.S based Group of Hotels will manage the hotel for
30 years. The first of its kind in Rwanda, New Century Hotel will provide first class accommodation, according to its
Rwanda: Kagame, IFC Official Discuss Investment President Paul Kagame yesterday met Janamitra Devan, the
Vice President of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and discussed how the institution can enhance investment
and private sector development in the country.
Rwanda: IFC Making Leasing More Accessible to SMEs International Finance Corporation's leasing program in
Rwanda extending to more Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) , according to officials.
Rwanda: Agro-Investment Plan Gets $350 Million Boost THE NEW TIMES Edmund Kagire 9 December 2009
The new government plan to overhaul the agricultural sector and increase food and the nutritional security of the
country yesterday received a major boost from development partners who pledged to meet the $350m shortfall. The
Agriculture Sector Strategy and Investment Plan to be implemented by the government between 2009 and 2012 will
cost over $800m but the Ministry of Agriculture was experiencing a gap of $350m that needed to be raised by April
2010 in order to include it in the 2010/11 budget.
The plan which aims to transform agriculture into a modern, professionally-managed and market-oriented economic
undertaking yesterday received the backing of the donor platform including the World Bank, the United States
Government, Canada, IFAD, AfDB and the European Commission among others.
Following a presentation of the plan to development partners during the just concluded Comprehensive Africa
Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) meeting, the plan received overwhelming backing and partners pledged
to meet their commitments before April 15th, some coming up with figures while others couldn't specify. On behalf of
Development partners, Anna Maria from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) noted that partners
will come up with a contribution to the investment plan after reviewing it. "Development partners will, having reviewed
the investment plan in detail, make all efforts to mobilise funding from both traditional and non-traditional sources."
"In order to align with the Rwandan Government planning and budget cycle, some commitments will be met from now to
April 2010 so that it can be included in the budget for July 2010," announced Anna Maria, , in a joint statement from
development partners. She is also head the Agriculture sector working group in Rwanda.
The International Fund for African Development (IFAD) announced that it will contribute US$38.6m to the investment
plan in the financial year 2010/11, while next week its Board of Directors will approve a US$9.3m fund to support
agriculture development in Rwanda on top of the earlier signed $24m agriculture support fund allocated to the country.
It also announced that it will open its permanent office in the country next year.
The Special Representative of the US President, Gayle Dyer, said that the US is deeply committed to support
agricultural and economic development and has requested Rwanda to forward its 2010/11 budget to which it will
contribute $25m dollars. The European Commission also announced it's commitment to continue supporting the
country's budget with its annual $250m contribution. In addition to that, it will also contribute about $54m to support
agriculture development on top of $100m to stimulate economic growth, to which 20 percent will go to agriculture
development. The World Bank and the Department for International Development (DFID) as well as the African
Development Bank also made their pledges to the plan.
According to Agriculture Minister Agnes Kalibata, the plan will help improve the lives of more than 50 percent
Rwandans who continues to live on less than one US Dollar a day yet the agricultural sector remains the economic
backbone employing about 80 percent of the working population.
Rwanda: World Body Commends Initiative The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has praised the
government of Rwanda for its initiative of directly connecting farmers to the retail coffee market.
Rwanda: Inflation Eased Slightly in October In October 2009 Rwanda's year-on-year inflation dropped by 0.33
percent to 5.59 percent from 5.92 percent the previous month, according to the National Institute of Statistics of
Rwanda (NISR).
Rwanda: Country, China Sign Pact on Trade and Investment The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Friday signed
a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU )with Zhejiang Province of China on strengthening and increasing trade and
investment relations between the two countries.
Uganda: Kampala Industrial Park Eyes U.S.$2.7 Billion in Projects Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has offered
863 acres of land in Kampala Business and Industrial Park (KIBP) to 321 investors.
Uganda: Cost of Building Materials Up THE cost of construction in Uganda has almost doubled in the last one year,
the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) said yesterday.
Uganda: Tororo to Get Over Shs900 Billion Phosphate Plant Tororo District is expected to receive Shs$500 million
(about Shs925 billion) from World Bank for the construction of a phosphate industry. Tororo Resident District
Commissioner Mpimbaza Hashaka told journalist in Kampala, Monday upon the completion of the project, Uganda
would increase its capital inflow and reduce capital outflow as phosphate exports are set to increase.
Uganda: UK Firm Brings Road Recycling Technology THE NEW VISION David Ssempijja 10 December 2009
KILLOUGHERY, a construction company based in London, has introduced a road recycling technology into the
Ugandan market. Road recycling is a money and time-saving process that involves repairing while putting the worn out
materials like aggregates into re-use. "The increasing demand on infrastructure requires fast effective solutions that do
not jeopardise quality, performance and overhaul costs, like ours," said Christopher Woodley, the managing director.
Woodley was speaking at the launch of the road recycling machines at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Tuesday.
Rebecca Kadaga, the deputy speaker of Parliament, officiated at the launch. To ensure quality performance, our firm
analyses the road make-up and does scientific soil tests in advance, to establish the suitability of the material for
stabilisation, he said. The company has already imported machines like the Michigan machine, worth $750,000, which
is equipped with an all-in-one bitumen and aggregate mixing and carriage, grading, compaction and material gauging
functions. The Michigan machine, Woodley said, operates under computerised systems designed from within, allowing
it to perform in line with to international road construction standards.
One other machine has the capacity to recycle 100 kilometres per year while enabling the road under repair to dry
instantly. "Uganda is the second country to benefit from this technology after South Africa. We are sure this economy
has the capacity to support us," he said. The construction company has been in operation for 48 years. It was the first
firm in London to purchase concrete crushers, establishing itself as one of the pioneers of cost effective recycling.
Uganda: Luzira Prison for Sale The land on which Luzira prisons is built, is up for grabs if any investor shows interest
to develop it.
Uganda: Emotions Run High as House Okays Govt Quest for Shs130 Billion Markets Loan The government has
secured necessary parliamentary approval to borrow Shs130 billion from the African Development Bank and the Arab
Bank of Economic Development Bank for the rehabilitation of 26 markets countrywide.

