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    Moving forward
                                             in spite of uncertainty
                                                In 2003, the government of the
                                            Australian state of New South Wales
                                            commissioned a report “to assess
                                            the effectiveness of existing and
                                            proposed gambling harm minimization
                                            measures.” They looked to the
                                            Independent Pricing and Regulatory
                                            Tribunal (PART I) of New South Wales,                        A PRIL 17 TO 20, 2005
FEATURE ARTICLE                             an independent economic regulator,                           N IAGARA FALLS , ON
                                            to undertake this widespread review.                         See pg 16 for details

S     hould there be daily cash limits
      for ATM withdrawals in gaming
      facilities? Should there be a
requirement for ‘natural light’ in
gaming areas? Should the spin on
                                                In 2004, the Tribunal released
                                            Gambling: Promoting a Culture of
                                            Responsibility, a report that wrestles
                                            with many key issues in the delivery
                                                                                        I N S I D E
                                            of responsible gambling programs            From the CEO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
electronic gaming machines be slowed        and problem gambling counselling.
                                                                                        Guest Editorial – William Eadington . . . . . 2
down? Should there be minimum               Although it received relatively little
standards for gambling counsellors?         media coverage outside New South            Card-Based Play Coming to Canada . . . . . . 5
    Regulators, policy makers and           Wales, the report is a thorough and         From The Field: A Treatment Provider’s
gaming providers have to find answers       practical analysis of more than 40 issues   Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
to questions like these every day. For      facing gaming providers and policy          Canadian Partnership for Responsible
most public issues there is rarely clear    makers around the world. It also            Gambling creates national
                                                                                        collaboration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
and unequivocal evidence. There is          illustrates effectively the potential for
a lot of opinion, often well articulated.   thoughtful analysis even in the absence     Cross-Canada Snapshot: Horseracing
                                                                                        in Canada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
There are often contradictory expert        of definitive answers.
views. The research, if available, is           At more than 200 pages in length,       Norway’s Redesigned
                                                                                        Gaming Machines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
usually limited. So where do these          the comprehensive report examines
contradictions and conflicting opinions     each issue from many sides. Among a         Around the World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
leave the decision makers – the ones        range of consultation strategies, the       Queensland Responsible Gambling
who have to set policies even with          Tribunal visited many gaming sites,         Teaching Resource Kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
imperfect data?                             listened to industry and community          A View from the U.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

                                                                                        Discovery 2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
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                                           From the Chief Executive Officer

A       t the beginning of each year
        most people tend to reflect
        back on the previous year with
some assessment and to look ahead
with some optimism. Since this issue
                                            players with feedback about time and
                                            money spent, frequent reminders
                                            and even features that end play under
                                            certain conditions. This experimenta-
                                                                                           As I was thinking about this issue
                                                                                       I came across the following article
                                                                                       written by Bill Eadington for a
                                                                                       newsletter published by the Nevada
                                            tion with card-based access and            Council on Problem Gambling.
of Newslink is the first in 2005, I have    play is of great potential significance.   Because this discussion is so well
been thinking about what progress           All of Canada will be watching and         put by Professor Eadington, we have
has been made in 2004 in reducing           learning from Nova Scotia once again.      decided to reprint it in its entirety.
the risk of problem/compulsive                  On the other side of the coin are          The Responsible Gambling Council
gambling. On both the positive and          the technologies that can, potentially,    is very grateful to Bill Eadington and
negative side, I believe that technology    facilitate gambling problems. While        Carol O’Hare of the Nevada Council
plays a key role.                           we debate the presence of ATMs on          on Problem Gambling for permitting
    On the positive side, the Nova          the gaming floor, new products have        us to use this guest editorial.
Scotia Gaming Corporation has begun         emerged that could render the ATM
                                                                                       Jon E. Kelly
to actively assess the potential use        arguments as irrelevant as the eight
                                                                                       CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
of smart cards as a means to help           track. I am talking about portable
gamblers maintain control of their play     wireless machines that allow you
(see our related article on page 7).        to tap into your bank accounts or
Card-based access is more widely used       credit right at the black jack table.
and understood in Europe, especially        It cannot be long before we see
the Netherlands. The concepts,              the technology enabling the slot
pioneered by Mark Dickerson, can            machine to accept your debit or
have a range of benefits in providing       credit card.

GUEST EDITORIAL                             using debit cards. This innocuous          certainly changing its fundamental
                                            sounding change would have in effect       character. In the first half of the 20th
By William R. Eadington, PhD                permitted every gaming device on           century, a pay envelope was just that:
                                            the casino floor to be transformed into    A worker would receive dollar bills

I   n May 2003, regulators in the State     an ATM machine. Players would have         and coins in his envelope on pay day,
    of Nevada were in the process           been able to use their bank cards          and it was up to him to disperse the
    of adopting changes to Regulation       to directly access their checking          money to the various outlets where he
14 dealing with “Manufacturers,             accounts and transfer up to $1,000         would spend it. The balance – when
Distributors, Operators of Inter-Casino     per day from their accounts into the       there was any – either went into his
Linked Systems, Gaming Devices,             gaming devices of their choosing.          bank account, under the mattress, or
New Games, Inter-Casino Linked              The Gaming Commission decided to           into the cookie jar. The supply of
Systems, On-Line Slot Metering              defer permitting this change until the     money in those days was defined as
Systems, Cashless Wagering Systems,         ramifications are better understood.       currency plus coin plus demand
and Associated Equipment,” when                 What can we say about this             deposits – another term for checking
it was pointed out that the draft           proposed change? One mundane trend         accounts.
regulation would permit electronic          we can all observe in our every-day            However, currency and coins are
funds transfers on gaming devices           lives is that money is slowly but          steadily being replaced by a wide

