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					   2009 PRODUCT CATALOG

“Micucci Wholesale Foods has been bringing you the finest selection
     of authentic Mediterranean Foods for over half a century!”

                                         Micucci Wholesale Foods
                                         961 Riverside Street
                                         Portland, ME 04103
                                         (207) 797-7573
                                         FAX: (207) 797-4103

Company Profile

Micucci Grocery Co. was started by Leo Micucci, Sr. in 1952 on Middle Street in
Portland. The small warehouse of less than 1,000 square feet catered mostly to the
Italian section of what was Portland's "Little Italy". Mr. Micucci was one of the first to
supply Maine's pizza shops, which included Angelone's in Portland, Luiggi's in
Lewiston and Pat's Pizza in Orono.

Fifty-five years later, Micucci Grocery Co. has grown to become Micucci Wholesale
Foods, thanks in part to Leo Micucci's insatiable desire to succeed and many hours of
hard work and sacrifice. Today his sons, Leo, Bruce and John oversee Micucci's
operations from a state-of-the-art Warehouse & Corporate Headquarters located on
Riverside Street in Portland. Micucci’s is a family oriented company and all staff
members are made to feel part of the Micucci Family.

With over fifty employees and a fleet of multi-temperature trucks, Micucci Wholesale
Foods has made a name for itself as the finest distributor of tomatoes, cheeses, pastas,
oils, and meats to the best restaurants, delis, and pizza shops in the Maine/New
Hampshire/ Vermont areas. Our Micucci®, Bellissimo®, Cento® & Stanislaus®
food products are of the highest quality which gives us and our customers the edge
needed to serve the best food possible. Our vast inventory insures that customers
have outstanding quality products at the best possible price and service.

Over the years, our product line and area of doing business has increased dramatically.
We are authorized distributors for all the major manufacturers of food service products
besides our own quality brands. We not only carry Italian - American food products,
but also many other international foods, as well as paper goods, light restaurant
equipment and utensils.
Our Goals:
              "Micucci Wholesale Foods is dedicated
                  to servicing our customers with the
                     highest quality of product, and
                         service, at a fair price!

                We take great pride in being one of the
                 largest specialty food distributors in
                New England and strive to demonstrate
                  the utmost in efficiency, diligence,
                   and cleanliness throughout every
                      aspect of our organization."

      Your Salesperson is:
   Product Listing Directory

Category 100   Cheese                            Pages 11-14

Category 200   Meat/ Seafood/Poultry/Turkey      Pages 17-25

Category 300   Tomato Products/ Soups/ Gravies   Pages 29-32

Category 400   Fresh Produce/ Prepared Salads    Pages 35-38

Category 500   Pasta/ Dry & Frozen               Pages 41-44

Category 600   Beverages/ Dairy/ Ice Cream       Pages 47-50

Category 700   Appetizers/ Pickles/              Pages 53-60
               Condiments/ Olives

Category 800   Oils/ Spices/ Flour               Pages 63-70

Category 900   Paper Goods/ Cleaning Supplies    Pages 73-83
Category 100- CHEESE
Category 100 – CHEESE

Category 101   American Cheese

Category 102   Pizza Cheese

Category 103   Mozzarella

Category 104   Provolone

Category 105   Specialty Cheese

Category 106   Cheddar Cheese

Category 107   Romano / Parmesan Cheese

Category 108   Ricotta/ Mascarpone

Category 109   Feta Cheese
                           CATAGORY 100
                   CATEGORY : 101 / American Cheese

                   AM120W     LoL AMER WHT SL 120ct 6/5LB
                   am160w     LoL AMER WHT SL 160ct 6/5LB
                   CVC        CV COOPER SHARP AMER 6/5LB
                   HOG        HOAGIE P/C 80 CT G.LAKES 4/5LB
                   M126W      GR LAKES 120ct. WHITE 4/5lb
                   M160Y      GRT LAKS 160SL AMER 4/5 *YELLOW*
                   M184W      AMER CHEESE WHITE 200CT. 4/5
                   SA160W     AMER 160/SL WHT 4/5LB GRT LKS

                   CATEGORY : 102 / Pizza Cheese

                   PC1        GRANDE SHRED 50/50 #710C 6/5
                   PCB        PIZZA CHEESE*FEATH*50/50 WM/PR 4/5lb
                   PCC        PIZZA CHEESE SHRED MOZZ. W/M 4/5lb
                   PCE        MICUCCI *DICED* CHED/MOZZ 4/5lb
                   PCF        PIZZA CHEESE *FEATH*CHD/MZ 4/5lb
                   PCH        VANTAGIO FTHR PROV/MOZ CHEZ 6/5lb
                   PCJ        GRT LKS *SHRED* YEL CHED 4/5lb
                   PCM        PIZZA CHEESE 50/50 SHRED 4/5LB
                   pcpd       PROVOLONE FTHR SHRED 1950 6/5LB
                   PCPR       PROV WM FTHR'D MICUCCI 4-5LB
                   PCPS       MOZZ *SHRED P/S* EMPIRE 4/5LB.
                   PCS3       PIZZA CHEZ SP/BLND SHRED 4/5lb
                   PCSP       PIZZA CHEESE 3BL/PREM SHRED 4/5
                   PCSR       PIZZA CHEZ SHRED WHT CHDR 4/5lb
                   pcv        VANTAGIO REG CUT PROV/MOZ 6/5LB
                   PCX        VANTAGGIO WHT CHD/MZ SHR 6/5lb

                   CATEGORY : 103 / Mozzarella

                   MZ         MOZZARELLA CARA DONA 8/6LB P/S
                   MZ1        MICUCCI P/S MOZZARELLA 8/6LB
                   MZ19S      MOZZARELLA 1950 PART/SKIM 8/6LB
                   MZ19W      MOZZARELLA 1950 WHOLE MILK 8/6
                   MZAS       MOZZARELLA *VIA* P/S 8/6LB
                   MZB        MOZZARELLA BELLA FRANCESCA W/M 8/6lb
                   MZBS       MOZZARELLA BELLA FRANCESCA P/S 8/6lb
                   MZF        MOZZARELLA FRESH OVOL 2/3LB
                   MZJW       MOZZARELLA BELLISSIMO W/M 8/6
                   MZPS       MOZZARELLA GRANDE *P/S* 8/7LB
                   MZPW       POLLY MOZZARELLA *W/M**BLUE*8/7lb
                   MZS        MOZZARELLA SMOKED 3LB avg
                   MZSS       MOZZARELLA STELLA 8/6 W/M
                   MZSW       MOZZARELLA VANTAGGIO *PS* 8/6
                   MZW        MOZZARELLA MICUCCI W/M 8-6LBS.
                   MZWM       MOZZARELLA VANTAGGIO *WM* 8/6LB
                   PC5        GRANDE SHRED P/S MOZZ #702 6/5

Revised 08/10/09                                                     11
                   CATEGORY : 104 / Provolone

                   PRO       GRANDE PROVOLONE-NELLO 4/7LB
                   PRO-B     GRANDE BOCCINI ROPED PROVOLONE 6/2lb
                   PRO-S     GRANDE SALAMINI ROPED PROV 6/2LB
                   PRO19     PROVOLONE 1950 BRAND 3/12LB
                   PROA      PROVOLONE *3/12LB* BELLA FRANCESCA
                   PROB      PROVOLONE MICUCCI(FANCY BRAND)3/12LB
                   PROF      PROVOLONE 3/12 ANGELOS PRIDE
                   PROL      EMP/MIC PROVOLONE 3/10LB.
                   PROLIS    PROVOLONE STELLA 3/12LB
                   PROR      PROV SLICED 8/20oz GRT LAKES
                   PROR1     SLICED PROVOLONE GREAT LAKES **9LB**
                   PROR2     PROV SLICED 10/2LB SOMMERMAID
                   PROVS     PROV GRANDE GIGANTE 1/4 2/12LB

                   CATEGORY : 105 / Specialty Cheese

                   BCC       STELLA BLUE CHEESE CRUMBLE 4/5lb
                   BCC1      GRT LKS BLUE CHEESE CRUMB 4/5
                   BCW       BLUE CHEESE WHEEL 7lb STELLA
                   BRIE      BRIE CHEESE 60% 2kg NOTRE DAME
                   CRC3      CREAM CHEESE CROWLEY 10/3lb
                   CRCH      CREAM CHEESE SMITHFIELD 10/3lb
                   CRCH3     CREAM CHEESE CUPS PC'S 100/1oz
                   FON       FONTAL CHEESE WEDGES IMPORTED 4pc 6LB AV
                   FONTA     CHEESE FONTINA DANISH IMP 15lb AVG
                   FONTI     FONTINA CHEESE *IMPD* 7LB AVG
                   FONTL     FONTINELLA STELLA 10LB AVG.#6
                   GG25      SILVER GOAT CHEESE 2/2LB.3oz.
                   GORG      GORGONZOLA STELLA 7LB AVG.
                   GOUDA     CHEESE GOUDA SMOKED 6LB DUTCH
                   GRE       GRUYERE CTR CUT 2/5LB VON MUHLENE
                   HRVTD     HAVARTI w/DILL 9lb KINGS CHOI
                   HRVTW     HAVARTI PLAIN 9LB KINGS CHOIC
                   MAN       MANCHEGO CHEESE SPANISH
                   MJ        MONTEREY JACK *10LBS* SOLID
                   MJ40      MONTEREY JACK 40LB BLOCK
                   MUN       MUENSTER 2/6LB
                   PCA       PIZZA CHEESE SHRED MONTY JACK 4/5lb
                   PCS       VANTAGGIO DICED SPCL BLD 4/5lb
                   PJ        PEPPER JACK CHEESE 10lb. AVERAGE
                   SW44      SWISS CHEESE 4x4 DOMESTIC 8lb AVG.
                   SWEM      SWISS 4x6 IMP EMMENTHALER 2/12LB
                   SWSL      SWISS *SLICED* 8/20oz 10lb GL
                   SWSL1     *SLICED SWISS* SOMMERMAID **20lb**
                   SWSL2     SLICED SWISS GREAT LAKES **9LB**
                   TAL       CHEESE TALEGGIO ITAL IMP 2/5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                        12
                   CATEGORY : 106 / Cheddar Cheese

                   CCS       LOL CHED CHEESE SAUCE 6/10
                   CD19      CHEDDAR 1950 BRAND 40LB AVERAG
                   CDCP      CHEDDAR SHARP #75610 2/10LB TUB
                   CDCP1     CHED WHITE SHARP #75611 2/10LB TUB
                   CDCP2     CHED PORTWINE #75650 2/10LB TUB
                   CDCP3     CHED HORSERADISH #75700 2/10LB TUB
                   CDL       LOL CHED-PRINT SHRP-WHT 10LB
                   CDLL      WISCONSIN CHEDDAR 40LBS.BLOCK
                   CDS       CHEDDAR *WHITE* SHARP 10LB GR LK
                   CDSP      CHEDDAR MILD WHITE 10LB SOM-MA
                   CDV       310096 WHITE CHEDDAR 1/40 UNL
                   CDVT      CHEDDAR CABOT MILD 40LB AVG
                   CDY       CHEDDAR YELLOW SHARP 10LB
                   COT       ENGLISH GLOUCESTER DOUBLE 9LB
                   ECC       ENGLISH CHEDDAR CHIVE AVG 6LB

                   CATEGORY : 107 / Romano/Parmesan

                   ASGM      STELLA ASIAGO MELLOW HALF 11LB
                   ASGO      STELLA ASIAGO AGED CHEESE 11LB
                   PARM1     PARMESAN GRANA PADANO 1/2 WHL
                   PARM2     PARMESAN *REGGIANO*1/4 WHEEL
                   PARMA     PARMESAN GRANDE QUATR 4/6LB
                   PARMB     PARMESAN ANTONIO GRATED 5lb BAG
                   PARMG     PARMESAN GRATED 4/5LB TUB
                   PARMM     GRANDE PARMESAN SHRED 5/3LB
                   PARMPC    BEL PARMESAN CHEESE PC'S 200ct
                   PARMR     GRANDE GRATED PARMESAN 4/5LB
                   PARMW     PARMESAN SHRED DIGIORNO 2/5lb
                   RA        ROMANO ANTONIO GRATED 5lb BAG
                   RA1       ROMANO ANASTASI-TRAD 5LB
                   RC        ROMANO BARBERA GRATED 4/5LB
                   RGD       GRANDE GRATED ROMANO 5LB 8/5
                   RM        ROMANO GRATED BLND 4/5LB TUB
                   RP        ROMANO PECORINO QTR WHEEL 4/12LB

                   CATEGORY : 108 / Ricotta/Mascarpone

                   MASC      MASCARPONE CHEESE 6LB CASE ONLY
                   RIC       RICOTTA 6/2LB BELLISSIMO W/M
                   RIC24     RICOTTA BELLISSIMO 12/24oz (10/7)
                   RIC3      RICOTTA GRANDE 6/3LB
                   RIC5      RICOTTA *5LB* SUPREME 4/5lb/CAPIELLO
                   RIC55     RICOTTA 4/5LB BELLISSIMO/LAMAGNA
                   RICL      RICOTTA *2lb* W/M SUPREME 6/2lb

                   CATEGORY : 109 / Feta Cheese

Revised 08/10/09                                                    13
                   FET24   FETA   OLYMPUS STELLA 27LB
                   FET25   FETA   PROVIDA PAIL 5GAL.
                   FET26   FETA   MARMARIS 25LB
                   FET28   FETA   MARATHON 28LB
                   FET35   FETA   BELLISSIMO 25LB TUB
                   FET7    FETA   PROVIDA 7lb.
                   FET8    FETA   MARATHON 8LB

Revised 08/10/09                                        14
             Category 200- MEAT/ SEAFOOD
                   Category 201   Ham
                   Category 202   Bacon & Pork
                   Category 203   Ground Beef & Hot Dogs
                   Category 204   Ham Cured & Spiced
                   Category 205   Meatballs
                   Category 208   Sausage
                   Category 209   Pepperoni
                   Category 210   Sandwich Meats
                   Category 211   Greek Gyro & Pastry
                   Category 213   Pastrami/ Kielbasa
                   Category 214   Beef
                   Category 215   Box Beef
                   Category 216   Steak Cut/ Portioned
                   Category 217   Veal
                   Category 218   Chicken
                   Category 219   Chicken Breaded
                   Category 220   Turkey
                   Category 221   Anchovies
                   Category 222   Tuna
                   Category 223   Clams/ Lobster Meat
                   Category 224   Fish Breaded

Revised 08/10/09                                           15
Revised 08/10/09   16
                           CATAGORY 200
                   CATEGORY : 201 / Ham

                   H-B       HAM BELLISSIMO DELI 97% WA 2/1
                   H-B4      BELLISSIMO CKD WA HAM 4/12lb
                   H-BP      MICUCCI HAM 4/12LBS
                   H-CAN     CELEBRITY PICNIC *CANADIAN* 6/12lb
                   H-CAR     TOPPS CKD HAM WA 2/12LB
                   H-CD      HAM CTRY LEAN #19457 2/13LB
                   H-CGL     HAM #2964 PIT HAM KAYEM
                   H-CP      HAM HORMEL CKD W/A 4PC/CS 25613
                   H-CPB     HAM CELEB Hungarian 6-12 # picnic
                   H-D       HORMEL #41115 DICED HAM 10LB
                   H-FH      HAM KM AMBER HON CURD #2950 2/10
                   H-GLC     HAM CELEBRITY **BAGS** 6/12lb
                   H-HF      HAM #19380 MKT DELI CKD 35% 4/13lb
                   H-PC      HAM #2935 PEPPERCRUST KAYEM
                   H-S       HAM SLICED SQUARE 6/2# PLUMROSE
                   H-SD      PAT CUDAHY DICED HAM 4/3LB
                   H-SF      HORMEL HAM/WATER 2pc/26LB #135
                   H-SH      OLD NEIGH *SLICED* HAM 6/2LB
                   H-SR      HAM SLICED ROUND 6/2# PLUMROSE
                   H-VB      RUSSER VIRGINIA BAKED HAM 2pc
                   H-VB1     HORMEL VIRGINIA STYLE HAM 2PC

                   CATEGORY : 202 / Bacon & Pork

                   BAC       BELLISSIMO BACON TOPPING 2/5lb
                   BACP      PLUMROSE BACON PIZZA TOP 2/5lb
                   BACS      HORMEL #20627 BACON TOP SMKD 10LB
                   BBLO      BELLISSIMO BACON L/O 18/22 15LB
                   BC301     BACON PAT CUD 30LB 18/22ct BULK
                   BC302     BACON PAT CUD 30lb 14/18 BULK
                   BCLO      FARMLAND LAYOUT BACON #15825
                   BDCS      BACON CANADIAN HORMEL WA 1/2PC
                   BDLO      ELCONA LAY OUT BACON 15LBS
                   BFLO      BACON L/O 15LB 12550 RKY MT PRIDE
                   BHCS      HORMEL BACON PRE/CKD *ROUND* 1
                   BHLO      BACON #9069 HORMEL 18-22 15LB L/O
                   BHPC      BACON HORMEL PRE/CKD FST N ESY
                   BI        BACON BITS IMITATION 6.1/2oz
                   BJPC      BACON JONES PRE/CKD 33425 3.1LB
                   BLCS      BAC CAN SLICED LIGURIA #20055 10LB
                   BMPC      HORMEL PRE/CKD BACON #26286*SMOKED*
                   BP301     BACON 18/22 THIN 30LB PLUMROSE
                   BP302     BACON PLUMROSE 13/17 THICK 30L
                   BPCLO     BACON PAT CUD 15LB SHGL L/O #14020
                   BPLO      BACON LAYOUT 18/22 15LB PLUM
                   BSPC      DAILY PRECOOKED BACON #40400 300ct
                   PPAB      AUSTIN BLUES PUL'D PORK 2/5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                   17
                   CATEGORY : 203 / Grnd Beef/Hot Dog

                   HB        HAMBURG 85/15 BUBIER *5LB*
                   HBP3D     HAMBURG PATY *3oz* DAMAN 10lb
                   HBP4      *DAMAN* 4OZ BEEF PATTIES *5LB*
                   HBP4M     HOLN BEEF PAT 4oz #12049 15LB
                   HBP4S     HOL BEEF PAT 4oz #12043 10LB
                   HBP6      HOL HB PAT 5.3oz #12033 10LB
                   HBPPC     BEEF PATTY PUB *CKD* 28/6oz ADV
                   HBT       MSTRPC.BEEF TOPPING 10LB #22379
                   HBTM      HORMEL BEEF TOP MEX STYLE 2/5
                   HDBP      O.N JMBO BEEF FRANK 8s 10LB
                   HDF       KAYEM #1033 12" DELI FRANKS 10LB
                   HDJ       KAYEM BEEF HOT DOGS 10LB #1041
                   HDK       SCHONDLAND'S NC FRANKS 10lb #2003
                   HDN       KAYEM 12:1 HOTDOG 10LBS 1027
                   HDP1      HOTDOGS BEEF PEARL 7/8ct 10LB
                   HDP2      HOTDOGS BEEF PEARL 3/4ct 10LB
                   HDR       KAYEM N/C RED HDOG 8/10 #1007
                   HDROT     KAYEM N/C OLD TYME FRANKS 10LB
                   PBT       PREMORO SEAS P/C BEEF 10lb #40029

                   CATEGORY : 204 / Hams Cured/Spiced

                   H-DP      CENTO DI PARMA PROSCIUTTO IMP
                   H-H       HOT HAM 3PC CARANDO
                   H-MP      HAM PROSCIUTTO MARGHERITA 2pc
                   H-MPSL    CARANDO *SLCD* PROSCIUTTO 4/3LB.
                   HCAP      CAPICOLA HOT 3PC/CS CARANDO
                   HCAP-SL   CAR *SLICED* HOT CAPICOLA 12/1 LB
                   PAN       PANCETTA ITAL SIENA 1.5LB
                   SCAP      CAPICOLA *SWEET* GENOA 2PC #1837

                   CATEGORY : 205 / Meatballs

                   MBC12     MEATBALL CHEF ITAL *1/2oz* 10LB
                   MBC15     MEATBALLS CHEF ITAL *1oz* 10LB
                   MBCC      MEATBALL #CMOO66 MAMA 10lb 1oz
                   MBCM      MEATBALL MAMA 1/2oz 10LB CMOO55
                   MBF12     MEATBALL MICUCCI 1/2oz 10LB #25880
                   MBFC10    MEATBALLS FONTAN RAW 1.25oz 84
                   MBM1      MEATBALL MICUCCI 1oz 10LB #25881
                   MBM2      MEATBALLS 2oz MICUCCI 10lbs
                   MBMM1     MEATBALLS MAMA MIA 1oz 10LB
                   MBMM12    MEATBALLS MAMA MIA 1/2 10LB
                   MBR1      MEATBALLS ROSINA 1oz 10LB
                   MBR112    MEATBALLS ROSINA *1 1/2oz* 10L
                   MBR12     MEATBALLS ROSINA 1/2oz 10LB
                   MBR2      MEATBALLS ROSINA 2oz 10LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                  18
                   CATEGORY : 208 / Sausage

