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									                   MAY (SECOND) 2010
                     Vol 37, Issue No. 875
                                               BUILDS HAPPY HOMES
                                                                                                                                                                              Founder: Vishwa Nath


                MUSLIM WOMEN’S                     LET YOUR KIDS HAVE A
                                                                       12         32
                                                                                  IT’S SUMMER TIME
                                                                                  Dimple Mathur
                LITERACY                             JOY-FILLED SUMMER!
                Firoz Bakht Ahmed                            Kasturi Rangachari

                28 MA’AM,

                                                                                  80 FRAUDS
                Sangeeta Goyal
                35 TAKE CARE OF YOUR
                GLITTERING GEMS                                                   ON-LINE
                                                                                  ON-LINE FRAUDS
                Mita Banerjee                                                     DOT COM
                                                                                  PVV Satyanaryana
                42 PLANTS FOR BATHROOMS
                Kiran Narain
                60 DAULATABAD
                THE KILLER QILA
                                                    ARE YOU HURT?
                Rajib Sen
                                                    DON’T BE
                67 WHEN ALL ELSE                    Namita Kohli
                SURGERY                            122 THE JAMUN
                Sudha Hariharan

                72 IB EDUCATION IN INDIA
                                                   Satarupa Banerjee

                                                   126 REVITALISING A
                                                                                  138 OF
                                                                                  IN FAVOUR
                                                                                  IN FAVOUR OF
                Payal Dasgupta                     50-YEAR-OLD FILM               LOAD SHEDDING!
                92 MULTI-FACETED ART               SOCIETY                        Dr Rumy Agarwal
                                                                                  Dr Rumy Agarwal
                Subhra Mazumdar                    Ramesh Kumar Raja

                96 CREATIVE SONALLI
                Gayatri T. Rao
                                                   128 “10 KRISHNA
                116 BACK TO THE BASICS THE         BARTIRAA?                       48 SUMMER SAVOURIES
                GAMBUSIA GAME                      Puja Goyal
                                                                                   ●   Watermelon                                                                                                                                            brinjals first
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             minutes and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            on medium
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              then lower
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             with a lid
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         heat for 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the heat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            for 2-3

                Rajshekhar Paul
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and cover                       and stir
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in the spices again
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              minutes. Mix               cook
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            cover and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              gently and

                                           132 HOW FATHER’S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for 1 minute.          juice and cook

                                                                                       Kebabs                                                                                                   Make use of                                       Add the orange            the lid for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             heat without        to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               on medium
                                                                                                                                                                                                           and                                                  Allow the juice the
                                                                                                                                                                                             summer fruits                                     2-3 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by the brinjals.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      and cook only
                                                                                                                                                                                              vegetables and

                118 THE LOCH NESS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                orange segments and serve with
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ing                                  for 20-30 seconds
                                                                                                                                                                                               create amaz                                                  rice dish.

                                                                                       Small Brinjals with

                                                                                   ●                                                                                                               dishes.

                                           DAY CAME TO BE
                                                                                                                                                                                                    By Roma Ghosh                                 BHARTHA    N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TANGY GREE

                MONSTER A MYTH OR REALITY? Sia Mitra                                   Orange Flavour                                                                 SUMMER                           Sav our ies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1 large brinjal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    250-300 gm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1/ tsp or more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1 tbsp coriande
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   weighing around

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    red chilli powder
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     r powder
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bhartha with

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              brinjal and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              flame. Add and blend till all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              continue to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               the spices
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              tangy green

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           stir gently
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the spices

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                for at least

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         on low

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          are well mixed. 4-5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lemon tea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and   cinnamon chuski

                Vimala Murthy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 powder                        on low flame                  with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1 tsp jeera                                                then serve

                                                                                       Bhartha with Tangy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                minutes and a small portion

                                                                                                                                                                                             pan 1/ tsp garam masala                                 1/ tsp haldi powder
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                rotis. Or place parantha n and
                                                                                                                                                                                                   2             r powder
                                                                                                                                                                         oil in a non-stick the  1 tbsp coriande
                                                                                                                                                          tikkies. Heat                  fry                                                         5 tsp oil         weighing around          on a piece
                                                                                                                                                                          fry or tava             1 tsp jeera

                                                                                                                                                          and shallow                                                                                1 green mango
                                                                                                                                                                                                  1/ tsp haldi powder                                                                           serve.
                                                                                                                                                           kebabs.                      use the     2                                                150 gm
                                                                                                                                                                          you could
                                                                                                                  KEBABS                                                                to serve 2 tsp oil                                            2 green chillies rlic paste
                                                                                                                                                               To serve
                                                                                                                                                                          watermelon           on salt to taste
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  LEMON TEA
                                                                                                                                                            ‘case’ of the                                                                             3 tsp ginger-ga small pieces
                                                                                                                                                                          Line the watermel                                                                         into

                                                                                       Green Mango
                                                                                                                   INGREDIENTS: – skin and                   the kebabs.                  ordinary METHOD                          and                1 onion cut
                                                                                                                                                                            cabbage or                             in the brinjals and                              chopped -
                                                                                                                               lon                           case with red                             Make slits                                      1 tomato –
                                                                                                                   1 kg waterme and cut into
                                                                                                                                                              cabbage or
                                                                                                                                                                           even grated
                                                                                                                                                                                            on this leave these whole.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Wash well
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       salt to taste                              AND      N

                                                                                                                    seeds removed                                                                                                     the
                                                                                                                                                                               the kebabs                               aside. Heat                                                                                                                             strong then
                                                                                                                   small pieces                               and then place watermelon shell. pat-dry and keep                       the
                                                                                                                                                                            the                                         pan and fry                        METHOD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          green mango the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and                                            want the flavours otherwise put off
                                                                                                                                   powder                     and serve in on a platter.             oil in a non-stick
                                                                                                                   1 cup potato                                                                                                                               Peel the
                                                                                                                                    potato mash)                                                                                                                           kernel. Grind                                                   for a longer                      and
                                                                                                                   (ready to eat                               Or serve them                                                                               discard the and green chillies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2-3 minutes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the heat after room temperature.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              with orange
                                                                                                                                 powder                                                                      Small brinjals                                                                                                                                to
                                                                                                                    1 tsp jeera                                                                                                                            green mango                brinjal on INGREDIENTS:                               allow to cool                        a

                                                                                       Lemon Tea and
                                                                                                                                  breadcrumbs                                                                                                                              Roast the                                                                                tea through

                                                                                                                    1 cup fresh                                                                                                                                                        charred. 1 tsp lemon tea
                                                                                                                                                           SMALL                                                                                                                                                                            Pass the prepared
                                                                                                                                      red chilli powder                                                                                                     to a paste.                                                                                                      Pour
                                                                                                                    1/ tsp or more                                                                                                                                        the skin is        and 1/ tsp cinnamon powder                                      the mint juice.
                                                                                                                       2                     powder                                                                                                         the fire till     tempera ture                                                  strainer. Add                         y
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and preferabl
                                                                                                                     1/ tsp garam masala                                                                                                                     Cool to room burnt skin. Mash 2-3 cups water                                    into kulfi moulds              centre.
                                                                                                                                  frying the kebabs                                                                                                                                                                                                          to hold in the
                                                                                                                       2                                                                                                                                                    the                                     sugar
                                                                                                                     oil for tava                                                                                                                            then peel off             and keep 2 tbsp or more                                place a stick                     ent
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          with a fork                                                                       freezer compartmand
                                                                                                                      salt to taste                        WITH                                                                                              the brinjal                            1 tsp mint juice                          Place in the            Unmould
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   freeze till solid. during the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              aside.                       onions
                                                                                                                      METHOD                      pieces                                                                                                                       and fry the          METHOD               to boil. Add
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the and
                                                                                                                                    waterme lon                                                                                                                   Heat the oil                                                                        as a chuski

                                                                                       Cinnamon Chuski
                                                                                                                        Mash the                                                                                                                                                 Add the ginger-        Bring the water tea leaves and serve                          Children and
                                                                                                                                                     keep FLAV OUR
                                                                                                                                               a strainer.
                                                                                                                                  and place in                                                                                                                till golden brown. the tomatoes if                                               summer months.
                                                                                                                      with a fork                                                                                                                                                                            flavoured
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               fire lemon boil adding the cinnamon adults simply love it.
                                                                                                                                     the juice and                                                                                                                     paste and
                                                                                                                       Drain out all                   this in            IENTS:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               garlic           Cook on low          bring to                       If you
                                                                                                                                      portion. Place                                                                                                           you are using. Mix in the green                      sugar as well.
                                                                                                                       only the solid                   of the INGRED                                                                                                                                 powder and
                                                                                                                                       with the rest                 gm small brinjals                                                                         for 1 minute. and the mashed
                                                                                                                       a mixing bowl                       the 250                 juice
                                                                                                                                       We are using             11/ 2 cups orange the                                                                           mango paste                                                  (Second) 2010
                                                                                                                        ingredie nts.        so that it soaks 1 or two oranges –                                                                                                                          Woman’s Era
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ●   May
                                                                                                                        dried aloo powder in the water-                          s

                                                                                       Pears Stewed in
                                                                                                                                           left                 whole segment red chilli

                                                                                                                         in any moisture You can use 1/                  or more
                                                                                                                          melon pieces.potatoes as well.          2 tsp
                                                                                                                          ordinary boiled shape into round                                      2010
                                                                                                                                      and                                        ● May (Second)
                                                                                                                          Blend well                                Woman’s Era

                16 THE TEACHER’S PET         124 MY NOT-SO-LITERATE

                                                                                       Water Melon
                Padmini Dev Kumar            ASTROLOGER                            ●   Musk Melon Lassi      ●        Mango and Egg Ice Cream
                                             Puneet Khatri                         ●   Musk Melon Raita      ●        Orange Chicken
                44 THE HARD LESSON                                                 ●   Peas and Green        ●        Saag with Green Mango
                Rungeen Singh
                                             134 THE CONDITIONED                       Mango Chaat                    Flavour
                84 THE COWARD                REFLEX                                ●   Cold Noodle soup      ●        Potato Peels and Green mango
                Kumud Bhatnagar              Keshargandha                              with Crispy Topping   ●        Summer Salad with Oatmeals
                                                                                   ●   King of Fruits        ●        Watermelon Chuski
FASHION                                                                                         NEWS IN

                                            11 THE INCIDENT
                                            I CANNOT FORGET
                                            22 GRATEFULLY YOURS
                                            46 HOW I WAS DUPED
                                            65 ALL ABOUT WATER                                                                      76
                                            146 AS YOU SAY                                                                MYSTIQUE

                                                                                               23 BEAUTY QUERIES                  115 MY FAMILY,
                                                                                                                                  MY FRIENDS AND
                                                                                               39 TEENACHE                        ME...
                                                                                               63 PERSONAL PROBLEMS 131 WHAT SHOULD
                                                                                               83 I AM PREGNANT     LINGERIE BE? (Poem)

                                                                                               86 JOKES                           137 MONEY MATTERS

                                                                                               87 CHILD CHALLENGES                140 KITCHEN QUERIES
                                56 40                                                          95 YOUR BODY                       142 CLASSIFIEDS

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                                                                 including diabetes and cancer. A doctor informed that
    NOT SO SOUND ALTERNATIVE                                     the so-called ayurvedic powders that these ashrams

            he recent past has seen a revival of Ayurveda.       and babas dispense contain overdoses of allopathic
            Herbal medicines are a craze nowadays. So            formulations. For example, powder given for the
            called traditional remedies are sweeping the         treatment of diabetes contain powdered dionil, a cheap
    market not only in India but also in the foreign             allopathic drug for the same disease.
    countries. While herbal and Ayurvedic drugs have to             Action of such companies, ashrams and babas is
    undergo stringent quality tests in the western countries,    akin to propagating fake drugs and hence should be
    in India everything sells in name of alternative             treated as such by the law. Their sole purpose is to
    medicines. This is sheer violation as well as mockery of     make money and not serving the needy ones.They are
    law on one hand and putting the lives of poor gullible       not only tarnishing the image of Ayurveda, but are also
    people, who cannot afford costly treatment at risk on        playing with the lives of the people.
    the other.
        A glimpse of it was seen when, in a study the Delhi                                            CENSUS 2011

    Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research                     ensus has begun. Being a mammoth exercise it
    (DIPSAR) found the presence of allopathic drugs in                    needs a large number of manpower. Everytime,
    many formulations commonly sold as Ayurvedic or                       the government draws this manpower from the
    Unani medicines for erectile dysfunction.                    schools, especially the government schools. Perhaps,
        Of the 16 herbal preparations easily available in the    the government believes that the teachers are well-
    market and tested by DIPSAR, five were found                 trained to do this job, as they are used to maintaining
    containing Sidenafil citrate – the generic name of viagra    registers. But in all this exercise what suffers most is the
    – and Tadalfie. Not only this. These so-called herbal        school education.
    preparations contained overdose of these compounds.             The entire exercise takes around six months to one
    One of the drugs called Supersonic had 119 mg of             year for completion. During this period teaching work
    Sidenafil in a tablet. Even Viagra will have only 25-100     goes down the drain, as the teachers remain absent from
    mg of it per tablet. What is more viagra is a prescription   the schools. Students, meanwhile, have to resort to self-
    drug but these formulations are sold over the counters       study or depend upon the available teachers, who in
    as herbal drugs. Doctors caution that Sidenafil can be       turn, find it difficult to cope up with the large number of
    fatal for someone already taking nitrate-based               pupils. The surprising thing is that, despite census being
    medicines. It can also cause hypertension and even           a long-drawn exercise, no attempt is made to find an
    coma.                                                        alternative. The old pattern is followed in every census.
        In the market there are available a number of so-        In this regard suggestions made by some teachers,
    called Ayurvedic and Unani medicines that are claimed        who are engaged in census work, may show the path.
    to be sure-shot treatment for impotency. Their names         Why not employ unemployed educated youth for this
    are also very curious like ‘Titanic’, ‘K2’, ‘Sikander-e-     task? This will give them an opportunity to meet and
    Azam’, 2 Much Gold’, and Musli Power Extra. All of           interact with various kinds of people.
    them were found containing Sidenafil or Tidafil.                Census is an all- India level exercise. It makes sure
        Like Sidenafil, Tidafil too has been reported to have    that not even a single person is left from counting.
    side effects like backache and headache and it cannot        Geographical diversity of India makes the exercise all
    be sold over the counter. Its therapeutic doses range        the more difficult. It is also surprising that despite
    from 5-20 mg/tablet. But Musli Power Extra contains 32       carrying out so many censuses, neither a system was
    mg per tablet.                                               evolved nor a comprehensive database was created.
        Apparently this is all done to ‘improve’ the             Now, there are talks about unique indentification
    ‘efficiency’ of these drugs and win the trust of the         number/code for every citizen.
    consumer. On the other hand, people who take these              Census and issuing UID code could be clubbed
    drugs do so secretly and normally do not reveal what         together for better and quicker results. Otherwise,
    they have consumed until, of course, some                    another mammoth task will have to be taken, requiring
    complication develops. By then however, it is too late to    equally large number of manpower. In the modern age
    undo the damage done by these adulterated drugs.             of electronic networking a swift data collection, census
        Besides the herbal drugs available in the market,        provides an opportunity to digitise entire population. It
    there are a number of ‘ashrams’ and ‘Babas’ whose            may pave way for some smart system so that students
    advertisements and pamphlets appear regularly. They          and studies do not suffer in future whenever census is
    also claim to cure even some very serious ailments           undertaken.                       letters@womansera.com We

6                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
Why are the levels still
the lowest? By Firoz Bakht Ahmed

    bn-e-Maʼaja, a hadith liked by        demands. Perhaps, the wise men             for four days. Such stories of Muslim

    Prophet Mohammed (peace be            can answer.                                women are endless. Muslim women
    upon him), states, “Talabul ilmi          This author attended a few camps       lament that all their decisions are
    farizatun ala kulli muslimin wa       organised by the Muslim Women’s            made by men. Though there’s a lot of
    muslima.” (It is compulsory for all   Forum at the 14 clusters of Trilokpuri     wailing about the veiling and hijab of
    the Muslim men and women to be        in East Delhi and Shakoor ki Dandi         Muslim women, no one is bothered
    educated).                            near the Ram Lila Ground and was           about their pathetic literacy levels.
    At the old Delhi Shahjahanabadi       moved by their pathetic tales.                 Over the years, a hue and cry has
locale of Gali Qasimjan’s, Rabea          Women suffer on account of general         been raised over issues like talaq,
Girls’ High School, one finds a burqa-    atrocities and domestic violence,          Shah Bano, model nikahnama,
clad woman asking a teacher of class      which is actually a cause of suffering     polygamy, family planning and
8, “Kya aapki class mein koi              for all women. In this respect this is     purdah – all issues that have been
khoobsurat ladki hai? Mein apne           not a problem typical of Muslim            tirelessly talked over for decades now
badey ladkey ke liye bahu dekhne          women. But it has been exacerbated         without any consensus seeming to
aayee hoon.” (Is there any beautiful      in the case of Muslim women owing          emerge (with no hope of a solution
girl in your class? I have come to        to the weapon of arbitrary triple talaq.   either). One hasn’t come across a
select the bride for my son). This is         Samina was divorced as she did         cleric, scholar or politician having
nothing to be shocked at as this is a     not cover her head with a dupatta          bothered to undo the wrongs done to
very common practice in Muslim            (cloth covering the head). Yasmeen         the educational aspects of the
mohallas. Even today, the emphasis        was beaten up for dowry immediately        Muslim girl-children.
is not on providing education but         after she was married. Shaheena’s              The illiteracy level among women
marrying off the girls early. One         husband was a smack addict and             of the Muslim community at places is
wonders, when there can be a fatwa        never worked. When she worked in a         as high as 90 per cent. The all-India
castigating Sania Mirza’s “unIslamic”     factory, he divorced her suspecting        literacy rate stands at 65 per cent
dress code, why there are no such         infidelity. Noori’s husband, Abid, a       according to a survey conducted on
decrees against rampant illiteracy        petty hawker, was a drunkard and           about 80,000 Muslim women by the
among Muslim girls and dowry              earned for two days only to get drunk      Friends for Education (FFE), a forum

8                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
for the uplift of education, civic sense   affected by anything whether she
and culture. The sample survey             puts on a hijab or not. At the same
consisted of Muslim females of all         time, if a woman is of low morals, she
ages from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh,            would remain the same no matter
Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra              how many burqas she wears.
Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan,              If we study the condition of women
Tamil Nadu, Assam, Punjab and              during the time of Prophet
Haryana.                                   Mohammed, it would be clear that
    Admission figures to the various       they were not as suppressed as they
institutions even today reveal that        are today. Women used to participate
Muslim women along with the neo-           in wars along with men, nursing the
Buddhists, are at the tail end of          injured taking care of them in the
achievements. The reasons for the          battlefield.
dropout of Muslim girl-children are           Even Khadijah, the Prophet’s wife,
varied, ranging from financial             ran her own business deftly. During
constraints, lack of interest in studies   the war of Ahad, while the Prophet
to repeated failure, mental/physical       was injured, his daughter Fatimah
disabilities, poor teaching, shunting      ran around and arranged for his
between different places and of            medical treatment. Similarly, another
course, the failure of the much-hyped      famous Muslim woman, Maimoona,           formed an army of women.
National Literacy Mission (NLM) and                                                    Rufaidah, a female doctor,
Education for All.                             MORE THAN                            established a hospital at the Masjid-
                                                                                    e-Nabavi (Prophet’s mosque). In her
                                              VEILING THEM,                         nursing home she had the most
     ABJECT ILLITERACY                     EDUCATING MUSLIM                         modern methods for treating the
    Abject illiteracy for various                                                   diseased and the injured.
reasons among Muslim women lies            WOMEN CAN MAKE                              Even burqa, so strictly followed in
still at the root of the endemic               THEM SAFER.                          most families, is in fact not an Islamic
backwardness of the community.
    More than veiling them, educating
                                                A VEIL IS A                         tenet. It was essentially a non-Arab
                                                                                    practice that percolated through the
Muslim women can make them safer.            HANDICAP THAT                          Byzantine, Roman and Persian
A veil is a handicap that they are
identified as women belonging to a
                                                THEY ARE                            societies. Veiling is a pre-Islamic
                                                                                    tradition existed in Jewish and Greek
faith. The hardliners maintain that the     IDENTIFIED                                           families as well.
veiling protects women from                AS WOMEN                                                  To say that Muslim
lecherous eyes. A very simple                                                                    women have no rights,
principle is that if a woman is pious      BELONGING                                             would be a misnomer as
and faithful, she would never be           TO A FAITH.                                           Islam has given sufficient
                                                                                                 rights to them during the
                                                                                                 days of the religion’s
                                                                                                 advent. The problem is
                                                                                                 that most clerics have
                                                                                                 misinterpreted Quranic
                                                                                                 teachings with an anti-
                                                                                    women tilt.
                                                                                       Prophet Mohammed’s way of
                                                                                    treating women was exemplary.
                                                                                    Once women complained that the
                                                                                    Prophet had not fixed a day for
                                                                                    meeting them in assembly. He
                                                                                    thereupon fixed a day for meeting
                                                                                    women exclusively.
                                                                                       At these gatherings, women used
                                                                                    to pose questions fearlessly and
                                                                                    openly and the Prophet always
                                                                                    showed       special      consideration
                                                                                    towards them. The men used to
                                                                                    wonder at the kindness and consi -

10                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
deration shown by Him to women.              spend his life with her, only harping      book led to Fehmida being exiled by
   To the Prophet, divorce was just          on her good qualities even if those        the then President Zia-ul-Haq and
unacceptable. He has made it clear           were very few.                             she lived in India from 1981 to 1988.
that Islam does not regard it                    However, Islam does recognise              The erstwhile Taliban regime
desirable. A hadith of the Prophet           the necessity of divorce in cases          made Afghanistan the largest prison
states, “The most repugnant of things        where marital relations have been so       for women. They went to the extent
made lawful in the sight of God is           poisoned that peaceful domestic life       of implementing their Interpretation
divorce.”                                    is impossible. At the same time Islam      of Islamic laws especially for
   A sahaba (companion) went to              doesn’t believe in unlimited opport-       women.
Prophet Mohammed saying that his             unities for divorce on frivolous and           The Afghan Women's Network, a
wife had too many bad qualities and          unimportant grounds as this would          women's group from Kabul and living
he wanted to divorce her. At that, the       destroy the peaceful fabric of family      in exile in Pakistan, wrote, "We ask
Prophet advised him that he should           life.                                      all the readers to tell your govern -
                                                 The fact is, Arabs were the most       ment, the UN and the international
                                             barbaric of tribes just before the         Human Rights Organisations that
                                             appearance of Prophet Mohammed.            Afghan women and girls must be
                                             They subjected women to most               able to leave their homes without
                                             heinous atrocities. It was Prophet         being harassed and beaten." The
                                             Mohammed who released women                truth is that Afghanistan, of late, has
                                             from all sorts of bondages. Sadly, his     become the new rape capital of Asia
                                             followers today are not emulating his      where umpteen women are raped
                                             example.                                   each day despite the hypocrisy that it
                                                 Eminent Pakistani poet Fehmida         is a place where the Taliban are most
                                             Riyaz, in her book, Chadar aur             concerned about the safety and
                                             Chahardwari, compared the lot of           security of women. Let’s hope that
                                             Muslim women to that of a prisoner         women in our community get their
                                             without parole. The controversial          due.                                 We

                                             want any favour from me, I decided to      the contents of the purse to me. They
                                             go by second class as well. But I was      are of no value to you but are
                                             not accustomed to the crowds there         invaluable to me.”
                                             and somehow managed to get inside              We waited for a minute but
                                             the train before it moved.                 nothing happened. My friend looked
                                                 My friend, however, was having no      at me as if I had gone mad and was
                                             problem as he was quite used to            about to pull me away from the spot
                                             travelling in this fashion. I was extra    when we heard a dull thud next to us.
                                             nervous because I was carrying quite a     Lo and behold!
                                             lot of cash (for some essential                There was my purse. I quickly
                                             purchases), my driving licence and my      checked it and saw that all the
       The good-hearted thief                original birth certificate (as suggested   documents were intact. To my
      This happened during my student        by the college authorities) in my          surprise there was some cash in it too
  days in Mumbai, then Bombay, about         wallet. I heaved a sigh of relief when     along with a note. We opened the
  15 years ago. I used to travel to my       VT station arrived. I descended and,       note and read it. Scrawled in Marathi
  college in VT from my house in             as a reflex action checked my back         were the words: “Sorry to have stolen
  Ghatkopar in the famed Mumbai              pocket for my wallet I was shocked to      your purse. I needed Rs 200 for
  local train, notorious for its crowded     find the wallet gone. I don’t know         mother’s medicine. Rest of the
  bogies. I travelled by first class,        what made me do it but I asked my          money and papers are there in the
  hence avoided the unruly crowd             friend to stop right there and started     purse. Thanks.”
  somewhat.                                  saying in a loud voice in Marathi:             I never thought I would be
      One day, I was travelling with my      “Ladies and gentlemen, my purse has        grateful to a thief in my life. But I
  friend to collect the hall ticket for my   been stolen. If any of you is the thief    still thank him or her whenever I
  examination. Since he could not            please listen to my appeal. Keep the       remember the incident.
  afford a first class ticket and did not    cash if you want, but return the rest of              – Sudhir Shenoy, Chennai.

                                               Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                               11
                                 emember when you were            you that increased your self-

                                 young and the summer             confidence and ensured that you had
                                 holidays     arrived      and    a competitive edge over your rivals
    Don’t pack                   stretched out endlessly          – which meant over every single child
                                 before you? What joy you         in the whole world. Ah! Those were
their holidays with              felt then! Your parents too      the days when “empty hours” weren’t
                                 heaved sighs of relief that      equated with “wasted time!”
     activities.                 they could sleep late, didn’t       Today, long before the summer
By Kasturi Rangachari            have to pack lunch boxes or      holidays begin, frantic parents begin
                                 supervise homework. Those        to figure out how their little princes
                        were simple times and it didn’t occur     and princesses can make the best
                        to them then that they had to fill your   use of them. Tuition classes,
                        empty hours developing new skills in      perhaps, if the child has displayed a

                                         LET YOUR KIDS
                                            HAVE A
regrettable weakness in a subject,            her know what she was interested in
some more classes to foster mental            – once she discovered it herself –
ability, a summer camp to unearth             and that Purnima could also suggest
creativity and then some coaching             things to her when she was slightly
classes to find out if their pride and        older, that what Abhi wanted just now
joy can make it to the national team          was to be left to explore the world.
in some sport or other.                       But I don’t think Purnima understood.
   Classes to improve handwriting,                “You don’t understand!” she
abacus      classes     to    improve         wailed, counter-accusing me of not
mathematical skills. Even if you don’t        understanding. “Today’s world is a
think that your kids do not need any          tough world. It’s tough to succeed!
such special classes, ads will make           You have to start young!”
you feel that they do! As a result, the           Again, a basic difference in her
days are packed – just as they were           thinking and mine! I feel that because
during term time.                             it’s a tough world out there, children
                                              shouldn’t be pressurised during the
                                              holidays. They are pressurised
       SUMMER CAMP                            enough at school, after all. They
    “This summer, Anu will go for             should just be left to be children
chanting classes in the mornings on           exploring a world that is new and
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,              exciting for them.
summer camp craft classes in the                  Holidays should be a time when
afternoons on Thursdays, swimming             kids can unwind. They should be a
classes on Thursday and Saturday,             time to play, to lie around, to read
evenings and she’s starting chess             and, yes, to feel bored. Boredom is
classes…”                                     essential for children. That’s what
    I tuned my niece, Purnima, out at         sets them thinking and innovating.
this point. Anu is five. She’s bright         Get a group of six-year-olds together,
and chirpy and very lovable and she           don’t give them any toys or sports
has been on a very tight schedule of          equipment, don’t make suggestions
activities since the age of two-and-a-        or give instructions, and see what
half, around the time she started pre-        happens.
school. Anu is an obedient little girl            After some moaning and groaning,
and she goes wherever her mother              they will begin to discuss and argue
sends her without any protest – in            over what to play. One will emerge
fact, she has even got caught up in           as a leader and others will but in with
the numbers game and talks about              suggestions and protests. Then they
the number of attendance certificates         will begin to play – they will play a
she has got from all the summer               game they thought up themselves,
camps she has attended. She also              they will enact make-believe
draws well for her age, knows a               situations in which the area below the
number of shlokas, can sing a little,         dining table is a house or a school or
dance a little, swim a little and do          a whatever-you-will and a shoe box is
many other things a little.                   a car.
    But her little sister, Abhi, who is           They will imitate their elder
four, is much less pliable and has            siblings and play dumb charades…
already begun to overtly and covertly         They will innovate, quarrel, realise
resist her mother’s attempts to train         that they need each other and make
her to be a perfect all-rounder.              up – in other worlds, learn life lessons.
    “How on earth will I know Abhi’s
likings and talents if she doesn’t try
everything?” moaned Purnima. “With               FRUITFUL VACATION
Anu, I know that she isn’t particularly           You get a fantastic range of toys
good at Bharatanatyam or carnatic             these days, but a toy designer once
music. That she’s not interested in           said that the best toy you can give a
table tennis, but that she’s good at          two-year-old is an empty carton. He
art…”                                         or she will climb into it, push it, carry
    I tried to tell her that Abhi would let   it, pack stuff into it, empty it; it will
                                                                    gazing up at the sky and seeing
                                                                    shapes in clouds, chasing butterflies.
                                                                    Cook with them. Don’t bother that the
                                                                    kitchen is getting messy, but make
                                                                    cleaning up something you enjoy
                                                                    doing together.
                                                                        We don’t realise it but children
                                                                    have a rich and wise inner life. They
                                                                    ask themselves ethical questions. We
                                                                    adults often do not nurture this and
                                                                    with our emphasis on earning and
                                                                    spending money, we make them
                                                                    materialistic. This summer, talk to
                                                                    them about the things that matter---
                                                                    happiness,      love,   self-control,
                                                                    generosity, helping others and the

become a car, a truck, a pram, a cot,        HOLIDAYS SHOULD BE
                                                                         NEED TO FOLLOW
a house…                                                                 Follow it up with action. Go
   So, this summer, try something
                                              A TIME WHEN KIDS      through your cupboards with them
new. Don’t pack your children’s days         CAN UNWIND. THEY       and put aside things that you will give
with activities and classes. Yes, they       SHOULD BE A TIME TO    away. Go through their toys and let
can go for one or two that they need         PLAY, TO LIE AROUND,   them decide what they will give away.
                                                                    Then find a charity that can use these
or are interested in, but otherwise let
them just be free. Let their little brains
                                              TO READ AND, YES,     things (you can get onto the Internet
rest after all the work they have done          TO FEEL BORED.      with them and make finding a
the whole year. Let them laugh and                BOREDOM IS        suitable charity a joint project) and
play. But that doesn’t mean that you            ESSENTIAL FOR       then take your kids there and donate
need to pack their days with treats
and visits to theme parks. An
                                               CHILDREN. THAT’S     the things.
                                                                         Let them not just give some of
occasional outing is OK, but instead
                                               WHAT SETS THEM       their toys to the children in an
of taking them to see a movie, take             THINKING AND        orphanage. Let them play with those
them to a museum or to see local                 INNOVATING.         children so that they realise both
sights and get an idea of local                                        how lucky they are and how it is
history. The rest of the time let them                                  their duty to help those who are
realise that there is no place like                                       less lucky than they are.
home.                                                                        Even young children can be
   If today’s world is a very                                          taught meditation. Let them chant
competitive one, give them the best                                  Om. Let them realise the value of
tool you can, to face that                                          silence. Have a “silent time” when no
competition – the knowledge that                                     one talks. That will calm their minds,
they are loved for what they are.                                        teach them to think and will turn
For this, strengthen family ties.                                          them inwards.
Shift gears and relax with                                                      The years fly past and,
them. Unwind and spend                                                       before you know it, your kids
lazy time together, just                                                       will have flown the nest. Use
talking and getting to                                                          this summer to slow time
understand each other.                                                              down.
Do nothing and let your kids                                                          Mark this one by
do nothing if that’s what they                                                   deciding that you will use it
want.                                                                         to bring your kids closer to you
   If you are lucky enough to                                                 and give them memories that
have a garden or a park                                                          will bring them joy and
nearby and the weather                                                            peace all their lives. They
permits, spend time out of                                                          will also go back to school
doors – dozing under a tree,                                                   fresh and raring to go!      We

              The Teacher’s PetIt’s a wide world with weird people.
                                         By Padmini Dev Kumar

        areena Kapoor’s voice jolted Anjana               freeze. “Who are you?” she asked sharply. The
        Dasgupta out of her dreamworld. Stretching        musical click at the other end indicated that the adult
        out her hand, she switched off her Nokia and rhyme reciter had disconnected.
        flopped back. ‘Get up, you lazy girl!’ she            ‘I am not going to let the rascal get away with
        scolded herself. ‘There are loads of things to    this,’ thought Anjana grimly. She rang up Betty, her
        be done. She wriggled her tall frame              friend who worked for DTell Connections, gave her
        unwillingly out of bed and with eyes still        the anonymous caller’s number and requested her to
closed, padded to the bathroom, opened the tap            trace the call.
and splashed cold water on her face. Her eyelids              Who was targeting Harini and why? Everyone
flew open. Mimicking Abishek Bachchan's voice,            adored Harini. Vivacious and bubbly Harini
‘You are beauuuutiful,’ she told her mirror image.        endeared herself to everyone. She was the most
   After a few tailor-made asanas and five                           popular girl in school and excelled in
rounds of pranayama later, she felt really                           academics, sports and extra-curricular
fine-tuned and good.                                Who was          activities. If she went for a music
   Blowing a couple of kisses to Mahendra           targeting        competition she bagged the First prize. Her
Singh Dhoni who adorned her wall Anjana            Harini and        fancy footwork had everyone wowing at
went to fix her breakfast. She tied up the            why?           dance competitions. People still raved
210 corrected answer scripts and slipped            Everyone         about her portrayal of Marie Curie in the
the bundle into her stylish purple bag,              adored          Annual Day programme.
along with a copy of The Art of War. That            Harini.            And here was a spiteful being who
was for her favourite student Harini, who                            seemed bent on spoiling her reputation!
had topped as usual.
                                                    Vivacious        Had this anonymous caller rung only her up
   The ringing cellphone drew her
                                                   and bubbly        or many others? What exactly was his
attention. ‘Must be Dhanashree,’ she                 Harini          motive? Who the hell was Rajesh? Why
thought.                                            endeared         was he being linked with Harini?
   There was no response to her hellos.             herself to          A great sense of foreboding assailed
She could hear someone breathing heavily            everyone.        Anjana as she rode her two wheeler to
at the other end. Then suddenly in a mock                            school.
childlike voice the person at the other end started

reciting Jack and Jill...                                        hey stood there in clusters, some of them
   “And, madam, have you heard this version of the               weeping. The students spoke in hushed voices,
rhyme?                                                           shock writ all over their faces. Mithun, Aditi
   Rajesh asks Harini                                     and Aruna rushed up to Anjana, as she wheeled her
   To take the pill                                       scooty into its usual parking slot.
   And wash it down                                           “Mam...Ma’am don’t you know? Harini is
   With water;                                            dead!”
   Harini forgets                                             Anjana’s head reeled. Was this some kind of
   So Rajesh begets                                       nightmare? Dead! Food poisoning...?
   A bouncing baby daughter!”                                 The principal looked visibly upset. “I am going to
   The raucous laughter following this made Anjana        ask the 12B students to go home,” she announced.

