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									        Certified Marketing Director (CMD)

        Who Should Apply
        T Marketing directors with four years of                                SUGGESTED READING MATERIAL
          shopping center marketing experience and
          a broad knowledge of marketing principles                             Shopping Center Marketing
          who have the ability to apply those princi-                           It is the most up-to-date, authori-    motions and create effective adver-
          ples to effectively market all types of shop-                         tative and detailed compendium of      tising for all media. This publica-
          ping centers.                                                         marketing strategies. This book will   tion is included with this program.
        T Shopping center managers with four                                    help you create marketing plans        If you are not attending and wish
          years of experience, who oversee the total                            and media plans, develop and           to order this publication, please
          marketing function of a shopping center.                              implement events and sales pro-        turn to page 54.
        T Corporate or regional professionals who
          oversee the marketing function of one
          or more shopping centers.

        How You Will Benefit                               Qualifications                                      If a candidate’s primary experience was
        T Receive an industry designation that            In order to qualify as a candidate for the         gained outside North America, we recom-
          recognizes your experience, knowledge,          CMD examination, you must:                         mend they take the global practices exam.
          and skills.                                                                                        This global exam features:
                                                          T Be or have been actively engaged in shop-
        T Be recognized for your leadership capabi-                                                          T Centres typically found around the world.
                                                            ping center marketing as a shopping cen-
          lities and increased professional stature.                                                         T Square meters, euros and foreign currency.
                                                            ter manager for four years,* with duties
        T Gain and keep your competitive edge.                                                               T Terms common around the world, e.g., key
                                                            including the entire job function of a shop-
        T Experience the difference between just                                                               money.
                                                            ping center marketing director. The time
          knowing your field and being a leader in                                                           T Different seasons, merchandising chal-
                                                            period will be calculated up to the applica-
          your field.                                                                                          lenges and holiday sales periods not the
                                                            tion deadline date. Employment dates will
        T Have your achievement announced to local                                                             typical November December Christmas
                                                            be verified. Experience as a shopping cen-
          media outlets through ICSC news releases.                                                            holiday season and fall clearance sales in
                                                            ter marketing director includes marketing
                                                            research, marketing plan implementation,           October.
        Certified Marketing Director                         record-keeping, special events implementa-
        (CMD) Examination                                   tion, sales promotion, public and commu-         CMD Examination (North
        The Initial CMD examination was adminis-            nity relations, advertising and media            American Practices Version)
        tered in May 1971. In January of 2007, the          buying.                                          The CMD exam will consist of a 100-item
        CMD designation became global in scope              *Applicants may substitute the following         multiple-choice section worth 100 points,
        recognizing global marketing best practices         for the fourth year of experience:               plus 40 points for constructed response
        throughout the industry. As part of this            a) Completion of the ICSC Marketing I and        items in a four-part situational judgment
        change, the Accredited Marketing Director           II Institute Programs, ICSC International        section using a multiple-choice format
        (AMD) certification was merged with the             School, Level I or ICSC eDistance Learning       (there will be three to four items per situa-
        Certified Marketing Director (CMD) certifica-       Program and ICSC International School,           tion). Items will be distributed across the
        tion. To date, more than 2,000 professionals        Level II; or                                     content below.
        from all over the world have earned the             b) Completion of the ICSC Marketing II
        “new” global CMD designation.                       Institute Program, ICSC International            Test Specifications
        The objectives of the CMD program are:              School, Level II or eDistance Learning           Center Productivity                32%
                                                            Program with related work experience,
        T To recognize worldwide global marketing                                                            Marketing Plan Development         30%
                                                            or successful completion of college-level
          practices.                                        courses.                                         Marketing Plan Implementation      32%
        T To establish high standards of shopping                                                            Administration and Financial
          center marketing activities. A CMD must         If a candidate’s primary experience was
                                                                                                             Management                           3%
          be able to direct the marketing and pro-        gained in North America, we recommend
                                                          that they take the North American practices        Legal / Risk / Management            3%
          motion efforts of all types and sizes of
          shopping centers in a wide range of geo-        exam. This North American exam features:
          graphical locations.                            T   Centers typically found in North America.
        T To recognize marketing/promotion direc-         T   Square feet, dollars, etc.
          tors who meet these professional stan-          T   Terms common in North America.
          dards.                                          T   Law and insurance practices common in
        T To establish educational standards for the          North America.
        T To encourage others to train for careers in
          shopping center marketing.

CMD Examination                               Examination Schedule
(Global Practices Version)                    Global Practices Certified Marketing
The CMD Global Practices Version is a writ-   Director (CMD)
ten examination consisting of 100 items       EXAMINATIONS:
administered in one three-hour session.
                                              June 23-27, 2008
Test Specifications                            Deadline: May 19, 2008
Center Productivity             23%           October 20-24, 2008
Marketing Plan Development      23%           Deadline: September 8, 2008
Marketing Plan Implementation 23%             Location: Prometric Testing Centers
Administration and Financial                  worldwide.
Management                        7%
                                              Certified Marketing Director (CMD) –
Situational Judgment            24%
                                              North American Version
                               100%           (for candidates whose primary experience
                                              was gained in North America)
                                              October 20-24, 2008
                                              Deadline: September 8, 2008
                                              Location: Prometric Testing Centers
                                              throughout North America

                                              How to Apply
                                              The CMD Application and Applicant
                                              Handbook is available on ICSC’s Web site,
                                              www.icsc.org – go to the tab, view the
                                              education menu and click on certification
                                              Fee for the CSM examination:
                                              Member:        $ 695 (U.S.)
                                              Non-Member: $1,390 (U.S.)

                                                                                                                                Certification Programs
CMD Admissions and Governing Committee

CHAIRMAN                                      Elena DeSalvo, SCMD, SCSM                   Robin Raiford, CMD
Barbara A. Nicklas, SCMD                      Simon Property Group                        Aronov Realty Management, Inc.
General Growth Properties, Inc.               Liz Gillespie, SCMD                         Shavak Srivastava,   CMD
MEMBERS                                       Jones-Lang Lasalle                          Sq. Ft. Consulting
Ann Ackerman, SCMD                            Wendy Greenwood, SCMD                       Susan Valentine,   SCMD
Talisman Companies LLC                        The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited   Macerich
Wendy M. Albert,       SCMD                   Cherilyn Megill, SCMD                       Avijit Yadav, CMD
Miracle Mile Shops                            Inland Western Management                   Oxford Properties Group
Mark N. Bachus, SCMD                          Mary Lynn Morse, SCMD
Kravco Simon Company                          CBL & Associates Properties, Inc.
Belinda Davidson, SCMD                        Joanne I. Mummert, CMD,       CSM
Ivanhoe Cambridge, Inc.                       Colonial Properties Trust

                                                                                               REGISTER ON-LINE: www.icsc.org        49

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