                   KIL1      KILBASA #1221 FRESH 10LB AVG
                   LST       SAUS TOP MILD LIGURIA #20048 10LB
                   SAM       AMATOS MILD SLICED SAUS 5LBS
                   SAM1      AMATO MILD ITAL SAUSAGE 40LB
                   SBH       SAUS *HOT* 10LB BUONA VITA RAW
                   SBL       SAUSAGE SCHNDLN BRKFAST LINKS#2365
                   SBLS      SAUSAGE LINK 18825 .8oz 10LB JONES
                   SBP       ARMOUR BRKFAST SAUSAGE PAT 10lb
                   SBP1      SAUSAGE PATTY 18850 JONES 2oz 10LB
                   SBP2      HORMEL P/C BRKFST SASG PATY 80
                   SBS       SAUS *SWEET* 10LB BUONA VITA RAW
                   SDH       SAUSAGE O.N. #141 LNK HOT 10LB
                   SDS       SAUS O.N. MILD LNK #140 10LB
                   SDSM      DiLUIGGI SWT ITAL MEAT 10/5LB
                   SFH       SAUSAGE FONT #7731 SPICY LINKS
                   SFPC      FONTANINI P/C NUGGET 15LB #62216
                   SFPH      SAUSAGE #7751 CKD HOT LINK 6" 12LB
                   SFPS      SAUSAGE #6651 CKD MILD 6" 12LB
                   SFSH      SAUSAGE FONT SL/HOT-15LB/CKD#7000
                   SFSM      SAUSAGE MEAT U/C BULK "A" 20LB
                   SFSS      *SLICED*MILD CKD FONT 15LB #60
                   SGF       SAUSAGE GENOA SWT FNL #120 2LB
                   SGH       SAUSAGE HOT ITALIAN #222 10LB
                   SGS       SAUSAGE GENOA SWEET ITAL #212 10lb
                   SGS1      SASUAGE GENOA SWT #110 2LB
                   SHC       SAUSAGE HOG CASING FLUSHED
                   SHCB      MSTERPC ITAL SUSG TOP #11691 10LB
                   SHR       SAUSAGE O.N.HOT ROPE #161 10LB
                   SHV       SCHNDLN'S #2362 HOT ITAL COIL 2/5LB
                   SKM       SAUSAGE SCHONDLANDS SWEET 2/5lb
                   SKMB      DECOSTA HOT SAUS MEAT BULK 10lb#224
                   SKMC      ALFRESCO ITAL CK CHK SAUS 4.5LB
                   SMH       MICUCCI HOT SAUSAGE 5LB
                   SMPC      MICUCCI *25812* SAUS NUG 10LB
                   SMPH      MICUCCI #25840 P/C HOT SAU 10LB
                   SMPS      MICUCCI #25846 P/C SWT SAS 10LB
                   SMS       MICUCCI SWEET ITAL SAUSAGE 5LB
                   SMSH      PREMORO SLICED HOT SAUS.#35614 2/5lb
                   SMSS      MICUCCI SL MILD SAU 10lb 25848
                   SOPH      O.N. PRECKD HOT SAUS 12LB #175
                   SPCB      SAUSAGE LINKS 1oz PAT CUD 10LB 19003
                   SRM       SAUSAGE O.N MILD ROPE #160 10LB
                   SRPH      SAUSAGE #SR7000H 15LB HOT/SLICED
                   SRPS      SAUSAGE #SR6000H 15LB MILD/SLICED
                   SSC       SAUSAGE #2361 SCHLND SWT COIL 2/5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                    19
                   CATEGORY : 209 / Pepperoni

                   PBPC      PEPPERONI BELLISSIMO SLICED 25lb
                   PHPC      PEPPERONI HORMEL SLICED 25LB
                   PILL1     PEPPERONI PAT'S SPECIAL 25LB
                   PM20      PEPPERONI SHERENE SLICED 20lb
                   PMCM      HORMEL DICED PEPPERONI 10LB #32636
                   PMDS      PEPPERONI AMATO'S SLICED 10LB
                   PMGG      HORMEL PEPPERONI DELI STIX 2PC
                   PMN10     PEPPERONI "MR NUCCIO" *10LB* S
                   PMOPC     PEPPERONI **10LB** LIGURIA #02
                   PMPC      PEPPERONI MARGHERITA SL 10lb
                   PMS       PEPPERONI MARG FINE/STK 10lb
                   PROS      PEPPERONI ROSA HORMEL 10LB
                   PROS1     PEPPERONI 25lb 34749 SLICED ROSA GRNDE
                   PSD       PEPPERONI PATRICK CUDAHY *DICED* 10 LBS.

                   CATEGORY : 210 / Sandwich Meats

                   BOL       BOLOGNA RUSSER WUNDERBAR 2/8LB
                   BOLG      BOLOGNA #1121 GERMAN KAYEM
                   CBKM      KAYEM CKD CORN BEEF RDS 10% #1546
                   CBON      CORNED BEEF OLD NEI [2PC] #825
                   CBSL      CORNBEEF RESSLER CKD RND 2pc
                   GS        CARANDO SLICED GENOA #10175 12LB
                   GSB       GENOA SALAMI 3/6LB MARGHERITA
                   GSC       GENOA SALAMI BELLISIMO 3/6LB
                   GSD       HORMEL DILUSSO N/C GENOA 4pc
                   GSG       HORMEL BRD RDY SLICED GENOA #41235
                   GSH       HORMEL MAGNIFICO GENOA SALAMI 4pc
                   GSM       HORMEL MESSINA BR SALAMI 8pc
                   GSN       HORMEL NAT CASE GENOA SALAMI
                   GSS       GENOA SALAMI SHERENE AC 6PC
                   LIVW      KAYEM LIVERWORST #1311
                   MORTP     LEONCINI MORT.W/PIST OPTIMA 17lb.AVE
                   PSTR      RED PASTRAMI 8LB AVG EA BELISSIMO
                   SAL       SALAMI OLD NEIGHBORHOOD *SM 0341
                   SC        SALAMI RUSSER COOKED 2/8 AVG
                   SCG       MEISTERCHEF CKD SALAMI 2/8LB
                   SCT       SALAMI O.N. COOKED MED #340 2PC
                   SHD       SWIFT HARD/SALAMI 6/6
                   SMORT     MORTADELLA OLD NEI #360 2PC
                   SMORTD    DANIELE MORTADELLA W/PIST 2/6lb
                   SOP       DANIELE #00314 SOPR SWT 30/8oz
                   SOP1      SIENA SOPPRESSADA *HOT* 12/1lb.
                   SOP2      SEINA CALABRESE MILD 1/4.5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                        20
                   CATEGORY : 211 / Greek Gyro & Pastry

                   BAK       BAKLAVA SINBAD 2/36PC
                   BAKK      BAKLAVA *KONTOS* 2 TRAY/48pc
                   FILLO     FILLO DGH "ATHENS' 24/16oz.
                   GL        AEGEAN GRAPE LEAVES 24/13oz #522
                   GL25      GRAPE LEAVES 25LBS
                   GYRO      GYRO STRIPS 1.25oz 10LB #1063
                   GYROB     BAG GYRO KRONOS 500ct.
                   GYROC     KRONOS CHICKEN GYRO SLICES 4/5
                   GYROCK    CHICKEN GYROS CONES 4/10#
                   GYROF     FONT GYRO CKD SLICED 30LB 28ct
                   GYROK     GYRO KONES MINI-TRAD B/L 4/10 #1035
                   GYROL     GYRO LOAF CKD PREMIUM 4/6LB #1
                   GYROM     KRONOS MEDIUM GYRO CONES
                   GYROO     GYRO STRIP GRECIAN 10LB #065
                   HUMP      GREC DELT HUMMUS #4340 15LB
                   KAT       KATAIFI KRONOS 12/1lb
                   LOC       LOCANICO OLD NEIGHBORHOOD 9lb
                   MSS       MOUSAKA KRONOS 2/6LB
                   PAS       PASTITSIO KRONOS 2/6LB #338033
                   SP-       SPANAKOPITA 72/3oz #32160
                   TAZ       TZATZIKI SAUCE 4/64oz
                   VL        AGEAN STUFD VINE LEAVES 6/2kg.

                   CATEGORY : 213 / Pastrami/Kielbasa

                   KIL       POLISH KIELBASA 10LB KAYEM
                   PBSL      KM PASTRAMI BLK SL 2/5 #1561
                   PSTK      PASTRAMI *1551* KAYEM 97% X-L
                   PSTON     OLD NEI SLICED RED PAST.2/4 #861
                   PSTS      PASTRAMI 2/5LB RED SLICED BELISIMO
                   PSTSL     PASTRAMI #1562 KM SLICED RED 2/5LB

                   CATEGORY : 214 / Beef

                   CBH       CHEFMATE CORN BEEF HASH 6/10
                   HBP4F     BEEF PAT 40/4oz BLK ANGS 40142
                   HBP6D     BEEF PAT DAMON 6 OZ.12#
                   LBT       BEEF TOPPING LIGURIA #20047 10LB
                   PR        KAYEM #1530 COOKED POT ROAST
                   RB1       ROAST BEEF #3122 SPLIT BELLISSIMO
                   RB2       ROAST BEEF FLAT RESSLER 775
                   RBH       ROAST BEEF OLD NEIGHB THIN/TRIM #579
                   RBHS      ROAST BEEF *SILVER WHOLE* #520
                   RBI       ROAST BEEF ON *SILVER 1/2s* #521
                   RBM1      McKENZIE RST BEEF SPLIT #9535

Revised 08/10/09                                                     21
                   RBM2      ROAST   BEEF #2810 TM MEL GLD 12lb
                   RBSL1     KAYEM   SL ROAST BEEF #9446
                   SSBL      STEAK   BELLISSIMO SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSCL      STEAK   CLASSICO SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSCS      STEAK   COSTAS SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSDL      STEAK   SHERENE SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSDR      STEAK   MICUCCI SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSEL      STEAK   CHAIR CITY SHAVED 10LB BOX
                   SSXL      STEAK   OLD NEIB SHAVED XL 10LB BOX

                   CATEGORY : 215 / Box Beef

                   BBFM      IBP CHOICE FLAP MEAT 4-17lb AV
                   BBIR      BOX BEEF *INSIDE/TOP ROUND* CH
                   BBLT      BOX BEEF LOIN TAILS AVG 60-70L

                   CATEGORY : 216 / Steak Cut/Portioned

                   BBS       STEAK TIPS SIRLOIN *5LB*
                   BRE       BRESAOLA ITAL BEEF 10LB
                   SE        STEAK-EZE ORIG 48/4oz #1240
                   SE1       ADV STEAK EZE ORIG *64/3oz* #1
                   SE2       CASA #LNT40 SHV STEAK 10LB
                   SE3       AFC STEAK EZ "RIBEYE" 40/4oz
                   SE4       AFC BEEF PC PHIL #2819 10lb

                   CATEGORY : 217 / Veal

                   VB1       VEAL TRIM INSIDES 4PC
                   VB2       VEAL STEW BEEF 10LB
                   VBS       VEAL #21144 ITAL BRD LEG SLICE 40/4oz
                   VLS4      VEAL *LEG SLICE* PND 4oz 10LB
                   VM        ADV VEAL/BEEF 7440/1141 PATTY 40/4
                   VTC       VEAL DROP TOPS 6LB WHOLE
                   VTP       BELL/BERRY VEALETTE BRD 40/4oz 10LB
                   VTP3      VEAL 4oz TP/RD PND #9224 10LB BELISMO
                   VTP4      DEJA-VEAL #1140 SLICES/#91140 10LB

                   CATEGORY : 218 / Chicken Un-Breaded

                   BRC       SILVERSPOON WHT CHIK SALAD 5LB
                   CB        CHICKEN TENDERS *40LB* (FRESH)
                   CB4       PIERCE #13750 CHKN BRST w/GRIL 10LB
                   CB40      CHIC BREAST CVP BNLS/SKNLS 40LB
                   CB4S      CHIK BRST 48/4oz PACKER BL/SL FRZN
                   CB5       CHKN BRST BL/SL 24/5oz PATUX
                   CB6       CHICK BRST BL/SL 24/6oz PACKER
                   CB6T      TYSON #4606 BL/SL CHKN 26/6oz
                   CB8S      CHIK BRST 24/8oz PACKER BL/SL FRZN
                   CBA       BRK #4201 MAR CHK BRST 10LB AU'NAT

Revised 08/10/09                                                     22
                   CBA1      SPDY BIRD 4oz CHKN BRST #8600 2/5
                   CBP3      PIERCE GRILL BRST/W #GGCOO35 3
                   CMD       BRK #5253 DICED WHT CHIK 10lb
                   CMD20     DICED WHITE CHICKEN MEAT #70350*20LB*
                   CMDD      CHICKEN DICED WHITE *40LB*
                   CMP       CHICKEN MEAT *PULLED* 10LB #110121
                   CSG       MAGNIFOOD GAR CHIC STR 10lb #30077
                   CTM2      SPDBRD GRL MARK STRIP 8815 10LB
                   CTM3      BRK #5793 CHIK STRIP w/GRIL 10lb
                   ctm4      BRK #52121 CHKN ZIPS 10LB STRIPS
                   HFS       HORMEL CHIC FAJITA STRIP #2126 10LB
                   TGB       TYSON #0436 GRL BRST 60/3oz
                   WW        TYSON CHIC WINGS(JMBO)#9149 6/5

                   CATEGORY : 219 / Chicken Breaded

                   3PC       CHICKEN HONEY-DIP 16/3PC *HD1130
                   3PCB      BRK #6137 3PC CHIK HNY TCH 13/13
                   3pch      **USE CODE 3PCB**
                   4CC       BRK #6504 4PC CHIK CNTRY CRSP 12/14
                   4PC       CHICKEN HONEY/DIP 12\4pc *HD1440
                   4PCT      CHIK TYSON 4/PC PK #4435 10LB
                   BBC       BRK #2250 PULLED BBQ CHIK 2/5LB
                   CB4B      BRK #5044 BRD CHIK BRST 40/4oz SOUTHN
                   CB4T      TYSON #4604 BL/SL CHKN 40/4oz
                   CBB       CHICKEN BARB CORDON BLEU 24/7oz 20703
                   CBC       CHICK BARB BROC/CHEESE 24/7oz 20753
                   CBG       BRK #5831 BREADED BRST CUTLT 10LB
                   CBL       BRK #5912 BRD CHK BRST CKD 3.25oz
                   CBS       BARBER STUFFED CHICK BRST 8oz 20816
                   CBT       CHKN BRST #2379 BRD TYSON 3.5oz
                   CF        CHK FNGR CRNCHY BARB 005 10LB
                   CFA       BRK #5814 FIERY CHIK FINGERS 200ct
                   CFBF      BARBER CHIKN BUFFALO FNGR 10LB
                   CFBS      BRK #5260 BUF/CRUMB CHIK TEND 10lb
                   CFC       SEABOARD CHIK FRITR #4330 10LB
                   CFCB      SPDYBIRD GLDN TENDR #8026 10LB
                   CFH       PIERCE #3956 HOMSTYL BRD TENDR
                   CFHS      BRK #5567 SOUTHN STYL TENDR 10LB
                   CFI       ITAL CHIC FNGR BARB 443 10LB
                   CFJ       BARBER #20028 JMBO CRHY FNGR 10LB
                   CFJC      BRK #5365 J-CRMB CKN TENDR 100/1.6
                   CFK       CHKN FRITTER #43278 BELLISSIMO 10LB
                   CFN       CHIK TEND CRHY NONPA 111302 10LB
                   CFNS      BARBR *NO SHORE* CHIX FNGR 10LB
                   CFP       SPDYBIRD CHKN CKD TENDR #8500 10LB
                   CFS       BRK #5569 CRSPY-LSH CHIK TENDR 10lb
                   CFT       BRK #5367 JAP J-CRMB TENDR-LIC 10LB
                   CNB       BRK #5620 CHIK NUGT CKD/BRD 12lb
                   CNBB      BRK #5622 CHKN NUGT CKD/BRD 12LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                     23
                   CND       DIP'N CHIK'N NUGGETS PG101 10L
                   CNF       CHIC NUGGET PIERCE #110180 10lb
                   CNP       BARBER #301 CHICKEN NUGGETS 10lb
                   CPM       GLDKIST #7072 SOUTH STYLE FRITTER 10lb
                   CPNP      CHIK'N FILLET GOLD *PG110* 10L
                   CPR4      CHIC PAT BRD BARBER 301 10LB
                   CPS       BARB CHIC PAT SUPREME BRD 10LB
                   CPS1      BARB.ITALIAN FILLET SUPREME #20490
                   PCI       BRKBSH INFNO POPCORN CHIK 10LB
                   TCC       CHIC CHUNK #2324 10LB TYSON BREADED
                   TCF       TYSON #76156 BRNDYWINE CHIX 10lb
                   TFS       TYSON #3680 FIRE STNGR 2/7.5lb
                   TWS       TYSON #3681 WNG STNGR 2/7.5LB
                   WD        WING DING CHICKEN PARTS 15LB
                   WDA       BARBER *ALL AMER WINGS* 15LB #
                   WDB       BELL.BREADED CHICKEN WING #20012
                   WDBB      BRK #6362 BEER BAT'R WINGS 10LB
                   WDBL      PIERCE #111125 BNLS WING DING 10LB
                   WDH       TYSON WINGS OF FIRE #5210 10LB
                   WDHS      LaNOVA #334 HOT/SPCY WING 10LB
                   WDK       BELLISSIMO SPICEY BREADED WINGS #20011
                   WDL       GLDKST HOT/SPICY WNG #703 20LB
                   WDR       GOLDKIST HONEY GLZD WING #8076
                   WDT       THRILLER BUFF WINGS 10LB #MTH9
                   WDTS      BRK #6572 INFERNO WINGS 12LB
                   WDW       BARBER *WICKED HOT WINGS* 15LB
                   WDZ       BB ZIPITY DO-WA DITE WINGS #6266
                   WZ        PIERCE WING ZING 15lb #111011

                   CATEGORY : 220 / Turkey

                   TB        HORMEL TURKEY SLD BRD/RDY 6-2
                   TB1       TURKEY WHOLE FRZN 12/14LB 2pc
                   TB3       CAR TURKEY BRST O/R #81201 2/9
                   TB4       CARO RST TRKY BRST #81216 2/8L
                   TB4S      CAR PREM SMK S/L 81109 2/9LB
                   TBC       TRKY BRST #27356 O/B HORMEL 2PC NAT
                   TBJO      CARO TRKY BRST FOIL 70016 2/9
                   TBS       SARA LEE SLICED TRKT BRST 6/2LB
                   TW1       DELI DLITE TRKY BRST #81471
                   TW3S      CAROL DEL SMK TRKY 81416 2/9LB
                   TWOB4     CAROL TRKY BRST OB/SL #81025

                   CATEGORY : 221 / Anchovies

                   ANC13     ANCHOVIES 14 OZ
                   ANC2      ANCHOVIES 24/2oz BELLISSIMO
                   ANC28     ANCHOVIES 28oz BELLISSIMO 24/cs
                   ANCW      WHT MARINATED FIL ANCH 6/35oz
                   ANCW1     FLOTT MAR WHT ANCHOVIES 4/4.4 LB.