16                                      Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
“And you too, Anjana, better take the day off. You       and had frequently been foul-mouthed.
look terrible...”                                            “Terrible news... Harini I mean...” she said
   ‘Food poisoning?’ thought Anjana. ‘I am not           conversationally.
buying that... there is something wrong...terribly           “Yes...that’s how immoral people are punished,”
wrong...’                                                he said shortly, and walked away.
   She went up to the staff room and placed the              Anjana was stunned. She moved around
corrected answer scripts on her table.                   restlessly, picking up objects and replacing them, as
   Mitra, Harini’s best friend, entered the staff room   she waited for Dr Vijaya in her chamber. The
weeping inconsolably. She started talking about the      wallpaper with its design of peacock feathers was
Friday when she last saw her friend. A bomb scare        most unappealing. Suddenly, Anjana almost
had the principal in jitters and she had let the         screamed. A human eye from the centre of a feather
students go home with instructions to use the time       was looking at her! It was Vikram, she was certain.
well and prepare for their Monday assignment.                “I am so sorry to keep you waiting, Miss
Harini and her friends decided to go to Inox to see      Dasgupta. Do sit down. Has my son been giving you
Delhi 6. But Mitra and the rest of the gang were         trouble again?” asked Dr Vijaya anxiously.
terribly disappointed when Harini rang up and                Anjana told her about the anonymous call.
tersely informed them that she could not make it.        Sighing, she told her that Vikram had borrowed her
Anjana sent away the sobbing Mitra, consoling her        cell that morning. She called out to her son, who
as far as she could.                                     appeared promptly. His room was on the other side
   The cell rang. It was Betty. The Jack and Jill call   of the peacock wall. ”Your mom and I were going
had been traced to a gynaecologist, Dr Vijaya.           gaga over your poetic skills,” Anjana addressed

       njana did not feel emotionally ready to go to         “Well...it’s time people realised that Harini is a
       Harini’s residence as yet. She kick-started her   slut...”
       Honda and made her way to Dr Vijaya’s                 “Vikram!” yelled Dr Vijaya, outraged.
hospital-cum-residence. The sight of her student             “A slut, a slut, a slut...” shouted Vikram, banging
Vikram entering the gates with his bag slung across      on the table.
his shoulder surprised her.                                  “Oh, why do you say that Vikram?” asked
   “Ma’am...”, he stammered, equally taken aback.        Anjana sweetly, boiling with rage.
Anjana learnt that Dr Vijaya was his mother. “Why            “She and Rajesh were locked up in his room,
do you want to see my mom?” he asked, tense.             24 x 7. He claimed to be teaching her chemistry!”
   “Oh, it is strictly professional!” said Anjana        he sneered.
smiling cryptically. Vikram wondered whether it was          “Let me explain,” said the doctor, tiredly rubbing
hers or his mom’s, but dared not ask.                    her eyes. “Rajesh is my cousin’s son. He is studying
   Anjana did not like Vikram at all. Sly and crafty     medicine and I hope someday he would take over
were the adjectives that came to                         the running of this hospital... which is my love... my
her mind when she thought of                             life. He stays here with us. I look upon Harini as my
him. He always seemed to be                              own daughter. I know the
in a state of suppressed rage
suffering she had undergone losing her beloved                  “There are many things you don’t know about me...”
mother to cancer.”                                              “So I gather...”
   ‘Will surprises never end?’ thought Anjana. “Then            Papu can’t dance sala punctuated the air and
who is...?”                                                 simultaneously the handsome man of Vikram’s
   “That’s her stepmother. Harini and Rajesh fell in        portraits entered the room, saying, “Vikram! It is you
love and I must confess that I was very happy for           who have hidden my mobile!”
them...hoped that some day they would marry...but               Observing the way Vikram looked at Rajesh
now that is not to be...” the kindly doctor’s face          Anjana guessed why Vikram hated Harini so...
crumpled.                                                       “Look. I’ll deal with this cell issue later. Right now
   “Friday evening, I got a call from Harini. She was I want to go to Harini’s place and get her diary. I
very distraught. Most unlike herself...incoherent...        know where she has hidden it. I am not buying this
She kept blabbering something about Shanta, her             food poisoning thing. Also what Viji Aunty said is
stepmother, being pregnant and Dr Mohan... She              most worrying...”
was upset as she could not contact Rajesh...”                   “You are right. I know that Harini was a
   “Tell Miss Anjana, mum... tell her that her              compulsive diary writer. She has told me so many
favourite student got herself pregnant...” interrupted      times. She never sleeps without filling in the day’s
Vikram.                                                                  events. Something has happened between
   He made a vulgar C-shaped gesture.                                    Friday afternoon and Sunday midnight.
   Dr Vijaya looked scandalised. She was               Rajesh            The diary holds the key to the mystery. By
now really angry. She picked up the                   quickly            the way, I am...”
wooden paper weight on her table and              nipped across             “Anjana Dasgupta,” said Rajesh.
dealt a hard knock on Vikram’s head.               the bed and           ”Harini has told me a lot about you. Shall
   “Ouch!“ he roared. “Mom, I’ll report            removed the we leave, ma’am?”
against you for child abuse!”                           huge                They hailed a passing auto and
   “A child! You, a child! Your are a              embroidered requested him to wait till they returned,
demon!“ the enraged doctor let fly some           picture of the pressing a lot of money into his receptive
colourful words and accompanying knocks             Pied Piper           palms.
on Vikram’s head that Anjana thoroughly             leading the             Anjana and Rajesh weaved their way
approved of. The consultation room                    rats. He           through the crowd of mourners. “They are
resembled a labour room as it resounded                                  going to remove the body now,” said
                                                     found the           someone causing the two to panic.
with the exaggerated cries of pain.”This
will teach you to spy and eavesdrop and
                                                       diary.               Somehow, they managed to go up the
make two and two five! Harini was talking                                spiral stairway to Harini’s room. Anjana
about her stepmother being pregnant and not                 was distressed to see a man, all hunched up,
herself!” The final well-deserved knock had Vikram          sobbing near the body. It was obviously Harini’s
howling like a dog and running back to his room.            father. She studiously avoided looking at Harini’s

       njana badly wanted to laugh. Vikram the spy,             The spirit of suffering and death was very strong
       must have caught the snatches of conversation        in the room.
       through the peacock wall hole and jumped to              Rajesh quickly nipped across the bed
wrong conclusions.                                          and removed the huge embroidered picture
   The doctor and Anjana exchanged pleasantries             of the Pied Piper leading the rats. He found
and as she walked out Anjana found herself looking          the diary.
into Vikram’s room.                                             With trembling fingers, they turned the pages.
   Watercolours and numerous portaits of a
handsome young man, adorned the walls.                          Friday 13th
   “Wow! Who is the artist?” asked Anjana in                    An unexpected holiday! Would have been so
admiration.                                                 much fun if it hadn’t been for that shocking incident.
   “Me, of course,” said Vikram sulkily.                    I still can’t get over it. The day mamma died, I
   “And this young man?”                                    became a latchkey kid. I let myself in, only to see
   “My relative...Rajesh.”                                  that horrible sight of Dr Mohan on all fours and
   “Ho!”                                                    stepmum Shanta in the bedroom! Che che che!!! I
   “I didn’t know you were such a voracious                 wonder how long she has been cheating poor dad?
reader,” Anjana looked at the rows and rows of              I heard her say that she was 3 months pregnant. She
well-thumbed books, many of which were her                  looked horrified to see me in my room. She knows
favourites. The Golden Gate, Fountainhead...                that I know...

20                                        Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
    Saturday 14th                                               whiplash of a voice coming from the tall,
    The adulteress came into my room this afternoon             mustachioed figure sent shivers down Anjana’s
looking very contrite. She asked me for some clothes-           spine. His steely gaze was on the diary.
hangers. In the mirror, I could see her taking my                  “The same liberty, Dr Mohan, that allows you to
Eltroxin tablet bottle and then replacing it. What on           walk into your friend’s house and...” said Rajesh
earth did she want to look at my medicine bottle for?           between clenched teeth, brandishing the diary.
I threw the hangers across the bed. She took it and                “Less josh and more hosh...” Anjana cautioned
slunk away. I know she is scared of me. Scared I’ll             Rajesh in a low voice.
tell dad.                                                          Dr Mohan lunged at the diary. Anjana gave him
                                                                a hefty push and, losing his balance, he went
    Anjana and Rajesh looked at each other. You did             crashing into the bathroom. Quick as lightning,
not have to be Sherlock Holmes to know what had                 Rajesh pulled the latch, locking him in.
happened. Obviously, unnoticed by Harini, Shanta                   The two fled through the crowd of wailing
had tampered with the bottle. She must have                     mourners. The pallbearers were about to lift the body.
replaced it with a similar bottle that did not contain             Panting, they managed to reach the waiting auto.
Eltroxin but...                                                 The auto driver was sobbing hysterically influenced
                                                                by the crowd. He had never seen Harini before and
   Sunday 15th                                                  knew nothing about her. Rajesh managed to cajole
   My thoughts are so chaotic. I feel like there is a           the weeping man into driving them to the police
whirlwind inside my head. Giddy. Did I take my                  station.
tablet this morning? I am so confused. I feel like                 Horrified and shaken by the tragedy, Anjana, her
throwing up all the time. I don’t want to...                    nerves completely shaken, decided to call it quits for
                                                                the day.
   The illegibly written words Anjana deciphered.                  The rest is history. The story was all over the
   Poor Harini!                                                 papers and news channels. The post-mortem on the
   “Just who the hell are you and what gives you the            girl and the fingerprints experts confirmed beyond
liberty to come into this room, peeping and prying              doubt the role of Shanta and Dr Mohan... Truth
and pilfering perhaps?” the smooth, threatening,                always triumphs!                                    We

                                           poured a jug of water and put off the      leaves. She asked for 75 paise.
                                           flames. I can very well imagine what       Rummaging through the purse, I
                                           would have happened if she had not         could manage to find only 50 paise. I
                                           woken up. Though I do not know             stretched out a 10 rupee note stating
                                           where she is now, I do a silent prayer     that I did not have change.
                                           for her when I think of this incident.         She had a tired and sad face and
                                                    — M. Fernandez, Bangalore.        pointed to her bulging tummy and
                                                                                      asked for some extra money for food.
                                                    The joy of giving                 It touched my little heart that a small
                                              Three decades and a half down the       baby yet to see the world, was lying
         Lucky awakening                   line, I was shopping for a puja. My        hungry inside.
    This happened about 35 years ago.      mom was particular about getting               On the drive back home, I was
 I was staying in a hostel while doing     certain things for the puja. One such      pensive. My brother wondered but
 my teacher’s training. According to       item was pumpkin leaves. She would         drove me back quietly, I was
 the hostel rules, we had to turn off      give me the list and money and my          disturbed since I had given her a
 the lights at 9.30 p.m. As I had to       brother would drive me to the local        huge tip and should my mom object,
 prepare for a test the next day, when     market.                                    I wondered what I should say.
 everybody slept, I lighted a candle,         Navigating my way through the               Today, I’m a proud mom of three
 stuck it on a match box, kept it on       noisy and busy street, I finally found a   charming boys. My sons are very
 my bed and started reading. But,          lone pumpkin-leaves seller. She was        charitable. They go out of their way
 unfortunately, I dozed off.               sitting by the pavement with a big         and help out the needy, whether old,
    The candle burnt down and the          basket of leaves. She too was huge.        or young. The joy that they
 match box caught fire. To my great        Yes, the lady was due for confinement      experience is however shared over
 luck, the girl in the next bed woke up    shortly, or so it seemed to my 10-year-    dinner.
 with a start and, on seeing the flames,   old eyes. I remember purchasing 15                                 – Sarsheetha.

22                                          Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
         QA      &
                                              I find that my hair is turning grey
                                              around the parting and temples. I
                                              have decided to use hair dye but
                                              how do I select the shade I should
                                                  The hair should not be died jet
                                              black as that tends to make a woman
                                              appear older than her age. Select a
                                              natural colour a shade lighter than
                                              your hair. Getting a stylist to weave in
                                              a few highlights allows you to make it

                                              look stylish. Take extra care for your
                                              hair when you begin to dye it to save
                                              it from drying up and becoming

                                              I am only 20 but scared of wrinkles. I
I have always used make-up since I            remember my grandmother had
was 19. Recently I turned 35 and feel         wrinkles that looked like deep lines
I should reduce my make-up (I have            though my mom at age 48 has good,
even read that) but I feel so awkward         clear skin. What precautions should I
to be without make-up. What to do?            take?
   As we age, we need to tone down               You might have inherited your
the make-up so you should look at             mother’s genes so, hopefully, you will
reduction of the colour and heavier           not have wrinkles. But taking

products. Do not give up on make-             precautionary treatments is much
up but take up skin care and reduce           better than trying to reverse the signs
the make-up. Make a clear distinction         as this is near impossible to achieve.
between day and evening colours.              Keep a good lifestyle and eat
Go for softer shades of beige and             nourishing fruits and vegetables.
khakhi rather than purples and                   Chemical and processed food

yellows for the eyes. For lips too, get       always plays havoc with your body
soft pinks and natural browns for             and beauty. Take extra care to keep
colour. Use concealer instead of              your neck and hands in shape as the
foundation and bronzing colour on             lines which appear here show the
cheeks rather than dark blush.                age of a woman. Use moisturising
                                              masks at least once a week, cleanse
                                              and care for your skin on a daily
I am 32 and have taken up a very              basis, never sleep with make-up on
demanding job which leaves me with            and use good products or home-
little time to sleep. I find that my face     made ones.
has begun to look tired and my eyes
look as though there is no shine.
What should I do?                             My underarm hair, which I normally
     The luxury of sleep is something         shave as and when needed, has
every human being needs but, when             become thicker and darker. What can
there is job stress or any family             I do to make it soft?
issues, it is the first thing that suffers.       Shaving as and when needed
Avoid tea or coffee after four in the         often means you do it in a hurry
evening, eat a balanced dinner and            thereby using force. Waxing is
never overeat at night. Do as much            always a better option as you then
planning for the morning before going         get the hair growth reduced with time.
to bed so you are not worrying about          If you don’t shave it, the softness will
anything when you sleep. Whatever             return as the hair gets longer. Avoid
time you have decided to wake up,             using anti-perspirants all the time as
avoid staying in bed after that as that       that often contributes to darkening
sleep has no positive contribution.           the area.
     Working for a cause
       Sushmita Sen hugs a
       girl as she meets with
         children and staff at
               the Bal Bhavan
              Shraddha Vihar
       Society of the Helpers
       of Mary in Mumbai on
                      22 April.

      Face of capitalism
    Romanians businessmen George Becali (L),
    George Copos (2nd left) OTV television owner Dan
    Diaconescu (3rd left) and Dinu Patriciu (R) are
    featured in Alexandru Solomon's documentary film
    “Kapitalism”. The four members of Romanian
    dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s political police
    Securitate have all turned millionaires 20 years
    after his downfall.

     Life “Like Everyday”

An Emirati woman looks
at “Like Everyday” piece
by Iranian artist Shadi
Ghadirian, exhibited by
Christie’s in Dubai on
25 April. Christie’s                           The Iconic little ▼
hosted its seventh                             Mermaid statue
auction of international                People gather outside the
contemporary art in                     Danish pavilion to catch a
Dubai on 28 April.                   glimpse of Denmark’s iconic
Why not such an                      Little Mermaid statue after it
exhibition in India?                was unveiled at the site of the
                                    world Expo 2010 in Shanghai
                                      on 25 April. It was officially
                                               opened on 1 May.

The latest technology
A Volkswagen Polo
model being retrieved
by an automated palette
from a storage tower
near the company’s
main factory in
Wolfsburg. Volkswagen
company is to increase
its investment in China
by 1.6 billion euros
($2.1 billion) over the
next two years.

                                              TV host Barbara
                                           addresses the 60th
                                            German Film Prize
                                          awards ceremony in
                                      Berlin on 23 April. “Lola”
                                       trophies were awarded
                                              in 16 categories.

                                    Working on Madonna

                     ▼                   Restorer Christiane
Blossoming smile                     Haeseler works on the
A girl smiles as she takes
                                   Madonna with the infant
part in a parade at Madeira
                                Jesus sculpture at the so-
Island Flowers Festival in
                                    called Schoellenbacher
Funchal on 18 April.
                                      Altar on 22 April. After
Madeira celebrates spring
                                  four years of restoration,
every year by decorating the
                                   the late Gothic altar will
streets and parading floats
                                    turn back to the Erbach
with thousands of flowers on
                                     castle in the Odenwald
the streets of Funchal.
                                   region of Germany. The
                                winged altar, built in 1515,
                                is 430 metres tall and 520
                                                metres large.

                                     A bird’s eye view

                                       A picture taken with
                                      a fisheye lens shows
                                              a view of the
                                           Shanghai World
                                      Expo in Shanghai on
                                         25 April. Over 192
Costly rubbish ▼                               participating
Customs officers use a roller to              countries are
destroy counterfeit MP3 players       contributing to a six-
and watches at the airport in the        month calendar of
Southern German city of Munich            music, dance and
on 22 April. The goods seized had             stage shows.
a value of Euro 100,000, the
customs officials said.

                                      Say no to ageing

                                            The 99-year-old
                                            woman Irmgard
                                      Palusinski poses for a
                                     photo while surfing the
                                             Internet on the
                                            occasion of her
                                       birthday in Hamburg
                                        on 23 April. Born in
                                        1911, she has been
                                          using the Internet
                                                since 1999.
              ith bloated egos, a self-

              centric approach coming
              to the fore, the virtues of
              accepting your mistakes
              and taking responsibility
              for your deeds becoming
              obsolete, and bitterness,
              deceit and lies hidden
              under the layers of
              compassion, the times
and charms of a long-lasting
friendship have lost their meaning
and “market”. The world today is
changing, dynamism is the way of
life, relationships have acquired new
directions and the equations of trust
and consideration have sort of
vanished from society.
    In these newly invented ‘un-
balanced’ equations, there is no
place for a trustworthy friend on
whom you can fall back in the times
of pain and suffering. With the
booming         Internet   and     social
networking industry, communication
and exposure are on a new high. As
a consequence, every individual has
more than ‘many’ options to ‘have
fun’, ‘hang out’, ‘make pals’ and
move on. The age-old concept of
‘you enjoy with friends’ has certainly
changed to ‘with whom you enjoy
become your friends’. Though this
change is not all that bad, it certainly
shows that the growing side of our

The art of moving on.
        By Namita Kohli
social structure, as well as an            hiccups. As they say, memories           it becomes indispensable that you
individual’s emotional quotient are on     make a lifetime, but only the pleasant   find time for yourself. Do what you
the rise. But at the same time it has      ones. So just amputate those ugly        like, do something that helps you
given a thumbs-down to the ‘beauty         memories that depress you every          shake off all your tensions and
of being buddies’.                         moment. Gather the courage and           mundane problems. Follow your
    It’s natural to feel cheated,          take your first step towards moving      heart, follow your interests. Sing,
insulted and betrayed for those who        on.                                      dance, paint, travel, work out, write,
still hold on to the ‘buddies forever’        Having done that, you have            party, do everything and anything
concept in this brutally changing          already won half the battle. And for     that makes you smile.
social structure. Many of you must         the remaining half try and follow
have invested a great amount of            some of these suggestions:                  Interact: There’s no better way
time, emotions, and affection in that                                               than socialising to forget your worries
so-called “best buddy”. And suddenly          Go out and explore: Moving out        and divert your mind. It could initially
to see him or her forget those selfless    will definitely help you to move on.     be difficult to connect with people,
and sacrificing gestures is not an         Go out, the world is beautiful, the      especially if you are an introvert, but
easy task to take on. But the solution     places are innumerable, choose your      not impossible. It may take some
is simple and stern, though not that       destination, and give your senses a      time to break the ice but eventually
easy to implement. No doubt, all           feel of what they require, that is       you would feel detached from all your
simple things are easy to preach but       change. Change from the monotony         problems once you talk and keep
difficult to practise. So just make        of everyday routine.                     yourself engrossed in the company
yourself believe that there is no other                                             of someone. Be it at your workplace,
way but to accept the reality, and            Give time to yourself and your        be it the mode of travel, be it the
apply the ‘forgive and forget’ policy.     interests: We always find time for       public library, be it your gymnasium,
But hang on for a while, make sure         everything and everyone, but at times    just talk and interact with people
that     the    forgetting    part    is                                            around.
accompanied by learning.                     WE ALWAYS FIND
    Make sure you learn to maintain                                                    Spend time with family: The
your emotional levels at just                   TIME FOR                            whole world may turn their backs on
moderate frequency – that is to be
emotionally attached to people and
                                               EVERYTHING                           you but it’s your parents, children and
                                                                                    siblings who would always make you
places only to such an extent that           AND EVERYONE,                          feel special, loved and cared for.
you can easily detach yourself if
things don’t stay the same in years
                                              BUT AT TIMES IT                       Family can have a healing effect
                                                                                    when you are down and out. Try and
to come. Learn to not have                      BECOMES                             spend as much time as possible with
expectations, learn to not be                                                       your family, they will surely help you
dependent on anyone, learn to not            INDISPENSABLE                          move on.
give the right to someone to hurt you,       THAT YOU FIND
learn to be the way the world is. After                                                The rule is simple: “Someone
all, for how long can you sit and cry           TIME FOR                            would walk in when someone walks
over a friendship gone wrong. Who
would permit you the time to hate
                                                YOURSELF.                           out” or, if you see it from the other
                                                                                    person’s perspective, “Someone has
yourself for showing your trust in the                                              to walk out when someone walks in.”
wrong person? And why should you                                                       The choice is yours, about how
question yourself for someone else’s                                                you take this. See it positively, see it
fault, anything?                                                                    as more than a routine affair, see it
    A friend who could not be there                                                 with emotional strength and hope,
when you needed him or her the                                                      and you would retain your smile
most, a pal who despite his or her                                                  forever.
presence could not hold your hand                                                      At the end, just a word of caution.
when you lost track, a mate who                                                     Do everything but don’t repeat
betrayed you for someone else, is                                                   something that gives the need to
just not worth your time and love. He                                               read this article again. Just make
or she is just not worth so much                                                    sure you don’t give over-importance
regret and repentance. Just gather                                                  to any of your future friends. It’s
the guts and do what he or she did to                                               equally your fault as it was his or her
you – MOVE ON.                                                                      in hurting you. Whether you give this
    It might not be as easy as it                                                   right to someone or not lies
sounds, there will definitely be initial                                            completely with you.                 We

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                             27
              Improve your child’s
          attentiveness and power of
                      By Sangeeta Goyal

          e studies well but makes         ears, nose, skin and tongue. When gaze at the object. The object

          silly     mistakes.       “She   our eyes are closed or nose stuffed, should be placed in such a way that
          understands        everything,   we cannot see or smell or hear. We you do not have to twist or turn or
          what happens to her in           must keep them open to gather raise your neck. Examine each
          exams?” These are the            information. This has to be acquired detail of the flower or picture. Do this
          most common remarks that         in a systematic manner, just as a for about five minutes every day and
          a teacher hears at parent-       house has to be built after laying of increase it slowly to 15-20 minutes if
          teacher meetings. The            foundation, brick by brick in a you can.
          reasons for these are lack       planned manner.                          ● Listen to good music or music
          of    attention,     lack   of      Generally, we let our attention of your choice. Listen carefully to as if
observation, lack of relaxation, no        wander from one subject to another. you have to reproduce all that is
good role model, etc. They all             An example will make it clear. If we being sung or played.
probably play a role in contributing to    have to search for a key in a dark       ● Think of a good suggestion for
the common problem.                        room, we take a torch, mentally improvement in your room, class or
   Everyone wants to get good              divide the room into small squares, home.
marks. You also want your child to         and focus the light on a small square    ● When you go to a crowded or
be No.1. But how can we do this?           rather then searching at random. Our busy place, imagine that you have to
   There are a number of qualities         chances of finding the key will be report back all that you have seen.
which your child must possess if he        better in the first case. So                    Similarly, when you visit
or she wants to succeed in exams.          we must ‘dust off’ our EVERYONE someone, try to remember
Some are fortunate to inherit these        senses and divide areas of
qualities. If your child is one of them,   observation into small
                                                                           WANTS TO every detail – i.e., colour of
                                                                                           curtain, arrangement

congratulations! But most of ours are      squares.                       GET GOOD furniture etc.
not like this. We are lacking in many                                       MARKS.             ●    Try to meet new
of the qualities that are essential for       How can we increase YOU ALSO people and remember their
success in exams.                          our attentiveness and             WANT          faces, gestures, dresses
   These qualities include: relaxation,    power of observation                            and voice.
attention, good memory, observation           ● When we are tired,
                                                                             YOUR              ●    Try to develop a
etc.                                       we feel like giving up          CHILD TO genuine interest and
   Here we are talking about one of        everything. So remain fresh      BE NO.1.       healthy curiosity so that all
them – attention and observation           and well rested as far as       BUT HOW this comes naturally to
   What is attentiveness and what is       possible.                      CAN WE DO them.
observation? We collect information           ● Take a flower or a                             Go ahead and success
through our sensory organs – eyes,         picture. Sit comfortably and
                                                                              THIS?        will be yours.            We

28                                          Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
          fter a daylong toil what a          Thread count of bedsheet: It is           Follow       the     instructions:

          human being needs the            extremely necessary to know the           Naturally, you would like to keep your
          most is a cosy bed to            thread count of a bedsheet. By            choicest bedsheet ever new for a
          sleep. But the bed would         thread count is meant the number of       long time. For this, always follow the
          be cosy only when it has a       threads per square inch of the            maintenance         and       washing
          comfortable bedsheet on it.      bedsheet. Greater the thread count,       instructions supplied along with the
          Just remember the days           finer and softer the fabric. But such     sheets. If you wish to buy bedsheet
          when all the bedsheets           sheets come costly. Bedsheets with        for daily use, better buy wrinkle-free
          used to be white in colour.      more than 250 thread count is             variety. Silken bedsheet is good to
          But now, time has changed        sufficiently soft. Never buy sheets       look and fine to touch, but home
and liking of the people has also          with less than 170 thread count.          washing with detergent and machine
changed. Gone are the days of white,                                                 may spoil it. Hence, it is advisable to
off-white bedsheets. Nowadays,                 Fabric: Always select the fabric of   get them dry-cleaned.
uncountable varieties of bedsheets         the bedsheet according to the
are available in the market. They          weather and comfort. Cotton                  Colours and prints to suit every
come in all types of print, all types of   bedsheets are comfortable in              age and mood: Variety of colours,
shades and all types of fabrics.           summer, while you can go for silk,        variety of prints and variety of
                                           flalane, linen and net bedsheets in       designs available in market may, for
   Bedsheet of right measure:              winter.                                   a moment, make you think what to
Usually all the beddings, pillows, etc.        Cotton bedsheets are available in     buy and what not to buy.
have different measures. Hence,            numerous varieties like 100 per cent         For kids you may choose nursery
while buying bedsheet always keep          cotton, cotton mix, non-wrinkling         and animal print, floral print, graphic
the measurement of your bed in             cotton, handloom cotton, and many         designs, like Rajasthani prints,
mind. Some bedsteads are longer,           more. They are available in all the       embroidered bedsheets, etc. For
while some are wider. You, therefore,      imaginable colours and all the            summer season, florescent and light
never buy such bedsheet about the          imaginable designs. These sheets          colours will suit. Bright and radiant
size of which you have even a little       are quite cool and comfortable for        colours will suit the mood of newly
doubt in mind.                             daily usage.                              married couples.                    We

30                                          Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010
                       ● Take a shower every day and
                    use a fresh and fun-smelling shampoo.
                       ● Conditioner is a must for
                    summers to make your hair soft and
                       ● Use a pumice stone to remove
                    any hard skin, then exfoliate and
                    moisturise. Your feet will feel fresh
                       ● Wear a nice shade of nail paint
                    that looks cool on your skin colour.
                    On slightly dark complexion neutral
                    shades do wonders.
                       ● During summers wear flip flops
                    and sandals to show the beauty of
                    your feet.

                        Beautiful bouncy hair
                        ● Get light curls or waves done
                    to your hair in the summer. It looks
                    relaxed and its easy to do. If you
                    don't have curly hair, try curling it with
                    an iron and then loosely shake it. It
                    will give a very subtle look.
                        ● Get subtle highlights that
                    comple ment your natural skin and
                    hair colour.

                       Umm! Smell good
                       ● Add a few drops of cologne to
                    the water and take a bath. Earlier in
                    the day, use a spray deo immediately
                    after a bath on a semi-damp skin.
                    Water makes a better spray than
                    strong cologne because some cos-
                    metics block the natural and
                    necessary process of perspiration.
                    Spray twice or thrice a day.
                       ● Wear a fresh smelling perfume
                    or body spray, but do not overspray!
                    Spray a mist in front of you and then
                    walk into it. You can spray a little bit
                    onto your wrists and neck.

A casual and
fresh approach to
your beauty
regime can give
you a sweet and
easy look in
By Dimple Mathur
    Make it up                                ● Mix bronzing powder with your         ● Metallic eye shadows look
    ● Wash your face and use a light       sunscreen lotion and apply genero-     good in summers. Silver shades suit
moisturiser on your face. Do not use       usly on your arms and legs for a       those with a cooler complexion and
a body lotion or any other scented         natural glow.                          gold and bronze suit those with a
lotion that is not specifically designed      ● Brush on the soft colour of eye   warmer complexion.
for your face.                             shadow that you choose and put it          ● Try putting whitish colour under
    ● Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.      on from your eyelids to your eye -     your brows. It will give a mesmerising
Consistently have lotion on your skin      brows. Remember, blue suits brown      look.
to keep looking fresh and vibrant.         eyes, browns suit blue eyes and            ● Curl your eyelashes, then layer
    ● Use a tinted sunscreen – if it       purple suits green.                    on the mascara. Put a little mascara
doesn't cover the flaws on your face,                                             at the edges of your eyes for a more
dot on some concealer where needed.                                               and better shape.
                                                                                      ● Wear light shades of lipsticks.
                                                                                  In fact, just a sheer lip-gloss will
            ’n’   Silky
                                                                                  make your lips glow.
                                                                                      ● Buy a good quality pair of sun-
                                                                                  glasses to last you through the

    Wash your feet daily gently with                                                  Stay in Shape
 soap, then gently pat them dry with                                                 ●   Wear bright colours and
 a clean, soft, absorbent towel. Do                                               clothes that complement your body
 not put lotion between your toes.         across, leaving them longer at the     shape.
 Keep your feet dry and clean when         ends of your toes. Never walk              ● Your summer wardrobe must
 away from the water, and apply a          barefoot. Minor injuries can become    have a good pair of light jeans like
 topical anti-fungal medication on         major infections quickly and lead to   light blue or white, a pair of shoes
 any cracking or peeling. Go out for       many problems. Walk barefoot on        that will go with every outfit such as
 a walk. It's the best form of exercise    grass or immerse your legs in cold     white ballet pumps.
 for your feet.                            water up to the knees. This                ● Contrast neutral basics, like a
    Wear socks made from acrylic           increases resistance to illness.       khaki skirt with bright sherbet tones.
 fibre and lightly powder them to             If you have diabetes, you should    You can wear a bright pink top or
 help keep them dry.                       take extra care of your feet. Some     lime green footwear with neutral
    Wear clean socks. Change your          people with diabetes prefer            colours to celebrate summer's cheer-
 socks every day. Make sure they           seamless socks, but socks with flat,   ful hues without looking clownish.
 are smooth and don't wrinkle when         unobtrusive and soft seams are fine        ● Go in for a crisp monoch -
 you put them on. Remember to              as well. Avoid socks with big          romatic summer look by wearing
 wear shoes that fit properly and do       seams.                                 white from head to toe.
 not wear the same shoes every                Water… water… everywhere                ● Carry cool weather colours like
 day. It will take at least 24 hours for      Drink lots of water. Splash your    brown and black forward in breezy
 your shoes to dry out after being         face with cold water. Have juices.     fabrics. Linen is a classic summer
 worn.                                     In this way you can fight the          fabric, and you can pair wide-leg
      Trim your toenails straight          scorching heat of the summer days.     linen pants in dark colours with a tank
                                                                                  top for a relaxed summer look.       We

34                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
Simple ways to
keep the glow
By Mita Banerjee

          ere we are – right in the           ● Don’t expose your gems to              diamonds. Wrap and store each

          middle of the festive           sudden extremes of temperature –             piece     individually   to    prevent
          season. That time of the        for example, avoid putting your hands        scratching.
          year to take out our            in a hot oven while wearing rings with          Gold and jewellery with stones like
          glittering jewellery. But       stones.                                      lapis lazuli, malachite or coral, can
          years of wear might dull that       ● An easy way to keep stones             be soaked for a while in a bowl of
          lustre of your ornament. Oil,   shining is to hold them close to your        detergent. Gently use a toothbrush
          soap, scum, even skin cells     mouth, blow on them and then wipe            to clean the sides or bottom of the
          and bits of hair might get      them with a soft cloth.                      setting. If need be use a toothpick or
          stuck between the precious          ● Don’t wear jewellery while             a syringe to remove build-up in hard-
stone settings. Of course, you can        doing heavy household work as                to-reach areas. Place the ornament
bring back the shine with a bit of        abrasives can scratch the metal or           in the strainer and wash under
regular care at home.                     stones, while chemicals like bleach          running water. Dry with a dry soft
    Tips on care                          or dyes can cause pitting.                   cloth. Before throwing out the soap
    ● Clean         your     jewellery        ● Swimming with jewellery is best        water, check for any stones which
periodically to help preserve its shine   avoided since the chlorine in the            may have fallen out of their settings.
and make it last.                         water can cause discoloration. And if           Heavy grease can often be taken
    ● Avoid wearing jewellery while       the ornaments come off while                 care of by soaking in alcohol. Or if its
bathing to prevent layers of soap         swimming, well, it is literally going        stones like rubies, sapphires or
scum or oil forming on them.              down the drain!                              diamonds, you might try boiling them,
    ● Remove all jewellery before             How to clean                             but do not expose them to thermal
going to sleep. Soft metals such as           You will need a small bowl,              shock or they may crack. Immerse
gold bangles tend to go out of shape      detergent, a soft toothbrush (a baby’s       them in soap water at room
if pressed in any one position for        one or an eye-shadow brush), a               temperature and slowly bring to a
long.                                     wooden toothpick, a syringe, a soft          boil. Take care to put the pieces in a
    ● Always apply your cologne,          cloth and a tea strainer. Never clean        strainer while boiling so that they do
perfume or hair spray before putting      your jewellery directly in the sink. It is   not touch the bottom of the pan.
on your stone-set jewellery.              better to soak ornaments in a small          Simmer for 10 minutes and then cool
    ● Hold the metal and not the          bowl of detergent for a short while          slowly before brushing and rinsing
stones. Touching the stone leaves a       before cleaning with a soft brush.           them. Buff with a soft, dry lint-free
film of body oil which reduces the            For delicate gems like pearls, opal      cloth or with chamois leather.
brilliance.                               or amber, wiping with a soft cloth is           So step out in your glittering best
    ● Try and remove rings before         often the best way. Plain alcohol or         and wow your friends – they’ll think
washing your hands or applying            even vodka works wonders by                  that you have got yourself a new set
moisturiser.                              removing the greasy film on                  of expensive gems.                   We

                                            Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010                                            35
         QA     &

                                                 TEEN C E
                                                 TEEN ACHE
                                           term courses you can take to equip
                                           you for the job. IGNOU offers a
                                                                              A      prepare you for work in a BPO. You
                                                                                     can approach these for further

                                           diploma     in    this    subject  in     information and advice.
                                           collaboration with a few industries          Do not however shelve your plan
                                           which provide the expertise and           to get a degree because just a plus-2
I am a 14-year-old girl. I did not know    practical training. The minimum           qualification is not good enough for a
anything about sex till I read about it    qualifications are a plus-2 with          career.
in a magazine. Now, I have learnt to       English as a compulsory subject.
masturbate. Recently, a classmate              There are other private companies     I am in a terrible dilemma.My close
told me that an orgasm could lead to       like NIIT and Hero Mindmine which         friend, a 19-year-old girl, is getting
a pregnancy. I am terrified now.           offer short-term courses also to          married next month but last week I
Please let me know how to find out if                                                met a girl who claims that she is the
I am pregnant of not.                       I am a 16-year-old schoolgirl            mother of the groom’s unborn child! I
    You should learn the facts of life      studying in a private school in          privately confronted him with this
more clearly. Get a good sex manual         Delhi. I love a boy in my class and      information and he confessed that it
from a bookshop and read it, along          he reciprocates my feelings. I want      was true. He had an affair but has
with your friend, who seems to be as        to go on dates with him but my           now broken up with the girl. He has
misinformed         as     you      are!    parents are refusing to let me.They      promised to give child care support
Masturbation and orgasm do not lead         feel I am too young to date but are      money to her, and she has promised

to a pregnancy. You can conceive            quite okay with group outings with       not to interfere in his married life.
only when the male sperm unites with        friends. Please tell me how to               I asked him to tell all this to his
the female egg, and this is only            convince them that dating is pretty      fiance, and he did. She was shocked
through sexual intercourse in the           okay in the present scenario. Most       but believes in him and will go ahead
normal course of things. So, if you         of my friends go on dates and            with the marriage. She has,however,
are not having sex with a boy, you          many even have intimate relations        kept this story secret and not told her
cannot become pregnant.You can              with their boyfriends.                   parents. She feels it will only

know that you are pregnant when you             This is perhaps just what your       traumatise them unnecessarily. I feel
miss your normal periods. There are         parents are afraid of – that your        she should not hide this from them.
other tests too to confirm pregnancy        date will end up with sex! It is         What do you feel?
more accurately.                            evident from your letter that you            It is better the parents know about
    Masturbation is harmless and            feel this is not wrong but the fact is   the earlier affair of their future son-in-
affords sexual release. Do not allow it     that you are definitely too young        law as the girl could blackmail the
to become an obsession which                for sex, whatever your other             couple later and cause much
discourages social interaction. Enjoy       friends may be up to! Your               distress. How could your friend so
life with friends, sports and hobbies.      boyfriend could even be arrested         easily believe this man? After all, he
When your time is fully occupied you        for this since you are both under-       has kept all this hidden from her. Can
will not be tempted to masturbate.          age. Apart from that, you can be         she trust him with her whole life? She
                                            exposed to many sexually                 seems to be a romantic who cannot
I am finishing my 12th std this year        transmitted infections which could       see the harsh realities of life. Her
and am keen to earn money by                ruin your life and health. At this       parents should definitely know the
joining a BPO. Do I need special            vulnerable age, it is best to avoid      facts, so that they can discuss this
training for this?I will study for a        being alone with a member of the         with the boy to ensure that everything
degree side by side through                 opposite sex for you could both          is above board. A lawyer will be
correspondence course.                      step over the line.                      needed too to find out about the legal
   If you are doing a correspondence            Do not be in a hurry to grow up.     obligations the boy has towards his
course, it is a good idea to join a         Your carefree teenage years should       unborn child. Even if all this leads to
business process outsourcing (BPO)          not be wasted in frivolous affairs but   a breaking up of the relationship, it
company which will provide you with         in forging healthy friendships and       is better than enduring a lifetime of
work and money. Yes, there are short        learning skills for life.                possible unhappiness and stress.

