Annual Inspection Certificate Release Agreement

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					       Annual Inspection Certificate Release Agreement
                        SDE – District

South Carolina School District,                                     has been issued
Annual Inspection Certificates for calendar year                    , by the
School Bus Maintenance Facility. The certificates issued are consecutively numbered
starting with                        and ending with                        .

An electronic copy of Excel file, Annual Certificate Request.xls has been provided
identifying each bus scheduled to receive one of the certificates identified above.
Certificates shall be issued to buses as assigned and shall not be issued for any
vehicle not previously identified. Additionally, copies of valid Inspection and Brake
certifications have been provided to the School Bus Maintenance Facility identified
for each technician that will be performing the Annual Inspection.

Annual Inspections will be performed at                                     Repair Facility and
will be performed by technician                                     .   Valid   copies   of   the
required certifications have been provided.

The school district identified above agrees to comply with all policies and
procedures regarding the performance of Annual Inspections as established by SDE,
agrees to keep certificates in a secured location and issue to the repair technician
only at the time of performing an Annual Inspection, and agrees to make all records
regarding Annual Inspections available for audit.

Issued By:                                                          Date:
                   School Bus Facility Supervisor - Signature

Received By:                                                        Date:
                   District Transportation Supervisor - Signature