; Portable Audio Recorder and Transmitter
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Portable Audio Recorder and Transmitter


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									               Portable Audio Recorder and Transmitter

                          New concept in ENG recording

This handheld unit for the roving reporter not only records, but is also a communication
device. The PARROT can be used for live reporting. Recorded quotes or interviews on
the other hand can be sent in top quality to a server in the studio. And all of this without
using a PC and using only your mobile phone. It is truly unique!

                                  It is multi-functional:
                                             It s a recorder
                                      It s a wireless transmitter
                          It s for live broadcasting and for file transfer
                      It functions as an external sound card to your PC
           It also presents itself as a flash memory when connected to your PC
The PARROT is a high quality handheld audio recorder with professional connectors. The
recordings are stored on a removable SD memory card in MP3 format. This gives over 4 hours
of high quality recording on a 256MB-memory card. The unit is battery powered (4x type AA)
and operates for 8 hours.

                                                               High quality recordings can be sent as a file to the
                                                               studio without using a PC, but using a Bluetooth
                                                               enabled device (PDA or mobile phone) over the GSM
                                                               network, to any given location.

                                                               By connecting a Laptop or PC the recordings can be
                                                               sent over the Internet (wifi) using GSM, GPRS or
                                   Record button &
                                   indicator                   UMTS to any desired location.

                                   Marker button               The line output can also be used to send a recorded
                                   & indicator
                                                               item over an ISDN, POTS or IP codec.
                                   Stop button
                                                               Live contributions to the studio can be made over the
                                   Play button
                                                               Bluetooth connection.
                                   & indicator
                                                               Markers can be set within an audio file. During
                                   Slide/Push button
                                   & Clip indicator
                                                               recording and playback markers can be set or
                                   Slide button to             removed. The audio between two markers can be
                                   select next,                regarded as a clip, when in clip mode.
                                   previous recording
                                   or marker.
                                   Push button to              When connecting a USB cable to the PARROT, it will
                                   select clips                function as an external sound card of your PC or
                                                               laptop. With this function the mic input can be used as
                                                               an audio source, and the headset as an audio output

Rotary encoder         Active level       Bluetooth        Go button     Line out          Phones out   Mic/Line selector
To adjust input,       indicators         indicators      To enable or   Female Cinch      6.3mm jack   To select mic or line input
output and mix         Indicates          Indicates       disable        connector for     headphone    gain. When selecting mic it is
levels                 which level        Bluetooth       Bluetooth      mono              connector    possible to set gain to low,
                       can be             activity                       asymmetric                     medium or high
                       adjusted                                          line-out

LED-Bar            General                On/Off           On/Off        Bluetooth    Mini-USB connector                Mic/Line input
Indicates the      indicators             indicator        button        module       Connects USB to a laptop or PC.   XLR connector
dynamic input      Indicates the state    Indicates the    To switch     Bluetooth    Memory card can be used as an     to connect a
or output level,   of the unit (playing   unit is on       device ON     to connect   external harddrive. The PARROT    microphone or
or displays        or recording) and      (green) and      and OFF       to PDA or    can also be used as an external   line input
level adjust       memory availability    battery level                  to mobile    sound card. Batteries are
value                                     low (red)                      phone        charged by USB power.

Preliminary info      December 2005          can be changed without prior notice

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