variety of new forms of electronic        hand-paid jackpots, nor do
money, such as credit cards, debit        they have to soil their hands
cards, smart cards, and electronic        with the grime and grit that
checks. Transactions are increasingly     hours of coin play at a slot
dominated by card swipes leading to       machine would invariably
debit or credit transactions, or by       create. And soon to be gone
computer-instructed electronic funds      forever will be the plastic
transfers for paycheck deposits, bill     cups that players lug around
paying, book buying, purchasing           carrying their stakes or their
airplane tickets, and the like. When      winnings from one machine
we do need cash, more often than          to another. Furthermore,
not we go to an ATM cash dispenser        from the operations side,
rather than to the bank teller to make    these new systems mesh
a withdrawal.                             well with player loyalty
    It is pretty obvious to see that we   programs and data base management               As a result of such public concerns,
will never go back to the days of         and analysis of player spending             gaming regulators and casino compa-
money clips and change purses,            patterns. These bi-products have revo-      nies have become increasingly aware
not while these more convenient           lutionized casino marketing strategies.     of problem and pathological gambling
alternatives are available. Now, almost   Thus, the benefits of new technologies      as both a social responsibility issue
all the value we need for making          related to slot machines and “new”          and a public relations issue. There is
desired purchases as we go about our      money have been substantial.                increasing consensus that addressing
day-to-day business is contained in the       However, because casinos are in         this issue pro-actively is “the right and
plastic cards we carry in our wallets     the gaming business, and because            ethical thing to do.” It is also in the
or purses, or in our bank accounts        gaming is far more politically vulnerable   industry’s enlightened self-interest
that can be accessed via computers        than most other industries, the issue       to be perceived as good corporate
and the internet.                         of electronic money in casino               citizens. Gaming industries are more
    This broad economic and social        transactions cannot be treated in the       likely to be treated with less respect
trend has also occurred in the gaming     same manner as it is elsewhere in           than other industries over issues of
industry in a variety of innovative and   the economy, such as with buying            taxation and regulation because many
clever ways. Compared to the late         groceries at the supermarket or for         people – and many policy makers in
1980s, we initially saw a transition      gasoline purchases. It is critically        particular – view gaming either as
away from old-fashioned “coin-in-the-     important for the major actors around       a vice or as a second-class industry.
slot” machines to the next generation     the gaming industry – casino companies,     (Recent events regarding taxation of
of gaming devices that relied primarily   gaming machine manufacturers, and           the casino industry in Illinois provide
on bill acceptors. More recently,         regulators – to understand what the         an excellent illustration of this.)
technologies have developed that          risks might be of moving too quickly        Furthermore, there is still not an
utilize “ticket-in, ticket-out” systems   on technologies that are becoming           accumulation of good social science
such as IGT’s EZPay™ and Bally’s          increasingly common elsewhere               research on the economic and social
e-Ticket, or smart card systems such      in the economy.                             benefits and costs of casino-style
as the one offered by GRIPS GmbH.             A primary concern regarding the         gambling, so opponents to gambling
    These systems create clear cost       spread of modern casino gaming is the       can make outrageous claims and get
efficiencies for the casino and a         potential for negative and unintended       away with them. Thus, if the industry
number of conveniences for the player.    consequences linked to problem and          acts in a manner that appears to be
Large amounts of coin no longer have      pathological gambling. In recent years,     overly predatory or exploitative with
to be transported across the casino       much of the political debate surround-      respect to those customers who are
floor to be fed through coin-counting     ing the expansion of permitted gaming       weak or vulnerable to problem
machines. Change personnel no             or liberalization of existing gaming        gambling, then political backlash
longer have to push around carts filled   laws has centered on the question of        with serious economic consequences
with rolls of quarters or nickels or      how such changes would affect the           is not out of the question.
dollar tokens. With the new technolo-     incidence and severity of problem and           This brings us back to the question
gies, customers do not have to wait for   pathological gambling.                      of electronic money and the gaming

industry. Certainly it would be a            sales pitch that future
convenience for players to be able to        supporters of this
transfer money from their checking           technology might
accounts into gaming devices with            raise. First, there is
their debit cards. A rational customer       likely to be a differ-
could eliminate having to go through         ence in motivation
more tedious processes, such as              between developers
cashing a check or visiting an ATM           of such technologies
machine, and then feeding bills into         and the casinos
a bill acceptor on the gaming device.        where they would be
Also, it would probably create some          placed; there is much
efficiencies for the casino because          more to be gained by
there would be less time lost related        technology develop-
to players making arrangements for           ers than by casinos. Claims could be      a result of public perceptions that they
getting money into their machines.           made by developers that having such       – or the gaming devices they offer
    However, an immediate concern            electronic fund transfer mechanisms       to the general public – are creating
from the problem gambling perspec-           on gaming devices could actually          significant problems related to excessive
tive is that – because it would be so        serve as a responsible gambling           gambling behavior. In various jurisdic-
easy for players to access their bank        feature because they would limit ATM      tions, ATM machines are prohibited
accounts to add credits for play while       withdrawals by individual players to      from the casino floor because they
in the heat of action – more players         the prescribed limits, and thus serve     allegedly make access to cash too easy
might get themselves into trouble via        as a loss limiting factor. Such claims    for vulnerable customers. In Australia,
excessive gambling. Players who              are at best disingenuous, and at worst    some states have restricted the size of
might be prone to getting into trouble       maliciously dishonest. If someone         notes that are permitted to be inserted
with their gambling could get even           makes such claims, then policy makers     into bill acceptors to no more than
more deeply into trouble with this           need to see them for what they are:       $20. In Australia and Canada, there has
feature. Though we do not know how           attempts to hide what is possibly a       been considerable discussion about
severely this kind of technology would       very dangerous feature under the          re-engineering gaming devices to make
affect problem gamblers, common              guise of a benevolent claim. This         them less prone to abuse by removing
sense suggests it probably would have        could very well be the gaming             some of their attractive features. “Harm
some – perhaps dramatic – negative           industry’s illustration of a wolf in      minimization” strategies in general have
consequences.                                sheep’s clothing.                         suggested building safety features into
    For casinos, and for the gaming              Defenders of this technology might    gaming devices that purportedly would
industry in general, the most important      also say that this is merely another      make them less harmful to vulnerable
effect of introducing such new               convenience for players. However,         players. In South Africa in 2003,
technology might be the damage it            such a defense is going to be seen as     Parliament considered passage of
would do to the industry’s reputation.       very lame. It is also difficult to make   legislation that would have placed
Outside observers who do not have            the case that players are demanding       a variety of severe restrictions on the
strong opinions about casinos one            such a change. A reasonable predic-       casino industry because of an increas-
way or the other would perceive this         tion is that, if such electronic fund     ing belief that the industry – which
to be a very predatory feature, one          transfers were to be permitted, they      was just legalized in 1996 – had
whose primary purpose appears to be          would create a public relations           become a major contributor to the
to exploit impulse play. There is one        nightmare for the casino industry, as     incidence of problem and pathological
observation that can be made about           well as a field day to opponents of       gambling in that country.
the perceived legitimacy of gaming           the gaming industry.                          Of course, there is virtually no
industries: The closer the player’s              It is important to watch what is      research to support whether or not
bank account is to the game offered,         occurring in other jurisdictions around
the less legitimate the industry will        the world to gain an appreciation
appear to be.                                of the precariousness that gaming
                                                                                                       Continued on page 13
    It is useful to anticipate the kind of   industries might find themselves in as

Card-based play soon to
    be a reality in Canada
By Carol Gravelle                          positive influence on players’ attitudes    a Player’s Card could also be pro-
                                           and awareness. The mandatory                grammed using biometrics according

