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Terra Cotta Handprints Pot


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									Terra Cotta Handprints Pot
This beautiful terra cotta pot is covered with mosaic pieces. Not just any mosaic pieces,
but a hand print from each of our kindergarten students in their favorite color, and
additional accent colors. The hand print plates were then broken and reassembled on the
pot by Mrs. Clutts. With the help of Mrs. Clutt’s father, the plates were grouted and
sealed. A beautiful and colorful keepsake that will last for years to come
Dream Value $1500
Value $100
Donor: Kindergarten

Perfect Garden Seating
This One of a kind tile garden bench would be a wonderful addition to any yard. Our
first grade students made it especially for you. Each tile was carefully designed, hand
painted and signed by our first graders. The bench captures the spirit of each student and
will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.
A special thank you to Francis Brennan for all his hard work in assembling the bench
Dream Value $1500
Value $350
Donor: First Grade

Heavenly Chimes
Own a special piece of your child’s year as a second grader. To commemorate their year
of reconciliation and communion, a wind chime representing creation has been made just
for you. The wind chime includes each child’s thumb print, and special characters
representing the heaven, sky and celestial system. Do not miss out on a chance to “hear”
these memories forever.
Special thanks to Shannon and Rebecca at The Clayground
Dream Value $1500
Value $200
Donor: Second Grade

Treasure the Memories
This special treasure will brighten your garden for years to come! Your child’s third
grade memories are captured in this set of three 16-inch stepping-stones. Each stone is
decorated with hand-painted tiles created by out third grade students
Dream Value $1500
Value $200
Donor: Third Grade
Nothing will be more fun than serving dinner on this Spaghetti dinnerware set, hand
decorated by our fourth grade class. The set includes six dinner plates and a 16” pasta
serving bowl.
Dream Value $1500
Value $150
Donor: Fourth Grade

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
This one of a kind hand decorated cookie jar comes full of ingredients to make a variety
of cookies. Can’t decide between chocolate chip and oatmeal? No problem – we have
provided you with a collection of favorite cookie recipes from our fifth grade students.
The recipes are laminated and gathered on a handy ring. Included with the jar is an
apron, fleur di lis cookie cutter, and all the right ingredients to get your cookies started.
The hardest part? Figuring out which delicious recipe to make. Have Fun!
Special thanks to Gail Schwarzgruber and Denise Saunders
Dream Value $1500
Value $200
Donor: Fifth Grade

Welcoming Hall Table
This beautiful oak hall table is a welcome addition to any home. The table is covered on
the top and both sides with hand painted tiles from our sixth grade students. It features
two open shelves for displaying pictures, keepsakes and home décor.
Dream Value $1500
Value $300
Donor: Sixth Grade

Perfect Profiles Quilt
This beautifully handcrafted quilt by Aurora Tafoya, Anne Diaz and the seventh grade
class will compliment any room in your home; or uniquely compliment any piece of
furniture. The seventh graders made their own patterns of their profile, traced them to
fabric, which was sewn to background fabric, and then quilted together to make this
gorgeous piece. The students personalized each profile with their embroidered name. A
must for every home.
Beautiful work Mrs. Tafoya, Mrs. Diaz and our seventh grade class
Dream Value $1500
Value $500
Donor: Seventh Grade
Family Fun Gaming Table
Sit down around a hand crafted game table inset with a unique glass chessboard and
embellished on the sides with a proverb or quip from each eighth grader. At about 36
inches square, this table seats four comfortably for any activity from a game of bridge to
an adventurous hand of poker. Standing 32 inches high, the solid hickory frame, sides
and legs sport an alternating mahogany and birch veneer top coated in clear, tough resin
for durability and stain resistance. Casting a mystical blue and white glow upon the chess
pieces from beneath, the chessboard itself illuminates by the light of 256 LEDs, which
consume little power, generate little heat and will last a lifetime without sacrificing
Thank you so much Dennis and Carol Kimball
Dream Value $2500
Value $700
Donor: Eighth Grade

