Think tic-tac-toe by lcesteacher01


									       IMAGINE                      LOCATE                         RESPOND
     (SYNTHESIS)                 (KNOWLEDGE)                    (COMPREHEND)

You are the main             Find the page where the        Respond to the author by
character in the story.      author writes about the        writing him or her a
How would you do things      plots turning point.           friendly letter.
                        1                               2                            3

    COMPARE                          CREATE                         DRAW
 (COMPREHENSION)                   (SYNTHESIS)                  (APPLICATION)

Compare this story with      Create an award for this       Draw a picture to show
another one with the same    story and explain the          the characters and setting
theme.                       award’s significance.          of the story.

                         4                              5                            6

       CHANGE                     DESCRIBE                        CRITIQUE
     (SYNTHESIS)               (COMPREHENSION)                  (EVALUATION)

You are the author.          You are the media              What is your viewpoint of
Change the setting and       specialist. Describe the       the story?
sequence of events.          plot and theme to a
                             potential reader.

                         7                              8                            9

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