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                                39
                   Turning the comb dexterously
 lend glow to
  a woman’s
personality, but
 magnifies her
 beauty. That
  is why the
emphasis is on

Long & Short
                                          Falling curls                                                          A wave and flourish

For that special effect                                    Accentuating the facial features

                                                                                              A cut above the rest

                          Creating the oriental ambience
                                                                In keeping with the times
                                                                                                                              others to rush to th
                                                                                                                                 on the individual
                                                                                                                                                  at w
                                                                                                                                 irstyle is created w ce. A
                                                                                                                                                    ay suit the
                                                                                                                                                      ith an eye

                                                                                                                             face so superbly th e hair salon.
                                                                                                                               particular style m ould make
            Do up your
     bathroom naturally.
                 By Kiran Narain

BATHROOMS  ver the past few years, the    to grow certain moisture-loving                 Chlorophytum comosum can

           bathroom is one room in        plants. However, the amount of              withstand almost any condition and
           the house that has             natural daylight available may not be       with their variegated arching leaves
           undergone            radical   sufficient for the plants which can be      from 11 to 15 inches in length, make
           changes       aesthetically.   made up by providing florescent and         handsome plants for bathrooms.
           From the Victorian-style       incandescent lamps. The best idea           They send out wiry stems lined with
           cloakrooms to the modern       would be to combine the cool white          white flowers and miniature versions
           powder rooms, and from         flourescent tubes with ordinary bulbs       of the plants cascading over, and can
           the humble 48 sq ft to 600     in a ratio of two watts of the former to    be used in hanging baskets to their
           sq.ft. or so, bathrooms        one of the latter. Concealed under          best advantage.
have graduated from a purely              pelmets, ceiling, plant-holding trolleys        Various varieties of ficus ranging
functional area to a luxurious area for   or valances, these can provide              from F. pimula to F. benjamina, make
relaxation. Proud house-owners may        sufficient light recommended for            good plants for bathrooms with their
flaunt their fancy bathrooms with         indoor plants.                              capacity to do well in relatively small
counter tops made of semi-precious           Thus, bathrooms can be made              pots and pot-bound conditions. Also,
tiger-eye stones or Japanese and          ideal places for moisture-loving            philodendrons which come in a vast
Mediterranean bathrooms with              aglaonemas, asparagus, chloro -             variety and provide a wide range of
expensive gadgetry. But everyone          phytum, ficus and various varieties of      shapes and sizes of leaves, do very
cannot afford to change one’s             philodendrons.                              well in bathrooms.
bathroom. However, plants can be             Aglaonemas are tough plants —                If the water is heavily chlorinated,
used with a theatrical flourish to give   the varieties silver queen and a white      let it stand in a bucket overnight
a bathroom decor fresh life by putting    rajah have interesting markings on the      before using it on plants. I give my
a single striking plant in a corner          leaves. Asparagus species like A.        pots a good wash under the shower
or carefully composed group                        sperengeri, A. plumosus and        after two or three weeks which is the
on a glass trolley or counter                         densiflorus (foxtail), make     next best thing to putting them in the
wood — of course,                                       excellent and easy to         rain outside.
depending on the size of                                 grow house plants.               Plants in hanging containers,
the     bathroom       and                               Aspidistra or cast-iron      suspended from a protruding bracket
individual plants.                                       plant will tolerate shade,   can not only save space but also
   The cool and humid                                   heat, cold, drought and       offer beauty at eye level. Cascading
atmosphere of a bathroom                               dust and yet give good         plants would look twice as lavish
makes it an excellent place                         results.                          when hung in front of a mirror.       We

42                                          Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010

                 The Hard Lesson
                   A young girl proves she can live alone in the unfriendly
                         atmosphere of Delhi. By Rungeen Singh

       apa, please try to understand. I am a                 Board exams. He cannot go and stay with you in
       chartered accountant – qualified, with two            Delhi,” her papa said.
       years’ experience here in a reputed company.             “How archaic can you get, papa! I don’t want
       I am getting a good promotion, then what is           anyone to come with me. I can manage alone,”
       your problem? Why are you not letting me go           Misti asserted.
       to Delhi? It is not very far from Modinagar. You         “I don’t think so. Just stay here and continue your
       can always drive down any time. Then what is          job here in Modinagar. Tell them that you don’t
your problem?” asked Misti.                                  want the promotion because you are not ready to
    “You are single. I won’t let you stay alone in a         stay in Delhi alone. That’s it,” her papa stated as if
flat,” answered her papa stubbornly.                         expecting that the argument was closed, signed, and
    “Why not? I will be sharing the flat with                sealed with total victory in his bag.
two other girls. And even if I was totally alone, I am

no longer a giggly teenager. I am a mature woman.                  ut Misti had to have the last say, “I will go to
I can manage alone,” Misti responded.                              Delhi, papa and ma. I am requesting you both
    “No way. This world is very bad, Misti, it is not              just now. Please don’t force me to rebel. This
sensible for girls to stay alone,” her papa                              promotion is very good status-wise, money-
replied.                                                                 wise and career- wise. I will be a fool to let
                                                      “I will get
    ”Girls! So that is the problem. I am a                               it go just because my parents don’t trust
girl, so I cannot go. These restrictions are         married but         me.”
not there for my brother dear, though he is         not just now.            “We trust you but we don’t trust the
more timid than I am. Actually, I am not           First I want a        world,” returned her ma.
timid at all,” exploded Misti.                                               “Ultimately, you do not have faith in my
    “Very true! You are not timid at all,”
                                                   good career so        ability to manage the world. Doesn’t it
agreed her ma sarcastically.                        that if hubby        mean the same thing, ma?” Misti asked.
    “Why this caustic tone, ma? I am not             dear ditches            “Why can’t you be a normal girl and
timid. Why should I be defensive about                me, I can          just get married and settle down?” her
it?” asked Misti.                                                        mother asked with frustration in her voice.
     “So you can be rude to your parents.          manage to live            “I will get married but not just now. First
In my time, when the parents said ‘no’, it          on my own,”          I want a good career so that if hubby dear
meant ‘no’ and we girls never questioned            replied Misti.       ditches me, I can manage to live on my
it. While you! How rude you are! Is it                                   own,” replied Misti.
necessary to be rude to be                                                   “How negative you are, Misti! Why
independent?” replied her ma with a noticeable               should it happen like this?” asked her ma.
sulk.                                                           “Because life is not a romance and the realism is
    “That is because I have to fight for my rights.          very bitter,” replied Misti.
Moreover, how unjustified you are in not letting me             “Misti, I know a boy who is very sweet,” her
go! Ma, this is all because of you. Papa would have          Papa started.
agreed if you had not refused to permit me,” said               “Oh no! You just try to marry me off,” retorted
Misti.                                                       Misti.
     “Say what you will, lady, you are not going                “At least listen to me, Misti. He is my assistant but
alone to stay in Delhi,” her father rejoined. “None of he is not too fluent in English. Can you help him with
us can go with you. Your ma has her teaching job. I          English?” asked her papa.
have my job and your brother Gultu has his studies.             “Papa, you know I am so busy. I have no time,”
He has to study hard this year as it is his twelfth          cribbed Misti.

44                                         Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
   “If you teach him, it will give me time to consider      “You watch. No, you see. You’re beautiful. It is
your going to Delhi,” continued her papa as if she       very much danger,” said Apnav.
had not spoken anything.                                    “What? Danger? What are you saying?” asked
   “Blackmail! Arm-twisting?” sneered Misti.             Misti.
   “Say what you will. Give me the answer,”                 Apnav became really persistent, “See I look you
snapped her papa.                                        and I sensation. You’re beautiful. I feel you? Doesn’t
   “Okay. Will do. Tell him to come on weekends,”        I handsome? Watch. I love you too many. Very
submitted Misti with bad grace.                          much! See! I can’t stop. I need your beauty body.”
   Misti grimaced as she thought, ‘Must be one of           Misti was flabbergasted as Apnav suddenly
those freaks that papa is always piling on me in the     caught her shoulders.
marriage bazaar. Teaching him will be such a pain!          “How dare you! ” she shouted when she could
But I can’t get out of it.”                              find her stunned and stupefied voice.
                                                            “I love you too many,” repeated Apnav.

      ut it wasn’t a pain. Surprisingly, Apnav was          “Hey! Cut the joke!” shouted Misti.
      really sweet. He had an innocent and                  But the steel in the hands on her shoulders was no
      endearing smile and was quite a cherub,            joke. The strength in his arms as he pulled her
though he was tall, fair and handsome. But his           towards him was no joke. His lips so close to hers
English! Mamma mia! Just a sentence from him was         were no joke. Her mind reacted and she acted.
enough to burn her ears twice over.                         In a moment she had shaken her head in disbelief
    “I come to teach you,” was the beginning.            and fluttered her eyelids at him with coy demureness
   But the smile that accompanied it made her            and said, “Oh my! Why are you taking so long? I
forgive him.                                             can’t wait. You are soooo handsome, Apnav.”
   “Are you going to teach me or am I going to

teach you?” asked Misti.                                        is arms slackened and in a trice she had
   “What say?” was his rejoinder.                               jammed her right knee where it hurt. He
   “I will teach you. You will learn from me,”                  collapsed like a sack of peanuts and she
corrected Misti.                                         rushed away to her bedroom and shut the door. She
   “I will memory it,” replied Apnav.                    fumed, “Men! They are so ridiculous. One-track
   She screamed, “What? Oh, you mean you will            ogres. “
remember it. I see. You see memory is used in a             Slowly, she quietened down with just one thought
different way in a sentence.”                            in her mind. Apnav was known to her father. She
   She got through one weekend somehow but the           should go and tell him what had happened.
next weekend he was worse.                                  Maybe Apnav was still writhing, around on the
   She scolded him, “You have forgotten whatever I       ground in agony. Serves him right, but was he alive?
taught you. Now tell me the verbs. Don’t just stare      Had she kneed him too hard? She should find out.
like this. Tell me the verbs.”                                      But Apnav wasn’t there and her father was
                                                                   on the phone. She came back and lay down
                                                                    and went to sleep trying to quell her anger.
                                                                    It was only when her ma called her for
                                                                    dinner that she surfaced. She got up and
                                                                   sauntered to the dining table hating the fact
                                                                         that she would have to face her father.
                                                                                He wasn’t there but her mother
                                                                               was and soon Misti was pouring
                                                                                 out her ire, “Ma, I could kill
                                                                                   Apnav. If he is still alive I will
                                                                                     kill him.”
                                                                                           Her ma said, “Why
                                                                                          do you wear such
                                                                                           revealing clothes? In
                                                                                            my days we were not
                                                                                            allowed and we
                                                                                           obeyed. Why weren’t
                                                                                       you reserved with him?
                                                                        You must have done something to
                                                                        encourage him.”
   “Maaaa! Whaaaat are you saying? Has Apnav                    believe it,” shouted Misti.
been making up stories? He was the culprit. I didn’t               “Well, it didn’t work out. Probably he laid it on
encourage him,” shouted Misti.                                  too thick. Lack of experience, you know. But you
    Her mother then saw her husband and she                     didn’t have to kick so hard, you know. He was in
asked, “What sort of a boy did you allow to come                terrible pain. You could have done it gently, you
into the house?”                                                know, putting less energy into the punches and the
   “Er, what has happened?” asked Misti’s papa.                 kick,” said her papa.
   Misti burst out, “That rogue. I will hand him over              “Papa, I have no time for your ‘you know’s. Why
to the police. Such men should be throttled. They               should I have kicked gently? What is wrong with
should be shot in the marketplace. Papa, he had the             you, papa?” asked Misti.
audacity to act fresh with me.“                                    “Well, you know about Delhi,” said her papa.
   “But was it necessary to kick him so hard and that              “The sooner that is decided the better. Tomorrow I
also where it hurts the most?” asked her papa.                  have to give my answer to my boss about the
   “What! You know!” exclaimed Misti.                           promotion and here we can’t seem to come to a
   Her papa stammered hesitantly, “I have a                     consensus,” said Misti worriedly.
confession to make, Misti. You know that boy,                      “But that is what I have been trying to say so
Apnav? Well, don’t blame the poor boy. Actually,                long. You can go and stay alone in a flat in Delhi.
he is a good sort but he couldn’t refuse me.                    You have proved yourself capable,” her papa
Assistant, you know! And I had to, you know. So                 said.
many arguments your ma and I had. I needed to                      “Oooooooh! How lovely! Thank you, papa!” The
find out. Well, probably it was not such a good                 whole house resounded with her war cry of victory.
idea. I had to know if you could manage. Oh, the                And why not? She had proved to herself and to
long and short of it is that I told him to proposition          everybody that she could manage.
you.”                                                              Three cheers to a free, independent yet sensible
   “You sent Apnav to get fresh with me! You! I can’t           woman! Full power to you!                            We

                                          He suddenly stopped the vehicle and         the collision between the two cars.
                                          told me to give him three times the fare    But unfortunately, the other car
                                          if I wanted to reach home safely. I was     suffered some minor damage on one
                                          so scared that without any questioning      side.
                                          gave him the amount. I felt so helpless        To our utter surprise, the driver of
                                          and looted that day.                        that car came out of his car. With an
                                                                                      angry expression on his face. He
                                                 To era is human and                  demanded Rs 5,000 from my uncle
                                                  to forgive is divine                for the damage caused to his car. He
                                              This incident makes me ponder           threatened to report the matter to the
         Fear got me tears                over the divinity of forgiveness and        police.
    After the day’s hectic schedule I     puts me on the threshold of such a             My uncle tried to pacify him. But
 was in no way prepared to wait for a     bizarre situation where I cannot stop       my uncle bluntly refused to comply
 bus to arrive and that too getting a     to ask my self. “Do they really need to     to his unfair demand.
 seat in the bus is always sheer luck.    be forgiven.”                                  My uncle blently refused to pay
 So, I decided to hire an auto.               I had just learnt how to drive under    him in cash but agreed to own the
    I knew the way to my house            the guidance of my uncle. It took me        responsibility to bear the repair
 without any confusion so suspected       just one week to grasp the basics. The      charges. The other driver gave the
 the auto-driver as he took a deviation   next week, I began to drive on the          address of a repair shop and asked us
 when not required. I questioned him      road, to perfect this art. Even after the   to reach there the next day. The
 and he very kindly told me that there    thorough practise for two weeks on          entire repair cost us Rs 4,000.
 was a serious accident that afternoon    road, my confidence level was not in           It came as a big shock to us when
 that had caused a huge men. So, it       its prime.                                  we later learnt that. That driver was
 would be safer to take a deviation. I        One day, I was on the road, driving     actually the mechanic of the same
 agreed and neither suspected the         at a very slow-speed, with my uncle. A      repair shop where we got the car
 auto-driver nor observed the way he      car wanted to overtake me. It suddenly      repaired. Good heaven, was he an
 was going.                               came in front of me and I lost the          imposter? Do such people need to be
    I finally realised he had taken me    control. My uncle immediately took          forgiven.
 to a very unknown and far-off area.      over the steering wheel and avoided                 – Shilpa Gurung, Dehra Dun.

46                                          Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                                                                   Make use of
                                                                                summer fruits and
                                                                                 vegetables and
                                                                                 create amazing
                                                                                    By Roma Ghosh

watermelon kebabs                                    SUMMER                         Savouries
WATERMELON                              tikkies. Heat oil in a non-stick pan
                                        and shallow fry or tava fry the
                                                                                 2 tsp garam masala powder
                                                                               1 tbsp coriander powder
KEBABS                                  kebabs.
                                           To serve you could use the
                                                                               1 tsp jeera powder
                                                                               1/ tsp haldi powder
INGREDIENTS:                            ‘case’ of the watermelon to serve      2 tsp oil
1 kg watermelon – skin and              the kebabs. Line the watermelon        salt to taste
seeds removed and cut into              case with red cabbage or ordinary
small pieces                            cabbage or even grated carrots         METHOD
1 cup potato powder                     and then place the kebabs on this         Make slits in the brinjals and
(ready to eat potato mash)              and serve in the watermelon shell.     leave these whole. Wash well and
1 tsp jeera powder                      Or serve them on a platter.            pat-dry and keep aside. Heat the
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs                                                        oil in a non-stick pan and fry the
1/ tsp or more red chilli powder
1/ tsp garam masala powder
oil for tava frying the kebabs
                                        SMALL                                         Small brinjals with orange flavor

salt to taste                           BRINJALS
   Mash the watermelon pieces
with a fork and place in a strainer.    ORANGE
Drain out all the juice and keep
only the solid portion. Place this in
a mixing bowl with the rest of the      INGREDIENTS:
ingredients. We are using the           250 gm small brinjals
dried aloo powder so that it soaks      11/2 cups orange juice
in any moisture left in the water-      1 or two oranges – the
melon pieces. You can use               whole segments
ordinary boiled potatoes as well.       1/ tsp or more red chilli
Blend well and shape into round         powder

48                                       Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
brinjals first on medium heat for 2
minutes and then lower the heat
and cover with a lid for 2-3
minutes. Mix in the spices and stir
gently and cover and cook again
for 1 minute.
   Add the orange juice and cook
on medium heat without the lid for
2-3 minutes. Allow the juice to be
absorbed by the brinjals. Add the
orange segments and cook only
for 20-30 seconds and serve with
steamed rice dish.

INGREDIENTS:                            Bhartha with tangy green mango
1 large brinjal weighing around
250-300 gm                             brinjal and stir gently on low         Lemon tea and cinnamon chuski
1/ tsp or more red chilli powder
  2                                    flame. Add the spices and
1 tbsp coriander powder                continue to stir and blend till all
1 tsp jeera powder                     the spices are well mixed. Cook
1/ tsp haldi powder
                                       on low flame for at least 4-5
5 tsp oil                              minutes and then serve with
1 green mango weighing around          rotis. Or place a small portion
150 gm                                 on a piece of paranthan and
2 green chillies                       serve.
3 tsp ginger-garlic paste
1 onion cut into small pieces
1 tomato – chopped - optional
salt to taste
                                       LEMON TEA
METHOD                                 AND
     Peel the green mango and
discard the kernel. Grind the
green mango and green chillies         CHUSKI                                  want the flavours strong then boil
to a paste. Roast the brinjal on                                               for a longer time, otherwise put off
the fire till the skin is charred.                                             the heat after 2-3 minutes and
                                       1 tsp lemon tea leaves
Cool to room temperature and           1/ tsp cinnamon powder
                                                                               allow to cool to room temperature.
then peel off the burnt skin. Mash       2                                     Pass the prepared tea through a
the brinjal with a fork and keep       2-3 cups water                          strainer. Add the mint juice. Pour
aside.                                 2 tbsp or more sugar                    into kulfi moulds and preferably
     Heat the oil and fry the onions   1 tsp mint juice                        place a stick to hold in the centre.
till golden brown. Add the ginger-     METHOD                                  Place in the freezer compartment
garlic paste and the tomatoes if          Bring the water to boil. Add the     and freeze till solid. Unmould and
you are using. Cook on low fire        lemon flavoured tea leaves and          serve as a chuski during the
for 1 minute. Mix in the green         bring to boil adding the cinnamon       summer months. Children and
mango paste and the mashed             powder and sugar as well. If you        adults simply love it.

50                                      Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
                                                                              Garnish with chilli flakes and a
                                                                              few pieces of musk melon and
                                                                              serve in the musk melon peel
                                                                              shell if you want. Or serve in an
                                                                              ordinary bowl.

                                                                              PEAS AND
                                                                              GREEN MANGO
                                                                              2 cups shelled peas
                                            Pears stewed in watermelon

                                       evaporated put off the heat and
PEARS                                  allow to cool. Serve with ice
STEWED IN                              cream.

INGREDIENTS:                           MUSK MELON
1 large pear weighing around
150 gm
2 cups watermelon juice
1/ tsp cinnamon                        200 ml curd
  2                                    3 tbsp sugar
METHOD                                 1/ tsp coarsely ground chilli
   Cut the pear into circles without   flakes or more as per taste
removing the peel. Core and keep       1 cup musk melon pieces
aside. Bring the watermelon juice
and half cup of water to boil and      For garnishing:
add the cinnamon powder and the        2-3 pieces musk melon
pear. Allow the pear to simmer in      METHOD
this watermelon juice. Once the          Blend the sugar, curd and the
pear pieces begin to absorb the        musk melon pieces in a mixer till
juice and most of the juice has        smooth. Chill in the fridge.

Musk melon raita

                                        Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010                                 51
2 cups potatoes sliced into thin  the peas and potato fingers.           200 ml coconut milk
fingers like French fries         Serve as a chaat garnished with        1 tsp red chilli flakes
1 tsp garam masala powder         sweet lime pieces.                     3 pods garlic chopped into small
1 tsp jeera powder                                                       pieces
1/ tsp haldi powder                                                      2 tbsp chopped coriander
5 tsp oil
1 green mango weighing around    COLD NOODLE                             salt to taste
150 gm
2 green chillies
                                 SOUP WITH                                    Take out half a cup of the

salt to taste                    CRISPY                                  boiled noodles and fry these in oil
                                                                         till crispy and golden brown. Keep
For garnishing:
one sweet lime cut into circles
                                 TOPPING                                 aside for garnishing. In the same
                                                                         pan add the rest of the noodles
                                  2 cups boiled noodles
without peeling                                                          and lower the heat. Mix in two
                                  3 tbsp oil
METHOD                                                                               cups of water and the
    Peel the green mango and Cold noodle soup with crispy topping                    rest of the ingredients.
discard the kernel. Grind the                                                        Bring to boil and allow
green mango and green                                                                to simmer for 2-3
chillies to a paste.                                                                 minutes. Put off the
    Heat the oil and add the                                                         heat and cool to room
potato fingers adding salt to                                                        temperature. You can
taste. Cook on low fire                                                              serve the soup hot if
covered with a lid for 2-3                                                           you want but it tastes
minutes.                                                                             good when it is cold on
    Mix in the peas and cook                                                         a summer day. You can
further for another 2 minutes.                                                       serve       at     room
Mix in the mango paste and                                                           temperature or prepare
the spices and continue to stir                                                      the soup and keep in
and cook on low fire till all the                                                    the fridge. Garnish with
spices have blended well into                                                        chopped coriander and
                                                                                     crispy fried noodles just
                                                                                     before serving.

                                                                         KING OF
                                                                         1 sweet mango weighing around
                                                                         200 gm
                                                                         1 green raw mango weighing
                                                                         around 100 gm
                                                                         2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
                                                                         2 green chillies
                                                                         11/2 cups coconut – grated
                                                                         2 tbsp oil
                                                                         1 tsp jeera powder
                                                                         1/ tsp haldi powder
                                                                         1 tbsp coriander powder
                                                                         few curry leaves
                                                                         1/ tsp mustard seeds
Peas and green mango chaat
                                                                         salt to taste

52                                 Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
                                                                           2 green chillies
                                                                           2 tbsp oil
                                                                           1 tsp jeera powder
                                                                           1/ tsp haldi powder
                                                                           1 tbsp coriander powder
                                                                           2 cups orange juice
                                                                           8-10 orange segments
                                                                           salt to taste
                                                                              In this recipe you may or may
                                                                           not use the lotus stem.
                                                                              Heat the oil and fry the chicken
                                                                                  pieces adding salt to taste.
King of fruits
                                                                                  Cook on medium heat till
                                                                                  the chicken pieces are light
METHOD                                                                            golden brown. Add the
    Peel both the mangoes                                                         lotus stem pieces if you are
and remove the centre                                                             using these and stir-fry for
portions and cut into                                                             a further 2-3 minutes.
medium pieces. Heat the                                                           Lower the heat and mix in
oil and add the curry                                                             the onion paste, ginger-
leaves and the mustard                                                            garlic paste, tomato puree
seeds. Add the green                                                              and the spices. Stir and
mango pieces and stir-fry                                                         cook on low fire for another
for a minute. Add the rest                                                        3-4 minutes. Add one cup
of the spices and the                                                             of water and cover with a
coconut and stir-fry for                                                          lid or cook in a pressure
another 1 minute. Add 1                                                           cooker till the chicken and
cup of water and salt to Mango and egg ice cream                                  lotus stem pieces are
taste. Bring to boil. Lower                                                       tender. Open the cooker
the heat and mix in the sweet essence and milk in a mixer. Add             and place on the heat again. Pour
mango pieces. Cook on low fire the mango pulp and blend again.             the orange juice and allow to be
stirring gently till most of the gravy    Put into moulds or ice cream     on the fire for only another 1
has evaporated. Serve with trays and freeze till set. Cut into             minute. Serve
steamed rice or rotis.                 pieces and serve the ice cream      with plain
                                       chilled.                            rice.

EGG ICE                             ORANGE
CREAM                               CHICKEN
INGREDIENTS:                        4-5 legs chicken
1/ litre milk
  2                                 300 gm lotus stem
1 cup mango puree                   scrapped and cut
2 tbsp sugar or less if the mango   into thick diagonal
taste is very sweet                 pieces
3-4 drops mango essence             2 tbsp onion paste
6-7 egg yolks                       2 tbsp tomato puree
METHOD                              2 tsp ginger-garlic
 Blend the egg yolks, sugar,        paste                                                     Orange chicken

                                     Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010                                       53
400 gm pui saag or any other
saag of your choice
1 cup brinjals cut into very small
1 cup red pumpkin pieces
1 green raw mango weighing
around 100 gm
2 tsp ginger-garlic paste                                                         Potato peels and green mango
2 green chillies
2 tbsp oil                            paste. Lower the heat and mix in       the potato and use only the
1 tsp jeera powder                    the cooked vegetables. Add the         peels
1/ tsp haldi powder                   spices and the ginger-garlic           1 large onion sliced
1 tbsp coriander powder               paste and cook over low heat           1 green mango weighing around
salt to taste                         stirring from time to time till most   150 gm
METHOD                                of the water is evaporated. The        3 green chillies
   Peel the green mango and           final preparation will have some       2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
discard the kernel. Grind the         amount of water. Serve with plain      2 green chillies
green mango and green chillies        steamed rice.                          3 tbsp oil
to a paste. Cut the saag into one-                                           1 tsp jeera powder
                                                                             1/ tsp haldi powder
inch pieces. Wash well and mix                                                 2
with the other vegetables. Put all
the vegetables in a cooker with
                                      POTATO PEELS                           1 tbsp coriander powder
                                                                             salt to taste
half cup of water and cook till the   AND GREEN                              METHOD
vegetables are very soft and
mushy. Cool and open the              MANGO                                     Peel the green mango and
                                                                             discard the kernel.
cooker.                               INGREDIENTS:                              Grind the green mango and
   Heat the oil and add the mango     2 cups potato peels – discard          green chillies to a paste.
                                                                                      You can leave a few of
 Saag with green                                                                   the green mango pieces cut
 mango flavor                                                                      into     thin     strips   for
                                                                                      Cut the potato peels into
                                                                                   thin strips and wash well.
                                                                                      Heat the oil and fry the
                                                                                   onions and the potato peels
                                                                                   on low fire till the onions
                                                                                   begin to turn light brown.
                                                                                      Mix in the mango paste
                                                                                   and the spices and 3 tbsp
                                                                                   of water.
                                                                                      Cover with a lid and cook
                                                                                   on low fire till the peels are
                                                                                      Serve with puris or
                                                                                   paranthans as breakfast.

54                                     Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
                                                                                                 watermelon chuski

                                          Summer salad with oatmeals

SUMMER                                                                        MUSK MELON
SALAD                                                                         LASSI
WITH                                                                          INGREDIENTS:
                                                                              1 cup musk melon pieces – skin
OATMEALS                                                                      and seed removed
INGREDIENTS:                                                                  2 cups curd
1 cup dalia                                                                   2-3 tsp sugar or more as per
1 cup sprouts                                                                 taste
2-4 tsp chopped dhania and                                                    METHOD
pudina leaves                                                                   Blend all the ingredients
1 green mango cut into very                                                   together in a mixer and chill
small pieces without the peel                                                 before serving.
4-5 prunes
4-5 apricots
salt to taste
For the sauce:
2 tsp salad oil                                                               CHUSKI
1 tsp honey                                                                   INGREDIENTS:
1 tsp tomato sauce                                                            300 ml watermelon juice – seed
1 tsp chilli sauce                                                            removed
METHOD                                                                        4-5 drops vanilla essence -
   Soak the dalia in 2 cups boiling                                           optional
hot water for 10 minutes, adding                                              METHOD
salt to taste.                                                                   Mix the watermelon juice and
   Pass through a strainer to drain                                           the essence and pass through a
out all the excess water. Mix all                                             strainer to remove all the seeds.
               the ingredients in                                             Pour into kulfi moulds and
               a salad bowl.                                                  preferably place a stick to hold in
                   Mix all the                                                the centre. Place in the freezer
               ingredients for the                                            compartment and freeze till solid.
               sauce and pour                                                 Unmould and serve as a chuski
               over the salad.                                                during the summer months. It’s
                   Serve chilled.                          Musk melon lassi   refreshing and tasty.           We

                                      Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010                                      55
What is
today can
become obsolete
Therefore to
requires a lot of
designing and


                    Isn’t it a sari reinvented? It
                    may not exactly be a sari, but
                    out-of-the blue apparel is a
                    super substitute for it.
A ghaghra at its
best design! The
low-cut bodice
happens to be a
part of the beaded
The ghaghra and the top are
so fashionably created that it
can unfailingly cast a spell on
the onlookers.
    This is certainly
    not a ghaghra but
    a complete body
    apparel in one
    piece. What an
    exquisite piece of
    embroidery and
    floral designing!

Designer: Ashima & Leena Singh
Ph: 011-26801884
         reachery and treason. These      that a train took me to Aurangabad.      Aurangabad to Ellora, took our group

         two stratagems have brought      From there, a 13-km drive took me        through these ruins to the second
         down the most redoubtable        to where the impressive citadel          ring, the Mahakot which is the
         fortresses at the lowest cost    emerged, dramatically soaring above      boundary of the fort for all practical
         throughout history. Failing      the Deccan plain atop a 200-metre-       purposes. But there is actually a
         that, there was always the       high hill. Claimed to be one of the      second equally impressive wall inside
         force of arms to succeed         world's best preserved forts of          running roughly parallel to the outer
         where duplicity failed. Not so   medieval times, the fort has survived    ramparts. There are also several
         with the Daulatabad fortress,    virtually unaltered and still displays   bastions and eight imposing gates
         a stronghold built on top of a   the character that made it invincible.   but, since none of them faces
hill north-west of present-day                A rare kind of construction, this    another, smashing through one leads
Aurangabad. There, only treachery         stronghold is a combination of a         nowhere.
and treason worked.                       ground fort and a hill fort since the
    It was originally called Devigiri     imposing structure is built on an           Getting into Mahakot: We were
when founded by Bhillamraja of the        isolated pyramid-shaped natural          driven close to the main gate to reach
Yadava dynasty in 1187 AD, and            peak. The rock around was skillfully     which we had to walk through the
became a thriving city. However,          chiselled to make climbing it            inevitable little tourist vendors’ shops
after passing through the hands of        impossible.                              on the main road. This high, arched
several dynasties in less than 150            The entire complex measures          gateway was craftily located at about
years after the Yadava dynasty, the       about 62.70 hectares (about 155          right-angles to the outer rampart. It
fortress was renamed Daulatabad,          acres) and is surrounded by three        is embedded with huge pointed iron
the 'city of fortune', by Sultan          concentric walls known as kots. The      spikes intended to keep even
Muhammad-bin-Tughluq who also             first of these, Amberkot, covers the     elephants out. But, with a glint in his
made it the capital of India for the      old town of Daulatabad, has a few        eye and a wry smile, our guide told
short time he reigned from there          shops and is in any case in a            our group that ruthless enemies
before moving back to Delhi.              ramshackle condition.                    would transfix dead camels on the
    And it was from that capital city         National Highway 211 connecting      elephants’ foreheads and then batter

              THE KILLER QILA
     A blood-curdling account of the
horrendous reception planned for invaders
      of an impregnable fortification.
                               By Rajib Sen
their way into the portals of the fort!
Still, that never took them far.
    Right inside, it was impossible to
continue to charge straight through.
Because of the right-angled siting of
the door, the vanguard of the
invading force would find itself
cooped up in a virtual dead-end
beyond the entrance they had just
smashed their way into. There was
no room for elephants to turn. The
only option to pulling back out of the
fortress – with their own hordes still
piling up behind – was for the
invaders to take a right turn.
    That would lead them into an open
square surrounded by the outer
ramparts – from the parapets of
which, obviously, the defenders could      inner wall of the Mahakot. After
harass the invaders with impunity.         climbing utterly irregular, hand-hewn
But imagine that the force somehow         granite steps followed by a dusty,
managed to escape from there               winding uphill path, they would
through the huge arched second gate        confront the third wall of Daulatabad,
in the inner wall of the Mahakot. Still,   the Kalakot.
having managed to get past that, the          Remember: all the while, they
enemy would come up against a solid        would be under attack from the
stone wall.                                defenders as the invaders fought
    That’s because Daulatabad's            their way along an uphill path
scheming architects had drawn up           designed to sap their energy in the
their plans based on their awareness       blazing heat anyway. I could well
that spatial recognition in the human      imagine their plight since that was
brain lay on the left side of the brain.   precisely what I was undergoing –
Thus, many of the gates were               minus the rigours of fighting in heavy
constructed at right angles to the         armour!
approach. So it was that an
apparently sheltered route to the left
was created as an optional route
inside the Mahakot. But taking that                                                    In fact, the paths through all the
option would lead to disaster. For, not                                             areas are on an upward slant and
far into it, there’s nothing but a blank                                            paved with uneven stones to make
wall. Retreat would again become                                                    walking difficult. Wherever there are
impossible.                                                                         steps, some steps are very narrow
    The sole escape route seemed to                                                 and others are very wide, some have
be small openings in the ground on                                                  low risers and others have high ones
the left through which they could                                                   – all aimed at forcing enemy foot
hope to get out somewhere. Instead,                                                 soldiers to literally mind their steps
the men would immediately slide                                                     by looking down even as they kept a
down a slippery chute – right into the                                              lookout while also looking up for
water-filled moat swarming with                                                     defenders’ attacks. The slope is
unfed hungry crocodiles! For, the                                                   steep enough to cause a major
Mahakot is surrounded by a 40-ft-                                                   avalanche if a few stones are simply
deep moat that happened to be dry                                                   pushed from the top – and the enemy
when we were there.                                                                 forces would be crushed by bounding
                                                                                    boulders hurtling down on them with
   An uphill battle: So, let’s say the                                              an ever-accelerating momentum.
enemy somehow escaped even that
trap and took the other, open-to-the-                                                 The amazing Andhari: But the
sky passage to the right along the                                                  enemy’s travails were not over yet if

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                           61
they persisted. They had still to cross                                              Simultaneously, they would get
a deep moat built around the                                                         scalded by burning oil from huge vats
mountain. That’s where a sequence                                                    above the building!
of devious traps awaited them. On                                                        After all that, the enemy would still
crossing the moat, the only way into                                                 need to climb a flight of 400-odd
the fort is through a tunnel. This                                                   steps – mostly very odd in shape! –
tunnel then leads to a small window                                                  to reach the main citadel. The core
through which the soldiers would                                                     of the fort is a hill at the height of
emerge head first. That’s when it                                                    more than a hundred feet, making it
would be chopped off by a defending                                                  impossible for anyone to climb in.
swordsman waiting above the                                                              Mounted atop a tower is the
window outside even as the enemy                                                     massive, 14-ton Mendha tope (which
soldier’s body inside slid through a                                                 has a ram’s head embossed at its
gap at floor level into the moat to                                                  base) with a firing range of nine
feed more hungry crocodiles.                                                         kilometres. Now lying on the ground,
    If this first line of defence was      sunlight outside would instantly blind    the second largest cannon in India
breached, on the floor of the chamber      the aggressors, even later, it was too    was mounted on a pivot in order to
lay poisoned caltrops (anti-personnel      dark for the eyes to clearly make out     rotate 180 degrees with the help of
weapons made up of two or more             who was who.                              an intricate system of chains, as our
sharp nails or spikes arranged in             Nevertheless, let’s say the enemy      guide explained. Cunningly, the
such a manner that one of them             got through that predicament also –       cannon was designed to be
always points upward from its base).       and got out of the Andhari. They          incapable being turned against
Beyond that, the only exit from this       would emerge into dazzling sunlight       interiors, were the fort to fall into
chamber leads into a series of             and get blinded in reverse!               enemy hands.
subterranean passages coiled like a
python, carved through the rock. This
zigzag maze is known as the andhari
                                                             Internal Constructions
because it is a pitch-dark system of          Water supply: We were first                Chini Mahal: Chini Mahal is a
tunnels with very small entrances or       shown the massive Hathi Haud (the         beautiful palace, inlaid with blue
exits that make it virtually impossible    Elephant Tank), a 47.75m high x           tiles. The palace served as the
to move about.                             46.75m wide x 6.61m deep reservoir        detention centre of Abdul Hasan
    Boiling oil would be poured on the     with steps on three sides which was       Tana Shah, the last king of
enemy if they paused for any reason        dry when we went. But there were          Golconda, in 1687. He remained
in the labyrinth. Thus, once they went     also the Saraswati and Kacheri wells      there for 13 years till his death.
into the darkness, their own               at the plains level whose contents
comrades would turn on them,               were augmented by the Moti and               Jami Masjid: Constructed in
deluded into thinking these to be the      Hathi natural tanks in the main           1318 by Qutub-ud-din Mubarak, the
defending soldiers attacking them.         citadel aside from several                              Khilji ruler of Delhi, it
Nearby, a path leads to the exit.          wells and tanks in the town                             is adorned with 106
During an attack, this exit was closed     and the main moat. To keep                              splendid pillars, which
by a heavy iron slab. On this slab,        them full, the vizier (prime                            were looted from
noxious chemicals were burnt and           minister) Malik Amber built                             several Hindu and
the heavy fumes were drafted down          tanks on the nearby hills                               Jain temples that
to the attackers below. Also, the heat     and piped the water in.                                 stood at the site
from a brazier was blown into the                                                                  initially. Some time
passage by a process of suction                Chand Minar: Built as a                             back, the mosque was
suffocating the entire garrison within.    'Tower of Victory' by Ala-ud-                           converted       into   a
    Gasping for breath, they would         din Bahmani, after he                                   Bharatmata Temple to
sense fresh air coming from a duct         managed to take over the                                end a long-standing
in the wall. Thinking this to be the       fort in 1435, the soaring                               controversy.
exit, the enemy would stampede             tower rises to approximately                                Other constructions
down this tunnel – only to fall to their   30m. A four-storeyed tower,                             inside the fort include
deaths into the deep moat beyond!          it is adorned with glazed                               baolies        (stepped
    To help us get the picture, our        tiles and carved motifs. It is believed   wells), court buildings, Aam Khas
guide got an attendant to light a          that the Chand Minar was used as a        (Hall of Public Audience), Rang
mashaal, a flaming hand-held torch.        prayer hall or a victory monument in      Mahal, Baradari, and a hammam
We then realised how, while the            the earlier times.                        (bath).                             We
sudden darkness after the bright

