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					        Formal Completion Checklist for the Graduate Certificate in
                  Hispanic Marketing Communication
I. Application Materials (Date of Occurrence)

                   Application Received                  Name:
                   Letter of Intent Received             email:
                   Acceptance to Program                 phone #:_

II. Spanish Proficiency Requirement Fulfilled

Test Completed, Date, and Location:

Signature of
Administrator:                                            Date:

III. Courses Applied Toward Certificate (Course Taken, Grade, Semester)

1. Required Course                    ADV 5415 Hispanic Marketing Communication

If substitution is made, course

2. Behavioral Science Theory

3. Business and Marketing

4. Hispanic History and Culture

5. Modern Literature/ Practical
   Language application

6. Transfer Credits

7. Transfer Credits

IV. Residency Completion (Attach Timesheet to Checklist)

1. Description of Residency:

2. Dates Residency Completed:

3. Residency Approval Signature:                                  Date:

V. Final Paper Submission

Date Paper Received:                             Date Paper Approved: