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									                                   Confidentiality Agreement

        THIS AGREEMENT is entered into as of the date set forth below between
                                     (the "Company"), and the person or company identified on
the signature page of this Agreement (the "Information Recipient").

        As a result of his relationship with the Company, the Information Recipient is privy to
certain confidential or proprietary information about the Company, and in consideration of the
Company granting the Information Recipient access to such information, the Information
Recipient agrees as follows:

     1.    Confidentiality. Information Recipient agrees that neither it nor its Representatives (as
defined below) will, during the term of this Agreement, use for itself or others or divulge or
convey to others, except pursuant to a request or requirement of law, regulation or governmental,
regulatory or self-regulatory body (including by deposition, interrogatory, request for documents,
subpoena, civil investigative demand or similar process) (“Requirement of Law”) to disclose all
or any part of the Confidential Information or except as required in performing Information
Recipient's duties to the Company, any secret or confidential information, knowledge or data of
the Company, or any secret or confidential information, knowledge or data of third parties
obtained by Information Recipient during the term of this Agreement. Such information,
knowledge or data includes, but is not limited to, secret or confidential matters (a) of a technical
nature, such as, but not limited to, designs, specifications, manufacturing and quality control
methods, know-how, formulae, compositions, processes, discoveries, machines, inventions, or
research projects, (b) of a business nature, such as, but not limited to, information about costs,
profits, markets, sales, lists of customers or customers' purchasing habits or procedures and (c)
pertaining to future plans, business relationships, and potential transactions of the Company (the
“Confidential Information”).

      2.     Documents, etc. Information Recipient
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