62                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                                                                                QA      &
                                            I had sex with my 40-year-old class       love with that man or perhaps you
                                            teacher when I was 14. Ever since         didn’t resist him firmly when he led
                                            then I have been depressed and            you into sex. But the truth is that
                                            filled with guilt. Now I am 22 and        you are not at all to blame. A 40-
                                            am going to be married. It is a love      year-old can easily manipulate a
                                            marriage. I do not want to hide           14-year-old and the complete
                                            anything from my fiance but should        responsibility for the sex you both
                                            I tell him about my sin before or         had is his. Even if that sex had
                                            after marriage?                           been consensual, sex with a minor
                                                You didn’t have sex and you           is considered statutory rape under
                                            definitely didn’t commit any sin. You     the law.
                                            were raped by your 40-year-old               So stop feeling guilty. It would
                                            teacher and if you had told your          be best if you told your fiance about
                                            parents or complained to the police,      this incident before you get
                                            he would have been sent to jail.          married. Since you are both if love,
                                                Your depression and guilt are         he will definitely understand your
                                            because you think that you were           feelings and sympathise with you. If
                                            responsible for that incident that        you wait till after you are married, it
                                            occurred when you were just 14.           will appear that you did not trust
                                            Perhaps you imagined yourself in          him.
I am a Hindu from Tamil Nadu and,
when I was 20, I ran away and
married a Kerala Christian who was         weren’t for my six-year-old daughter I         Later, my elder sister’s husband
five years older than I was. But I was     would leave him and go away.               fell in love with me and we had sex
unhappy from day one because our               You have hit the nail on the head.     regularly till he left for the States.
sex life was an absolute disaster. My      You do not have the option of              Then my college lover came back
husband thought of sex as just             thinking only of yourself because you      into my life after six years, but to my
another hunger and satisfied himself       have a daughter.                           shock he had a girlfriend and wanted
without any regard for me or my                But you have the right to be           only my friendship. Now we talk over
feelings and I was too embarrassed         sexually satisfied though having an        the phone and meet occasionally but
to talk to him frankly about this. Since   affair is not the answer. You do not       there is no romance in our
our sex life was bad, other aspects        seem to have discussed your sex life       relationship.
of our married life were also              with your husband and your mistake             Now my parents want to get me
unsatisfactory.                            lies here. Your husband may be self-       married and I don’t know what to do.
    I took up a job and did well and       centred and inconsiderate about sex,       Please advise me on my problem.
over the next ten years I got              but if you talk to him and tell him how        What exactly is your problem?
promotions and rose in my company.         unsatisfied you are, he will probably      Your brother-in-law has gone away
Then a man who worked under me             take your feeling into consideration       so that is one problem out of the way.
began to make advances to me and           and sex will become more enjoyable         You say that you were shocked to
we became friendly though I                for you.                                   find out that your college friend had a
repeatedly told him that I loved my            It would be even better if you also    girlfriend. Did you think that he
husband very much—which I do.              went for marriage counselling and          wouldn’t go on with his life after you
    But one day he came home when          came to understand each other              broke up? And what about you? Did
my husband was not there and we            better. As for your guilt over having      you continue to be in love with him
made love. He was a tender and             been unfaithful to your husband,           when you had an affair with your
considerate lover and satisfied me         there is nothing you can do to change      brother-in-law?        Your      casual
sexually. We then began to have sex        that. So forgive yourself, decide that     statement that after graduation you
regularly. But after a year he             you will never do such a thing again       both went your different ways does
confessed that he had made a play          and move on.                               not indicate this.
for me only because I was his boss.                                                       Now you have a friend and you
His words broke my heart and I broke                                                  may soon be having an arranged
off with him.                              I am 27 years old and have finished        marriage. Is your marriage the
    Now I am filled with guilt for         my education and am working. When          problem and are you afraid that your
having being unfaithful to my              I was in college, I had an affair with a   husband will find out that you are
husband. But I am also sexually            classmate. Though we would kiss            not a virgin? If you are, you have
unsatisfied. My husband is as self-        and cuddle, we did not have sex            two options. You could just ignore
centred as ever and though I love          though we both longed to. After            the fact that you did not bleed when
him, I am also filled with anger. If it    graduation we both went our ways.          you first have sex with your husband

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                               63
          QA     &
or explain it away by saying that you
were very active and took part in
                                            fell in love with this man when you
                                            were 15, an age when you must have
                                                                                       yourself together. Ask yourself why
                                                                                       you got involved with this young man
sports when you were in school and          been quite immature. So it is also         in the first place. You must have felt
college. Or you can tell him the            possible that you have outgrown your       attracted to him, but what is your
truth.                                      love for him. His behaviour must           opinion of his character? What are
                                            have also hastened this process.           his plans for the future and how good
                                                Tell your boyfriend that both of       are his qualifications? What is his
I am a 24-year-old woman and am a           you must rethink your relationship.        background and is he in need of
lecturer in a college. For nine years I     He does not seem to trust you and          money?
have been in love with a Hindu (I am        you are now finding him physically             Also try to find out how your
a Christian) and we have been               unattractive. Have a time-out period       parents came to know so much about
waiting for us both to be settled in life   of a few months and then re-evaluate       the boy. Is the source of their
to get married. His parents know            your feelings for each other.              information reliable or did they just
about our affair, but mine don’t.                                                      say those things to get you to forget
      Three years ago my boyfriend                                                     him?
moved to Canada and we plan to get          I am a 25-year-old unmarried woman.            You could consult an older person
married after he gets his Permanent         About a year ago I became involved         whom you trust, too. Think seriously
Resident papers. We talk on the             with a guy who was two years older         and then take a decision on the
phone and exchange frequent                 than I was. We felt that we were in        matter of this man. If you decide to
emails. I miss him a lot and still love     love and I allowed him to take             accept his proposal, tell your parents
him but I have begun to wonder              liberties with me though we never          about it boldly.
about his feelings for me. This is          had sex.                                       Stress that you are an adult and
because he has suddenly begun to                Then my parents found about my         that you will not allow them to beat
be very suspicious of me because I          affair a few months ago. They were         you and humiliate you. Even if you
work in a men’s college.                    furious and beat me. They also made        decide not to accept your boyfriend’s
    I am fair, slim and pretty and I look   me quit my job, confiscated my cell        proposal, you should stand up to your
younger than my age. My boyfriend,          phone, punished me and scolded me.         parents and insist on going back to
on the other hand, is dark and fat and      They made me feel totally worthless        work.
looks older than his age because he         and destroyed my self-confidence
is losing his hair. But his looks don’t     with their cruel words. They also told
matter to me. I have often told him         me that I was a fool to trust my           I am 22 and have very small breasts.
that he should reduce his weight as         boyfriend because he did not love me       In fact, I hardly have any breasts at
that would be good for his health, but      but only wanted my money and to            all. I do not even need to use a bra.
he has always dismissed my advice           have sex with me. They stressed the        This makes me feel very self-
with the words that he knows what to        fact that my boyfriend hadn’t tried to     conscious. My friends also tell me
do.                                         get in touch with me. I felt totally       that my husband will not like this.
    Now he cross examines me every          devastated.                                Should I use a cream or lotion to
day on my students. I feel humiliated           Now my boyfriend has got in touch      make my breasts bigger?
but have begun looking at my                with me again (through a friend). He           No cream, lotion, medicine or
students in a way I never did earlier.      says that he wrote me letters and          exercise can make your breasts
Now I see how attractive some young         called me repeatedly on my phone.          bigger. The only way in which you
men are and have begun to resent            But I did not get his letters and as my    can do this is to have breast
my boyfriend’s stubborn refusal to          cell phone had been confiscated, I         implants. You should consult a
lose weight. Sometimes I even feel          didn’t receive his calls. He says that     cosmetic surgeon to find out the
that I hate him and that I do not want      he wants to marry me, but I am             different kinds of implants available,
to marry him. What should I do?             nervous and unsure. Are my parents         the cost of the treatment, etc.
    Both a long courtship and a long        right about his character?                     You can also wear a padded bra
absence are difficult for people in             Your parents seem to have been         that gives the impression of bigger
love to take and these are the factors      very shocked by the fact that you had      breasts, to get over your self-
that are causing you both tension.          a boyfriend but that is no justification   consciousness.
Your boyfriend is obviously feeling         for their extreme cruelty to you. Now          Many women have small breasts
insecure and this is why he is              you are feeling shattered and have         and not all of them feel self-
harassing you about your students.          lost all your self-confidence, but you     conscious,         unwomanly        or
After all, you are not much older than      are 25 years old and are quite old         unattractive. In fact, clothes drape
most of them and many of your               enough to take your own decisions.         better over a small-breasted figure.
students must have a crush on you.              This is a matter that involves your    So try to stop feeling self-conscious.
He must have realised this.                 life. Your parents have tried to           Highlight your good points and feel
    As for your changed feelings, you       brainwash you, but you must now pull       good about yourself.

64                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
Q       U      I     Z


                                                             Q    Pure water is important in

                                                                  keeping our bodies running
                                                                  smoothly, arteries flexible, skin
                                                                  moist, ridding waste, blood
                                                                  supply up, minds alert, plus
                                                                  others too numerous to mention.
                                                                  What water is considered pure?
                                                                    a. Mountain spring
                                                                    b. Country well water
                                                                    c. Mineral water

       ALL ABOUT                                             Q    How many types of water

                                                                  purifiers are available in the

Potable water is a health
                                                                    a. Two
                                                                    b. Three
                                                                    c. More

 need. Make sure you
  drink quality water.                                Answer the questions
                                                                           &    win a grand prize...

                          be published in th
  S  elected entries will oman’s era. Look out
                     of W
 forthcoming issue June 2010 issue
           for th e 30
 L ast date for sending entries: 15 June 2010
                                friend for a better
 A  ttach a photograph of yourWoman’s era
                           g in
        chance of featurin
Q   What's the minimum flow rate of
                                                     Q       Exercise is beneficial for...

3                                                    8
    water filter?                                               a. Oxygenating cells
      a. 1 litre per minute                                     b. Increasing calcium absorption
      b. 2 litres per minute                                    c. Strengthening the heart
      c. More than 2 litres per minute                          d. Fighting cancer

Q   How much importance would
                                                     Q       Lack of Vit. B can cause

4                                                    9
    you give to weight before buying                         numerous problems. What are
    a water purifier?                                        your best sources?
      a. Lot                                                    a. McDonalds burger and fries
      b. Hardly                                                 b. Whole grains & nutritional yeast
      c. Doesn’t matter                                         c. Water
                                                                d. Sunlight

Q   What's considered the best

                                                     Q       Dust in the air carries germs.

    purification method?

      a. Pre-filter purification
                                                             Enclosed buildings harbour moulds
      b. Candle-filter purification                          and fungi. Which one has the most
      c. Health and taste cartridge                          dangerous side effects when killing
      d. Reverse osmosis technology
                                                             these microorganisms?
                                                                a. Fresh air and exercise

Q   What is the best material used to                           b. Electronic air purifiers

    build a water purifier?                                     c. Pure water
      a. Aluminium
      b. ABS plastic
      c. Stainless steel
                                                          Scoring Terms and Conditions:
                                                            Don’t you hate those artificial quizzes that
                                                  only have one obvious right answer? Pure water makes healthy
                                                        body. So answer according to what you feel is best.

Q   Seratonin, a brain transmitter is

    greatly affected by...                                        Prove that you are aware
                                                       of this trivia. Send us the coupon with your
      a. Stress                                           photo along with the correct answers.
      b. Diet
      c. Light in room when sleeping
      d. All                                          Name

Winners of Eurofab Quiz Contest - 4                                        PIN
                                                      Phone:               E-mail

                                                           Donʼt forget to attach a photograph
                                                   1. Mark the answers and send us the cutting of this
                                                   quiz along with this coupon. The last date is
                                                   15 June 2010. So hurry up and post it now.
                                                   2. The decision of the editor will be final. 3. Depict
                                                   your true self only. 4. Send a photograph of your
                                                   own. It may be printed in Womanʼs Era, along with
                                                   the results. Send to: Woman’s Era, Delhi Press,
                 Dr O.C.D. Gupta                   E-3, Jhandewala, New Delhi-110 055.
    9-MIG, Mumfordganj, Near Tripathi Chauraha,
             Allahabad. Pin: 211002
                                                                 Although being overweight and
                                                              obese are not the same, most
                                                              overweight persons are obese (they
                                                              have an excess of body fat that
                                                              amounts to more than 1.5 per cent
                                                              over the average weight for their
                                                              height and sex).
                                                                 Obesity is not always readily
                                                              subjected to treatment and correction
                                                              does not always ensure the
                                                              elimination of added risks associated
                                                              with this condition. The practical
                                                              management of obesity may be
                                                              divided into four interdependent and
                                                              overlapping aspects: psychological,
                                                              pharmaceutical, physical and dietary.
                                                                 Shalini could never get herself to

  Weight-loss              ost physicians consider obesity    go out for social events; she always

through surgery.
By Sudha Hariharan
                           to be an important factor in
                           personal health for three
                        1. It is common
                        2. It is associated with increased
                                                              found an excuse to avoid them. She
                                                              even avoided going to the cinemas
                                                              or malls even though she was very
                                                              social person a few years ago. The
                                                              reason for her self-imposed isolation
                     sickness and death rates, notably in     was her weight. She was over 120
                     respect to heart, circulatory, kidney    kilos and was very conscious of it.
                     and metabolic disorders as well as       She hated going to shop for plus size
                     surgical        and        obstetrical   clothes, she hated not being able to
                     complications.                           fit into a seat easily and she hated it
                        3. It can be treated with success     most when people would stare. She
                     as one practical way to help control     had tried all the tricks in the book but
                     associated medical conditions.           in vain.
                        The assumption that illness can            One day, her whole world
                     be reduced and death delayed             changed. She began to lose weight;
                     through the correction of obesity        she lost more than 70 per cent of her
                     depends on whether two things are        excess body weight in less than a
                     possible: that weight reduction can      year.
                     and does lower the risk of disability         “The world over millions of people
                     and death, and that weight reduction     are battling with one disease more
                     can be achieved and maintained.          than any other. Not malaria, AIDS,

                       Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                             67
cancer or hepatitis. It’s obesity. Every
day millions of people try out new diet      Gastric Bypass & Lap Band Procedures
plans, exercise plans and weight-loss
programmes but few are successful
in warding off the flab forever. Most                                    Stomach
fall back into the flabby trap of
obesity. And while at this, many of                                      Small intestines
these people spend millions of dollars
and rupees on temporary solutions
to battle obesity. Most people are
successful in reducing a few kilos but
the real challenge is to keep the flab                        Duodenum
off, consistently. This is where most
people fail,” says Dr Lakdawala, MS
founder of CODS – Centre for                            Roux-en-Y
Obesity and Diabetes Support – and                  stomach bypass:
is head of the minimal invasive                      large portion of
surgery department at Saifee                           stomach and                                             “Y”
Hospital, Mumbai and a consultant                     duodenum are                                          connection
surgeon at Lilavati.                                     bypassed
    “But there is respite when all fails,”
opines Dr Lakdawala. “There is one
solution that is permanent. Doctors
around       the    world    are    now                                    Stomach opening can be
increasingly performing bariatric                                          tightened or loosened over time to
surgeries and their patients are only                                      change the size of the passage.
getting happier by the day and by the
kilo (that they lose). Bariatric surgery
is a weight-loss procedure in which
a patient’s stomach capacity is
surgically reduced to 25 per cent its
normal size.”
    In India itself, this is a                                          Pouch
rapidly growing trend, many
people are opting for
bariatric surgery, as it has
been established that it is a
permanent,        quick    and
hassle- free way to lose
weight. India is already one
of the 10 fattest nations on
the planet and this trend is                        "restrictive"       bariatric     and nutrients) to be absorbed.
only going to get bigger.                           surgery uses a gastric            Hence, these operations are called
                                 Dr M Lakdawala     band/ring or staples to           "malabsorptive". This kind of bariatric
   Smaller appetite and                             reduce stomach size. It           procedure produces greater weight-
fewer calories: Bariatric or                        makes no attempt to alter         loss.Neither      restrictive      nor
weight-loss surgery works by the anatomy of the digestive tract by                    malabsorptive procedures can be
reducing appetite and calorie-intake. (e.g. bypassing the small intestine).           successful unless patients follow the
During gastric surgery, the stomach- This kind of bariatric procedure                 dietary and exercise guidelines
size is greatly reduced. This reduces produces less weight-loss.                      issued to them by their surgeon.
appetite significantly. Also, in some
stomach surgery procedures, part of         Gastric or stomach bypass:                   Life after bariatric surgery:
the small intestine is "bypassed" to This type of weight-loss surgical                Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix, it's
reduce the number of calories (and operation shrinks the size of the                  an ongoing journey toward weight-
nutrients) that can be absorbed.         stomach and bypasses some (or                loss through lifestyle changes. After
                                         most) of the early section of the small      the surgery, the difference in your
   Gastric banding or gastric intestine (duodenum). The bypass                        body makes it physically easier to
stapling surgery: This kind of causes less food (therefore, calories                  adjust your eating and lifestyle habits.

68                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
Fortunately, you will not have to go                                                loss surgery. The added demands
through the process alone. A team of                                                that pregnancy places on your body
professionals will be there to support                                              and the potential for foetal damage
your efforts. Positive changes in your                                              make this a most important
body, your weight and your health will                                              requirement.
occur, but you will need to be patient                                                  The weight-management sector
through the recovery process.                                                       has already earned industry status in
                                                                                    our country and today is worth
    Diet after bariatric surgery: The                                               millions of rupees. When an industry
changes         made       to      your                                             is so huge it is only natural for
gastrointestinal tract will require                       Before                    delinquents to be attracted to it.
permanent changes in your eating                                                    There are several weight-loss clinics
habits that must be followed for a                                                  that have mushroomed around major
successful weight-loss in your new                                                  cities. Most of them barely
life after bariatric surgery. Post-                                                 understand the concept of obesity,
surgery dietary guidelines will vary by                                             let alone devising a solution to it. A
bariatric surgeon. You may hear                                                     lot of people unfortunately become
about post-surgery guidelines that                                                  victims to the false promises that they
are different from the ones you                                                     lay out. The services that they offer
receive. It is important to remember                                                are anything but cheap, yet a lot of
that these guidelines will be different                                             unaware people spend an immense
depending on the surgeon and type                                                   amount of money on their services.
of procedure. What is most important                       After                        One of the biggest reasons for this
is that you follow your surgeon's         activity will vary according to your      phenomenon is that obesity in India
guidelines.                               physical condition, the nature of the     is considered a cosmetic problem
                                          activity and the type of weight-loss      rather than a disease. The World
   The following are some of the          surgery you had. Most patients return     Health        Organisation   considers
generally       accepted      dietary     to work and are able to exercise          obesity as one of the major diseases
guidelines for a healthy diet after       within one to three weeks after their     that can lead to several other
bariatric surgery:                        laparoscopic gastric bypass. Patients     complications like type-2 diabetes,
   When you start eating solid food, it   who have had an open procedure do         high blood pressure, heart problems,
is important to chew your food            so about six weeks after surgery.         sleep apnoea, high cholesterol,
thoroughly and eat very slowly. It is                                               infertility, cancers, venous ulcers and
important to wait for two to three           Birth control and pregnancy: It        many other diseases. If not dealt with
minutes after swallowing before           is strongly advised that women of         in time, obesity can certainly be fatal.
putting the next bite of food in your     childbearing age use the most                 It is now established that most diet
mouth. You will not be able to digest     effective forms of birth control during   plans, exercise regimes, etc. can only
steaks or other chunks of meat if they    the first 16 to 24 months after weight-   enable a loss of around 10-12 kilos,
are not ground or chewed thoroughly.                                                which can be gained again very
   Do not drink fluids while eating.                                                easily. The real challenge is to keep
They will make you feel full before                                                 off the weight, but one cannot diet for
you have eaten enough solids.                                                       a lifetime nor spend the rest of their
   Fluids consumed with meals can                                                   life in a gym. This is precisely why
cause vomiting and a dumping                                                        an increasing amount of people are
syndrome, and can lead to feeling                                                   now opting for bariatric surgery.
hungry sooner after a meal.                                                             “Generally, it is advisable to go in
   Do not eat desserts and other                                                    for bariatric surgery when one has
items with sugar. Avoid carbonated                                                  tried multiple dietary methods but has
drinks,     high-calorie    nutritional                                             failed to lose or maintain weight.
supplements, milk shakes, foods high                                                Bariatric surgery is especially
in fat, and foods that have no                                                      recommended for those with a BMI
nutritional value. Avoid alcohol.                                                   (body mass index) of 37 or more and
   Limit snacking between meals.                                                    those with BMI of 32 with diabetes or
Eating after bariatric surgery will be                                              any other disease related to obesity.
quite different than before!                                                        In simpler words, anyone who is 25
                                                                                    to 30 kilos overweight should
   Going back to work: Your ability                                                 seriously consider bariatric surgery,”
to resume pre-surgery levels of                                                     opines Dr Lakdawala.                 We

                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                              69
                                                      The bag business has
                                                      transformed into a big
                                                      industry. It is fulfilling a
                                                      beauty need as well as
                                                      taking on social
   Doesn’t this bag look as if it is
   entirely made of flowers.

                                              The puffed
                                       projections on the
                                       bag give it a touch
                                                  of class.

This is an
handbag with a

           You will agree that
           this is a rare of the
                    rarest bag.
                                                                          A bag with a design on a
                                                                              broader design.

The bag demonstrates
superlative effort at
beautiful designing.

                                          A bag with symmetrical
                                          pattern and elegant add-ons.

                                                                         The bag has design and flap and
                                                                                 belts to go with.

Isn’t it a bag with
ornamental touch?

                        The bag will suit the
                        razzle-dazzle style.

                                                                                           With pocket-like
                                                                                     patterns, the bag is in
                                                                                       step with the times.
          The bag is exhibiting natural

                                                                                           Bags: Vicenza
                                                                                           Ph: 0124-4017686
          s parents and educators
                                                                Revolutionary new teaching.

                                         attention is that how do we prepare
                                                                             By Payal Dasgupta
                                                                                  and Tagores. Aren’t we? Most of us

          we      think   our   prime    our children to deal with problems       who have been through the
          obligation is to prepare the   that simply don’t exist today? And       traditional     way     or    learning,
          younger generation for an      how well equipped is our present         understand that it’s miserable to
          overly demanding world         education system in bringing out the     study a discipline when one doesn’t
          tomorrow. Towards this we      best in our children? As said by Tom     have flair for the subject itself.
          desire to give them the        Whitey, “Educators remember the             The role of education should be to
          best of education and          world we learned in is not the world     bring about the best in an individual
          develop in them the skills     we live in. The world we teach in is     by making him or her realise his or
          to carry on in an extremely    not the world we teach for.”             her capacity. The International
cut-throat social and professional          While the education system in         Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) is
milieu. But I believe as guardians we    India itself is going through a phase    one of its kind with the mission to
must critically mull over certain        of transition from a product-based       provide an international education
issues that we are about to face in      system to a more process-based           system encouraging students to
the near future.                         system, nonetheless we all still         become lifelong learners who respect
   In 10-15 years from now there will    expect our children to be the future     the differences in others.
be professions that don’t exist today    Einstein and Newton, without
and many other jobs that exist today     realising that not everybody is gifted       What is IB education all about?
would soon be obsolete. So, the          with the same capabilities and we are        The IBO was founded in 1968 and
questions that needs immediate           equally in need of future Socrates       it’s presently working with 2,823

72                                         Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
schools in 138 countries providing a      assessments are generally designed
challenging education programmes          to allow each individual to explore his     IN 10-15 YEARS
to 778,000 students across the globe.     own learning style.                       FROM NOW THERE
The IBO offers three challenging and          The IBO also offers a Middle Year           WILL BE
rigorous programmes for students
age three to 19. “To develop their
                                          Programme (MYP), for children
                                          between 11 and 16 years aimed to
                                                                                    PROFESSIONS THAT
social, emotional, personal and           provide an intercultural awareness,       DON’T EXIST TODAY
intellectual skills to, live, learn and   holistic learning and communication.      AND MANY OTHER
work in a rapidly globalising world” is
the motto of IBO.
                                          The programme offers eight subjects,
                                          namely; mother tongue, a second
                                                                                     JOBS THAT EXIST
   The Primary Year Programme or          language, humanities, sciences,             TODAY WOULD
the PYP is an inquiry-based               mathematics, the arts, physical                SOON BE
programme designed to cater to the        education and technology. The                 OBSOLETE.
learning needs of children between        curriculum also consists of five Areas
three and 12 years. The PYP               of Interaction which, according to the    thinking skills in order to cope up with
curriculum which has been divided         IBO, “help in developing the              the challenges of life. The students
into six organising themes, give the      connections between the disciplines,      are encouraged to take up six subject
children ample scope to explore           so students see knowledge as an           groups namely; language-A, second
knowledge within and beyond the           integrated, coherent whole”.              language, individuals and society,
boundaries of traditional disciplines.        The Diploma Programme or DP is        experimental sciences, mathematics
The students take the lead in a           a two-year programme offered to           and computer science and arts. The
typical PYP class in finding answers      students between the ages from 16         IBO lays special stress on community
to their questions, with teachers         and 19 years. In this age of              service through its CAS (creativity,
acting as guides in the learning          information boom, the students need       action and service) component in the
process. The units and the                to develop creative and critical          Diploma Programme and through
                                                                                    Community and Service as an AOI at
                                                                                    the MYP level. Theory of Knowledge
                                                                                    is a unique component of DP, which
                                                                                    helps the students to dwell deeper
                                                                                    into the issues relating to our
                                                                                    understanding and knowledge.

                                                                                       Why IB education?
                                                                                       IB education programme is a
                                                                                    systematic, well-researched, inquiry-
                                                                                    based programme which provides
                                                                                    adequate scope to build up on one’s
                                                                                    area of interest by developing
                                                                                    thinking, research, communication
                                                                                    and intra-and inter-personal skills.
                                                                                    The IB programme is an international
                                                                                    programme which gives a lot of
                                                                                    freedom of movement to many
                                                                                    international and Indian students,
                                                                                    who otherwise find it difficult to cope
                                                                                    with instructive standards of a new

                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                              73
country. The IB diploma students get       creative system of education to their           The      Bombay         University
special privileges in international        students. However, there is no              recognises the IB diploma, and many
universities – their TOK and CAS           comparison between our national             other universities are on their way to
work make them stand above the             boards and the IBO, as every                introduce similar norms and promote
mob.                                       education system has its strengths.         internationalism.
    “Most of the renowned universities     It won’t be wrong to say that IB is
in the U.K give special preference to      giving a tough competition to other            IB as a career option
IB students, says Sucheta Thakral a        boards, and new schools in India are           With many upcoming IB schools
12th grade student in one of the           joining the league. IB has definitely       in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore,
known IB schools in Pune, who has          given a new dimension to Indian             Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi, new
bagged a seat in one of premier            educational standards and the               avenues for employment have
fashion institutes in London. She          outlook of parents and educators.           opened up for young people who are
opines that the IB teaching and                                                        passionate about the teaching
learning pedagogy meets the                                                            profession. It has given a new
international standard which gives                                                     esteem to the teaching profession
them an upper hand over other                                                          which was once known as a poor
candidates. Universities in the US                                                     man’s job, given the pay packages
and Canada are also open to IB                                                         are as high as that of the software
students who can choose among a                                                        professionals.     And      with    the
range of courses offered by them.                                                      appropriate qualification, training and
Students who opt for language-A1 as                                                    experience it can go up to 15k to 20k
English are exempted from the IELTS                                                    per month. But love for teaching
or TOEFL tests.                                                                        cannot be measured in monetary
                                                                                       values as it is the passion for
   Future of IB education in India                                                     imparting knowledge that makes one
   IB education is slowly making its                                                   a great educator, who remains
presence felt in India with many new                                                   immortal in those young hearts,
schools providing a more open and                                                      throughout their lives.              We

                                               ● To prevent ice cube trays from        quickly, hold the tomato over the gas
HANDY HINTS                                sticking to the freezer shelf, line the
                                           shelf with wax paper.
                                                                                       flame for a few minutes. Use a pair of
                                                                                       tongs to hold the tomatoes.
    ● Green bananas will ripen quickly         ● While washing silk saris for the          ● Grind a teaspoon of butter and a
if kept in a paper bag in a dark place.    first time add a drop of kerosene oil. It   boiled potato when making chutneys
    ● A few pieces of sandalwood           protects the sans from bugs.                for sandwiches. This gives additional
kept in book cases or shelves will keep        ● Dry used tea leaves and burn          taste.
away termites and insects.                 them on coal to fumigate flies from             ● Smear a little cooking oil to the
    ● To prevent green vegetables          rooms.                                      grater before grating cheese. See the
from turning into unattractive greenish        ● Preserve ginger for the whole         difference for yourself...the cheese
brown colour after they have been          year by keeping it in a flower pot filled   will not stick to the grater any
cooked, put in a few drops of lemon        with wet mud.                               more.
juice to intensify the green colour.                    – Suvarchala, Hyderabad.           ● Want your tea to taste better?
    ● Ink spots on clothes will                                                        Heat the tea leaves in the oven for
disappear if you rub salt on them and          ● For softer, spongier idlis, mix       about 10 minutes before making your
then wash them with warm water.            the batter well, pour it into a deep        morning cuppa and taste the improved
    ● Before hammering a nail in the       bottomed pan and seal the opening           flavour of your drink.
plaster surface of a wall, heat the nail   tightly with a thick cotton cloth. Leave        ● Add a dash of lemon to your dal,
in hot water and dip it in melted wax or   it for a minimum of eight hours and         greens and leafy vegetables, as it helps
paraffin.                                  pour the batter into the moulds. You        in better absorption of nutrients by the
    ● Cane or bamboo furniture can be      will be amazed at the quality of your       body.
washed clean with a solution of salt       idlis.                                          ● While cooking lady’s fingers,
and water.                                     ● Rub onion slices on your tawa/        add a spoon of curd to prevent
    ● A tablespoon of vinegar added        pan, before making dosas. This way          stickiness. This will prevent you from
to water before poaching egg helps to      your dosas will not stick to the pan.       adding excess oil too.
keep the whites from spreading.                ● To peel tomatoes easily and                         – Rampriya, B., Chennai.

74                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                                                    There is a mystic charm and
                                                                    romance associated with sandals.
                                                                    Sandals, if not dominating the
                                                                    footwear fashion, they definitely
                                                                    set the trend.

These suede ankle-strap sandals will
suit your feet gracefully.

                                       This lady fashion flat shoes are
                                             to make you proud in any

                                                                                          Whoever sees
                                                                                          you in the Gaia
                                                                                          sandals will rush
The embellished sandals will                                                              to the shop to
attract all the attention.                                                                get a pair.

      The stylish flat                                                                The cosy lady
 sandals will be your                                                                 sandals are for the
  prized possession.                                                                  comfort of your feet.
The high-heel sandals
will a make fashion
statement anywhere.

The Gucci sandals are intended
for one-to-one meeting.
                                      The delicious Melissa
                                      sandals will definitely
                                        be an asset to your
                                                tender feet.

The Delman ankle strap
sandals are a must for the
special occasion.

        The nude sandals
       will surely give you
               an airy feel.

                                 Sandals: D’shoe Lounge
                                 Ph: 0124-4105000
                ON-LINE FRAUDS
                                   DOT COM
 Fall for the line dangled by Internet concern – and go bankrupt!
                                          By PVV Satyanarayana
         ongratulations! You are the    prize amount within a certain period      from unknown sources informing us

         lucky    winner     of   the   failing which I would be foregoing it.    of winning of lotteries or prizes worth
         MasterCard Inter national      A breathtaking offer, indeed!             millions of pounds or dollars! Offers
         Mega Jackpot of 4,500,000          Even as I was amused at it,           of foreigners (read, strangers!) trust
         pounds... flashed an e-mail    screamed another mail: “You are the       in us and seeking to voluntarily
         message even as I had          lucky winner of the Yahoo/MSN 2010        transfer millions of foreign funds to
         opened my mail box on the      Lottery Award of 500,000 pounds,          our own bank accounts in India to
         Internet. It said that my e-   selected among the Yahoo/MSN              safeguard their own interests, on
         mail address had been          users due to the support rendered by      sharing or commission (percentage)
         selected for the prize on      them in the past years”!                  reposing basis too are aplenty.
random basis, and that I should             “You are the proud winner of the          The basis for such offers is not far
contact the ‘Claims Administrator’      Peugeot Automobiles, London, UK’s         to seek. They play on the psychology
whose name had been furnished in        promo campaign. It carries a cash         – the greed, to be specific – of the
the mail. Also, I should claim the      prize of 800,000 pounds plus a brand      people, so that gullible people could
                                        new Peugeot 407 car” – thus lured         offer themselves as soft targets and
                                        yet another mail.                         become easy preys. Some of the
                                            These offers were quite tempting,     categories of on-line frauds we come
                                        I must admit. But they are far too        across are:
                                        good and too many to believe to be            ● Winning of jackpots of ‘on-line’
                                        true. Such mails flood the mail box       lotteries based on e-mail addresses.
                                        on the Internet these days and on             ● ‘Sharing’ as custodians of a
                                        any day.                                  huge ‘unclaimed’ fortune of foreign
                                            However, the aim of this article is   funds.
                                        to dwell on some of the frauds that           ● Appeals from foreign ‘widows’
                                        are being perpetrated through e-          to help them save their huge fortunes
                                        mails. These are the mails received       running into several millions of
                                                                                  pounds or dollars, ‘left behind’ by
                                                                                  their deceased husbands, as a
                                                                                  ‘trusty’ on a ‘sharing’ basis.
                                                                                      ● Transfer of ‘illegal’ funds by
                                                                                  some foreign ‘banks’ for safe-custody
                                                                                  on a ‘sharing’ basis.
                                                                                      ● ‘Award’      of    millions     of
                                                                                  pounds/dollars (plus valuable cars)
                                                                                  as ‘promos’ in the names of the
                                                                                  world-renowned foreign automobile
                                                                                  firms such as BMW, Honda, Peugeot
                                                                                  as also Nokia, etc., and the software
                                                                                  giants like Yahoo/MSN.
                                                                                      ● ‘Grants’ (unsolicited, mind you!)
                                                                                  in the name of certain Catholic
                                                                                  charity organisations of the U.K.
                                                                                      When gullible people respond to
                                                                                  these ‘enticing’ offers, out of greed
                                                                                  or curiosity, they would be taken for a
long ride. They would first be asked
to furnish all their personal details
including their bank account numbers
‘to facilitate smooth transfer’ of funds
or the prize amount.
    Then the person would be asked,
in the first instance, to remit some
amount to cover the expenses such
as local taxes, etc., incidental to
transfer of the award/prize money.
For this purpose, a bank account
number would be provided. Once this
is done, there would follow
subsequent advices for further
remittances, on one pretext or the
other. They would be so convincing
and alluring that the person would fall
for them and continue to make
remittances, till he or she wakes up
to the fraud suddenly one day!
By that time, he or she
would have parted with all
his or her savings –
    As for transfer of illegal
foreign funds for the ‘trust’,
one would be asked to
furnish in confidence his or
her bank account details. No
sooner than these are
furnished that the whole
amount remaining in one’s
personal bank account would
be       siphoned      off    by
withdrawing it using this                  the mails received in the names
classified information. By the time the    of popular banks of the country.
person realised it, he or she was sure     The mail would ask the customers
to become a pauper.                        of the Bank to log into their
                                           accounts and verify the details to
                                           update them. An e-mail site would
       ANOTHER KIND                        be provided for the purpose,
    Another kind is the suo motu           purported to be that of the bank.          mail would seem so authentic and
offers of very lucrative high-paid jobs    When the unwary account-holders            genuine that it would not be
in the Gulf countries and the U.K. in      did this, it would lead to a fake site     surprising if some customers of the
the off-shore oil corporations and on-     and their passwords and the                Bank fall a victim to it. Another name
shore organisations such as grand          operational codes as also the funds        that is being used is the ‘City Bank’
Royal hotels. The sky is the limit for     available in the account would be          (which in fact is at variance from the
the perks offered for these jobs.          known to the fraudsters – who would        genuine ‘Citi Bank’).
Once you allow yourself to be lured        then hack into the person’s accounts          Unfortunately, several persons
by these jobs, you would be asked          and withdraw the entire amount at          had led themselves into these traps,
to pay – initially – a certain amount to   credit and vanish into thin air.           knowingly or unknowingly, and
cover the visa and other contingent           One such mail that has been             suffered huge losses of their hard-
charges for processing your entry          doing the rounds, of late, is the one in   earned savings. In this context, It is
into that country. This is only a          the name of ‘Punjab National Bank’         worth recalling an unfortunate case
beginning and you would be leached         which says that the ‘PNB has               of a young professional, who fell for
out till the last copper unless you        temporarily suspended’ your account        one such ruse in the recent past. He
become wiser before it is too late.        and that you are needed to complete        had responded to a mail about the
    Yet another type of on-line fraud is   an update to unlock the account. The       ‘pathetic’ situation of a foreign

