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									About Pay Per Click Advertising
By: Shane Kay

You don?t need an entire sales staff to monetize your website. A website is an
investment, and the only way you?re going to get a return on that website is through
advertising. PPC advertising offers you a chance to earn money just by posting things on
your website. After all, you?ve spent all that time putting your website together, so
shouldn?t it be paying you back?

One model for pay per click advertising is based on a flat rate. As a publisher, you have a
rate card that lists your cost per click in various areas of your website. You can charge
more for pages that get a lot of traffic and less for pages that don?t get as much traffic.

The other type of account you?ll find is the bid-based PPC ad account. Bid-based pay per
click advertising allows advertisers to bid on how much they?re willing to pay for
specific keywords. The network you subscribe to then matches PPC ads to your website,
based on the keywords you use. The amount you get paid depends on how much the
advertisers bid for those keywords.

Depending on which pay per click advertising network you become an affiliate of, you?ll
choose between the standard pay per click ads and In Text website advertising. In Text
website advertising doesn?t place actual PPC ads on your website. Instead, the pay per
click ads will appear as links within the text of your articles. The links are double-
underlined according to keyword, and small bubbles open when your website visitor
brings her mouse over the link. The bubbles give your visitor a little more information
about the advertiser so he can decide if he wants to click on the link. You get paid every
time a visitor to your website clicks on one of your pay per click ads! This differs a lot
from the standard PPC ad, which will appear as a banner across the top or a PPC ad on
the side of your pages or alongside your content.

Infolinks guarantees the highest payout possible from In Text pay per click advertising on
your website. Infolinks utilizes the latest technology to maximize your revenue through
the best possible contextual ad matching.
About The Author

Shane Kay is a professional online media planner, who specializes in Pay Per Click
advertising strategy. Shane works as a consultant to leading online publishers in the fields
of website monetization, PPC campaign managements, landing page optimization, etc.
Shane is currently consulting for Infolinks.

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