Revised 08/10/09                                                      24
                   ANP       ROLAND ANCHOVY *PASTE* 12/2oz
                   C-SL      CENTO S/B SARDINES 25/4.375

                   CATEGORY : 222 / Tuna

                   TF1       FLOTT TUNA I/O CAN 12/5.5oz
                   TF2       FLOTT TUNA I/O JAR 6/6.75oz
                   TF3       FLOTT TUNA /OIL 24/2.80oz TIN
                   TLM       TUNA CELB CHUNK LITE 6/66.5oz SJ
                   TLM1      TUNA YELFIN CHNK LIGHT 6/66.5
                   TO        CENTO TUNA LT SOLID/OIL 24/6oz
                   TT        TUNA *TONGOL* BELISMO 6/66.5oz
                   TWM1      CHUNK WHITE TUNA 6/66oz CELEB.
                   TWS1      TUNA CELB *WHT SOLID* 6/66.5oz

                   CATEGORY : 223 / Clams/Lobster Meat

                   CHCL      SNOW CHOP'D OCN CLAMS 12/51oz
                   CLAMCK    GULF OF MAINE CLAM CAKES 4/36ct
                   CLCK      HARMON'S CLAM CAKES 2/40pk
                   CLJ       SEAWATCH OCN CLAM JUICE 12/46oz
                   CLS       C&W CLAM STRIPS PRE-FRID 24/4oz
                   CLSE      SEAWATCH SEA CLAMS CHOP 12/51oz
                   CLW       CENTO WHOLE BABY CLAMS 12/10oz.
                   OSM       OYSTERS SMKD ROLAND 10/3.66oz
                   SCUN      SCUNGOLLI LA MONICA 12/29oz

                   CATEGORY : 224 / Fish Breaded

                   CALB      CALAMARI BRD RINGS RUGGERIO 6/2LB
                   SBB       SHRIMP BOUNTY BREADED 12/7.5oz
                   SBR       C&W MP.SHRIMP BRD 21/25 12-8oz
                   SEA       SEA LEGS SUPREME *5LB EACH*
                   VBB3      VIKING 3oz BEER BAT TAIL 10LB
                   VH3       VIKING 3oz SQUR BRD PAT 10LB
                   VH4       VIKING 4oz K/K HAD RECTN 10LB
                   VH5T      VIKING 5oz HAD TAILS BRD 10LB
                   VSC       VIKING SCALLOP BRD 20/30 4/3lb

Revised 08/10/09                                                 25
Revised 08/10/09   26
               Category 300- SAUCES/ SOUPS

                             Category 301   Pizza Sauce

                             Category 303   Pasta/ Marinara Sauce

                             Category 305   Barbeque Sauce

                             Category 306   Tomatoes- Crushed/ Whole

                             Category 307   Tomatoes- Imported

                             Category 308   Pasta Sauce Specialty

                             Category 309   Tomato Paste/ Puree

                             Category 310   Soups

                             Category 311   Soup Bases

                             Category 312   Gravy

The Real Italian Tomato Company™

Revised 08/10/09                                                       27
Revised 08/10/09   28
                          CATEGORY 300
                   CATEGORY : 301 / Pizza Sauce

                   BPS       BELLISSIMO XH PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   CPSAUCE   CENTO PIZZA SAUCE 12/15OZ.
                   FRP       FULLRED PIZZA SAUCE W/BAS 6/10
                   FRPP      FULL RED *PREP* PIZ SAUCE 6/10
                   GPS       BONTA X HEAVY PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   GPS1      GANGI PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   PAT       MAREBELLA GRD TOMATOE BASE 6/100oz
                   PPS       PIZZAIOLO PREP PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   RPP       RED PACK PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   SAP       SAPORITO PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   SBPP      SAN BENITO *PIZZERIA* SAUCE 6/10
                   SBPS      SAN BENITO XH/PEAR PIZZA SAUCE 6/10
                   SBXH      SAN BENITO DICIOTTO PIZZA 6/10
                   SNP       SAN NICOLA PIZZA SAUCE 6/#10 PER CASE
                   TER       TERESA PIZZA SAUCE SUPREMO 6/1

                   CATEGORY : 303 / Pasta Sauce

                   ADSS      AL DENTE PASTA SAUCE 6-10
                   BPPS      BELLISSIMO PREM PASTA SAUCE 6/10
                   BRU       BRUSCHETTA BELLINO 12/17oz
                   BSPS      BELLISSIMO SPAGHETTI SAUCE 6/10
                   FRM       FULL RED MARINARA SAUCE 6/10
                   GMSS      GEN. MILLS SPAG. SAUCE 6/10
                   RPSS      RED PACK SPAGHETTI SAUCE 6/10
                   SBM       SAN BENITO *MARINARA* SAUCE 6/10
                   SBMB      OLD CALIF MARINERA SAUCE 6/10 BAG
                   SBTS      OLD CALIF TOMATO SAUC 6/100oz bag\

                   CATEGORY : 304 / PESTO-ALFREDO-CLAM

                   ALL       LAND O LAKES ALFREDO SAUCE 6/1
                   CAS       CASA DiLISIO ALFREDO SAUCE 2/32oz
                   CCIL      CASA DiLISIO CILANTRO PESTO 2/32oz
                   CPB       CASA DiLISIO BASIL PESTO 2/32oz
                   CRPS      CASA DIL RST RED PEP'R PESTO 2/32oz
                   CST       CASA DiLISIO SUN TOM PESTO 2/32oz
                   J-AF      JOSEPH #01011 FETTICINI w/BP 30/6
                   J-P       PESTO JOSEPHS BASIL 6/1LB
                   PES       DEANO'S BASIL PESTO 6/1LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                     29
                   CATEGORY : 305 / Barbeque Sauce

                   A1       A-1 STEAK SAUCE 12/10oz
                   BBK      KRAFT BULLSEYE BBQ *PC CUPS* 1
                   BBQ      CAINS WEST'N SMOKE BBQ SAUCE 4/1
                   BBQ1     BULL'S EYE BBQ SAUCE KRAFT 4/1
                   BBQJR    BBQ SAUCE JAMES RIVER 4/1
                   BBQK1    KENS CANNONBALL BBQ SAUCE 4/1 784
                   BBQK2    CAINS ORIG WESTERN BQQ 4/1
                   BBQOP    OPEN PIT BBQ SAUCE 4/1 GAL
                   BBQPC    KEN'S WSTN BBQ SAUCE 100/1oz 850A1

                   CATEGORY : 306 / Tomato Crushed/Whole

                   7-11     FULLRED 7-11 GRND UNPLD TOM 6/10
                   7440     FULL RED 7440 TOMATO FIL 6/10
                   APT      ALTA CUCINA PLUM TOMATOES 6/10
                   BDT      BELCANTO DICED *ORGANIC* TOM 6
                   BKR      SAN BENITO KITCHEN STYLE TOM 6/10
                   CALL     CENTO ALL IN ONE TOMATO 12/28OZ.
                   CCD      CENTO ALL PURPOSE GRND TOM 6/1
                   CP       ANGELIA MIA CRUSH TOMATOES 6/10
                   FCT      FURMANO'S CRUSHED TOMATO 6/10
                   FRC      FULL RED CRUSHED TOMATOES 6/10
                   FRD      FULL RED *DICED* TOMATOES 6/10
                   GC       BELLISSIMO X-HVY CRUSH TOM 6/10
                   GTS      SAN BENITO TOMATO SAUCE 6/10
                   MPST     GANGI TOMATO PASTE 6/10
                   PCT      PARADISO SUP/HVY CRSHD TOMATO 6/10
                   PGT      SAN BENITO PERFECTO GRD TOM 6/10
                   PGT1     SAN BEN CUORE D COL GRD TOM 6/10
                   RPC      RED PACK ALL PURPOSE CR TOMATO 6/10
                   RPD      RED PACK DICED TOMATOES 6\10
                   RPWP     RED PACK W/P TOMATOES 6/10
                   SBC      SAN BENITO CRH PEAR TOM 6/10
                   SBD      SAN BEN *DICED* TOMATOES 6/10
                   SBDP     SAN BEN *PETITE* DICED TOM 6/10
                   SBWP     SAN BENITO RND/WHL/PL TOM 6/10
                   SCA1     PRIMA CRUSHED TOMATOES XH 6/10
                   VGT      VILLA DE ESTE GRD TOMATOES 6/10

                   CATEGORY : 307 / Imported Tomatoes

                   CDT      CENTO PETITE DICED TOMATOE 12/28oz
                   CIT      CENTO SAN MARZANO TOM 12/28oz
                   CIT1     CENTO SAN MARZANO IMP TOM 6/3kg
                   CIT2     TOMATOE ITAL CENTO WHL PL 6/10
                   CITAL    CENTO ITALIAN TOMATOS 12/35OZ.
                   TOMI     BELLISSIMO IMPORTED TOMATOES 6/10

Revised 08/10/09                                                  30
                   CATEGORY : 308 / Pasta Sauce White

                   KHS      KNORR HOLLANDAISE SAUCE 4/1.5 LB.
                   PWCS     CENTO WHITE CLAM SAUCE 12/10

                   CATEGORY : 309 / Paste/Puree

                   CPST1    CENTO TOMATO PASTE 48/6oz
                   CTP      CENTO TOMATO PUREE 12/28OZ.
                   FRTP     FULL RED TOMATO PUREE 1.06 6/1
                   GPST     SAN BEN TOM PASTE 26% 6/10
                   PST      FULL RED TOMATO PASTE 6/10
                   RPTP     RED PACK PUREE FANCY 1.06 6/10
                   SBTP     SAN BENITO TOMATO PUREE 6/10

                   CATEGORY : 310 / Soups

                   S-7B     SOUP 7 BEAN W/HAM HOMESTYLE 4/8
                   S-A      SOUP TORTELLINI ALFREDO 4/8LB
                   S-AS     SOUP KNORR ASSORTED PACK 4/8LB
                   S-BB     KCC18 MED GRILL VEG SOUP 2/8LB
                   S-BS     KETTLE CUSINE BEEF STEW 2/8LB
                   S-C      KC CHICKEN w/DUMPLINGS SOUP 2/8
                   S-CA     KC TUSCAN MINESTRONE SOUP 2/8
                   S-CB     SOUP CREAM BROC W/CHEZ 4/8LB
                   S-CB1    KC SOUP CREAM OF BROC W/MJ 2/8 LBS
                   S-CC     KC NEW ENG CLAM CHOWDER 2/8LB
                   S-CD     CLAM CHOWDER 4/8LB KNORR #12419
                   S-CG     SOUP CHICKEN GUMBO 4/8LB KNORR
                   S-CM     SOUP CALIF MEDLEY 4/8LB UBF
                   S-CN     SOUP OLD FASH CHICK NOODLE 4/8
                   S-CN1    KC SOUP CHICKEN NOODLE 2/8LB
                   S-CP     SHORTY'S CHILI w/BEANS 4/5LB
                   S-CR     SOUP CAMBLS CLAM CHOWDER 4/8Lb
                   S-CT     KC CHICKEN STEW #715 2/8LB
                   S-CW     SOUP NE STYLE CORN CHOWDER 4/8
                   S-IC     SOUP ITALIAN WEDDING 4/8LB
                   S-L      KC LOBSTER BISQUE 2/8LB
                   S-LP     SOUP #KC LOADED POTATO 2/8lb
                   S-M      SOUP MINESTRONE 4/8LB
                   S-O      SOUP FRENCH ONION (CHUNK) 4/8Lb
                   S-PF     SOUP PASTA FAGIOLI 4/8LB
                   S-PR     SOUP BEEF POT ROAST 4/8LB
                   S-SB     SOUP SIRLOIN BEEF W/PASTA 4/8L
                   S-SP     SOUP #KC605 SPLT PEA w/HAM 2/8
                   S-SQ     SOUP #KCC17 BUTNUT SQUSH w/APPLE
                   S-TB     KC TOMATO BASIL w/TORTELNIN 2/8
                   S-TF     SOUP VEG/TOM FLURENTINE 4/8
                   S-V      SOUP VEGETABLE BEEF 4/8LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                 31
                   S-VB     SOUP GARDEN VEGETABLE 4/8LB
                   S-VP     KC MARYLAND VEG CRAB #204 2/8lb
                   S-ZC     SOUP KNORR CRAB/ZESTI TOM 4/8LB
                   VMBS     VENICE MAID BEEF STEW 6/10

                   CATEGORY : 311 / Soup Bases

                   BFBR     BEEF BROTH COLLEGE INN 12/48
                   BFM      BEEF BASE 12/1 BELISMO SELECT
                   CBM      CHIK BASE 12/1 BELISMO SELECT
                   CHB      CHICKEN BASE 6/1LB MINOR BRAND
                   CHBR     CHICKEN BROTH COLLEGE INN 12/4
                   FBM      FISH BASE 6/1LB MINOR BRAND
                   LOB      LOBSTER BASE 6/1LB MINOR BRAND
                   PBM      PORK BASE 6/1LB MINOR

                   CATEGORY : 312 / Sauce/Gravy

                   BGM      VANEE RST BROWN GRAVY 12/50oz
                   CGM      LeGOUT RST CHICKEN GRAVY 12/#5
                   CMG      CHEFMATE CNTRY STYLE GRAVY 6/10
                   DC       KNORR DEMI GLACE SAUCE MIX 4/2
                   TGM      VANEE RSTD TURKEY GRAVY 12/50oz

Revised 08/10/09                                              32
                   Category 400- PRODUCE/
                     PREPARED SALADS

                     Category 401   Fresh Vegetables

                     Category 402   Frozen Vegetables

                     Category 403   Canned Vegetables

                     Category 404   Mushrooms

                     Category 405   Fresh Fruit

                     Category 406   Frozen Fruit

                     Category 407   Dried Fruit

                     Category 409   Garlic

                     Category 410   Prepared Salads

                     Category 411   Canned Beans

                     Category 412   Dry Beans

Revised 08/10/09                                        33
Revised 08/10/09   34
                        CATAGORY 400
                   CATEGORY : 401 / Fresh Vegetables

                   ALF       ALFALFA SPROUTS 12/4oz
                   ARTR      ARTICHOKES FRESH 18ct
                   ARUG      ARUGULA
                   ASP       ROLAND ASPARAGUS SPEARS LE 6/65
                   ASPF      ASPARAGUS 11LB (NEW JERSY)
                   AV        AVOCADOS 48ct
                   BROC      BROCCOLI FRESH 14ct
                   BROCC     BROCCOLLI *CROWNS*
                   BROCFR    BROCCOLI RABE
                   BSLF      BASIL CRATE FRESH
                   CAB       CABBAGE *RED* 20PC 1.25BU
                   CABG      CABBAGE GREEN *BAGS*
                   CAR       CARROTS STICKS 5LB
                   CAR50     CARROTS CHEF'S JUMBO 50LB
                   CAU       CAULIFLOWER FRESH 12ct
                   CEL       CELERY STICKS 2/5lb
                   CEL1      CELERY 30ct ROUGH
                   CNFR      CORN FRESH SUGAR $ GOLD
                   CUK       CUCUMBERS SELECT
                   CUKH      CUCUMBERS (HOT HOUSE)
                   CUM       CUCUMBERS EACH
                   EPF       EGGPLANT FRESH 18CT
                   ESC       ESCAROLE 24ct
                   FEN       FENNEL WHOLE FRESH
                   FID       FIDDLE HEADS
                   GLL       LETTUCE *GREEN LEAF* 24 CT 13
                   GRB1      GREEN BEANS FRESH
                   GRLF      ORLANDO'S GRAPELEAFS 12/16oz
                   GRP       GREEN PEPPERS 25LBS
                   GRP1      GRAPE RED SEEDLESS
                   GRP2      GRAPES GREEN SEEDLESS
                   LEEK      LEEKS (UNWASHED) 12-15LB
                   LET       LETTUCE ICEBERG NAKED 24CT
                   LETA      LETTUCE *ROMAINE* 24ct
                   LETB      LETTUCE *SPRING MIX*
                   LETC      LETTUCE ROMAINE *CHOPPED* 4/2.5lb
                   LETR      LETTUCE *WRAPED* 24ct
                   LETS      ROMAINE *HEARTS* 12/3LB
                   LETW      LETTUCE DOLE SALAD MIX 4/5LB
                   MSHI      MUSHROOMS MEDIUM FRESH 10LB
                   MSHK      MUSHROOMS FRESH *LARGE* 10LB
                   ON        ONIONS SPANISH 50 LB
                   ONR       ONIONS *RED* JMBO 25LB
                   POT       POTATO 50LB. CHEF US#1
                   POT5      POTATOES WHITE 10/5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                 35
                   POTG      POTATOES IDAHO 60ctt
                   POTY      DIAMOND HILL "GOLD" POTATOES 50LBS.
                   PSLF      PARSLEY PLAIN FLAT 60 CT
                   RPR       RED PEPPERS FRESH 25LBS (DOMESTIC)
                   SCAL      SHALLOTS PEELED 4/5LB
                   SP        SPINACH BABY 4lb
                   SUN       SUN DRIED TOMATOES BELLISSIMO 5lbs
                   TOM56     STRAWBERRIES FRESH
                   TOM66     TOMATOE "JERSY" 25LB FRESH
                   TOM67     TOMATOES FRESH 6/7 25lb
                   TOMC      TOMATOES *GRAPE* FRESH
                   TOMP      TOMATO *PLUM* 25lb FRESH

                   CATEGORY : 402 / Frozen Vegetables

                   BROCF     BROCCOLI CHOPPED FROZEN 12/2.5
                   BROF      BROCCOLI FLORETS 12/2LB
                   CORN      CORN W/K FROZEN 12/2.5LB
                   EP1       EGGPLANT BREADED SERINO 10LB S/O
                   EP2       EGGPLANT BATTERED SERINO'S 10LB
                   EPA       EGGPLANT BREADED NONPARELL 10LB
                   EPBR      EGGPLANT *BRD'D* CARA DONA 10LB
                   EPBT      EGGPLANT *BATR'D* 10LB CARA DONA
                   PEA       PEAS GRADE A FROZEN 12/2.5 LB
                   SPC       SPINACH CHOPPED FROZEN 12/3LB
                   SPINF     SPINACH LEAF FROZEN BAGS 12/3L
                   SQU       SQUASH-YELLOW SLICED IQF 12/3LB

                   CATEGORY : 403 / Canned Vegetables

                   ART       CENTO ARTICHOKE BOTTOM 12/14oz
                   ARTB      ARTICHOKES QUATD CENTO/CORA 6/3kg
                   ARTBG     CORA ARTICHOKE HRT 24/14oz
                   ARTC      CORA ARTICHOKE LITL/SUN 12/12
                   ARTG      ARTICHOKE CENTO 12/14oz /BRINE
                   ARTM      ARTICHOKES *MARINATED* 6/67oz CENTO
                   ARTMC     ARTICHOKE HRT WHL CENTO 6/3 40/50ct
                   C-A       CENTO QTRD ARTICHOKE/BR 12/14oz
                   CARD      CARROTS SLICED LIBBY 6/10
                   CNWK      CORN WHL KERNEL FURMANO/LIBBYS 6/10
                   CRCN      CORN CRM STYL FURMANO 6/10
                   CWB       CORN WHOLE BABY 6/10
                   GIA       GIARDINERA 4/1gal COSMO/ROYAL ANN
                   GRB       GREEN BEANS LIBBY/FURMANO 6/10
                   GRBF      SV GREEN BEANS REG CUT FROZEN 12/2LB
                   HCR       CENTO HOT DICED PEPRS 12/12oz
                   PD        NORPACO PEPPER DELIGHT 12/12oz
                   PEAS      LIBBYS FCY 4SV SW PEAS 6/10
                   POTD      DICED POTATOES 6/10 HANOVER

Revised 08/10/09                                                    36
                   SK        SAUERKRAUT SILVER 6/10
                   SPIN      SPINACH STKLY CUT 6/10
                   VAMV      VEG-ALL MIX VEG LARSEN 6/10

                   CATEGORY : 404 / Mushrooms Frsh/Blnh

                   MSH1      MUSHROOM MARINATED COSMO 4/1 G
                   MSH2      MUSHROOM MARINATED COSMO 12/8o
                   MSH3      MUSHROOMS MARIN COSMO 12/32oz
                   MSHA      MUSHROOMS *AMATOS* 20LBS.
                   MSHCF     MUSHROOMS FF SLICED 20LB PAIL
                   MSHF      MUSHROOMS CELEBERTY P/S 6/10
                   MSHFF     MUSHROOMS COUNTRY FRESH 6/62oz
                   MSHM      MUSHROOM MICUCCI BLANCHED 5/62
                   MSHP      MUSHROOM *PORCINI* ROLAND 1-1L

                   CATEGORY : 405 / Fresh Fruit

                   AP        APPLES WAST ST RED DELISH 100ct
                   APG       APPLES GRANNY SMITH 100ct
                   BAN       BANANAS GREEN REG
                   CANS      CANTALOUPES MELONS 15 CT.
                   FIG       FIGS FRESH 24ct
                   FS        FRUIT SALAD MIX 4/1
                   LEMB      LEMONS 115ct BULK
                   LIM       LIMES FRESH 48ct
                   ORANG     ORANGE 100ct

                   CATEGORY : 406 / Frozen Fruit

                   BBFS      BLUEBERRIES WILD 30 LB FROZEN
                   STRAWF    STRAWBERRIES SL/CALIF. 6/6.5LB

                   CATEGORY : 408 / MARINATED VEGATABLES

                   ARTRS     ARTICHOKE 2/67oz TRAY ROMAN-STYLE

                   CATEGORY : 409 / Garlic

                   GO        GARLIC/OIL CHOP 12/32oz
                   GPL       GARLIC PEELED 4/5LB
                   GSP       GARLIC SPREAD 4LB BELLISSIMO
                   GSP1      TULKOFF GARLIC SPREAD **2LB**
                   HR        HORSERADISH WHT TKF 12/32OZ

                   CATEGORY : 410 / Prepared Salads

                   3BS       FURMANOS 3 BEAN SALAD 6/10
                   BRCB      SILVERSPN *RED BLIS* POT SALD
                   BRCHS     PILGRM PRIDE CHIK SALAD 2/5lb 10/7

Revised 08/10/09                                                  37
                   BRCS      SILVERSPOON COLE SLAW 10LB
                   BRMS      SILVER NH ELBOW SALAD 10LB
                   BRPS      SILSPON NH POTATO SALAD 10LB 1
                   CSS       SILVER SPN WHT CHIC SALAD 10LB
                   ESS       SILVERSPOON *EGG SALAD* 5LB
                   HSA       HAM SALAD SILVERSPOON 5LB
                   OXCS      CAINS CREAMY COLE SLAW DRES 4/1
                   POTR      POTATO RED "C" 50LB

                   CATEGORY : 411 / Canned Beans

                   BB        BAKED PEA BEANS B&M 6/10
                   BLB       CENTO BLACK BEANS 12/19oz
                   CKP       CHICK PEAS FURMANO/HANOVER 6/10
                   PCP       CENTO CHICK PEAS 12/19oz (CECI)
                   PRKB      CENTO RED KIDNEY BEANS 12/19oz
                   RKB       RED KIDNEY BEANS DARK 6/10
                   WKB       CENTO WT CANNELLINI BEANS 12/19 OZ.

