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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally


High cholesterol levels can lead to extremely dangerous consequences in people. This is because the higher level of cholesterol can lead to blockage of the arteries and thus impaired blood flow.

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									High cholesterol levels can lead to extremely dangerous consequences in people. This is
because the higher level of cholesterol can lead to blockage of the arteries and thus
impaired blood flow. This also leads to a risk of heart attack and stroke in individuals.
There are several ways in which the cholesterol can be lowered in individuals through
natural means. These natural ways of lowering cholesterol can be grouped in two
categories: adopting therapeutic lifestyle changes and administration of nutritional

The first category of adopting lifestyle change can be difficult in that many of us have
developed bad eating and exercise habits over many years. Years of a sedentary lifestyle
and eating foods high in fat have lead many to have elevated levels of cholesterol but
most folks refuse change even though not doing so can lead to sickness or even death.
One must first embrace the changes necessary and begin to develop a plan of action to
combat high cholesterol. This includes a rigorous exercise regimen and a healthy diet.

As for exercise, anything that increases your heart rate is better than nothing at all. As
your circulatory system is increased with intense exercise, it is harder for cholesterol to
remain stagnant and build up in your arteries leading to harmful complications. In
addition, by exercising regularly, you will lose excess fat and speed your metabolism as
well; both factors that will help to naturally lower cholesterol. Exercises such as running,
jumping rope, and bicycling are great ways to get your heart pumping and your
cholesterol levels moving downward.

In addition to a consistent plan of physical activity, great care and concern must be given
to the diet as it plays a huge role in the overall levels of cholesterol in your body.
Cholesterol comes from fat and fat comes from animals, so the more animal fat you eat,
the higher the likelihood of elevated cholesterol levels. Limiting your intake of fatty beef,
pork, and chicken is a great way to help combat this. In addition, increasing your intake
of fibrous leafy green vegetables, aside from the fact that they don’t add to your
cholesterol levels, can actually act to proactively reduce them as well.

Obvious lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and limiting intake of alcoholic
beverages make sense for a lot of reasons, but doing both of these can help to naturally
lower your cholesterol as well.

But what about those of us that are afflicted with hereditary high cholesterol and find
themselves with elevated levels even after doing all of the above? Well, if you still want
to take the natural approach, there are many natural supplements available on the market
that contain plan sterol and plant stanols which have been proven to lower cholesterol.
Many of these are extremely affordable and can reduce levels of cholesterol in the body
by as much as 20% or more. In addition, these natural over the counter supplements
produce very little if any side effects, unlike stronger prescription drugs.

So by adopting or increasing exercise routines, making healthy dietary and lifestyle
choices and if need be, taking natural cholesterol supplements, you can lower your
cholesterol and avoid the need for expensive and potentially dangerous drugs. The
journey may be a long and arduous one, but once you get a handle on your cholesterol
levels, it will be well worth it. You will dramatically improve your chances of living a
longer and healthier life.

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lifestyle then is the online stop for you. Find products like
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dietary supplements.

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