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                             81
                                                     responding to his mails.       was bold enough to lodge a police
                                                     By the time he realised        complaint, and a couple of foreign
                                                     that he was cheated, he        nationals – both Nigerians – were
                                                     had already paid about         caught     subsequently      in   this
                                                     10 lakh rupees. He was         connection, but the money could not
                                                     now in a deep soup for,        be recovered.
                                                     apart from losing his              Very few cases come to light as
                                                     hard-earned money, his         most of the victims do not prefer to
                                                     friends     who       had      report to the police for fear of
                                                     voluntarily advanced Rs        exposure and ridicule, and suffer
                                                     three lakhs with a view to     silently. The on-line conmen mostly
                                                     reaping the benefits, had      turn out to be Nigerian nationals
                                                                                    residing in India. That is how these
                                                                                      are also known to be the ‘Nigerian
                                                                                     frauds'. While a few are caught,
‘widow’ whose husband had                                                            many escape easily.
supposedly amassed huge wealth                                                          The steady rise of such frauds
running into millions of pounds, and                                                has necessitated the creation of
died leaving her and a child behind!                                                separate cyber crimes cells in police
As her relatives were after this                                                    departments, to deal exclusively with
wealth, she feared for her own and                                                  such crimes. The department,
her child’s lives. She wanted some                                                  however, is handicapped not only for
trustworthy person – outside her                                                    want of adequate strength, but also
own country – who could take care                                                   expertise to handle the high-tech
of the huge fortune as well as the                                                  Internet crimes.
welfare of the child. She proposed                                                      With the increasing number of
to create a trust with the money to                                                 such frauds, public awareness too
be transferred secretly. The person      now        turned                          has increased. People themselves
would be required to be the Trustee      hostile and demanded their money           should be alert and cautious enough
of it, for which half of the fortune     back. Ultimately he had to borrow          to check them. The best solution lies
would be bequeathed to him or her!       from the private money-lenders at          in ignoring such mails by deleting
She had ‘somehow’ come to know of        high rates of interest, besides selling    them even without according a
this young man to be trustworthy and     off some of his valuables, and pay         second glance – however genuine
reliable. And hence, the appeal!         them off. He could not approach the        they appear to be and however
                                         police for obvious reasons. This           tempting they are! One should refrain
 A POSITIVE RESPONSE                     should serve as a lesson to others!
                                            There have been several such
                                                                                    from reeling out, under any circum-
                                                                                    stances, their personal details,
   Believing the story to be true, the   cases of people falling prey to these      especially anything concerning their
man made a positive response to her      on-line frauds, either out of greed or     bank accounts and credit card
appeal – coaxed by his close friends     gullibility. The recent case was that of   numbers – for privacy on the Net is a
in whom he had confided. She had         a realtor in Hyderabad who had             myth.
requested for monetary help              reportedly lost over Rs 50 lakh to the         Some banks, time and again,
incidental to retrieving the money       on-line fraudsters. In this case, he       caution their customers not to reveal
standing in her husband’s bank                                                      their accounts’ details to anyone –
account. He had obliged her by                                                      not even to the bank’s ‘represen -
remitting about a lakh of rupees in       WITH THE INCREASING                       tatives’, as no bank requires its
foreign exchange. There were further         NUMBER OF SUCH                         customers to divulge the information
requests, every time adducing                                                       on-line. One should be extra careful
convincing reasons, for expenses of           FRAUDS, PUBLIC                        and cautious with their passwords,
various kinds “to facilitate smooth       AWARENESS TOO HAS                         credit-debit card numbers, etc. while
and secret transfer of the funds” to                                                transacting on line as the hackers are
him. He had to borrow the money for         INCREASED. PEOPLE                       on the prowl round the clock.
the purpose. His friends too               THEMSELVES SHOULD                            The on-line fraudsters are more
volunteered to partner with him in the                                              dangerous than the computer
deal and paid their share of money.            BE ALERT AND                         viruses, and therefore, one must be
   At some stage, he smelt a rat and       CAUTIOUS ENOUGH                          wary of them and exercise utmost
started raising questions. Then the                                                 caution, and not allow greed to take
‘widow’ fell silent and stopped              TO CHECK THEM.                         the better of them.                 We

82                                         Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                           you are perfectly within your legal
                                           rights to get a Caesarean done if you
                                                                                              QA     &
                                                                                     I am completing my seventh month
                                                                                     of pregnancy. Though blood sugar
                                           want to. The indication will then be      levels in early pregnancy were
                                           ‘patient preference’ but please do not    normal, my gynaecologist has
                                           make any hasty decision. All said and     advised me to get the test done
                                           done, normal birth is best for mother     again. I have been told to undergo a
                                           and child, and operative delivery,        GCT – wherein I have to take 50
                                           however safe it has become, is not        grams of glucose dissolved in a glass
                                           without its inherent risks.               of water and get my blood sugar
                                              Please       undergo     extensive     tested after an hour. Why this
                                           counselling and make an informed          repetition of a test done earlier?
                                           choice after discussing the pros and          Blood tested for sugar in early
                                           cons with your doctor. Nowadays,          pregnancy gives an indication of a
                                           there are methods by which the pain       pre-existing diabetic state. On the

                                           of normal delivery can be decreased       other hand women who are prone to
                                           and bad memories of the previous          diabetes – i.e. women who are
                                           delivery will be erased. Better           overweight, have parents or grand
I have had a spontaneous abortion          antibiotics and good perineal care will   parents who are diabetics develop
at two months of gestation one year        reduce the chances of wound               gestational diabetes that becomes
ago. I am scared of attempting             infection. So please reconsider your      manifest at the stage of pregnancy.
another pregnancy lest this one too        decision.                                 This is merely a broad screening test.
ends in an abortion. Please tell me                                                  The cut-off point is 140 gm per cent.
what to do, so that I have a normal                                                  If the blood sugar levels are above
healthy pregnancy.                         My doctor has advised a level-II          this, you will have to undergo a
    Do not worry unnecessarily, for        ultrasound at 18-20 weeks. Please         pregnancy GCT to confirm or rule out
there is a fair chance that your next      tell we what this means and what sort     diabetes of pregnancy. In this case
pregnancy will progress to term.           of information is gained from it?         you have to give your blood for
There is a one in 20 chance of                 A level-II ultrasound is done on      testing fasting, then 1, 2, 5 hours
abortion in every pregnancy.               the same machine but in a more            after taking 100gms of glucose. If

Sometimes, there are chromosomal           detailed manner and takes a longer        abnormal, you will be labelled as a
abnormalities that are not compatible      time. By the 18th to 20th week the        case of GDM (gestational diabetes
with life and the uterus rightly expels    baby’s body parts are almost fully        mellitus) and will be put on diet
such products of conception.               formed and the sonographist goes          restrictions and/or insulin injection
    Only if abortions recur repeatedly     over them one by one to see if each       depending upon the severity of the
is it a cause for concern. Anyway, it is   and every organ is normal, though         condition. GDM can lead to various
good to visit your doctor, get the         this does pick up a fair number of        complications like an overweight

relevant tests done and plan a             abnormalities. It is not 100 per cent     baby, difficult delivery due to the
pregnancy only if she gives a green        fool proof and certain conditions can     increased size of the baby, increased
signal.                                    be missed out. All said and done it is    rate of Caesarean section and
                                           a must at this period of gestation and    sometimes even intrauterine-death of
                                           if the foetus has major defects, the      the baby. So by now I hope you
I had a very difficult delivery 10 years   option of an abortion can be offered      understand the importance of GCT
ago. After that the stitches got           to the couple.                            and will get it done as advised.
infected and took one month to
recover. This disheartened me so I                           I weigh 110 kilograms and have conceived my first child.
vowed never to have another child                            Can I diet and reduce my weight during this period?
again. As I never kept a record of my                           Though it would have been good if you had embarked
periods, to my horror I realised that I                      upon a pregnancy with an optimal weight, now do not
was four months pregnant and                                 worsen matters by trying to diet at this stage. What you
neither the doctors nor my family                            can do is to consult a dietician who will plan your diet
agreed to an abortion. This time, I am                       chart in such a way that the weight gain during
adamant that I will have a Caesarean                         pregnancy is not too much.
section. Is it possible to convince the                         You could avoid taking sweets and decrease your fat
doctors to perform a CS without any                          intake. Even the milk that is essential during pregnancy
reason?                                     can be double-toned. It would also be a good idea to start an exercise
   Though it is strongly advisable          regime under guidance.
that you undergo a vaginal delivery,                                                             – Dr A. K. Bajaj, MD.
especially after a first normal delivery

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                            83

                           The Coward
           Manish fled from his love — till Divya showed him the way back.
                                           By Kumud Bhatnagar

           anish was surprised, rather intrigued, to            “Have we ever met before?”
           receive an invitation for breakfast from his         “No. Nor have I met Nandini about whom I want
           neighbours, the Mehras. He had met Jatin         to talk,” Divya confused him further.
           Mehra and his wife Anjali once in the                “Who told you about Nandini?” was all he could
           building compound. In their apartment            ask.
           complex, the residents were not allotted an          “Sameer.”
           individual car parking place, one could              “I see. Are you from some women’s welfare sort
park one’s vehicle at any space available. Once,            of set-up?”
when Manish and Jatin had parked their cars side                Divya shook her head.
by side, Jatin had introduced himself and his wife              “No, I don’t think beyond my own welfare.”
Anjali. Both worked for an international bank.                  “Then how and where does Nandini fit into your
Manish told them about himself. Today, Jatin had            exclusive thoughts?”
come to his flat with an invitation and was not                 “Because my welfare — rather my happiness at
prepared for any excuse.                                    the moment – is being eclipsed by Nandini,” Divya
   “You have to come — if you don’t, I’ll                              said and added. “Let me tell you the whole
have to get you lifted,” Jatin laughed. “Get         He pressed        story...”
you lifted because I myself cannot lift a                                 “Do please because the suspense is
                                                    the Mehras’
hefty man like you. So do come, please.”                               getting on my nerves,” Manish pleaded.
Manish couldn’t say no and as such an                door bell at         “Serves you right for getting on others’
invitation for breakfast on a holiday was a           the given        nerves all the time,” Divya laughed.
welcome gesture.                                   time. He was           “Anyway, here we go. So far, I haven’t
   He pressed the Mehras’ door bell at the             warmly          shown any interest in the prospective
given time. He was warmly greeted by the          greeted by the       grooms my parents had shown me but I
couple and another young lady introduced             couple and        was literally smitten by Sameer but, before
as Anjali’s cousin, Divya, a software                  another         I could tell my parents to go ahead with the
engineer. The breakfast was already on the          young lady         negotiations, Sameer phoned me. He
table, the usual bread, butter, jam,                                   wanted to meet me immediately, rather,
poached eggs and fruits. Nothing special
                                                  introduced as        before the things could proceed further. I
for which a stranger had been requested to             Anjali’s        asked him to come to my office. He told me
come over. But nevertheless, the Mehras                cousin.         point-blank that though he too liked me, he
were captivating talkers and Divya too was                             couldn’t marry me or for that reason
adding zest with an occasional anecdotes. Breakfast anyone else either. Contrary to my temperament, I
over, Anjali said, “Like you techies, Saturday is not       insisted to be told the reason and also speculated
an off for us bankers, so we have both got to rush to       that it could be another woman. After the initial
work, Manish, but Divya will keep you company.              hesitation, Sameer admitted that I was right.
Actually, she has come all the way from Indore to               “A woman, of course, was involved but neither he
talk to you. That’s why we had to force you to              nor she was in love with each other. Nandini was
come.”                                                      head over heels in love with his friend Manish who
   The cat was out of the bag at last but who was           too was equally in love with her. But Manish was too
Divya and what had she got to talk about? Although          much in awe of his parents and couldn’t gather
he too hailed from Indore, he didn’t remember ever          enough courage to apprise them of his intentions of
having seen Divya before. He quizzically looked at          marrying Nandini. Since Nandini’s parents had
her.                                                        started looking for a suitable match for her, she was

84                                       Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
after Manish to meet them. Manish like a coward            many people, I mean Nandini, Sameer and I of
thought it better to seek a job elsewhere and through      course, because I am in love with Sameer and would
a letter disclosed his intention of marrying Nandini       marry no one else. Sameer too loves me, I could
to his parents.                                            make out from his eyes. You can also include my
   “Before leaving, he didn’t even meet Nandini but        parents in the list because they too will not be happy
requested Sameer to keep consoling her that he             with an unmarried daughter around.”
would soon talk to her parents. Sameer dutifully kept         “Why are you omitting my name Divya? I am the
conveying Manish’s messages to Nandini. Though             one who is suffering the most and knowing that
Nandini had never asked for Manish’s address or            Sameer has sent you to belittle me, the proverbial
contact number, she was regularly in touch with            insult has been added to the injury,” Manish said
Sameer to know about Manish’s welfare.                     sadly.
                                                              “I want to correct you. Sameer hasn’t sent me or

     ameer says that so far, except for sympathy, he       given me your address either. On the strength of
     has no other feeling for Nandini and Nandini          your and your company’s name, I tried to look for
     too has eyes for Manish alone. Recently,              you on my own and sought Anjali and Jatin’s help.
Sameer learnt that Manish’s parents have almost            As luck would have it, you turned out to be their
fixed his marriage and Manish too has not raised           neighbour and they asked me to come over
any objection so far. Sameer feels that after              immediately. Sameer doesn’t know that I have come
Manish’s marriage, Nandini would be devastated             here.”
and then, as a sole confidant of her love affair and          “But why have you come?”
a friend of so many years, he had got to be by her            Divya shrugged her shapely shoulders.
side and help her to get over this ditch. Although            “Search me if I myself know exactly why but as I
there’s not even a remote possibility of his ever          said earlier, I wanted to tell you that because of your
marrying Nandini, he would like to remain friends          cowardice...”
with her till she gets involved with someone or in            “For your kind information, it is not cowardice but
something else. Till then, his getting married himself     a concern, concern for Nandini,” Manish cut in.
would not be advisable as no wife, however liberal         “You see, my parents have a very poor opinion
and understanding, will tolerate her husband               about love marriages, especially about the girls and
                          sparing time to console a        their parents. In their opinion, such girls and their
                             lonely woman.                 parents are no better than the prostitutes and their
                                  “I understand and        pimps out to hook eligible bachelors. I know, if I
                               appreciate his point. But   insist, my parents will allow me to marry Nandini
                               I cannot digest why, for    and her parents will leave no stone unturned to
                               the sake of one man’s       please my mother but still, all through her life, my
                              cowardice, so many           mother will keep taunting Nandini for charming and
                             people should suffer. By so   hooking her innocent boy. I will prefer to get singed
in my self-created hell of loneliness alone                        Sameer’s neighbourhood and works in a
rather than marry Nandini and make her                             bank. That’s all you know about her. They
undergo the humiliation of the continuing       “You see, my       should ask Sameer, since being a
taunts of my mother.                             parents have      neighbour, he must be knowing her. I feel
   “That’s not all, my parents are now            a very poor      Sameer would take care of the rest
pressurising me to come and approve the         opinion about      provided you apprise him of your plan well
girl they have chosen for me. I told them if          love         in advance.”
they have liked the girl, why bother about                            Manish almost jumped from his chair.
my approval but they insist that they care                            “That’s an idea. Sameer will deftly take
for my choice...”                                  especially      care of everything. Before my father makes
   “Listen, Manish,” Divya cut in                  about the       a call, I have to brief Sameer,” Manish said
impatiently. “If your choice matters so            girls and       excitedly bringing out his mobile from his
much to them, it solves your problem            their parents.     pocket.
outright.”                                                            “Wait, Manish. You will not tell Sameer
   “It doesn’t. Haven’t I told you my                              that I am here,” Divya almost implored.
parents hate love marriages?” Manish                                  “Relax, Divya. I’ll never tell Sameer that I
asked irritably.                                          have ever met you but I’ll definitely suggest — rather
   “Need you tell them about your affair, I mean          coax him also into to getting married around the
Nandini’s involvement? When they ask you again to same time I am tying the knot so that four of us can
come to make the choice, you tell them that you           go together on a honeymoon. This much this coward
have already made a choice many years ago but             can do for you for the bold step you have taken to
you have never spoken to her. They will naturally         come here all the way, Divya.”
ask you more about her, then tell them she lives in          Divya looked at him gratefully.                   We

                                           sitting in front of him. He asked for his                 *        *      *
   The Principal of the college made
                                           final wish, "I wish I was irresistible to
                                           women." POOF! He turned into a box
                                           of chocolates.
                                                                                            A man was seen fleeing down the
                                                                                         hall of the hospital just before his
the following announcement, “The                                                            "What's the matter?" he was asked.
female dormitory will be out of                        *        *       *                He said, "I heard the nurse say, “It's a
bounds, for all male students, so too         A mechanic was removing a cylinder         very simple operation, don't worry, I'm
the male dormitory for the female          head from the motor of a Harley               sure it will be all right."
students. Anybody caught breaking          motorcycle when he spotted a well-               "She was just trying to comfort you,
this rule will be fined $20 the first      known heart surgeon in his shop. The          what's so frightening about
time. Anybody caught breaking this         surgeon was there waiting for the service     that?"
rule the second time will be fined $60.    manager to come and take a look at his           "She was talking to the doctor."
Being caught a third time will incur a     bike. The mechanic shouted across the
hefty fine of $180. Are there any          garage, "Hey, doc, can I ask you a                      *       *      *
questions?" At this, a male student in     question?" The surgeon a bit surprised,         A big company offered $50 for each
the crowd inquires, "Er... how much        walked over to the mechanic working on        money-saving idea submitted by its
for a season pass?"                        the motorcycle.                               employees.
                                              The mechanic straightened up, wiped          First prize went to the employee
           *        *      *               his hands on a rag and asked, "So, doc,       who suggested the award be cut to $25.
   A man was walking on the beach          look at this engine. I open its heart, take               – Smita Shenoy, Chennai.
one day and found a bottle half buried     valves out, fix them, put them back in,
in the sand. He decided to open it.        and when I finish, it works just like new.               *      *      *
Inside was a genie. The genie said, “I     So how come I get such a small salary            Once approaching Athens, the
will grant you three wishes and three      and you get the really big bucks, when        airhostess announced for the sixth
wishes only."                              you and I are doing basically the same        time that they were entering the
   The man thought about his first wish    work?" The surgeon paused, smiled, and        outskirts of the city. Asked an irate
and decided, “I think I want one million   leaning over, whispered to the                passenger, “When do you expect to
dollars transferred to a Swiss bank        mechanic.                                     leave the outskirts and enter the
account. “POOF! Next he wished for a          "Try doing it with the engine              skirts?”
red Ferrari. POOF! There was the car       running."                                                              — S. Savita.

86                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
       QA     &
                                                                                    My son is two years old. Please tell
                                                                                    me if there is a special way of
                                                                                    washing his genitalia. I gently wash it
                                                                                    externally with a mild soap and
                                                                                    water, for I am afraid of doing
                                                                                    anything else. Please tell if this is
                                                                                       There is a secretion called
                                                                                    smegma that collects under the
                                                                                    foreskin of uncircumcised males. You
                                                                                    will have to gently pull back the

                                                                                    foreskin and clean the area
                                                                                    underneath with water and mild soap.
                                                                                    Make sure that you rinse off the soap
                                                                                    completely before you put the
My son is in the habit of scratching     more time. Don’t worry about her          foreskin back in its original position.
walls and eating plaster! Please tell    dentures, for they do not get
me how to make him stop this. I fear     malaligned so early. It is only after 6
for his health.                          to 8 years of age that thumb sucking      I was horrified to see my three-year-
    Your son has a disorder called       can affect the shape of her mouth         old daughter play with her genitals. I
pica which means a desire to eat         and the positioning of her teeth.         removed her hand and spanked her.
non-edible things. Though the cause         Do not scold her when she sucks        Now, she has taken to subterfuge
is not known, it could be associated     her thumb but remember to praise          and puts her hand down there when
with neglect, deprivation, insecurity    her when she does not. If she sucks       she thinks I am not looking. Why
or even child abuse. Please give him     her thumb when she is feeling             does she do such a thing? We do not
time, attention and care which you       insecure or needs comfort, focus on       have sex if she is in the same room
may not be able to do as much as         correcting the cause of the anxiety       with us even if she is sleeping.

you want to as you are a working         and provide comfort. If it is due to      Please tell me what to do?
woman who has to leave him for long      boredom, try some fun activity. If            It is important for parents to learn
periods of time. His interim caregiver   she sucks her thumb while sleeping,       that children are not asexual human
should be trustworthy. However, do       put a bandage/sock/glove over the         beings. They too get mastubatory
not get unduly alarmed for as            hand.                                     pleasure by fondling their genitals.
mentioned more often than not the                                                  This is perfectly normal and is not due
cause is not found.                                                                to anything you have done or not
     Try distracting him whenever he                       My son is two and       done. Do not scold her or beat her or

starts scratching the wall. Do not get                     a half year. He is      make her feel guilty about it in any
angry with him. Try substituting the                       overweight though       way. If it has become a preoccupation
plaster with chewable calcium                              he does not eat         and as it is not socially acceptable put
tablets. Get his haemoglobin tested,                       junk food. In fact,     a stop to it in a subtle manner. See to
for pica can be associated with iron                       he is a poor in         it that she has her panties on all the
deficiency anemia and treating the                         eating and I have       time. Distract her gently when you
anemia may cure him of this                                to force feed him. I    see her hand straying to the genital
affliction. Intake of dirt can lead to    was diabetic during pregnancy            area. Involve her in physical and
worm infestation for which he needs       and gave birth to him when I was         mental activity and play with other
to be investigated and treated.           seven months pregnant. Even              children so that she is too tired to do
                                          then he weighed 3kgs. Please tell        anything but sleep. She will outgrow
                                          me how to make him reduce his            the habit by and by.
I have a two and a half-year-old          weight. I am very much worried.                         – Dr Amrinder Bajaj, MD
daughter who is normal in all aspects        Your baby is probably a
except for one thing. She has a habit     genetically big baby as evidenced                Readers are invited to send their
                                                                                           problems of child care and child
of sucking her thumb. I am worried        by his birth weight even though he                 rearing. WOMAN’S ERA will
that this habit may affect her teeth.     was born prematurely. Hereditary                 provide the answers, solutions to
Please tell me how to get rid of this     factors will have to be looked for               problems usually encountered by
                                                                                           mothers, young and old. Address
habit?                                    by his doctor. In the meantime                     your letters (neatly written on
   Thumb sucking has a calming            increase his physical activity and                        white paper) to:
effect on the child. Most children        give him a healthy, well-balanced,                      WOMAN’S ERA
outgrow the habit by the age of three     nutritious diet.                                     E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
years, so you can give her some                                                                  New Delhi-110055

                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                                 87
        B O M B A Y F I L M D O M

                                                                                           Anjana Mansukhani.
                                          saying what he did, he became a              uess what’s common between
                                          darling of Maharashtra like never
                                          before. If for some political
                                                                                  G    the four Khans – Shah Rukh,
                                                                                  Aamir, Salman and Saif Ali, their
                                          considerations, Ashok Chavan, chief     liking for Kareena Kapoor. What’s it,
                                          minister of Maharashtra, could not be   Kareena, that you have and other
                                          with Amitabh at Pune as agreed          heroines don’t? Or is it a trade
                                          that’s another matter.                  secret?

                                               uite a dishy looker, starlet          ecause Hrithik Roshan and
                                          Q    Anjana Mansukhani whose first
                                          Hindi film didn’t exactly set the box
                                                                                  B  Barbara Mori, the lead players in
                                                                                  Rakesh Roshan’s film Kites, have
                                          office on fire felt so not conveniced   spent quite some time together in
                                          and disquieted when hordes of
                                                                                     Hrithik and Barbara together, and
   Aamir Khan with social dimension.      mosquitoes attacked her in her van             tongues started wagging.
                                          that she turned a militant and killed
    social dimension and a higher         over a dozen in self-defence! A case
A   vision, rather than personal gain,
seem to be the new governing
                                          of a damsel in distress.

principles of Aamir Khan’s work.             areena Kapoor is partly right
While he recently cancelled one of
his shootings, he readily agreed to
                                          K  when she says the best thing
                                          about ads is that you reach out to
team up with Kareena Kapoor to            your fans on television. Otherwise,
shake a leg to raise funds for artistes        they have to pay and go to the
in need of financial support.                         theatre to see you. She
Laudable.                                                  has not mentioned
                                                          how much money a
    articipating in the 83rd                              star saves by getting
P   Marathi Sahitya Sammelan
at Pune, Amitabh Bachchan
                                                         free publicity on
                                                        television. Do you
reiterated that he owed                                agree, Kareena?
Maharashtra and in particular,
Mumbai a lot since the city and
the state have given him every
thing that a successful man                          Maharashtra has given
looks forward to. In                                 Amitabh everything.
Reaching out
to fans on
various important cities abroad,
tongues       started     wagging.
Consequently, during the last leg of
their promotional tour, they’ll be
accompanied by Hrithik’s wife,
suzzane, too.

   aya Bachchan’s continuance as a
J  member of the Rajya Sabha as a
representative of the Samajwadi
Party has led to some bitterness in
the relationship of this devar
chowdhury Aamr Singh and bhabhi!

    riyanka Chopra is not just a good-
P   looking the talented actress who
got a national award recently, she’s
getting global attention too. While
shooting for Anjana Anjaanee in New      Kapoor
York, she had a surprise visitor on      going
the set, India-born U. K. pop R and B    places.
singer Jay Sean!
                                               anna     know     what’s    the
Priyanka                                 W     difference between Akshay
                                         Kumar and Capt. Amrinder Singh (of
                                                                                   golden harvest at the box office) has
                                                                                   himself been called an idiot several
                                                                                   times because of his career moves.
global                                   the Congress Party)? While Akshay         But he doesn’t care because he
attention.                               was Sinngh is King in the film with       wanted to be in films.
                                         the same title, referring to Amrinder
                                         Singh, a write-up in a national daily         anbir Kapoor who has made
                                         says, “This Singh is not the king”
                                         because he lost out to the Akali Dal
                                                                                   R   quite an impression on different
                                                                                   film makers is going to play a deaf
                                         in the last assembly elections.           mute in Anurag Basu’s next film.
                                                                                   Katrina Kaif will play the female lead.
                                              nil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam
                                         A    Kapoor (of Sawariya and Delhi-6
                                          fame) says she has no time for love      A   fter the Maharastra chief
                                                                                       minister, Ashok Chavan, failed to
                                           at present. She’s shooting for Aisha,   share the stage with Amitabh
                                           the script of which according to her    Bachchan at the Marathi Sahitya
                                            was very much liked by her dad.        Sammelan at Pune former C. M. of
                                                                                   Maharashtra and present Union
                                            nterestingly, Vidha Vinod Chopra
                                           I(whose film 3 Idiots has reaped a
                                                                                   minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh has
                                                                                   also ruled out sharing the dais with
                                                                                   Bachchan as long as he’s brand
                                                Sonam has no time for Love.
                                                                                   ambassador for Narendra Modi’s
                                                                                   government in Gujarat!

                                                                                      eeling reassured that it’s quite
                                                                                   F  safe now to avail of the scenic
                                                                                   beauty of Kashmir, a Priyanka
                                                                                   Chopra and Irfan Khan starrer Saat
                                                                                   Khoon Maaf has been shot in
                                                                                   Gulmarg and the Mughal Gardens of
                                                                                   Srinagar. It is less expensive too than
                                                                                   going abroad.

                                                                                       ome people just don’t believe in
                                                                                   S   resting on their laurels, like for
                                                                                   instance Aamir Khan. Having made
it big in Hindi films, now he says he
would love to produce regional films.

    lessed with an ethereal voice,
B   Lisbeth Scott who sang for
blockbusters like James cameron’s
Avataar, Sherlock Holmes and
Pirates of the Caribbean, is making
her Bollywood debut with Hindi film
Lahore. Wow!

    court in Uttar Pradesh has
A   decided to issue a charge sheet
to Sanjay Dutt. His crime? He had
                                                                                                        A charge
said some time ago, although in good                                                                    Sanjay Dutt!
humour, mein Mayawati ko pyar ki
jhappi doonga!

   aya Bachchan’s mother, Indira
J  Bhaduri, one can quess, must be
a damn happy naani when Abhishek
and Aishwarya Rai visited her in
Bhopal to greet her on her birthday.
The whole neighbourhood may have            fter making it to the top or very   Bollywood style. No wonder, a
turned up to have a look at the star-
                                        A   close to it, in Mumbai’s Filmdom,
                                        Katrina Kaif has now attracted the
                                                                                feature in an English daily says
                                                                                “Bollywood hits keep US fit.” Ain’t that
                                        attention of the corporate world.       great?
    elieve it or not, award-winner      Proof? She has been appointed a
B   actress Tabu was approached for
a very big television show CFI Miami
                                        brand ambassador for electronics
                                        giant Panasonic for a fancy amount!     I f Sunny Deol had said during his
                                                                                  hey-days (close to the release of his
in Los Angeles but she turned it down                                           starrer Ghayal that actors are
because the show was to go on for           his could almost be an ultimate     insecure to work with him, that would
years and she didn’t like being a way
from home turf for such a long time!
                                        T   compliment to energising jhatkas
                                        and happy music used in Slumdog
                                                                                have made some sense, but not
                                                                                today. Today, it may be the other
Tabu                                    Millionaire thanks to A. R. Rahman.     way.
turned                                  Following the film’s huge popularity,
                                        California-based Nakul Mahajan and           hat seems to have been
down a
big TV
                                        a lady dance teacher named Sarina
                                         Jain have trained as many as
                                                                                W    particularly liked in Shah Rukh
                                                                                Khan’s starrer My Name is Khan is
                                          30,000 Americans to dance in          the challenging double role that he
                                                                                has played. It’s his character which
                                            Aishwarya-Abhishek visited their
                                                   naani in Bhopal.             wins back his wife and the respect of
                                                                                      society through his selfless
                                                                                      social work. No wonder the film
                                                                                      has done so well!

                                                                                        t was indeed deplorable, nay,
                                                                                      I shocking, to know that the
                                                                                      trust managing the Juhu
                                                                                      cemetery removed the mortal
                                                                                      remains      of   Madhubala,
                                                                                      Naseem Bano, Sahir, Majrooh
                                                                                      and Talat Mehmood from their
                                                                                      graves to make room for
                                                                                      others. Dilip Kumar has
                                                                                      reportedly taken up the matter
                                                                                      with those concerned.
                                                                                                      – Deepak Puri
          An artist who is
       inspired by nature.
            By Subhra Mazumdar                  Art
          rtist Aasutosh Panigrahi

          believes in the principle of
          the creative art being an
          all-round process. That is                                              organised by me at Alibagh, Mumbai,
          why his artistic creations                                              in 2007 as the world’s largest art
          have that extra edge over                                               camp under the banner of “Spirit of
          the ordinary and will live                                              India”.
          on, not just as art but as
          records in the world of art                                                 What fields of art do you excel
          that bring the entire                                                   in?
imaginative process into the limelight.                                               In my personal capacity, I am an
                                                                                  artist who delves in several forms of
   Excerpts from an interview:                                                    art. This has given me expertise in
   What is your personal take on                                                  fine art, sculptures, mural making,
art?                                                                              and even acting and theatre work. All
   For me an artist is an individual in                                           these pursuits have been developed,
society and therefore his art is part                                             perfected and pursued, along with
of this interaction with the world at                                             fellow artists, for over 16 years.
large. It is true that an artist creates
in solitude, from the depths of his                                                 What are your achievements in
mind and from his innermost                                                          the field of mural art?
thoughts, but his work is viewed by                                                         I have received several
one and all and thus, an artist must                                                     commissions to do murals
also be in touch with society in many      individual forms of art and                     for both outdoor and indoor
ways.                                      thus combine work with                           spaces. I am the world’s
                                           pleasure. This pursuit of                         record holder for murals in
   How have you been in touch              mine has even brought                             two forms, namely as the
with fellow artists?                       my group to worldwide                             producer of the largest
   I have helped to organise art and       fame. The Guinness                              mural painting and as the
painting camps where groups of             Book of World Records                         world’s      longest    mural
artists can interact over their            has recorded an art camp                     painting producer.

92                                          Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010

Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010   93
                                         measures 98 metres by three and a         in their pure state. Instead, I merge
                                         half metres and it is put up on the       and blend colours to my satisfaction
                                         wall of the Sanjay Khan’s Golden          and create my own colour palette.
                                         Palms Spa and Resorts, Bangalore .        After that, I dip my fingers in the paint
                                         This mural was not done in isolation      and begin the painting process. I do
                                         but was part of a series of five murals   not use a brush at this stage. The
                                         which now grace the walls of the          larger areas of the space are filled
                                         Garden of Eden, Nostalgia, Nirvana ,      with colour applications with my
                                         Traditional Art Shop, and World           palms. Over the years I have learnt to
                                         Resorts Ltd premises at the same          control the pressure of my colour
                                         place.                                    applications through my fingers and
                                                                                   palms so that I get satisfactory tonal
                                            How did you conceptualise              variations on the surface. In the final
                                         these murals?                             makeover, I use the brush to touch
                                            My inspiration for these murals, as    up details and pronounce the work
                                         with all my art work, came from the       completed.
                                         Indian jungles. I like to study nature
                                         in its unspoilt condition and for this       How do you keep in touch with
                                         reason before I undertake work on a       the art fraternity at large?
                                         mural, I spend months just visiting          At the professional level, I meet
                                         jungle tracts in India . Once inside      up with artists at art camps, some of
                                         the jungle, I study how the trees grow    which I help to organise. At the
                                         unhindered, the undergrowth below,        student level, I interact with them on
    Can you relate how you               the stones and the fallen debris. I       a teacher-student relationship. I have
achieved your first success in the       never touch a single object in the        been the founder-member of the
field of mural painting?                 jungle but study it closely from all      Faculty of Fine Art at the B R
    This achievement was done with a     possible angles. I do not take            Ambedkar University, Agra and have
work I carried out for the Gwalior       photographs of these places because       continued there as a faculty member,
Shyam Vatika Cultural Centre. The        I do not want to curb my imagination      taking classes in Fine Art. I also take
mural covers a space of 9871 sq ft. It   by creating a via media between my        part in competitions and was given
was a challenge I took upon myself       imagination and my art. I return back     the ‘Successful Young Artist of India’
when I heard that 60 Australian          to my studio and set to making            award by M F Husain at Lucknow ,
artists had combined together to         sketches on the basis of what I can       on the occasion of UP Tourism Week.
create a single mural and which had      recall. These sketches become the
been adjudged the world’s largest        blueprint      that   I    follow    in      What other interests do you
mural till then. When I took on the      conceptualising my murals.                pursue?
challenge to outdo their record, I                                                    Alongside Fine Art, I am also a
worked non-stop on my mural for             What innovative methods do             theatre buff. I have acted in more
seven days. I had to stand constantly    you adopt when you begin to paint         than 400 plays till date and have
to finish the work and as my feet        these murals?                             been in theatre for over 16 years. I
began swelling from standing for so         After the sketch is complete I         have recently founded a theatre
long, I dipped my feet in water and      begin to think of the colours. I am not   company, Prarambh, which has its
continued with my work. I am very        one who uses primary colour tones         branches in Bangalore and Agra and
proud of being able to beat                                                                 also founded a Trust
a record that had been                                                                      named “Spirit of India” in
done by a consortium of 60                                                                  Mumbai, which has done
artists.                                                                                    organised      the    world’s
                                                                                            biggest painting camp in
   Did you follow it up                                                                     mumbai as well as doing so
with more mural work?                                                                       many social works like
   Of course, and this time                                                                 village promotion of up-and-
again, I was to establish yet                                                               coming artists. I have also
another record. This time                                                                   given art direction to films
the Guinness Book of                                                                        and stage shows. A few TV
World Records accepted                                                                      serials also feature my art
that I was the creator of the                                                               direction. All of this makes
world’s     longest    mural                                                                my art grow richer and
painting.      The      work                                                                more creative.            We

94                                        Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010
                                          I am 45 years old. My menses have           any chance of cancer. Probably you
                                          stopped for the last six months. I do       are suffering from a fibro cystic
                                          get the urge for sex but always wonder      disease of the breast which is related
                                          whether it is advisable to have sex         to some hormonal imbalance of the
                                          during menopause. Please advise.            body. Still it would be better if a biopsy
                                             You are mistaken in your thinking.       is done from the lump in your breast.

                                          There is no bar to sex at any age. If
                                          you feel like it and your husband is
                                          also interested, then there is no           I am 35 years old. After the delivery of
                                          restrictions in this. In fact, many         my last baby, my back has become
                                          women enjoy sex more at this age            very heavy. It is causing me a lot of
                                          since there is no fear of pregnancy         embarrassment. Please advise.
                                          and one can indulge in it uninhibitedly.        What you have got occurs in many
                                                                                      women after childbirth. Generally, fat

                                                                                      in the back can be controlled by diet
                                          I am 20 years old and recently              (a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet) and
                                          married. My husband insists on              an exercise programme targeting this
                                          having sex during my menstruation           part of the body. Many times these

                                          period. But I do not like it. Please        measures fail, then the only
                                          advise.                                     treatment is liposuction.

