Corporate Video Production Agreement by bobzepfel


Agreement between Corporation and Video Producer for production of corporate video, where producer received stock options

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									                              Video Production Agreement
      THIS AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is made and entered into this
(the "Effective Date"), by and between                     (the “Company”) and
                                     (the "Producer").

     WHEREAS the Company desires to retain the services of the Producer to produce a video
about the Company’s business and operations, for promotional and public relations purposes (the
“Video”), and Producer agrees to produce same upon the terms and conditions hereafter set forth,

      NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and the covenants and
promises hereinafter contained, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and
sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto intending to be legally bound
hereby agree as follows:

Section 1.     Production of Video

          1.1     Producer's Obligation. Producer shall write and produce a video of
approximately                            minutes’ length describing the Company’s business,
operations, management and products. Producer shall provide the following services: scripting,
set preparation, audio and video technicians, studio equipment, audio and video editing, casting,
services of a director, light and grips, cameras, production and recording on a videotape, compact
disk or digital video disk, as the Company may select. It is the intention of the parties that the
Company will be delivered a finished product suitable for presentation to business contacts,
shareholders, government agencies, investors and other interested parties. Producer's obligations
hereunder shall be completed and fulfilled upon delivery of the final media, suitable for
duplication and display, to the Company.

          1.2    Content. The Video shall demonstrate the operation of the Company’s products,
shall include brief interviews with the Company personnel, and shall be informative, entertaining,
and in good taste. Artistic form and content shall be determined by Producer, subject to the terms
of this Agreement. Producer will provide a rough transcript of the Video to the Company for
approval before filming. Approval, subject to edits as provided, if any, will be returned to
Producer within 48 hours of receipt by the Company. The Company shall provide Producer with
introductory material to be incorporated into the Video, shall make its personnel available for
interviews, and shall grant Producer unrestricted access to its facilities, equipment and personnel
to allow Producer to complete the Video.

       1.3     Time for Performance. Producer shall deliver the completed Video to the
Company not later than     days from the Effective Date.

          1.4     Costs. The Company shall pay for all “hard costs” of producing the video, such
as videotape, film stock, laboratory costs and other direct costs of production. Producer shall
bear all other costs, but shall be entitled to reimbursement of certain out-of-pocket costs as
provided in Section 1.5 below.

         1.5    Reimbursement. During the course of production, Producer shall keep records
and appropriate documentation of all out-of-pocket costs incurred, consisting solely of p
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