“Summer Breeze at the Arboretum”
Own an original piece of art painted by Holy Rosary’s very own art teacher, Andrew
Lerner. Mr. Lerner painted this piece specifically for our fantasy auction. It is done in
oils on a 36” X 48” canvas, painted using a palette knife. It is reminiscent of the
Impressionist movement from the 19th century in its depiction of color and natural light.
 Dream Value $1200
Value $400
Donor: Andrew Lerner

Delectable Dinner
Dazzle your senses with a delectable four course dinner for 6-8 persons, prepared
especially for you by Chef John Jensen. Chef Jensen is currently head chef at our very
own Yolo Fliers Club. Previous to coming to Yolo County, Chef Jensen was at the
Sacramento Sutter Club, among other fine country clubs. This dinner will be hosted by
Rodney & Victoria Whitaker, and Francis & Brenda Brennan. Dinner will be held at the
Whitakers at a date to be determined by the dinner recipients and Chef Jensen. This will
prove to a true culinary experience.
Dream Value $1400.
Value $450
Donor: Rodney & Victoria Whitaker, Francis & Brenda Brennan, Chef John Jensen

Perfect Grad Gift
Anyone, and especially a new graduate, will love to receive this ASUS Eee PC Netbook.
Dream Value $800
Value $450
Donor: Tech-Knuckle Computer Sales and Service
Royal Night Out
Enjoy an amazing night out with this limousine and Kings Game package Enjoy a
relaxing limo ride to Arco Arena, and then take in the game seated in two lower level
Dream Value $1000
Value $500
Donor: Sacramento Kings and Ultra Limousine Service

Sweet Dreams
Your child is sure to have the sweetest of dreams after our beloved Mrs. Clutts reads their
favorite bedtime story to them. Imagine the surprise and joy the winning bid will deliver
when Mrs. Clutts arrives to read to them for ½ hour before they drift off to sleep.
Dream Value $750
Value $50
Donor: Mrs. Clutts

Perfect Pearly Whites!
Got Braces? Dr. Alan Tan does, and has donated a full orthodontics treatment.
Dream Value $7,000
Value $$6,000
Donor: Tan Orthodontics

Off to Lunch
What an amazing lunch for your child and three friends. During a school day, your group
will join Ms. Mecchi and Mrs. McEntee for what is sure to be a perfect lunch off campus
at your favorite Woodland restaurant.
Dream Value $750
Value $150
Donor: Ms. Mecchi and Mrs. McEntee

What Happens in Vegas…..
Or Laughlin, or Biloxi… Enjoy this 3-day/2-night stay for two at your choice of
Marketing Concepts selected hotel resorts.
Dream Value $800
Value $300
Donor: Wally and Theda Sheffield

Best Yard on the Block
Your neighbors will be envious when Dennis Adams is done with a full day of yard clean
up and tree trimming.
Dream Value $1000
Value $500
Donor: Dennis Adams
Chef for the Day
Does your child want to call the shots on the lunch menu, and check out how Mrs. Papas
serves our students lunch? Your child can be the HRS Chef for the day, helping plan the
menu, prepare the lunch service and serve all their friends an HRS lunch.
Dream Value $500
Value $100
Donor: Mrs. Papas

Principal for the Day
Be the Commander in Chief of HRS for the day. Mandate extra recess, free dress for all,
extra PE – you design you perfect day at HRS.
Dream Value $500
Value $100
Donor: Marianne Cates

Tahoe Dream
Tall Cedars, a cozy cabin, lots of skiing and trails galore. Enjoy a week in a 3000 Sq. ft.
west shore mountain home. The home is three stories with epic views. It boosts four
bedrooms, 3.5 bath and sleeps 14 plus. There is plenty of space for the perfect large
family vacation. Only 5 minutes from Homewood Mountain Resort or the beach at
Meeks Bay. Pick your season and pack your bags for a relaxing and fun filled vacation.
Dream Value $4000
Value $3625
Donor: The Roy and Mallery Families

Dinner with our Leaders
Enjoy a cozy evening of culinary delight with Father Frank and Ms. Cates. Our very own
Chef Dan Diaz will be cooking the amazing meal to include carved flank steak, garlic
mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. This is sure to be a heavenly evening.
Dream Value $1800
Value $450
Donor: Father Frank and Marianne Cates

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