R       esponsible gambling programs
        are a priority for many gam-
        bling operators. However, by
navigating through a diverse selection
of responsible gambling measures,
                                           cashout had a neutral impact. From
                                           the recommendations on that project
                                           and as a result of research on additional
                                           features came the suggestions that the
                                                                                       to Techlink. Although this technology
                                                                                       may not be incorporated in Nova
                                                                                       Scotia, the card could be used in
                                                                                       conjunction with a player’s biometric
                                           Province develop a way to assist            finger scan to make a biometric
many operators are finding it difficult    players manage the amount of money          signature. The signature could then
to know which measures are likely          they spend (i.e. focus on money             be assigned to a Player’s Card and be
to be effective. The latest measure to     spent rather than time spent).              issued to the player to use only
hold promise is card-based play: a new         With this information in hand,          in the jurisdiction providing access
and innovative way to help players         the NSGC signed an agreement with           to gambling devices to responsible
manage their play. For the first time in   Techlink Entertainment, a technology        gambling features.
Canada, card-based play may soon be        company located in Sydney, Nova                 For now, the NSGC is in the testing
a reality. The Nova Scotia Gaming          Scotia, to field test a unique and          phase of having a card work in
Corporation (NSGC) is set to launch a      innovative responsible gaming device        connection with the responsible
pilot program in the Spring of 2005 to     (RGD). With a focus on the commer-          gaming device’s features, contained in
test and obtain further information        cialization of the technology, Nova         a separate console. The console would
about the effectiveness of a card-based    Scotia Business Inc. also joined the        be attached to an electronic gambling
system in a Video Lottery Terminal         agreement and is providing Techlink         machine, like a VLT. NSGC is looking
(VLT) environment.                         with $2 million to adapt and refine         to assess player attitudes and behaviour
    In May 2001 the NSGC began             the device technology through               impacts as a result of using these types
to equip its new VLT’s with four           further testing. The device prototype       of features. Based on the findings,
responsible gaming features (RGFs).        incorporates the use of a card to           NSGC will evaluate how best to
The features on the new terminals          provide players with responsible            proceed in the long term. The card
included:                                  gambling features including:                and device are expected to be ready
4 Permanent clock to remind players                                                    for a field test in March/April 2005.
                                           4 Cash Limits. Through this feature,
  of the actual time of day.                                                               The responsible gaming device was
                                             players set their own spending
                                                                                       unveiled in November by Techlink.
4 Cash vs. credits on terminal displays      limits for specified time periods         The two agreements are expected to
  to indicate amounts wagered in                                                       help Techlink further develop and
                                           4 Account Summary. The responsible
  dollars instead of in credits.                                                       commercialize its responsible gaming
                                             gaming device can provide players
                                             with their historical spending by         technology and also help NSGC in
4 Pop-up reminders on terminal
                                             providing details on total money          obtaining solid research upon which
  displays after 60, 90 and 120
                                             wagered, money won and lost to            to base future decisions.
  minutes to advise players how long
                                             serve as a reality check for players.         This card-based program by the
  they have been playing and to ask
                                                                                       NSGC is unique because it would
  if they wish to continue playing.
                                           4 Self-exclusion. This feature can          introduce the first known concept of
4 Mandatory cash out is a VLT feature        enable players to specify when he/        a player card into a video lottery
  that forces players to cash out their      she would like to be limited from         environment in Canada. The world
  winnings after 150 minutes of              gambling. This feature can be set by      is watching.
  continuous play.                           the player for a specific period such
                                             as certain days, entire months, etc.      Carol Gravelle is a Project Coordinator,
    Research completed on the effec-
                                                                                       Communications, with the Responsible
tiveness of these features indicated          Interestingly, such an innovative
                                                                                       Gambling Council.
all, except mandatory cash out, had a      card, dubbed the ‘smart’ card or even

From The Field: A Treatment Provider’s Perspective
Ready or Not, Give Us a Call
By Bonnie Orvidas, BA, RSW, CGC            bus, our 100 interior bus ads and
                                           our rotating billboards. The faces of

F       or the past two years, Problem     people with a cross section of age,
        Gambling Services of Addiction     gender and ethnicity added appeal
        Services of Thames Valley          to the bus. We avoided gambling
in London, Ontario has been taking         symbols because we wanted to
innovative approaches to raise the         do no harm.
profile of our service and deliver             On June 8, 2004, we launched
important prevention messages.             our campaign with guest volunteers,
    First we developed our purpose:        clients, friends and colleagues
outreach, awareness and prevention.        from across Southwestern Ontario.
Our target audience was just about         We were honoured that so many           being presented to youth in grades
everybody from all walks of life           agencies attended, as well as repre-    5 and 10. Gambling awareness, signs
and all ages, and whose interest in        sentatives from the Responsible         and symptoms, and how to get help
problem gambling might be personal         Gambling Council and the Ontario        for oneself, friends or family are the
or societal. We decided on two tag         Lottery and Gaming Corporation.         focus. Younger kids play simulated
lines: Ready or Not, Give Us a Call        We gathered at our office where we      scratch tickets with prevention/
and Wherever You’re At, We Can             cut a yellow caution tape ribbon        awareness messages while secondary
Work With That. They were a perfect        that had been tied around the bus.      school students completing their
fit with our agency’s Stages of            Then we all hopped on and, with         required volunteer hours create
Change approach. We are thankful           well known gambling tunes blasting      and act in prevention/ awareness
to Dr. James Prochaska whose               from a boom box, we rode to the         videos played daily during school
lectures inspired us.                      market square where more well           announcements. Our goal is to
    Our initial project was the creation   wishers joined us for speeches,         establish a presence in the schools
of ads at the Rainbow Cinemas. For         displays and a giant cake replica of    where we will offer counselling to
the past two years, this twelve-screen     the bus. Passers-by were happy to       problem gamblers and their families
movie theatre in downtown London           accept a piece of cake and a fridge     on-site. As of January, 2005 we have
has been running education and             magnet with an outreach message         presented to 1,986 students, and
prevention messages every ten minutes      on it, as well as our cardboard         by the end of May, we project
between movies, seven days a week.         mini-buses, which contained eight       a total of 4,425 young people will
Trivia and true and false games create     tools and tips promoting responsible    have learned a little more about
audience involvement.                      gambling.                               problem gambling.
    Our next project was a city bus and        By January, 2005, we had received      We are grateful to our corporate
billboard campaign. We focused on          25 new clients as a result of seeing    partners with a social conscience:
specific outreach messages: Gambling       our bus, bus ads or billboards. Many    Rainbow Cinemas, Listoe Bell
Can Cause Problems; Problem                more new clients have mentioned         Productions, Pattison Outdoor and
Gambling Affects the Whole Family;         these ads as a factor is calling us.    OBIE Media, who gave us great
You may be worried about gambling;         Current and past clients tell us that   non-profit rates and good advice.
You may need information; and If           seeing the ads out there supports       As well we are grateful to the Ministry
gambling is no longer fun…Our              their own recovery.                     for allowing us to use surplus
prevention messages were: Accept loss          In August, 2004 we launched         funding for this purpose.
as part of the game; Gamble for fun,       our most recent initiative, a Youth
not for money; Set money and time          Outreach Campaign. Designed in          Bonnie Orvidas is Program Coordinator,
limits; and Gamble sober.                  consultation with young people,         Problem Gambling Services with
    We decided on bright and happy         interactive presentations correspon-    Addiction Services of Thames Valley
colours for our fully wrapped city         ding to the school curriculum are       in London, Ontario.

Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling
    creates national collaboration
By Carol Gravelle                           in their pursuit of better understanding     responsible gambling: no one stake-
                                            and implementation of responsible            holder can do it alone,” says Cynthia

L       aunched in mid-September,
        the Canadian Partnership for
        Responsible Gambling is the
first nationwide initiative mandated by
its members to find ways of reducing
                                            gambling programs through joint
                                            research, issue analysis and information
                                                “The lack of a national approach on
                                                                                         Goodwin, Director, Public Affairs and
                                                                                         Responsible Gaming, ALC.
                                                                                            All of the members share four
                                                                                         principles that unify and strengthen
                                            gambling issues across Canada and the        their participation in the Partnership:
the risks of problem gambling.              reality of some jurisdictions individually
                                                                                         3 Shared responsibility
     “The Partnership is unique because     undertaking their own activities were
it brings together the expertise of         two of the main reasons why the              3 Adding value
non-profit organizations, gaming            Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming               3 Leadership
providers, research centres and             Authority [SLGA] decided to join to
                                                                                         3 Collaboration
regulators across Canada to better          the Partnership,” says Jim Engel,
understand strategies and programs          SLGA’s Executive Director, Policy                “The SLGA looks forward to having
to reduce problem gambling,” says           and Planning.                                better access and more input into
Dr. Jon Kelly, Partnership Co-Chair             A priority-setting forum for             project evaluations and research –
and CEO of the Responsible                  all current members took place               two activities that can be very
Gambling Council.                           in February 2005. The first concrete         expensive and time consuming on
     While the operational scope and        product of the Partnership – the             an individual level,” says Engel.
regulatory regime in each province          Canadian Gambling Digest – has               “Overall, I think the partnership
is distinct, issues related to social       already been produced.                       will provide more opportunities
responsibility and problem gambling              “The Atlantic Lottery Corporation       to work in collaboration with other
are shared by all members. The              [ALC] joined the Partnership because         organizations and will help to identify
primary objective of the Partnership is     we believe it is paramount to work           common agendas and common
to support the member organizations         with other stakeholders on issues of         needs.”

                                                                                            Chart 3: Percentage of Government Gaming Revenue28
                                                The Digest covers a range of topics,        Spent on Problem Gambling
First Canadian Gambling                     such as what types of gambling are
Digest provides easy access                 available throughout Canada, the
                                                                                            Distributions to problem gambling include money for
                                                                                            treatment, prevention and research. Across Canada,
to gambling-related facts                   amount of revenue generated, where              the average percent of government gaming revenue
                                            it goes, how many people have                   spent on problem gambling is .85%. Saskatchewan
                                                                                            spends the greatest portion of its gaming revenue on
    The Canadian Gambling Digest,           gambling problems and how many                  problem gambling (1.53%).
produced recently for the Canadian          people are calling a helpline and/or
Partnership for Responsible Gambling,       going to treatment. It will reduce             2.0
addresses the need for basic gambling-      the research time required for those
related facts to be available in one        seeking basic information to develop                               1.53
location. It brings together a collection   policy decisions, new programs and             1.5
of information gathered from annual         government briefing notes, as well                                               1.2
                                                                                                                                   1.25          1.22
reports and other government                as for media writing gambling-
documents, gambling and problem             related stories.                               1.0
gambling prevalence studies, web                Using charts and written summaries
pages, and extensive, direct one-to-one     broken down into five sections –                                                              0.59
requests from various organizations         industry information, gaming revenue,                0.48
                                                                                           0.5                                                                 0.38
and agencies. Reliable and accurate,        revenue distributions, participation
easy to read and reference, it will         rates and problem gambling preva-
tell an evolving story about gambling       lence and assistance – readers can
in Canada as the information is             visually synthesize data comparing             0.0
                                                                                                 BC     AB     SK     MB     ON    QC     NB     NS     PE     NL
updated each year.                          provinces at a glance.

Cross-Canada Snapshot: Part Fo
This is the final instalment of a four-part series looking at        NOTE: Teletheatres are buildings in which horseraces are
how gambling is organized across Canada. In this issue,              televised and off-track bets are placed. Gross is in millions
we look at horseracing. The following table provides an
                                                                     and refers to wagers minus prize payouts. Net is in millions
overview of the number of racetracks and teletheatres
in each of the provinces, the revenues they generate, and            and refers to the amount received by the province in the
the parties involved in their operation and regulation.              form of a tax/levy on amount wagered. Neither gross nor

       PROVINCE                 RACETRACKS                 TELETHEATRES                    GROSS                     NET

   BRITISH COLUMBIA                    5                        16                           46.2                    14.5

        ALBERTA                        5                        48                           36.2                     8.2

    SASKATCHEWAN                       3                        6                             2.9                     1.1

       MANITOBA                       10                        10                            8.6                     3.6

        ONTARIO                       30                        73                          288.1                    39.3

        QUEBEC                        18                        17                           47.5                    14.3

    NEW BRUNSWICK                      3                        1                             2.2                     0.9

      NOVA SCOTIA                      3                        7                             3.4                     1.5

 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND                  2                        0                             2.0                     0.9

    NEWFOUNDLAND                       1                        0                             0.3                     0.1

   DID YOU KNOW?                                                         YOU DON’T SAY…

   • There are 9,832 electronic gaming machines (EGMs) at 22             Horse sense is the thing a horse
     racetracks across Canada. As of March 31, 2003:                     has which keeps it from betting
     - Manitoba has 140 at 1 racetrack,                                  on people.
     - Quebec has 405 at 4 racetracks,
                                                                         – W. C. Fields (1880-1946)
     - Alberta has 599 at 2 racetracks, and
     - Ontario has 8,688 at 15 racetracks.

 net revenues include income from EGMs in those provinces               are those responsible for enforcing legislation. Non-profit
 that permit such devices at their racetrack facilities, nor do         organizations may include agricultural societies, exhibition
 the revenues include ancillary income (e.g., from food, etc.).         boards, and other volunteer associations. All values are for
 Operators are those involved either directly or indirectly in          the calendar year 2002.
 the management of horserace gambling, while regulators

                            OPERATION                                                            REGULATION

                British Columbia Lottery Corporation
                                                                                         Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                       Non-Profit Organizations
                                                                                     Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch
                   Private Operating Corporations

                       Horse Racing Alberta                                               Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                      Non-profit Organizations                                               Horse Racing Alberta

                                                                                          Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                      Non-profit Organizations
                                                                                   Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

                                                                                        Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                      Non-profit Organizations
                                                                                      Manitoba Horse Racing Commission

                                                                                          Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                   Private Operating Corporations
                                                                                           Ontario Racing Commission

                      Non-Profit Organizations
                                                                                          Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                   Private Operating Corporations
                                                                                    Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux
                Société nationale du cheval de course

                                                                                         Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                      Non-profit Organizations
                                                                                Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission

                      Non-profit Organizations                                           Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                   Private Operating Corporations                               Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission

                                                                                         Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                      Non-profit Organizations
                                                                                Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission

                                                                                          Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
                   Private Operating Corporations
                                                                                             Standardbred Canada


    The RGC would like to correct errors it made in its Summer 2004 issue of Newslink. In the report, Lotteries in Canada, on pages 8
    and 9, the values reported were as of March 31, 2003, not 2004, as stated. In addition, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, not the
    Atlantic Lottery Corporation, sets ticket lottery policy in Nova Scotia, and the Alcohol and Gaming Authority, not the Nova Scotia
    Gaming Corporation, regulates ticket lotteries in the province.