CAPE VERDE: Cape Verde to complete port services privatization next year Praia, Cape-Verde (PANA) - The
privatization of port services in Cape Verde is expected to be completed in June next year, a senior official of the
process said in Praia on Thursday. 03/12/2009
GHANA: South Korea in $10bn Ghana homes deal 9 December 2009 A South Korean firm has agreed to build
200,000 homes in Ghana over the next six years at a cost of $10bn (£6.1bn), Seoul officials say. Construction firm STX
will set up a joint venture to share the cost of the project with Ghana's government. Seoul officials say 90,000 of the
homes will be owned by the Accra government - the rest will be sold. STX said its housing deal will involve construction
in 10 cities, including the capital Accra, from 2010 to 2015.
Ghana: Country, China Enter Into Agreement on Oil and Gas The China Development Bank (CDB) has, in a
financing agreement with the Ghana government and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), disclosed
plans to support the development and the utilization of Ghana's oil and gas.
Nigeria: Foreign Repairs - FG to Clamp Down On Oil Firms The Federal Government has warned that it will no
longer tolerate oil companies that export Rig Shipyard/Shut-down Repairs & Maintenance to other countries, thereby
depriving Nigeria of huge revenue, employment and exposure to critical technology.
Nigeria: Relocation of Benin Airport to Be After considering the complains and risks posed by the present location of
the Benin airport to neighbouring residents especially the expansive palace of the monarch, Oba Erediauwa, the
Federal Government is now proposing the relocation of the airport from its present site.
Nigeria: GE, Rockson Win $230 Million Kaduna Power Plant Contract GE Oil & Gas in a partnership with Rockson
Engineering Nigeria has been awarded a $230 million contract by the government of Nigeria for the installation and
commissioning of a dual fired 150-200 MW power plant in Kaduna.
Nigeria: ONGC Planning to Build Refinery in Nation ONGC Videsh Ltd, the overseas arm of India's state-run oil
exploration major Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), is planning to set up a greenfield refinery in Nigeria.
Nigeria: Reps Cancel $8.3 Billion Rail Project The $8.3 billion railway modernization project awarded to the China
Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)may have run into a hitch as the House of Representatives
yesterday directed government to discontinue the contract.

AFRICA: BADEA pledges more funding for Africa's infrastructure Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - The Director-General of
the Khartoum-based Arab Bank for Economic Development (BADEA), Abdulaziz Khelef, said here Wednesday that the
bank would take a leading role in funding agriculture and infrastructural developments in Africa. 09/12/2009
AFRICA: PetroVietnam to Operate in Sudan, Angola Friday, December 11, 2009 - The state-owned oil and gas
conglomerates of Vietnam and Sudan have signed a cooperation agreement on exploring for and producing oil and gas
in the two countries.

