Salary Certificate

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									This is a document that certifies an employee has received a salary in the amounts
specified. This certificate includes the identification number of the employee, the
amount of salary they received, and the dates they received it. Salary certificates may
be required in obtaining a bank loan or for tenant rental applications. This document
can be used by small companies that need to certify the salary an employee has
recently received.
                      CERTIFICATE OF SALARY
IN THE PROVINCE/STATE OF                                   Employee ID Number: ____________

        AN APPLICATION FOR A SALARY CERTIFICATE having been duly made at
_________________ (City), ________________ (Province/State), in the manner prescribed by
the employer of _______________, in respect of the intended employee indicated below. The
certificate of salary was issued to the parties indicated below on the ____ day of ____________,

        IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED THAT on the ____ day of ___________, ______,
_________________ (employee) of _________________ (Address) was paid _______ as
indicated in below table by _____________.

       IT WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned hereby sets their hand and seal this ____ day
of ________________, _______.

Date                    Description                                        Amount
Xx/xx/20xx                                                                 $XX.XX
Xx/xx/20xx                                                                 $XX.XX
Xx/xx/20xx                                                                 $XX.XX
                                                 TOTAL                                $XX.XX


                                                           Name and Employer Title

Employer Signature:                                                 Date

Employee Signature:                                                 Date

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