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Clocks by Coldplay by hcj


									Clocks by Coldplay              Capo 1st Fret

Main riff     (C-shape)          (Dm-shape)                 (Dm-shape)              (Bm-shape)

            D                    Am
            Lights go out and I can't be saved,
              Am                    Em
            Tides that I tried to swim against,
                 D            Am
            Have put me down upon my knees,
            Am          Em
            Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singin',
            D             Am
            Come out have things I've said,
            Am              Em
            Shoot an apple off my head, and-a,
            D            Am
            Trouble that can be named,
              Am            Em
            Tigers waitin' to be tamed, singin',
D           Am       Am           Em
       D                Am
       Confusion that never stops,
       Am                  Em
       Closin' walls an' tickin' clocks, gonna,
       D              Am
       Come back an' take you home,
       Am                      Em
       I could not stop, but you now know, singin'
       D          Am
       Come out upon my seas,
       Am                   Em
       Cursed missed opportunities, am I,
          D    Am
       A part of the cure,
            Am       Em
       Or am I part of the disease? Singin'

Chorus (2X)
       Fmaj7               Fmaj7         C     Em
                   And no..thing else compa.....res
            Fmaj7          Fmaj7         C      Em
                Oh 'n' no..thing else compa.....res
            Fmaj7                 Fmaj7         C      Em
                         And no..thing else compa.....
            Fmaj7                Fmaj7          Fmaj7     Fmaj7

    D         Am           Am        Em     (4x)

D              Am          Am       Em
    Home,     Home where I wanted to go     (4x)

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