AA          Airport Authority
AAT         Asia Airfreight Terminal Co. Ltd.
ACC         Airport Consultative Committee
ACCS        Air Cargo Clearance System
ACP         Airport Core Programme
ACS         Access Control System
ADSCOM      Airport Development Steering Committee
AFFC        Air Freight Forwarding Centre
AMD         Airport Management Division
AOCC        Airport Operations Control Centre
AOD         Airport Opening Date
AODB        Airport Operation Data Base
AOR         Airport Operation Readiness
AP          Authorized Person
AR          Airport Railway
ATC         Air Traffic Control
AVSECO      Aviation Security Company
BD          Buildings Department
BSS         Box Storage System
C&ED        Customs & Excise Department
CAD         Civil Aviation Department
CEO         Chief Executive Officer
CHS         Cargo Handing System
CLK         Chek Lap Kok
CROW        CLK Ramp Handling Operators Working Group
CSE         Centre of Software Engineering Limited
CTO         Cargo Terminal Operator
CUTE        Common User Terminal Equipment
EDS         Electronic Data Systems Limited
ESB         Economic Services Bureau
ExCo        Executive Council
FAT         Factory Acceptance Test
FDDS    Flight Data Display system
FIDS    Flight Information Display System
FSD     Fire Services Department
GEC     General Electric Company Hong Kong Limited
GTC     Ground Transportation Centre
HACTL   Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd.
HAS     Hong Kong Airport Services
HAFFA   Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding
HKO     Hong Kong Observatory
HKT     Hong Kong Telecom
Imm D   Immigration Department
IT      Information Technology
ITSD    Information Technology Services Department
JATS    Jardine Air Terminal Services Ltd
LCD     Liquid Crystal Display
MOU     Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the
        Construction of the New Airport in Hong Kong
        and Related Questions
NAPCO   New Airport Projects Co-ordination Office
Ogden   Ogden Aviation (Hong Kong) Ltd.
OP      occupation permit
PAA     Provisional Airport Authority
PD      Project Division
PRs     Problem Reports
PTB     Airport Passenger Terminal Building
PTS     Particular Technical Specification
RHO     Ramp Handling Operator
SAR     Special Administrative Region
SAS     Stand Allocation System
SAT     Site Acceptance Test
SSS     System Segment Specificiations
ST1     Super Terminal One
T1      Terminal 1
T2      Terminal 2
TMS     Terminal Management System
TOP   Temporary Occupation Permit
WB    Works Bureau

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