R       esponding to recent govern-
        ment legislation, Norway’s
        exclusive gaming machine
provider is undertaking an ambitious
project to completely reconfigure
                                         change the focus from gambling
                                         to entertainment.
                                             One of the more unique aspects
                                         of the machines is that they will all
                                         be hooked into a central network and
the nation’s machines, in an effort      controlled from servers at Norsk
to “reduce the risk of thousands of      Tipping. The games on the new
Norwegians becoming addicted to          “Multix” machines will be downloaded
excessive play.”                         from these servers, which will make it
    Norsk Tipping, Norway’s state-       easy to customize games for various
owned games company, has                 purposes, upgrade games and replace
established a separate division,         them. Although the games will appear
Norsk Tipping Multispill (meaning        to be running locally on the individual
“multi-games”), to implement the         machine, the central system will
sweeping changes to the Act relating     control and log all game sequences,
to games for cash prizes announced       time spent per player and money flow.
in June 2003. Under the new legisla-     Measures will be put into place to halt
tion, all current gaming machines are    games or discourage excessive play
being removed from the marketplace       when necessary, including forced
and replaced by less aggressive          stoppages or time-breaks when the
“Interactive Video Terminals” or IVTs.   maximum prize (reduced from NOK
The number of terminals will be          2,000/CDN $380 to NOK 1,500/CDN
reduced from 18,500 to 10,000 and        $285) has been won or after one
new restrictions have been placed        hour of continuous play.                    to ensure they have a thorough
on machine locations and how                 Additional features that have been      knowledge of playing rules, regulations
prizes are cashed. As part of the        built into the machines to discourage       and other legal requirements.
changes, the government awarded          excessive or compulsive play include           Given the magnitude of the
Norsk Tipping the exclusive rights       longer game sequences (in some              changes required, the new machines
to operate gaming machines in            cases, up to 25 seconds); reduction         will be phased in over time. The first
Norway, beginning in January 2006.       of light and sound (falling coins have      70 Multix machines were introduced
    Multispill is planning a varied      been replaced by a “value coupon”           in September 2004 at 26 locations,
games offering, including wheel,         that must be exchanged for money            with a larger rollout beginning in
table, card and odds games, which        by the site operator and requires           January 2005. Existing concessions
it expects will appeal to new groups     identification proving the player is over   operated by other gaming machine
of players. While the company says       age 18); and the introduction of a large    providers will expire at the end of
it has been criticized for stating its   “History” button, which displays the        2005, and all 10,000 Norsk Tipping
intent to recruit new players, its       player’s time on the machine, amount        machines are scheduled to be in
desire is to recruit more players        spent and total winnings or losses.         operation by June 30, 2006.
that play for less money, and to             Site operators will receive one            Until the recent changes, Norway
                                         of 2,500 master machines that can           had among the most liberal gaming
                                         provide an overview of individual           machine laws in Europe. Between
                                         terminal activity at any time. This will    2001 and 2003, revenues from
                                         enable electronic communication             gaming machines in Norway
                                         between the store owner and Norsk           increased from approximately NOK
                                         Tipping. Operators will be required         8.5 billion (CDN $1.6 billion) to
                                         to undergo a certification process          NOK 22 billion (CDN $4.2 billion).

Canada                                       Tribune, November 4, 2004; Las Vegas        would not support the Bill and he hoped

F    or the first time in North America, a
     major professional sports league has
signed a deal with a betting company.
                                             Sun, November 4, 2004; Thoroughbred
                                             Times, December 11, 2004.)
                                                                                         the Lords would amend it. (Source:
                                                                               , January 24, 2005)
                                             United Kingdom                              New Zealand
On October 12, 2004, the Canadian
Football League (CFL) announced a
two-year sponsorship deal with the
                                             T    he Government’s controversial
                                                  Gambling Bill cleared the Commons
                                             despite a Labour backbench rebellion.
                                                                                         I  n October 2004, a problem gambling
                                                                                            levy aimed at preventing and minimiz-
British-based online sports book and                                                     ing the harm associated with problem
                                             In a vote forced by disgruntled Labour      gambling went into effect in New
casino, Bowman International Sports
                                             MPs, the Bill was given a third reading     Zealand. The levy is set at different rates
Ltd. The company is placing advertising
                                             by 236 votes to 38, Government majority     for different types of gambling to reflect
signs at all CFL stadiums at next season’s
                                             198, and next goes to the Lords.            the amount of money lost and the
playoffs, and is also offering a free
online contest whereby fans can win                                                      degree of harm associated with each
money or a trip to the 2005 Grey Cup                                                     gambling activity. The rates, GST
as the grand prize. Bowman already has                                                   exclusive, range from 0.14% of operator
a promotional arrangement with the                                                           gross profits for the New Zealand
Toronto Argonauts football team                                                                 Lotteries Commission to 1.11% for
that includes a free weekly online                                                                 gaming machines in pubs and
parlay game for a chance to                                                                           clubs. The levy is the first of
win up to $5,000. The deal                                                                              its kind set under New
is believed to be worth                                                                                   Zealand’s Gambling Act
nearly $500,000 annually                                                                                    and will cover the cost
to the League. It is                                                                                         of the Ministry of
very unlikely that the                                                                                        Health’s $54.5 million
National Football League                                                                                      (CDN $46.2 million)
(NFL) would follow                                                                                             integrated problem
suit, according to a                                                                                           gambling strategy. In
spokesperson for                                                                                               addition to the levy,
the U.S. league.                                                                                               regulations aimed at
(Source:,                                                                                         preventing and mini-
October 12, 2004; MSN                                                                                         mizing gambling harm
News, October 13, 2004).                                                                                     will also be introduced
                                                                                                            for gaming machines in
United States                                                                                             pubs and clubs, non-club

