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									                                       Types of Jeans

Do you want to buy new jeans? Well, buying jeans is not as simple as we think. The task
is pretty easy for men but they also have to choose the jeans which can give them a
perfect look. So, by keeping away the gender bias, the task of buying jeans becomes

Now days, awareness of fashion changed the whole scene. On effect of that, you can
find different types of jeans easily available in the market. Let’s have a look on the
types of jeans which can help us to look smart and trendy.

Boot Cut Jeans: Boot cut jeans is one of the famous types of the jeans. This type of jeans
can go well on both, girls and boys. It can give you a smart look with its curves at the
bottom. One can also feel comfortable by wearing boot cut jeans. You will be able to
pair them with different kind of shirts or tops.

Flare Cut Jeans: This is comparable to the type we have discussed above; Boot Cut
Jeans. But here in flare jeans there is slight tighter look is added plus this will give you
wider cut from down to the knee, It gives you bell-shaped outline at the edge. You can
wear flare cut jeans below the waist. You can find this type of jeans in all the seasons.
Also you never feel this as a common style to wear somewhere.

Skinny jeans: It can give you style as like narrow pants, ice-cream cone pants, old-
school hood jeans carrot leg pants and on and on. This kind of jeans is figure-fitting
jeans which are pointed all the way through the ending of the ankle. Skinny jeans also
give you stylish look, but you also need ideal figure to wear them.

Last, but not least, in my list is the type which I like the most. The stylish and classy,
straight cut jeans.

Straight cut Jeans: It is one type of Pants which is stylish as well as smart with
soberness attached to it. Boundary of the legs is constant from the start to the leg.
Straight jeans differentiate them self by giving the straight look at the base and it does
not make any bell like shape. This is opposite to the types we have discussed earlier.
You can find the jeans always classy. If you have a good body shape, you can surely
enjoy the look you can get by wearing straight cut jeans.
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