                                             There is no objection to having
                                          sex during menstruation but the act
                                          makes it all the more messy. There          I am 30 years old and slightly obese.
                                          are always organisms on the outer           My problem is that a very unpleasant
                                          side of the genitalia and there is the      odour comes from my body. I have
I am 26 years old. I had a relationship   danger of introducing infection. More-      tried many remedies but without any
with my boyfriend but now for the last    over, it may not be an aesthetically        result. Please help.
three months my menses have               desirable thing to do. So be careful            Everybody exudes certain types of
stopped. I am worried. Please help.       and explain all these problems to           body odour. Excessive perspiration,
    Apparently, the finger points to      your husband who will be able to            especially in fatty women’s emotional
pregnancy, so get yourself tested for     understand it.                              factors (high-strung nature), excessive

it. If it turns out to be negative then                                               use of spices and hot food, poor
one has to consider the other cause                                                   personal hygiene and unhealthy living
of amenorrhoea which includes             I am a 30-year-old smart housewife.         are some of the factors responsible. In
organic, nutritional and endocrinal       My problem is that I suffer from bad        addition, women who suffer from
factors. Sometimes, temporary             breath which makes me feel very             diabetes, lung abscess, renal diseases,
amenorrhoea is produced by either         uncomfortable in the company of             and gynaecological disorders are also

shock or fear of pregnancy. But all       other people. Please help.                  likely to exude an unpleasant body
these factors will come into                 It is unfortunate that you suffer from   odour. So you have to be investigated
consideration only if your pregnancy      bad breath which can be due to              on these lines and treated accordingly.

test is negative.                         various causes like poor oral hygiene,
                                          infections of the throat, tonsils, or
                                          diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,     I am 40 years old and the mother of
I am 30 years old and have had two        lungs, liver and kidneys. There is          two kids. Recently I have noticed that
abortions during the last three years.    nothing to get disheartened about. You      I get a little bleeding after a sexual
I am very worried. Please help.           should consult both your physician as       relation ship. I am worried. Please
    The fact that you had two             well as dental surgeon who will investi-    help.
abortions during a period of three        gate you and treat your accordingly.           Your problem requires looking into.

years requires looking into. Consult                                                  Bleeding after sexual contact or
your doctor who will investigate you                                                  spotting between periods at this age
for any chronic debilitating condition    I am 40 years old. Of late, I have          should alert one to the suspicions of
like severe anaemia, diabetes, renal      started feeling a lumpiness in my           cancer of the cervix which is a
disease, etc. Sometimes, anatomical       breasts which makes me very                 common problem at your age. Consult
abnormality of the uterus (retroverted    nervous whether it is cancer of the         your doctor who, after examining you,
uterus) may      be      responsible.     breast. Please advise.                      should do a PAP test as well as
Hormonal imbalance is also another            Firstly, you must consult your          biopsy of the cervix to exclude the
aspect. I am sure you doctor can take     doctor who after proper investigations      possibility of cancer of the cervix.
care of the probable causes.              (ultrasound, mammogram) will exclude                        — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD
                                                                                     Tell us about your family.
                                                                                     I was always encouraged by my
                                                                                  parents to take part in different
                                                                                  competitions, and I have won a
                                                                                  number of awards in school and
                                                                                  during my college years. My father
     Evolving with                                                                has completed service as an officer
                                                                                  in Nerolac. My artistic genes have
       maturity.                                                                  come from my mother who has
                                                                                  completed service as an officer for
     By Gayatri T Rao                                                             Murphy Ltd. I have one younger
                                                                                  sister Priya Navgire who is an
         ere is another qualified         Computers Ltd., Bur Dubai, Dubai.       educator and has a flair for paintings

         contemporary Artist. She is      Her job gave her the chance to          and art. After my marriage to
         Sonalli Shailendra Iyengaar.     execute various projects as the chief   Shailendra, he encouraged me and
         Born in Mumbai, she              web designer for a number of            helped me a lot to pursue my career
         secured a first class with       companies in an innovative                          full-fledgedly.
         distinction in the bachelor of   and artistic way. Her
         fine arts from the Sir J. J.     expertise in graphics can                               When and how did
         School of Fine Arts,             be seen in her works – the                           you realise that you
         Mumbai. After that, came         colours, the intermingling                           are an artist?
         her web designing course         of the forms and the                                    I realised that I was
from the Edit institute, where she        juxtaposing of characters.                           an artist at the age of
secured a first class. Another course         She has had several                              three when I started to
in graphic designing followed from        solo and group exhibitions                           scribble on the walls and
the Oscar institute, Deira, Dubai,        at prestigious art galleries                         then my parents gave
where she again secured a first           to her credit. Sonalli                               me heaps of paper and
class. Later, she was selected as the     Iyengaar lives and works                             colours to draw. Soon
chief designer for Powerplus              in Mumbai.                                           my parents realised that

96                                          Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
I was different from normal children       depict what we learn beginning from
and a gifted child and thus they           our childhood to the mature age
began encouraging me, guiding me           everything around us is imbibed
towards becoming an artist through         on our minds whether positive
the years. Numerous awards and             or negative. This is seen in my
appreciations for my art also acted        paintings. I depict this in my
as a sort of encouragement.                paintings that, geographically
                                           though we are scattered far and
    What kind of paintings is your         wide, yet the process of growth
forte?                                     from the smallest to the most
    Figurative painting is my forte.       advanced species is a constant
Being an artist, I am sensitive to what    existence.
is going on in our society. I also paint
abstract art as I love to dabble in            Who are the artists who have
colours and forms.                         influenced you?
                                               The artists who have influenced
   Would you like to say anything          me are Michael Angelo, Leonardo
special about the kind of paintings        da Vinci, Rembrandt, Turner, the
you do?                                    old masters, the contemporary
   Evolution and existence though          artists like Sir Prabhakar Kolte,
correlated, are yet so diverse, each       Sir Kashinath Salvi, who were
adapting to changes in the other. The      my professors in Sir J.J. School
progression over time from a simple        of      Fine      Arts,    Bose
to a more complex existence can be         Krishnamachari, Shri Raza and
seen in my paintings.                      Sanjay Bhattacharjee have all
                                           influenced      me.     I   am
   When and how did you get                particularly impressed by their
attracted to this kind of painting?        journey from the academic, rigid
   I get my inspiration from the           conception to the contemporary
atmosphere, the people around me           culminations.                            textures,    juxtaposing       different
– the intermingling of relations with                                               characters, the subjects, the humans,
our atmosphere, the animals, nature           What is the starting point and        the animals, the machines on the
and the social issues. I feel that what    what is the conclusive point of a        throes of discovering the next step of
we speak remains somewhere in              painting in your case?                   action, to evolve, to intermingle, the
space. I am also intrigued by our             My interpretations are through        various diversificational aspects of
Indian scriptures and paint them in        figurative renderings and bold colours   society that we live in, inviting the
my paintings. In this way I want to        on canvas in oils and acrylics through   viewer to a world of visual interaction.

                                                                                       How do you select themes and
                                                                                    ideas for your paintings?
                                                                                       My subjects are the humans
                                                                                    around me, their relationships, their
                                                                                    surroundings, with nature, the issues
                                                                                    which surround us. The subjects
                                                                                    depicted are charged in their
                                                                                    environment or in motion coming to
                                                                                    terms with their ambience, to reflect,
                                                                                    to co-exist. In my paintings the
                                                                                    characters, the players are seen in
                                                                                    vigour trying to reach the ever-so-
                                                                                    elusive goal.
                                                                                       Life in other words is existence
                                                                                    and evolution. The ambience
                                                                                    signifies the quest of the human
                                                                                    species and other species to
                                                                                    supersede each other in various
                                                                                    contexts. In the painting The Quest,
                                                                                    we see the birds hovering around the

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                             97
                                                                                      delve with great heights of
                                                                                      acceleration, to maybe sometimes
                                                                                      astronomical stamping of the brand,
                                                                                      thus in turn, the artist and the buyer
                                                                                      benefit in the long run. And this in
                                                                                      turn helps in bringing great business
                                                                                      to the art world, in all paving
                                                                                      landmark prices for the generation of
                                                                                      artists, encouraging them to strive for
                                                                                      doing better work.

                                                                                          What according to you is the art
                                                                                      scenario in India?
                                                                                          According to me the art scenario
                                                                                      is much better than what it was many
                                                                                      years back. People from all walks of
                                                                                      life have become more and more
                                                                                      aware about different forms of art.
                                                                                      The buyers artists, dealers, gallery
                                                                                      owners, have become more aware
                                                                                      about the matter in the art works. The
                                                                                      art business has increased from
                                                                                      strength to strength.
charged characters of the footballers         Is there any difference between
in motion, to delve with speed onto        your earlier works and now?                   What are your future projects?
their goal.                                   There is a difference in my works          I have been selected for the
   This painting signifies the potential   earlier and now, which is this that my     forthcoming exhibition of paintings to
of the common trait in different           earlier works were during my years         be held at The National Gallery of
species. In the other painting, Man        as an evolving artist but now my           Modern Art, Mumbai, on the life of
the Machine, a man is seen turning         figurative works have broken the           Mrs Sonia Gandhi, depicting various
into a machine signifying that man         gravity, the so-called social barriers,    incidents in her life.
made machines for his betterment           and evolved more in a contemporary            The exhibition is further going to
but little did he realise that he would    atmosphere.                                travel to NGMA, Delhi. My next
himself turn into a machine.                                                          exhibition is at The Grand Aria,
   There is another painting, The             Are auction houses helpful in           JOSS, Kalaghoda, 2009. My
Childhood Melodies, which is the           the development of art?                    forthcoming solo exhibition of
best phase for a child, a carefree            Auction houses are helpful in the       paintings will be at the Museum Art
world. Sometimes the spectator is          development of art as they determine       Gallery, Mumbai, from to 25 of
encouraged to search for the hidden        the capacity of the art market to          October 2010 and at the Standard
symbolism.                                 supersede the marginal prices, to          Chartered Bank Gallery in 2010. We

     About the artist                      prize in the mural competition, Sir J.J.   The world of great faces, Rashtriya
     Name: Sonalli Iyengaar                School of Fine Arts, 1992                  Hindi Masic
     Birthdate: 3/12/1971
     Email: sonali.shai@gmail.com.           Paintings in the collections of:           Unity Constructions:
     Cell no: 9833284605.                    Hindalco Industries Ltd                    Mrs Avarsekar.
                                             Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd                   Mr Bala Nandgaokar – Ex-social
    Awards and Achievements :                KHUSHI NGO organisation and              welfare minister
    First prize by Apsara Pencil Ltd.      auctioning house                             Lamcon         Finance        and
 painting competition, 1985, Bombay          K. Raheja Group of Hotels -              Management Services Pvt. Ltd, Pune
 Arts painting competition, 1986,          Karlton Hotel - Kodaikanal                   Brassco Extrusions Ltd
 Apsara      Pencil   Ltd.   painting        City Centre – Dubai                        Dr Padmini T. Joshi, M.A., Ph.D.,
 competition 1986, Print Sprint first        National Equipment Corp. Pvt. Ltd        Mathematics, U.S.A
 prize by Sir J.J. School of Arts,           PowerPlus Computers Ltd –                  Fem Industries Ltd – Mrs Sunita
 1989, Merit Scholarships by Sir J.J.      Deira, Dubai                               Ramnathankar
 School of Fine Arts, Mumbai 1989            Abhilash Awasthi, Chief Editor,            Air India, Nariman Point
 to 1992, Dolly Cursetjee’s second         The world of Priyanka Gandhi and             Four Brother Pvt. Ltd, Citi Bank

98                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                                                     The science
                                                                for the 21st century.
                                                                       By Ganesh Joshi

          ioengineering is a collective     and to function well inside the highly      five areas of ceramics: dental

          term for a number of subje-       intricate environment of the human          materials, orthopaedic materials,
          cts in biology and engin -        body is among the most complex and          therapeutic materials, respirable
          eering. It brings medical         challenging problems for all the            particles and sensors.
          researchers and mechani -         scientists and engineers in the field of        A physicist by training, Dr Clare
          cal, electrical, chemical,        bioengineering.                             carried out research on glass and
          electronics and computer              These biomaterials must not only        became interested in bioceramics
          engineers as well as              be compatible with the body's               through her work in fiber optics. She
          physicists, chemists, statisti-   environment but also be able to             is currently developing enzymatic
          cians and mathematicians          perform at a level equal or similar to      sensors using fiber optics, under -
together to solve the problems of           the body tissues and organs they are        standing safety issues surrounding
treating diseases of the human body.        replacing or helping.                       the presence of fiberglass in the
    The field encompasses a number              For example, a hip replacement          lungs and working with glasses and
of areas, including management of           must be compatible with the body's          biomaterials for a variety of dental
vast amounts of medical data,               internal chemistry and it must be           and orthopaedic applications.
analysis of data, creation of new           strong enough to withstand the                  Dr Clare also works with
treatments, diagnostic technologies,        amount of stress placed on bones            therapeutic materials, such as a
improvement of existing technology          while standing up and walking or            glass ceramic in which magnetic
and the like.                               even jogging. An implant for “total         crystals heat up in an oscillating field.
    Bioengineering is one of the            knee replacement” is another                It turns out that tumours and some
fastest growing fields today, the           example, which has made thousands           viruses are more susceptible to heat
growth of which is evident in many          of old people who were home-bound,          than healthy tissue is. Therefore, she
areas. Apart from researchers in            mobile.                                     is developing these materials as a
universities and medical colleges, the          Like most areas of bioengineering,      possible cancer treatment device.
field is also being pursued by              the field of biomaterials is divided into       The use of glass in cancer
pharmaceutical companies develo -           a number of subspecialities, one of         treatment is also being investigated
ping products like the needle-free          which is bioceramics. Dr Alexis Clare,      by Dr Delbert Day, professor of
injection devices.                          an associate professor of glass             ceramic engineering at the University
    Developing products compatible          science at Alfred University in Alfred,     of Missouri-Rolla, USA. Dr Day and
with the human body to be implanted         New York, USA, works primarily in           his colleagues are conducting

100                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                          the right or left lobe of the liver.      telemedicine. Telemedicine allows
                                             The micro-spheres deliver higher       physicians and researchers at
                                          doses of radiation to the liver than an   different facilities to exchange
                                          external source, but cause less           information electronically and consult
                                          damage to healthy tissue. Other           others even if the patient and doctor
                                          treatments involving micro-spheres        are in different hemispheres. This
                                          include injection of micro-spheres        information exchange is useful for
                                          containing medicines for the              education and collaborative studies,
                                          treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and     allowing researchers to collect data
                                          osteoporosis.                             about a larger number of patients.
                                                                                        While       biomedical      imaging
                                                                                    provides       important    data     for
                                            AN EXPANDING AREA                       diagnosing        and   understanding
                                              Another rapidly expanding area is     disease,        other     areas       of
                                          biomedical imaging, a field that          bioengineering concentrate on
                                          combines         technologies       for   preventing and fighting diseases at a
                                          diagnosing diseases and analysing         microscopic level. Cellular, tissue and
                                          data. Biomedical imaging includes         genetic engineering utilise the
                                          magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays,       anatomy,          biochemistry      and
                                          microscopy and CT scanning – all          mechanics of cellular and sub-cellular
THIS INFORMATION                          diagnostic tools used by physicians       structures in order to understand
                                          today.                                    disease processes and to be able to
   EXCHANGE IS                                Dr David Foran, director of the       target medicines at very specific
    USEFUL FOR                            Center for Biomedical Imaging at the      sites.
 EDUCATION AND                            University of Medicine in Piscataway,
                                          New Jersey, USA, is developing non-
                                                                                        One example of such work is the
                                                                                    development of an artificial pancreas.
  COLLABORATIVE                           invasive imaging techniques.              This is being carried out by chemical
STUDIES, ALLOWING                             Non-invasive imaging techniques
                                          spare patients the discomfort of
                                                                                    engineers and could be used in the
                                                                                    treatment of diabetes.
 RESEARCHERS TO                           procedures such as exploratory                They report that the hybrid
   COLLECT DATA                           surgery and allow doctors to view         artificial pancreas use cells which are
                                          images in three dimensions or in          removed from pigs or cattle,
 ABOUT A LARGER                           motion.                                   encapsulated in special materials and
    NUMBER OF                                 Specialising in computer-assisted     are grown in small chambers. These
     PATIENTS.                            diagnosis and focusing on diagnostic
                                          pathology, radiology, etc, requires Dr
                                                                                    can then be inserted into the human
research on the use of glass micro-       Foran to work closely with both               Other organ research is being
spheres containing radioactive            pathologists and radiologists in order    done on synthetic skin, which can be
isotopes in the treatment of liver        to identify the most important clinical   used to help treat wounds and burns,
cancer.                                   problems.                                 and on the artificial heart. They are
   Called theraspheres, these micro-          Interacting with physicians and       developing an artificial heart, which
spheres of glass have a mean              working in a biological field allows Dr   would act "as a bridge to heart
diameter ranging from 20 (1/5 of 1        Foran to combine his interests in         transplantation".
mm) to 30 microns. These are              zoology and physics, using advanced           This would enable patients to
chemically bonded to a radioactive        computer imaging and mathematical         have more time to wait for donated
pure beta ray source, yttrium-90,         methods to design and develop             organs. Scientists are also working
which has a physical half-life of 64.2    systems which solve the problems of       on "heart assist devices" which aid
hours (2.68 days). After injection, it    clinical medicine.                        circulation and could eventually "be a
produces radiation to tissue with an          Medical diagnostic imaging spans      permanent alternative to heart
average range of 2.5 mm, and              a number of disciplines and has been      transplantation”.
maximum range of less than one            used to photograph brain tumours              The field of bioengineering will
centimetre. The yttrium-90 decays to      and spinal injuries and to diagnose       continue to grow, as long as
stable zirconium-90.                      diseases at the level of cells in the     physicians are able to identify
   It is delivered to fully conscious     human body. It also allows doctors        problems that need solutions.
patients by a catheter that is inserted   to visualise body processes via               The human body is a very
into an artery in the groin, and          modelling.                                complex chemical system and there
delivered directly into the artery            One of the most interesting           is still so much which doctors do not
under direct monitoring, into either      applications of biomedical imaging is     understand.                          We

102                                         Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                                                                   crush a handful of pudina leaves
                                                                                   along with some water using the
                                                                                   traditional shilvat (preferably the
                                                                                   mixer-grinder) to form an aqueous
                                                                                   pudina paste. Subsequently, take
                                                                                   2 teaspoonfuls of the pudina
                                                                                   paste and put it through a strainer
                                                                                   to get the green pudina water,
                                                                                   taking care that the coarse pudina
                                                                                   leaves are completely filtered out.
                                                                                   Next, take a glass of cold water
                                                                                   and then add the pudina water,
                                                                                   the lemon juice, pepper powder,
                                                                                   jeera powder, amchoor and sugar
                                                                                   as well as the salt. Mix all the
      Fragrant health at home. By Sangeeta Sen                                     ingredients thoroughly using a
                                                                                   spoon and – voila – a soothing
    t was just another Sunday in the     mint scent helped in restoring the        glass of cold pudina juice is ready.

    hilly terrains of Chattisgarh. As    depleted energy levels. So much so,          Preparation time: 5-8 minutes
    our taxi made its way through the    the ancient Greeks and the Romans            For 1 person
    quiet villages, we passed by the     used the mint as a relaxing bath scent.      While many a traditional healer
    beautifully scented groves of           Corroborating with this view, the      has attributed the role of the mint
    bright green pudina, rather the      ancient Charaka Samahita (an
                                                                                   in promoting calmness of the
    mint plants, that had once found     Ayurvedic compendium of various
    a place for themselves in an era     medicinal herbs) points out that when
                                                                                   mind and body to its aromatic
    dating back to a time millennia      the vata, rather the subtle energy        scent, scientists and medical
    ago.                                 forces controlling the brain and the      experts also feel that the
   My thoughts harked back to an         nervous system, gets congested on         presence of some essential
ancient Greek mythological legend        account of the accumulation of high       vitamins, minerals and oils in the
that says that when Persephone, the      levels of toxins, the fragrant aroma      leaves of the mint plant have
jealous wife of Pluto, tried trampling   of the pudina leaves normalises the       acted as a therapeutic healing
to death a beautiful nymph called        flow of prana vaayu (the primal life-     agent through the centuries for
Minthe, Pluto intervened and instantly   force) all over the body.
                                                                                   curing various illnesses.
transformed Minthe into a plant with        As I drank a glass of pudina juice
an entrancing aromatic scent.            at a low-roofed roadside stall at
                                                                                      In fact, according to a recent
Interestingly, the aromatic mint was     Chattisgarh, I was convinced that the     scientific survey, as reported by a
so revered by the ancient Greeks and     aromatic pudina indeed played an          recent health bulletin, the oils
the Romans that they crowned             important role in fortifying the body     derived from the mint contain high
themselves with the mint leaves.         and spirit. Here are some delicious       levels of vitamins A and C,
   The mint herb was also said to be     pudina preparations:                      flavonoids and menthol. The mint
placed in the rooms of houses as well                                              contains good amounts of fibre,
as in the temples to freshen the air.
As a matter of fact, the ancient
Hebrews scattered mint on their
                                         PUDINA JUICE                              iron, copper, calcium, folic acid
                                                                                   and omega-3 concentrates.
                                         INGREDIENTS:                              Besides, the mint is also known
synagogue floors so that each footstep   1 glass chilled water
raised its fragrance. The mint also                                                to be a good source of ascorbic
                                         3 tsp lemon juice                         acid and minerals like potassium
symbolised hospitality. The ancient
Romans and Greeks were known to          2 tsp of sugar                            and manganese – all of which
                                         1/ tsp pudina paste
have rubbed the leaves of mint onto        4                                       play an important role in curing
the dining table, which was a sign of    1/ tsp jeera powder
                                           4                                       various ailments.
their warm greetings to their guests.    1/ tsp pepper powder                         Take, for instance, a cup of
   More importantly, according to        1/ tsp amchoor                            mint tea. A browse through the
historical records, the famous Roman       4
                                         salt to taste                             pages of history reveals that for
naturalist, Pliny the Elder, had said
that “the very smell of mint recovers    METHOD                                    the ancient Mediterraneans, a
and refreshes our spirits”, rather the       First thoroughly wash and then        sprig of mint in a cup of tea was a

106                                        Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
                                      PUDINA CHAI                            thereby preventing the occurrence
                                                                             of allergies in the upper
                                      INGREDIENTS:                           respiratory tract.
                                      2 cups water
                                      10 to 12 fresh pudina leaves
                                      1cup milk
                                      1 cinnamon stick
                                      1/ tsp cloves ground
                                      1 tsp of ginger grated                 1/ cup pudina leaves
                                      3/ tsp cardamom (ground)                 2
                                      1/ tsp black peppercorns
                                                                             150 gm wholewheat flour (gehun)
                                        2                                    cooking oil as desired
                                      1 tbsp honey                           salt to taste
                                      METHOD                                 METHOD
                                         First, bring water to boil and           First sieve the wheat flour.
                                      add the washed pudina leaves.          Meanwhile, fry the pudina leaves
                                      Remove from fire and keep the          till they turn crisp and then keep
                                      tea pot covered. Keep it aside and     them aside. Crush the fried pudina
                                      let it steep for about 20 minutes      leaves to form a powder. Next, mix
                                                       so as to retain the   the flour, salt and the powder of the
                                                       oils present in the   crushed pudina leaves. Add water
                                                       pudina     leaves.    and mix thoroughly to form a semi-
                                                       Next, add the milk    hard dough.
                                                       and the spices.            Knead well, cover and keep
                                                       Stir in the honey.    aside for 10 minutes. Divide into 4
                                                       Heat and steep        equal portions and then roll out
                                                       on a low flame for    each portion with a rolling pin to
                                                       an additional 15      make a parantha of a diameter of
                                                       minutes,       and    approximately 4 inches. This is
                                                       then, serve.          followed by cooking the parantha
pleasant and digestively helpful
                                         For preparation time: 30 minutes    on a hot tawa, on moderate heat
way to settle their stomachs after
                                         For 3 persons.                      for at least 3 minutes. Turn it and
a lavish feast. It was the same for
                                         According to the ayurvedic          smear half a tablespoon of oil on
the people of ancient Morocco.
                                      physicians, a cup of hot pudina        the parantha. This has to be
   Back home, the traditional
                                      chai also helps in relieving the       followed on the other side too.
healers of Chattisgarh as well as
                                      symptoms of cough as well as           Cook on a low flame till it turns
ancient Ayurvedic texts explain
                                      problems of chest congestion.          golden brown. Repeat the same
that the aromatic essential oils of
                                      This is due to the fact that when      method for the other paranthas.
the pudina present in a cup of
                                      imbalances arise in the kapha
pudina chai cool the heat of                                                 Finally, serve the pudina paranthas
                                      (the body’s lubrication system),
pachaka pitta, rather it soothes                                             hot with any dal prepared.
                                      the pudina as well as the honey             Preparation time: 15 minutes
the imbalances arising in the
                                      present in a cup of pudina chai             For 2 persons
digestive system of the body. This
                                      blocks the production of certain            All said and done, the health
eventually helps in relieving the
                                      chemicals called leukotrienes,         benefits of the pudina are truly
symptoms of indigestion. Backing
this analysis, the researchers                                               versatile. Perhaps the role of the
explain that the menthol present                                             mint in treating patients with
in the oils of the mint soothes the                                          cancer has created the most
lining of the digestive tract and                                            excitement. Moveover, according
stimulates the production of bile,                                           to recent scientific research
which is an essential digestive                                              studies, the mint plant has been
fluid. This in turn leads to a                                               proved to inhibit the growth of
healthy digestion of food.                                                   various tumourous growths.         We
                                          If make-up had a regular pattern it
                                          would have been easy for a
                                          makeover. As it is not so, a lot of
                                          effort goes into giving a shape to
                                          your face.
Before make-up

                     The pretty face
                 looks simplistically
                  gorgeous with the
                  suitable make-up.

                                                                     The ornamental
                                                                     does make a lot
                                                                     of difference to
                                                                     the face.

                  This is out-and-out
                  ornamental and expert
                  makeover projecting a
                  glowing face.

                                             This is not an eye-
                                        lowering but eye-raising
                                               beauty touch-up.
                                                                            A successful
                                                                             finish to the
                                                                          beautifying job.

   The make-up
has produced a
 typical oriental

                    The task is
                    well on its way
                    to satisfactory                                     Can anyone
                    completion.                                         think of a better
                                                                        substitute for
                                                                        beauty aids to
                                                                        perfect the
                                                                        bridal face?

                                      Make-up & Hair Styling: Aashmeen’s Grace,
                                      (Internationally experienced make-up & hair artist)
                                      Ashok Vihar-I, Delhi. Mob: 9810077076
                      HOMEWORK BUDDIES
      Uma Yogesh      Come in for your homework.                                     By Smita Shenoy
        ma Yogesh is a rising woman      in terms of reading, writing or              parents who, due to their work

        entrepreneur. She is the         drawing. Also, they should take the          pressure, cannot sit with the child
        creative director of the         students comfortably through the             during his or her study time. So, we
        Thejomaya – Centre for           homework, making the children                step into the shoes of the parents for
        Excellence and the creator of    comprehend the lessons at a relaxed          an hour or so and guide the child
        Homework Buddies.                pace so that when they go back to            lovingly.
                                         class next time they are well
   Excerpts from an interview:           equipped.                                       Are you planning any further
   How did the concept of                                                             enhancements to improve the
Homework Buddies (HWB) come                  So, how would you sum up the             standards?
about?                                   basic difference between a tuition              Yes, we are going to introduce
   I have always felt the need to do     centre and HWB?                              interactive boards very soon to make
something extra in the field of              I have great respect for tuition         the learning process even more
children’s education, to provide good    centres and really appreciate their          interesting. HWB caters to students
educational value-adds to students.      contribution to enhancing the                from classes one to seven. These are
I have been working on this project      students’ skills. But I do feel that         the formative years in any child’s life
for more than one-and-a-half years. I    somewhere or the other, there is a           when he or she is willing to learn
extensively browsed on the Net and       certain monotony in tuitions. Students       more and more. Thus, a solid
studied the trends prevailing in the     copy number of questions for a               foundation can be built for the child
Western countries. After a lot of        subject, get it corrected, memorise the      during these years which will help
research, I came up with the idea of     answers and write them in schools.           them tackle the pressure of studies
Homework Buddies, similar to the         This maybe fetching them good marks          in higher classes. So, with interactive
ideas prevailing abroad. For instance,   but are they really retaining the            boards, our proctors can make the
they have a student den concept and      lessons in their minds? At HWB, as I         sessions livelier and more creative
homework den concept where the           mentioned earlier, it is student-centric.    through pictorial representations,
proctors help the children complete      One day they may have a requirement          educational games, etc.
their homework and ensure that at        for Hindi, another day for English, etc.        We have also added other value-
the end of the session the child is      Accordingly, we assign proctors to           adds to HWB like handwriting classes
thorough with what he or she is          each student to help them. Students’         and art classes. We are thinking of
studying.                                needs are given priority and their           launching spoken English classes. In
                                         needs are addressed. This makes the          fact, I want to introduce other
   Okay, so how did you adapt it         students more responsible and                curriculum-based courses here so
to suit the education system here?       increases their interest in a subject.       that this centre becomes a one-in-all
   While trying to implement the idea    Also, the student-teacher ratio is           for the children coming in.
here, I found that there is a distinct   lopsided in tuition centres, with one
gap between the role of a proctor and    teacher handling 20 odd students at a           Right now you have one centre
a teacher. A proctor is a person who     time. Here, it is almost a one-to-one        in Chennai. Are there any plans to
takes the children through their         ratio guaranteeing individual attention      expand further?
homework, so he or she is more           to the children.                                I have already trademarked this
student-centric.                             Lastly, tuition centres would have       concept of HWB. I am giving the
   The students’ needs need to be        a specific time slot. HWB, on the            concept time to evolve. I am planning
given priority which is unfortunately    other hand, is open from 4 p.m. to           to expand this to various other places
not the scenario in most cases. In       7.30 p.m. during which hours any             in Chennai and South India. We
most instances, due to the shortage      child can walk in and ask for                would look at franchisees in future
of time perhaps students are asked       assistance on his or her desired             that can be totally committed to the
to copy page 30 to 40 or memorise        subject. Our proctors will always be         project. Also there are certain
page 10 to 20. So I thought that         at hand to help them.                        standards which have to be followed
some value addition should come                                                       by all future centres like air-
from the teachers at HWB while             How is HWB beneficial to                   conditioned classrooms, brightly
reinforcing what is being taught at      parents?                                     coloured individual furniture, friendly
school. The value addition could be        It is especially helpful for working       proctors, serene atmosphere, etc. We

112                                        Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
          QA     &
                                                                                       is up to you. There is nothing wrong
                                                                                       in your telling the person that you
                                                                                       don’t wish to dance at that moment
                                                                                       and then for the next number tell your
                                                                                       husband that you want to dance with
                                                                                       him. Once you have been on the floor
                                                                                       you can even refuse on the grounds
                                                                                       that you are tired. Mostly people will
                                                                                       take a hint and stay away. You can in
                                                                                       a few cases be blunt enough to say
                                                                                       you enjoy dancing only with your
                                             I do not like to dance with anybody

                                             other than my husband and find it
I am a European married to an Indian.        very difficult to say no when people      I had an arranged marriage 10
When my in-laws (husband’s parents           ask me in parties. This means I do        months ago and have no complaints
and various uncles and aunts) visit I        not get to dance even with my             except one. My husband writes a
am always worried about what to offer        husband. My husband does not mind         diary daily and I wonder what he
as they do not drink wine or alcohol.        my dancing with anybody but I don’t       writes in it. While I am not curious
What should I serve them? I am               like it. What should I do?                about his past I want to know what
bored with colas and ready drinks as             As per the etiquette of dancing if    he writes now and he won’t share. It
they are so impersonal.                      anybody wants to dance with you           upsets me a lot. What do I do?
    I am glad you are trying to fit in the   they should first ask your husband            You should learn to get used to it.
Indian culture. Just as in European          but if he has no objection, the refusal   Every individual has a right to some
cultures drinks are either aperitifs or                                                privacy and writing a diary is as much
after meal, always ask about coffee                                                    his personal right as anything else.
or tea but if they come at awkward                          I was engaged for          You should learn to be free of your
times in between then a selection of                        eight months before        own anxiety about it. Maybe he will
fruit and fresh vegetable juices is a                       we separated as his        one day want to share it or not. You

good offer. You can personalise them                        family wanted more         have to give him that much freedom
by mixing herbs or additions like                           dowry     than     my      of thought and activity. Why don’t you
celery, coriander, basil or even                            parents        could       start writing a diary as well and see if
lemongrass. Get smaller glasses for                         arrange.     I   was       he is curious – maybe then you can
them to first try. In case they like it,      emotionally involved with him but        share each other’s thoughts by
the serving can be changed to bigger          there was no physical contact. I         reading the diary of the other person.
glasses. Also in summer sherbets or           have recently come to know he is

fruit shakes work well.                       engaged to my first cousin whose
                                              parents are richer. I don’t want to      My younger sister got married to a
                                              attend the wedding, What should I        colleague and as per company policy
I have read that a woman should               do?                                      left her job. She was supposed to
walk on the left of a man. Is it true? Is         You are lucky to have had an         take a new job after marriage but
there a religious or other reason for         escape from the greedy family of         now her in-laws want her to stay at
that? What does offering your arm to          the groom. Yes, you must be hurt         home. Her husband says she can do
a woman mean?                                 that he is getting married to your       what she wants. She wants to be
   Most of these systems are based            cousin, but obviously they have a        good to her MIL but wants a job as
on logic. In old England a woman              different set of parameters to           well. What do I advise her to do?
walked on the left of the man, so his         judge the groom. Yes, you are                Your brother-in-law is right when
right hand was free to pull out the           within logic and your rights to not      he says she has to take a decision.
sword if he needed it for quick               attend the wedding, but it would         Your advice to her should be that she
protection. Also, when the woman is           be a bigger victory to attend the        should be convinced in her own heart
on the left, she is holding with her right    wedding. The social loss is more         and mind as to what she wants to do.
hand which is often more strong for           his than yours. If you are at all        While money and freedom of a job are
support. Offering your arm to a woman         shaky about facing him with your         good, making a base with her MIL has
means you support her by leading her.         cousin, there is nothing wrong in        its own advantages. Maybe she can
The man crooks his elbow and she              dropping the event, but do explain       talk to her MIL and take up a job until
puts her hand through it for support in       the situation to your cousin if you      she starts a family. It is best for parties
case she stumbles. The woman holds            are close to her.                        concerned to speak openly and reach
the arm of the man, not vice versa.                                                    a decision acceptable to all.

                                              Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010                                            115
The invasive fish, gambusia,
is being netted in lake
Naini to be replaced by
the golden mahaseer. What
are the implications? By Rajshekhar Pant
           ngling or float-fishing was       some of them grow up to a size of            emphasising the need for the

           defined by Ben Johnson as         2.75 m. Of these species, the most           sampling of this stock and also
           a stick and a string with a       prized golden mahseer (tor putitora)         allowing fishing on a limited scale.
           worm at one end and a fool        has disappeared, or at least their           "Like the dredging of the bottom
           at the other. It is a fact that   number has declined drastically from         detritus netting of this oversized stock
           following the departure of        several hill lakes. There is a growing       is also a must. Moreover, it can bring
           the British, fishing could        apprehension that one or two                 home revenue worth crores of
           never pick up as a sport in       varieties of mahseer might already           rupees," says an expert from the
           Nainital — not because the        be extinct.                                  local university. Highly placed
           town became a sleepy hill                                                      sources in the office of the Lake
resort sans all Johnsonian fools, but                                                     Development Authority, however, say
probably because the shoreline of the            SURFACE FEEDERS                          that no such plans are yet on the
lake is marked with two shrines                 In 1997, the seeds of around              anvil.
dedicated to a prominent hill goddess        30,000 exotic silver carps and 20,000            The sordid tale of what may safely
and fishing in water bodies having a         grass carps were introduced into lake        be termed as exotic bio-pollutants in
deity as its guardian has been               Naini as surface feeders. The idea           Lake Naini does not conclude here.
sacrilegious in the Himalayan hills.         was to control the growth of                 The lake also has in its ever-
    Unlike the other lakes of the            planktons and algal blooms and thus          shallowing depths a stock of over 50
region — Bhimtal, Naokuchiatal,              curtail the proverbial pollution of the      lakh of gambusia holobrooki fish as a
Sattal group of lakes or even                lake. Such an experiment was done            key      pollution-causing       agent.
Khurpatal which is on the immediate          at Naokuchiatal also, where the grass        Reported to have been brought to
outskirts of Nainital, where angling         carp shortly resorted to consuming           India in 1928 from Italy by Dr B. A.
and even the seasonal netting by the         the natural lotus biomass in the lake.       Rao, a Bangalore-based scientist, the
department of fisheries kept on              Incidentally, it is the only natural lotus   finger-sized gambusia are highly
flourishing — in Nainital it could           biomass left anywhere in the central         invasive fish.
never have a foothold. In due course,        Himalayan region.                                They eat mosquito larvae as fast
an official ban was also imposed on             Thanks to the furore raised by the        as they hatch from the eggs laid by
fishing and, as normally happens with        local youth, the department of               mosquitoes in rafts on the surface of
official orders, the need of reviewing       fisheries had to net out the stock           the water. The gambusia was
it was never felt.                           within a couple of years. In Nainital,       introduced to various indigenous
    As for the piscine stock in the          however, the problem is different.           lakes and rivers to control the growth
lake, the dominant species here had          With an average life of around 10 to         of the malaria-causing Anopheles
always been the mahseer, a huge              12 years and weight of around 10 kg-         mosquito.
and hardy game fish from Himalayan           plus, this exotic piscine stock has              In Nainital where sighting an
streams introduced into the lakes of         now assumed the dimension of bio-            Anopheles is still a distant possibility,
Kumaon by the British way back in            garbage weighing around 50 tons.             who introduced it and for what
1858. There are seven types of               Fisheries experts of the University of       reason, is still a matter of research.
mahseer according to experts and             Kumaon (Nainital) have for long been         Unconfirmed sources however,

116                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
reveal that in the decade of the ’90s     to bringing down the level of
under a malaria eradication project       dissolved oxygen in water, choking
                                                                                         PHYSICAL AND
the gambusia was introduced into          the underwater springs and thus                CHEMICAL
Lake Naini.                               making the lake dead," says a senior           MEASURES BEING
   This fish with a large appetite
multiplies rapidly and unlike other
                                          scientist from the College of
                                          Fisheries, University of Pantnagar.
                                                                                         LESS RELIABLE,
species bears live young. Each            Dying in large numbers, they further           BIO-MANIPULATION
female can produce three to four          add to the bottom detritus and the             MEASURES ARE
broods in her lifetime, and each
brood can vary from 40 to 100 young.
                                          concentration of phosphorus and
                                          nitrogen in the water body.
                                                                                         BEING USED
Birth usually occurs during the warm          A team of experts from the                 WORLDWIDE TO
spring and summer months. When            College of Fisheries, University of            CONTROL
the young, about 3/8 inch long, are       Pantnagar, is now removing the                 POLLUTION IN
born, they are active and immediately
swim for the nearest cover and will
                                          pestilent gambusia from the lake by
                                          using       a     “bio-manipulation
                                                                                         WATER BODIES.
soon feed. In the absence of larvae       technique” — by using fine fishing             Centrally funded Rs 67 crore
they take to feeding on the eggs of       nets. Physical and chemical                    controversial Nainital Lake Region
other fish like the mahseer.              measures being less reliable, bio-             Conservation Project launched six
                                          manipulation measures are being                years ago.
                                          used worldwide to control pollution                Retracing the footsteps of
 ALARMING SITUATION                       in water bodies.                               firangies our scientists will indeed be
   Snow trout and carps are slashing          The plan afoot consists of                 “back to the basics” when 50,000
their number, especially that of the      replacing the invasive gambusia and            seeds of golden mahseer will be
mahseer, to an alarming level.            no less dangerous puntius variety of           reintroduced into Lake Naini following
"Feeding on zooplanktons (micro -         fish, once again with the eco-friendly         the completion of the first phase of
scopic organisms drifting on water), it   golden mahseer (tor putitora) with a           the gambusia eradication, and the
further accelerates the growth of         tentative expenditure of Rs 50 lakh.           cleaning of the water body through
algal blooms contributing significantly   The programme is a part of the                 aeration.                            We

                                                                                         off, saying, “I am very comfortable
          Humility and Prejudice                                                         here.”
                                                                                                     Wired – the
           Humble home                    baagicha. And 50 acres of plantation.”                     other way
   “You are able to digest the buffalo        Amazed, the town fellow asked.                “Why don’t you take up the project
milk?” the surprised, city dweller        “Then why did you come to this city?”          on writing about the industrialist
asked. “Yes,” the village lad said. “In       “To earn a living. To stand on my          Ambani? His office has asked you to
my village we have 10 cows, five          own two feet.”                                 meet them?”
buffaloes. I would put my mouth to the        “Your parents... didn’t they stop             “See, if I take up this project, I
cow’s udders and drink straight — first   you?”                                          will be meeting his family members.”
thing in the morning and before going         “No. My parents insisted that I               “Yes.”
off to sleep.”                            come to the city and learn to earn a              “I would be interacting closely with
   “Kya baat hai! And food?”              living.”                                       them.”
   “Butter made of cow’s milk. Halwa,         “Such humility,” the townie                   “Yup.”
puris. Puris for breakfast, lunch and     remarked with deep respect. “You can              “I may not get along with them. At
dinner. I would steal into the kitchen    live with me till you buy your                 least some of them.”
and before mother could stop me,          apartment.” Embarrassed, he added,                “Hm... may be...”
polish it off. She would then chase me    “You are used to living in a sprawling            “Then, if they throw a party, they
out,” the village lad laughed with        kothi... this would be so uncomfortable        may not invite me.”
infectious charm.                         for you.”                                         “Could be...”
   “And what else do you have in the          “No... no... this is great,” the village      “Then people will say that despite
village?” the impressed city fellow       lad said, spreading himself on the             they knowing me, they did not invite
asked.                                    single bed. “The zamindaar lived in his        me. I will become the laughing
   “The kothi,” the other replied with    kothi. My mother cooks and father              stock. So I will not take up this
simplicity. “There are 20 rooms           tends to his cows. Our room is smaller         project.”
altogether. A big courtyard. A mango      than this.” He yawned and dozed                                  – Sniggdha Jauhari.

