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                                                 Procedure for Creating Electronic backups v2 2007030

      To standardise the methodology for backing up computer files in order to reduce risk of loss of intellectual property and
      to retain documents in line with statutory requirements

      All stand alone computers must have the data in my documents, email in the outlook or outlook express directories and
      any other specific area of the computer backed up on a separate media such as an external harddrive, flashdisk, DVD or
      CD at regular intervals.

      These backups should be performed at least once a week and ideally should be performed by an automated scheduler.

      Labelling of Backups
      All backups must have the dates clearly indicated on them along with the type of backup being full or incremental. No
      backup should be destroyed until there are at least 2 new backups. i.e. there should at anytime be 3 backups of not more
      than 2weeks spacing.

      Recovery from backup
      Where a data source is irretrievably damaged data must be restored from the most recent backup with any
      documentation between backups being recovered from alternative users who may have received the documents or
      should be recreated from a hardcopy.

                                              Members : S. Austin, R. Masuku, P. Sibanda, A. Röth
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