                   CATEGORY : 412 / Dry Beans

                   BTB20     J.R. BLACK TURTLE BEANS 20LBS.
                   CKPD      CHICK PEAS (GARBANZO) 20LB DRY
                   GNB       GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 20LB BULK
                   LEN       LENTIL BEANS DRIED 20LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                   38
                   Category 500- PASTA/ RICE
                      Category 501   Fettuccine

                      Category 502   Linguini

                      Category 503   Spaghetti

                      Category 504   Ziti/ Penne

                      Category 505   Shells

                      Category 507   Pasta Specialty Frozen

                      Category 508   Tortellini

                      Category 509   Lasagna

                      Category 510   Manicotti

                      Category 511   Ravioli

                      Category 512   Stuffed Shells

                      Category 513   Other Pasta

                      Category 514   Rice

Revised 08/10/09                                              39
Revised 08/10/09   40
                           CATEGORY 500
                   CATEGORY : 501 / Fettuccine

                   AF        FETTUCCINE ANNA #6 20/1LB
                   DVFET     DECECCO #6 FETTUCCINE 20/1 LB.
                   DVFN      DECECCO FETTUCINE NESTS 12/8.
                   FET       BELLISSIMO FETTUCCINE 20/1 LB.
                   FETD      DEANO FRSH/FRZN FETTUCCINI 30/6oz
                   FETG      RONZONI RSTD GARLIC FET.12/12OZ
                   FETS      RONZONI SPINACH FETTUCINI 10LB

                   CATEGORY : 502 / Linguini

                   DVBL      DECECCO LINGUINI 4/5LB.
                   DVSL      DECECCO SPINACH LINGUINI 20/1
                   J-LL      JOSEPH LEM/BSL LINGUINI 30/6oz
                   LINA      LINGUINI ANNA #7 20/1LB IMP
                   LINB      BELLISSIMO LINGUINI #4 20/1LB
                   LIND1     DEANO FRSH/FRZN LINGUINI 30/6oz
                   LINF      DeCECCO LINGUINI FINI #8 20lb
                   LINW      LINGUINI LARIGINA 20/1

                   CATEGORY : 503 / Spaghetti

                   DVBS      DECECCO SPAGHETTI #12 20/1lb
                   SPA       ANNA SPAGHETTI #12 20/1LB
                   SPAB      BELLISSIMO #16 SPAGHETTI 20/1lb
                   SPAO      ANNA *ORGANIC* SPAG #12 12/1LB
                   SPSC      PREMIO SPAGHETTI IMP 2/10LB
                   SPT1      PREMIO THIN SPAG IMP 2/10LB
                   SPTA      SPAGHETTINI(THIN) ANNA #11 20/1LB
                   SPTB      BELISMO #17 THIN SPAG 20/1LB
                   SPTF      FAMOSO SPAGHETINI 2/10LB
                   SPTLC     SPAG PRINCE LONG CUT 20LB THIN
                   SPW       ANNA "WHOLE WHEAT" SPAGHETTI 1

                   CATEGORY : 504 / Ziti/Penne

                   DVFS      DECECCO *W/W* PENNE RIG 20/1LB
                   DVP       DECECCO #41 PENNE RIGATE 4/5lb
                   ZA        ZITI ANNA #18 20/1LB IMP
                   ZR        BELLISSIMO PENNE RIGATE 20/1 LB
                   ZRA       PENNE RIGATE ANNA #41 20/1LB
                   ZRB       MED JEWEL PENNE ZITONI 2/10LB
                   ZRD       DEANO FRSH/FRZN ZITI PENNE 8lb
                   ZRIG      PREMIO PENNE RIGATI IMP 2/10LB
                   ZRM       BARILLA DITALINI 16/1LB
                   ZRO       ANNA *ORGANIC* PENNE RIG 12/1
                   ZRWW      ANNA *WHL WHT* PENNE RIG 12/1

Revised 08/10/09                                                 41
                   CATEGORY : 505 / Shells

                   AS        ANNA SHELLS #52 BABY 20\1lbs
                   ASM       ANNA MEDIUM SHELLS #50 20/1LB
                   GEM       ANNA #88 GEMELLI 20/1lb
                   STSR      ROSINA JUMBO STUFFED SHELLS 2.75oz 8/12

                   CATEGORY : 507 / Pasta Specialty Frzn

                   CANC      JOS CANELONI CHIK/SPIN #12009 7LB
                   CANV      JOS VEAL CANNELLONI #12025 6.25LB
                   GNO       DEANO POTATO GNOCCHI 12LB/JOSEPHS
                   J-G       GNOCCHI *SPINACH* #24300 12LB
                   TOR3      TRI-COLOR CHEESE TORTELLINI PK
                   TORCH     TORTELLINI 5 CHEESE 6LB ITLO
                   TORR      ROSINA TRI-COL TORTELLINI 2/5
                   TORT      TORTELLACCI BUTNUT #22266 6LB

                   CATEGORY : 509 / Lasagna

                   C-LA      ANNA WHL WHEAT LASANGA 12/13.2oz
                   LAS       PRINCE RIBBED LASAGNA 10LB
                   LASA      LASAGNA STOFFERS 6lb.
                   LASB      PASTA SHEET 10LB EGG PC DEANO'S
                   LASF      PASTA SHEETS 10lb EGG BELLISSIMO
                   LASOR     ANNA LASAGNE "OVEN RDY" 12/13oz

                   CATEGORY : 510 / Manicotti

                   MANB      ROSINA 2.75oz CHES MANI 6/12ct
                   MANCH     MANICOTTI BELLISSIMO 72/2.75CT
                   MANI      MANICOTTI CHEESE CREPE 30CT
                   MANIC     CASA D BERT CHEZ MANICOTTI 72/

                   CATEGORY : 511 / Ravioli

                   RAV1      RAVIOLI #44228 LOBSTR 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAV10     RAVIOLI #27311 BRD CRAB 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAV101    RAVIOLI #43318 BLU CRAB 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAV103    RAVIOLI 4/3lb JMBO RND P/C DEANO'S
                   RAV2      RAVIOLI #41323 SP/GORG 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAV3      AGNOLTI #27325 CRM ON/PROC 6LB JOS
                   RAV30     RAVIOLI 45430 MSH/MZ/PARM 6LB JOS
                   RAV4      JOS #29243 ART/MASC AGNOLOTTI 6LB
                   RAV5      JOS #29253 VEAL w/MIREPIOX VEG 6LB
                   RAV6      RAVIOLI 200CT SQ CHEESE 200ct BELISMO
                   RAV7      RAVIOLI 41336 BUTNUT SQ 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAV8      RAVIOLI 29785 DUCK CONFIT 6LB JOS

Revised 08/10/09                                                       42
                   RAV9      RAVIOLI JMBP SPINACH 100ct LOMBARDO'S
                   RAVA      AGNLOTI 29241 GOAT RED PPR 6LB JOS
                   RAVB      RAVIOLI 35777 VEAL SAGE 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAVBJ     RAVIOLI JMBO RND CHEZ 130ct BELISMO
                   RAVC8     RAVIOLI 27307 BRD SAUSAGE 6LB JOS
                   RAVD1     DEANO ART/FONTNA LG SQ RAV 6LB
                   RAVD2     DEANO CRB/SCOLP/SHRMP RAV LD SQ 6LB
                   RAVD3     DEANO SHRIMP/PORT MSH AGNOL 6LB
                   RAVD4     DEANO LOB/MAINE AGNOLOTTI 6LB CKD
                   RAVD5     DEANO SMK MOZ w/BASIL AGNOLOTTI 6LB
                   RAVEP     RAVIOLI #44245 SP/GARLIC 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAVM      RAVIOLI #41351 6LB MED VEG JOSEPH
                   RAVMT     RAVIOLI *MEAT* 200ct BELLISSIMO
                   RAVS      JOS #35250 CHIK/BROCCOLINI 6LB
                   RAVSM     RAVIOLI #44240 SMK MOZ 6LB JOSEPH
                   RAVT      RAVIOLI *TOASTED* CASA #56901

                   CATEGORY : 512 / Stuffed Shells

                   STF       RONZONI JMBO SHELLS 10LB
                   STSF      BELLISSIMO JMBO STUFFED SHELLS 60/2.75oz
                   STST103   STF SHELLS CHEESE 72/3oz DEANO'S
                   STSV      STUF SHELLS 72/2.75oz BELLISSIMO

                   CATEGORY : 513 / Other Pasta

                   AFF       FARFALLE BOWS ANNA #93 12/1LB
                   CAPA      CAPELLINI ANNA #9 20/1LB IMP
                   CAPAC     COLAVITA ANGEL HAIR 2/10LB
                   COU       ROLAND COUSCOUS SEM/WHEAT 11LB
                   DIT       ANNA DITALINI #63 20/16oz
                   DV        ANNA CAVATAPPI #87 20/1 LB
                   DVC       DECECCO PAPPARDELLE #101 12/8.
                   DVCAP     DECCECO CAPELLINI#9 4/5LBS.
                   DVF       DECECCO #34 FUSILLI 4/5LB
                   DVFA      DECECCO FARFALLE 4/5LB #93
                   DVFD      DeCECCO FEDELINI #10 20/1LB
                   DVFE      DECECCO ANGEL HAIR #209# 20\8.
                   DVL       DECECCO ACINI D PEPE 20/1LB
                   DVM       DeCECCO MEZZI RIGATO 4/5LB
                   DVO       DeCECCO ORECCHIETTE #91 4/5LB
                   DVS       DECECCO #11 SPAGHETTINI 4/5 lb
                   ELB       ELBOWS 20/1LB ANNA
                   FUS       ANNA FUSILLI CUT #34 20/1LB
                   FUSL      ANNA LONG FUSSILI #108 12/1LB
                   ORZO      ORZO ANNA #74 20/1LB IMP
                   PN        COLAVITA PANTACCE PASTA 20/1LB
                   R3        ANNA TRICOLOR FUSILLI 12/1LB
                   R3B       ANNA TRI COL FARFALLE 193 12/1
                   RIG       ANNA RIGATONI #24 20/16oz

Revised 08/10/09                                                        43
                   RIGM      ANNA RIGARONI *MEZZI* #23 20/1
                   ROT       PRINCE ROTINI 20LB
                   ROTC      PRINCE RAINBOW ROTINI 10LB
                   TUB       ANNA TUBETTI #62 20/1LB

                   CATEGORY : 514 / Rice

                   RIC1      RICE ARBORIO 10/2LB BELLINO
                   RICB      UNCLE BENS (BROWN RICE) 25LB
                   RICP      NEAR EAST RICE PILAF 6/36oz 05
                   RICU      UNCLE BEN'S RICE CONVERTED 25L
                   RICW      GOURMET VALLEY WILD RICE 1 LB

Revised 08/10/09                                              44
        Category 600- BEVERAGES/ DAIRY/
                    ICE CREAM

                   Category 601   Coffee & Hot Chocolate

                   Category 612   Juice Fresh

                   Category 613   Milk

                   Category 614   Yogurt/ Cottage Cheese

                   Category 615   Sour Cream

                   Category 616   Cream/ Half & Half

                   Category 620   Egg

                   Category 621   Butter/ Margarine

                   Category 630   Ice Cream

                   Category 631   Ice Cream Toppings

                   Category 633   Canned Juice

                   Category 634   Water

                   Category 640   Beverage/ Other

Revised 08/10/09                                           45
Revised 08/10/09   46
                       CATEGORY 600
                   CATEGORY : 601 / Coffee & Hot Choc.

                   COF-D      BARONET HOUSE DECAF BLEND 42/2.5oz
                   COF-L      LAVAZZA CREMA AROMA 6/1kg
                   COF-R      BARONET HOUSE BLEND 42/2.25oz
                   COFF       COFFEE FILTERS 12CUP 1000ct
                   EXP        ESPRESSO MEDELDORO 12/12oz
                   EXPL       ESPRESSO INSTANT MED D'ORO 12/2 OZ.
                   SMM        NESTLES HOT CHOC MIX 6/50ct

                   CATEGORY : 612 / Juice Fresh

                   H=OJ       HOOD ORANGE JUICE 12/14oz. #10190
                   H=OJ1      HOOD ORANGE JUICE 4/1gal

                   CATEGORY : 613 / Milk

                   H=2%       HOOD 2% MILK 4/1GAL
                   H=8W       HOODS 64oz WHOLE MILK 9/64oz
                   H=8W1      HOOD 1% LOWFAT 1/2 GAL 9/64oz
                   H=8W2      HOOD 2% 1/2 GALLONS 9/CS.
                   H=C12ESL   HOOD LOWFAT CHOC EXT SHLF LIFE 12/12oz.
                   H=C16      HOOD 1% CHOCOLATE MILK 12/14oz.
                   H=C8       HOOD CHOCOLATE MILK *8oz* 20c
                   H=CH16     NES-QUIK CHOCOLATE MILK 12/16o
                   H=PS16     HOOD 1% WHITE 12/14oz
                   H=S16      NES-QUIK STRAWBERRY MILK 12/16
                   H=W12ESL   HOOD WHITE 1% EXT SHLF LIFE 12/12OZ.
                   H=W16      HOOD WHOLE MILK 12/14oz
                   H=W8       HOOD MILK WHT WHOLE 20/8oz
                   H=WF12     HOOD F/F WHITE 9-1/2gal
                   H=WG       HOOD WHOLE MILK 4/1GAL
                   H=WM1      HOOD 1% NONFAT WHITE 4/1gal #680

                   CATEGORY : 614 / Yogurt/Cottage Cheese

                   H=CC5      HOOD COTTAGE CHEESE 4/5LB

                   CATEGORY : 615 / Sour Cream

                   H=SC       SILK SOYMILK PLAIN ASEPTIC 12/32oz
                   H=SC5      CREAM SOUR 4/5LB HOOD
                   H=SCPC     HOOD SUR CRM P/C 100/1oz CUPS
                   SC5        SOUR CREAM SOMMERMAID 4/5LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                        47
                   CATEGORY : 616 / Cream/Half & Half

                   EM       EVAPORATED MILK GRND CRST 24/1
                   EM1      GRANDCREST EVAPD MILK 6/10
                   H=CC     HOOD CREAMERS 400ct CUPS PC
                   H=CR     HALF/HALF NONDAIRY CREAMER 360ct
                   H=HH     HALF/HALF UHT 12/32oz CREAM
                   H=HP     HALF AND HALF PINTS 12/16
                   H=LC     HOOD LIGHT CREAM 12/32oz
                   H=WC     HOOD WHIP CREAM 12/14oz
                   HC       ROLLING HILL 40% HVY CREAM 12/32oz

                   CATEGORY : 620 / Eggs

                   EF       EGGS LARGE BROWN 15 DOZEN
                   EFC      EGGS LARGE BROWN *30DOZ* CARTO
                   EFF      EGGS *WHITE* 15doz
                   EFH      SAUDER'S PILLOW PACK EGGS 20#
                   EFN      EGG WHOLE BAG #1804 6/5LB
                   EHP      MICHAELS CKD PEEL EGGS 12/12ct
                   EPO      PAPETTI LG FRIED EGG PATTIE 180/1.5
                   EPP      PAPETTI SCRMB EGG PAT 153/1.5

                   CATEGORY : 621 / Butter/Margarine

                   BUT      BUTTER SOLIDS 36/1LB (SALTED)
                   BUTA     BUTTER *CUPS* STATE 8LB
                   BUTC     BUTTER CONTIN'TL CHIPS 17LB
                   BUTL     BUTTER (UNSALTED) 36/1LB
                   BUTM     SUNRISE BUTTERBLEND 30/1LBS.
                   MARG     MARGARINE 30/1 LB
                   MARGPC   PROMISE MARG/PC 600CT S-MAID
                   MOB      BUNGE PAN/GRILL BUTTER LIQ 6/1
                   PZ       PHASE LIQUID BUTTER 3/1gal
                   PZFF     PHASE TRNS F/F #15391 LIQ 3/1
                   PZG      PHASE LIQ BUTTER w/GARLIC 3/1GAL
                   WHIRL    WHIRL GRILL PREP 3/1gal P&G

                   CATEGORY : 630 / Ice Cream

                   H=SSC    HOOD SOFT SERVE CHOC 2/10qt 5%
                   H=SSV    HOOD SOFT SERVE VAN 2/10QT 5%
                   MP       ROYAL *MINI MUD PIE* 24ct
                   MPM      ROYAL *MINT* MINI MUD PIE 24ct
                   SPF1     ROYAL *TARTUFO* BULK 4/9ct 36p
                   SPM      ORFITELLI SPUMONI ICE CRM 6/8PK RETAIL
                   SPP      ORFITELLI SPUMONI ICE CRM 36ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                     48
                   CATEGORY : 631 / Ice Cream Top/Cones

                   CDA      CONE COATING *CHOC* 6/10
                   CDB      CONE DIP BUTSCTCH KREME K 6/10
                   CDC      MURRYS CHERRY CONE DIP 6/10
                   CJ       JCTS BROWN JIMMIES 10LB
                   CS       CLARET SYRUP 4/1 GAL
                   F-1      EAT-IT-ALL *FLARE TOP* 1d 1000
                   F-204    KELOG SUGAR CONE *204* 4/200ct
                   F-204J   KEBLR 204BJ SUG'R CONE w/JAK 4-200
                   F-34DJ   KEL 34DJ CONE w/JAKT 6-100ct
                   F-70     KEEBLR FLT CONES #34D 6/100ct
                   F-B      FOSS BUTTERSCOTCH TOPPING 24/1.5 lb
                   F-BB     FOSS BLUEBERRY TOPPING 24/1.35 PCH
                   F-BPP    FOSS PEANUT BUTTER TOPPING 24/1.5lb
                   F-M      CARNATION DRY MALT 6/2.5lb
                   F-MC     JHS MELOCREAM CHOC FUDGE 6/10
                   F-MM     M&M PLAIN PIECES TOPPING 10LB
                   F-O      KFD OREO COOKIE CRNCH 25LB #2
                   F-O21    HWD STRAWBERRY TOPING #10 JUG
                   F-O2O    HWD STRAW TOP 3/.75gal JUG
                   F-P      BUTTERFINGER PIECES 2/5LB
                   F-RP     TOP REESES CHP'D CUPS 2/5LB
                   F-S      TRT TOPP SNICKERS CHPD 2/5LB
                   F-W      KEEBLER LRG WAFFLE CONES 198ct
                   F-WM     KEEBLR MED WAFL CONE 12/18ct
                   F006     CHOCOLATE SYRUP 4/1 HIGHLINE
                   F007     WICKED GOOD FUDGE TOP 10-010 6/10
                   F009     HWD BUTTERSCOTCH TOPPING 6/#5
                   F010     FOSS MARSHMALLOW TOPPING 24/1.5lb
                   F014     PINEAPPLE TOPPING 3/#10 CHW RTU
                   F033     VANILLA SYRUP 4/1 FOSS
                   F034     S/M COFFEE SYRUP 4/1
                   F035     HWD STRAWBERRY SYRUP 4/1 RTU
                   F25S     CONE KEBLER #25S SLEVE PK 40/25ct
                   F34S     CONE KEBLER #34S SLEVE PK 24/25ct
                   F70S     CONE KEBLER #70S SLEVE PK 20/20pk
                   FOOC     CHOCOLATE CONE DIP 6/10
                   GREN     GRENADINE ROSES 12/1 LIT
                   KCCCI    KARPS DOUGH CH/CHUNK #54800 18LB
                   LIME     LIME JUICE ROSES 12/1LIT
                   OXCH     CHERRIES W/STEMS 4-1 GAL ADMIR
                   PIND     PINEAPPLE TIDBITS DOLE 12/29oz
                   PINE     PINEAPPLE TIDBITS 6/10 DOLE
                   RJ       JCTS RAINBOW JIMMIES 10LB

                   CATEGORY : 633 / Canned Juice

                   CRAN     CRANBERRY JEL OCEANSPRAY 6/10
                   JA6      WHITEHOUSE APPLE JUICE 48/5.5oz

Revised 08/10/09                                                  49
                   JAP      APPLE JUICE 12/46oz SHENDOAH
                   JCB      JUICE OCEAN SPRAY CRANB 12/48
                   JG6      O/S GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 48/5.5oz
                   JGF      GRAPEFRT JUICE FLA GLD 12/46
                   JO6      RUBYKIST ORANGE JUICE 48/5.5oz
                   JPA      DOLE PINEAPPLE JUICE 12/46oz.
                   JPS1     DEL PINEAPPLE JUICE 48/6oz
                   JT6      SACRAMENTO TOM JUICE 48/6oz
                   LEM      LEMON JUICE REALEMON 6/48oz
                   LEMQ     LEMON JUICE 4/1gal
                   TOMJ     SACRAMENTO TOMATO JUICE 12-46O

                   CATEGORY : 634 / Water

                   S--A1    SAN PELLEGRINO ARENCIATA 24/6.
                   SP-A     SANPEL ARANCIATA DRINK 24/12oz
                   SP-C     SAN PELLEGRINO CHINOTTO 24/6.5
                   SP-L     SAN PEL LIMONATA DRINK 24/12oz
                   SP-L1    SAN PEL GLASS LEMONATA 24/6.5
                   W1       SAN PEL MIN WATER 24/16.9oz
                   W21      SAN PEL MINERAL WATER 15/25.3oz/750ml
                   W3       WATER 24/25oz SPT CAP
                   W5       SAN PELLEGRINO MIN WATER 24/8.

