In addition to the star ranks (Bronze, Silver and

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					                             San Benito County
                        4-H Emerald Star Information

In addition to the star ranks (Bronze, Silver and Gold) achieved through the Personal
Development Report (PDR), the following star ranks are available through a leadership
development level (Emerald Star, All Star and California Ambassador). Any member
who has their Silver Star, Gold Star or All Star Rank and is in the 7th grade or above may
achieve the rank of Emerald Star.

Emerald Star Steps:
    1. Submit and Emerald Star Application. This is available from the 4-H office or at the San
       Benito County website: Team projects are not allowed for the
       rank of Emerald Star.
    2. Set up an appointment with the County 4-H Advisor to discuss your plan and receive
       initial approval. After 4-H Advisor approval, you will need to attend an Entrance
       Interview with the San Benito County 4-H Council Awards Committee. The 4-H
       Advisor will set up this appointment.
    3. After Awards Committee approval, implement your plan and complete the project.
       At this time you will receive an Emerald Star patch.
    4. When your project is complete, compile your documentation, complete the 4-H Emerald
       Star Project Completion Questionnaire and request an Exit Interview with the Awards
    5. Receive your Emerald Star pin.
    6. If you cannot complete your project within the time frame initially requested, consider
       requesting an extension. The extension request must be approved by Awards

              Emerald Star Process focuses on planning and evaluation skills,
           completing assignments, and working in a community or county capacity.

     Emerald Star Process:                               Requirements:

          Complete Application.                              Must have a Silver Star and be in 7th grade.
          Schedule appointment with 4-H                      Submit plan to 4-H Advisor for approval.
           Advisor.                                           Attend Entrance Interview with Awards
          Meet with Awards Committee                          Committee.
           and receive approval to proceed                    Allow ample time to complete the activity.
           with plan.                                         Complete plan and submit final report with
          Complete project.                                   documentation to 4-H Advisor.
          Report back to Awards                              Schedule an Exit Interview with Awards
           Committee.                                          Committee.
          Receive Emerald Star pin.                          No Team projects.

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