IRAQ: Iraq oil potential overstated by some firms Thamir Ghadhban, adviser to Iraq's prime minister and a former oil
minister, has said that estimates of 10 or even 12 million bpd production targets proposed by some international oil
companies in Iraq are not realistic, Reuters has reported. 'With all due respect to IOCs and their technical expertise, I
think some of the plateau figures that were bid on in the first round were exaggerated and most likely unsustainable,' he

UAE: Nakheel denies 'speculative' Palm Jumeirah sinking claims Dubai-based developer, Nakheel has dismissed
as "inaccurate" information from a remote sensing satellite firm claiming the developer's iconic Palm Jumeirah may be
sinking into the sea, according to Property Wire website.
UAE: Nakheel bondholders seek full repayment A group representing a minority of bondholders in Dubai World unit
Nakheel's $3.5bn sukuk has written to Dubai World seeking repayment of the debt, Reuters has reported, citing a
source familiar with the matter. The bondholders' group represents 'more than 25%' of the deal, the source said, which
according to analysts is sufficient to block any restructuring deal. New York-based hedge fund QVT Financial is
spearheading the group and represents foreign bondholders only.
UAE: Nakheel had $3.65bn loss in H1, says report Dubai-based Nakheel had a first-half loss of Dhs13.4bn ($3.65bn)
as revenue fell and it wrote down the value of land and property, Bloomberg has reported, citing an unspecified
document that it obtained.
UAE: UK engineering firm quits Dubai amid downturn Mouchel Group says it is owed $16m, is focusing on Abu
Dhabi operations instead.

KENYA: UK bans Kenyans over corruption 11 December 2009 The UK has issued a travel ban to more than 20
Kenyan citizens accused of corruption, the High Commissioner says. Rob Macaire said the ban was a last resort,
pointing out that no senior official had ever been convicted of corruption by a Kenyan court. He was speaking at
the launch of a new campaign aimed at tackling corruption. The names have not been made public but they are thought
to include senior civil servants, politicians and businessmen.
President Mwai Kibaki was first elected in 2002 on a pledge to end corruption but his government has since been
accused of lacking the political will to tackle corruption. Mr Macaire pointed out that Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
had dropped its investigations earlier this year into the "Anglo-Leasing" affair, in which contracts worth some $100m
were awarded to firms which did not exist. The SFO said it was dropping the case because of a lack of co-operation
from Kenyan agencies. In February, Kenya's attorney general blamed the delays on the country's judicial system.
Mr Macaire acknowledged Kenya's progress in passing anti-corruption laws, but he argued that they are meaningless
without the values to underpin them. The US has recently banned some Kenyan officials from travelling there, accusing
them of blocking political reforms after deadly post-election violence in 2008.
Kenya: Witnesses Fail to Show Up in Piracy Case A case against nine Somalis accused of piracy stalled on
Thursday when two witnesses failed to show up. THE FARCE OF “RIGHTS”, NOW THEY ARE SET TO BE
Madagascar: U.S. Threatens to Cut Trade Benefits Over Political Deadlock The United States has stepped up
pressure on Madagascar's rulers to agree on a transitional government or face losing trade benefits under American
Niger opposition condemns award of mining contracts to president's allies Niamey, Niger (PANA) - The
Coordination of Forces for Democracy and Republic (CFDR), a coalition of political parties, trade unions and civil
society organisations in Niger has condemned the way mining contracts are awarded only to people close to President
Mamadou Tandja. 11/12/2009
Nigeria: Rinderpest Cattle Disease Has Been Eradicated -FAO A deadly cattle disease known as Rinderpest or
cattle plague has seize to exist, the World Organization for Animal Health and the Food Agricultural organization (FAO)
Nigeria: Benue Assembly Investigates Sale of Benue Cement Company The Benue State House of Assembly has
declared its readiness to instigate a thorough investigate into the manner in which the Benue Cement Company,
Gboko, was sold to Dangote Company Plc in July, 2006.
RWANDA: Top Rwandan banker jailed 30 years for war crimes Brussels, Belgium (PANA) - A Brussels criminal
court has sentenced a former director of the Rwandan commercial bank, Ephrem Nkezabera, to 30 years in prison for
War Crimes, including murders and rapes, during his country's 1994 genocide, official sources told PANA here.
South Africa: Flying With the Jet Set As Economic Headwinds Blow NOT many people became rich in SA this
year. In fact, in an economy that has shed almost a million jobs since the start of the year, South Africans have
struggled to keep afloat.
Tanzania: Rally Car Kills Four Children Four children died on spot and at least 13 other people were injured, some
seriously, when a rally car hit spectators near Morogoro yesterday.
Uganda: Fire Guts Entebbe, Flights Suspended Passenger flights to and from Entebbe Airport were yesterday
grounded and the airport cordoned off after a mid-morning fire led to the explosion of several tanks containing aviation
Zambia: Total to Close Down Business French oil firm, Total, will close down and sell its service stations in Zambia,
because they are non-profitable, the firm says.
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