                   CATEGORY : 640 / Other Dairy/Beverage

                   LEMON    DOMINADE DRY LEMONADE MIX 12/2
                   SYC      MONIN *COCONUT* SYRUP 25.4oz EACH
                   TEA-M    TEA MOUNTIAN 24/40gr
                   W10      PAT'S *BIRCH BEER* SODA 24/12o
                   W12      PAT'S PIZZA *SARSAPARILLA* 24/
                   W13      PAT'S PIZZA *BLK CHERRY* 24/12
                   W14      PAT'S PIZZA *GRAPE* SODA 24/12
                   W15      PAT'S PIZZA *STRAWBERRY* 12/12
                   W16      SEXY ITALIAN ENERGY DRINK 24/8.4
                   W2       WATER "PATS PIZZA LABEL"24/16.
                   W4       PAT'S PIZZA *ORANGE* SODA 24/1
                   W6       PATS PIZZA *RASP LIME RICKEY*
                   W7       PATS PIZZA *ROOTBEER* 24/12oz
                   W8       PATS PIZZA *VANILLA CREAM* 24/
                   W9       PATS PIZZA *DIET ROOTBEER* 24/

Revised 08/10/09                                                    50
   Category 700- APPETIZERS/ DESSERTS/
                   Category 700          Appetizers
                   Category 701          Onion Rings
                   Category 702          French Fries & Chips
                   Category 703          Mozzarella Sticks
                   Category 704          Jalapeno Poppers / Mushrooms
                   Category 705          Mexican
                   Category 712          Desserts
                   Category 720          Olives
                   Category 721          Capers
                   Category 724          Dipping Sauce
                   Category 725          Salad Dressing (Gallons)
                   Category 726          Salad Dressing (PC/ Cups
                   Category 727          Hot Sauce/ Marinade
                   Category 728          Syrup
                   Category 731          Pickles
                   Category 732          Peppers
                   Category 750          Mustard
                   Category 751          Ketchup
                   Category 752          Mayonnaise
                   Category 753          Jelly
                   Category 754          Vinegar
                   Category 755 Relish
                   Category 756          Tartar Sauce

Revised 08/10/09                                                        51
                   EGORY 700
Revised 08/10/09               52
                           CATEGORY 700
                   CATEGORY : 701 / Onion Rings

                   ORB        ONION RING *BREW CITY* #0011 6
                   ORBO       OXFORD BAT'D ONION RINGS 10LB
                   ORBR       ON RINGS STEAK CUT OXF 10LB
                   ORBT       FRYFOOD/BELL SKINNY ORINGS 10LB
                   ORBT5      ON.RINGS BATR'D McCAIN/GOLD CRISP 10LB
                   ORK        BELISMO HOME STYL BRD ON RING 16LB
                   ORM        ONION RINGS CNTRY ACRE BAT 10LB
                   ORST       FRYFOOD STK CUT ON RNGS 10LB

                   CATEGORY : 702 / French Fries/Chips

                   F38C       FRIES *THIN CC* SCOTCHMAID 6/5
                   FF         FRIES 3/8 GOLD McCAINS 6x5 SC
                   FF-        COUNTRY FAIR *THIN* S/C FRIE #10001
                   FF1        CAVENDISH 3/8" CLEARCOAT FRIES #05301
                   FF11       FRIES #5506 FINE COAT 3/8 SO 6/5
                   FF38       SIGNATURE FRIES SO 3/8 6-5LB
                   FF38R      SCOTCHMAID FRY *3/8* THIN 6/5LB
                   FFC        COUNTY FAIR 1/2" CRKL CUT 6/5LB
                   FFC1       FRIES PRINCE 1/2 CNKL CUT 6/5LB
                   FFCC       CRYSTAL RED 3/8 S/C FRY CAVEND #05305
                   FFD        FAIR ISLE 3/8 REG S/C 6/5LBS #36004
                   FFDD       FRIES PRINCE 3/8 REG 6/5 STRGHT CUT
                   FFG        FRIES WEDGE SEAS'D MAXIMO 6/5LB
                   FFMGR      REDSTONE SPICY SPIRALS 6/4LB
                   FFOF       SNOW FLAKE 1/2 C/C *OVEN FRIES
                   FFPF       PUB FRENCH FRIES SKIN ON 6/5lb
                   FFR        FAIR ISL #36006 CRKL CUT FRIE 6/5LB
                   FFRC       RED 1/2" CRINKLE CUT FRIES 6/5lb
                   FFRR       FRIES 3/8 REG DOUBL R 6/5LB
                   FFS        CNTRY FAIR SHOESTRING FRIES 6/4.5
                   FFSF       SELECT 3/8 SPICY S/C FRY #35101
                   FFSN       SNOWFLAKE BATT 3/8 SC 6/4.5LB FNL164
                   FFSP       LAM-WES SWT POTATO FRI #L81 6/2.5LB
                   FFSS       FRIES SHOESTNG DBL R 6/4.5LB 32011
                   FFST       FRIES STEAK CUT CNTY FAIR 6/5LB
                   FFST1      FRIES STEAK DBL R 6/5 #32013
                   FFSW       CAVNDISH SWEET POT FRY SLM 6/2.5lb
                   FFU        McCAIN ULTIMATE 3/8 FRIES 6/5L
                   FFWF       BREW CITY WAFFLE FRIES 6/4lb
                   FFX        CAVENDISH ALWAYS CRISP REG. #06602
                   FFXC       LWF MY FRY CRSCT FRIES 6/4.5LB
                   HBM        SIMPLOT HASH BROWNS 12-20ct
                   POTC       PENOBSCOT 2oz POTATO *CUP* 24L
                   POTSP      POTATO SPLITS PENOBSCOT 24LB

Revised 08/10/09                                                       53
                   CATEGORY : 703 / Mozzarella Sticks

                   MZSTA     ANCHR *BRD* MOZ STIX #4152 4/3
                   MZSTB     MOORES BREADED MOZ STIX 4-3LB. #289
                   MZSTBR    MOZZ STIX *BREADED* 4/3 BELISIMO
                   MZSTBR1   MOZ STIX 26720 NONPA BREADED 4/3LB
                   MZSTBT    MOZ STIX *BATTERED* 4/3 BELISIMO
                   mzstbt1   NONPA #26710 BAT MOZ STIX 6/2LB
                   MZSTC     BREW CITY BEER/JACKS #4007 6/3
                   MZSTK     MOZ STIX BAT ANCHR #0109 6/2.5

                   CATEGORY : 704 / Poppers/Mushrooms

                   HBBC      ANCHOR BROC/CHED BITES #10129
                   HBCD      ANCHOR CHED'R JALAPENO BRD #5630
                   HBCDA     BELLISSIMO JALAPENO/CHED'R 4/3
                   HBCDO     POPPER *CREAM* CHZw/JAL 4/3 BELISMO
                   HBCR1     ANCHOR *CRM* CHEZ POP 4/4LB #5620
                   JAL       OEP SL JALAPENO PEP 4/6LB 10OZ
                   MSHB      ANCHOR BUT BRD MUSHROOM #10138
                   MSHBB     BELLISSIMO BREADED MUSHROOM 4/3lb

                   CATEGORY : 705 / Mexican Items

                   CMC       CHEFMATE CHIL CARNE w/BN 6/10
                   GUAC      3-6# 60881 FZ CALAVO(MILD)GUAC
                   NC        CHEESE SAUCE ORTEGA 4/107oz BA
                   OERB      CASA FIESTA REFRIED BEANS 6/10
                   OES       PANCHO VILLA TACO SHELLS 200CT
                   OET       GRAND CREST TACO SAUCE PC'S 20
                   OETM      OLD ELPASO TACO SEASON MIX 6LB
                   OETS      PACE TACO SAUCE 4/1 GAL #15070
                   PITA-C    PITA CHIPS MEDITERRANEAN 15LB G-D
                   SALH      SALSA PACE *MEDIUM* 4/1gl #141
                   SALM      SALSA PACE *MILD* 4/1gl #14070
                   TOST      TOSTITO'S NACH CHIPS WHT 8/16oz 8/25
                   V8        6" CORN TORTILLA 12pk *CASE ONLY*

                   CATEGORY : 706 / CHIPS POPCORN

                   RUF       RUFFLES CHIPS BULK 6/20oz 9/8

                   CATEGORY : 712 / Desserts

                   BABA      FERRARA BABA RUM SPNG CAKE 6/21oz
                   BAKC      BAKLAVA GRECIAN DEL 3/36ct
                   BFS       BOSTON FRUIT SLICES DAZIMA
                   BJWP      DAWN WHOOPIE PIE FILLING 28lb
                   CAN1      CANNOLI SHELL #LP133 ARTUSO 60ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                    54
                   CANCH     CANNOLI *CHOCOLATE* FILLING 6L
                   CANL      CANNOLI PLAIN FIL 6/3LB FERRARO
                   CANLCC    CANNOLI FIL w/CHC CHP 6/3lb FERRARO
                   CANOL     CANNOLI SHELLS GOLDEN 6" LG 144
                   CANOS     CANNOLI SHELLS 200ct 3" GOLDEN
                   CCM       CHOCOLATE CHIP 1-M 1000ct 25LB
                   JEL-L     JELL-O LEMON 12/24oz
                   LF        BELINO SAVOIARDI LADY FINGR 12/17oz
                   OXCW      CHERRIES WHOLE NO/STM 4/1 ADMIR
                   PIZC      PIZZELLE COOKIE CHOCOLATE 12ct
                   PIZL      PIZZELLE COOKIES VANILLA 12/12oz
                   T-AS      PASTRY ARTUSO ASORTD #225 70pc
                   T-C       CANNOLI CREAM PLAIN 6/2.5lb GOLDEN
                   T-CA      CASSATINE PASTRY #111 ARTUSO 36pc
                   T-CB      TASTE IT CREME BRULEE 4/3lb
                   T-CC      TASTE IT ITAL RICOTTA CHEZCAKE 2/4
                   T-CF      CAN CRM PLN w/CHIP 6/2.5/GOLDEN
                   T-CFC     CAN CRM FIL CHOC w/CHP CF305 6/2lb
                   t-cs      CANNOLI SHELLS 360ct ARTUSO (SM)
                   T-E       ECLAIR w/VAN CUST ARTUSO 28PC
                   T-LT      LOBSTR TAIL PSTRY SHEL #107 60ct
                   T-M       MACAROON PASTRY ARTUSO 36pc
                   T-NP      NAPOLEON FR ARTUSO 40ct #LP130
                   T-PC      CHOCOLATE DISKS 60% 2/22LB
                   T-SF      SFOGLIATELLI ARTUSO #LP106 60ct
                   T-TC      TRES LECHES TRAYS 2/5.5LB TASTE IT
                   TA        ALMOND CREAM CAKE TOSTD 2/4LB
                   TERR      TORRONE NUGET CANDY 12/18pc
                   TIR       TIRAMISU TASTE-IT 2/4lb TRAYS
                   TIR1      TIRAMISU 12/2lb ITAL CAKE #178

                   CATEGORY : 720 / Olives

                   OLC       COSMO PITTED MANZ OLIVES 12/32
                   OLC1      OLIVES, CALAMATA W/PIT JUMBO
                   OLCL      JMBO KALAMATA OLIVE W/PIT 6/2kg
                   OLCM      OLIVE CASA GREEK MIX 6/2kg
                   OLCP      ROYAL ANN *PITD* KALAMATA 22LB
                   OLCS      KALAMATA PITTED 22LBS
                   OLG       KALAMATA OLIVE PIT'D 6/2kg TUB
                   OLGR      OLIVES CENTO GORGONZOLA 7.5LB
                   OLGRG     OLIVES GREEK COSMO'S 4/1 GAL
                   OLGS      SICILIAN *GREEN* JUMBO OLIVES 28lbs
                   OLK       KALAMATA OLIVE SLICED 6/2kg
                   OLM       OLIVES CALAMATA 10lb PAIL
                   OLMS      GREEK OLIVE MIX *SEAS'D* 5LB
                   OLOC      OLIVES OIL CURED 4/11 LB
                   OLOC1     OLIVES OIL CURED *PIT* 4/11lb
                   OLP       OLIVES CENTO STUF MANZ 12/5.7oz
                   OLPC      OLIVES *GIANTS* BLACK GREEK 28lbs

Revised 08/10/09                                                   55
                   OLPM      OLIVE PIT'D MANZ 4/1 ROYAL ANN
                   OLPS      OLIVES PITTED DEL DESTINO 6/10
                   OLQ       ROYAL ANN PL QUEEN OLIVES 4/1
                   OLS       ROYAL ANN SLICED KALAMATA 22LB
                   OLSC      OLIVES SLICED *LINDSAY* 6/10
                   OLSG      *SLICED* KALAMATA OLIVES 22lb
                   OLSM      OLIVES STF MANZ 4/1gal AMBROSIA
                   OLSQ      OLIVE STFD QUEEN 4/1gal AMBRO
                   OLSS      OLIVES SLICED BLACK 6/10 DEL DIST
                   OLZ       OLIVES ZESTY PEARLS 4/1 SLICED
                   ONC       ROYAL ANN *COCKTAIL* ONIONS 12/32

                   CATEGORY : 721 / Capers

                   CAPER     CAPERS CAPOTE ROYAL ANN 12/32oz
                   CAPF      CAPERS NONPAREILL 12/32oz

                   CATEGORY : 724 / Dipping Sauce

                   HPC       HONEY PC CUPS 200/.5oz CS.SMUC
                   KC        KEN'S COCKTAIL SAUCE 4/1 #851
                   KCPC      KEN COCKTAIL SAUCE CUP 100/.75
                   KHM       KEN'S HONEY MUSTARD 4/1 #634
                   KPCH      KEN HNY MUSTARD PC CUP 100/1oz
                   KSBR      KEN'S SWEET BABY RAYS BBQ 4/1gal
                   PPO1      PAT'S *HONEY MUSTARD* 4/1 GAL
                   SSG       KEN'S SWT/SUR SAUCE 4/1 #740
                   SSK       KRAFT SWEET SOUR 2/GAL.
                   SSKR      SWEET/SOUR CUPS KRAFT #67212
                   SSPC      CHATSWORTH SWT/SUR CUP 100/1oz
                   SSR1      KEN'S SWT/SUR CUPS 100/1oz

                   CATEGORY : 725 / Salad Dressing 4/1

                   CGD       CHRISTY'S GREEK DRESSING 4/1
                   CID       CHRISTY'S ITALIAN DRESSING 4/1
                   KBV       KEN BALSAMIC VINGRET 4/1 #955
                   KCC       KEN'S DLX CAESAR 4/1 #817
                   KCF       KEN'S DLX FRENCH 4/1 #812
                   KCFF      KEN'S CALIF FRENCH 4/1 #852
                   KCI       KEN'S CREAMY ITALIAN 4/1 #820
                   KCLF      KEN'S LITE FRENCH 4/1 #802
                   KCRC      KEN'S CREAMY CAESAR 4/1 #827
                   KCRG      KEN'S CREAMY GARLIC 4/1 #824
                   KCS       KEN COLE SLAW *MAGIC* 4/1 #870
                   KGI       KEN'S GOLD ITAL DRES 4/1 #858
                   KGK       KEN'S GREEK DRES 4/1 #884
                   KID       KEN'S ITALIAN DELUXE 4/1 #811
                   KLC       KEN'S LT CAESAR REF 4/1 #808
                   KLI       KEN'S LT ITAL DRES 4/1 #801

Revised 08/10/09                                                 56
                   KLRD      KEN'S LT RANCH DRES 4/1 #608
                   KPP       KEN'S PARM/PEPR 4/1 #732
                   KPS       KEN'S POPPY SEED DRES 4/1 #731
                   KRD       KEN'S BUTRMLK RANCH 4/1 #889
                   KRUS      KEN'S DLX RUSSIAN 4/1 #815
                   KRV       KEN'S F/F RASPBERRY 4/1 #630
                   KTI       KEN'S DELX THOUS ISL DRES 4/1
                   KZI       KEN'S ZESTY ITALIAN DRESSING 4/1
                   OCG       CAINS ROAST CREAMY GARLIC 4/1
                   OIR       OXFORD ITAL REGULAR DRES 4/1

                   CATEGORY : 726 / Dressing Pc's/Cups

                   CIR       CHRISTY'S ITAL 24lb DRY MIX 12/2lb
                   GSI       GOOD SEASON ITAL MIX 12/7.6oz
                   KBC       KEN'S CHKY BLUE CHEZ 4/1 #865
                   KBCC      KEN'S DLX BLUE CHEZ 4/1 #813
                   KPCB      KEN'S BLUE CHEESE P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCBC2    KEN BLUE CHEZ *72/2oz* CUPS
                   KPCC      KEN'S CRMY CAESAR P/C 60/1.5
                   KPCCI     KEN'S CREAMY ITALIAN PC 60/1.5
                   KPCF      KEN'S CRMY FRENCH P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCG      KEN'S GREEK DRES P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCHF     KEN P/C VT HNY FRENCH 100/1.5oz
                   KPCHM     KEN F/F HNY DIJON P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCI      KEN'S GOLDEN ITAL P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCIF     KEN'S F/F ITALIAN P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCIL     KEN'S LITE ITALIAN PC 60/1.5oz
                   KPCLF     KEN'S F/F FRENCH P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCLR     KEN'S LITE RANCH P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCPP     KEN'S PARMESEAN w/PPR 60/1.5oz
                   KPCR      KEN'S RANCH P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCRV     KEN F/F RASPBERRY P/C 60/1.5oz
                   KPCTI     KEN THOUSAND ISL P/C 60/1.5oz

                   CATEGORY : 727 / Hot Sauce/Marinade

                   HS        WINGERS HOT SAUCE 4/1gal
                   HS16      FRANK'S *RED HOT* SAUCE 4/1
                   HSL       FRANKS XTRA HOT SAUCE 4/1 7519
                   HSPC      LOUISINA HOT SAUCE *PC* 200ct
                   HSS       FRANKS BUFF SAND SAUCE 2/1gl
                   SOY       GOLDS SOY SAUCE 4/1 Gal
                   TAB       TABASCO SAUCE MCLLHENNY 12/12oz
                   TS        TERIYAKI SAUCE GOLDS 4/1
                   TS-G      KIKKOMAN TERIYAKI *GLAZE* 6/.5gal
                   TS-M      KIKKOMAN TERIYAKI *SAUCE* 4/1GAL
                   WOR       WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE GOLDS 4/1

Revised 08/10/09                                                  57
                   CATEGORY : 728 / Syrup

                   PS        PANCAKE SYRUP MAPLE S/M 4/1
                   PSPC      SMKR SYRUP PC CUPS 100/1.5oz

                   CATEGORY : 731 / Pickles

                   DIL       MICUCCI DILL KSHR WHOLE 5GAL 90/110
                   DILB      WHOLE DILL 50/60ct FREESTONE 5gal
                   DILC      OXFORD DILL PICKLES 50/60ct 5gal
                   DILF      FREESTONE WHL DILL 70/80cT 5GL
                   DILG      FREESTONE DILL PICKLES 4/1GAL
                   DILS      CAINS DILL SLIM STRIPS 2GAL
                   DKP       CAIN KSHR DILL *REFIG* WHL 5GAL
                   DKS       DELI SPEARS KOSHER 5GAL FREESTONE
                   HDS       FREESTONE DILL SLICE 1/8 5GAL
                   MCS       OXFORD DILL CRINKL CUT 5 GAL
                   MDS       CAINS HAMB DILL SLICES 5GAL 1/8"
                   ODC       BAY VALLEY DILL CUBES 5 GALLON
                   SUR       MICUCCI SOUR 90/110 5GAL (GREEN)
                   SURC      OXFORD SOUR WHOLE 5GAL 50/60ct
                   SURF      MICUCCI SOUR PICKLE 5GAL (WHITE)
                   SURG      FREESTONE SOUR PICKLES 4/1GAL
                   SURH      OXFORD SOUR STRIPS SLIM 5gal
                   SURS      SOUR *SLAB HALVES* 5gal FREESTONE
                   VD        VLASIC HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS 5 GAL
                   VDC       B&G DILL CUBES 5GAL
                   VDS       B&G HAMBURG DILL CHIPS.5GAL.

