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Recticel Bedding _Switzerland_ A


									Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG

Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG is part of the Belgian Recticel Group, a company that
operates in the flexible foams, sleep systems, insulation and automotive sectors in 27
different countries with around 11,000 employees. In 2008, the stock-exchange-listed
Recticel Group achieved turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros.

The Recticel Group has earned a global reputation through its exceptional expertise in
polyurethane foam materials and production processes. Polyurethanes are plastics
which, depending on the how they are manufactured, exhibit hard, brittle, elastic or soft
properties. If polyurethane is expanded, it can be used as a permanently elastic, flexible
foam or as a hard mounting foam.

Recticel first used foam in the automotive industry – with resounding success. All the
company's current activities continue to focus on polyurethane. Given the organisation's
power of innovation and technological advances, it was a logical next step to use high-
grade polyurethane foam in bed and mattress systems.

With strong brand names such as Swissflex (international), Superba (Switzerland,
Germany, Austria, France), Schlaraffia (Germany), Lattoflex (Benelux, Switzerland,
France, Spain), Beka (Belgium), Ubica (Netherland), or Sembella (Germany, Austria),
Recticel is the leading European bed group. The Superba and Swissflex brands, with
their exclusive range, provide tailored sleep systems to meet the most demanding

Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG, which reported annual turnover of around CHF 100
million in 2008, was founded in 2008 as the result of a merger between the two
subsidiaries Matra AG and Superba AG. Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG employs
more than 200 people in Flüh and Büron in Switzerland. ‘In Switzerland, Recticel Bedding
is the market leader in the higher price category’ says CEO Georg Lörz. ‘And it's not just

Recticel Bedding (Schweiz) AG, Postfach 65, Bettenweg 12, CH-6233 Büron
Telefon +41 41 935 01 11, Fax Adm. +41 41 935 04 91,
in Switzerland, because Recticel has also gained a significant market share in the
premium segment in other markets such as Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,
France and Austria.’

The two merged companies can look back on decades of tradition and experience in the
sleep systems sector. In 1933, Superba triumphed over the horsehair mattress with its
first frameless spring mattress; Matra designed and produced mattresses, cushions and
slats for Swissflex branded products. Consolidating the two companies, both market
leaders in the bed sector, yielded valuable synergies for Recticel Bedding (Switzerland)

Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG focuses its business primarily on developing,
manufacturing and marketing sleep systems, spring core and foam mattresses, spring
bases and slat frames. According to CEO Georg Lörz, the emphasis is not on the
individual products, however, but on an integrated concept: ‘We don't sell isolated
products, but rather integrated, complete sleep systems.’

Continual research and development are crucial to market success. The goal is to create
optimal comfort in sleep by applying the latest findings of scientific research into sleep.
One result of this is the new Swissflex range to be launched in 2010: ‘The integrated
sleep concept with synchro-precision.’

Ring of Fire GmbH
Gaby Bartolomeo . Managing Partner
Ismaninger Straße 62a . 81675 Munich . Germany
P +49 89 21899295

Recticel Bedding (Schweiz) AG, Postfach 65, Bettenweg 12, CH-6233 Büron
Telefon +41 41 935 01 11, Fax Adm. +41 41 935 04 91,
Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG key facts

1924                    The Büron quilt factory is founded

1934                    The Superba brand is launched

1949                    Matra AG is founded in Hofstetten-Flüh (near Basel)

1976                    The Swissflex brand is introduced as Matra AG's premium brand

1996                    Recticel N.V. Belgium acquires Superba SA and the company
                        changes its name to Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) GmbH

1999                    Recticel N.V. Belgium acquires Matra AG

2004                    Lattoflex brand licence taken over for distribution in Switzerland

2008                    Matra AG Flüh and Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) GmbH Büron
                        merge to form Recticel Bedding (Switzerland) AG

Figures (as of 2008)
                        approximately 220 employees
                        turnover of approximately CHF 100 million in 2008

Annual production volumes
                         approximately 100,000 mattresses
                        approximately 130,000 slats
                        approximately 3,000 upholstered beds

Recticel Bedding (Schweiz) AG, Postfach 65, Bettenweg 12, CH-6233 Büron
Telefon +41 41 935 01 11, Fax Adm. +41 41 935 04 91,

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