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Google announces Chrome OS


									Google announces Chrome OS

Written by Hariom Tripathi
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 13:37 -


When Google first announced its Chrome browser, it seemed that the company was trying to
wean users further from Microsoft. Now it's going a step further with the announcement of...

Once you move applications off the desktop and into the cloud, the browser becomes more
important than the underlying operating system.
And if you uncouple applications from the OS, how much of the existing operating system
becomes redundant? Google reckons the answer is "a lot."
So the company has announced Google Chrome OS. Described as "a natural extension
of Google Chrome" and "an open source, lightweight operating system that will
initially be targeted at netbooks", Google OS will use the  Linux kernel.
It will be distinguishable from the bulk of Linux distros by the provision of a new windowing
system with Chrome as the front end.
"For application developers, the web is the platform" so applications written for
Google Chrome OS will also run on standards-based browsers on other operating systems
(specifically Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).
Is it a coincidence that Google announced Chrome OS shortly after dropping the beta tag from
Google Apps?
In an apparent reference to Acer's recent demonstration of a netbook running Android, Google
officials emphasised that Google Chrome OS is something separate from Android.
"Android was designed from the beginning to work across a variety of devices from
phones to set-top boxes to netbooks. Google Chrome OS is being created for people who
spend most of their time on the web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from
small netbooks to full-size desktop systems."
The Google Chrome OS code will be open-sourced later this year, and Google expects the first
netbooks running the new operating system to appear in the second half of 2010. The company
is already discussing the project with hardware vendors.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that Chrome OS is just for netbooks and maybe nettops: the
statement by Google's vice president of product management Sundar Pichai and engineering
director Linus Upson emphasises that the new OS is intended for everything from netbooks to


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