                   CATEGORY : 732 / Peppers

                   C-CA      CENTO WHL CHERRY PEPPERS 12/32oz
                   C-CC      CENTO SWT BANANA PEPPERS 12/32oz
                   C-CCS     CENTO SWT CHEESE PEPPERS 12/32oz
                   C-CF      CENTO SL HOT PEPPERS/OIL 12/12oz
                   GTPH      TROINI PEP SALAD *HOT* 12/12
                   GTPS      TROINO PEP SALAD *SWEET* 12/12
                   OXHC      HOT CHOP PPR RELISH CAINS 4/1
                   OXHP      B&G WHOLE HOT CHERRY PEPRS 4/1
                   OXPEP     PEPPERONCINI 4-1 GAL
                   OXSH      B&G SL HOT CHERRY PEPRS 4/1
                   OXSP      HOT BANANA RING 4/1gal BAY VALLY
                   OXSS      BAY MILD BANANA PEPPER RINGS 4/1
                   OXSW      BAY VALLY MILD CHERRY PPR 4/1
                   PSDR      CANNON *DICED RED* PEPPERS 6/10
                   PSGC      PEPPER STRIPS*GREEN*DEL DESTINO 6/10
                   PSRGF     FURMANO MIXED PEPPER STRIPS 6/10
                   PSRGM     DEL DESTINO RED&GREEN PEPPER 6/10
                   RSTA      CENTO RSTD PEPPERS 12/28oz
                   RSTB      MANCINI RSTD RED PEPR 12/29oz

Revised 08/10/09                                                    58
                   RSTC      CENTO ROASTED PEPPERS 6/10.
                   RSTD      ANTONIO ROASTED PEPPERS 6/3KG
                   RSTF      PIAGGI ROASTED PEPPERS 12/28oz
                   RSTN      BELL.RSTD PEPPERS SWT RED 6/10
                   RSTP      CORA ROASTED PEPPERS 12/28oz
                   SJP       JALAPENO PEPPERS SLICED 6/10
                   SJPG      FREESTONE SLC JAL PEP'R 4/1
                   WJP       OLD EL PASO *WHOLE* JALAPENO 4

                   CATEGORY : 750 / Mustard

                   KSM       KEN'S SALAD MUSTARD 4/1 #836
                   MDJ       ROLAND DIJON MUSTARD 9LBS 4OZ EACH
                   MPC       MUSTARD GOLD PC's 500/4.5 GRM
                   MSQ       FRENCHS YEL MUSTARD SQZ 12/12oz
                   MUSF      MUSTARD FRENCHES 4/105oz YELLOW
                   MUSTO     BAKERS GOLD DIJON MUSTARD 4/1
                   MUSTS     MUSTARD GULDENS SPICY 4/1GAL
                   OXM       MUSTARD 4/1 YELLOW ADMIRATION/BAKERS

                   CATEGORY : 751 / Ketchup

                   CAT       GANGI CATSUP 6/10
                   HZA       HEINZ #10 CATSUP JUG 6/114oz #51491
                   HZB       HEINZ CATSUP SQZ BOT 24/14oz
                   HZBB      RED GOLD KETCHUP 24/14oz SQEZ
                   HZC       HEINZ CATSUP *PC'S* 1000CT 9gr
                   HZCL      RED GOLD CATSUP PC'S 1000ct
                   HZD       HEINZ WALL KIT DISPENSER (EA)
                   HZK       HEINZ KETCHUP 6/10 #51290
                   HZK1      RED PACK FNCY CATSUP 6/10
                   HZV       CATSUP HEINZ VOLUME PACK 3GAL
                   HZVV      REDGOLD VOL PACK 33% 1/3 GAL

                   CATEGORY : 752 / Mayonnaise

                   MAY       MAYONNAISE ADMIRATION 4/1 GAL
                   MAYB      SOMMMAID MAYONNAISE 4/1
                   MAYE      KEN'S DOUBLE EGG MAYO 4/1 #896
                   MAYK      KEN'S MAYONNAISE HVY 4/1 #898
                   MAYO      MICUCCI EX/HVY MAYONNAISE 4/1
                   MAYOPC    KEN'S P/C MAYONNAISE 200/7/16oz

                   CATEGORY : 753 / Jelly

                   JA        SMUCKERS *APPLE* JELLY 200/1/2
                   JELK      JELLY ASORT.SMUCKERS 200CT.#800
                   JGR       SMUCKERS GRAPE JELLY 200CT
                   JLM       SMUCKERS MIXED FRUIT JELLY 007
                   JO        SMUCKERS ORANGE MARMALADE 200c

Revised 08/10/09                                                    59
                   JST       SMKR *STRAWBERRY* JAM 200/1oz
                   PBP       PEANUT BUTTER FM SMTH 6/5LB

                   CATEGORY : 754 / Vinegar

                   BAL       BALSAMIC VINEGAR BELLINO 2/5 lit
                   BALB      BELLINO BALSAMIC OF MODINA 6/1.5LT
                   BALC      BALSAMIC VINEGAR 2/5lit COLAVITA
                   BALT      BELLINO BALSAMIC-TRIANG 6/8.5
                   BALW      BELLINO *WHITE* BALSAMIC 2/5 lit
                   HMV       HEINZ MALT VINEGAR 12/12oz
                   OXCV      VINEGAR *CIDER* 4% 4/1
                   OXRV      RICE WINE VINEGAR 4/1 ROLAND
                   OXWTV     VINEGAR *WHITE* 4% IMP 4/1
                   OXWV      RED WINE VINEGAR 5% 4/1 ADM
                   VFW       ROLAND FR WHT WINE VINGR 5LIT
                   VPC       HEINZ MALT VINEGAR PCs 200/9gr
                   VRW       COLAVITA RED WINE VINEGAR 2/5lit
                   VSH       DON BRUNO AGED SHERRY VINEGAR
                   WV        CENTO RED WINE VIN 4/1 Gal.

                   CATEGORY : 755 / Relish

                   OXR       RELISH GREEN SWEET CAINS 4/1
                   PIN       SWEET PEPPER RELISH 2/1gal
                   RELPC     RELISH PC GOLD'S 200/PK

                   CATEGORY : 756 / Tarter Sauce

                   KPCT      KENS NE TARTAR SCE CUP 100/.75
                   KTS       KEN'S TARTAR SAUCE 4/1 NE STYL
                   OXT       CAIN NE STYLE TARTAR SAUCE 4/1
                   TSK       KRAFT TARTAR SAUCE *PC CUPS* 2
                   TSPC      GOLD'S TARTAR SAUCE PC'S 200ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                  60
      Category 800- OILS/ SPICES/ BAKING

                   Category 800   Baking/ Coatings/ Oils
                   Category 801   Olive Oil
                   Category 802   Blended Oils
                   Category 804   Liquid Fry Oil
                   Category 805   Oil – Other
                   Category 810   Spices
                   Category 811   Salt
                   Category 820   Sugar
                   Category 825   Flour
                   Category 826   Dough Balls
                   Category 827   Bread/ Rolls
                   Category 828   Wraps
                   Category 829   Cookie/ Muffin Mix (Dry)
                   Category 830   Cookie/ Muffin Mix (Frozen)
                   Category 831 Nuts
                   Category 835   Baking – Other

Revised 08/10/09                                                61
Revised 08/10/09   62
                          CATEGORY 800
                   CATEGORY : 801 / Olive Oil
                   BEV34       BELLINO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 6/34oz.
                   BPO         BELLISSIMO PURE OLIVE OIL 6/1
                   BPX         CENTO *PURE* OLIVE OIL 4/3lit
                   BXV         BERIO EXTRA VIRG OLIVE OIL 4/3LIT
                   C-WP        CENTO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 6/34oz
                   C-WPB       CENTO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 6/17oz
                   CEV17       CENTO EX VIRG OIL 6/17OZ.
                   CEVS        CENTO EX VIRG OIL - SICIL 6/16.9
                   CIT101      CENTO ITAL OLIVE OIL 4/101 OZ.
                   CPO         COLAVITA PURE OLIVE OIL 4/1 GAL
                   1PO         ANNABELLA OLIVE OIL 4/3lit
                   MPO         BELLISSIMO POMACE OLIVE OIL 6/1
                   XV1         PREMIO EX VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 4/3lit
                   XVB         BELLINO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 6/16.9
                   XVC         CENTO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 4/3LT
                   xvc1        CENTO EX VIRG OLIVE OIL 12/8.5oz
                   XVM         MARCONI EX-VIRG OLIVE OIL 4/3Lt.
                   XVM1        MARCONI EX-VIRG OLIVE OIL 12/1lt
                   XVP         CASA PRIMO XTRA VIRGIN OIL 4/3LT

                   CATEGORY : 802 / Blended Oils

                   C10         CASA MIA 10% OIL 6/1 GAL
                   C10G        LA SPAGNOLA 25/75 OIL PC'S 105ct
                   D10         AMATO'S 10% BLENDED OLIVE OIL 6/1
                   D101217     AMATO 10% OIL 12-17oz RETAIL
                   DV10        DIVO 10% OLIVE OIL 6/1gal
                   M10         MICUCCI 10% OLIVE OIL 6/1 GALL
                   S10         LA SPANOLA 10% OIL 6/1 GAL
                   S101        LA SPAGNOLA 10% BLEND OIL *6/96*
                   S25         Sicilia 75-25 Oil 6-1 gal.

                   CATEGORY : 804 / Liquid Fry Oil

                   CAN         CANOLA FRY OIL 35LB CENTREBEST
                   FC          PRO FRY LIQUID SHORTENING 35LB
                   FCR         CENTRABEST CREAMY FRY OIL 35LB
                   FK          FRY-A-KING 35LB CLEAR LIQ SHOR
                   FL          FRY OIL BELLISSIMO CLEAR 35LB
                   fm          P&G FRYMAX GOLDEN SUPREME 35LB
                   MF          MAGIC FRY-ZZ CL FRY OIL 35LB
                   MFD         MICUCCI PREMIUM FRY OIL 35LB
                   PZF1        CHEF PRIDE CANOLA PAN OIL 3/1gal

Revised 08/10/09                                                   63
                   CATEGORY : 805 / Oil - Other

                   CBALVIN   BELLINO BALSAMIC VINEG 4/50.5 OZ.
                   CO1       CANOLA OIL SPAGNOLA 6/96oz
                   DO        DIVIDER OIL SUGARMILL 5GAL
                   MVS       BUNGE MT/VEG SOLID SHORTENING 50lbs.
                   PAM       PAM HI YIELD SPRY 6/17oz 7263
                   PAMC      CRISCO PAN SPRAY OIL #601 6/14
                   PAMW      PAM SAUTE/GRILL 6/17oz #63111
                   S35       CENTERBEST SOYA OIL 35LB
                   VS        NATIONAL VEGETABLE SHORTENING 50LB

                   CATEGORY : 810 / Spices

                   ALS       ALLSPICE WHOLE 16 oz
                   ANIS      ANISE DRY WHOLE 12oz 6/CASE
                   ANISE     ANISE OIL .5oz
                   BLVS      BAY LEAVES 16oz WHOLE GEL
                   BPB       BLACK PEPPER *BUTCHERS* 16oz
                   BPC       BLACK PEPPER *CRACKED* 16oz 6/CS
                   BPG       PEPPER BLACK GROUND 16oz 6/CS
                   BPG25     BLACK PEPPER GROUND 25LB BULK
                   BPG5      PEPPER BLACK *5LB* GRND
                   BPPK      BLACK PEPPER PACKETS 3/1000ct
                   BPW       BLACK PEPPER WHOLE 16oz 6/CS
                   BPW5      PEPPER BLACK *WHOLE* 5LB
                   BSL       BASIL LEAF 16oz GEL 6/cs
                   BSL1      BASIL LEAF *GEL* 28oz
                   BSL5      BASIL *5lb BOX* LEAVES GEL
                   CAJ       CAJUN SEASONING 23oz.
                   CARA      CARAWAY SEED WHOLE 16oz
                   CARDO     CARDAMON GROUND 16oz 6/CS
                   CELS      GROUND CELERY SEED 1LB.
                   CHIV      CHIVES DRY 3oz (EACH)
                   CHLP      CHILI POWDER 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   CIN       CINNAMON GRND 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   CINS      CINNAMON STICKS 9oz
                   COR       CORIANDER WHOLE 9oz.
                   CRP       RED PEPPER CRUSHED 12oz GEL 6/CS
                   CRP4      RED PEPPER CRUSHED 4LB GEL 6/CS
                   CRPPC     BEL CRSHD RED PEPPER PC'S 200ct
                   CSLT      CELERY SALT 16oz
                   CUGR      CUMIN GROUND 16oz GEL 6/cs
                   CURP      CURRY POWDER 1LB
                   CUSD      CUMIN SEED 16oz
                   CYP       CAYENNE PEPPER 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   D-PG      PIZZA GARNISH #920 16oz
                   DILW      DILL WEED 4oz BELLISSIMO
                   FNL       GROUND LIGHT FENNEL SEED 16OZ.

Revised 08/10/09                                                    64
                   FNLW    FENNEL SEED WHOLE 14oz BELLISSIMO
                   GG      GARLIC GRANULATED GEL 16oz 6/CS
                   GG30    GARLIC GRANULATED 27.5lb BOX
                   GG5     GARLIC GRANULATED 5LB
                   GG50    50 LB BAGG GRANULATED GARLIC
                   GG55    GARLIC GRANULATED (DEHYDRATED)
                   GM      GARLIC MINCED 22oz GEL 6/cs
                   GP      GARLIC POWDER 16oz GEL 6/cs
                   GP5     GARLIC POWDER 5LB BELLISSIMO
                   GSLT    GARLIC SALT 16oz
                   GSLT5   GARLIC SALT 6LB GEL
                   IS      ITAL SEASONING 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   MARJ    MARJORAM 16oz
                   MSG     MSG 24oz GEL
                   MTLV    MINT LEAVES 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   MUSP    MUSTARD GROUND 16oz GEL 6/cs
                   MUSS    MUSTARD SEED 6/16OZ
                   NMG     NUTMEG GROUND 16oz
                   ONAC    ONION CHOPPED DEHYDRATED 35LB
                   ONG     ONION GRANULATED 16oz GEL 6/CS
                   ONP     ONION POWDER 16oz
                   ONP5    ONION POWDER 5LB BELLISSIMO
                   ORG     OREGANO GREEK 16oz GEL
                   ORG10   OREGANO GREEK 10LBS.
                   ORG20   OREGANO 20LB BAG 4/5LB GREEK
                   OSLT    ONION SALT 38oz *GEL*
                   PEPC    PEPPERCORN BLEND 16oz
                   PKA     PAPRIKA SPANISH 16oz
                   PKS     PICKLING SPICE 14oz GEL 6/CS
                   POP     POPPY SEED 20oz GEL 6/CS
                   PR-D    PEPPER SHAKERS 48/1.5oz DISPOS
                   PSL     PARSLEY FLAKES 16oz GEL BOX
                   PSL5    PARSLEY FLAKES *5LB* BOX GEL
                   PSLB    PARSLEY 16LB BULK SDA SPICE
                   ROSM    ROSEMARY 2LB
                   SAF     SAFFRON 1oz PURE SPANISH TIN
                   SAGE    SAGE WHOLE 16oz
                   SMES    SESAME SEED WHITE 16oz. HULLED
                   ST-D    SALT SHAKERS 48/4oz DISPOSABLE
                   TARG    TARRAGON LEAF 1LB
                   THYM    THYME WHOLE 7oz GEL 6/cs
                   TUM     TURMERIC SPICE 16 OZ.
                   VB      VANILLA BEANS TAHITIAN 8oz
                   WPG     WHITE PEPPER GRD 16oz BELLISSIMO
                   WPW     PEPPER WHITE WHOLE 16oz

Revised 08/10/09                                               65
                   CATEGORY : 811 / Salt

                   SEAS      DEL DEST COURSE SEA SLT 12.5kg
                   SLT1      SALT 24/26oz PURITY
                   SLT25     SALT *25LB* IODIZED PURITY
                   SLT50     SALT 50LB AKZO TX-10
                   SLTK      SALT KOSHER 12/3LB DIAMOND
                   SLTPC     DIXIE CRYSTAL SALT PC'S 3/1000

                   CATEGORY : 820 / Sugar

                   EQPC      EQUAL   2000CT.
                   SNL       SWEET   & LOW 3000ct
                   SUG25     SUGAR   25LB BAG DOMINO
                   SUG50     SUGAR   50LB *WHITE MOUNTAIN*
                   SUG6X     SUGAR   DOMINO 6X CONF 50LB
                   SUGB      SUGAR   DOM LT BROWN 12/2LB
                   SUGC      SUGAR   BROWN DOMINO 50LB LT
                   SUGC2     SUGAR   CONFECTIONARY 10X 12/2LB
                   SUGPC     SUGAR   PACKETS *DOMINO* 2000ct

                   CATEGORY : 824 / Yeast

                   RSDY      RED STAR DRY ACTIVE YEAST 12/2lb
                   RSP       RED STAR DRY MALT SYRUP 3LD.
                   RSWY      RED STAR WET YEAST 1 LB

                   CATEGORY : 825 / Flour

                   ATF       FLOUR GM #50111 ALL TRUMP 50LB
                   ATFD      MICUCCI HI GLUT FLOUR 50LB
                   ATFP      FLOUR MINNESOTA SPECIAL 50LB
                   DB10B     IT'L BE *BASIL* 10oz DOUGH 36ct
                   DXF       DURAM FLOUR X-FANCY 50 LB
                   FSF       FLOUR GM #53381 FULL STR 50LB
                   FSFD      MICUCCI ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 50lb
                   FSFO      SPERRY ORGANIC F/S FLOUR 50LB #57901
                   FSFP      FLOUR PILLSBURY 4XXXX 50LB #2942
                   FSR       GM SELF RISING FLOUR 50LBS
                   KAF       KING ARTHUR FLOUR 50LB
                   OFL       CONAGRA OCCIDENT UNBL 50lb
                   PCR       PIZZA CRISP 35 LB
                   RFL       REMARKABLE FLOUR 50LB #57122
                   SEM       SEMOLINA FLOUR MIDAS 50LB #1
                   SLF       SIR LANCELOT FLOUR 50LB
                   WF        FLOUR WONDRA GM 50LB #58995
                   WWF       FLOUR CARGIL WHOLE WHEAT FINE 50LB
                   WWO       SPERRY ORGANIC W/W FLOUR 50lb

Revised 08/10/09                                                    66
                   CATEGORY : 826 / DOUGHBALLS/SHELLS

                   D-14PB    14" PAR-BAKED SHELL #2113 14/13.5oz
                   D-9GF     PIZZA SHELL 9" GLU FR P/B 24/5oz
                   D-D16     DEIORIO 16oz #502 DOUGH RAW 30ct
                   D-D26     DEIORIO 26oz #503 DOUGH SHELL RAW
                   DB10      DOUGHBALL 10oz/36ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB14      DOUGHBALL 14oz/28ct.BRICKOVEN
                   DB16      DOUGHBALL 16oz 25ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB20      DOUGHBALLS 20oz 20ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB22      DOUGHBALL 22oz/18ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB24      DOUGHBALL *24oz* 18ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB26      DOUGHBALL *26oz* 16ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB30      DOUGHBALL *30oz* 12ct BRICKOVEN
                   DB8       DOUGHBALL *8oz* 45ct BRICKOVEN
                   DBA1      RICH P/BAK 10.5" SHEL GLU-FREE 24ct

                   CATEGORY : 827 / Bread/Rolls/Crackers

                   CBRCR     CENTO FLAV. BREAD CRUMB 12/15oz.
                   CRU       CROUTON SEASONED ULTIMATE 10LB
                   D-12      DEIORIO #2111 12 P/B SHEL 18pc
                   D-16      DEIORIO 16oz SR UNTOP SHEL #550
                   D-7HW     DEIORIO #110 HON/WHT TUNL 75ct
                   D-7T      DEORIO #214 7oz TUNNEL 75ct
                   D-BCR     DEIORIO'S *CIN/RASN* BAGEL #10
                   D-BO      DEIORIO'S *ONION* BAGEL #1006
                   D-BP      DEIORIO'S *PLAIN* BAGEL #1002
                   D-DR      DEIORIO'S DINNER ROLLS #200 24
                   D-DT      DEIORIO'S 10/12"TUNNEL #205 72
                   D-GF      GRANNY'S #12011 GLDN FINGERS
                   D-IL      DEIORIO'S #101 REG ITAL. BREAD 24
                   D-MW      DEIORIO'S MOTHERS WHITE #104 2
                   D-PD      DEIORIO'S #105 PLAIN DONUT
                   D-RB      DEIORIO RYE BREAD #105 24pk
                   D-SSB     SESAME BAGEL 48ct 4oz #1008
                   D-T7      DEIOR 12" SR UNTOP SHELL #548
                   D-WWB     WHEAT BAGEL #1004 48/4oz
                   FOCB      AMATO'S FOCACCIA ROLLS 12ct
                   OC        OYSTER CRACKER 150/1/2oz #1504
                   PITA-K    PITA KRONOS 7" 12/10PK WHITE
                   PITAC     PITA 7" NY STYLE GRECIAN
                   POL       ROLAND POLENTA 4/5LB
                   STPC      SALTINE CRACKERS 500/2ct #1305
                   SUB-10    PIANTIDOSI 10" C70 ROLL 10/6 CT.
                   SUB-12    PIANTEDOSI 12" C95 ROLL 8/6
                   SUB-16    TRAD BREAD STP-262 SUR TUSC 60/5oz
                   SUB-17    TRAD BREAD WSF-277 WHEAT SAND 60/4oz
                   SUB-20    AMATO #2025 LG MEATBALL ROLL 36ct
                   SUB-20S   AMATO #2026 SM MEATBALL ROLL 48ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                    67
                   SUB-21    AMATO #2001 LG ITAL SAND 48ct
                   SUB-22    AMATO #2027 SM ITAL SAND 48ct
                   SUB-23    AMATO #2041 BULKIE ROLL 36ct
                   SUB-24    AMATO #2031 W/WHEAT BULKIE 36ct
                   SUB-27    AMATO #2003 *WW* LG ITAL 48ct
                   SUB-28    AMATO #2029 *WW* SM ITAL 48ct
                   SUB-6     PIANTEDOSI 6" C76 ROLL 90ct
                   SUB-7     PIANTE 7" #C187 PAR BAKE 72ct
                   SUB-8     PIANTEDOSI 8" C73 ROLL 12/6
                   SUB-A     PIANT #1402 BRD DGH 32/19oz
                   SUB-AB    PIANTE #1394 19oz ITAL DOUGH 3
                   SUB-C     PIANTEDOSI C402 CIABATTA 40ct
                   SUB-D     PIANTEDOSI C235 KNOT ROLL 96ct
                   SUB-E     PIANTE C117 HEARTH BULKIE 48ct
                   SUB-F     PIANT C-219 11" PAR BK BAGUET
                   SUB-FR    PIANT C-258 8" PAN SUB ROLL 72
                   SUB-G     PIANTEDOSI C302 HNY WHEAT ROLL 180ct
                   SUB-HB    PIANT HON/WHEAT BRD DOUGH #1400
                   SUB-HD    PIANTEDOSI HOTDOG ROLL #C115 192CT
                   SUB-HW    PIANT #C240 FLOUR BURGR ROLL
                   SUB-L     PIANTEDOSI #C212 CLB WHT LOAF
                   SUB-W     PIANTIDOSI 12" WHEAT ROLL 48ct

