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					Best Practices for
Email Marketing

  Monday, March 8, 2010
Fishbowl Cocktail Facts

• 10 years old, 130+ employees
  Alexandria, VA based

• Product Suite includes Email Marketing, Social
  Media Integrations and Guest Database Mgt.

• 35,000 restaurant locations use Fishbowl

• 40 million unique opt-in consumers

• 1 billion emails sent in 2009

• Exclusive Partnership with NRA and 37 State
  Restaurant Associations

• Why Email?

• Elements of a Successful Email Program

• Growing Your List

• Create Loyalty

• Campaign Opportunities

• Integrating Social Media

• Measuring Results

• 10 Tips to Walk Away With
Why Email?

•    170,000,000 Americans use
    email regularly

•    86% have given their email to 
     a retailer

•    $48.56 Returned for every dollar spent
• Restaurant customers open  and 
  respond to a restaurant’s email
• Increases Guest Loyalty

• “41 percent of consumers surveyed by the NRA say they    
   choose new restaurants because of e‐mail promotions. ”
The value of opt-in email marketing

Greater return than other
   – Higher response and redemption rates
     because of opt-in
   – Much less expensive & higher ROI than
     direct mail, newspaper ads, television or

   – Personalized, opt-in email to guests
     engages them and extends the
     relationship beyond the four walls with
     proven past guests

 *Sources: ChangeWave ‐‐ iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre Spearhead the Momentum, July 2006
 **Fathom SEO ‐ How to Improve Click‐Through Rates, March 18, 2008
The value of opt-in email marketing

Communicate more

  – Launch last-minute promotions
  – React to environment
  – Customization increases click-
    through rates by 75%**
  – Track and analyze your
    customers behavior to learn what
    works best
Email is Portable

    37% of US consumers own a smart phone 
    device, capable of receiving email on the 
Elements of a successful email program

       Build          Automated          Monthly        Local Store &
     Database        Loyalty Loop       Campaigns        Community
   In-Store Signup     Welcome          Promotions      One Day Deals

    Online Join
                                         Contests     New Store Programs

   Non-Traditional                      Newsletters
                                                      LSM Store Programs

How To Grow Your Lists

•   Paper Sign Up Slips (in store)

•   Online Web Join 
          • Drive  guests to Web to Sign Up for E‐club 
          • Contests/Sweepstakes
          • Staff Incentives
          • POP
          • To‐Go Bags
          • Window Clings
          • Placemats
          • Staff Buttons
          • Forward to a Friend
          • Public Events

•   Social Media!
Create Loyalty
Design Attractive Email
Create Sophisticated Email
  – No HTML Experience Needed

  – Produce Dynamically Generated,
    Personalized Emails

  – Emails customize by location

  – Automatically trigger messages
    based on time and action
Campaign Opportunities
Use consistent messaging with
a good mix of emails:

 • Restaurant News
 • Last Minute Special Events
 • Theme Dinners
 • Kids-Related
 • In-Store Events (music, trivia)
 • New Menu / Recipes
 • Community Related Events
 • Gift Card Sales
 • Holiday / Seasonal Events
 • Viral Marketing
Wine Dinners and Special Menus
Customer Contests
Special Events
Community Relations
Holiday Promotions
Kid Friendly Promotions
Promote Your Social Media Sites
Target Your Best Guests
Integrate your email program with online reservations to
  increase recognition, results, measurability
  – “Click here to book your birthday dinner—and gift from us”

  – Create other promotions for holidays, slow dayparts
Promote Online Ordering
Add the Power of Social Media
 Integrate Email Club Join
  Forms With Facebook

  – Allow the 150 million daily
    Facebook users to join your email
    club without ever leaving the

  – Forms maintain full data validation

  – New members are able to choose
    their preferred location
Social Media Email Follow Us Links
                     Follow Us Links:
                     Extend your restaurant’s relationship with its
                     email club members by offering an easy way
                     to connect on social media sites such as
                     Facebook , Twitter, Yelp! And MySpace. With just
                     the click of a button within the email messages,
                     subscribers can become fans and followers of
                     your restaurant’s social media profiles.

Social Media Sharing Links
Social Sharing Links:
A simple click of the Facebook sharing button,
inserted into your restaurant’s emails, and
recipients can promote your restaurant’s
messages to their friends across the
Facebook network. The average social media user has
nearly 200 friends with which to share your restaurant’s

Facebook Stats:
The average Facebook user has 120 “friends,” and their
communications pack the power of a personal referral –
not advertising clutter.

Measure your Results

• Analyze and Evaluate the Success
  of Your Marketing

• Improve Effectiveness through
  Measurement and Testing

• Compare Your Performance to
  Industry Benchmarks
Case Study

             • Subject Line: Get Behind the 
               Plate for Buck
             • Deployment Date:11/5/09
             • Target Audience: 7,487 
             • Open Rate: 47%
             • Click Throughs: 367

             RESULT: Sales up over 
               23% for the day
Fishbowl Statistics…

                       •   Average List Size (per store)
                            ‐ Casual Dining = 2,000
                            ‐ Fast Casual = 1,500
                            ‐ QSR = 1,000

                       •   E‐mail Campaign Open Rates Range from 
                           20‐70% vs. 17% Average for the Industry

                       •   Typical In‐Store Redemption Rates:  5% ‐
                           15%, Depending on the Offer

                       •   Annual Unsubscribe Rate:  
                           2% ‐ 5%

• Ensure your provider is “Whitelisted” or
  “Sender Score Certified”

• Avoid over messaging

• Avoid large images in the body and
  large attachments

• Avoid Spam Filter Triggers in the body/
  subject line, such as:

   • Free, f r e e, weight loss, $, debt,
     Claim, earn, Hot, juicy

• Practice Confirmed Guest Opt-in or
  Double Opt-in
10 Tips to walk away with

• Be relevant

• Be creative

• Integrate online and offline channels

• Identify yourself

• Be open and responsible

• Manage the frequency

• Shape the customer experience

• Integrate with social media

• Measure your results

• Select your vendor wisely
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