                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                                 117
                           THE LOCH NESS
                      A MYTH OR REALITY?
      An engrossing story of a tourist’s exploration of a legend.
                                               By Vimala Murthy
           sense of curiosity and the    Nessie has attained celebrity status     popularity only to golf in Scotland.

           tantalising prospect of       and captured the imagination of          Thousands of tourists flock to the
           seeing      Nessie,    the    scientists and lay people alike.         spectacular Loch Ness every year,
           legendary monster of Loch        There is no conclusive proof of the   attracted by the Nessie legend.
           Ness in Northern Scotland,    existence of the monster, even after     Whether they sight its mythical
           brought us to the pretty      systematic scientific research using     resident or not, they can delight in
           village of Drumnadrochit, a   modern technological aids like           the many attractions which the lake
           popular resort for Nessie-    underwater           tape-recorders,     and its surroundings offer.
           watching, nestling in the     submarines, sex attractants and even        The media turned its spotlight on
           spectacular       Scottish    sonar-controlled cameras. However,       the “monster” in 1933 when, during
mountains.                               several sightings by the local people    the construction of a lakeside road, a
   The legend of Nessie has endured      and visitors to the lake, and a few      rash of sightings was reported. In
for centuries after the Benedictine      controversial photographs agree on       1934, Alex Campbell, a water bailiff
monk St Columba sighted a                the existence of an enormous aquatic     who lived in a cottage by the river
“fearsome beast” in the lake and         creature, “with an uncanny talent for    Oich, reported having sighted not one
commanded it to back off. That was       appearing when the light is bad and      but a family of them — daddy,
more than 1,400 years ago. Since         the cameras out of focus”, as a          mommy and baby. He described the
that first recorded sighting of the      Nessie-watcher put it.                   creature as a “huge hump” in the
elusive monster, the legendary              Nessie watching is a sport next in    water.

118                                       Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010
   Nessie has been generally              There was a heightened sense of
described by those who claim to have
sighted the creature as a huge
                                          anticipation of encountering Nessie,
                                          as we got off the bus into the cold
                                                                                    IN 1934, ALEX
creature, almost 20 feet long, with       drizzle. There was a nip in the air on      CAMPBELL,
three huge humps (like an inverted        that late September afternoon. The       A WATER BAILIFF
boat), a long neck and a small head,      hordes of tourists I expected to see
dark in colour and very fast moving.      were nowhere in sight. Apparently it     WHO LIVED IN A
That could possibly be one of the         was not the tourist season.                COTTAGE BY
explanations as to how the creature          The B/B joint we were booked in
has been able to evade sonar              was cutely named “Enric Cottage”.        THE RIVER OICH,
cameras and submarines — sonar            “Just give me a call as soon as you         REPORTED
beams cannot catch moving objects.        arrive and I’ll come and pick you up,”
                                          the owner had told us when we had            HAVING
       REACHING                           booked our room. Drumnadrochit is         SIGHTED NOT
                                          curiously devoid of public transport
    DRUMNADROCHIT                         and cabs. We braved the rains and            ONE BUT
   A short bus ride from Fort William     the wind and reached the safety of         A FAMILY OF
through the desolate and haunting         the nearby post office, from where
countryside of the mist-filled Scottish   we called Avin — for that was his        THEM — DADDY,
Highlands       brought       us     to   name. He was there within 10              MOMMY AND
Drumnadrochit. It has taken quite         minutes in his battered old car. The
some time for this tongue-twister of a    cottage set in tranquil and                   BABY.
name to register in many minds.           picturesque surroundings was warm

                                           Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010                       119
and cosy inside. The hospitality of       film in an adjoining theatre presents
Avin and Alva, the charming old           extraordinary visuals of the lake and
couple who owned the cottage, more        its surroundings with an excellent
than made up for the cold and wet         commentary on all the scientific data
weather. The whole place was so           collected by various explorers,
untouristy that we were amazed that       interspersed with interviews with
we seemed to be the only two visitors     various people who claim to have
there. The old couple told us many        sighted the monster.
stories about trekkers who came to            Outside, dominating the scene is a
stay in their cottage. They also          huge, life-size representation of
wanted to know lots of things about       ‘Nessie the Monster’, an artist’s
India. It was only after the weather      conception of the creature, rousing
cleared a bit that we dared to venture    the curiosity of the onlooker. Mythical
out and explore the little town.          or real, it captures your imagination.
                                          Next to the Monster Exhibition is a
                                          small cottage, now known as the
      MONSTER SIGHT                       William Wallace museum. Wallace,
    The village of Drumnadrochit,         better known as “Braveheart”,
once famous for its floral displays, is   immortalised in the Hollywood film of
now the focal point of ‘monster’ lore     the same name, was a Scottish hero
and legend. Dominating the little         who bravely fought against the
village, standing high on a hillock is    English invaders to defend Scottish
the Monster Exhibition, the Monster       independence in the year 1297.
of course being “Nessie.” The             There is a huge statue of the hero
signboard is visible from where you       riding a horse in front of the cottage,
get off from the bus. A visit to the      which is now a museum.                    down the lake, to explore the
exhibition is a good way to get               With the overpowering presence        mysteries and learn more about the
introduced to Nessie — whatever you       of Nessie next-door, the Scottish         fascinating Loch Ness, and no doubt
want to know about Nessie, you can        hero is dwarfed into insignificance —     with vague hopes of spotting Nessie.
find there, with the array of             not many people care to visit the             A short bus ride brings us to the
photographs, documented data of           museum. We bought tickets at the          lakeside where The Nessie Hunter,
scientific explorations and stories of    tourist information centre next to the    the vessel that will take us on the
sightings of the monster, telling you     Monster Exhibition, for the “ultimate     cruise is waiting for us. The vessel is
the whole story. A short documentary      Loch Ness experience” — a cruise          equipped with modern surveillance
                                                                                    and safety equipment including
                                                                                    colour TV, sonar, radar, VHF radio
                                                                                    and video equipment. It can carry a
                                                                                    maximum of 12 passengers,
                                                                                    providing seating for all inside in the
                                                                                    spacious, heated cabin or outside on
                                                                                    the aft deck. Every passenger can
                                                                                    have a chance to talk to the skipper.
                                                                                    We are lucky to have George
                                                                                    Edwards as our skipper and
                                                                                    commentator. He is the one who
                                                                                    found and recorded the greatest
                                                                                    known depth of the loch, named after
                                                                                    him as “Edwards Deep.” He is an
                                                                                    expert in Nessie lore besides being a
                                                                                    qualified MCA boat master and has
                                                                                    studied the Loch Ness phenomenon
                                                                                    for over 60 years.
                                                                                        Loch Ness, which is 24 miles long,
                                                                                    975 feet at its deepest, with a mean
                                                                                    depth of 700 feet, is the largest body
                                                                                    of fresh water in Europe. Scoured by
                                                                                    glaciers in the last Ice Age, the lake
                                                                                    became landlocked about 10,000 to

120                                        Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010
12,000 years ago. Our skipper                theories of it being a mythical monster   can be no caves at the bottom of
informs us that if the lake is emptied,      as rubbish. Far too many people have      Ness. Explorers diving deep into the
and people filled into the empty             seen it to be dismissed as a myth, he     waters of the lake are firm in their
depths, it can hold the population of        maintains. He is particularly harsh on    belief that there is nothing but silt at
the whole world three times over.            the National Geographic magazine          the bottom. He is also critical of the
    As we cruise along, he gives a           and Discovery channel versions of         physical attributes accorded to
lively commentary covering all               Nessie, and calls Operation Deep          Nessie by the media.
aspects of the lake and we have the          Scan as Operation Deep Scam, with             According to him, the animals are
option of watching the video inside          profound sarcasm in his voice.            five to 15 feet in length and nothing
the heated cabin or go on the cold                                                     like the “media monster” that
and windy aft deck to enjoy the                                                        resembles a dinosaur with three
spectacular scenery on either side of          MYTHICAL MONSTER                        humps. Those who perpetuate the
the lake. We pass the Urquhart Bay,             As far as he is concerned, it is       myth of the dinosaur forget the fact
the deepest part of the lake, where          nothing but an advertisement for the      that the creature became extinct 300
most sightings are believed to have          company that sponsored it. No sonar       million years ago. Even the name
taken place. The ruins of the                cameras can find the animal, he           Nessie, according to him, is a
Urquhart castle, sombre and                  says, for the simple reason that sonar    creation of the English media. In
mysterious, overlook the bay, a silent       can hit only a still object — unless of   Gaelic, the Loch Ness resident is
witness to the mysteries of the lake.        course the animals can be persuaded       called Eioch Uisge — pronounced
Many a bloody clan war was fought            to remain still just to be                “esh ooshge” meaning “water horse.”
behind the walls of this historic fort. If   photographed. As for the theory that          At the end of the two-hour cruise,
only stones could talk, what secrets         the creatures go into hiding in caves     we are no wiser as to the existence
would the castle reveal!                     deep at the bottom of the lake, he        or otherwise of the monster of Loch
    Edwards claims to have sighted           dismisses it all as nonsense as there     Ness. Perhaps, “seeing is believing”
Nessie at least 17 times and                                                           as they say, and since we were not
                                                         Travel Tips
according to him, it is not just one                                                   the lucky ones to sight Nessie, we
                                                How to go: Drumnadrochit is
monster (he prefers to call them                                                       left Drumnadrochit, our heads filled
                                             3-hour by road from Edinburgh, the
“creatures”), but several of them are                                                  with images of the spectacular lake
                                             nearest airport.
there living peacefully in the lake.                                                   and the mystery of the mythical
                                                Where to stay: Hotels, lodges
There are many others who have                                                         monster lingering in our minds. Real
                                             and private cottages.
sighted the animal, but do not report                                                  or mythical, Nessie had firmly
                                                When to go: Ideally, summer
for fear of ridicule. Nessie is very dear                                              captured our imagination by the time
to his heart and he dismisses all                                                      we left the little Scottish village. We

                                              Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010                                         121
                                                   ne     of the cherished

                                                   memories of my childhood
                                                   in Delhi is the jamun trees.
                                                   As many of you know, a
                                                   number of roads in Delhi
                                                   are lined with huge jamun
                                                   trees; and during the
                                                   season, March, April, May,
                                                   these trees would become
                                                   purple with the juicy fruits.
                                         Our school bus wound its way
                                      through these roads. And every day
                                      we saw a number of men and women
                                      picking the fruits. Four of them would
                                      stand beneath a tree holding the four
                                      corners of a huge white sheet while a
                                      few would be up shaking the fruit-
                                      laden branches as the jamuns
                                      cascaded down in a purple rain.

                                         Our bus stopped at a number of
                                      places to pick up the girls and we
                                      never wasted these opportunities.

                                      We’d stick our heads out of the bus
                                      windows literally begging the
                                      jammunwallahs – “Bhaiya, please,
                                      jamun do” (please give us some
                                      jamun) – and they would happily
                                      oblige. We had black salt and chaat
                                      masala ready and then we’d have a
                                      delicious picnic in the bus. There was
                                      also a competition amongst us as to
  The humble fruit with wondrous      whose lips and teeth were most
   properties. By Satarupa Banerjee      Thus began my love affair with the
                                      jamun, of course, as a child, I never
                                      bothered about the nutritious value
                                      of the fruit. It was only later that I
                                      realised how good this small purple
                                      fruit really is.
   Commonly known as the Indian            This can also be used as mouthwash
blackberry, jamun trees are found all      in case of bad breath.
over India whenever mangoes are               In cases of poisonous insect bites,
grown. The fruit is a juicy berry with a   the juice of the jamun leaves are
single stone. It is a very deep purple     given. The leaves can also be used
on the outside and violet inside; has      as a poultice on the bite.
a sweet-sour pulp and greenish-               For obstinate boils use the leaves
yellow seed.                               for dry fomentation. Sore eyes can
   The nutritive value per 100 gm          be treated the same way. The juice of
edible portion of jamun is 83.7 per        the leaves are also used for painful
cent moisture, 0.7 per cent protein,       gums.
0.3 per cent fat, 0.4 per cent                Jamuns are extremely effective in
minerals, 0.9 per cent fibre, 14.0 per     treating painful and bleeding piles.
cent carbohydrates, 15 mg calcium,         The fruit should be eaten with salt
15 mg phosphorus, 1.2 mg iron, 18          throughout the season. This will
mg vitamin C and a small amount of         alleviate the pain and the disease to
vitamin B complex. The calorific
value is 62.
                                           a great extent.
                                              Mention is made of the jamun in
                                           Charak Samhita – our ancient
                                           treatise on medicine. Sage Charaka
                                                                                     JAMUN SHAKE
     VALUABLE JAMUN                        used this fruit in the treatment for an
                                                                                     1 cup jamun pulp
                                                                                     1 cup mango pulp, 1 cup orange
    The     jamun     is   medicinally     enlarged liver. There are certain         or pineapple juice
extremely valuable and has many            natural acids in the fruit that secrete
                                                                                     Crushed ice
uses. All parts of the tree – bark,        digestive enzymes and stimulate the
seeds and fruits which are rich in         proper functioning of the liver.          1 tbsp honey
                                                                                     1/ cup seedless dates soaked
protein, carbohydrates and calcium –          Vinegar is also made from the            4
have some medicinal use or the             unripe acidic fruit which has             METHOD
other. The pulp of the fruit is dried      carminative properties – that is, it         Blend all in a mixie and serve
and powdered. This is then used as a       expels gas, flatulence and cures
                                                                                     chilled with crushed ice.
digestive aid. Many ayurvedic churan       stomach aches.
and herbal digestives contain this            The fruit is also used to cure
powder.                                    rheumatism. The root of the jamun
    Jamun has been traditionally used
as a cure for diabetes because of its
                                           tree is boiled in water. The hot water
                                           is then applied to painful joints to
effect on the pancreas. Particularly
the seeds, when dried and powdered
                                           provide relief and alleviate pain.        SQUASH
                                                                                     3.5 kg jamun
contain a glucose called ‘jamboline’
which has the power to check the                                                     1.5 kg sugar
pathological conversion of starch into                                               1.200 ml water
sugar. It is believed to reduce the                                                  1 tsp citric acid
quantity of sugar in urine and allay                                                 4 tbsp milk
unquenchable thirst – a symptom of                                                   1 tsp potassium meta bisulphate
diabetes. Drink an equal amount of
jamun and mango juice if you’re
diabetic.                                                                               Boil the jamun in a very little
    Ripe jamun juice is effective in                                                 water till soft. Strain and keep the
curing diarrhoea. You can have it                                                    juice aside.
mixed with curd. For children, try it                                                   Boil the sugar and water
mixed with goat’s milk or drink jamun                                                together stirring till the sugar
juice mixed with sugar candy (misri).                                                dissolves. Add the milk, 1 tbsp at
    The powdered seeds are also                                                      a time and remove the scum.
useful in treating diseases related to
                                                                                     Remove and cool.
the kidney – a 1/2 teaspoon should
                                                                                        Add the juice once the syrup
be taken every morning and evening.
The jamun is a natural diuretic.                                                     cools completely. Add the citric
    Roughly crush the bark of the tree                                               acid and potassium metabisul-
and boil in water. Strain and gargle                                                 phate.
with the water to relieve a sore throat.                                                Store in sterilised bottles. We

                                            Woman’s Era    ●   May (Second) 2010                                     123
    My Not-So-Literate
                    When a grandpa takes up astrology, does Uranus pop
                        his grandson’s balloon? By Puneeta Khatri

          strology is a good business, said my hubby        difficult. The problems started when, on his 60th
          folding the morning paper. “Why do you say        birthday, he asked for his janampatri. Pondering
          that?” I asked. “Look at the publicity and the    and pouring over it, he realised that one of the slow
          money the astrologers make,” he said              outer moving planets was going to make an
          showing me the picture of various politicians     important impact on his life. The question was what
          in Karnataka making a beeline for various         impact? This planet started giving him sleepless
          temples and gurus before the elections.           nights.
    “Even the bigwigs of the film industry and giant           When I asked him about his restlessness he
industrial groups always consult their astrologers          started explaining to me the 12 signs in the Zodiac
before undertaking a new venture,” my husband               and 12 houses. He was worried about the Uranus.
added.                                                      “Uranus takes seven years to travel through one
    As always, I merely nodded and continued                sign, so it would take 84 years for it to travel around
folding the washed clothes.                                 your horoscope before it arrives at the point it was
    “Film names, actors, actresses... all are decided       when you were born.”
after consulting an astrologer.”                               My head was reeling hearing all the facts and I
    “You mean the names like One, two, three,               asked, “So why are you concerned? You are only
Sunday, Black and White — all these names were              60.”
suggested by astrologers? No wonder most of the                “But sometimes it can take a turn and enter
movies flop these days,” I noted.                           suddenly. So I am worried, because it is going to
    “It is not the names which flop the movie, there        enter one of my houses and any good astrologer will
are other things also. Therefore, to help the mortals I     be concerned because Uranus is the planet which
think I should take up astrology.”                          brings about sudden events. It is unpredictable and
    “Astrology — and you? What do you know about            is considered an astrologer’s nightmare.”

    “Only that astrology is nothing but numerology                ow he had really got me worried about what
and nowadays there are computer packages                          was going to happen in our lives and I
available that do all the boring calculations for you.            wondered which of my dear ones would be
After all, it cannot be difficult to work out the various   involved.
permutations and combinations of nine planets.”                Seeing that he had my full attention he started to
    “Well, if computers can do that, then I am sure         make his calculations to predict the exact date and
there won’t be any need of all those gurus,” I                 time. Brooding over the charts he said, “There is
argued.                                                             no guarantee about the date but the effect
    As always my wilful,                                              can last weeks.”
obstinate hubby ignored                                                  “What kind of effect are you talking
my good advice and                                                         about?”
within a month he was                                                           “Uranus signifies outburst. A big
all set to try on mundane                                                       boom. It can also mean an
astrology about                                                                    accident.”
political and world                                                                     “A big boom? You mean
events — which,                                                                        explosion — a bomb
being a retired                                                                          explosion. A terrorist
bureaucrat, wasn’t                                                                         attack? That’s cool,
dad,” my younger son broke in.                               However modern and educated we may be the
   So, from that day, all our children and                D-Day was causing agitation in our lives.
grandchildren were forbidden to go to crowded                To ease the anxiety and fretfulness, we decided to
malls, movies or any other such places.                   take a family break at Ooty. Packed in the Innova,
   But the next day my hubby came up with a new           every member was having fun while my hubby
analysis and said, “Uranus signifies electricity also.”   peered inside the books.
So once again all the members were barred to go              When we were just on the outskirts of Mysore,
near the electric appliances. A simple task of turning    suddenly there was a loud explosion and what do
on the kettle or the TV became a nightmare in my          you know? — my grandson’s giant balloon popped.
house.                                                       Was that the boom he was talking about?
   Each day brought our whole family a step closer           My son screeched the car to a halt and we all
to what we now thought as our doom. Each new              burst out laughing while my grandson was in tears
event, good or bad in our life, was blamed on             and my hubby was about to cry.
Uranus. Realising it was not the one we all were             “You and your astrology!” I commented
waiting for, we moved on waiting for some other           recovering.
gigantic thing to take place.                                But all this did not deter my husband for, after two
                                                          days, he said, “One of the curious things about

     he suspense and worry taking were their toll on      some planets is that they appear to go backwards at
     my BP and finally I had to say, “What is the         certain times. This means that Uranus is going to go
     point of being a predictive astrologer — if you      back over my 4th house later on and then go
can’t even work out what is going to happen and           forward again. In other words, I have two more
when it is going to happen? I think we should consult     bouts with this planet until about the same time next
another, more experienced astrologer.”                    year. So he goes warning us about the explosions,
   This upset my husband terribly as his soul mate        cheerful and distressing events which may occur but
doubted him. He once again turned on the computer         somehow evade us all the time.”
and started solving the jigsaw puzzle of stars and           What’s more, he has also forbidden the
the planets. After much reckoning he came up with         grandchildren from playing with balloons. We will
the date. 28 March — that’s the D-Day.”                   just have to wait for the next boom.                  We
      A YEAR-OLD
           FILM SOCIETY
                                            Chairperson Nandita Das is ready
                                            to accept the challenge of
                                            uplifting the Children’s Film Society.
                                            By Ramesh Kumar Raja

     n the world of showbiz, where             Excerpts from the interview:         my shoulders. I’ll be happy if I can

     everyone is busy in the rat race          How do you take your appoint-        make some difference.
     or the numbers game, there are         ment as the chairperson of the
     very few people who think out of       Childrenʼs Film Society of India?          Are you fully prepared now to
     box and carve a niche for                 I was surprised and thrilled when    take up the challenges of running
     themselves. Actress Nandita Das        Ambika     Soniji    (Minister    for   this body?
     is one such person for whom            Information    and    Broadcasting)        It is almost four months and I’ve
     quality cinema comes first and         offered me this unexpected job. I am    yet to find my feet but I am
     the arc lights take a back seat.       a mid-career person. So, I feel this    determined to bring in some systemic
     Holding a bachelor’s degree in         has brought a huge responsibility on    changes. But it is a daunting task. A
geography, a master’s degree in
social work, a teaching stint in a
school, and experience of social work,
Nandita has come a long way in terms
of acting, direction and social activism.
    And the latest one in her kitty is
her appointment as the chairperson
of the Children’s Film Society of India
(CFSI), which many even dream of
in accordance with their seniority.
But, thanks to the Nandita’s
simplicity, grass-roots approach and
a long-term vision, the Ministry of
Information       and     Broad casting
bestowed on her the assignment to
make a difference on the global front,
for which she is well known with over
39 critically acclaimed feature films
in 10 different languages. In a topic-
based conver sation, the dusky
beauty opens up on her new job and

126                                           Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
certain kind of stagnancy sneaks into                                                 are known for their common interest
old organisations. However, I am pre-       I WAS ALREADY INTO                        in this particular genre.
pared enough now to tackle every           HUMAN RIGHTS WORK                              Moreover, we have to give
discrepancy.                                                                          children’s films a space where good
                                             MUCH BEFORE FILMS                        film-makers and scriptwriters want to
   Three years is a small time to           HAPPENED TO ME. MY                        come. However, it isn’t simple to
bring about changes on all fronts.                                                    change the status quo within some
Donʼt you think so?                          EXPERIENCES THERE                        days or some weeks. It’ll take time to
   I do feel so. But I’ve already          HAVE IMPACTED ON MY                        get the things done.
introduced some changes like
reviving the children’s jury at the        CHOICE OF MOVIES AS                            So how will you strike a balance
recently concluded 16th Children’s             AN ACTOR AND                           between the new assignment and
International Film Festival in Hydera-                                                your philanthropic causes and film
bad. I also instituted the best screen-          DIRECTOR.                            career?
play award, because I feel screen-                                                        I do agree with this general
play is the key to any movie and in a      competitive edge. We have an open          perception of balancing. But let me
children’s movie it becomes decisive.      mind to diverse views.                     tell you, I was already into human
                                                                                      rights work much before films
    Isnʼt it ironic that an over five-        Are you sure that youʼll get a          happened to me. My experiences
decade-old body is still struggling        free hand to make changes in a             there have impacted on my choice of
with some basic questions?                 government body?                           movies as an actor and director.
    I mean it’s time to redefine things.      It’s up to one’s ways of doing          Movies have given me an extensive
These days, children are exposed to        things differently. I’m getting            stage and so I am doing more in the
different media. What worked for us        abundant assistance from the I&B           form of encouragement than grass-
might not work for them. Some say          Ministry. A whole lot of people in         roots level work these days. To me,
reality shows, where winning almost        Bollywood are ready to support. I’ve       both are two inter-connected ways
becomes a matter of life and death,        roped in illustrious figures like Gulzar   leading to the same goal. Likewise,
are bad for them while some feel they      saab, Vishal Bharadwaj, Nagesh             my current responsibility will also go
give      them      that    indefinable    Kukunoor and Shyam Benegal, who            in the same vein.                   We
       How perverted men subtly take advantage of vulnerable
                   girls and women. By Puja Goyal
     t’s only 8 pm. The atmosphere is    change; he removed a 500-rupee           remain anonymous and preferred not

     calm for a walk and I am thinking   note, and asked, “10, Krishna            to get into a hustle. One girl who did
     that a hot cup of coffee on my      Apartments, bartiraa?” (10 Krishna       not want to be named said, “It
     way back to work would be nice. I   Apartments, you want to come?) The       creates a scene and everyone just
     have two hours to waste before I    whole act was executed so smoothly       comes to watch.” This is regardless
     get to host my show on air again    that I was caught off guard.             of the fact that the culprit is the one
     on the radio. So I zip my jacket       I set out to inquire about the whys   who should be afraid. Girls are often
     up, leave my studio and take a      and hows. I realise that mine was not    stigmatised and pulled up for being
     trip to the nearby cafe for a       an isolated incident; many girls have    a non-compromising party instead.
     cuppa.                              faced similar situations in their day-       Eve-teasers or abusers (as you
    There has been a lot of talk going   to-day lives.                            would like to call them) say that the
on in the media about how men with          The truth is that these sorts of      girl asked for it and they were not
wrong intentions pursue girls and that   incidents have been happening            dressed appropriately. Some abusers
girls should take care of themselves;    frequently and the girls have taken it   threaten and humiliate the victim in
but I wasn’t scared. After all, what     in their stride and learned to ignore    order to keep her in check.
are the odds that I will be the one      them. The most dangerous outcome             It did take me a while to decipher
who would be the next in line            of this is that they have slowly         what “10, Krishna Apts... bartiraa?”
amongst so many girls walking on the     become desensitised to their own         meant... and today it is difficult to
road? I have also heard that places      instincts.                               forget the smirk on the auto-rickshaw
that are crowded will be the least          Some even shrug it off by saying,     driver’s face. I thought, maybe, it’s
dangerous areas. If something did        “Well, what can we do? Is there a        my jeans and sweat shirt that gave
happen, then I could scream, shout,      solution?” The problem is, not that      him the wrong impression, but Mythili
and grab attention, and soon             the girls take it lightly; the girls     M. Sharma (counsellor) clarifies,
someone would come to my rescue.         consider      themselves      on   the   “You could be wearing a burkha or a
    Just then, an auto-rickshaw driver   defensive in the event of a              veil for all they care. The point is that,
got out of his vehicle and came to       confrontation.                           it doesn’t matter how you are
me. I thought, maybe, he needed             Most girls I spoke to preferred to    dressed. The incident you have

128                                        Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
described is much more serious than        like a damsel in distress                            Citizens should not be
eve-teasing. I’m surprised that most       and acting all cute when        EVE-TEASERS afraid to help out when
girls are not even tuned into their        she goes out. The truth               ARE A          they    see     someone
instincts and are lost in their own        is that we cannot be                                 having a tough time on
worlds. Events like these are              there all the time to            NUISANCE; the road.”
situational. It’s important to keep your   protect them, you know.           THEY MAKE             Manoj contemplates,
intuitive feelers sharp and be aware       What if a situation arises                           “The sorry thing in our
of your surroundings. What if you          when she is on her own?         NOISES AND society is that we do not
hadn’t heard him and were going            I did walk her to the gym DO ALL SORTS teach our women to be
                                           for some days, just to
home instead of going to your studio?
You would have hired the auto, and         keep a check though.”          OF THINGS TO rough andgirls as We
he would have taken you... goodness            Karthik adds, “The             ATTRACT           naive, pretty, homely girl
                                           girls in my class tell us
knows where...”
                                           such horrifying incidents
                                                                          ATTENTION. IF who needs Nothing to
                                                                                                protect her.
                                                                                                               a guy
       KNOW YOUR                           they go through. I even         YOU IGNORE wrong with being homely
                                           had a tiff with a guy once
      SURROUNDINGS                         because he teased my
                                                                            THEM, THEY but they to be also be
                                                                                                taught             tough
   Most girls who have been through        study mate. I think eve-           WILL STOP         because over time it
such situations, where a car has           teasers are a nuisance;                              affects their personality
stopped next to them, followed them,       they make noises and do
                                                                              DOING IT.         and they lose out
or stalked them, etc, do not know          all sorts of things to attract attention. because of us. Our movies also show
how to react. It is important to be        If you ignore them, they will stop women in all possible roles except
alert, confident and tuned into the        doing it. But if you react, they know the strong ones. Indians should wake
surroundings. Perpetrators in most         they have you under your skin. I up to realise how important it is for
cases study and choose their victims,      believe that it doesn’t matter what women to be set up for their own
they pick the ones who look                you wear — no one would tease security reasons.”
vulnerable and distant. They find          Madonna, for example, if she walks          Sometimes the perpetrators work
easy targets in girls who look frail and   on the road in shorts but, if it was as a team — it could be a female
easy to handle.                            Paris Hilton, then she would surely who approaches you first. They make
   Manish (a student) says, “My            get teased. This is because of the friends and take you out shopping,
sister came home one day and told          personality and the vibes girls send. buy you gifts and show you all the
me about this fellow who would stand       You have to look in control. You things you can have. It is a planned
on the road waiting for her every time     should not be afraid to be confident approach to seduce the victim.
she came from the gym. He would            and courageous.”                            Radhika says, “I was approached
make noises and faces when she                 Ujjwala advises, “Society should by this woman who said that she was
passed by. I told her to stop looking      develop a zero-tolerance policy. new in town and wanted to make

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                          129
friends.         She       looked                                                           mother was outside; but I
presentable and was a                                                                       wasn’t safe. I didn’t even need
housewife, so I did not mind.                                                               an endoscope. Everyone in
My husband is away most of                                                                  that    room     knows     what
the time, so I thought it would                                                             happened but are more
be nice to have some                                                                        bothered about their jobs. They
company. She would show me                                                                  would not support me and I
a lot of expensive things and                                                               couldn’t file a complaint
tell me how easy it is to have                                                              because no one would believe
an easy lifestyle. Sources later                                                            me.”
informed me that she and her                                                                   So how does one decide
friends were running a                                                                      when a doctor is becoming a
prostitution web. That woman                                                                perpetrator? We do not expect
broke my trust.”                                                                            a doctor or a teacher to do
    Swetha (14) studying in a                                                               something inconceivable. It is
well-known school in Bangalore class section changed, though.”                      always advisable to ask for a female
reveals, “I was walking up Lavelle          Both Mythili and RJ Padma agree         doctor and nurse and take a family
Road with my friend. A man that transparency between children                       member with you if you can. Leave if
approached and asked me for and their parents is crucial. Parents                   you realise that something is not
directions to a hotel. I looked into the should make it a habit to talk to their    right. Most cases are not reported
map he was showing me. He forced children. There is always a clue in                because the victim does not want to
me to look down. He was saying, the child’s behaviour if something is               be singled out and she is afraid of
“Look... look, look...” I didn’t wrong. Don’t force it on them and                  the social stigma. RJ Padma is
understand... He moved the map make it compulsory for them to talk.                 perturbed at the turn of events and
slightly... I was shocked because I Let the issues come out casually.               she has some advice to give, “Times
had never seen a man’s thing in my                                                  are changing; more incidents like
life... I will never forget it. I haven’t
even told my mother about it.”
                                                  OBSERVE                           these are coming out. One needs to
                                                                                    be able to analyse the situation
    Such incidents can be extremely            BODY LANGUAGE                        intelligently and not be afraid to ask
traumatising to children — what is          Pursue the issue at a later time        for help.”
worse is that they might never come when the atmosphere is more                         Mythili adds, “A woman should
up to talk about it. It could either be comfortable. Mythili says, “Observe         never put herself into a weaker
because they are embarrassed, or body             language         and     facial   situation. Can I be alert and have
they do not know how to approach expressions. There are clues in                    higher wisdom? Don’t blame yourself
the subject; or they think that their them.” It is important for us to              if something happens because it lets
parents will probably scold them and empower our children, so they can              you into a vicious cycle of hurt.”
never let them go out with their differentiate between the rights and                   On hearing Simone’s story, RJ
friends again.                            wrongs for themselves. It is              Padma reiterates, “We are not in the
    Padma Shimoga, an RJ with All impossible to look over them 24x7.”               West where bad press is good press.
India Radio and actress (Belli Chikki,      Simone, actor (35), reveals that        I might be an actor and radio jockey
Methai Mane, Poorva                                 sometimes            visiting   outside, but back home I live in the
Para), was scared of MOST CASES doctors can be scary... “I                          same social set-up. Media considers
going to school. “We had                            was visiting a reputed          you brave to come up and talk about
a teacher in the fourth             ARE NOT         doctor for an annual            what happened; in the end, it
standard who used to               REPORTED         check-up. He asked me to        becomes a humiliating media dance
call my friend for extra
classes and give her
                                BECAUSE THE get some an endoscope
                                                                 tests done and     for you and a huge publicity for the
                                                                                    culprit. It is a stigma that people will
colourful chalks. The VICTIM DOES                   without consulting me;          never let you forget.”
special classes went on           NOT WANT everything happened so                       Today, even celebrities have
for weeks. She came to                              quickly that I didn’t even      become ready targets thanks to the
me one day and said that             TO BE          realise it... Everyone from     position they have in society. They
he used to touch her, SINGLED OUT the nurse to the lab                              can be easy victims because the
and make her do things...
she was scared. I was
                                  AND SHE IS attendant the procedure
                                                                  was there. He     perpetrator knows that the celebrity
                                                                                    will not speak out... There is too
scared too. I asked my             AFRAID OF        and suddenly rubbed his         much at stake. He knows he can get
parents to change my              THE SOCIAL privates to my knees. It               away with it; society has already
school, but that wasn’t                             was the most humiliating        conditioned the victim to be a
possible. I did get my
                                    STIGMA.         experience in my life. My       scapegoat.                           We

130                                         Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010
Easy to take off but difficult to close         It is an obstacle for his desire
Is what the masculine hand wants                In it she controls her fire
Difficult to take off but easy to close         The power of the two pieces of flimsies
Is what the feminine hand wants                 Have waged war and broken many
It should reveal more than it conceals          treaties.
Is what the masculine eye wants                               – Yash Pal Singh, Faridabad
It should conceal more than it reveals
Is what modesty wants
It secures her twin assets
It puts her mind at rest
It preserves her size and shape
And prevents her from becoming an ape
But in the cleavage he wants to dwell
In this deep thought he revels
For her it is an armour and a chastity belt
For him it is a challenge and he is hell bent
To discover the bounties of nature
It is a protection to prevent his rapture
      CAME TO BE

              Though nothing
                 big in India,
                   the idea
               is a big way to
                 show one’s
                affection and
              for one’s father.
                 By Sia Mitra
               e worship our parents,      raising the six children as a single Richard Nixon signed the law, which

               specially our fathers.      parent. As the young Sonora finally made it permanent in 1972.
               They are our role           matured, she truly realised her             So, what started as a personal
               models and our heroes.      father’s grit and selflessness in tribute of a loving daughter gradually
               We are deeply indebted      single-handedly raising six children. swelled into a national father’s day, a
               to them for sacrificing     Her father had made all the parental commemoration of the father figure.
               their time and energy for   sacrifices in raising them in the face     This day is celebrated with lots of
               the welfare of their        of adversity. He could have remarried warmth, and gifts are exchanged.
               children. However hard      and had a happy and contented life. Children sport roses for their fathers.
               we may try, we cannot       Instead, he chose the well-being of It is customary to wear a red rose for
wash away this obligation.                 his children and remained true to the a living father. If your father is not
    One dedicated daughter found out       memory of their dead mother.           alive you remember him by wearing a
a very unique way to pay tribute to            As she was listening to a mother's white rose.
her dear daddy. She decided to             day sermon in 1909, Sonora wanted          The day usually starts with
dedicate a day as a grateful gesture       her father to know how special he children preparing and serving
to the self-sacrificing devotion of her    was. So she thought of a way to breakfast in bed to their dear dads.
father.                                    immortalise her courage and love. As The tray is loaded with their father's
    Father's Day is celebrated in the      William Smart was born in June, favourites, gifts, flowers and cards. It
USA on the third Sunday in June            Sonora Dodd celebrated the first is traditional to gift creative ties for
every year. It is a tribute to the         Father's Day on 19 June, 1910 in Father’s day. The cards usually
selfless love and support of one’s         Spokane, Washington.                             proclaim "World's Best
father. It is day to honour not only           This idea caught the     THE DAY IS Dad". The day is spent
your father, but also all the Father       imagination of the               SPENT           together with the family.
Figures in your life: grandfathers,
stepfathers, uncles and brothers.
                                           people and later on was
                                           celebrated at various
                                                                        TOGETHER Usually There is a cook-
                                                                                                        a    picnic      is

    It was Mrs Sonora Dodd who             places.                       WITH THE out arranged normally
brought up the idea of Father's Day               The idea of a            FAMILY.          prepared by dad himself.
in 1909.                                   national father’s day        USUALLY A Families indulge in outdoor
    This was done in the memory of
her father William Smart. Mr Smart
                                                    supported     by
                                                                         PICNIC IS activities like kite flying and
was a civil war veteran. His wife          Coolidge in 1924.          ORGANISED. baseball.
passed away during the birth of their          It was only in 1966      THERE IS A
sixth child. Young William Smart was       that President Lyndon COOK-OUT                    WHAT YOU CAN DO
left all alone with five children and a    Johnson declared the ARRANGED                        There are many things
newborn to care for. They were living      third Sunday of June as                          you can do to pay tribute to
on a rural farm in eastern                 the national father's day    NORMALLY your father. Many a times
Washington State.                          by          presidential PREPARED BY your father must have set
    Life was hard and lonely for him       proclamation. President           DAD            aside his hobbies and
                                                                          HIMSELF.          pastimes to spend time with
                                                                                            you. This day is for you to
                                                                                  pay back that debt. The main idea is
                                                                                  to spend the day doing something
                                                                                  that your father will enjoy.
                                                                                      Apart from these physical
                                                                                  manifestations of their love, a father
                                                                                  needs an acknowledgement of their
                                                                                  love above all. Therefore, a lot of love
                                                                                  and affection is showered most on
                                                                                  this day. It is an occasion to tell your
                                                                                  father that you love and respect him
                                                                                  immensely and the reasons for it. Of
                                                                                  course, a great bear hug is
                                                                                  mandatory! Now, Father's day is
                                                                                  celebrated worldwide. The USA, UK
                                                                                  and Canada celebrate Father's Day
                                                                                  on the third Sunday in June. In
                                                                                  Australia. Father's Day is celebrated
                                                                                  on the first Sunday in September. We

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                           133

            Conditioned reflex
             Meena used to suffer from a critical loss during a final stage
          performance – till her director found a person to solve her problem.

