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									                         Ely area Neighbourhood Panel meeting
                               on Thursday, 28th January

Cllr Jackie Petts                  East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC)
Cllr Jean Pearson                  City of Ely Council
Cllr John Yates                    City of Ely Council and Panel Chairman
Cllr Sheila Friend-Smith           City of Ely Council
Cllr Ron Bradney                   City of Ely Council
Cllr William Burton                City of Ely Council
Cllr Philip Eden                   City of Ely Council
Cllr Elaine Griffin-Singh          ECDC
Cllr Sue Austen                    ECDC
Cllr Jeremy Friend-Smith           ECDC
Cllr Nigel Bell                    Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC)


John Hill                          Chief Executive, ECDC
John Fuller                        Community Engagement Manager, Cambridgeshire
                                   Constabulary (CC)
Andy Bartlett                      Sector Inspector, CC
Chris Acourt                       Sergeant, CC
Brian Tully                        ASB Coordinator, CC
Terry Jordan                       Neighbourhood Panel Liaison Officer, CCC
Avril Hayter-Smith                 VCAEC, Community Car scheme
Fred Langford                      ESDAR
Alan Williams                      Neighbourhood Panel Coordinator, ECDC
and 63 members of the public.


Cllr Tom Rogerson                  City of Ely Council
Ben Norris                         City of Ely Youth Council
Paul Nelson                        Neighbourhood Panel Link Officer, CCC
Lorna Philcox                      Sanctuary Hereward

Start of Meeting: 7:00pm

Introduction                                                                     Action

Cllr John Yates welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked Panel
members to introduce themselves to the audience, before asking everyone to
complete the attendance sheets and (at the end of the meeting) the
evaluation forms.

Chairman’s announcements, and Consultation items

John Yates provided participants with details of the 4 Consultation items –
HCV advisory routes, draft waste services strategy, single equality scheme
and the review of secondary schools in East Cambridgeshire (which were
printed on the reverse side of the agenda ) John also referred to consultation
on the County’s Local Transport Plan (with an exhibition due to be at Ely
Library on Thursday, 18th March 2.0 – 7.30 pm) and to details about
developments and the (re-)opening of Pocket Park on the weekend of
May 1st – 3rd.

Ely area Panel                                                                   28.01.2010
Flooding in Ely
The Neighbourhood Panel Coordinator provided information about the work
that Anglian Water and members of the County’s Highways team have
carried out since the last Panel meeting.

Anglian Water have completed their survey of the system in Ely and they are
happy that the surface water systems are clear through to the outfall Jetting
has not been necessary as nothing is holding back, and no great silt or
debris build-up is evident in any of the manholes..

Since the last Panel meeting there has been some surface water in the area
(heavy rain on 16th and 20th November) – after the Coordinators’ distribution
of letters to 50 potentially-affected homes !

Flooding was reported at 3 addresses in Lynn Road and the site was visited
by the Highways’ Supervisor and a cyclic emptying crew (who cleaned out all
the gulleys in Lynn Road. No further problems have been reported since.

In view of this, and the generally reduced problems in the area over the last
2 years, it appears that the main problem is autumnal debris collecting in
gulleys. Gulley cleaning takes pace annually or on request and the best
‘way forward’ for local residents to promptly report any build up of surface
water- for debris to be cleared.

In discussion it was clear that problems still remain
     with sewerage and surface water at 6, 11 and 12 The Paddocks;
     with surface water at 15 Mayfield Close, Kent Close and Althorp

Anglian Water and the County’s Highways team will be contacted and a               Alan
report will be given to the next Panel meeting.                                   Williams

Update on actions
John Hill outlined the actions which had been taken to address the (non-
police) issues of concern which had been raised and the priorities identified
at the last Panel meeting. As ever, action had been taken to address ALL
priorities and the issues of concern.