O      n the ballots of last
       year’s U.S. Presidential
election there were a number of
                                                                                                        TABs, and casinos. (Source:
                                                                                                      New Zealand Government
proposals for expanded gambling.                                                                September 2, 2004).
So, who came out ahead – the
gaming industry or its foes? The answer                                                  Russia
seems to depend on who you ask.
Rev. Tom Grey, executive director of
the National Coalition Against Legalized
                                                                                         M      egaFon, Russia’s third largest cell
                                                                                                network operator, announced in
                                                                                         early October 2004 its launch of the first
Gambling (NCALG), believes the               Backbench unrest centred on moves to        mobile casino game in Russia. The game
election results were a victory for the      set up a series of super-casinos and        combines Java game technology with real
anti-gambling side and a sure sign           reserve powers which could be used in       casino gaming to deliver the service to
that the tides have turned in the fight      future to stop youngsters playing seaside   anyone with a mobile phone, anywhere
against gambling – a sentiment shared        slot machines. The Government has           their phones work. The first game offered
by many church group leaders and             already backed down over the number         is essentially a slot machine on a mobile
other grassroots organizations. Deutsche     of regional super-casinos in the face of    phone. Players can place bets ranging
Bank gaming analyst Marc Falcone,            opposition from Labour MPs and churches,    from 1 to 1,500 rubles (about 4 cents to
however, disagrees. He believes the          cutting them to eight. Opening third        CDN $63) and win up to approximately
election results were due more to state      reading debate, Culture Secretary Tessa     4.5 million rubles (CDN $190,000).
political issues than a national trend:      Jowell said the Bill would give Britain     Developers of the product say benefits
“A lot of voters tend to view gaming         “the toughest, most comprehensive           of the game include mobility, security,
as a business that’s still corrupted         regulatory framework in the world, to       availability, and a good chance of
with crime, particularly… in                 protect the public interest, to prevent     winning (supposedly ranging from
conservative states.” (Source: BP            the exploitation of children.” But Labour   25% to 95%). (Source: Mosnews,
News, November 3, 2004; Knight-Ridder        MP Win Griffiths (Bridgend) said he         October 5, 2004.)

                                     EDUCATES QUEENSLAND
I    n February 2002, Australia’s            and knowledge that will allow them to            media and technology can play
     Queensland Government released          make informed decisions. Once they               in changing games. As part
     The Queensland Responsible              are able to gamble legally they can              of a research activity, students
Gambling Strategy. The measures              make choices about their gambling                investigate how games have
contained in the Strategy aim to             that supports them to be responsible             changed across generations
minimise the likelihood of social            gamblers, or, should they encounter              and discover other recreational
problems arising, raise awareness            problems, they have the knowledge to             opportunities available for youth
amongst the community and provide            recognise warning signs and seek help.           in their local area. Students then
support for those who encounter              The underpinning philosophy of the               develop a business case to create
problems with gambling.                      Kit is to present the issue of gambling          a youth recreational project that
    As part of the Strategy, Queensland      based on the premise of balance.                 has value to the local community.
Deputy Premier, Treasurer, and Minister          The Kit has been developed to
for Sport, the Honourable Terry              promote an approach that allows the           As Time Goes By – provides students
Mackenroth, launched the Queensland          introduction of responsible gambling             with information to look at gam-
Responsible Gambling Teaching                education across a range of subject              bling through the ages and the
Resource Kit in October 2004. The Kit        areas and year levels. It provides unit          history of gambling in Queensland.
provides a collection of education           ideas that can be integrated into exist-         Within this context they are
support materials that specifically target   ing courses of study, rather than asking         provided with activities that ask
young people from ages 9 to 17.              schools to include another topic into            them to research policies associated
Primary and secondary schools in             an already overcrowded calendar. Each            with gambling and develop an
Queensland ordered more than 1,300           syllabus in Years 1-10 and the senior            understanding of research into
kits and by November 2004, every             school curriculum has been investigated          gambling consumers in Queensland.
school in the State had received a           to determine the most appropriate                The research findings will allow
copy of the resource.                        curriculum units and assessment tasks            students to develop resources
                                                           to support this approach.          designed to communicate a message
                                                               Flexible units written         about responsible gambling.
                                                           for the Kit allow teachers to
                                                           introduce the material into     Bully Bookies – allows students to
                                                           a vast array of existing           investigate gambling within the
                                                           curriculum pathways, such          context of health and linked with
                                                           as the Social Sciences,            the issue of bullying and peer
                                                           Visual and Performing Arts,        pressure. Students are provided
                                                           English, Hospitality studies       with opportunities to analyse
                                                           as well as pastoral care           conflict situations and develop
                                                           programs. They also                resolution strategies. Students
                                                           provide opportunities              engage in primary research to
                                                           for teachers to use local          inform the development of a project
                                                           examples to support the            to educate young people about the
                                                           activities undertaken by           risks associated with gambling and
    The Responsible Gambling                 students, thus making the course of              strategies to cope with peer pressure.
Teaching Resource Kit is based on a          study more relevant.                          Youth Media Campaign – provides
preventative approach, similar to the            The units are structured in the             suggestions for learning activities
approach adopted by other health-            following way:                                  that give students opportunities to
related education programs such as                                                           deconstruct and decode media
drug and sex education. The intended         The Games We Play – asks students               messages that promote gambling.
outcome is to provide young people             to consider the meaning of                    In order to prepare them for
with opportunities to develop the skills       gambling and the impact that

    designing their own youth-focused           myths and misconceptions                 intention is for students to develop
    media campaign, they are given              surrounding electronic gaming            a greater understanding of the
    the opportunity to review some              machines. Students are given             Melbourne Cup and its place in
    messages from a youth-oriented              opportunities to investigate             Australia’s cultural identity.
    responsible gambling campaign               gambling and its effects, both               The Responsible Gambling
    available in Canada.                        positive and negative, on commu-         Teaching Resource Kit is designed
                                                nities and individuals/families.         to be a living resource. Additional
 Dial a Debt – gives students the                                                        modules for maths studies will
    opportunity to investigate the ease      Voices – explores perspectives both         be available in 2005 and in 2006
    with which people can lose track of         for and against gambling with the        modules for English studies are to
    their spending through easy access          intention of allowing students           be released.
    to credit and a lack of understand-         to understand both sides of the
    ing about charges associated with           issue and to develop their own           Direct links to more information:
    mobile phones and messaging.                opinions. By deconstructing     
    Students develop skills that will           emotive viewpoints students are
                                                                                      More information regarding the
    allow them to critically evaluate           provided with skills that should      Teaching Resource Kit and The
    their spending habits and attitudes         enable them to become informed        Queensland Responsible Gambling
    to credit, with a view to building          and active citizens.                  Strategy can be found on the Queensland
    protective factors that may prevent                                               Responsible Gambling Web site
    them from seeing gambling as an          Responsible Gambling Melbourne
    easy way to make money.                  Cup Style – provides a range of
                                               subject area activities that can be
 Gaming Machines are Big Business –            undertaken around the time of
   explores some of the common                 the Spring Race Carnival. The

