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Youth on Call Anti-Wrinkle treatments:
We use a naturally occurring purified protein delivered as a prescription medicine. When injected into
target areas it relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles to appear. This results in a significantly less
creased, more youthful, fresh and rejuvenated appearance of the overlying skin. (The product can also
be injected in the underarm in cases of severe sweating (known as axillary hyperhidrosis) when other
topical treatments fail to work).

The method:
Administered by tiny injections that effectively relaxes the underlying muscle by blocking nerve
impulses that trigger its contractions. This means less movement for a vastly smoother look.

Does it hurt?
The discomfort is minimal and often described as similar to an ant bite sting that lasts a few seconds
no more.

How quick is the procedure?
It is a fast and effective procedure requiring no downtime. Although it is a non-surgical facial
enhancement this treatment is able to target moderate to deep creases and lines. The wrinkles created
in your skin from decades of use can be erased in days with this quick and simple but highly effective

What parts should I have treated?
Drastic results are achieved when choosing to remove frown lines between the eyebrows or crow's feet
around the eyes and horizontal forehead wrinkles. While these expression lines may originally have left
you looking angry anxious, sad or tired, their removal can create drastically positive results. You'll be

But is it toxic?
Extracted from bacteria and refined into a medication it has been used safely and effectively in
hundreds of thousands of patients for over 10 years. There have been no long term side effects
reported in the 20 years of cosmetic use. The most common side effect is tenderness and bruising at
the site of the injection which, in our case, can be immediately treated with ice or arnica to ensure
you leave our Clinics feeling great and completely satisfied.

When will I have to be re-treated?
"Kicking in" after 2-3 days the full effect of your anti-wrinkle treatment will be noticed at 7-10 days.
(with this in mind, it is best to plan ahead, particularly when seeking treatment for special occasions).

While everybody's metabolism and muscle reaction is unique, Treatment is temporary, lasting an
average of 3 months or longer with repeated treatments.

                                                                                   treatments relax
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