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									  A career
in finance
A career in the financial services
industry can be far more varied than
you might imagine.
And we are talking about a career, not just a job that you start
at nine and forget when you go home at five. If you want to
build your future and achieve your ambitions you need to work
out what you want and how you can go about getting it.

Leaving all that for later will be too late.

So, what can the financial services industry offer you?

There will always be a need to manage wealth and there are
so many different ways that you could get involved.

At Moore Stephens in Jersey we offer a large range of
services to meet the needs of local and international clients
whether they are large corporations or private individuals. We
need highly trained and qualified staff capable of working to
our very high standards of client care.

There are many chartered accountants and financial service
providers in Jersey. What sets us apart from the others is the
way we deliver our services and the way we care for our staff.
We are not so large that our clients are just account numbers
and our staff too many to remember and recognise. Nor are
we too small so that there is no room for promotion or to
move from one area of work to another.

We work out personal development plans with each staff
member. If you were to join us, we help you to develop
your career as far as you want to go. If you are studying for
recognised professional qualifications we will be with you
every step of the way. We’ll pay for the courses and provide a
level of support to give you every chance of success.

Some professional bodies will require you to demonstrate that
you are keeping up to date with latest developments, even
after you have qualified. This is called Continuing Professional
Development, usually known as CPD and again we will
provide the support and encouragement to ensure you
achieve the required standards each year.

But there is more to life than work, work, work.

Balance, that’s the key. So sometimes, well quite often, we
play hard as well. Our social club organises a whole range
of different activities from netball, football, novices rowing,
softball and tennis, to bowling, wine tasting, quizzes, staff
parties, Irish nights, medieval banquets……and if you are
making the effort to support a worthwhile charity then the
firm may support you.

So, to achieve what you want from a career in financial
services, you will need to commit to it very soon. You should
be prepared to carry on studying, widen your experience and
know how to enjoy yourself.

Moore Stephens
Moore Stephens Chartered Acountants in Jersey is part of
Moore Stephens International Limited which is a leading
accounting and consulting network of independent firms
with 539 offices in 93 countries strategically located around
the world.

We advise and look after the interests of clients who have a
very varied range of business activities: international football,
theatre, philanthropy, international film and television acting,
Greek ship owning, multi-national property ownership, fish
farming, airline ownership, bookmaking, fashion retailing,
stockbroking, import/exporting, website design, advertising
and recruitment.

As you can see there is a lot more to working for a firm of
chartered accountants than just being an accountant!
Our services
The range of services that we offer from Jersey include:

• Management consultancy & business planning
• Business valuations and diligence
• Financial planning, projections, evaluations, budgets
  and forecasts
• Audit and accountancy
• Tax compliance
• Providing accountancy services for other firms
• Payroll

• Co-ordinating international tax planning
• Wealth planning for individuals
• Yacht registrations
• Property services
• Banking services for financial intermediaries
• Company formation and administration
• Trust establishment and administration

Our objective is to develop close working relationships with
our clients so that if their circumstances change we are able
to offer timely and relevant advice.

Members of staff are assigned to handle the affairs of specific
clients so they get to know their needs and likes and dislikes.
Some will welcome communicating by e-mail, others will prefer
letters and telephone. We always do our best to make sure that
our clients feel comfortable doing business with us.

We have designed a set of guidelines for our staff which
outline our required standards of client care and attention.
Every new member of staff has to become familiar with them
and consistently deliver to the required levels.

Turn over to find out about You and Moore Stephens…
you and
You and Moore Stephens
Moore Stephens
If you think a career in financial services is what you
want, we can help in a number of ways.

If you intend to go on to university before pursuing your
chosen career we offer the opportunity of an annual bursary.
To the successful applicant we offer a financial award to help
cover the costs of studying – you can get details from your
careers teacher or you can contact us direct to find out more.

Whether or not you intend to go on to higher education we
offer the opportunity, during holiday time, to come and work
for us. We will pay you for your time and you will get an
insight into the way a professional firm works.

We will get to know you and your capabilities.

It will allow you to get a clearer idea if this is the right career
path for you and also helps us decide if you are the right
person for us. If it all works out well it could be the start of
a long and fruitful relationship! The areas in which you could
work are:

• Company and Trust Secretarial
• Audit and Accountancy
• Company and Trust Administration

     To find out about Moore Stephens please contact
                    Kathryn Cuccurullo:
           Tel: 01534 880088 Fax: 01534 880099
We’re with you every
  step of the way

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