  Continued from page 4

 any of the above restrictions would         will continue to develop in the gaming   may prove to be much riskier than
 have the desired effect of mitigating       industry, as they are doing in society   they may at first seem.
 social costs associated with problem        at large. Indeed, such evolution is         And not all the risk lies with the
 and pathological gambling. However,         inevitable. However, this is clearly     problem gambler. In these cases,
 politicians and policy makers act when      a situation where the gaming industry    the gaming industries may be risking
 they believe their actions will gain        and gaming device manufacturers do       their reputations among the general
 support of the voters. If the gaming        not want to be providing the “cutting    public as well.
 industry – especially technology            edge” of new technologies. It will be
 developers and manufacturers of             much better, for their own perceived     William Eadington is Professor of
 gaming devices – introduce new              legitimacy, if gaming industries wait    Economics and Director of the Institute
 technologies that appear to be              until new technologies become            for the Study of Gambling and
 predatory, whatever their actual            well established elsewhere, and then     Commercial Gaming at the University of
 effects are, then the entire industry       develop them for the casino floor.       Nevada, Reno. He is an internationally
 will be put at risk for serious backlash.       Gaming industry leaders,             recognized authority on the legalization
 In its own enlightened self-interest,       manufacturers and regulators need        and regulation of commercial gambling,
 this may not be where the gaming            to be sensitive to both the business     and has written extensively on issues
 industry wants to be.                       dimensions and social impact             relating to the economic and social
     That said, it is still likely that      implications of new technologies         impacts of commercial gaming.
 electronic monies in a variety of forms     that are considered. Some of them

A View From the U.S.:
                     The Continued Expansion of Gambling
By Keith Whyte                                   In California, both Proposition 68,      of the vote. The compacts will provide
                                             calling for 30,000 slots at card rooms and   a consistent set of regulations for

L      ooking back at 2004, nominees         racetracks, and Proposition 70, which        existing tribal EGDs and also author-
       for the biggest U.S. gaming story     pushed unlimited Indian gaming, failed       ize non-house banked card games,
       would probably be the wave            convincingly at the polls. Proposition       such as poker. Once four tribes enter
of mergers among the large, publicly-        68 received only 16 percent support,         into compacts, racetracks in the state
held commercial casino companies or          while Proposition 70 did slightly better,    will be able to install EGDs as well.
perhaps the media-hyped explosion            garnering 23 percent in favor of the             Voters in Washington State rejected
of interest in Texas Hold’Em poker.          initiative.                                  Initiative 892, which called for the
While these are indeed noteworthy,               Meanwhile, Florida’s Amendment           establishment of 18,000 new electronic
perhaps one of the biggest issues is         4 was approved. Amendment 4 would            gaming devices in mini-casinos, bars,
the continued expansion of gambling          allow residents in only two south            restaurants and bowling alleys, with
in the states, albeit in a somewhat          Florida counties (Broward and Miami-         the tax revenue dedicated to property
different form.                              Dade) to decide in the next election         tax relief. Significantly, this expansion
    Traditionally, gaming expansion          whether to permit slot machines at           would have ended the tribal monopoly
meant flashy, state-wide drives organ-       seven horse and dog tracks and jai alai      on EGDs in the state. Fifty six percent
ized around a state ballot referendum        frontons. State revenue from the             of Washingtonians opposed the
or constitutional amendment to bring         machines would be allocated to               measure.
a new, distinct type of gambling to a        schools state-wide. Florida voters               Wisconsin held a non-binding
state. In the 70’s it was state lotteries;   have previously rejected a number            advisory referendum on the construc-
in the 90’s, riverboat casinos.              of state-wide casino proposals.              tion of a tribal casino at an existing
    But the typical gambling expansion           Voters in three counties in Iowa         greyhound track. While voters
measure today is quite a bit different.      rejected local-option questions              supported the proposed development,
Forty eight of 50 U.S. states (and           to approve a proposal for a new              state and federal approval must still
approximately 225 of 561 federally-          riverboat casino.                            be obtained.
recognized tribes) have some form of             Proposition 1, calling for state-wide        I suspect that in coming elections
legalized gambling. In many of the           and local voter approval of gambling         we will continue to see two trends.
states, the 2004 ballot didn’t ask voters    expansion plans, was narrowly                The first is a pattern of expansion of
to approve a new form of gambling,           approved by Michigan voters, placing         adding higher stakes and faster
but rather an expansion of the existing      a significant restriction on any future      gambling, usually EGDs, to existing
form. Successful expansion today is          gambling expansion.                          gaming locations. The second is a
generally taking place at the local level,       Two expansion proposals in               move to more local-option initiatives
often through regulatory or court            Nebraska were soundly defeated.              and referenda tailored to specific
decisions that may go unnoticed by           Sixty four percent of voters opposed         counties or locations, rather than
the general public and press.                Amendment 3, which proposed to               state-wide campaigns. It seems clear
    On November 2, residents in eight        legalize two casinos in the state.           that gambling proponents feel
U.S. states cast votes on gaming             Initiative 420, which sought to legalize     the U.S. market is still unsaturated.
initiatives. While the results were          two casinos in Omaha and 4,900 slot
mixed, what was striking is that only        and video poker machines, received           Keith Whyte is Executive Director of the
two states (Nebraska and Oklahoma)           similar support.                             National Council on Problem Gambling
had a proposal to legalize a new form            In Oklahoma three proposals              in the U.S., the national advocate for
of gambling. The other six referenda         concerning the establishment of a            programs and services to assist problem
were either proposals to limit               state lottery and tribal gaming were         gamblers and their families.
expansion (Michigan) or to expand            passed. State Questions 705 and 706,
existing forms of gaming (California,        establishing a state lottery, passed by
Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin and                 a 60-40 margin. Question 712, to create
Washington) that already exist               state-tribal gaming compacts and
elsewhere in the state.                      racinos, also passed with 59 percent