In discussion the following issues were raised
     The bollards which have been installed at the end of Palace Green
        (close to the Cathedral Centre) have been funded by the Cathedral,
        ECDC and Ely Perspective. However, the design of the (blue) waiting     ECDC
        restriction signs was questioned, and these signs may now need to
        be removed;                                                             City of Ely
     The possibility of installing better lighting on High Barns is being      Council
        investigated by City of Ely Council;
     The Ely Youth Council have been provided with a grant to be used for
        th4e improvement of lighting in The Park (Cherry Hill). There is a      City of Ely
        meeting on February 19th to progress the installation of this (solar)   Council
     A revised submission for the development of an ALDI store on Lisle
        Lane is expected later in 2010;
     Planning permission has been given for a footpath from Lisle Lane,
        via The Vineyards to the Market Square – concern was expressed by

        some residents of The Vineyards that this would lead to increased

        noise in their neighbourhood, while Cllr Griffin-Singh – on behalf of
Ely area Panel                                                                     28.01.2010
        Ely Traders – was concerned that future users of potential ALDI and
        Sainsbury’s supermarkets – was concerned that shoppers should use
        Forehill as the means of reaching the Market Square. John Hill
        confirmed that Sainsbury’s planning application has been received            ECDC
        and will be considered at the Planning Committee in March.
        A questioning of the possible future use of the Maltings Cottage. The
        Cottage is a listed building and was a gift to the people of Ely. More
        open consultation was requested before a decision was reached, with          ECDC
        the view expressed that the Cottage should have a wider use than
        ‘holiday lets’.
        It was felt that there needs to be a public announcement (in local
        newspapers and in letters to local residents) that there will be only
        one phase of development in Walsingham Way (as was indicated at
        the Information Event on 7th December). A resident from
        Walsingham Way thanked Cllr Sheila Friend-Smith for her support
        (over the last 5 years) and the Panel for their supportive actions.          Sanctuary
        Letters were due to be sent from Sanctuary Hereward to local                 Hereward
        residents very soon.

Neighbourhood Update
Inspector Andy Bartlett, attending his first meeting in Ely, introduced himself
before providing a summary of his career and background in the Police
Service. His style is to be ‘intelligently interventionist’ and he is committed to
the Policing Pledge – this will enable participants to receive (more) detailed
information about offenders, the numbers of warrants and Fixed Penalty               Andy
Notices(FPN) which have been served. More detailed information will be               Bartlett
available at the Panel meeting in April.
Inspector Bartlett has introduced a series of changes since his arrival,
including having 2 Sergeants and 6 officers on duty on Saturday evenings.
The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) would like to do work with schools
and Inspector Bartlett has recently met with local headteachers to begin to
arrange this. In addition, money (£41,000) has been acquired to fund a pilot
Youthsafe project - the bulk of the money will be spent on provision for             Andy
young people in the area, and in particular High Barns.                              Bartlett

Sgt Chris Acourt outlined actions taken by the Neighbourhood Policing Team
(NPT) in addressing the 2 policing priorities set by the Panel at the last
    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in Ely city centre
    Overall crime (including violent crime) in Ely East ward
Sgt Acourt, referring to pp. 3/4 of the current Neighbourhood Profile
(January, 2010) document, outlined the work of the Neighbourhood Policing
Team (NPT) in combating the 2 policing priorities, which included
    21 arrests within the City centre for a variety of ASB offences;
    Members of the NPT (working with Special Constables and Reactive
       officers) now work until 3am on Friday and Saturday evenings to
       tackle any ASB arising from late bars and nightclubs – with particular
       praise for Special Constables
    Quantities of alcohol being seized and disposed of by officers;
    Work with Trading Standards in Test Purchasing of alcohol to the
       under-aged (none had failed);
    Working with Pubwatch;
    The use of ‘Headcams’
    The conditions of the ASBO served on Robert Arnold on October 8th
       have been breached. As a consequence, the Order has now been

       extended to include no entry to the Young People’s Project or any

       part of St John’s Road
Ely area Panel                                                                          28.01.2010
       An (unique) ASBO was served on Velichka Hristova(also sentenced
        to 6 months in prison [suspended for 2 years] and 200 hours of
        unpaid community work) – the conditions of her ASBO (banning her
        from Cambridgeshire ) have been breached. Consequently she is
        currently serving a custodial sentence and measures are being
        investigated with a view to her deportation.

Chris Acourt reported that total crime in Ely has reduced (from 345 in the
same 3 month period in 2008, to 323 in July/September 2009 to 280 in the 3
month period to the end of 2009.

