Certificate Structure Banking Certificate Changes in the banking environment by pluggone


									    Certificate Structure

    Banking Certificate
    Changes in the banking environment makes it necessary for banking staff to equip themselves with basic banking skills.
    The primary purpose of the qualification is to provide the qualifying learners with a competency to understand and apply
    basic principles of the operations of the financial system within the domestic economy. This will contribute to the learner’s
    employability and marketability as a professional, both in the formal financial services sector as well as related industries
    thereby contribution to the economic and social up-skilling in South Africa.

    Duration: 12 months, 3 modules per semester.                                               Qualification Code: 72222

    Compulsory Modules                                                   Elective Modules Choose one (1)
                   •   Business Accounting                                        •   Business Communication
                   •   Business Management                                        •   Fundamentals of Business Statistics
                   •   Introduction to Economics                                  •   Customer Service
                   •   Banking                                                    •   Money Laundering
                   •   Basic Principles of Law

    Banking Services Advice Certificate
    The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act (Act 37 of 2002) was instituted to regulate the standard of
    financial planning services within the financial services sector. This act requires all financial advisers to become licensed
    practitioners in the field. This qualification aims to give learners a fundamental understanding of FAIS requirements and
    other relevant legislation, and foundational knowledge and skills required for financial planning and providing financial
    services of all kinds. The qualification introduces the learner to basic accounting techniques and principles. Learners
    obtaining this qualification will have a firm foundation of knowledge of the banking sector and will have the necessary
    skills to secure a career in banking and to embark on a path of lifelong learning at higher levels in banking or other fields
    in the financial services sector.

    Duration: 12 months, 3 modules per semester.                                                Qualification Code: 72345

    Compulsory Modules
                   •   Economic fundamentals relative to investment environment
                   •   Delivering a personal financial advisory service
                   •   Fundamental principles of basic accounting and investment
                   •   Legislative banking and insurance environment
                   •   Business principles
                   •   Financial banking and insurance concepts
                   •   Fit and Proper (Category 1), a portfolio of evidence, with no formal examination.

    Generic Certificate Information
    Registration requirements:                                          Evaluation and Examination:
    A National senior certificate or equivalent qualification.          Students will be assessed by means of assignments per
                                                                        module completed during the course of the semester.
    Teaching Method:
    Lecturers will communicate to students by means of study            A formal examination for each module will be written at
    guide supplied on registration and tutorial letters.                official UNISA examination centres.

                                                                        To pass a module, students must obtain at least 50% in
    All the learning material is in English.
                                                                        the examination.
    On completion of all six modules, students are awarded a
    certificate by UNISA at an official ceremony.

2                                                                              The effort is worth the reward

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