                   CATEGORY : 828 / Wraps

                   TOR1      WHITE* TORTILLA WRAPS 6/12
                   V1        TORTILLA 12" *WHITE* 12PK
                   V11       TORTILLA *10*IN WHITE 6/12PK
                   V2        TORTILLA 12" *WHOLE WHEAT* 12P
                   V2A       TORTILLA*10*INCH WHEAT 6/12PK
                   V3        TORTILLA 12" *SPINACH* 12PK
                   V33       TORTILLA 12" SUN-DRI TOM 12pk
                   V3A       TORTILLA 10" SPINACH 6/12PK
                   V4        TORTILLA 12" *GAR/HERB* 12PK
                   V5        TORTILLA 12" CILANTRO 12PK
                   V6        TORTILLA 12" CHILI 12 PK
                   V7        TORTILLA 6" *WHITE* (CASE ONLY)

                   CATEGORY : 829 / Cookie/Muff Mix Frzn

                   KCCC      KARP'S CHOC CHIP COOKIE MIX 18
                   KCDC      KARP'S DBL CHOC CHIP MIX 18LB
                   KCMW      KARP'S MAPLEWALNUT COOKIE MIX 18lb
                   KCOR      KARP'S OAT/RAISIN COOKIE MIX 18lb
                   KCPB      KARPS PEANUT BUT COOKIE MIX 18LB
                   KCPD      KARP'S POLKA DOT COOKIE MIX 18LB
                   KCSC      KARPS SUGAR COOKIE MIX 18LB
                   KMAC      KARP'S APPLE/CINN MUFFIN MIX 1
                   KMBB      KARP'S OLD FAS BLUEBERRY MUFFIN 2/9lb
                   KMBN      KARP'S BANANA NUT MUFFIN MIX 1

Revised 08/10/09                                                     68
                   KMC       KARP HONEY CORN MUFFIN MIX 18L
                   KMCN      KARP'S CRANBERRY NUT MUF'n 18lb
                   KMGM      KARP'S GLOR MORN MUFF MIX 18LB
                   KMNYC     KARPS MUFFIN N.Y. CINN 18LB
                   KMRB      KARP'S CHIPS A PLENTY MUF MIX
                   KMRNC     KARPS MUF'N RASP CRUNCH 18LB
                   PPP       PENNANT PASTRY SHEET 20/12oz

                   CATEGORY : 830 / Cookie/Muff Mix Dry

                   BIS       BISCOTTI CHOC/ALMOND 5LB 77ct
                   BM        GOLD MEDAL BISCUIT MIX 6/5
                   BMM       GM BASIC MUFFIN MIX 6/5
                   BPM       PANCAKE MIX GM BUTTERMILK 6/5
                   GM-BM     GM CHOC BROWNIE MIX 6/6LB
                   GMDF      GM DEVILS FOOD CAKE MIX 6/5#
                   GMOB      GENERAL MILL OAT BRAN MIX 6/5
                   SOF       FERR SFOGLIATELLE PASTRY 60ct

                   CATEGORY : 831 / Nuts

                   ALM       ALMONDS BLANCHED SLICED 6/3LB
                   ALM1      ALMOND JORDAN ASSORTED 5lb
                   HZL       HAZELNUTS ROASTED LaGENTILE 4.4LB
                   PEC       AZR PECANS HALVES FANCY 1.75LB
                   PINNUT    PINE NUTS BULK *5lb*/PIGNOLI
                   PINUT     PINENUT (650'S) 55.1LB BULK
                   PIS       AZR PISTACHIOS SHELLED RAW 6LB
                   WAL       WALNUTS PIECES W/D 25LB MARINI
                   WALH      AZR WALNUT HALVES/PCS 6/1.75LB

                   CATEGORY : 835 / Baking - Other

                   CFB       CLAM FRY BAT'R MIX GOLDN PIT 50LB
                   CM        CORN MEAL BUNGE CCM 50LB
                   CMA       AMATO'S CHICKEN MARINADE 12pk
                   CRM       CRACKER MEAL X-FINE 25LB
                   HCG       GHIRARDELLI GRD CHOCOLATE 3LB
                   HHBF      HENRY & HENRY BLUEBERRY FILL 12/2 LB.
                   HHLF      HENRY & HENRY LEMON FIL 12LB
                   HHRF      HENRY & HENRY RASP FILL 12/2LB
                   HONEY     HONEY 6/5LB SUE BEE LT AMBERW
                   PBC       PROGRESSO ITAL BRD CRMB 25LB
                   PP        PUMPKIN FILLING 6/10 SENECA (S
                   QO        GRAIN MILLER QUICK OATS 50LB
                   RASIN     RAISINS SELECT 30LB
                   RO        GRAIN MILLER ROLLED OATS 50LB
                   RTZ       NABISCO CRUSHED RITZ CRACKER 1
                   VAMI      VANILLA IMITATION NATL 4/1 GAL

Revised 08/10/09                                                     69
                   VAN    VANILLA EXTRACT IMITATION 16oz
                   VANP   VANILLA *PURE* 16oz

Revised 08/10/09                                           70
    Category 900- PAPER GOODS/ CLEANING
                   Category 901   Pizza Boxes
                   Category 902   Pizza Circles, inserts, liners
                   Category 903   Take Out Containers
                   Category 904   Cups & Lids
                   Category 905   Plates & Bowls
                   Category 906   Napkins
                   Category 907   Plastic Silverware
                   Category 908   Tissue Paper
                   Category 909   Paper Towels
                   Category 911   Aluminum Foil
                   Category 912   Film & PVC
                   Category 913   Trash Bags
                   Category 914   Paper Bags
                   Category 915   Plastic Bags
                   Category 916   Gloves Disposable
                   Category 917   Soufflé Cups/ Lids
                   Category 919   Misc. Disposables
                   Category 920   Light Restaurant Equipment
                   Category 921   Guest Checks
                   Category 930   Janitor/ Cleaning Supplies

Revised 08/10/09                                                   71
Revised 08/10/09   72
                                       CATAGORY 900
                   CATEGORY : 901 / Pizza Boxes
                   10BW        10" PIZZA BOX [FRESH PIZZA] CO
                   10C         10" PIZZA COR ITAL LOGO 50ct
                   10HOP       10" HOP REGULAR BOXES 100 CT
                   10HOPC      10" HOP CORG PIZZA BOX 50ct
                   10HOPK      10" HOP *KRAFT* COR BOX 50CT
                   10KRAFT     10" *KRAFT* STOCK PIZZA BOX CORR.
                   10R         10" PIZZA BOX *REG* 100ct supr
                   12C         12" CORRUGATED PIZZA BOX 50CT
                   12R         12" REGULAR PIZZA BOX 100ct
                   14BW        14" STOCK PIZZA CORIG 50ct
                   14C         14" PIZZA BOX CORRUG. ITALIAN
                   14HOP       14" *HOP* REGULAR BOXES 100ct
                   14HOPC      14" CORRUGATED "HOP" PIZZA BOX
                   14R         14" PIZZA BOX REGULAR 100ct SU
                   16BW        16" CORRUGATED PIZZA BOX 50ct
                   16C         16" CORRUG ITALIAN LOGO 50 ct
                   16E         16" *E FLUTE* CORIG BOX 50ct
                   16HOPC      16" *HOP* CORRUG PIZZA BOXES 5
                   16HOPK      16" HOP *KRAFT* COR BOX 50ct
                   16KRAFT     16" *KRAFT*STOCK PIZZA BOX CORR
                   16R         16" *REG* PIZZA BOX 100 CT SUP
                   16U         16" UPGRADE OVEN FRSH BOX COR 50ct
                   16xmas      16" HOLIDAY DESIGN CORR. 50ct
                   17BW        17"x12" CORR.STOCK PIZZA BOX 50ct
                   18C         18" PIZZA BOX CORRUGATED 50 ct
                   18R         18" PIZZA BOX REGULAR 50 CT
                   20C         20" PIZZA BOX CORRUG/B *25ct*
                   24C         24" CORRUG PIZZA BOX 25ct "B"
                   8R          8" REGULAR PIZZA BOX 100CT WHI
                   DBB         BRICKOVEN DOUGHBALL BOX 1135x765

                   CATEGORY : 902 / Circle/Insert/Liner

                   10CP        10" CAKE PAN w/COVER 50ct 9510SKHU
                   10imp       10" #10228 IMPAIR CIRCLE
                   10PC        10" PIZZA CIRCLES 250 CT
                   12CP1       12" CAKE PAN COMBO 50ct
                   12PC        12" PIZZA CIRCLES 250ct
                   14PC        14" PIZZA CIRCLES 250 CT
                   16PC        16" PIZZA CIRCLES 125ct
                   18PC        18" PIZZA CIRCLES 125 CT
                   20PC        20" PIZZA CIRCLES 125ct
                   8PC         8" PIZZA CIRCLE 500CT
                   I10         10" SQ RIPPLE INSERTS 200CT
                   I10A        CORIG PIZZA INCERT 10x10 250ct
                   I14         14" SQUARE RIPPLE INSERT 200ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                    73
                   PL10      PIZZA   LINER   10x10   1Mct #19042
                   PL12      PIZZA   LINER   12x12   1Mct 019043
                   PL14      PIZZA   LINER   14x14   1Mct #19044
                   PL16      PIZZA   LINER   16x16   1Mct. #19045
                   PL18      PIZZA   LINER   18x18   1Mct #19046

                   CATEGORY : 903 / Take Out Containers

                   12FCC     12oz KH12A CONT CMBO SOLO 250ct
                   16CP      REYNOLD DELI PAK RD216 16oz 500ct
                   16FC      16oz 16MJ20 FOOD CONT FOAM 500ct
                   16FCC     16oz SOLO KH16A CONT/LID 250ct
                   16SB      CRS16X CLEAR SALAD BOWL SWTHT
                   16SBC     C16BCD 16oz DART CMBO LID/CTR 252ct
                   16SBL     #LCR16D DOME LID SWTHT CLEAR 1
                   17c       BOXES 13x17x2 50ct
                   24CB      DART C30DE2R CLEAR 2 PT BASE 252CT
                   24CL      DART C64DDL CLEAR SNAP LID 252ct
                   24SB      24oz SALAD CONT C24DCPR SQ COMBO
                   24sbc     DART #C24BCD 24oz CL BOWL/LID
                   30SB      30oz BOWL THI-0030 500ct PACTV
                   32FC      32oz FOAM FOOD CONT #32TJ32 50
                   32SB      CRS32X SOLO 32oz CLR SAL BWL 300ct
                   32SBL     32oz SALAD BOWL LID *LCR64D* 6
                   45SB      45oz CHINET BOWLS 500CT #21060
                   4SC       4oz DART FOAM CONT #4J6 1000ct
                   6FC       6oz 6B20 DART FOAM BOWLS 1000ct
                   8FC       8oz 8SJ20 DART FOAM CONT 1000ct
                   8FCC      8oz FOOD CONT COMBO KH8A 250ct
                   8PFC      8oz CLR CONT PRIME SOURCE #PS208
                   8PP       8oz 8B20 DART FOAM BOWL WHT 1M
                   8RCL      6"X8" FLAT LID L788
                   BBO       SWTHEART #B45DX BAN BOAT 600ct
                   BBP       SWHRT #D35X BANANA BOAT 4/125c
                   CB-L      CLAM BOX LARGE (QT) 500ct #0
                   CB-M      CLAM BOX MED.(pint) 1000ct #04
                   CB-S      CLAM BOX SMALL 1000ct #043016
                   CHB-L     CHIC BOX W/HNDL 9x6x6 200ct
                   CHB-M1    CHICK'N BOX 9x5x3 CH-2 250ct
                   CHB-S     CHICK BOX CH-1 7x5x2.5 250ct
                   CPL       REYNOLDS DELI PK LID PL201 500ct
                   CV5       5" 53HT1 DART CLR HNGD CONT 500ct
                   CV6       6" 57HT1 DART CLR HNGD CONT 500ct
                   HDC       DART HOTDOG CONT #72HT1 500ct
                   HDH       HOT DOG HOLDR DBL END 500CT
                   HOGC      HOAGIE CONTAINER #26600 200ct
                   KT4       J-TRAYS 4CUP 400ct #210
                   KT4T      STRONGHOLD 4 CUP HLDR 300 *FLU
                   MH1       GENPAK 1-COMP FOAM CONT.SN200
                   MH1C      FOAM CONT LG 1-COMP 200ct 95HT1/TD9901

Revised 08/10/09                                                      74
                   MH1G      ENVIRON 9x9 T/O CONT HNGD 300ct
                   MH1P      DART 60HT1/VP756 6X6 HNGD FOAM 500ct
                   MH1R      9x7 205HT1 DART FOAM HNG CONT 200
                   MH2G      ENVIRON 6x6 HNGD LID CONT 400ct
                   MH3       LRG HNG FOAM 3 COMP 2/100ct P/S
                   MH3G      GENPAK #SN203 LRG 3 COMP 200ct
                   MH3P      9x9 95HT3 DART 3COMP HNG CONT 200
                   SB12      SOLO H4125 12oz CONT 20/25ct
                   SB12L     SOLO CH8A 12oz LIDS 20/25ct
                   SB16      SOLO H4165 16oz CONT 20/25ct
                   SB16L     SOLO CH16A 16oz LID 20/25ct
                   SB32      SOLO H4325 32oz CONT 20/25ct
                   SB32L     SOLO CH32A 32oz VENTED LID 500ct
                   SB5       SPAGHETTI BUCKET #5T1 83oz 100
                   SB5L      SPAGHETTI BUCKET LID #5VT19S
                   SB64      SPAG BUKT #60164 64oz 250ct
                   SB64L     HUTAMKI #60064 64oz LID 250ct
                   SB8       SWHRT 8oz PAPER FOOD CUP P4085
                   SD8       SOLO 8oz SUNDAE CUP #SD8 1000c
                   SDL       SWTHRT DOME LID #LDS58 1000ct
                   TPM2      VERSA 150ct NC8288B 2/COMP 30oz
                   tpm5      VERSATAINER NC989B 58oz w/LID 150ct
                   tpm6      VERSATAINER #NC737 RND CMBO 150CT 37oz
                   TPM7      VERSATAINER #NC-729 32oz 150ct
                   TPM8      VERSATAINER NC718-B 16oz 150ct
                   TPM9      NC-888 CMBO PK MICRO CONT 150ct 38oz
                   TPR160    160oz BLK CLASSIC BOWL/LID 50ct

                   CATEGORY : 904 / Cups & Lids

                   10FKPL    F-K 10oz LID LRK9/10 2500ct
                   10HC      10oz PAPER HOT CUP MESHI 1000ct
                   10SC      10oz 10J10 FOAM CUP 1000 CT
                   10SL      10oz DART (10FTL) LIDS 1000CT
                   10SLC     10oz PERF. CUP LID LTN510 2M
                   12CC      12oz R12N WAX COLD CUP/2000ct
                   12CCL     12oz COLD CUP LIDS 2000 #L12BL
                   12CL      12oz COLD CUP LID w/ST SLT 250
                   12CP      12oz SWIRL COLD CUP #12C 2500c
                   12F       12EL CAPPUCINO LID DART 1000ct
                   12FB      12oz 12B32 DART WHT FOAM BOWL 1M
                   12FC      12oz 12SJ20 FOOD CUP 500ct
                   12H       12oz HD330 HOT PAPER CUP 1000c
                   12I       12oz DART LX 12LX16E CUP 1000c
                   12SC      12oz FOAM CUP DART 12J12 500ct
                   12SL      12oz DART LIDS (12FTL) 1000CT
                   12SLC     12oz PAPER HOT CUPS MS412
                   1620CL    16/20oz COLD CUP LID w/ST SLT
                   16CC      16oz RW16 WAX COLD CUP 1000ct
                   16CL      16oz SWIRL COLD CUP #16CL 1000

Revised 08/10/09                                                      75
                   16D      ROMEO COLD CUP 1M/16oz DOVER
                   16F      16EL CAPPUCCINO LID DART 1000ct
                   16H      16oz HD425 HOT PAPER CUP 1000c
                   16HC     16oz PAPER HOT CUP MESHI 1000ct
                   16HCL    16oz HOT CUP *LID* LT516 2000c
                   16I      16oz DART LX 16LX16E CUP 1Mct
                   16LCD    16LCD DART CLR DOME LID 1000ct
                   16PFC    16oz 16DNO5 CLR PLSTIC CONT 500ct
                   16SC     16oz 16J16 FOAM CUPS 1000ct
                   16SL     16oz 16FTL DART CUP LID 1000
                   16SSL    16SL DART STRAW SLOT LID 1000ct
                   20FCL    20JL VENTED CONT CUP LID 1000ct
                   20HC     20oz PAPER HOT CUP MESHI 1000ct
                   20R      20HDLC HIGH DOME LID 1000ct
                   20T      20oz DART LX 20LX16E CUP 500ct
                   22CC     22oz COLD CUP 1000ct #RS22N
                   22IC     IMPACT #15485 22oz COLD CUP 1200ct
                   24CC     24oz R24 SOLO WAX COLD CUP 1000ct
                   24CCL    24oz SOLO *LID* #L1624B 2000ct
                   32CC     H32TN 32oz WX SOLO CUP 480ct
                   32CCL    SOLO L32BN COLD CUP LID 8/120
                   32DL     LID DART #32HDLC HI DOME CLR 500ct
                   32FCC    SOLO 32oz CONT CMBO PK 250ct KH32A
                   32I      32oz IMPULSE H/C CUP #32LX32 5
                   32IL     32oz LX IMPULSE CUP *LID* #32S
                   32JL     32oz TRANS LIDS #32JL/SL 500ct
                   32PFC    32oz CLEAR PLASTIC CONT #32DNO
                   5C       5oz COLD CUP *R53* 3000 CT
                   5CC      SOLO 42R CONE CUP PAPER 5000ct
                   5PC      5oz 5N25 DART TRANS CUP 2500ct
                   6SC      6oz 6J6 DART FOAM CUP 1000ct
                   6SL      6oz 6JL DART CUP LID 1000ct
                   7PC      7oz 7N25 DART TRANS CUP 2500
                   8CP      REYNOLD RD208 8oz CUP 500ct
                   8HC      8oz PREF HOT CUP 1000CT 378MS
                   8PCL     8oz TEAR TAB LID 2M CL308 SOLO
                   8SC      8oz 8J8 DART WHT FOAM CUP 1000ct
                   8SL      8oz 8SL DART LID W/ST SLOT 1M
                   CCL      DART FOOD CONT LID #LDCK05 500ct
                   FK10PC   F-K 10oz TRANS CUP RK10 2500ct
                   FK12PC   F-K 12oz TRAN CUP RK12 1000ct
                   FK12PL   F-K 12oz LID LRK12/14 1000ct
                   FK16PL   F-K 16oz LID LRK16/20 1000ct
                   FK2C     F-K 2oz WHT POR CUP 10/250ct
                   FK2CB    F-K 2oz*BLK*POR CUP 10/250ct
                   FK2L     F-K 2oz POR CUP LID 20/125ct
                   FK34L    F-K 3.25/4oz POR LID 20/125ct
                   FK3BC    F-K 3.25 BLK POR CUP 20/125ct
                   FK3C     F-K 3.25 WHT POR CUP 20/125ct
                   FK4BC    F-K 4oz BLK POR CUP 20/125ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                 76
                   FK4C      F-K 4oz WHT POR CUP 20/125ct
                   FK7PC     F-B 7oz TRANS CUP RK7 2500ct
                   FKKC      F-K 12oz KID CUP w/STR 500ct
                   HCL       LID 10/16/20oz LM1620FB WHT 1000ct
                   KCG       #02257 KIDS CUP/LID/STRAW COMBO 250ct
                   KCL       F-K PAT'S KID CUP LID 1500ct
                   KCP       PAT'S KIDS CUP 750/12oz
                   PC10J     10oz TRANS CUP DART #10N 2500ct
                   PC10L     10oz #L10N25 DART TRANS LID 2500
                   PC12      12oz TRANS CUP Y12JJ/12SN 1000ct
                   PC12L     DART #L14N 12oz TRANS LID 1M
                   PC16      F-K 16oz TRANS CUP RK16 1000ct
                   PC16L     DART #L24TN TRANS CUP *LID* 10