Reported incidents of ASB have also shown a decrease, are below
2007/8 levels.
Finally, Sgt Acourt outlined the trends and emerging issues in each of Ely’s
(four) wards, full detail for each ward is given on pp. 5/6 of the current
Neighbourhood Profile document [which can be accessed from the
Neighbourhood Panel webpage at www.eastcambs.gov.uk and then by the
A-Z section of the homepage – looking under N]

Sgt Acourt reported that there had been 4 major operations in the District to
deny criminals the (free) use of the main roads. These operations had
involved the Road Traffic Unit, ANPR and ECDC’s Clean Environment
Enforcement Officer. The operations had been successful, as had the
vehicle checkpoint which had been set up on a series of occasions (in
different locations).

In conclusion, Sgt Acourt outlined the development of the DPPO, which had
been approved at the last Panel meeting and also by the City of Ely Council
and ECDC. ECDC’s Full Council will consider the DPPO for Jubilee Gardens
on 23rd February, with a final notice to be posted in the local press on 3rd
March. The DPPO should (therefore) be operational from 31st March.

In discussion the following issues were raised
     Some clarification about ASBOs;
     A concern about parking and speeding of local taxis (2 Fixed Penalty
        Notices [FPNs] have been served;
     Clarification about Speedwatch – that the scheme is operational in
        Ely, that is educative and helps target the work of police enforcement
        teams. As ever, more volunteers are always welcomed !

Andy Bartlett and Chris Acourt were thanked for their presentation and for
the work of the NPT. This was supported by a member of the audience who
praised the work of our local police and thanked them for the difference their
work had made to her neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Issues (for actioning from NAG meeting on 1st February)
Nic Williams, a member of the County’s Police Authority, provided a
contextual introduction to the ‘Have we got our priorities right ?’ questionnaire
(received by all participants) and explained the Authority holds the Chief
Constable and Constabulary to account

Nic emphasised that, per head of population, Cambridgshire Constabulary
     the 5th lowest spending

     the 4th lowest number of police officers

     the 6th lowest number of police staff
Ely area Panel                                                                      28.01.2010
Southern Division (of which the Panel area is a part) has 326 police
officers,70 PCSOs and 58 police staff – together with access to other
specialist support officers.

The policing priority (voted for by interested local residents) is to combat
ASB, and Ruth explained the meaning of some of the terms in the
quaestionnaire and the other proposed priorities.

The Constabulary deal with 4,000 incidents and approx 8,000 telephone calls
(the vast majority within 10 seconds [for 999 calls] and within 30 seconds [for
the freephone number, 0345 456 456 4] per week.

The Government has increased the grant to the Force by 3% for 2010/11, but
is looking for significant cost savings to be made –with a focus on more value
for money (vfm) locally.

In discussion the following additional issues were raised
     Whether PCSOs always worked in pairs. This is the case with new
        recruits (being with their mentor) and also after 20.00 hrs, and also for
        officers from the reactive staff unit (entirely appropriate for rthe nature
        of the cases which they have to deal with). The policy otherwise is for
        ‘single crewing’ with PCSOs and other officers working on their own
        during the daytime;
     Within the constraints of their resources the Constabulary do a very
        efficient and effective job in serving the changing needs in the
        County- but they could do with more resources

Nic was thanked for her presentation.

John Fuller asked members of the audience, in the first instance, and then
Panel members to identify their issues of concern (for allocation by the
Neighbourhood Action Group [ NAG] on Monday, 1st February:

No issues were raised from residents or Panel members about Stuntney,
Chettisham; Queen Adelaide or Shippea Hill.

Prickwillow.. Speeding

                  Concern regarding subsidence on Ely Road and the lack of
                  white lines on the edge and in the centre of that road
                 (a series of 20 photographs have been submitted)

Ely ………….Street lighting at High Barns;

                 Update on a planning enquiry;

                 Routing of the footpath (The Vineyards);

                 ASB at High Barns;

                 Dangerous parking in West Fen Road;

                 Litter and broken glass in Beald Way;

Ely area Panel                                                                        28.01.2010
                 The footpath from The Lanterns to Stour Green;

                 Speedwatch needed on New Barns Avenue and Road;

                 Potholes in the area (generally)

                 ASB in Walsingham Way.. .while work is going on;

                 Clarification about the future of Maltings Cottage;

                 Confirmation that the ‘relief road’ from Thistle Corner will be
                 open in March , 2010;

                  Difficulty and danger in crossing the road at the end of Tesco’s
                 across Angel Drove (esp when large numbers of children
                 choose to cross at that point on their way to school) and also in
                 crossing Broad Street (at junction with Back Hill)

                 Inconsiderate parking on zig-zag lines next to the pedestrian
                 crossing outside St John’s School – danger to children and
                 parents in crossing the road (PCSOs have attended and there
                 is CCTV at this location)

Current transport options in the Ely area

Cllr Philip Eden introduced and coordinated the presentation and discussion
within this item.