 Continued from page 1                       are generally aimed at making people           fashion, preferably on the front of
                                             aware of the “risks and foreseeable            forms and tickets.
stakeholders and reviewed the                consequences” of gambling. Protective
                                             measures involve “imposing require-          Display of clocks in gaming venues
available research. It produced and                                                       • Citing research undertaken in Nova
released issue papers for public scrutiny.   ments on a product or service, or the
                                             environment in which that product or           Scotia and elsewhere, the Tribunal
The report is a very useful example                                                         believes it is more valuable to place
of how program improvements could            service is purchased or used, to make
                                             it safer.” Counselling measures refer to       clocks in the screens of machines
be made in uncertain conditions.                                                            than in venues more generally.
    This is not the first time, of course,   the treatment of problem gambling.
that Australians have contributed                The report called for a compre-
                                                                                          Information on individual
practical research and analysis to the       hensive responsible gambling policy
                                                                                          gaming sessions
making of gaming policy. There are           framework that would: “promote
                                                                                          • Interestingly, while the Tribunal
many examples. The analysis by Clive         responsible gambling; protect gamblers
                                                                                            endorses such features as pop-up,
Alcock regarding the issues of identi-       to discourage risky behaviours
                                                                                            and display of the monetary value
fication of problem gamblers on the          and reduce the prevalence and
                                                                                            of credits, it does not recommend
gaming floor and Self-Exclusion –            negative consequences associated
                                                                                            providing information about individ-
A Gateway to Treatment produced by           with problem gambling; and provide
                                                                                            ual sessions on gaming machines
Blaszczynski, Ladouceur and Nower            counselling services to ‘at risk’ and
                                                                                            due to questions raised in a report
are two significant examples, as is the      problem gamblers and their families
                                                                                            by Nova Scotia’s Focal Research
landmark report of the Productivity          and friends to reduce the negative
                                                                                            regarding the potential for
Commission – Australia’s Gambling            impacts of their gambling behaviour.”
                                                                                            encouraging chasing losses.
Industries. The IPART report is more             While the report underlines the
along the lines of a broad review and        importance of evidence-based policy,         • On the other hand, the report looks
analysis in Productivity Commission          it acknowledges that “tests for scientific     favourably on further research into
tradition.                                   evidence are currently not achievable          pre-commitment options through
    In laying the groundwork for its         for many measures. In practice, respon-        which “players are encouraged
recommendations, the IPART Tribunal          sible gambling is a relatively new             to use pre-commitment cards on a
noted: “public debate of gambling            policy and research area – the research        voluntary basis…”
has tended to be polarized – often           currently available is not broad or deep
depicting problem gambling as                enough to support such an approach.
predominantly the responsibility of          In principle, scientific ‘proof’ may not
either the gambling industry, with           be a realistic goal for this area, given
problem gamblers being the victims           it has human behaviour as its primary
of ‘addictive gambling products,’            focus of study.”
or gamblers themselves, who fail                 To overcome these limitations, the
to control their behaviour and               Tribunal encourages more research of
erroneously think they will win.”            a higher quality that “makes a practical
    The Tribunal found that neither of       contribution to the development of
these perspectives “reflects the com-        responsible gambling policy…”
plexity of problem gambling, and so              Following is a summary of some
both are inadequate for framing public       of the Tribunal’s considerations and
policy.” Rather, the authors believe         findings.                                    Self-exclusion schemes
policy should recognize a range of                                                        • The Tribunal devotes several pages
                                             Display of probability of
shareholders who have responsibility                                                        to discussion of self-exclusion. It
                                             winning prizes
for reducing the prevalence of problem                                                      recommends “offence provisions” for
                                             • The Tribunal endorses the concept
gambling and promoting “a broad                                                             gaming venues which fail to establish
                                               of “easily accessed and clear
culture of responsibility”. This includes                                                   and publicize a self-exclusion
                                               information” and stresses the
government, the gambling industry,                                                          scheme. The report goes on to
                                               importance of ease of interpretation.
gamblers themselves, problem                                                                make several other recommendations
gambling counsellors and the general         Information printed on                         designed to enhance self-exclusion
community.                                   gambling products                              and bring it closer to treatment.
    This analysis led the Tribunal to        • The Tribunal supports the printing
recommend a series of measures cover-          of responsible gambling information
ing informed choice, protection and            for gambling products with the
counselling. Informed choice measures          proviso that the information be
would target the whole community and           presented in a visible and consistent                      Continued on page 16

                                         S HERATON FALLSVIEW H OTEL &            Upcoming Events
                                         C ONFERENCE C ENTRE ,
                                         NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA          4th Annual Alberta Conference
                                                                                 on Gambling Research
                                         A PRIL 17 – 20, 2005                    The Public Policy Implications of
                                                                                 Gambling Research
                                                                                 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
                                                                                 March 31 and April 1, 2005
                                                                                 Discovery 2005 Conference
                                                                                 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
                                                                                 April 17 - 20, 2005
                                                                                 Professional Addictions
        RGC is delighted to be           Dr. Sam Goldstein, a notable            Conference (PAC) 2005
                                                                                 Presented by Alberta Alcohol and Drug
    hosting the Discovery 2005           author and educator in the              Abuse Commission (AADAC)
    Conference at the Sheraton           areas of resiliency and ADHD.           Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
                                                                                 June 1 - 3, 2005
    Fallsview Hotel and Conference       We will also feature emerging 
    Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario     research, treatment and industry        19th Annual Conference on
    April 17th – 20th.                   trends from around the globe            Prevention, Research and
                                                                                 Treatment of Problem Gambling
        Blending the most popular        as well as panelists that include       Organized by the National Council on Problem
    elements of past Discovery           Dr. Barry McLellan, Chief Coroner       Gambling
                                                                                 Hosted by the Louisiana Association on
    Conferences with the interactive     for Ontario.                            Compulsive Gambling
    panel focus from the 2004                We hope to see you in Niagara       New Orleans, Louisiana
                                                                                 June 23 - 25, 2005
    Symposium, we are pleased to         Falls in April!               
    bring you a number of engaging                                               conference_savethedate.doc

    topics and expert perspectives       PLEASE VISIT                            6th European Conference on
                                                                                 Gambling Studies and Policy Issues
    in the field of problem gambling             Malmo, Sweden
    and its prevention.                  for Discovery 2005 program and          June 29 - July 2, 2005
        Our keynote presentation         registration information.
    will be delivered this year by                                                     The Responsible Gambling Council
                                                                                     gratefully acknowledges the support of
                                                                                   The Mental Health and Addictions Branch
                                                                                    (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

                                                                                 Write for
                                                                                  Do you have any new ideas, programs, research results,
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                                                                                 internationally to more than 4,000 readers, including care
                                                                                            providers, politicians, researchers and
Multi-modal treatment                        The Independent Pricing and              the gaming industry. It is also published online at
• The Tribunal reviewed the many         Regulatory Tribunal has completed
  approaches to gambling treatment       some groundbreaking work. One
  and strongly endorses what it refers   might agree or disagree with each
  to as “multi modal” treatment –        of the individual recommendations.
  matching specific techniques or        But the Tribunal’s approach to              Published three times yearly by the
  interventions to the needs of the      moving forward in spite of                    Responsible Gambling Council
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  clients.                               uncertainty is useful and educational
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                                         for many jurisdictions facing the        Phone: 416-499-9800 or 1-888-391-1111
A strong client-counsellor
                                         same policy issues.                      Fax: 416-499-8260 E-mail:
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• Echoing a great deal of the current       Direct links to more information:          the RGC or subscribe online at
  research, the Tribunal endorses     
  a strong client-counsellor relation-
  ship as the most significant
  predictor of client outcome.


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