                                            By Keshargandha
            eena was often selected to enact the          “Have you never appeared on stage before? Is
            heroine roles in the students’ plays in       stage fright worrying you?”
            school. So she was not surprised when            “Can I speak with you in private?” Meena
            Professor Bhalba chose her as the heroine     whispered.
            of the play he staged every year during the      “Of course.”
            college social. He was satisfied with her        They went to the make-up room in the wing
            audition. He liked her presentation during    and she explained her anxiety. After listening
the rehearsals, even remarked that she could              to her, Bhalba cogitated for a while.
become a successful professional actress. Although           “One of our students is an amateur
she was flattered, it didn’t help Meena overcome her      hypnotist. He performed some amazing
fears about the staging night.                            hypnotic feats during the last year’s social.
   Earlier, she had enjoyed great successes,              Maybe he can help us find out the cause.
applauses and won prizes in school plays. Then            He might even be able to remedy it.
things started going wrong. She would lose her            He had played a role in the
voice, the volume and punch at the critical time. She     college drama. Pramod
did very well during rehearsals and impressed all
present with the intonation and range of her
articulation. Yet, on the final night, her vocalisation
would flop, sinking the whole venture. The entire
play would be hooted. The admiration in her co-
actors’ eyes would morph to accusation.
   If I failed this time, I should give up acting, or
at least limit myself to only solo items, lest
others suffer due to my failure, she
pondered. She hoped her fear didn’t
show on her face as she sipped tea
during the recess in the rehearsals in
the college hall. But Bhalba was a
seasoned observer. He discerned her
tension from five metres away. He had not
become an ace actor and director for
nothing. The hefty professor walked up to
Meena and sat on a nearby chair.
   “I see fear lurking deep in your eyes,” he
spoke softly. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you
satisfied with your performance? You are
doing fine.”
   When she didn’t reply for a while, he asked.
attends rehearsals sometimes. Luckily, he has come          in a deserted classroom next day at noon.
today.”                                                        “Your eyes are getting tired, watery, heavy. You
    Bhalba took Meena to a dark, stout,                     are feeling sleepy,” Pramod said in a soft, soothing,
be spectacled youth sitting on a chair in the wings of monotonous voice. He repeated the suggestions
the stage, and introduced the two. The director             monotonously a number of times.
explained the situation to Pramod.                             “You are breathing deeply. You want to go into a
    “Yes, I think I can help you,” Pramod said after        deep, pleasant sleep. Slowly, other sounds will
deliberating for a while.                                   become fainter and fainter. You will cease to hear
    “Can you hypnotise me?” Meena asked                     any other sound except my voice.”
doubtfully. He didn’t have bright, mesmerising eyes

like the hypnotists in movies.                                    ranquillity on a subject’s face, and deep
    “If you cooperate,” Pramod had a confident                    breathing are clear indications of the subject’s
voice. “If both of us cooperate, we can accomplish                hypnotisation. Nevertheless, Pramod went
what only one of us can’t.”                                 ahead with the tests for the depth of the spell.
    “When?” Meena asked.                                       “You can open your eyes now. You will still be in
    “Tomorrow. I will need some apparatus.”                 a hypnotic trance,” he told Meena. She opened her
    “I thought hypnotists use their eyes to cast a          eyes.
spell.”                                                        “Hold your hands in front, fingers of one hand
    “Not all the hypnotists,” Pramod explained.             entangled with the other’s, each hand clasping the
“There are many ways to induce the state. Some use          other, like this.” Pramod demonstrated. Meena
only sound, particularly when hypnotising                             complied, “Your hands are getting stuck to
the blind.”                                                           each other as if they are glued. They are
    Bhalba appeared as surprised as                 “Not all the      stuck. You can’t separate them even if you
Meena was by the information.                      hypnotists,”       wish. The harder you try to separate them,
    “Movies and novels spread many                    Pramod          the more forcefully they get stuck. Now try.
misconceptions about hypnosis — like: one            explained.       You can’t separate them. They are stuck.
can hypnotise a person against his wish,             “There are       Try, you can’t separate your hands.”
make him do anything under the spell,              many ways to Pramod saw Meena striving to disengage
even something against the person’s                  induce the       her hands and failing. The first test was
morals. I wonder if any hypnotist can do            state. Some       successful.
that. At least I can’t.”                              use only            “I will now count up to three,” he said.
    When he started studying the science —             sound,         “As I count, your hands will get unstuck
which can also be called an art — even              particularly      slowly. When I say three your hands will
Pramod had thought that hypnotism can be                when          be totally free.”
used to enslave a person mentally — make           hypnotising            In the next test, Pramod told Meena to
a beautiful girl like Meena, yield to him. As        the blind.”      close her eyes again. Then he held
he delved into the techniques, Pramod                                 Meena’s hands horizontally in line with her
realised that you can’t exploit a person after              torso, and induced catalepsy. The limbs became
hypnotising him or her. Nonetheless, you can access rigid, and numb. He pricked the left forearm with the
the subject’s subconscious mind, which controls most point of his ball pen. But there was no reflex
of the body functions. Hypnosis can help recall the         reaction. Meena was in a deep hypnotic sleep. Now
past and excavate the incidents buried in the past. It      he would probe her past.
can be used to alleviate pain, grief and cure some             “Go back to the past,” Pramod told Meena.
psychic maladies. He had succeeded earlier in               “When did your voice fail you for the first time?”
curing chronic headache of a classmate by                      “Can’t remember...”
hypnotising him.                                               “Try harder. You will remember, very soon.”
                                                               “Yes, I remember now. It was at the school

      ramod was aware that he did not have a very           gathering two years ago.”
      impressive personality, no awesome bright                “What happened that day? Were you upset
      eyes. He usually used a picture of alternate          about something — some quarrel? Some
black and white concentric circles to hypnotise his         disappointment? Anything which had perturbed
subjects. It was as good as a crystal, a pendulum-          you?”
like swaying pendant, or a rotating disc inducing              “Nothing at all. In fact, I was bubbling with zest,
illusion of emerging circles.                               in anticipation of applause, the prize.”
    Pramod told Meena to stare at the concentric               Then it suddenly dawned on Pramod — like
circles on a cardboard sheet he gave her. They sat          lightning intuition.

                                        Woman’s Era   ●   May (Second) 2010                                   135
   “Was your throat — the voice box – all        “That’s the       throat soothers like honey and cough
right? Did you have a sore throat — colds,      reason your        lozenges a couple of days before any
cough?”                                           voice was        performance. That will ensure that you won’t
   “Yes,” Meena said enthusiastically. “I      inaudible. No       have a sore throat. There would be no
had a sore throat. I was barely audible         other reason.      reason, none at all, for voice deterioration.”
even from a metre away.”                            Wrong             “Thank you, Pramod.”
   “That’s the reason your voice was             association          “Now I will count up to 10. You will
inaudible. No other reason. Wrong                    of the        slowly wake up from the hypnotic sleep.
association of the presentation night with
                                                presentation       When I reach 10, you will be fully awake
                                               night with the
the failure created unwarranted fear — a       failure created     and open your eyes.”
conditioned reflex in your mind. I am           unwarranted           Later, Pramod attended the play. He sat
removing it forever now. It’s gone!                fear — a        on a chair in the wings. Meena approached
Henceforth, your voice will not fail you on      conditioned       him half an hour before the curtain rose.
the presentation night. When you see the       reflex in your      She was obviously sucking some lozenge.
audience, your subconscious mind will                mind.         She looked more beautiful and gorgeous in
recall the previous triumphs: applause,                            the queenly attire.
acclaim, prizes. The volume and variety in your               “Would you like to hypnotise me again?” her
voice will improve, enhance, grow. Your intonation         voice sounded like a melodious bell.
will be better and better with time.”                         “Not necessary,” Pramod assured her. “You
   “Thank you, Pramod.”                                    sound fine, and it will be even better when you face
   Pramod felt gratified. Then he had another bright       the audience.”
idea.                                                         Pramod proved right. In addition to many
   “Since you are vulnerable to conditioned reflex, I      applauses, Meena also won the prize for best
can use it as an antidote,” Pramod said. “Start using acting.                                                  We
                                           MONEY MATTERS
                                          clasps, which can be added or              though a single paisa is not invested
                                          removed, to bring this transformation.     by you.
                                          Starting from Rs 4,250 the ornaments
                                          can be changed for every occasion.         As having too many credit cards is
                                          As the jewellery doubles up as a new       bad, I want to close some. How
                                          piece, you are saved from buying a         should elimination process take
                                          lot of ornaments.                          place?
                                                                                        Don’t close oldest credit card, first.
                                          I earn money through selling of post       Otherwise, your credit record with

                                          office small savings schemes and           bank, suffers a blot. Close credit
                                          deposits certificates. Would the           cards, which offer least credit limit.
                                          income come under “commission”
Can bank give loan for skill upgrad-      category? My women colleagues are          I want to invest money in a gold
ation course? I want to improve my        saying so. Which form should be            exchange traded fund, for my
qualifications, though already in a       submitted by me for income tax             daughter. But, how should systematic
job.                                      declaration?                               planning be done?
   A career development loan is                Many women have taken up the              You can give instructions to gold

offered by banks, which can go up to      job of selling post office small savings   exchange traded fund, that every
Rs.10 lakhs, also. You can go for         schemes and deposits. Yes, it is           week or month, a certain amount of
improving skills or take up short         considered as commission, which            money should be put in gold fund.
duration course.                          falls under “income from business,”        The investment would, thus, be

                                          under income tax rules. You have to        regular and not a haphazard affair.
What is multi-wear jewellery and how      fill return in ITR – 4, while submitting            E-mail your queries to:
can it save me money?                     tax.                                               money@womansera.com
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multi-wear jewellery. Jewellery shops     house, have to pay lower stamp duty.        your money queries, right from income
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bajubandhs. There are links and           lower stamp duty would be charged,                    New Delhi-110055.

                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                               137
           How to block the
          infoglut – and get
          more brain space
            for tranquillity.
            By Dr Rumy Agarwal
                 ech-savvy is one description

                 which doesn’t fit me at all —
                 in fact, I’ve always felt like a
                 geek while working/buying/-
                 figuring out electronics. But,
                 thanks       to    tech nology
                 becoming an intricate part of
                 our everyday life, I can safely
                 say that I can now handle my
                 cellphone, DVD player,
       microwave, computer, digital camera,
       etc, workably well (pssst…that is as
       long as I stick to the very basics;
       when it comes to operating the hi-fi
       functions, I admit I am totally out of
       my depth).
           But it isn’t nano-technology alone
       which stumps me or bogs me down
       — I mean, this is not what this article
       is about. I am getting snowed under,
       smothered and suffocated by an
       information overload and I find the
       present scenario, as well as the
       prognosis, pretty dismal. And that is
       what I wish to discuss today.
           The blizzard of information starts
       with the morning newspaper — and
       research proves that an average
       weekday edition contains as much
       information as a 17th century person
       would have encountered in his entire
       lifetime! Phew, that’s phenomenal,
       what do you say? But it doesn’t end
       here —there are the magazines, e-
mails, faxes, phone messages, the
notepad, the cellphone, the radio, TV,
computer, the Apple iPod and, of
course, the mother of them all, the
worldwide web where the click of a
mouse opens up enormous vistas of
information. Well, the aficionados of
the information culture couldn’t have
asked for more! But a pertinent
question would be, “Do we really
need all this data?” And if supposing
we do (trust me, we don’t!), then at
what price? Is the stress, eye
damage and overwhelming confusion
which we are burdened with as a
result of this data smog, really worth
    No, it isn’t. And psychologists and
medical researchers have collected
enough evidence to prove it. They
vehemently claim that the deluge of
information that an average person          But honestly, how much of all that       and learn to use search engines
is confronted with in a single day has we read or hear during the whole              effectively so as not to waste time
these effects on him or her:            day, do we really remember at the            getting entangled in redundant
    ● It dulls the mind, making it      end of the day? Sometimes,                   information.
difficult to apply oneself to the facts exceptionally little in fact. Doesn’t that
that really matter.                     tell us something? I believe it tells us
    ● Stress spills over into all       that the brain can assimilate just              JUNK INFORMATION
aspects of life, thereby jeopardising about that much intake and no more                Actually, all the junk information
relationships.                          — it gets overworked and tired and           that we keep piling onto our brains
    ● The excessive informational       hence falls prey to what is medically        gets us all muddled up and hence we
input inhibits decision-making and termed          as      “information-fatigue      get stressed out. If we consciously
results in inaction!                    syndrome.”                                   stop assaulting our brain with data,
    Alarming findings! And we proudly       Battered as we are by information        we’d be under less stress and thus
thought that we were hurtling into a all our waking hours, it behoves us             better able to interact with people,
sci-fi age!                             to block out useless or irrelevant data      leading to healthier interpersonal
    Well then, what now? The flood of from creeping into our subconscious.           relationships ! You see, relationships,
information is definitely not going to Sometimes I wish that, like the               and hence lives, are better enjoyed
subside (if anything, it’ll go on cellphone, the human brain too could               when simplified. Relishing the simple
increasing), so obviously, we must beep a message: “WARNING!                         pleasures—enjoying a quiet evening,
learn to get a handle on it – for our Memory is 98 per cent full!” and we            watching the sunset or a rainbow,
own sakes. Here are a few pointers, could then press the “Delete” option             walking on dewy grass with a loved
for whatever they are worth!            to weed out all trash!                       one, playing with a pet or a child
    The first step is obviously to          Talking of the cellphone, it isn’t       indulging in a hobby are great de-
acknowledge that, yes, we are such a bad idea to keep it switched                    stressors, especially because these
bombarded with more                                  off for at least a couple       activities allow the brain to relax
information than we need/ ACTUALLY, ALL of hours daily — just                        instead of constantly processing data
can handle/is good for our                           becoming “unreachable”          inputs.
physical and mental well-          THE JUNK          for a short period can             It is up to you to decide when, and
being. The irony is that INFORMATION give us time to clear the                       for how long, to close the “inbox” of
most of us do not realise                            mind. Restricting TV            your brain each day (and this is in
this because we are THAT WE KEEP viewing and switching off                           addition to your regular sleep hours),
obsessed with keeping PILING ONTO the radio are also                                 but it must be done if you do not wish
abreast of the times and                                                             to explode. Hey, don’t pick up that
being        knowledgeable      OUR BRAINS practical ways to infor-
                                                     ourselves from
                                                                                     magazine yet…remove your hand
about everything that is        GETS US ALL mation overload. And                     from the computer mouse…say,
going on around us and                               yes, computer buffs can         “Boo” to the world of information
even far, far away from us. MUDDLED UP. filter incoming e-mails                      when you can!                       We

                                             Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                            139

                                          the time such rituals began. Indian        the soap hardens it will effectively
                                          fruits may not be the most exotic, but     close the leak until the gasman
                                          like India itself, they are solid,         comes. Also turn off the gas

                                          timeless and always reliable.              regulator.

We have a steel sink in our kitchen,      Sometimes, when we make a curry            When we buy a flower vase from the
so it should always be shining. But       or vegetable in a pan, the smell of        market there is no way we can find
we have hard water and so it always       onions and garlic does not go for a        out if it is leaking or not. Only on
looks dull and dirty. How can we          long time, even after several washes.      adding water in it at home, we find
remove the hard water stains?             Please help.                               that it leaks. What can we do?
   Use a cloth dipped in methylated           It is a very common problem, and          When you get a leaking vase, do
spirit to remove water spots from a       if we want to use the pan for some         not panic. Coat the inside with a thick
stainless steel sink. The spots can       other purpose it becomes very              layer of paraffin and allow it to
also be removed with white vinegar        difficult. Just try washing the pan with   harden. The paraffin will last

or club soda.                             warm water to which some salt has          indefinitely and the vase will not leak.

                                          been added.

How can we separate glasses, when                                                    Sometimes when something gets
one is stuck inside another?               If we buy a large quantity of rice,       burnt badly in the kitchen, it is filled
   While storing glasses to save          how should we store it to keep it free     with smoke. How can we get rid of
space, we place them one on top of        of worms?                                  it?

the other. But when it is time to use         If you have a large quantity of rice       The smoke can be made to
them, we find that some of them are       in your home, it does need some            disappear quickly by putting on the
stuck. But in a hurry do not force        thinking how to keep it free of worms      exhaust fan. Or soak a towel in water
them apart. Fill the top glass with       especially when things are so              and swish it around and the smoke
cold water and dip the lower one in       expensive these days. You can either       will disappear quickly.
hot water. They will come apart           shake some powdered salt or boric                            – Savita Bhargava.
without breaking.                         powder in it and store it in clean and

                                          dry airtight containers.

Most of the vegetables and fruits we
eat have been brought to us by            How can we find if our gas pipe is                        If you have any
travellers from all over the world,       leaking and needs to be replaced?                      problem in cooking or
                                                                                            kitchen, write to Woman’s Era.
hundreds of years ago. Are there any         When you smell the gas (even                       We shall try to help you
fruits which we can call our own, or is   when all the burners are on the off                          sort it out.
                                                                                                Address your queries to:
everything of foreign origin?             position) in the kitchen, the problem
                                                                                                WOMAN'S ERA,
    Yes of course, there are a number     may be with the gas pipe. Lather the                 E-3, Jhandewala Estate,
of fruits we can call our own. The        pipe with soapy water. The escaping                      Rani Jhansi Marg
most famous is the mango. The king        gas will cause the soapy water to                      New Delhi-110 055
                                                                                               Click womansera.com to
of the Indian fruit bunch is the          bubble, revealing the damaged                           lodge your queries.
banana. Also entirely Indian in origin    areas. You can make a temporary
is the coconut. It seems to have been     plug by moistening a cake of soap
a part of Hindu rituals almost from       and pressing it over the spot. When
                                            HAND-ME-UPS    Traffic on the hand-me-down and
                                                         hand-me-up street is now flowing in
                                                                  more directions. By M. Ashok
            re you one of those lucky       that every manufacturer can dream         use these thingumajigs which

            folks who, like me, are first   up. All these are fads for less than a    supposedly “have too few pixels”? I
            in birth order? We may          year, after which your teenager or        daren’t ask the question that’s
            have no other claim to          ‘tweenager’ or even kid just has to       uppermost in my mind, “What do
            fame but that of beating        have a new iPod, and wouldn’t dream       pixels have to do with photography?”
            our siblings to the starting    of using a computer which does not           Now, it has become standard
            gate in the Stork Derby. By     have an LCD monitor.                      procedure that any gadget that has
            virtue of this, throughout         The DVD players your children          been in my children’s possession for
            our childhood we escaped        begged and pleaded for, stand             more than two years is OLD, if not
            being saddled with used         scorned in one corner of the room as      Ancient and definitely obsolete. Yes, I
clothes – yes, the infamous hand-me-        your offspring perform the same song      have been their parent for much
downs.                                      and dance routine for graphic-            longer than two years. If I don’t
   Our siblings strived long and hard       intensive blue ray players. You are       acquiesce and gratefully accept their
to wriggle out of wearing our hand-         about to protest when you recall very     hand-me-ups – to be replaced by
me-downs. But alas! our parents             graphically, your father describing his   state-of-the-art models of course,
were firm in their insistence (they         trusty portable manual typewriter in      maybe I’m in danger of being traded
called it tough love!).                     great detail, as you begged for a         up for a new, improved Wi-Fi-ready
   “You call this old? All our              computer.                                 parent complete with blue tooth
neighbours are going to ask you                                                       capability – I don’t think my gold tooth
where you were able to get this                                                       counts! Clearly, society is changing
beautiful shirt/ pair of trousers/kurta,”    YOU SET AN EXAMPLE                       very fast and, unlike the era when I
they exclaimed, while you watched in            You decide you will set a good        was growing up, now the youngsters
glee as your brother mumbled and            example by graciously accepting           are the main consumers, especially
muttered that some day the tables           each of their four or five hand-me-up     of electronics and automobiles.
would surely be turned. Luckily for         mobile phones (which come with            Parents have to strive very hard to
most of us firstborns, we left home         instructions you feel you need a PhD      understand the technology, let alone
before some of our brothers shot up         in telecommunications to understand,      conquer the innate uneasiness when
to be taller or more athletic than us.      but which they claim is too simple        using things that seem to be more
   However, today’s throw-away              and throw the instruction manual,         intelligent than us!
culture is making us a willing              your lifeline, and say, “Just use it,        Thus, the traffic on the hand-me-
participant in the hand-me-down             okay?”.                                   down and hand-me-up street is now
game – except that now we are at                This of course leads to your being    flowing in more directions irrespective
the receiving end of what I’d humbly        gifted two digital cameras (oh dear, it   of our birth order, and perhaps our
submit ought to be called the hand-         seems but yesterday that I had to talk    younger siblings are standing on the
me-up ritual.                               my dad into giving up his ‘box            sidelines and cheering as we meekly
   Our children are the targeted            camera, to graduate to a single-lens      accept what our children have
audience of every electronic doodad,        reflex). And how am I supposed to         discarded.                            We

                                              Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                             141
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YADAV 28,158 computer engineer,fair
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                                                       Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010                                                                 145
                                         member of the family. Hats off to the                                                                                    ment to fix an age limit for the child,
                                         editor for the excellent editorials. I am                                                                                below which a child should not
                                         very much impressed to read                                                                                              participate in reality shows.
                                         Woman’s Era regularly.                                                                                                                   – Dr Roopa Vernekar.
                                          – Om Prakash Srivastav, Lucknow.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TAINTE     D POLITIC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                in the recently State’s public would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PEOPLE GET THE
                                                                                                                                                   THE ART OF                                                                                                                                                                                              GOVT THEY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          t was expected                 that the
                                                                                                                                                                                            OF POLICE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to                                                     But the election
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          elections                                              in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        nt has decided                     Assembly                and integrity. causes more worry
                                                                                                                                                                                            Central Governme                                               vote for stability

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rathore                                                 of it
                                                                                                             is a wonderful                                                t last the                                 Police SPS to him                                        arising out            JMM supreme
                                                                                                 marriage                      two                                                              IG of Haryana                                         and the situation                                                         his
                                                                                                             ip in which                                                    strip former medal that was awarded                   In fact, the                            political observers.               again despite

                                                                                                 relationsh                                                                                                                                                 minds of                     Chief Minister which has been
                                                                                                                come together                                               of the police                        years ago. in view of the                            become the
                                                                                                 individuals each other’s                                                                      service 25              this step                       Soren has                      is more, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     saw no fault
                                                                                                  to share                                                        for his excellent forced to take                                Punjab and                      image. What                        about him,            nt.
                                                                                                                  and sorrows,                                                    nt was                         sides after in Ruchika tainted all kinds of nasty things the governme
                                                                                                  happiness by each other                                         Governme                           from all                                                                          him to form                          iceberg
                                                                                                                                                                                  pressure                        SPS Rathore him to six saying                      hands with                               tip of an
                                                                                                   and to stand bad times.                                         mounting                         convicted                                           in joining                           is just the              name comes
                                                                                                               and                                                              High Court case and sentenced                                                             Shibu Soren                politics. His
                                                                                                   in good                     many                                Haryana                          n                                                        Actually                                                        murder
                                                                                                                tely, in so                                                                                                                                                       tion of Indian convicted in the

                                                                                                                                                LIVING TOGETHER

                                                                                                    Unfortuna                of the                                Girhotra                     ent.                     of many other is IPS called criminalisa he has been                                               that time,
                                                                                                                 , one                                              month imprisonm                   but case
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  files                                              because                                 h Jha. At
                                                                                                    marriages         to manipulate                                                                                        One of them in the to mind                                         Shashinat                      nt. After
                                                                                                    partners tries reasons. An                                          Not only Rathore opened now.                                                                            secretary              UPA Governme cabinet.

                                                              IN AN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      guilty              of his personal Minister in the
                                                                                                                                                                                        would be                     been found                                                                                   from the
                                                                                                      for selfish                                                   officials too                        who has                                                        Union                        to resign                        nt

                                            ARE YOU
                                                                                       the other                  is one in
                                                                                                                                which                                                    Sharma,                                .                          he was a             he was forced                    UPA governme t,
                                                                                                    marriage                                                         officer R.K.                      Shivani Bhatnagar                 gift of the             conviction,                 on   when the
                                                                                       abusive                         y or physically                                                journalist                     an unwanted                           the                  But later                             in Parliamen
                                                                                                                                                                     murder of

                                            ABUSIVE P
                                                                                        your partner or tries to wield control                                                                        system is                   struggle,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               police                                                nce motion the Congress
                                                                                                                                                                          Modern police During the freedom                                                                  faced no-confide                    with                    in
                                                                                        abuses you,                                                                                      in India.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             of the freedom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Shibu Soren the CM seat of JharkhandHis
                                                                                                                                       of                             British rule            the ire
                                                                                         over you.           while instances
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            rulers                                           and bagged                              the Centre.
                                                                                             Ironically,                 occur more
                                                                                                                                                                      had invited purpose of the British the                                                                                        support at             is presently
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             lieu of lending

                                                                                                         violence                       d,                             fighters. The                          was to curb                                                                                   Koda too
                                                                                          physical                   the uneducate                                                       police force                  As such,                                                             or Madhu                     of corruption
                                                                                                         amongst                                                        raising a                                                                                             predecess                     charges
                                                                                          commonly                      more common                                                         by all means. towards the                                                         in jail and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              is facing                    his declared
                                                                                                          abuse is         society, and                                 agitators                           apathy               that                                                                wealth beyond
                                                                                           emotional                                                                                       developed                                                                           and amassing

                                                          The article Are you
                                                                                                        the educated alarming rate                                       policemen                        – an attitude                                                                                                             Koda,
                                                                                           amongst                     an                                                                   citizens                                                                                                                 and Madhu
                                                                                                         growing at                  used                                common                                                                                                income.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Shibu Soren                  put a whole
                                                                                           has been                       abuse is                                                          even today.               is seen as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Not only               n report has

                                                                                                                                                                                      Your        editorial
                                                                                                                             to gain and                                  continues                odds, police                                                                                                                      These
                                                                         l abuse            these days.                                                                        Despite all                                   by the                                                         Commissio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           under suspicion.
                                                          ies for marita                              for one purpose: the victim.                                                                      law enforcer are held                                                   Liberhan
                                                                                                                                                                                              and                                                                                                                                Narsimha
                                                                                            mainly                        over                                                                                                                                                  lot of politicians      Prime Ministers BJP leader
                                          Possible remed
                                                                                                         total control survey, there                                       protector             high police
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 officials            to
                                                                                             maintain                                                                                                                                                                            include former
                                                              Kundani                                                                                                       masses and
                                                                                                           to a recent                                                                                                  expected                                                                                 Vajpayee,
                                                                                                                                 and men                                                                  They are                                                                             Atal Behari               Singh and
                                                     By Leena                                According             of women                or                               in great esteem.                 with utmost
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             integrity.                                           Rao and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Advani, Kalyan are guilty of
                                                                                              are thousands             by a current                                                          their duty                    incidents                                             Lal Krishna
                                                                                                           abused               or girlfriend                                discharge
                                                                                                                                                                                                  time to     time, such                                                                                   politicians            demolition
                                                                                              who are              boyfriend                                                     But from                              image of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   others. These                   n in Babri
                                                                                               former spouse,               at times,
                                                                                                                                         men                                                          tarnish the          ely, it is the                                                         Constitutio communal lines.
                                                                                                              Although                                                        surface that                t. Unfortunat                                                            the Indian          society on has fallen so low
                                                                                                each year.                 of an abusive                                      police departmen                        ng officials
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that                         deceiving
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  dividing Indian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              police force.

                                                       in an Abusive Relation-
                                                                                                              victims                                                                                                                                              case and                                   politics              whenever
                                                                                                are also                                                                                       such high-rankiment to the entire                                                                 of Indian
                                                                                                                                                                               action of                                                            he tried           In fact, standard                         it for granted            is an
                                                                                                                                                                                                       embarrass Rathore have when                           ld                              public takes But the problem
                                                                                                                                                                               causes great

                                                                                                                                                                                  Tainted       Politicians
                                                                                                                                                                                                  what need
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   did                   just 14-year-o             that the common        criminal joins
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                it.                   condition
                                                                                                                                                                                Otherwise                                 who was                   also the                  declared                                politics. His His only
                                                                                                                                                                                                     rape Ruchika, police official and Besides some                                       is scared
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        of joining
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       with politics.
                                                                                                                                                                                to virtually              was a high                             n.                  honest person him to do anything                                        that,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Associatio                                                                                  Other than
                                                                                                                                                                                then? RathoreHaryana Tennis                                       to promote                  not allow                       five years.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    of                               entrusted               not does to cast his vote every
                                                                                                                                                                                 chairman                         force he was also. His action                       role is                      with Indian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    politics. It
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the police          the state                        her to
                                                                                                                                                                                 managing                 players in               also compelled                     he has no
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       business             come to redefine             nt to do
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               time has                    governme
                                                                                                                                                                                  young tennisa budding star but                                                            But now right s to expect the                                    mafia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                in                                                             heavily on
                                                                                                                                                                                  only nipped                                                 got involved to sheer foolishnes Our leaders depend An atmosphere
                                                                                                                                                                                   commit suicide. officer R.K. Sharma                                 close

                                                        ship by Leena Kundani
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    cleansing.             vote gathering.             if we really
                                                                                                                                                                                                          IPS                         , as she was           have political capturing and all such elements
                                                                                                                                                                                                         of Shivani                     officials would                 for booth                 against                   politics. It
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         is general
                                                                                                                                                                                    the murder story. Many police she was murdered.                                                 be created

                                                                                                                                                                                  (January II) bemoaned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         has to                                entering              s the tainted
                                                                                                                                                                                                      her                          But                                                    upright people               encourage                 of it
                                                                                                                                                                                     finishing                 by that story. a murder of democracy                      wish to see of the public that
                                                                                                                                                                                     been exposed no less than                                       democratic                          e                               seat. A reversal bear
                                                                                                                                                                                                           was                         resorted to                        indifferenc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to take up
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        the driving           , we have
                                                                                                                                                                                      Her murder                     should have             her.                          persons                               Otherwise
                                                                                                                                                                                                 R.K. Sharma grudge against                                   better                              at once.
                                                                                                                                                                                       itself.                                                             –                           be done                            leaders.               m We
                                                                                                                                                                                                       he had any reminds an old phrase time to should in the guise of political                                                   mansera.co
                                                                                                                                                                                        means if              nt action                           a long                                                  write to: letters@wo
                                                                                                                                                                                             Governme                           it has taken                    to all criminals

                  AN OCEAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                         never. Although serve as an example
                                                                                                                                                                                         late than           action, it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          must               grounds.
                                                                                                                                                                                          take a stern officials to hold moral
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ng                                                                       (Second) 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                           high-ranki                                                          Era ● January

                                                        of February II, 2010                                                                                                       the fact that crooked
                   IN A POT                             made         interesting                                                                                  and convicted politicians keep on
                   I am a regular        reading. The writer says that a                                                                                          getting re-elected, often fighting
                reader of Woman’s        marriage is a wonderful relationship                                                                                     elections from inside a jail and
                 Era. Your (March II)    in which two individuals come                                                                                            winning.
                 2010 issue is unique    together to share each other’s                                                                                               This happens because citizens
                 and very helpful for    happiness and sorrows and to stand                                                                                       invariably vote for a person because
day-to-day activities. It has articles   by each other in good and bad times.                                                                                     of his caste, religion, language or
for youngsters and the elders. It           Open and frank communication                                                                                          because he/she has promised them
helps men also. Editorials are well      goes a long way in avoiding any                                                                                          free electricity, TV sets, etc. Good
written. Besides permanent features      misunderstanding.       When       your                                                                                  governance is low down on the
of the magazine the articles selected    partner is in good mood explain to                                                                                       voters’ priority list.
for publication are useful. This issue   him or her in a calm manner how his                                                                                          The reason for this is lack of
contains A to Z, starting from           or her behaviour hurts you. Assuring                                                                                     proper education. An educated
“Planning your career for success”,      your partner that you still love him or                                                                                  citizenry will definitely vote with more
“Emotional blackmail”, and “Sex up       her should bring about an                                                                                                responsibility. The emphasis should
your life”, “Husband’s role during       improvement in his or her behaviour.                                                                                     therefore be on ensuring that all
wife’s pregnancy, “Derelict, discarded             – Lydia Sanders, Mumbai.                                                                                       Indians are educated in not only the
divorced women” these will help a                                                                                                                                 basics, but are also taught civic
young girl at all times.                                                                                                                                          sense. It is only then that we will
    I tell each member of my family to                          IMPACT OF REALITY                                                                                 learn to elect the right type of
go very carefully through your                                 SHOWS ON CHILDREN                                                                                  candidates. One must always
magazine which works as a friend,           Reality shows have become a part                                                                                      remember, that ‘People get the
philosopher and guide. Three cheers      and parcel of the small screen show                                                                                      Government they deserve.’
to the editorial board to provide        biz. The impact of the “idiot box” on                                                                                          – Rajeshwari Singh, New Delhi.
useful materials to women.               the common man is known since its                                                                                                                                                           The prize is awarded to:
              – Shalini Deep, Gurgaon.   invention. Today’s generation talks                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dr Roopa Vernekar
                                         about reality and being practical.
                                         Such words have implication not just                                                                                                   WOMAN'S ERA
                 INSPIRING               for adults but also for children.                                                                                                       invites readers’
                WOMAN’S ERA                 Children being allowed to                                                                                                            opinions and
                 Your      magazine      participate in the reality shows has                                                                                                    reactions on
                                                                                                                                                                                 articles, short stories
              Womanʼs Era is being       been a topic of debate in recent
                                                                                                                                                                                 and features published
              subscribed in my           times. Today children are exposed to                                                                                                    in Woman’s Era. The best
              house since several        the outside world at an early age, the                                                                                                  letter will be given a prize of
              years. I had gone          innocent phase of childhood is                                                                                                          Rs 500. Address your letters by
through your (March I) 2010 issue.       reduced short or can be said to have                                                                                                    E-mail to: letters@womansera.com
Health, Beauty and Sex Special           disappeared.                                                                                                                            or by post to:
which is meant for everybody and all        Children today express their urge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       AS YOU SAY
age groups.                              to be a star at an early age wanting
   Baby care fashion, cinema news,       to gain name and fame early in life,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      E-3 Jhandewala Estate,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    New Delhi-110055.
medical tips and short stories which     being ignorant of the fact that                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Womansera.com
are eye-openers are all well written     everything comes at a price.
and selected. I can say that this           The national commission for                                                                                                         Name:

magazine is really a helping hand not    protection of child rights (NCPCR)                                                                                                     Mobile:

only for women but also for each         has rightly proposed to the govern-                                                                                                    E-mail:

146                                            Woman’s Era ● May (Second) 2010

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