                   CATEGORY : 905 / Plates & Bowls

                   101P      10" CHINET "PORCH" PLATE 500 C
                   103P      10" CHINET "POKE" 3/P PLATE 50
                   10BRI     10" DART WHT FOAM 3PT #10CPWC
                   10PP      10" PAPRUS PIE PLATES 500 CT #10117
                   11PP      11" PLASTIC PLAT'R 11PWC 500ct
                   12B       12" BLK LOW PROF BOWL 25ct
                   12SB      10/12oz FOAM BOWLS #12BWWC DART 1M
                   14RT      14" PLATTER BLK EMI440B 25ct
                   24DC      24oz PACTIV #CI8-5024 CLR SALA
                   24DCL     PACTIV DOME LIDS #C18-5201 500
                   24SBL     24oz PLAS CONT w/LID #C18-6024
                   6WFP      6" 6PWC DART WHT FOAM PLATE 1M
                   6WP       6" WHITE PAPER PLATE 1000 CT
                   912C      9x12 CHINET OVAL PLATE #22618
                   9C        9-3/4 CHINET PLATE POTASH #226
                   9GP       9"COATED PLATES R&R #941 10/100ct
                   9GP1      9" FONDA COATED PLATE 4/125CT
                   9HP       9" SWT PAPER PLATE #DBF9#
                   9PP       9" PAPER PLATES 1200ct GRN LABEL
                   9WFP      9" WHT FOAM PLATE GPAK N/L 500ct
                   CV9       9x7 90PST1 DART CLR HG CONT 250ct
                   DCR16     DOME LID CLEAR 16" 50CT DCS-920
                   F100      #100 FOOD TRAY 1000ct BASKTWEAV
                   F200      #200 FOOD TRAY 1000ct 5814 BSKTWEAV
                   F300      #300 FOOD TRAY 500ct 5815 BSKTWEAV
                   F50       SOLO RED TRAY #50 1000ct 8oz
                   F500      RAVE TRAY #500 4/125ct 5LB
                   N10       14"ROUND PLATTER
                   S200      TRAY FOAM #2SO WHT 500ct 8x6x5/8
                   S400      FOAM TRAY #4SO WHT 500ct 9x7x5/8
                   TPR12     12" BLK PROD TRAY/LID CMBO 25ct
                   TPR16     16" BLK PROD TRAY/LID CMBO 25ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                     77
                   CATEGORY : 906 / Napkins

                   NAP-C     NAP DISP 12X13 D1213/2629 6000CT
                   NAP-LF    NAPKINS 9" LO-FOLD 8000ct #4387
                   NAP-M     NAPKINS SCOTT *MEGA* #98908 52
                   NAP-MD    NAPKIN DISP *MEGACART* #9023 G
                   NAP13     LUNCH NAP 6000ct #00202 SOFTOUCH
                   NAP6      NAPKIN DISP LO-FOLD D612/8000N
                   NAP7      NAPKINS 7X12 JR.DISP.#D712/23010
                   NAPAD     P KIT K/F/S 12x13 NAP MED 250ct S/P
                   NAPAH     P-KIT HVY K/F/S 12x13 NAP 250ct
                   NAPB      NAPKIN TALL-FOLD 7x13.5 32250
                   NAPC      NAPKINS BEVERAGE 1/PLY 4000CT
                   NAPD      NAPKIN DINNER 15x17 3000ct 2PLY
                   NAPE      NAPKINS XPRESS WHITE DX900 6000ct

                   CATEGORY : 907 / Plastic Silverware

                   PMC       COLOR ME MATS 200 w/100 BX CRAYON
                   PMW       PLACEMAT WHITE 9x13 1000CT
                   RF        FORK MEDIUM WGT WHITE 1000ct
                   RFH       FORK *HEAVY* WGT WHITE 1000ct
                   RK        KNIFE MEDIUM WGT WHITE 1000ct
                   RKH       KNIFE *HEAVY* WGT WHITE 1000ct
                   RS        TEASPOON MED WGT BERKLEY 1000cT
                   RSH       TEASPOON HEAVY FORMAL 1000CT
                   RSS       SOUP SPOONS DART SU6BW 1000ct
                   SODA      TALL SODA SPOONS DART 1000ct CWB

                   CATEGORY : 908 / Tissue Paper

                   TIS       SURPASS FACIAL TISSUE WHT 30/1
                   TP-D      TISSUE M29 JRT M29 2PLY 12ct
                   TP-H      TOILET TIS WHT 2PLY 48ct SUNRISE
                   TP-N      TOILET TISSUE 2PLY 96ct
                   TP-R      ROLL-MSTER TOILET TISSUE 00271

                   CATEGORY : 909 / Paper Towels

                   PT-A      DECOR ROLL TOWEL 8" 6ct #G1760
                   PT-C      P/S RT305K BROWN 8X350 12CT CERTO
                   PT-D      P/S #4321 WHT 8x350 ROLL 12ct RT305B
                   PT-N      PAPER TOWEL BAY WEST 30ct 2PLY
                   PT-U      PAPER TOWEL MULTIFOLD BRN 4M
                   PTP       CABINET for MULTIFOLD TOWEL #9

Revised 08/10/09                                                    78
                   CATEGORY : 910 / Deli Wax Paper

                   BAGWAX    WAX SANDWICH BAG 6X1X7 6/1000ct
                   CW1010    RITE WRAP RW106 10X10 WRAP 12/500
                   CW810     DELI WAX *MXD-8* 8x10 500ct
                   DW1418    DRY WAX PAPER GUARDSMAN 14X18/
                   DW1520    DRY WAX GUARDSMAN 15X20 50LBS.
                   G10       MIDGET WAX 6x10 1000ct #103301
                   PW45      PATTY WAX PAPER 5X5 1Mct #105430
                   W1S       McNAIRN W1S 15x20 106156 50lb
                   W2S       PARA WRAP 15x20 W2S 104446 3M/cs

                   CATEGORY : 911 / Foil/Alum. Products

                   7RCL      7" L527 *BOARD LID* 500ct
                   9RCL      9" *Foil Flat Lid* 500ct.
                   DCR2      PACTIV 112045 FULL STM TBL LID 50ct
                   DCR3      PACTIV 101230E1 1/2 ALUM LID 100ct
                   DCR5      DR407 SHALLOW DOME LID (705-30
                   DCR6      DR58 LID 2.25LB PAN 500CT
                   DCR71     7" DOME LID CLR 500ct P270/LD30
                   DCR8      8" CLR DOME LIDS LD36. P8000 5
                   DCR9      9" CLEAR DOME LIDS 500ct P509C/LD34
                   FLS       INSUL-WRAP 14x16 FOIL LAM 1M
                   FOIL      18"x 500' FOIL ROLL STANDARD
                   FOIL12    12x1000 FOIL ROLL STD
                   FOIL500   FOIL ROLL 12"x 500' #620
                   FOIL70    FOIL SHEET 12x10 6/500 HFA #51215
                   FOIL721   FOIL POPUP #1220 12x10 200ct P/S
                   FOIL910   DURABL FOIL SHTS 9X10 6-500CT
                   HDB       McNARIN HOT DOG BAG FOIL 1M/CS
                   TPR2      PACTIV #6050XH FULL ALM PAN 40ct
                   TPR3      PACTIV #6012XH 1/2 ALUM SHALO 100
                   TPR4      PCA 768-30 ALUM SQ PAN 1.5lb 5
                   TPR5      PCA 1LB OBLONG ALUM PAN #705-3
                   TPR6      ALUM OBLG PAN 2.25LB 500ct RC685
                   TPR7      7" RND ALUM CONT 500ct RC425
                   TPR8      8" ALUM PANS RND RC435 500ct
                   TPR9      9" ALUM CONT/RND 290-30 500ct RC477
                   TPRD      PACTIV 6132H DEEP 1/2 PAN 100ct
                   TPRM      PACTIV 6112XH 1/2 STM TBL MED 100ct
                   TPRM1     WP 5122 MED 1/2 ALUM PAN 100ct

                   CATEGORY : 912 / Film & PVC

                   BL1210    GINGHAM CHECK BASKET LINER 12x10.5
                   FILM      FILM 18"x2000' WP/CERTO
                   FILM12    FILM PVC 12"x 2000' REYNLD/PS
                   FILM24    24"X 2000' FILM WRAP CERTO
                   JW1510    RITE-WRAP JMBO 15X10 12/500ct #156

Revised 08/10/09                                                   79
                   MW1210    RW126 MSTR WAX 12x10.75 12/500ct
                   PLGP      QBAKE 16 3/8x24 3/8 (25QPL)
                   SC12      12" FILM WRAP SLIDE CUTTER
                   SC18      18" FILM WRAP SLIDE CUTTER
                   SW1010    MHD-10 SATIN WRAP 10/500ct
                   SW1210    MHD-12 SATIN WRAP 10/1000
                   SWLF      WRAP PALLET 80GA 4/18"x 1500'

                   CATEGORY : 913 / Trash Bags

                   TB-1      TRASH   LINER 24x33 CLEAR 1000CT
                   TB-1C     TRASH   BAG 40x48 *CLEAR* 16M 250ct
                   TB-L      TRASH   BAG 22M 33X40 250ct *BLK*
                   TB-M      TRASH   BAG XH 33X40 CLR 250ct
                   TB-XL     TRASH   BAG 22M 38x60 BLK 150ct
                   TB-XN     TRASH   BAG 38x58.8MIL LO-D 200ct CLR

                   CATEGORY : 914 / Paper Bags

                   BAG10     BAGS 10LB KRAFT 35# 500ct 2M/BL
                   BAG110    BAG 12X15 KRAFT MILNY 2000ct
                   BAG12     BAG 12LB KRAFT 500ct 40# 1M/BL
                   BAG16     16lb BROWN PAPER BAG 500ct
                   BAG20     BAG #20 KRAFT TIGER 500ct 1M/BL
                   BAG210    BAGS 15X18 1000ct BROWN MILNY
                   BAG25     BAG 25lb KRAFT 500ct 40# 2M/BL
                   BAG25S    BAG 25LB BEER BAG 500ct #66
                   BAG4      BAG 4LB KRAFT 500ct 30# 4M/BL
                   BAG5      BAG 5LB 35# KRAFT 500ct 3M/BL
                   BAG6      BAG 6LB 35# KRAFT 500ct 2M/BL
                   BAG8      BAGS 8LB 35# KRAFT 500ct 4M/BL
                   BAGBB     BAG 20LB KRAFT 500ct SHORTY
                   BAGPL     BAG PINT LIQUOR KRAFT 500ct 4M/BL
                   BAGQT     BAG QUART LIQUOR 500ct KRAFT
                   BAGS      SUB BAGS 4x21/2x16 2000ct SUB BAG
                   BAGSK     BAGS 1/6 SACK #57 500ct DUROSCOT
                   BAGSKK    BAG BROWN 1/8 #57 SACK 500ct
                   BAGSSK BAG BROWN #65 SHOP SAK 250ct
                   BAGW10    BAG 10lb WHITE 500ct 35#
                   BAGW12    BAG 12lb WHITE 500ct 40#
                   BAGW2     BAG WHITE 2LB 500ct
                   BAGW20    BAG 20lb WHITE 500ct 40#
                   BAGW4     BAG 4lb WHITE 500ct 30# 4M/BL
                   BAGW6     BAG 6lb WHITE 500ct 35# 2M/BL
                   BAGW8     BAG 8LB WHITE 500ct 35#
                   BH12      BAG 12LB *HOP* 500ct
                   BH20      BAG 20LB *HOP* 500ct
                   BH8       BAG 8LB HOP 500ct
                   BHQT      BAG HOP QUART LIQ 500ct
                   DW1616    DRYWAX PAPER 16X16 50LBS

Revised 08/10/09                                                     80
                   CATEGORY : 915 / Plastic Bags

                   BAG1P      BAG ZIP LOCK 8x10 POLY 1000ct
                   BAG1PP     LINED LOBSTER BAG 1/2PEC 4/125
                   BAGFF      BAG POLY *ICE BAG* 8/4/22 1M 10#
                   BAGHD      BAG 1/6 THANK YOU 11.5 MIC 850ct
                   BAGP428    POLY BAG 6x3x12 #F0912RC 1000c
                   BAGP6312   POLY BAG 6X3X15 P/S 1000ct
                   BAGP8418   POLY BAG 8X4X18 P/S 1000ct .5mil
                   BAGPG      BAG POLY ZIP LOCK 9x12 1000ct
                   BAGPS      FOLD LOCK SANDWICH BAG POLY 1M
                   LT1        LIP/TAPE BAG PP77+3 1000ct
                   LT2        LIP/TAPE BAG PP1083 1000ct
                   LT3        LIP/TAPE BAG PP1473 1000ct

                   CATEGORY : 916 / Gloves Disposable

                   PG         AKER #LD902 POLY MED 10/100 BG
                   PGL        COPOLY GLOVE *LG* FDSVC 10/100
                   RG         AKER #G903 LTX LG PWD 10/100
                   RG1        AKER #902-PF LTX MED 10/100
                   RGM        LATEX #902 MED POWDERED GLOVES
                   VG-L       AKER #V322I VNL PWDR LG 10/100
                   VG-M       AKER #V321I VNL PWD MED 10/100

                   CATEGORY : 917 / Souffle Cups/Lids

                   2SC        SOLO 2oz SOUFFLE CUP #B200 250
                   2SL        SOLO 2oz SOUFFLE *LID* PL2 100ct
                   4SL        SOLO 4oz PL4 SOUFFLE LID 2500ct
                   SC1        SOLO PAPER SOUFLET CUP 20/250ct
                   ZC1        1oz 100PC DART CUPS 20/125 SOUFFLE
                   ZC2        2oz 200P DART CUP 20/125 SOUFFLE
                   ZC3        3.25oz 325P DART CUP 20/125 SOUFFLE
                   ZC4        4oz PORT CUP *400P* 20/125ct
                   ZL1        1oz 100PCL DART LID 20/125 SOUFFLE
                   ZL2        2oz 200PCL DART LID 20/125 SOUFFLE
                   ZL4        400PCL DART LIDS 4/3.25 20/125ct

                   CATEGORY : 918 / STRAWS

                   BSS        BAR STIR STIX 5" 10/1000ct
                   STRA       STRAWS JUMBO UNWRAP'D 50/250ct
                   STRAW      PLASTIC STRAWS *WRAPPED* 24/350ct
                   STRB       STRAWS *8"BAR BLACKS #S810 500ct

Revised 08/10/09                                                    81
                   CATEGORY : 919 / Misc Disposables

                   5D          5" DOILIES WHITE 1000ct
                   BC          AMBRIA CANDLES COLOR 12/24pk
                   BIBS        LOBSTER BIB POLY 250ct
                   BS          PIZZA STAX BOX SUPPORTS 1000ct
                   CB10        CAKE BOX 12x12x5.5 100ct
                   DOILY       10"PAPER DOILY WHITE LACE 500C
                   RB-16       RUBBER BANDS #16 1LB BAG
                   SS          STIRRING STICKS WOOD 1000ct
                   SSP         COFFEE STIR STK PLASTIC 7" 1M
                   TC-W        TABLE COVERS *RED* 108x54 25ct
                   TIE         4" TWIST TIES 1000CT
                   TP          TOOTH PICK WRAPPED *MINT*15/1000ct
                   TPF         FRILL PICKS 4" 10/1000ct PS
                   WN          WET-NAPS #NP135 10/100ct

                   CATEGORY : 920 / Light Rest. Equip.

                   PP12        12" PIZZA PEEL #4212 WOOD
                   PP14        14" PIZZA PEEL #4214 WOOD
                   PP16        16" PIZZA PEEL WOOD 36" LONG
                   PP16S       PIZZA PADDLE 16"/36"HANDLE 361
                   PP18        18" PIZZA PEEL WOOD #4218 LH
                   PP4220      WOOD PEEL 20"W x 21"L #4220
                   PS10        * PIZZA SCREEN 10"
                   PS12        * PIZZA SCREEN 12"
                   PS14        * PIZZA SCREEN 14"
                   PS16        PIZZA SCREEN 16" RIM ALUM
                   PS18        * PIZZA SCREEN 18"
                   R-1073BK    9 1/2 X 6 X 1 1/2 OVAL BASKET
                   R-1076BK    10.5x7x1.5 TBC BLK BASKET 36ct
                   R-1084BK    11.7x8.7x1.7 TBC BLK BASKET 36ct
                   R-1597H     PIZZA OVEN BRUSH(ONLY) BRASS B
                   R-19030     TURNER 20" LONG #LT198
                   R-3312      WOOD PEEL 12"x13" BLADE
                   R-368686    EDLUND CAN OPENER #11100
                   R-3714      ALUM PEEL #4016 16X18
                   R-67        ALUMINUM PEEL 6 3/4x 7 3/4
                   R-BAROP     *BARREL OPENER/ PRY
                   R-CKSCW     * WING CORKSCREW
                   R-CT4PL     * PIZZA CUTTER PLASTIC HANDLE
                   R-DD5274    HALF SIZE PLASTIC ROLLER DOCKE
                   R-DSP6705   CUTTER/SCRAPER-PLASTIC HANDLE
                   R-F         LEXINGTON SS FORKS DINNER 1BX
                   R-GC3X5     * PIZZA KNIFE ROCKER W/HANDLES
                   R-GSH       5" GRILL SCREEN HOLDER GCH35
                   R-K         DELCO SS KNIFES DINNER BOX 36
                   R-KNPZ18    PIZZA KNIFE 18" W/ PALM HAND

Revised 08/10/09                                                    82
                   R-LD4PR    PIZZA KNIFE "16" PK-17
                   R-O TBC    EASY PAIL OPENER ALUM (EAC
                   R-OB       OVEN BRUSH & 60" HANDLE
                   R-PM       T90101.5 10" TIN PLATE
                   R-PN10AL   PIZZA PAN 10"(1/2"DEEP) ALUMIN
                   R-PN14AL   PIZZA PAN 14"(1"DEEP) ALUMINUM
                   R-PN16AL   PIZZA PAN 16"(1/2"DEEP) ALUM
                   R-PPC4     PLASTIC HANDLE PIZZA CUTTER 4"
                   R-PUMP     CONDIMENT/DRESSING PUMP 1 GAL.
                   R-PUMP1    PUMP DISPR #10 CAN W/COVER (EACH)
                   R-SCR4DC   DOUGH CUTTERS & SCRAPERS 6"
                   R-SP125    S&P SHAKERS-.05oz(14.8ML)
                   R-TP10     10"X1.5" PIZZA PAN
                   R-TP12     12" ALUM. PIZZA PAN RIPL/RIM
                   R-TP14     14" ALUMINUM PIZZA PAN RIPL/RI
                   R-TP16     16" ALUM. PIZZA PAN RIPL/RIM
                   R-WP1642   WOOD PEEL WP1642 24"HANDLE EACH
                   STNO       BLUE GEL METHANOL 72/7oz 2.5HR
                   Y-15248    LIB GLS RO GIBRALTAR 4.5oz 3doz
                   Y-16       LIB TALL WINE 16oz #7510SR 12ct
                   Y-17       GLASS 17.5oz GRANDE 12ea
                   Y-2L       LIB 9oz CHAMP TULIP #2451RTX 12ct
                   y-cc       CLIP-ON MONEY MAID 1/12ct
                   Y-G        LIB GLASS-GOB 10.5oz 3 DZN
                   Y-M        7.5oz MARTINI GLASS 24CT
                   Y-MM       LIBBY MARTINI GLASS 12oz #7507
                   Y-SQ       SQUALL GLASS 15oz 1dz LIBBY G
                   Y-TT       TABLETOPS 6/SIDE 4X6 CLR 12ct.
                   Y-WG6      WINE GLASS 6.5oz 3dz
                   Y-WG8      WINE GLASS 8.5oz 3dz #15464

                   CATEGORY : 921 / Guest Checks

                   GC35       GUEST CHECKS #T4932SP NO CARB 2000ct
                   GC3632     NCR #3632 GUEST CHECK
                   GC372      GUEST CHECK #6000G DUPL 50/50
                   GC39       GST CK #3516SP 10/100 1PART NO
                   GC587      GST CK #G4774 50/50CT NON-DUP
                   GC926      *GUEST CHECK #4797 NO CARB 250ct
                   NP24       NOTE PADS 3x5 12/100

Revised 08/10/09                                                     83

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