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                                                                                           Editor & Publisher
How Do I Prioritize My                     prime business. Many dealers make
                                                                                            edward J. Bobit
                                           the mistake of trying to combine
Initial Marketing Budget?                                                                  Vice President
                                           the two. We all know that a pre-
                                                                                     Group Publisher, Auto Group
To conTrIBuTor Sean V. BraDley:            owned car sale is very different                 Sherb Brown
I have been reading all your articles      from a subprime sale. It’s the dif-
                                                                                          Associate Publisher
and find your information very             ference between selling a car and            National Sales Manager
insightful and helpful. I have been        selling a “second chance” at credit.             David Gesualdo
a Subaru dealer for five years and         But just building your Websites
we decided to get out of the new-          isn’t enough. They need to have
                                                                                       Senior Editor / Art Director
car business to con-                                      the right content and               Tariq Kamal
centrate on used cars.                                    differentiate your                 310-533-2470
We are located off the                                    dealership from the 
beaten track between                                      competition.                  Regional Sales Manager
two metro markets:                                           As for ProMax, I               adam Kimber
Hartford, Conn. and                                       think it’s a great tool,
Springfield, Mass. Even                                   and my clients who
                                                                                      Great Lakes Sales Manager
when we were sell-                                        use the system love it.         robert Brown, Jr.
ing new Subarus, we                                       Whichever CRM you                 248-601-2005
were booking about                                        choose, it must contain
30 subprime deals                                         the right action plans       Classified Sales Manager
                                                                                           Tuesday Phillips
each month. We have a                                     (automated protocols),             310-533-2434
decent facility on four                                   user-defined sources
acres near an international airport.       and statuses, a library of e-mail                 Sales Assistant
Advertising will bring customers in,       templates and scripts for voicemail,                Myla Diaz
but we used to spend $30,000 for           objections and rebuttals.                      Production Director
both new and used.                             n Promotions: There will always               Kelly Bracken
   In “Web-Based Tools for Sales           be opportunities to buy third-party        Senior Production Manager
Success” (July 2008), you say that         leads and spend both time and                     Sarah Paredes
buying leads can become very               money on traditional advertising              Production Manager
expensive, and that has been my ex-        media. But in my opinion, your first              Brian Peach
perience. With an initial marketing        initiative should be creating your
                                                                                            Web Manager
budget of $10,000/mo., will TV and         Websites and driving traffic to them.
                                                                                               Sam Kim
radio advertising result in a better re-   As we discussed in “Video Killed the              310-533-2492
turn on investment than buying leads       SEO Star” (Aug. 2008), the highest   
from a third-party provider? What          and fastest ROI on the planet right       Audience Marketing Manager
about a CRM, such as ProMax? Any           now is video search engine optimi-              Tony napoleone
input would be helpful.                    zation (VSEO).
                 charlie Hernandez             Only after you have an Internet-
                             Owner         marketing strategy in place should
                Rally Motorcars LLC        you go into conventional advertis-
                                           ing. Dumping your precious adver-
Charlie, thank you for your kind           tising dollars into something as dubi-             Chairman
words. My philosophy is that any           ous as radio or print — especially in            edward J. Bobit

department, be it Internet sales or        the early going — is too risky. When             President & CEO
                                                                                               Ty F. Bobit
special finance, is made or broken,        and if you do utilize those media,
maximized or underutilized in four         design campaigns that will get read-          Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                          richard e. Johnson
key areas: products, people, process       ers and listeners to visit your Web-
and promotions. To answer your             sites. You’ll notice that companies        Business and Editorial Office
                                                                                         Bobit Business Media
question about advertising ROI, let’s      like AutoTrader, Vehix and            3520 Challenger St.
take a look first at products, then        use TV, radio and billboards to drive          Torrance, CA 90503
promotions:                                traffic to their Websites, and for            Phone: 310-533-2400
                                                                                           Fax: 310-533-2503
   n Products: You’ll need two             good reason. If they’re constructed       E-mail:
Websites: One for your pre-owned           properly, your Websites can serve as
                                                                                            Printed in u.S.a.
business, the other for your sub-          infomercials that run 24/7. — Sean

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