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       ENGLISH THRONE IN 1066?

Write a speech in favour of ONE of the 3 main
claimants to the English throne in 1066.

You should include as much relevant information as
possible so as to argue the best case possible for
your chosen claimant.

Research your claimant carefully and in as much
detail as you can, mentioning the following in your

    An introduction

    The main reasons why your claimant should be

    The reasons why the other claimants should
     not be King

    A concluding few sentences

You should aim for your speech to be no longer than
3-5 minutes long. Remember to be as convincing as
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh

When the Normans successfully invaded England in
1066 and went on to conquer Ireland some years
later, they brought a number of changes to these
lands. Research and work in teams (and with the
help of your teacher) to summarise what some of
these key changes were in relation to:

    Language

    Religion

    Everyday Life

    Law and Order/customs

    Dress

You may wish to add detail for each of these things
as you study them in turn over the next dew weeks
in class. Otherwise you can research them

Are there any of these changes that still exist and
shape your identity today? Discuss this with the rest
of your class. Aim to pick at least one and explain it
in as much detail as you can.
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh


   1. Complete an Internet group research project on the
      main features of Norman crime and punishment.

   2. Conduct a class survey on the opinions of people in
      your class about Norman crime and punishment.

          - Look at things such as whether people agree with
            the forms of punishment used during Medieval

          - Whether they think they were too soft/too
            harsh/just right etc.

          - Whether they think punishments are
            fairer/harsher today than those during the
            Medieval period

          - Any other relevant point

   3. Gather and organise information in an appropriate
      format (a table, graph, fact file, extended essay etc.) to
      compare the main similarities between
      crime/punishment during the Middle Ages and that

   4. Explain why and how governments/rulers use(d)

                         During the time of William the
                         Today

Again, use an appropriate format for presenting your
information clearly.
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh

   1. Draw a diagram to illustrate how society was
      structured during the Middle Ages with the

   For each of the people/groups you mention, state
   what their roles, rights and responsibilities

   2. Explain how and why some groups faced
      inequality during the Middle Ages.

   3. Can you think of any ways in which some
      groups or people face inequality today? Why do
      you think this is the case?

   Discuss these issues with your teacher and your
   class group.
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh

   Read about the main religious beliefs held during
   the Middle Ages.

   Organise your information to illustrate the ways in
   which religious beliefs during the Middle Ages
   both differed from, and compared with, religious
   beliefs held today.

   Use an appropriate format to display your
   information clearly (e.g. table form, or even
   extended writing)

   Aim to present your information using ICT.
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh

      1. After you have examined the key features of
         medicine and health during the Middle Ages
         (particularly in respect of the “Black Death”),
         work in small groups to debate the motion:

   “People in the past were “stupid”
  because they did not have the same
 ideas or knowledge as we have today
     about medicine and health”

      2. Construct a timeline to show some of the key
         developments in health and medicine up to
         present day.

Are there any things we still don’t know about
issue? List them.
T19 Saint Catherine’s College Armagh

“What were the similarities and differences
between health during Roman times and that
during the Middle Ages?”


“Does this represent progression through time?”

   1. Research information explaining the main
      features of health/medicine during the period
      of the Roman Empire, and that during the
      Middle Ages. Organise your information and
      present it in an appropriate format to illustrate
      the key similarities and differences between the

Use this information, along with the work completed
for the “Health During the Middle Ages” section, to
discuss/debate and present information (using an
appropriate format) on the question;Does this
represent progression through time? You should be
able to give arguments both in favour of and against
this motion.

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