In his introduction Philip drew participants’ attention to the changes for local
‘bus services which are due to come into effect on 14th February (all
participants had a sheet outlining the changes)

Cllr Eden explained that there are 2 types of ‘bus services – those (12, 9
and X9) which Stagecoach runs as a commercial concern, and those
(‘socially-desirable) services (the evening 9 service and the market day
/Saturday provision which serves the local villages)which are provided with a
subsidy from the County Council. Those residents who are over 60 are able
to travel free on both types of service (as long as they have a discretionary
‘bus pass).

In conclusion, Cllr Eden was able to confirm that
       - the 9A service (from Ely City Centre ) will be partially-replaced
           under the terms of a contract with the County Council.
           Full details will be available soon, but the 9A service will be at
           off-peak times on Mondays – Fridays only.
       - by the Summer, Stagecoach will be using low step, easy access
       - the exhibition of the Local Transport Plan (LTP3) will be in Ely
           Library on Thursday, 18th March 2.0 – 7.30pm.

Ely area Panel                                                                       28.01.2010
Fred Langford from Ely and Soham Dial-A-Ride [ESDAR] introduced his
service – a charity which began in 2003 and which now has 9 minibuses.

ESDAR operate a series of services:

1. Dial-A-Ride – for people of all ages who can’t use the public ‘bus services.
                  People need to become members of ESDAR (currently
                  approx 700 members) and are provided with appropriate
                  help – the average cost is approximately £3/journey;

2. Excursions - to local towns, seaside and on holiday(s)

3. For hire by groups – 120 groups, inc. youth groups, have used this
4. Self-drive ‘bus - people need to have passed an ESDAR driving test in
                     the first instance;

5. Services for the County Council – the 125 to/from Pymoor;
                                     a service for the Larkfields Centre
                                     and other school services.

If members have a ‘bus pass their (ESDAR) fare is halved.

Leaflets are available about the range of ESDAR’s services.

Avril Hayter-Smith outlined the Social Care (Community Car) Service which
is coordinated by a volunteer on 4 mornings each week at Voluntary and
Community Action East Cambridgshire (VCAEC).

Avril has a pool of 20/24 volunteer drivers who use their own cars (paid
40p/mile to cover their costs). The drivers will take people shopping or drive
them to day-centres, hospitals and surgeries, as needed, and will escort their
passengers to their specific venue.

Passengers can claim the hospital if they are on benefit, but otherwise they
pay 28p/mile with a minimum charge of £4. In order to reduce costs many
people elect to share their journeys.

The service is primarily for those people who are fairly frail.

Leaflets are available about the Social Care Service.

John Yates and Philip thanked Avril and Fred for their presentations, but
particularly for the valuable services which they operate

In discussion the following issues were raised:
     why the ‘bus services don’t stop at the Park and Ride;
     disappointment expressed that the X9 is going to be a slower service
        - take up with Stagecoach                                                 Philip Eden
     the ‘bus to the Princess of Wales Hospital did not run on 28th January
     ‘Bus timetable information needs to be more widely available.
        Currently at Cromwell House, ECDC, in Library and in most ‘bus
        stop areas, also on-line. In future, at all ‘bus stops.

Philip Eden was thanked for his presentation and coordination of this item.

Ely area Panel                                                                       28.01.2010
Panel Prioritisation

    The Panel agreed the Policing priorities for the 3 months to April

       Drugs intelligence and combating drugs activity in the City;
       Combating acquisitive crime in Ely (shoplifting and ‘purse- Bartlett
        dipping’, handling of stolen goods, and links to drugs activity)

    ……………..and no non-police priorities.

Forward agenda items

    Open spaces

    Development of the Country Park in Ely

    Civil Parking Enforcement

    Ely Market – plans for expansion

The Meeting closed at 9:10pm.


Ely area Panel                                                           28.01.2010

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